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d Bell Yard ' 

t'I'EMPI.K Bak.4 5 

y Special Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty. 

00 K & HOLD WAY 



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with 1 

ijJresetttco to 

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of the 

Pmiierstiy of tLTarimio 


Law Society of Upper Canada 


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Telephone \. .'**.?. 


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gh Place. 

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/r/r./nims. " KO///OKV. I/O* I.V." 





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164.MewBond St., Londom.w 


Class Furs, 








"t/ 7/2.J T HE PKOrtRTY 01 

- 1 ^SB UK > ^ft* >JtfE LAWwSOCIE 1 










182, 183 and 184, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. ; 

Stationers' Hall Court, E.C., 




It is respectfully requested that any information respecting 
Changes by Births, Marriages, Deaths, Appointments, Addresses, 
and of any Addresses not given, may be communicated, as soon as 
possible thereafter, to the Publishers, Kelly & Co., Limited, 
182, 183 and 184, High Holborn, London, W.C. 

Kelly & Co., LIMITED, Middle Mill, Kingston-on-Thames ; & High Holborn, London, W.C, 





Army and navy outfitter : 

W. English 17 

Art furriers : 

Grafton Fur Co. IAm... Facing Front Cover 
Asylums : 

Infant Orphan Asylum 4 

Royal Albert Asylum 6 

Carriage builders : 

Cook & Hold way Front Cover 

Hooper & Co 25 

Chimney piece manufacturers : 

Benham & Sons Limited 14 

Church furniture manufacturers : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Coca wine manufacturers : 

Armbrecht, Nelson & Co 28 

Cooking & heating apparatus manufrs. : 

Benham & Sons Limited 14 

Cutlery manufacturers : 

Benham & Sons Limited 14 


Jones & Willis 19 

Deed box manufacturers : 

C. H. Griffiths & Sons 18 

Dog cake manufacturers : 

Spratt's Patent Limited 24 

Electric light engineers : 

Benham & Sons Limited 14 

Jones <fc Willis 19 

Electric light fittings manufacturers : 

Perry & Co 28 

Engraver : 

A.Wyon 27 

Furriers : 

Grafton Fur Co. Lim... Facing Front Cover 

Gas engineers : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Goldsmith : 

Lambert 20 

Homes : 

Dr. Barnardo's Homes for Destitute 

Children 3 

Home for dogs : 

Temporary Home for Lost and 

Starving Dogs 8 

Hospitals : 

Cancer Hospital 12 

Charing Cross Hospital 11 

Chelsea Hospital for Women 12 

Hospital for Consumption & Diseases 
of theChest 13 

Hotel : 

Norfolk Hotel (Brighton) 21 

Institutions : 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution .. 6 
National Benevolent Institution 6 

Insurance companies : 

General Reversionary & Investment 
Co. Limited 1 

Royal Exchange 2 

Union 2 

Iron gate & railings manufacturers : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Jewellers : 

Lambert 20 

A.Wyon 27 

Lamp manufacturers : 

Perry & Co 





Medallist : 

A.Wyon 27 

Memorial brasses Designers & manufac- 
turers of : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Monumental masons : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Outfitter : 

W. English 17 

Piano resonator manufacturers : 

Piano Resonator (Daniel Mayer 

Patent) Limited 22 

Printers & publishers : 

Kelly & Co. Limited, printers & pub- 
lishers of the Post Office London & 

County Directories &c 13 & 26 

Sanitary engineers : 

Carter Brothers 16 

Schools : 

Crystal Palace Company's Educational 

Listitutions 8 

Orphan Working School 4 

Seal engraver : 

A.Wyon 27 


Shirt maker : 

W. English 17 

Silver & electroplate manufacturers : 

Benham & Sons Limited 14 

Silversmith : 

Lambert 20 

Societies : 

City of London Truss Society 10 

Governesses' Benevolent Destitution.. 6 
London Female Guardian Society .... 7 
National Benevolent Destitution .... 6 

Orphan Working School 4 

Rescue Society 7 

Boyal Society for the Prevention of 

Cruelty to Animals 5 

Sons of the Clergy Corporation 9 

Stained glass artists : 

Jones & Willis 19 

Stove & range manufacturers : 

Benham <fe Sons Limited 14 

Ventilating engineers : 

Carter Brothers 16 

Watch manufacturer : 

B. Bonniksen 15 





Arnibrecht, NelEDn & Co., Coca wine 

manufacturers 28 

Benham & Sons Limited, Chimney piece, 

Btove & kitchener manufacturers 14 

Bonniksen B., Watch manufacturer 15 

Cancer Hospital 12 

Carter Brothers, Sanitary & ventilating 

engineers 16 

Charing Cross Hospital 11 

Chelsea Hospital for Women 12 

City of London Truss Society 10 

Cook & Holdway,Coach & carriage builders 

Inside Front Cover 
Crystal Palace Company's Educational 

Institutions 8 

Dr. Barnardo's Homes for Destitute Chil- 
dren 3 

Eagle Insurance Co 1 

English W., Army & navy outfitter & 

shirt maker 17 

General Reversionary & Investment Co.. . . 1 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution 6 

Grafton Fur Co., Limited, Art furriers 

Facing Front Cover 
Griffiths C. H. & Sons, Deed box manu- 
facturers 18 

Hooper & Co. Limited, Carriage builders. . 25 
Hospital for Consumption & Diseases of the 

Chest 13 


Infant Orphan Asylum 4 

Jones & Willis, Gas & electric light engi- 
neers & church furniture manufacturers 19 
Kelly & Co. Lim., Printers & publishers of 
the Post Office London & County 

Directories &c 13 & 26 

Lambert , Goldsmith, jeweller & silver- 
smith 20 

London Female Guardian Society 7 

National Benevolent Institution 6 

Norfolk Hotel (Brighton) 21 

Orphan Working School 4 

Perry & Co., Electric light fittings manu- 
facturers 23 

Piano Resonator (Daniel Mayer Patent) 

Limited 22 

Rescue Society 7 

Royal Albert Asylum 5 

Royal Exchange Assurance 2 

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 

to Animals 5 

Sons of the Clergy Corporation 9 

Spratt's Patent Limited, Dog cake manu- 
facturers 24 

Temporary Home for Lost & Starving Dogs 8 

Union Assurance Society 2 

Wyon A., Seal engraver, medallist, jeweller 

& engraver 27 



Notice ii 

Preface . . . . ii 

Abbreviations . 1 

General Table of Precedence 3 

Eelative Rank in Army and Navy 4 

Precedence among Ladies 5 

Table of Precedence of Colonial Officers 6 

College of Arms 7 

Lyon Office, Scotland 7 

Office of Arms, Ireland 7 

Forms of Epistolary Addresses 8 

The Queen and Royal Family 12 

Indian Empire 16 

Colonies 16 

Hodse of Peers 18 

Parliamentary Constituencies, List of .30 

Clubs 38 

Foreign Ministers at the Court of St. James' .... 39 

Ministry . 40 

Alterations and Corrections 41 

General List of Names 45 to 1395 


The object of this work is to include in one General Alphabetical 
List all those who have any definite position arising either 

1. From Hereditary Rank Peers (with all their children), and 
Baronets ; 

2. From any recognised Title or Order conferred upon them by the 
Sovereign Privy Councillors, Knights and Companions of the 
five British Orders, and Knights Bachelor ; 

3. From their positions as Members of Parliament ; 

4. From any of the higher grades of the legal, military, naval, 
clerical, colonial, or civil services of the State Judges, Generals, 
Admirals, Surgeon-Major-Generals, Inspectors-General of Hospitals 
and Fleets, all Bishops, Deans and Archdeacons (but only of Eng- 
land and Wales) and Governors of Colonies ; 

5. And Deputy-Lieutenants and Magistrates for the Counties of 
England and "Wales, Queen's Counsel, Serjeants-at-law, Presidents 
and Vice-Presidents of Learned Societies ; 

6. And the principal landowners being also occupiers op 
one of the chief county seats of the united kingdom. 

There have been previously published many books giving a more 
detailed genealogical history of some of these classes, such as the 
volumes published under the names of Burke, Lodge and Waif ord ; 
this work does not profess to supersede any of these books, from all 
of which it is both in plan and character totally distinct : it includes 
twice as many names of living persons as any one of them, and its 
distinguishing feature is that, from its alphabetical arrangement, 
any one using it can at once ascertain whether there be any person 
bearing a particular title, and, if so, to what family he belongs, and 
his address. 

viii PREFACE. 

It frequently occurs that the Naval and Military officers whose names 
appear in this work wish to have the whole of their promotions and 
services given in full, which is no douht very proper in " Hart's Army 
List " or " The Royal Navy List," which are published for that purpose, 
and with which we do not propose to interfere. Our book embracing 
so many classes, the space for each entry must be as brief as possible, so 
that we are compelled to abbreviate and only give the most important 
services of each person whose name appears in this book. 

As in the previous editions, the proof of every entry has been sub- 
mitted to the person referred to (with the exception of those instances 
in which no address in the United Kingdom has been obtained), and 
the correctness of the work is thereby insured. 

On page 40 the names of the members of the present Ministry 
will be found. 

It is respectfully requested that any notices of alterations and any 
corrections may be forwarded to the Publishers. 

The Letters S.O. and R.S.O. at the end of addresses in various 
parts of the book are abbreviations adopted by H.M. Post Office to 
represent Sub-Office and Railway Sub-Office, and if these Initial letters, 
with the name of the County, are added to the addresses of letters in 
lieu of the usual name of Post Town, the delivery of such letters will 
be accelerated. > 


182, 183 & 184, High Holborn, W.C. 
February, 1897. 


i.A.G Assistant Adjutant General. 

II. A. and Q.M.G. Assistant Adjutant and 


k.B.A.A Associate of the British 

Archaeological Association 

ibp Archbishop. 

V.B. or b.a Bachelor of Arts. 

idj Adjutant. 

idj.-gen Adjutant-General. 

idv.-gen Advocate-General. 

CD.C Aide-de-Camp. 

!l.G Attorney General. 

i.ikst.c.k. ...Associate of the Institution 

of Civil Engineers. 

ildmn Alderman. 

I.M. or m.a... .Master of Arts. 
LQ.M.G Assistant - Quartermaster- 
4.R.A Associate of the Royal 

Academy of Arts. 

4.8.C0RP3 Army Service Corps. 

gen Assistant - Commissary - 

B.c.L. or LL.B.Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.C.8 Bengal Civil Service. 

Bo.C.S Bombay Civil Service. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

b.m. or m.b... .Bachelor of Medicine. 

B.8.C Bengal Staff Corps. 

B0.8.C Bombay Staff Corps. Bachelor of Science 

b born. 

barr Barrister. 

bart Baronet. 

bp Bishop. 

(c.) Conservative. 

O.A County Alderman 

cath Catholic. 

chm Chairman. 

Comm Commander. 

O.B Companion of the Bath. 

C.c County Councillor. 

O.C.s Ceylon Civil Service. 

C.I Order of theCrown of India. 

C.I.E Companion of the Order of 

the Indian Empire. 

O.J Chief Justice. 

O.M.G Companion of St. Michael 

and St. George. 
C.S.I Companion of the Order of 

the Star of India, 
comm.-gen. ...Commissary-General. 
C.V.o Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 


dau Daughter. 

dep.-adv.-gen.Deputy- Advocate-General. 
D.A. A.G Deputy -Assistant- Adj utant 







dow. . 

























the Chemical 

the Geological 

the Imperial 

the Linnean 

. .Deputy- Assistant-Commis- 

.Deputy -Adjutant-General. 

..Deputy-Assistant- Quarter- 

..Deputy - Quarter - Master - 

..Deputy-Lieutenant for the 
County of. 


..Doctor of Civil Law. 

..Doctor of Divinity. 

...Doctor of Science 

..Companion of the Distin- 
guished Service Order. 



.Fellow of 

..Fellow of 

..Fellow of 

..Fellow of 

..Field Marshal. 

..Fellow of Philosophical 
Society of Great Britain. 

..Fellow of the Royal Astro- 
nomical Society. 

..Fellow of the Royal Colo- 
nial Institute. 

..Fellow of the Royal Col- 
lege of Physicians. 

..Fellow of the Royal Geo- 
graphical Society. 

...Fellow of the Royal His- 
torical Society. 

..Fellow of the Royal Horti- 
cultural Society. 

..Fellow of the Royal Insti- 
tute of British Architects 

..Fellow of the Royal Society. 

. . .Fello w of the Royal Society 
of Edinburgh 

..Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Literature. 

..Fellow of the Society of 

..Fellow "of the Statistical 

...Fellow of the Society of 
Science and Art, of 

..Knight Grand Cross of the 

..Knight Grand Cross of the 
Hanoverian Guelphic 

..Knight Grand Commander, 
of the Indian Empire. 


(i.C.M.G Knight Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 

G. C.S.I Knight Grand Cross of the 

Star of India. 

G.C.v.o Knight Grand Cross of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 

grdau Granddaughter. 

grs Grandson. 

Ht, B Great Britain. 

H.A.C Honorable Artillery Com- 

h.e His Excellency. 

H.E.i.C.S Honorable East India i 

Company's Service. 

H.M.I. If Her Majesty's Indian Navy. 

heir pres Heir presumptive. 

(lion.) Honorable by right of office. 

hon Honorable. 

li. p half pay. 

^h.r.) Home Ruler. 

H.R.H His or Her Royal Highness. 

j.S.c Indian Staff Corps. 

iuc Incumbent. 

insp Inspector. 

insp.-gen. of 

hosp Inspector - general of hos- 

ir Irish. 

Irel Ireland. 

J. P. ... 






Justice of the Peace for the 

county of. 

Knight Commander of the 


Knight Commander of the 


Knight Commander of tt.e 

Indian Empire. 

Knight Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 

Knight Commander of the 

Star of India. 

Knight Commander of the 

Tower and Sword. 

KniglTt Commander of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 

K.G Knight of the Order of the 


K.H Knight of the Hanoverian 

Guelphic Order. 

K.p K.iight of the Order of St. 

k nt. leg. hon.Knightof theLegion of Honor 

K.T Knight of the Order of the 


K.T.s Knight of the Tower and 


lieut. or It Lieutenant. 

It.-col Lieutenant-Colonel. 

(l.) Liberal. 

],.C.J Lord Chief Justice. 

lih.v Doctor of Laws. 

ll.m Master of Laws. 

L.R.C.P. Lon... Licentiate of Royal College 

of Physicians, London. 
(l.u.) Liberal Unionist. 

m.a Master of Arts. 

m.b Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.c.s Madras Civil Service. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.inst.c.e Member of Institute of 

Civil Engineers. 

M.p Member of Parliament. 

M.r.a.S Member of Royal Asiatic 


m.r.s.P.w.c Member of Royal Society of 

Painters inWaterColours. 

M.S.C Madras Staff Corps. 

m married. 

marq Marquess. 

mil militia. 

mil. sec Military Secretary. 

M.R ..Master of the Rolls. 

M.R.C.P. Lon. .Member of the Royal Col- 
lege ofPhysicians.London. 

M.R.I Member of Royal Institute. 

MPS. D Doctor of Music. 

M.v.o Member Royal Victorian 


(n. ) Nationalist. 

n.i Native Infantry. 

preb prebendary. 

pres president. 

P.C Privy Councillor. 

Q.C Queen's Counsel. 

Q.M.G Quartermaster-General. 

(it.) Radical. 

R.a Royal Artillery. 

R.a Royal Academician. 

R.c Roman Catholic. 

r.d Rural Dean. 

R.E Royal Engineers. 

rec Recorder. 

rect Rector. 

r.H.a Royal Horse Artillery. 

r.m Royal Marines. 

R.M.A Royal Marines Artillery. 

R.N Royal Navy. 

r.n.r Royal Naval Reserve. 

r. f . p retired on full pay. 

8.L Serjeant-at-Law. 

s Socialist. 

Sco .Scotch. 

supt superintendent. 

tr.K United Kingdom. 

U.S. list on unemployed supernu- 
merary list. 

vise Viscount. 

vol volunteers. 

v.o Victoria Cross. 

v.D Volunteer Officers' Deco- 

j v.p Vice-President. 

Note. In order to save space the word esquire has not been added to any 
name, though of course such should be added in every case wlien 
no inconsistent addition is affixed. 


The Sovereign. 

The Prince of Wales. 

The younger sons of the Sovereign. 

Grandsons of the Sovereign. 

Brothers of the Sovereign. 

Uncles of the Sovereign. 

Nephews of the Sovereign (according to 

the seniority of their fathers). 
Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Lord High Chancellor. 
Archbishop of York. 
Archbishop of Armagh. 

The Lord Chancellor of Ireland (if a 

Lord High Treasurer (no such office exists 

at present). 
Lord President of the Privy Council. 
Lord Privy Seal, 
g u . "1 Lord Great Chamberlain. 
g 8 j Lord High Constable (no such 
g office exists at present). 
^a 1 Earl Marshal. 

"3 I Lord High Admiral (no such office 
> Z exists at present). 
M jjj Lord Steward of the Household. 
"^* a J Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 
Dukes of England. 

Scotland (none created since 


. Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Duke of Leinster (being the only Irish 

Duke existing at the time of the union). 
Dukes of the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 
Eldest sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal 

(when they are not brothers, grandsons, 

uncles, or nephews of the reigning 

Marquesses of England (marq. of Win. 

Marquesses of Scotland (none created 
after 1707). 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 


the United Kingdom 

(created since 1801). 
Eldest sons of Dukes. 
Earls of England (anterior to 1707). 

Scotland(none created after 1707). 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 

Younger sons of Dukes of the Blood 
Royal (when they are not brothers, 
grandsons, uncles, or nephews of the 
reigning sovereign). 

Eldest sons of Marquesses. 

Younger sons of Dukes. 

Viscounts of England (vise. Hereford). 

Scotland (anterior to 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom(created 

since 1801). 

Eldest sons of Earls. 

Younger sons of Marquesses. 

Bishop of London. 



English Bishops (according to date cf 

Bishop of Meath (has the title of " most 

reverend "). 
Irish Bishops (who were such at the 

passing of the Disestablishment Act, 

according to date of consecration). 
Secretary of State (if a baron). 
Barons of England. 

Scotland (none created since 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 

Speaker of the House of Commons. 

Commissioners of the Great Seal (those 
persons who execute the office of Lord 
High Chancellor when it happens to be 

Treasurer of the Household. 

Comptroller of the Household. 

Master of the Horse. 

Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 

Secretary of State (when not a baron). 

Eldest sons of Viscounts. 

Younger sons of Earls. 

Eldest sons of Barons. 

Knights of the Garter. 

Privy Councillors. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

- Duchy of Lancaster. 

Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench 

Master of the Rolls. 
Lords Justices of Appeal, ranking accord 

ing to date of appointment. 



President of the Probate, Divorce, and ! 
Admiralty Division. 

Judges of the High Court of Justice 
(of the Queen's Bench and Probate, 
Divorce and Admiralty Divisions), 
ranking according to date of appoint- 

Younger sons of Viscounts 



Knights Grand Cross of the Bath. 

Knights Grand Commanders of the Star 
of India. 

Knights Grand Cross of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

Knights Grand Commanders of the In- 
dian Empire. 

Knights Grand Cross of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

Knights Commanders of the Bath. 

Knights Commanders of the Star of India. 

Knights Commanders of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

Knights Commanders of the Indian 

Knights Commanders of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

Commanders of the Royal Victorian | 

Knights Bachelors. 
County Court Judges of England and 

Masters in Chancery and Lunacy. 
Companions of the Bath. 
Companions of the Star of India. 
Companions of St. Michael and St. 

Companions of the Indian Empire. 
Members of the fourth class of the Royal I 

Victorian Order. 
Companions of the Distinguished Service ll 

Members of the fifth class of the Royal I 

Victorian Order. 
Eldest sons of the younger sons of Peers. I 
Eldest sons of Baronets. 
Eldest sons of Knights of the Garter. 
Eldest sons of Knights according to I 

the precedence of their fathers. 
Younger sons of Baronets. 
Younger sons of Knights. 







Commissary-General at Head-Quarters 
Commissary -General of Ordnance at 

Director-General Medical Staff. 
Surgeon-Ma j or-Generals . 


Admirals of the Fleet. 




Deputy Commissaries-General. 

Director-General Veterinary Depart- 
Chaplains, 1st class. 


Deputy Judge Advocates. 

Brigade Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonels. 

Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonels over 20 

years' service. 
Chaplains, 2nd class. 

y Inspector-Generals of Hospitals and 

f Captains of the Fleet. 

[ Commodores, 1st and 2nd class. 

' Captains over 3 years' service. 

Staff Captains of 4 years' service. 
Deputy Inspector-Generals of Hospi- 
tals and Fleets. 
Secretaries to Admirals of the Fleet. 
Chief Inspectors of Machinery. 
Inspectors of Machinery of 8 years' 

Captains under 3 years' service : Staff 
Captains under 4 years' service. 
Secretaries to a Commander-in-Chief 

of 5 years' standing as such. 
Inspectors of Machinery under 8 years' 



jieu tenant-Colonels, but junior of that 


Surgeon-Ma jors under 20 years' service. 
Veterinary- Majors. 
Chaplains, 3rd class. 

lajors, but junior of that rank. 


Chaplains, 4th class. 

Japtains, but junior of that rank. 

Commanders and Staff Commanders. 
Fleet Surgeons. 
Fleet Paymasters. 
Fleet Engineers. 

Navallnstructors of 15 years' seniority. 
' Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants 

of 8 years' seniority. 
Staff Surgeons. 

Secretaries to Junior Flag Officers. 
Staff Paymasters. 

Naval Instructors of 8 years' seniority. 
Staff Engineers. 
Paymasters and Chief Engineers, with 
but after Lieutenants of 8 years' 
Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants 

under 8 years' standing. 

Secretaries to Commodores, 2nd class. 
Assistant Paymasters of 12 years' 

Engineers of 6 years' standing Naval 

Instructors under 8 years' standing. 
Assistant Paymasters of 6 but under 12 

years' standing, with but after 

Lieutenants under 8 years' standing. 


The daughter of a peer does not lose her own rank should she marry a person not a 
eer, or a bishop ; but if she marries a peer her title and precedency are merged in 
is, e.g., if the daughter of a duke marries a baron, she takes the rank of a baroness, 
tut if the widow of a duke marries a baron, she retains her own rank of 
uchess. The widow of a peer or knight may retain her title notwithstanding her 
;cond marriage, but she does so only by courtesy. The widow of a baronet, however, 
a joys her precedence for life by right. Official rank and precedence is not com- 
mnicable to the wife, but the wife of the Viceroy of Ireland and of a lord mayor 
as precedence derived from her husband's office. 

he Queen. 

he Princess of Wales. 

he Princess Royal. 

he younger daughters of the Sovereign. 

rives of the Sovereign's younger sons. 

rand-daughters of the Sovereign. 

rives of the Sovereign's grandsons. 

isters of the Sovereign. 

fives of the Sovereign's brothers. 

unts of the Sovereign. 

fives of the Sovereign's uncles. 

ieces of the Sovereign. 

fives of the Sovereign's nephews. 

'uchesses of England. 


Great Britain. 

the United Kingdom. 

fives of the eldest sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Royal, 
[archionesses (in the same order as the 


Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes. 
Daughters of Dukes (while unmarried, or 

when married to commoners). 
Countesses (in the same order as the 

Wives of the younger sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Royal. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Marquesses. 
Daughters of Marquesses (while unmarried 

or when married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Dukes. 
Viscountesses (in the same order as 

Wives of the eldest sons of Earls. 
Daughters of Earls (while unmarried, or 

when married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Marquesses. 
Baronesses (in the same order as the 

Wives of the eldest sons of Viscounts. 
Daughters of Viscounts (while unmarried 

or when married to a commoner). 


Wives of the younger sons of Earls. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Barons. 
Daughters of Barons (if unmarried, or 

when married to a commoner). 
Wives of the Knights of the Garter. 
Maids of Honor. 

Wives of the younger sons of Viscounts. 
Wives of the younger sons of Barons. 
Wives of Baronets (according to the 

dates of the creation of titles held by 

their husbands). 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of the 

Wives of Knights Grand Commanders of 

the Star of India. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Grand Commanders of 

the Indian Empire. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the 

Wives of Knights Commanders of the 

Star of India. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the 

Indian Empire. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 

Wives of Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Wives of Knights Bachelors. 
Wives of County Court Judges. 
Wives of Serjeants-at-Law. 
Wives of Companions of the Bath. 
Wives of Companions of the Star of India. 
Wives of Companions of St. Michael and 

St. George. 
Wives of Companions of the Indian 

Wives of members of the fourth class of 

the Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of Companions of the Distin- 
guished Service Order. 
Wives of members of the fifth class of 

the Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of the eldest sons of the younger 

sons of Peers. 
Daughters of the younger sons of Peers. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Baronets. 
Daughters of Baronets. 
Wives of the eldest son3 of Knights of 

the Garter. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Knights 

Daughters of Knights Bachelors. 
Wives of the younger sons of Baronets. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knights. 
Wives of Esquires and Gentlemen. 


Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Officer 
administering the Government. 

Senior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if of the rank f a General, and the 
Officer in command of Her Majesty's 
Naval Forces on the Station, if of the 
rank of an Admiral, their own relative 
rank being determined by the Queen's 
Regulations on that subject. 


Chief Justice. 

Senior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if of the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant- 
Colonel, and the officer in command of 
Her Majesty's Naval Forces on the 
station, if of equivalent rank, their own 
relative rank being determined by the 
Queen's regulations on that subject. 

Members of the Executive Council. 

President of the Legislative Council. 

Members of the Legislative Council. 

Speaker of the House of Assembly. 

Puisne Judges. 

Members of the House of Assembly. 

Colonial Secretary (not being in the 
Executive Council). 

Commissioners or Government Agents of 
Provinces or Districts. 

Attorney- General. 


Senior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if below the rank of Colonel or Lieu- 
tenant-Colenel, and the Senior Naval 
Officer of corresponding rank. 


*Treasurer, Paymaster-General, or Col- 
lector of Internal Revenue. 

Auditor-General or Inspector-General 
of Accounts. 

Commissioners of Crown Lands. 

Collector of Customs. 

Comptroller of Customs. 


Clerk of the Executive Council. 

Clerk of the Legislative Council. 

Clerk of the House of Assembly. 

* Not being members of the Executive Council. 


Queen Victoria Street, E.C. 

Earl MARSHAL-The Duke of Norfolk, K.G, P.c. 

Kings of Arms. 

Garter-Sir Albert William Woods, K.C.M.G., C.B., f.s.a. 

cZrlnceux-Geo. Edwd Cokayne, Esq., m.a b.l f.s.a. 

NorroyWm. Hy. VTeldon, Esq., f.s.a. 

Ctofcr-Henry Murray Lane Esq"^ H "Sw-Charles Harold AthUl, Esq., 
Lancaster (and Registrar)-Ed^rdBe\ 

lasis, Esq 

lasis, Xisti- 
Yorh-AM red S. Scott-Gatty, Esq., f.s.a. 
mer^-Hy.FarnhamBurke,Esq.,F.S.A : J 

Windsor Wm. Alex. Lindsay, Esq.,M.A., 

B.L., F.S.A. 

Surrey (Extraordinary)-^ Alban Buckler Esq. 
Jfaftrnwr. (sir.Wmr^-Joseph Jackson Howard, Esq., ll.d, f.s.a. 

Four Pursuivants. _, 

Rouge Croix-Geo^e Wm. Marshall Rouge Dra.on-Everard Green, Esq., 

^^Sn^on-UroteDe Lisle Portcullis-^. Morgan Joseph-Wat- 

^iS Marshal's ^^r^H^w^atari^ Bj. 
V Two Officers of A, waj^ J^g^y fro 

for the transaction of public business. 


New General Register House, Edinburgh. 

Lyon King of ARMS-Jas. Balfour Paul, Esq, v.p., f.s.a. (Scot). 
Rothesay Jan. Wm. Mitchell, Esq. 
Albany Robt. Spencer Livingstone, Esq. 
Marchmont Andrew Ross, Esq, S.s.C. 
Unicorn Stuart Moodie Livingstone, Esq. 
Bute John Thos. Loth, Esq, Ph.D. 
Carrick Fras. Jas. Grant, Esq, W.S 
Lyon Clerk and Keeper of Records-Jzs. Wm. Mitchell, Esq. 
y Procurator-Fiscal-D. Scott-Moncneff , Esq, W.S. 

Macer Robt. Gardiner. ,1^0 

* * XT o tr. 1 E + OH- to 20th Dec. and from 5th Jan. to 20th July, 11 to 6, 
* HC e^ : ent ^&tulvtfrom 2Tst July to 30th Sept. and from 21st Dec. to 
except ^ ^ u fco % Qn Wednefrday and Friday only. 


Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

~j-.o4o \ 

CTster King of Arms-Sir Arthur Edwd. Vicars, F.S.A, 

Athlone Pursuivant-John E. Burke , Esq. 

rnwte Secretary to Ulster King of Arms-R Claude Blake Esq. 

O^ice deeper and Messenger Mr. Johp Quinn, 



They have " Excellency " prefixed to their other titles, and their accredited rank 

Superscription. To His Excellency The Most Honorable Marquess of Dufferin and 
Ava, K.P., H.B.M. Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary to Erance. 
Commencement. My Lord. 
Conclusion. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Excellency's, &c. 

The wives of Ambassadors have also "Excellency " added to their other titles. 

Sup. To His Grace the Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Archbishop. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Tour Grace's, <fec. 

He is addressed personally in conversation as " Your Grace." 
The Archbishop of Armagh is addressed as " His Grace the Lord Primate of 

The wife of an Archbishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply 
Mrs. A. 


Sup. To the Venerable . 

Comm. Reverend Sir. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 


Svp. To the Right Honorable Lady . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 
Baron's Daughter. 
She has the title of " Honorable " prefixed to her Christian name. If married 
the only change is in her surname ; if to a commoner, she is addressed as " The 
Honorable Mrs. ;" if to a Baronet or Knight, u The Honorable Lady." 

Baron's Son. 
He has the title of " Honorable." 

Sup. To the Honorable Henry . 

Comm. Sir. 

The wife takes the title of "Honorable," and is addressed as "The Honorable 

Mrs. Henry ." 

Sup. To Sir John B H Bart. 
Comm. Sir. 

The wife is "Lady B." Her letters commence with "Madam," and she is 
personally addressed " Your Ladyship." 


Sup. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Your Lordship's, &c. 

The wife of a Bishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply Mrs. 
Bishop Retired. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend Bishop . 

Comm. Right Reverend Sir. 

Bishop Suffragan. 
Vide Bishop. 

Sup. His Eminence Cardinal . 

If he is also an Archbishop, His Eminence Cardinal , Archbishop of , or 

His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Cardinal, or My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Your Eminence's, & c , 


Sup. To the Rev. Edward S. 
Comm. Reverend Sir. 

Colonial Bishops. 
Vide Bishop. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable the Countess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, <fec. 

County Court Judges. 
Vide Judges. 


Sup. To the Very Rev. , Dean of . 

Comm. Very Reverend Sir. 

Duchess, Royal. 

Sup. To Her Royal Highness the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness's, <fec. 


Sup. To Her Grace the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Grace's, Ac. 

Duke, Royal. 

Sup. To His Royal Highness the Duke of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain, Sir, Your Royal Highness's, (fee. 

The formal style of Dukes of the Blood Royal is " Most High, Most Mighty 
and Illustrious Prince." 


Sup. To His Grace the Duke of . 

Comm. My Lord Duke. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord Duke, Your Grace's, <fcc. 

The formal style of Duke is "Most High, Potent, and Noble Prince." 

Duke's Daughter. 
She has the title of " Lady " prefixed to her Christian name. If married to any 
person not being a Peer, she still retains her title and precedence, changing only her 
surname. Her letters commence " Madam," and she is personally addressed as 
"Your Ladyship." 

Duke's Eldest Son. 

He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Marquis 
or an Earl. 

Duke's Younger Sons. 

They have the title of "Lord" prefixed to their Christian name. 

Sup. Lord William . 

Comm. My Lord. 

The wife takes the title of "Lady," and is addressed as " Lady William ." 


Sup. To the Right Honorable the Earl of . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 

Earl's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Earl's Eldest Son. 

He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Viscount 
pr a Baron. 

Earl's Younger Son. 
Vide Baron's Son. 


Earl's Wife. 
Vide Countess. 

Governors of Colonies. 

Sup. To His Excellency Governor Sir Edward , or To His Excellency Sir 

Edward , Govern or of Jamaica, or To His Excellency R. T. ,esq., Governor 

and Commander-in-Chief of British Honduras. 
Comm Sir. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Tour Excellency's, <fec. 

Chief Justice. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable the Lord Chief Justice, or To the Right Honorable 
Sir A. B., Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench (Common Pleas). 

Puisne Judges. 
The Puisne Judges and the Barons of the Exchequer, who on the Bench are 
styled " My Lord," are Knights, and, in private intercourse, are addressed as such ; 
but the title of Judge being superior to that of Knight, it is usual to address them 
thus : 

Sup. To the Honorable Mr. Justice. 
To the Honorable Mr. Baron. 

County Court Judges of England and Wales. 
Sup. To His Honor Judge. 

Sup. To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Sire, May it please Your Majesty. 

Sup. To Sir James C. 
Comm. Sir, or Dear Sir James. 

The wife is " Lady C." Her letters commence with " Madam," and she is per- 
sonally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Lord Advocate. 
Letters are addressed with the prefix " Right Honorable," and commence with 
the word " Sir." 

Lord Justice Clerk. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice Clerk. 
Comm. My Lord. 

Lord Justice General. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice General. 
Comm. My Lord. 

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 
Sup. His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant. 
If a Duke, " His Grace the Lord-Lieutenant." 
Comm. My Lord (Duke, Marquess). 

Lord Mayor. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor. 
Comm. My Lord. 

The wife has the title of "Lady Mayoress." Her letters commence with 
" Madam," and she is personally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

In England there are only four lord mayors, viz., those of London, York, Liver- 
pool and Manchester ; in Ireland two, viz., Dublin and Belfast. In Scotland the 
heads of the corporations are called "provosts," but at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, 
Glasgow and Dundee, the title is lord provost. 

Lords of Session (Judges in Scotland). 

Sup. To the Honorable Lord 

Comm. My Lord. 
A Scotch judge's wife has no title from her husband's rank, but is simply Mrs K. 

Maids of Honor. 
They have the title of " Honorable," prefixed to their Christian name, if they 
have not it already by courtesy, and their letters commence with " Madam." 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marchioness of . 

Con! have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, (fee. 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marquess of . 

Comm. My Lord Marquess. 

Co. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship s efce. 

The formal style of Marquess is " Most Noble and Potent Pnnce. 
Marquess's Daughter. 

Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Marquess's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really an 

Earl or a Viscount. 

Marquess'3 Younger Sons, 

Vide Duke's Younger Sons. 

Sup. The Right Worshipful the Mayor of . 

Military Officers. . 

All officers in the army above Lieutenant and Sub-Lieutenant have their 
mmttr^ rank prefixed to their name and title, e.g., The Right Honorable General 

Lord P.c, G.C.B., or Major-General Sir James , G.C.S.I. 

' Minister Resident. 
S up . To , Esq., H.B.M.'s Minister Resident . 

mm ' 1F ' Moderator of the Established Church of Scotland. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend the Moderator . 

Comm. Rt. Rev. Sir. 

Naval Officers. 

Vide Military Officers. 


Sup. His Royal Highness Prince . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain, Sir, Your Royal Highness s, &c. 


Sup. To Her Royal Highness Princess . 

Comm. Madam. , 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness s, Ac. 
Privy Councillor. 

Sup. The Right Honorable James , 

or The Right Honorable Sir William . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your, <fcc. 

Sup. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Madam, May it please your Majesty. 
Con. I remain, Madam, Your Majesty's, &c. 


Sup. To John , Esq., Serjeant-at-Law, 

or to Mr. Serjeant. ., 

Suffragan Bishop. 

Vide Bishop. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Viscount . 

Comm. My Lord. t _ 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship s, Ac. 


Vide Countess. : 

Viscount's Daughter. 

Vide Baron's Daughter. 

Viscount s Son. 

Vide Baron'i Son 




Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 
and of the Colonies and Dependencies thereof in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and 
Australasia, Defender of the Faith, Empress of India, Sovereign of the orders of the 
Garter, the Thistle, St. Patrick, the Bath, the Star of India, St. Michael and St. 
George, the Victoria Cross, the Order of the Indian Empire, and the Imperial 
order of the Crown of India, Royal Red Cross, Order of the Hospital of St. 
John of Jerusalem in England, only child of the late prince Edward, duke 
of Kent and Strathearn (fourth s. of George III.), k.g., k.t., k.p., g.c.b., by 
princess Victoria Mary Louisa, dau. of Francis Frederick, reigning duke of Saxe- 
Coburg-Saalfeld, sister of late Leopold I., king of the Belgians, and widow of 
Charles, prince of Leiningen ; b. at Kensington Palace, 24 May, 1819, baptised 24 
June, succeeded to the throne on the death of her uncle, William IV., 20 June, 1837, 
crowned 28 June, 1838 ; m. 10 Feb., 1840, her cousin H.R.H. field-marshal prince 
Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel (bro. of Ernest II., duke of Saxe- 
Coburg-Gotha, and cousin of prince Ferdinand, late king-regent of Portugal), duke 
of Saxony, prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, k.g., k.t., k.p., G.c.b., g.C.M.G., ll.d. 
knight of the order of the Golden Fleece, constable of Windsor Castle, grand 
master of the order of the Bath (b. 26 Aug., 1819, d. 14 Dec, 1861). Buckingham 
Palace, S.W.; St. James's Palace, S.W.; Windsor Castle; Osborne House, Cowes, Isle 
of Wight; Balmoral, Aberdeenshire; [Kensington Palace, W.; Hampton Court Palace, 
S.W.; Holy rood Palace, Edinburgh; The Castle, Dublin], 

Her Majesty has had issue : 

I. Victoria Adelaide Maria Louisa, Princess Royal, a member of the Royal 
order of Victoria and* Albert (1st class), lady of the Imperial order of the Crown 
of India, Royal Red Cross, lady of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem, b. 21 
November, 1840 ; m. 25 January, 1858, Frederick III., German Emperor and King 
of Prussia, k.g., G.C.B., who d. 15 June, 1888, and has had issue : 

1. William II., German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G., b. 27 Jan., 1859, m. 
21 Feb., 1881, Princess Augusta Victoria, eld. dau. of Grand Duke of Schleswig- 

2. Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte, b. 24 July, 1860 ; m. 18 Feb., 1878, 
Bernard, hereditary prince of Saxe-Meiningen. 

3. Albert Wilhelm Heinrich, K.G., G.C.B., b. 14 Aug., 1862; m. 24 May, 1888, 
Princess Irene M. L. A., 3 dau. of Grand Duke of Hesse. 

4. Francis Frederick Sigismund, b. 15 Sept., 1864, d. 18 June, 1866. 

5. Frederica Wilhelmina Amelie Victoria, b. 12 April, 1866. 

6. Joachim Frederick Ernest Waldemar, b. 10 Feb., 1868, d. 27 March, 1879. 

7. Sophie Dorothee U. A., b. 14 June, 1870 ; m. 27 Oct., 1889, Constantine, Duke 
of Sparta, Prince Royal of Greece. 

8. Margaret Beatrice Feodore, b. 22 April, 1872; m. 26 Feb., 1893, prince 
Frederick Charles of Hesse. 


It. H.R.H. Albert Edward, prince of "Wales, k.g., K.T., K.P., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., 
g.c.m.g.,g.c.i.e.,g.c.v.o.,p.c., v.d., prince of Scotland (1469), prince of Saxe Coburg and 
Gotha (1841). duke of Cornwall (1337), duke of Rothesay (1393), duke of Saxony 
(1841), earl of Carrick (1469), earl of Chester (1841), earl of Dublin (1849), baron 
Renfrew (1469), lord of the Isles (1469), great steward of Scotland ; b. 9 Nov., 1841 ; 
m. 10 March, 1863, Princess Alexandra Caroline, order of Victoria and Albert (1 
class), Lady of the Imperial order of the crown of India, Royal Red Cross, 
lady of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem (b. 1 Dec, 1844 : granted an 
annuity of 10,000/., and of 30,000/. if she survive the prince), dau. of Christian 
IX. of Denmark, by dau. of William, landgrave of Hesse-CasseL and cousin 
of 2 duke of Cambridge : D.C.L. Oxon, ll.D. Dublin, knight of the order of the 
Golden Fleece, of St. Stephen of Austria, of the southern cross of Brazil, of 
the black eagle of Prussia, grand cross of the legion of honour and of the order 
of Charles III. of Spain, a governor of the Charterhouse and of Christ's hospital, 
pres. of St. Bartholomew's hospital, an elder brother of the Trinity House 1869, a 
field marshal 1875, hon. col. Oxford university rifle volunteers from 1860, of the civil 
service rifle volunteers from 1860, of Cambridge university rifle volunteers from 1861, 
of the Huntingdonshire light horse volunteers 1865-82, col. 10 hus. from 1863, capt.- 
gen. and col. hon. artilL co. of London 1863-88 and from 1893, col.-in-chief of the 
rifle brigade 1868-80, of 1 and 2 life gds. and r.h.G. from 1880, hon. col. Sutherland 
rifle volunteers from 1867, hon. col. Norfolk artill. mil. from 1871, hon. coL royal 
Cornwall rangers mil. from 1875, hon. col. royal Aberdeenshire highrs. mil. from 1872, 
hon. col. 6 Bengal cav. from 1883, hon. col. Oxfordshire yeom. from 1896, a personal 
a.d.C. to the queen from 1876, a v.p. of the royal national lifeboat inst. from 1863, 
grand master of the freemasons of England from 1874, grand mark master from 1891, 
high steward of Plymouth, hon. adml. of the fleet 1887, grand prior of order of 
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England from 1888, chancellor of the 
University College of Wales from 1895 : Marlborough House, Pall Mall, S. W. ; 
Sandringham, King's Lynn, Norfolk; Birk Hall, Aberdeenshire; White's Marl- 
borough, Army and Navy, Travellers' , and United Service clubs : and has had issue : 

1. Albert Victor Christian Edward, 1 duke of Clarence and Avondale (1890), 
K.G., K.P., b. 8 Jan., 1864 ; d. 14 Jan., 1892. 

2. George Frederick Ernest Albert, 1 duke of York (1892), K.G., K.T., p.C. b. 3 
June, 1865; to. 6 July, 1893, cousin Princess Victoria Mary, b. 26 May, 1867 (lady 
of the Imperial order of the Crown of India, lady of justice of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem), only dau. of H.H. duke of Teck, g.C.b. ; 2nd titles, earl of Inverness 
and baron Killarney ; Knight of order of Golden Fleece ; ll.d. (hon.) Cantab. ; 
capt. R.N*, from 1892, hon. col. 3 battn. (mil.) W. Yorks regt., of the Suffolk yeom., 
of the 3 Middlx. artill. vol. from 1892, and of the 5 vol. battn. Hampshire regt. 
from 1897, master of the Trinity House from 1893, sub-prior of order of Hospital 
of St. John of Jerusalem in England from 1894 : York House, St. James' Palace, 
S.W. ; Fork Cottage, Sandringham, King's Lynn, Norfolk : has issue : 

Edward Albert Christian Geo. Andrew Patrick David, 6. 23 June, 1894. 
Albert Fredk. Arthur Geo., 6. 14 Dec. 1895. 

3. Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, OX, b. 20 Feb., 1867 ; m. 27 July, 1889, 
duke of Fife (see entry in the body of the work, under Fife, duke of). 

4. Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, b. 6 July, 1868, order of the crown of India, 
lady of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

5. Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria (lady of justice of order of St.John of Jerusalem), 
b. 26 Nov. 1869 ; m. 22 July, 1896, cousin prince Christian Frederic Charles Geo. 
Waldemar Axel, g.C.b., a knt. of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem, 2 s. of 
H.R.H. Christian Fredk. Chas., Crown Prince of Denmark, k.g. : Appleton House, 
King's Lynn, Norfolk. 

6. Alexander John Charles Albert, b. 6 April, d. 7 April, 1871. 

III. H.R.H.Alice Maud Mary, b. 25 April, 1843 ; d. 14 Dec. 1878 ; having m. 1 July, 
1862, H.R.H. prince ( Frederick William) Louis IV., Grand Duke of Hesse, K.G. (b. 12 
Sept., 1837 ; d. 13 March, 1892), grs. of late Louis II., Grand Duke of Hesse Darm- 
stadt, having had issue: 


1. Victoria Alberta Elizabeth Matilda Mary, b. 5 April, 1863 ; m. 1884, prince 
Louis Alexander of Battenberg, g.C.b. 

2. Elizabeth Alexandra Louise Alice, b. 1 Nov., 1864; m. 15 June, 1884, H.I.H. 
Grand Duke Sergius of Russia, G.C.B. 

3. Irene Marie Louise Anna, b. 11 July, 1866 ; m. 24 May, 1888, Prince Henry of 

4. Ernest Louis CharlesAlbertWilliam,Grand Duke of Hesse,K.G.,6.25 Nov., 1868 ; 
m. 19 April, 1894, princess Victoria Melita, 2 dau. of duke of Saxe Coburg and 
Gotha (duke of Edinburgh). 

5. Frederick William, b. 7 Oct., 1870, d. 29 May, 1873. 

6. Victoria Alice Helena Louise Beatrice (Alexandra Feodorovna), b. 6 June, 
1872 ; m. 26 Nov. 1894, H.I.M. Emperor Nicholas II. of Russia. 

7. Maria Victoria Feodore Leopoldine, b. 24 May, 1874 ; d. 15 Nov., 1878. 

TV H.R.H. Alfred Ernest Albert, duke of Edinburgh (1866), sue. his uncle 
Ernest II. as reigning duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, <fec. 22 Aug. 1893, K.G., K.T., 
G.C.B., g.C.m.g., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., D.C.L. Oxon., ll.d. (hon.) Cantab., second son of 
Queen Victoria ; b. 6 Aug., 1844 ; m. 23 Jan., 1874, grand duchess Marie Alexandrovna, 
(b. 5 Oct., 1853 : member of the Royal order of Victoria and Albert (1st class), lady 
of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem, chief of the regt. of lancers of Jambourg), 
dau. of Alexander II. of Russia and cousin of Prince Louis of Hesse ; 2nd title, 
earl of Ulster and Kent, and prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, duke of Saxony, educated 
at the universities of Edinburgh and Bonn, entered the royal navy 1858, knight of 
the Golden Fleece, knight of the tower and sword, of the order of the elephant of 
Denmark, and of the black eagle of Prussia, master of the Trinity House 1866-93, 
additional elder brother from 1894, col. 95 German (Saxe-Coburg) regt. from 1873, of 
1 London artillery volunteers 1868-75, hon. col. Edinburgh artillery mil. from 1874, 
and of 3 vol. battn. Hampshire regt. from 1893, personal naval A.D.C. to the Queen 
1879, adm. supdt. of naval reserves 1879-83, adm. 1887, commd. channel squadron 
1883-5, Mediterranean squadron 1886-90, commdr.-in-cbief at Devonport 1890-3, 
adml. of the fleet 1893, hon. col. R.M. from 1882, hon. coL 3 battn. (mil.) Black Watch 
from 1887, knight of justice, order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, 
granted an annuity of 15,000?. in 1866, and an addition of 10,000/. on his marriage : 
Clarence House, St. James's, S. W. ; White's, Travellers', Army and Navy, and Junior 
United Service clubs ; Edinburgh Palace, Coburg The Castle, Reinhardsbrunn, Gotha: 
has issue : 

1. Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert, K.G. (hereditary prince of Saxe 
Coburg and Gotha), b. 15 Oct., 1874 ; knight of justice, order of Hospital of St. 
John of Jerusalem in England, capt. 2 vol. battn. Devonshire regt. from 1895. 

2. Marie Alexandra Victoria, b. 29 Oct., 1875 ; m. 10 Jan. 1893, prince Ferdinand 
of Roumania. 

3. Victoria Melita, b. 25 Nov., 1876 ; m. 19 April, 1894, Ernest L. C. A. W., grand 
duke of Hesse, K.5. 

4. Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria, b. 1 Sept., 1878 ; m. 20 April, 1890, hereditary 
prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. 

5. Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria, b. 20 April, 1884. 

V. H.R.H. Helena Augusta Victoria, member of the Royal order of Victoria 
and Albert (1st class), lady of the Imperial order of the Crown of India, the Royal 
Red Cross, lady of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem, b. 25 May, 1846 ; m. 5 July, 
1866, H.R.H. Frederick Christian Charles Augustus, prince Christian of Schleswig- 
Holstein, k.g. (b. 22 Jan., 1831), and has issue : 

1. Christian Victor Albert Ludwig Ernest Anton, G.C.B. (hon.), b. 14 April, 
1867 ; knight of justice, order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, It. 
K. R. Rif. C. from 1890. 

2. Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George, b. 2 Feb., 1869 ; knight of 
justice, order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. 

3. Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena, b. 3 May, 1870 ; lady of 
justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

4. Franzisca Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christiana Helena, 6.14 August,1872; 
m. 6 July, 1891, H.H. Prince Aribert Joseph Alex, of Anhalt, G.C.B. 

5. Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harold,6.12 and cZ.20 May,1876. 


VI -H R H. Louise Caroline Alberta, b. 18 March, 1848 ; m. 21 March, 1871, 
Marquis of Lome. See entry in the body of the work, under Lome, marquis of. 

VTI H R H Arthur William Patrick Albert, duke of Connaught and Strathearn 
mkhITTt k p g c s i G c.m.g., g.c.i.e., G.c.v.o., k.c.b., P.O., v.d , third son 
o O een'vicfoHa ^tMay ?860 2nd tit. earl of Sussex:' m 13 March 1879 
HRH Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria Agnes of Prussia, lady of 
SSofS of St. Joh/of Jerusalem (b. 25 July, I860), 3 dau of H.R.H. 
nee Frederick Charles of Prussia, g.C.b. ; prince of Saxe-Coburg-G otha duke 
of Sixony kni-ht of the Osmanli order, and of the black eagle of Prussia, G.C of 
Charle III of Spain, a governor of Wellington coll. from 1875, hon. col. London 
Ir.hR V from 1871, hon. col. Hampshire and Isle of Wight artill (mil.) 
S divn of R.1 1875, hon. col. 3 Glamorgan R.V. from 1883 hon. col. 4 Hussars 
(Austrian) from 1893, col. in chief of rifle brig, from 1880, col. Scots gds. from 1883 
W een commdg. inf. brig, at Aldershot 1880-2 and in 1883, comrnd. 1 brig, of 1 
d &? Gua^togade) of elpedy. force to Egypt, 1882 2 class Medjidie commdg 
a divsn in Bengal 1883-5. hon. col. 7 and 29 Bengal N.I. from 1883, hon. col. 6 
and 4 b'attnf (mil ) R.W.' Kent regt. from 1884, hon. col. R. E. Kent yeom. from 
1886 hon col S go artill. (mil.) S. divn. of R. A. from 1891 hon. col. 3 and 4 
battns (mil) Highland L.I. from 1896, hon. col. 1 Bombay Lancers from 1891 
mai zen on staff commdg. a divn. of Bengal army 1886-7, commdr.-in-chief (with 
B rank of It -gen) of Bombay army 1887-90, gen. from 1893, commdg troops 
n Southern dist S 1890-3, Aldershot dist. from 1893, Great Prior of Ireland from 
1878 Ranger of Epping' Forest from 1879, worshipful master of mark masons for 
Sussex from 1891, and past grand master 1891, knight justice and bailiff of Egle, 
order of 'the" Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England: Government House, 
FaZbZough, Hants ; Clarence. House, St James's, SW. -Junior United Service 
United Service, Army and Navy, Guards', White's, Naval and Military and Traveller* 
clubs; Bagshot House, Surrey : has issue: 

1. Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Nora, b. 15 Jan., 1882. 

2. Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert (earl of Sussex), b. 13 Jan., 1883. 

3. Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, b. 17 March, 1886. 

VIII.-H.R.H. Leopold George Duncan Albert, 1 duke of Albany earl of 
Clarence and baron Arklow (1881), prince of Saxe-Coburg-Go ha and duke of 
Saxonv KG K T G.C.s.i., G.C.M.G., P.C., fourth son of Queen Victoria, 6 7 April, 
1853 ^' ^8 March 1884 having m. 27 April, 1882, H.S.H. Princess Helen Fredenca 
Ssti c U H 17 Feb U 186lf, dau. of late H.S.H. Geo. Victor, reigning pnnce 
of Waldec and Peyrmont : Claremont, Esher : has had issue : 

Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, b. 25 Feb., 1883. 

Leopold Charles Edward George Albert, b. 19 July, 1884, 2 duke of Albany. 

IX.-H.R.H. Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore^ 5 dau. of Queen Victoria, 
b. 14 April, 1857 ; m. 23 July, 1885, H.R.H. Prince Henry Maurice > of ^Uenjrg 
K.G. (b. 5 Oct., 1858) ; d. 20 Jan. 1896, 3 son of late H.G.D.H P^ 1 ^ victoria 
Hesse, G.C.B./and H.S.H. princess of Battenberg ; memb. of Kyal order ^ f 
and Albert (1st class), lady of the Imperial order of Crown oT India Koya 1 Ked 
Cross, lady of justice of order of St. John of Jerusalem gov. % n ?f\^ i T am t 
Wight and gov. of Carisbrooke Castle from 1896 : Osborne Cottage, Whippingham, 

Isle of Wight : has issue : 

Alexr. Albert, b. 23 Nov., 1886. 
Victoria Eugenie Julia Eva, b. 24 Oct., 1887. 
Leopold Arthur Louis, b. 21 May, 1889. 
Maurice Victor Donald, b. 3 Oct., 1891. 

[The other members of the Royal Family are inserted in the alphabetical list.] 


Viceroy and Governor- General Earl op Elgin, P.O., G.M.8.I., G.M.I.E. 

Bengal, Calcutta, sir Alex. Mackenzie, 


Bombay, Bombay. lord Sandhurst, 


Burma, Rangoon. sirFredk.Wm.Richards 
Fryer, k.c.s.i. (chief commr.) 

Central Provinces, Nagpur. Chas. 
Jas. Lyall, c.s.i., c.l.E. 

Madras, Madras, capt. Sir Arthur 
Elibank Havelock, g.c.m.g., g.c.i.e. 

North-Western Provinces and Oudr, 
Allahabad, sir Antony P. Macdonnell, 


Ponjab, Lahore. 
Young, c.s.i. 

Wm. Mackworth 


Governor-General Earl of Aberdeen, g.c.m.g., p.c, Ottawa. 
Victoria, (hon.) 
J. C. 

British Columbia, 

Edgar Dewdney. 
Manitoba, Winnipeg, (hon.) 

N. Brunswick, Fredericton. (hon.) A. K. 

N. Scotia, Halifax, (hon.) M. B. Daly. 

N. W. Territories, Regina. (hon.) 

C. H. Macintosh. 
Ontario, Toronto, (hon.) Geo. A. Kirk- 

Prince Edward Island, Charlotte 

Toion. (hon.) G. W. Howlan. 
Quebec, Quebec, (hon.) sir J. A. Chap- 

leau, K.C.M.G., LL.B. 


With their 
Antigua, St. John's, vide Leeward Islands. 

Bahamas, Nassau. sir Wm. Fredk. 

Haynes Smith, k.c.m.g. 
Barbados, Bridgetown, sir Jas. Shaw 

Hay, k.c.m.g. 
Basutoland. Godfrey Yeatman Lagden, 

c.m.g. (actg. resident commr.). 

Bermudas The, Hamilton, lt.-gen. Geo. 

Digby Barker, c.B. 
British Guiana, Georgetown, sir 

Augustus Wm. Lawson Hemming, 


British Honduras, Belize, col. David 
Wilson, c.m.g. 

British New Guinea, Port Moresby. 

sir Wm. Macgregor, m.d., k.c.m.g. 
Caicos, vide Turks and Caicos Islands. 
Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town, lord 

Rosmead, g.c.m.g., p.c. (and high 

commr. for S. Africa). 
Ceylon, Colombo, rt.hon. sir Joseph West 

Ridgeway, k.c.b., k.c.s.i., p.c. (Irel.) 


Cyprus, Nicosia, sir Walter J. Sendall, 


Dominica, Roseau. Philip Arthur 
Templer (administ.). 

Falkland Islands, Stanley, sir Roger 
Tuckfield Goldsworthy, K.C.M.G. 

Fiji Islands, Suva, air John Bates 
Thurston, K.C.M.G. 

Gambia, Bathurst. Robt. Baxter 
Llewelyn, C.M.G. (administ.). 

Gibraltar, gen. sir Robert Biddulph, 

R.A., G.C.M.G., K.C.B. 

Gold Coast, Accra, sir Wm. Edwd. 

Maxwell, k.c.m.g. 
Grenada, vide Windward Islands. 

Guernsey, St. Peter le Port, lt.-gen. 

Nathaniel Stevenson. 
Hong Kong, Victoria, sir William 

Robinson, K.C.M.G. 
Isle of Man, Douglas, lord Henniker. 
Jamaica, Kingston, sir Henry A. Blake, 




Jersey, St. Heliers. maj.-gen. Edward 

Hopton, c.B. 
Labuan, Port Victoria. Leicester Paul 

Lagos, maj. Hy. Edwd. McCallum, 

C.M.G., R.E. 

Leeward Islands (Antigua, Dominica, 
Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitt's, Virgin 
Islands), sir Francis Fleming, K.C.M.G. 

Malacca, Malacca. Chas. "Waller Sneyd- 
Kynnersley (res. councillor). 

Malta, Valetta. gen. sir Arthur Jas. 

Lyon Fremantle, K.C.M.G., C.B. 
Man, Isle of, vide Isle of Man. 
Mauritius, Port Louis, sir Charles 

Bruce, k.c.m.g. 

Montserrat, Plymouth, hon. Edward 

Baynes (commr.) 
Natal, Pietermaritzburg (and Zululand). 

hon.sir Wltr.Hely-Hutchinson,K.c.M.G. 

Nevis, vide St. Christopher. 

Newfoundland, St. John's, sir Herbert 
Harley Murray, k.c.b. 

New South Wales and Norfolk Is- 
land, Sydney, viscount Hampden. 

New Zealand, Wellington, earl of 
Glasgow, g.c.m.g. 

Penang, Georgetown. A. M. Skinner, 
C.M.G. (res. councillor). 

Queensland, Brisbane, lord Lamington, 


St. Christopher and Nevis, Basse- 
terre, St. Kitts. Thos. Risley Griffith, 
C.m.g. (administr.) 

St. Helena, Jamestown. Wm. Grey- 
Wilson, C.M.G. 

St. Lucia, Castries. Chas. Anthony 
King-Harman, c.m.g. (administ.) 

St. Vincent, Kingstown. Harry Lang- 
home Thompson (administ.). 

Seychelles Islands, Victoria, Mahe 
Henry Cockburn Stewart (administ.) 

Sierra Leone, Freetown, col. Fredc. 
Cardew, C.M.G. 

South Australia, Adelaide, sir Thos. 
Fowell Buxton, bart., K.C.M.G. 

Straits Settlements, Singapore. 
sir Chas. B. H. Mitchell, g.c.m.g. (and 
high, commr. for the federated Malay 
States of Perak, Selangor, Negri- 
Sembilan, and Pahang.) 

Tasmania, Hobart. viscount Gorman- 
ston, K.C.M.G. 

Trinidad, Port of Spain (and Tobago), 
sir Hubert Edwd. Hy. Jerningham, 


Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand 
Turk. Edward John Cameron (com- 

Victoria, Melbourne. lord Brassey, 


Virgin Islands, Roadtown, Tortola. 

Nathaniel G. Cookman (commssr.) 
Western Australia, Perth. lt.-col. 

sir Gerard Smith, K.C.M.G. 
Windward Islands, St. George,Grtmxda, 

(Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent). 

sir Cornelius Alfred Moloney, K.C.M.G. 
Zululand. hon. sir Walter Hely-Hut- 

chinson, K.C.M.G., gov. ; col. sir 

Marshall J. Clarke, k.c.m.g. (actg. res. 







EARLS 140 




Total 580 

' of whom 15 

The undermentioned Noblemen sit as Peers of England, of Great Britain, or of the United Kingd 
by titles nominally different from, as well as inferior to, those by which they are usually a 

.<u/rior-Tille. Sits as 

E. Aberdeen V. Gordon 

E. Arran L. Sudley 

L. Atlilumnev .. L. Meredyth 

D. Atholl E. Strange 

V. Barrington .. L. Shute 

E. Bessborough.. L. Ponsonby 

V. Boyne L. Brancepeth 

D. Bnccleuch .... E. Doncaster 
M. Clanricarde .. L. Somerhill 
L. Clermont L. Carlingford 

F. Gallowav 
V. Galwav .. 

V Clifden i L - Mendl P & IE. Gosford.. 

V - Ulfden I Dover D. Hamilton 

M. Convngham.. L.Minster 
!:. Cork & Orrery L. Boyle 
1". Courtown . . . , 
E. Crawford & ) 
Baicarres .. ) 
E. Dalhousie .... 

E. Darnley 

M. Donegall .... 

Superior Title. Sits as 

E. Dunraven & ) T . 

Mountearl..} ^ Kenry 
E. Eglinton .... E. Winton 

o x, _, . ( L. Lovell & 

E " L = moat | Holland 

M.Ely L. Loftus 

E. Enniskillen .. L. Grinstead 

E. Erne L. Fermanagh 

E. Erroll L. Kilmarnock 

L. Stewart 
L. Monckton 
L. Worlingham 
D. Brandon 
L. Kenlis 

M. Headfort . 

L. Henley L. Northington 

L. Henniker .... L. Hartismere 

E. Home L. Douglas 

M. Himtly L. Meldrum 

E. Kinnoull .... L. Hay 

E. Leitrlm L. Clements 

E. Limerick .... L. Foxford 

E. Llstowel .... L. Hare 

M. Londonderry.. E. Vane 
In the following list the above are arranged under the titles by which they s : t, their superior title 
lieing placed immediately after in parentheses ; but in the alphabetical arrangement they will be 
found under those titles by which they are ordinarily known. 

* The Earl de Montalt & the Viscount Powerscourt are also Irish Representative Peers. 

L. Saltersford 

L. Wigan 

L. Ramsay 
L. Clifton 

L. Fisherwick 

E. Donoughmore V. Hutchinson 
M. Downshire .. E.Hillsborough 

Superior Title. 
E. Longford . . . . 
M. Lothian 

E. Loudoun 

Sits ns 
L. Silchester 
L. Kerr 
i L. Botreaux 
j <fc Hasting 

L. Oriel 

V. Massereene ] 
& Ferrard . . j 
R. Heath ...... L. Cha worth 

V. Midlcton .... L. Brodrick 

D. Moutrose .... E. Graham 

E. Moray L. Stuart 

L. Napier L. Ettrick 

E. Nonnanton . . L. Somerton 
4 V. Powerscourt L Powerscour 

E.Rolen L. Clanbrassil 

L. Rollo L. Dunning 

D. Roxburghe . . K. Innes 

E. Seafield L. Strathsrey 

E. Shannon .... L. Carleton 

M. Sligo L. Monteagle 

E. Southesk .... L. Balinhard 

E. Stair L. Oxenfoord 

8. Strathmore . . L. Bowes 
M. Waterford . . L. Tyrone 



Marked thus * are Irish Representative Peers. Marked thus t are Scotch Representative Peers. 

Marked thus J are Peers for Life. 

'] 1841 



Having special precedence under the Statute 31 Henry VIII. 
His Roy*! Highness Albert Edward, Duke of Cornwall (Prince of Wales), K.G., K.T., K.P., 

O.O.B., G.C.8.L, G.C.M.G., <,.C. I.K., G.C.V.O., P.C 

His Royal Highne s AlfredErnestAlbert,Duke of Edinburgh(Duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha), 

K.G..K.T.. K.l>. . (l.C.I!.. G.C.S.T . G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E 

His Royal Highnes3 Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught, &c, K.G., K.T., ', 

K.C.B.", K.P., G.C.S.I , G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., P.C. j 

His Royal Highness George Frederick Ernest Albert, Duke of York, &c, K.G., K.T., P.C. 1893 

His Royal Highness Ernest. Duke of Cumberland, K.G 1799 

His Royal Hinhness George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge, K..G., K.T., K.P., ) 18nl 

Q C.B., G.C.H.. G.C.S.I. G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., P.C., D.C.L. j 18U 

His Royal Highness Leopold Charles Edward George Albert. Duke of Albany {a m inor) 1881 


Style. His Grace. Consecrated. Translated. 

Bight Hon. & Most Rev. Dr. Frederick Temple, P.C. IMS 1896 

Eight Hon. & Most Kev Dr. Wm. Dalrymple Maclagan, of York, P.C. W78 1891 


DUKES (21). 
Style, Most Noble; HU Grace. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

nry Fitzalan-Howard Norfolk, K.G 1483 Eof Arundel&Surrey 

rernon St. Maur Somerset 1546 L. Seymour 

( Richmond & Gordon, ) 

irles Henry Gordon-Lennox 1 p.c.. k.g. (Duke of I 1675 E. of March 

' ( Lennox) ) 

gust as Charles Lennox Fitz Roy Grafton, K.G., C.B 1675 E. of Euston 

nry Charles Fitz Roy Somerset Beaufort, K.G., P.C. 1682 M. of Worcester 

lliam Amelius Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk .... St Albans, P.C. 1684 E. of Bur 'ord 

irga Godolphin Osborne Leeds 1694 M. of Carmarthen 

| -brand Arthur Russell Bedford 1694 M. of Tavistock 

I sneer Compton Cavendish Devonshire, K.G., P.C. . . . 1694 It of Hartington 

J irles Richard John Spencer Churchill Marlborough 1702 M. of Blandford 

1 in James Robert Manners Rutland, K.G., G.C.B., P.C. 1703 M of Granby 

i| red Douglas Donglas-HamUton j B Hanson?"** f | 1711 ^ of Doa S las 

j lliam JohnArthurChas.Jas.Cavendish Bentinck Portland, G.C.V.O., P.C... 1716 M of Titchfield 

lliam Angus Drogo Montagu Manchester (a minor) .. 1719 V. Mandeville 

{ nry Pelham A rchibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton Newcastle 1756 E. of Lincoln 

i jemon George Percy Northumberland,K-G.,P.C. 1766 E. Percy 

nry Wellesley Wellington 1814 M of Douro 

'i >martie Leveson-Gower Sutherland 1833 M. of Stafford 

I gh Lupus Grosvenor Westminster, K.G., P.C. . . 1874 E. Grosvenor 

xander William George Duff Fife, K.T., P.C. 1889 M Macduff 

jrge Douglas Campbell Argyll, K.G., K.T., P.C. . . 1892 M. of Lome 

Style, Most Honourable. 
> gustus John Henry Beaumont Paulet Winchester 1 551 E. of Wiltshire 

( Lansdowne, K.G., ) 
fcnry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice \ G.C.M.G., G.C.S.L, > 1784 E. Kerry 

( G.C.I. E., P.C. ) 

in Villiers Stuart Townshend To wnsliend 1786 V. Raynhim 

\ bert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil Salisbury, K.G., P.O. .... 1789 V. Cranbome 

lomas Henry Thynne Bath 1789 V. Weymouth 

( Abercorn, K.G., C.B., ) 
nes Hamilton J p.c.(Duke of Aber- > 1790 M. Hamilton 

( corn) ) 

|<gh de Grey Seymour Hertford. P.C 1793 E. of Yarmouth 

L in Patrick Crichton Stuart Bute, K.T 1796 E. of Duruf ri s 

I lliam Alleyne Cecil Exeter, PC. 1801 L. Burghley 

J lliam Douglas Compton Northampton, K.G 1812 E. Compton 

I in Charles Pratt Camden 1812 E. of Brecknock 

| nry Paget Anglesey 1815 E. of Uxbridge 

I orge Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Cholmondeley 1815 E. of Rocksavage 

nry Augustus Brurtenell-Bruce Ailesbury 1821 E. of Cardig.m 

i Merick William John Hervey Bristol 1826 E. Jermyn 

lehibald Kennedy Ailsa 1831 E. of Cassillis 

I v. Constantine Charles Henry Phipps Normanby 1838 E. of Mulgrave 

Jorge Frederick Samuel Robinson Ripon, K.G., G.C.S.I., P.C. 1871 E. de Grey 

] lliam Nevill Abergavenny, K.G 1876 E. of Lewes 

I vin Campbell Breadalbane, K.G., P.C. .. 1885 E. of Ormelie 

SDufferin & Ava, i 
G.C.B.,K.P.,G.C.M.G., [ 1888 E. of Ava 
G.C.S.I.,G.C.LE.,P.C. ) 

wrenceDundas Zetland, P.a 1892 E. of Ronaldshay 

EARLS (140). 

Style, Right Honourable. 

arles Henry John Talbot Shrewsbury & Talbot 1442 V. Ingestre 

ederick Arthur Stanley Derby, G.C.B., p.c 1485 L. Stanley 

irner Francis John Plantagenet Hastings Huntingdon 1529 L. Hastings 

^Herbert \ V g ZeryXa%ITo.\ ^51 L. Herbert 

v. Henry Hugh Courtenay Devon 1553 L. Courtenay 

;nry Charles Howard Suffolk & Berkshire 1603 V. An lover 

idolph Robert BasilAloysius Augustine Feilding Denbigh 1622 V. Feilding 

ithony Mildmay Julian Fane Westmorland 1624 L. Burghersh 

mtatru Peregrine Bertie Lindsey 1626 L. Bertie 

illiamGrey Stamford 1628 L. Grey of Groby 

array Edward Gordon Finch-Hatton Winchilsea& Nottingham 1628 V. Maidstone 

iwyn Francis Chandos Scudamore-Stanhope .. Chesterfield, p.c 1628 L. Stanhope 



Title by Courte 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Song. 

Edward George Henry Montagu Sandwich 1660 V. Hinchingbrool 

George Devereux de Vere Capell Essex 1661 T. Maiden 

George James Howard Carlisle 1661 V. Morpeth 

( Doncaster(Duke ofBuc- } 
William Henry Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott.. < clench and Queens- [ 1663 E. of Dalkeith 

( berry), K.T J 

Anthony Ashley-Cooper Shaftesbury 1672 L.Ashley 

Bandal Thomas Mowbray Berkeley Berkeley 1679 V. Dursley 

Montagu Arthur Bertie Abingdon 1682 L. Norreys 

Alfred Frederick George Beresford Lnmley Scarbrough 1690 V. Lumley 

Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel Albemarle 1696 V. Bury 

George William Coventry Coventry, P.C 1697 V. Deerhurst 

Victor Albert George Child Villiers Jersey, G.C.M.G, P.C 1697 V. Villiers 

William Henry Poulett Poulett 1706 V. Hinton 

fJohn Francis" Erskine Goodeve Erskine Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

fSholto George Douglas Morton 1458 L. Aberdour 

fJohn Francis Walter Erskine Mar & Kellie 1565 L. Erskine 

tGeorge Baillie-Arden-Hamilton Haddington 1619 L. Binning 

fFrederick Henry Maitland Lauderdale 1624 V. Maitland 

tRobert Harris Carnwath Dalzell Carnwath 1639 L. Dalzell 

tDavid Stanley Drummond Ogilvy Airlie 1639 L. Ogilvy 

tRonald Kuthven Leslie-Melville Leven & Melville 1641 L. Balgonie 

f Douglas Mackmnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane.. Dundonald, C.B 1669 L. Cochrane 

Sewaliis Edward Shirley Ferrers 1711 V. Tamworth 

William Heneage Legge Dartmouth, P.C 1711 V. Lewisham 

Charles Bennet Tankerville, P.C 1714 L. Bennet 

Charles Wightwick Finch Aylesford 1714 L. Guernsey 

Francis Thomas de Grey Cowper Cowper, K.G., P.C 1718 V. Fordwich 

Arthur Philip Stanhope Stanhope 1718 Y. Mahon 

Geo. Loveden Wm. Hy. Parker Macclesfield (a minor) . . 1721 V. Parker 

Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham J G ^? ^ f M n " i 1722 M. Graham 

William Frederick Waldegrave Waldegrave 1729 V. Chewton 

Bertram Ashburnham Ashburnham 1730 V. St. Asaph 

Charles Augustus Stanhope Harrington 1742 V. Petersham 

Newton Wallop Portsmouth 1743 V. Lymington 

Francis Richard Charles Guy Greville Brooke & Warwick 1746 L. Brooke 

Sidney Carr Hobart- Hampden Buckinghamshire 1746 L. Hobart 

William Thomas Spencer Wentworth-Fitzwilliam Fitzwilliam, K.G 1746 V. Milton 

George Frederick North Guilford (a minor) 1752 L. North 

Charles Philip Yorke Hardwicke, P.C 1754 V. Royston 

Henry Edward Fox-Strangways Ilchester, P.C 1756 L. Stavordale 

Reginald Windsor Sackville De La Warr 1761 "V. Cantelupe 

William Pleydell-Bouverie Radnor, P.C 1765 V. Folkestone 

John Poyntz Spencer Spencer, K.G. , P.C 1765 V. Althorp 

Seymour Henrv Bathurst Bathurst 1772 L. Apsley 

Ar } h H r u ^ illS * J hn ^""eHon Blundell Trum- ( Hillsborough (M. of j m2 E Hillsborough 

bull Hill J Downshire) J 

Edward Hyde Villiers . .*. Clarendon 1776 L. Hyde 

William David Murray Mansfield& Mansfield, K.T 1776 V. Stormont 

John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray Strange (D.of Atholl),K.T 1786 M of Tullibardine 

William Henry Edgcumbe Mount -Edgoumbe, P.C . . 1789 V. Valletort 

Hugh Fortescue Fortescue 1789 V. Ebrington 

George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert .... Carnarvon 1793 L. Porchester 

George Henry Cadogan Cadogan, K.G., P.C 1800 V. Chelsea 

Edward James Harris Malmesbury 1800 V. FitzHarris 

John Vansittart Danvers Butler Lanesborough 1756 L. Newton-Butler 

Lionel Geo. Hy. Seymour Dawson-Damer Portarlington 1785 V. Carlow 

Dermot Robert Wyndham Bourke Mayo 1785 L. Xaas 

Hugh Annesley Annesley 1789 V. Castlewellan 

George Bingham Lucan 1795 L. Bingham 

Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry Belmore, G.C.M.G. , P.C . . 1797 V. Corry 

James Alexander Caledon, K..P 1800 V. Alexander 

James Francis Bernard Bandon 1800 V. Bernard 

James Francis Harry St. Clair-Erskine Rosslyn 1801 L. Loughborough 

William George Robert Craven Craven 1801 V. TJfflngton 

William Hillier Onslow Onslow, G.C.M.G 1801 V. Cranley 

Charles Marsham Romney 1801 V. Marsham 

Walter John Pelham Chichester 1801 L. Pelham 

Seymour John Grey Egerton Wilton 1801 V. Grey de Wilton j 

George CharlesHerbert Powis 1804 V. Clive 

Horatio Nelson Nelson 1805 V. Trafalgar 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

.urence Parsons Bosse, K.P 1806 L. Oxmantown 

.ney William Herbert Pierrepont Manvers 1806 V. Newark 

)ert Horace Walpole Orford 1806 L. Walpole 

ert Henry Geo. Grey i Grey 1806 V. Howick 

gh Cecil Lowther Lonsdale 1807 V. Lowther 

lley-Prancis Stuart Ryder Harrowby, p.c 1809 V. Sandon 

iry Ulick Lascelles Harewood 1812 V. Lascelles 

jert John Elliot Murray Kynynmound Minto 1813 V. Melgund 

n Frederick Cathcart Cathcart 1814 L. Greenock 

les Walter Grimston Verulam 1815 V. Grimston 

jlbert Wellington Brownlow Oust Brownlow, p. c 1815 V. Alford 

iry Cornwallis Eliot St. Germans 1815 L. Eliot 

ert Edmund Parker Morley, p.c 1816 V. Boringdon 

mdo George Charles Bridgeman Bradford, p.c 1815 V. Newport 

liam Lygon Beauchamp 1815 V. Elmley 

n Scott Eldon 1821 V. Encombe 

hard William Penn Curzon-Howe Howe, c.B 1821 V. Curzon 

>rge John Edward Mowbray Rous Stradbroke 1821 V. Dunwich 

ancis Charles Needham Kilmorey, K.P 1822 V. Newry & Morne 

liam Stephen Gore-Langton Temple 1822 L. Langton 

irles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart [ V *" rryS^klc , L p c!? n " | 1823 V> Castlerea n 

Jiam Archer Amherst Amherst 1826 V. Holmesdale 

in Frederick Vaughan Campbell Cawdor 1827 V. Emlyn 

Uiam George FitzClarence Munster 1831 L. Tewkesbury 

aert Adams Philips Haldane Camperdown 1831 V. Duncan 

omas Francis Anson Lichfield 1831 V. Anson 

in George Lambton Durham 1833 V. Lambton 

irge Granville Leveson-Gower Granville 1833 L Leveson 

ary Howard Effingham 1837 L. Howard 

n v John Reynolds Moreton Ducie, P.C 1837 L. Moreton 

irles Alfred Worsley Anderson Pelham Yarborough, P.c 1837 L. Worsley 

ary John Innes Ker - { ^gQ (aLnfrf' J 1837 M - of Bowmont 

omas William Coke Leicester, K.G 1837 V. Coke 

Iph Gordon Noel Milbanke Lovelace 1838 V. Ockham % 

irles William Francis Noel Gainsborough 1841 V. Campden 

incis Charles Granville Egerton Ellesmere 1846 V. Brackley 

wge Henry Charles Byng Strafford 1847 V. Enfield 

aelm Charles Edward Pepys Cottenham 1850 V. Crowhurst 

nry Arthur Mornington Wellesley Cowley 1857 V. Dangan 

orge Arnulph Montgomerie Winton (E. of Eglinton). 1859 L Montgomerie 

lliam Humble Ward Dudley 1860 V. Ednam 

in Francis Stanley Russell Russell 1861 V. Amberley 

in Wodehouse Kimberley, K.G., P.C .... 1866 L Wodehouse 

:hard Dawson Dartrey, K.P 1866 L. Cremorne 

lliam Ernest Duncombe Feversham 1868 V. Helmsley 

nry George Liddell Ravensworth 1874 L. Eslington 

fSJS^JSSJSTT.J^!T.\ Wha liffe 1876 v - Carlt - 

omas George Baring j ^p^*, *f,*^ j 1876 V. Baring 

rbert John Cairns Cairns 1878 V. Garmoyle 

tor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton.. Lytton ( minor) 1883 V. Knebworth 

ward Bootle-Wilbraham Lathom, G.C.B., P.C 1880 L. Skelmersdale 

orge Edwd. Milles Sondes 1880 V. Throwley 

undell Palmer Selborne 1882 V. Wolmer 

liter Stafford Northcote Iddesleigh, c.B 1885 V. St. Cyres 

)ornwallis Maude deMontalt 1886 V.Hawarden 

lliam Henry Forester Denison Londesborough 1887 V. Raincliff e 

! thorne Gathorne-Hardy Cranbrook, G.C.S.I., P.C. 1892 L. Medway 

bert Henry Heathcote Drummond-Willoughby Ancaster, P.C 1 18 Er^by VlU Ughby ^ 

; bert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes Crewe, P.C 1895 L. Houghton 

; arles Robt. Carrington Carrington, G.C.M.G., P.C. 1895 V. Wendover 


Style, Right Honourable. 

bertDevereux Hereford 1550 

ron Plantagenet Cary Falkland 1620 

nry St. John Bolingbroke 1712 

arles George Lyttelton Cobham 1718 

elyn Edward Thomas Boscawen Falmouth, C.B 1720 


Title by Courted 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest 8 ms. 

Gsorge Master Byng Tnrrington (i minor) ..1721 

Maurice FitzGerald [ Le gterKa miwr)^ !?.' | 174T M " ot KiMare 

Francis Wheler Hood Hood 1796 

ttfervyn Edward Wingfleld Powerscourt, K. P. t 1743 

* Henry William Crosbie Ward Bangor 1781 

*Cornwallis Maude Hawarden ( Montalt) 1793 

Carnegie Parker Jervis St Vincent 1801 

Henry Dundas Melville 1802 

William Wells Addington Sidmouth ls()5 

John Campbell Hamilton Gordon [ deen", gx. m!g^ P?a | 181 4 K Haddo 

RJward Fleetwood John Pellew Exmouth 1816 

John Luke George Hely-Hatchinson | H ^ofDo nougVimore) } 1821 V - S ird " le 

William Frederick Le-Poer-Trench { ^carty)^^. /.? 1 ^" j 1823 Y " Dtml 

Wellington Robert Stapleton-Cotton Combermere 1826 

Henry Charles Manners-Sutton Canterbury 1835 

Rowland Bichd. Clegg-Hill Hill 1842 

Charles Stewart Hardinge Hardinge 1846 

George Stephens Gough Uough 1849 

Charles Lindley Wood Halifax 1866 

Alexander Nel-on Hood Bridport, G.C.B 1868 

William Henry Berkeley Portman Portman 1873 

Henry Robert Brand Hampden 1884 

Garnet Joseph Wolseley j ^mmg.m' ?!?. B '.' | 1885 

William John Monsin Oxenbridge, P.C 1886 

Richard As^heton Cross Cross, G.C.B., G. .S.I.. P.C 1886 

Arthur Welleslev Peel Pe.-l, P.C. 1895 

Henry Thurston Holland Knutsford, G.C.M.G., P.C. 1895 

Henry Matthews Llandaff , P.C, Q.C 1895 

t Sits also as Barou Powerscourt (18S5) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, bat is counted 
with the Viscounts. 

Sits also as Earl de Montalt in the Peerage of the United Kingdom & is counted with the Earls, 

BISHOPS (24). 

Style, Right Rtrerend. 
The Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester take precedence in right of their respective sees ; I 
other Bishops in the order of their consecration. The Bishop of Sodor and Man Ins no seat iu Pi 
liament. The Statute 10 & 11 Victorias, cap. 108, enacts that, upon a vacancy in an English 
Welsh bishopric, the newly consecrated bishop (unless elected to one of the archiepiscopal sees, or 
one of the sees of London, Durham or Winchester) shall not be entitled to sit ; but the summons 
to be issued tosach one of the other bishops as has not previously been summoned* 

Consec. Translated. 

Dr. Mandell Creighton London, P.C 18911896 

Dr. Brooke Foss Westcott Durham 1890 

Dr. Randall Thos. DavMson Winchester 18911895 

Dr. Charles John Ellicott Gloucester & Bristol 18U3 

Dr, John Charles Rvle Liverpool 1- 

Dr. Ernest Roland Wilberforce Chichester 18821895 

Dr. Richard Lewis Llaudaff 1*~3 

Dr. William Stubbs Oxford 1888 

Dr. George Ridding Southwell 1884 

Dr. William Boyd Carpenter Ripon If 

Dr. Edward King Lincoln I 

Dr. Edward Henry Biekersteth Exeter I- 

Dr. John Wordsworth Salisbury It 

Dr. Lord Alwyne Compton Ely 1 - 

Dr. James Moorhou^e Manchester U 

Dr. .William Walsham How Wakefield 1888 

Dr. Francis John Jayne Chester I - 

Dr. Alfred George Edwards St. Asaph 1889 

Dr. Daniel Lewis Lloyd Bangor U 

Dr. John Wogan Festing St. Albans 1890 

Dr. John James Stewart Perowne Worcester 1890 

Dr. John Gott Truro 1891 

Dr. Hon. Augustus Legge Lichfield 1891 

Dr. John Wareing Bardsley Carlisle 18871897 

The Bishops of Norwich, Bath & Wells, Hereford, Rochester, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Peter-) 
borough and St. David's have not at present seats in the House. 


BARONS (331*). 

Style, Right Honourable. Title by Cou'tesy 

Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 
Dudley Charles Fitzgerald de-Eos de-Eos 1264 

carles Botolph Joseph Stourton j ^Xn^.T. . & 1 1264 

Francis Robert Stonor Camoys 1264 

Jeorge Manners Astley Hastings 128!) 

lack Southwell Eussell de-Clifford (a minor) .... 129!) 

Unas. Hen. RolleHepburn-Stuart-ForbesTrefusis.. Clinton 1299 

Robert Nathaniel Cecil George Curzon Zouche 1308 

Raw. ion George Grey Clifton Grey de Euthyn 1324 

Carles Edward Hastings Eawdon-Hastings .... j B ^^^^un]T. j 1368 V. Mauchline 

Henry Verney Willoughby de Broke 1492 

Hubert George Charles Browne-Mostyn Vaux of Harrowden .... 1523 

*.lf red Thos. Townshend Verney-Cave Bra ye 152!) 

Robert George Windsor-Clive Windsor, p. c 1529 

William Henry John North North 1554 

Beauehamp Moubray St. John St. John 1558 

_ , . , T3,. ( Howard de Walden & ) ,-, 

Frederick George Ellis < Seaford j 

Bernard Henry Philip Petre Petre 1603 

John Fiennes Twisleton Wykebam-Fiennes .... Saye & Sele 1603 

John Francis Arundell Arundell of Wardour .. 1605 

Eil ward Henry Stuart Bligh Clifton (E. of Darnley) . . 1608 L.Clifton 

John Baptiste Joseph Dormer Dormer 1615 

Henry John Philip Sidney Eoper Curzon Teynham 1616 

Fitz-Osbert Edward Staff ord-Jerningham Stafford 1640 

George Frederick William Byron Byron 1643 

Lewis Henry Hugh Clifford Clifford of Chudleigh 1672 

Henry John Brinsley Manners j M (Marq. of Granby) j 1G7!) u Roos nf r "' ,v " i|- 

Horace Courteuay Forbes Forbes 1442 

^Alexander William Frederick Eraser Saltoun 1445 

ICharles William St. Clair Sinclair 1489 

I'James Walter Sandilands Torphichen 1564 

(> lexander Hugh Bruce Balfour of Burleigh, p. c 1607 

f Walter Hugh Hepburne Scott Polwarth 1690 

Henry De Vere Vane Barnard 1698 

Richard Edmund St. Lawrance Boyle j ^oYcork"'* Orrery ) I 17U V- & n 8*"* n 

Archibald Fitzroy George Hay Hay (E. of Kinnoull) .. 1711 L. Hay of ECinfauna 

Digby Wentworth Bayard Willoughby Middleton 17 11 

Frederick George Brabazon Ponsonby | P ^^J i ^' 0t BeSS " | 1749 V. Duncannon 

Rev. Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon Scarsdale 1761 

George Florance Irby Boston 1761 

Charles George Perceval { ^Eginontrf.^." J 1762 V.Perceval 

George William Henry Venables -Vernon Vernon, p.c 1762 

Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby Digby 1765 

Martin Bladen Hawke Hawke 1776 

Henry Thomas Foley Foley 1776 

Arthur de Cardonel Rice Dynevor 1780 

ThomasDeGrey Walsingham 1780 

William Bagot Bagot 1780 

Charles Henry Fitzroy Southampton 1780 

John Richard Brinsley Norton Grantley 1782 

George Bridges Harley Dennett Rodney Rodney 1782 

Henry Geo. Percy Lovaine, P.c. (Earl Percy) 1784 L. Warkworth 

Philip Reginald Cocks Somers 1784 

Richard Henry Noel-Hill Berwick 1784 

| Edward Lenox Duttou Sherborne 1784 

Henry De-la-Poer-Beresford Tyrone (M. of Waterford) 1786 E. of Tyrone 

Richard Henry Boyle Carleton (E. of Shannon) 1786 V. Boyle 

Charles Harbord Suttield, K.C.B., P.c 1786 

Dudley Wilmot Carleton Dorchester 1786 

LloydKenyon Kenyon 1788 

Charles Cornwallis Neville Braybrooke 1788 

George Augustus Hamilton Chichester f F Done^aU) (M ' f i 1790 E. of Belfast 

Henry Charles Gage Gage(V. Gage)' ........ 1790 

Thomas John Hovell Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce.. Thurlow, P.C 1792 


Title by Courtesy! 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 1 

William Morton Eden Auckland 1793 

._ _ __ __ . . ( Mendip & Dover (V. ) ,_ Q . 

Leopold Geo. Predk. Agar-EUis J Clifden) ... . j 1794 

Edmund Archibald Stuart Stuart (E. of Moray) . . 1796 L. Doune 

Alan-Plantagenet Stewart j ^oTa])!" t } 1796 L " Garlies 

James George Henry Stopf ord j Sa ,Sown) . ( . E '. . . ?! \ 1796 V - Stopford 

William Brodriok Brodrick ( V. Midleton) 1796 

Augustus Cholmondeley Gough-Calthorpe Calthorpe 1796 

Peter Robert Burrell Gwydyr 1796 

William Tnos. Orde Powlett Bolton 1797 

JohnPowys Lilford 1797 

Thomas Lister Ribblesdale, P.C 1797 

John William Plunkett Dunsauy 1461 

Edward Donough O'Brien Inchiquin, k.P 1536 

John Thomas William Massy Massy 1776 

Hamilton Matthew Tilson Fitzmaurice-Deane- ) jy; us t erry _ > 1731 

Morgan ) 

Francis William Browne Kilmaine 1789 

Luke Gerald Dillon Clonbrock 1790 

Charles Mark Winn Headley 1797 

Edward Henry Churchill Crofton Crof ton 1797 

Hercules Edward Rowley Langford 1800 

Dayrolles Blakeney de Moleyns Ventry 1800 

Henry O'CallaghanPrittie Dunalley 1800 

Eyre Challoner Henry Massey Clarina, C.B 1800 

John Henry Loftus Loftus (M. of Ely) 1801 V. Loftus 

William Proby { ^p ^.' } 1801 L. Proby 

George Ralph Abercromby Abercromby 1801 

Charles Towry Hamilton Law Ellenborough 1802 

Augustus Frederick Arthur Sandys Sandys 1802 

Henry North Holroyd Sheffield (E. of Sheffield) 1802 L. Pevensey 

William Macnaghten Erskine Erskine 1806 

John Thomas Browne Mont Eagle (M. of Sligo) 1806 E. of Altamont 

Bernard Arthur William Frederick Forbes Granard (E. of Granard) 1806 V. Forbes 

nwi,>,. ( Gardner (L. Gardner ) , finc 

Gardner I inlreland) | 1806 

John Thomas Manners-Sutton Manners 1807 

( Hopetoun & Niddry *j 
John Adrian Louis Hope ] (E. of Hopetoun), [ 1809 L. Hope 

( G.C.M.G., P.C ) 

CharlesGordon | M HunTy), p ( .C.'...?!J 1315 E. of Aboyne 

Lowry Egerton Cole ( Gr ^f] jf. ^ \ 1815 V " Cole 

William Henry Edmond de Vere Sheaffe Pery . . . . I ^^crick/.*!'. . - I 1815 V ' Glentworth 

Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer Churchill 1815 

George Robert Canning Harris Harris, G.c.S. I, G.C. I.E. .. 1815 

Reginald Charles Edward Abbot Colchester 1817 

Schomberg Henry Kerr j K <* - p ?S ^^[ j 1821 E - of Ancrum 

Henry Francis Conyngham Minster (M. Conyngham) 1821 E. of Mount Charlei 

James Edward William Theobald Butler j ^^nde*) o ! .?f ~ | 1821 * f S80ry 

Francis Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas j ^Sctf .^.T! j 1S21 L " Elch 

John Strange Jocelyn Clanbrassil ( 8. of Roden) 1821 V. Jocelyn 

Thomas Pakenham Silchester(E.of Longford) 1821 L. Pakenham 

Clotworthy John Eyre Skeffington ) ^fH^T^. 1 1821 

Hugh Cholmondeley Delamere 1821 

Rev. Orlando Watkin Weld-Forester Forester 1821 

John William Strutt Rayleigh 1821 

Edric Frederick Gifford Gilford, V.C 1824 

Hubert De Burgh-Canning j S ricarde) ( . M ' f .?!??* ! 1826 U Dunkellin 

James Ludovic Lindsay j W f or^V^^T.' i 1826 L. Balcarres 

Uchter John Mark Kjiox Ranfurly (E. of Ranfurty ) 1826 V. Northland 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

arbs Stuart Henry Abbott v . . . . Tenterden 1827 

jst Rev. William Conyngham Plunket Plunket 1827 

iiiam Frederick Holmes A'Gourt Heytesbury 1828 

chibald Philip Primrose { TcSf R^ry) 1 ^ L. Dahneny 

i Clanwilliam, G.GE, i 
chard James Meade < K.C.M.G. (E. of V 1828 L. Gillford 

( Clanwilliam) . . . . ) 

lliam Draper Mortimer Best Wynford 1829 

arles Gore Hay Kilmarnock (E. of Erroll) 1831 L. Kilmarnock 

thiir James Plunkett Fingall(E.of Fingall),P.C. 1831 L. Killeen 

lliam Philip Molyneux Sef ton (E.of Sef ton), K.G. 1831 V. Molyneux 

-^Clements fC^^rfj*! 

dfrey Thomas Taylour j Ke f ^ } [f w J!f ; J 1831 E. of Bective 

ginaldBrabazon | ^thf, P.^...?! j 1831 L. Ardee 

arles Adolphus Murray D unmore ( E. Dunmore) . . 1831 V. Fincastle 

igustus Frederick George Warwick Bampfylde Poltimore, P.C 1831 

jwelyn Nevill Vaughan Lloyd-Mostyn Mostyn 1831 

nry Spencer Chichester Templemore 1831 

lentine Frederick Lawless Cloncurry 1831 

mes St. Vincent Saumarez DeSaumarez 1831 

omas Denman Denman 1834 

mes Yorke MacGregor Scarlett Abinger 1835 

Hip Sidney De L'Isle & Dudley 1835 

I incis Denzil Edward Baring Ashburton 1835 

j ward George Percy Littleton Hatherton, c.m.g 1835 

I chibald Brabazon Sparrow Acheson j ^osfordT* p B ' f 1 1835 V. Acheson 

I Jlyburton George Campbell Stratheden & Campbell. . 1836 

eoffrey Dominick Augustus Frederick Guthrie Oranmore & Browne .... 1836 

non Joseph Fraser jLc^i*iJ lg37 

j illiam Bateman Bateman-Hanbury Bateman 1837 

Uernon Hawkins Thomond Keith-Falconer .... [ ^^e? i c'mg *??" 1 1838 ^ Invenlrie 

I orge Ponsonby O'Callaghan Lismore(V. Lismore).... 1838 

I rrick Warner William Westenra Rossmore 1838 

I ibert Shapland George Julian Carew Carew 1838 

' illiam Ashley Webb Ponsonby De Mauley 1838 

j thnr Wrottesley Wrottesley 1838 

arks Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy Sudeley, P.C 1838 

j ul Sanford Methuen Methuen, C.B., C.M.G 1838 

I ;nry Edward John Stanley Stanley (of Alderley) . . . . 1839 

I illiam Henry Leigh Leigh, P.C 1839 

ilby Lawley Wenlock, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E. 1839 

I Llliam Brownlow Lurgan 1839 

Unas Spring-Rice j ^2n^tp.{. ?"?. } 1839 

I sginald John Upton Colborne Seaton 1839 

hn Manley Arbuthnot Keane Keane 1839 

hn Hamilton Dalrymple [ oTsfcur)'. . ~* - i 1841 V * Dalr yniP le 

I iorge Crespigny Brabazon Vivian Vivian (a minor) 1841 

Ijnry Parnell Congleton, C.B 1841 

1 Elgin (E. of Elgin & > 

i ctor Alexander Bruce < Kincardine).G.M.s.L, > 1849 L, Bruce 

( G.M.I.E., P.C. ) 

lomas Montague Morrison Wilde Truro 1850 

thur French De Freyne 1851 

Iward Burtenshaw Sugden St. Leonards 1852 

iorge FitzRoy Henry Somerset Raglan 1852 

ilentine Augustus Browne j K ^ m * f r K^me)'?. j 1856 V ' Castlerosse 

snry Strutt Belper, P.C 1856 

chard Wogan Talbot Talbot de Malahide 1856 

hbert Wellesley Grosvenor Ebury 1857 

harles Compton William Cavendish Chesham 1858 

rederic Augustus Thesiger Chelmsford, G.C.B 1858 

>hn Yarde-Buller Churston 1858 


Title by CourteJ 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sous, j 

Henry Wyndham Leconfield 1859 

Wilbraham Tatton-Egerton Egerton (of Tatton) .... 1859 

Godfrey Charles Morgan Tredegar 1859 

Fitz-Patrick Henry Vernon Lyveden 1859 

Henry Charles Brougham Brougham & Vaux. . 1860 

Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird [ ^Scotla^!?^ j 18G0 

Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell Westbury 1861 

Charles Paget Fitzhardiuge Berkeley Fitzhardinge 1861 

Luke White Annaly 1863 

John Gaspard Le Marchant Romilly Romilly 1865 

James Herbert Gustavus Meredyth Somerville .. Meredyth (KAthlumney) 1866 

Windham Thomas Wyndhara-Quin j *& Moun^eST^ I 1866 V " Adare 

Henrv Power Charles Stanley Monck Monck (V. Monck) 1866 

John Major Henniker-Major { ^Xer). . ^ f 1866 

Hedworth Hylton Jolliffe Hylton 1866 

G-eorge Sholto Gordon Douglas-Pe nnant Penrhyn 1866 

Gustavus Russell Hamilton-Russell [ Br *2 Boyne) *\0?. } 1866 

John Henry Trollope Kesteven 1868 

ArthurWalsh Ormathwaite 1868 

Edward O'Neill O'Neill 1868 

Robert William Napier Napier of Magdala 1868 

Jenico William Joseph Preston j ^Go^sfon)?: ! 1868 

Thomas Kane McClintock-Bunbury Rathdonnell 1868 

John Hamilton Lawrence Lawrence 1869 

James Plaisted Wilde Penzance, P.C 1869 

John Rogerson Rollo ,.. Dunning (L. Rollo) 1869 

James Carnegie { ^SouXK".^: ?! | 1869 L ' Carne ^ e 

William Hare Hare, K.P.(E. of Listowel) 1869 V. Ennismore 

Francis Edward Fitzalan Howard Howard of Glossop 1869 

Bernard Edward Barnaby FitzPatrick Castletown 1869 

John Emerich Edward Dal berg Acton Acton 1869 

Thomas Charles Agar Robartes Robartes 1869 

Frederick Carr Glyn Wol verton 1869 

Algernon William Fulke Greville Greville 1869 

Thomas Townelev O'Hagan O'Hagan ( minor) 1870 

William Mansfield Sandhurst, G.c. I.I 1871 

FrancisNapier CSilSo^.l^.S j 1872 

Sidney James Agar j **& * * * # f J j 1873 V. Somerton 

Henry Austin Bruce Aberdare 1873 

James Moncreiff Moncreiff 1874 

Bernard John Seymour Soleridge Coleridge 1874 

Gaston William Thomas Monsell Emly 1874 

Chichester Samuel Parkinson Fortescue | C TL n ci f ermontT' P ' C ' i 18 " 4 

Thomas Francis Fremantle Cottesloe 1874 

Herbert Perrott Murray Pakington Hampton 1874 

Charles Alexander Douglas Home Douglas (E. of Home) .. 1875 L. Dnngbua 

Arthur George Mau'e Ramsay \ Ba F^ , (E - ? f I ? al " \ 1875 L. Ramsay 

J \ housie (a minor) . . ) 

John Henry Crichton j F ^gjg> K ' p - < K j 1876 V. Crichton 

William Richard Ormsby-Gore Harlech 1876 

Henry Gerard Sturt Alington 1876 

Wilbraham Frederick Tollemache Tollemache 1876 

William Cansfield Gerard Gerard 1876 

Lionel Sackville Sackville-West Sack ville, G.C.M.G 187G 

Charles Bowyer Adderley Norton, K.C.M.Q., P.C. . . 1878 

Percy Barrington Shute (.V. Barrington) .. 1880 

IWilliam Watson Watson, p.c. 1880 

Lawrence Hesketh Palk Haldon 1880 

Ivor Bertie Guest Wimborne 1880 

Arthur Edward Guinness Ardilaun 1880 

Chas. Wallace Alex. Napier Cochrane- Wishart- ) T . _, , m 

Baillie .... . "" < Lamington, K.O.M.Q 1880 


Title hy Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sous. 

irthur Edwin Hill-Trevor Trevor 1880 

Montagu William Lowry-Corry Rowton, C.B 1880 

! Iward Knatchbull-Hugessen Brabourne 1880 

Kiver Arthur Villiers Russell Ampthill 1881 

Villiam Montague Hay f T Tweedtale)^. . . ?! j 1881 

Villiam TTlick Tristram St. Lawrance Howth,K.T.(E. of Howth) 1881 

)onaM James Mackay [ ^c&l* G.C. LB?!??.' | 1881 

lareourt Johnstone Derwent 1881 

lenry James Tufton Hothfield 1881 

Oodley Coutts Marjoribanks Tweedmouth, P.C 1881 

lallam Tennyson Tennyson 1884 

fames Ogilvie Grant ^tSU^S ^ V. Eeidhaven 

rotan George Dodson Monk Bretton, P.C 1884 

Salter Henry James Northbourne 1884 

irthur Saunders William Charles Fox Gore Sudley (E. of Arran) .... 1884 V. Sudley 

Tohn Robert William Vesey de Vesci (V. de "Vesci) . . 1884 

SCarmaduke Constable Maxwell Herries(L. Herries) .... 1884 

Hardinge Stanley Giffard Halsbury, P. a 1885 

>Mervyn Edward Wingfield { *%**<?; 1 1885 

Anthony Henley Henley Northington (L. Henley) 1885 

Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild Rothschild 1885 

Edward Charles Baring Revelstoke 1885 

Kobert Collier Monkswell 1885 

Arthur Hobhouse { H c b us e p ' a K ;^> J 1885 

Ralph Robert Wheeler Lingen Lingen, K.C.B 1 885 

Edward Gibson Ashbourne, P.C. 1885 

Rowland Winn St. Oswald 1885 

Robert James Loyd-Lindsay Wantage, K.C.B.,V.C 1885 

William Baliol Brett Esher. P.C. 1885 

Robert Wilfred de Yarburgh-Bateson.. Deramore 1885 

Henry John Douglas-Scott-Montagu Montagu of Beaulieu. . . . 1885 

Sidney Herbert Elphinstone j E1 $~,< L : .^ 

Charles John Colville j "ft*^?*} 

Fairer Herschell Herschell, G.C.B., P.C. .... 1886 

Charles Henry Mills Hillingdon 1886 

Samuel Charles Allsopp Hindlip 1886 

Edmund Beckett Grimthorpe 1886 

Richard de Aquila Grosvenor Stalbridge, P.C 1886 

William Ed wardes , Kensington 1886 

Michael Arthur Bass Burton 1886 

John Glencairn Carter Hamilton Hamilton (of Dalzell) . . 1886 

Thomas Brassey Brassey K.C.B 1886 

Henry Hiring Thring, K.C.B 1886 

JEdward Macnaghten Macnaghten, PC 1887 

Robert Bourke Connemara, (i. C. I.E., P.C. 1887 

Claude Bowes Lyon j ^^Vf. 4 ^ } 1887 L. Glamis 

George Edmund Milnes Monckton-Arundell Monckton (V. Gal way)... 1887 

John St. Aubyn St. Levan 1887 

James Douglas MeGarel Hogg Magheramorne 1887 

William George Armstrong Armstrong, c.B 1887 

.imbrey Sclater- Booth Basing 1887 

William Harry Fellowes De Ramsey 1887 

William Meriton Eaton Cheylesmore 1887 

Egerton Hubbard Addington 1887 

John Savile-Lumley Savile 1888 

JMichael Morris. Morris, P.C 1889 

William Ventris Field Field, P.C. 1890 

Edward Cecil Guinness Iveagh, K. p 1891 

George Stephen Mount Stephen 1891 

Samuel Cunliife-Lister Masham 1891 

Frederick Sleigh Roberts [ R JfoSgEj J 1892 

Arthur William Acland Hood Hood of Avalon, G.C. B . . 1892 

William Thomson Kelvm, G.C. V.0 1892 



Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 
Henry John Salwin-Ibbetson Rookwood, p.c 1892 

^elynBaring I^SSoESft}"" 

AlexanderBurns Shand bhand, p.c 1892 

George Cubitt Ashcombe, P.C 1892 

Archibald Campbell Campbell Blythswood 1892 

Thomas Brooks Crawsbaw 1892 

William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst Amherst of Hackney .... 1892 

William John Legh Newton 1892 

Henry Lyle Mulholland Dunleath 1892 

John Allan Rolls Llangattock 1892 

Lyon Playfair Playfair, G.C.B., p.c 1892 

Cyril Flower Battereea 1892 

Ernest Ambrose Vivian Swansea 1893 

Thomas Henry Farrer Farrer 1893 

John Campbell White Overtoun 1893 

Cecil George Savile Foljambe Hawkesbury 1893 

Arthur Hamilton-Gordon Stanmore, G.C.M.G 1893 

Stuart Rendel Rendel 1894 

Reginald Earle Welby Welby, G.C.B 1894 

Charles Russell [ R ^!f" , f ^ lowen - j 1894 

^ 'i. 1 ..'l.'i., p.c. ) 

JHorace Davey Davey, p.c 1894 

Henry Brougham Loch Loch,G.C.B.,G.C.M.G.,P.C. 1895 

Sydney Jas. stern Wandsworth 1895 

James Williamson Ashton 1895 

Herbert Coulstoun Gardner Burghclere, P.C 1895 

Henry James | James of ^Hereford, J lg95 

David Robt. Plunket Rathmore, P.C. 1895 

Henry de Worms Pirbright, P.C 1895 

Algernon Borthwick Glenesk 1895 

Henry Hucks Gibbs Aldenham 1896 

Edward Heneage Heneage 1896 

John Wingfield Malcolm j M |f f ^] J 1896 

Hercules George Robert Robinson Rosmead, G.C.M.G., P.C. 1896 

* Sits also as an Irish Representative Peer as V. Powerscourt, & is counted with the Viscounts. 



The dates given are those of their creation as Peers of Ireland, but they only rank as Peers of the United 
Kingdom from the Union, 1st January, 1801. 

John Vausittart Butler Lanesborough 1756 L. Newtown-Butler 

Lionel George Henry Seymour Dawson-Damer ... Portarlington 1785 V. Carlow 

Dermot Robert Wyndham Bourke Mayo 1785 L. Naas 

Hugh Annesley Annesley 1789 V. Glerawly 

George Bingham Lucan 1795 L. Bingham 

Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry Belmore, G.C.M.G 1797 V. Corry 

James Alexander Caledon, K.P 1800 V. Alexander 

James Francis Bernard Bandon 1800 V. Bernard 

Lawrence Parsons Rosse, K. P 1806 L Oxmantown 

Francis Charles Needham Kilmorev, K.P 1822 V. Newry & Morne 


Mervyn Edward Wingfield Powerscourt, K.P 1743 

Henry William Crosbie Ward Bangor 1781 

tCornwallis Maude Hawarden 1793 

H Upton dWard M ntagU Dorin ^ ton Clotworthy J Templetown j 1806 


JohnWilliam Plunkett Dunsany 1461 

Edward Donough O'Brien Inchiquin, K.P 1536 

John Thomas William Massy Massy 1776 

Hamilton Matthew Fitzmaurice Dean Grogan ) ,, , , to1 

Morgan . . j ^uskerry 1781 

Francis William Browne Kilmaine 1789 

Luke Gerald Dillon Clonbrock 1790 

Charles Mark Winn Headley 1797 

Edw ard Henry Churchill Crofton Crofton 1797 

Hercules Edward Rowley Langford 1800 

Dayrolles Blakeney de Moleyns Ventry 1800 

Henry O'Callaghan Prittde Dunalley 1800 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Soar. 

BARONS continued. 

iyre Challoner Henry Massey Clarina, c.B 1800 

eoffrey Dominick Augustus Frederick Guthrie.. Oranmore and Browne . . 1836 
nomas Kane McClintock-Bunbury Bathdonnell 1868 

* Sits also as Baron Powerscourt in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 
f Sits also as Earl de Montalt in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. 

he dates given are those of their creation as Scotch Peers, but they only rank as Peers of Great 
Britain from the Union, 1st May, 1707. 


ohn Francis Goodeve Erskine Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

oolto George Douglas Morton 1458 L. Aberdour 

ohn Francis Walter Erskine Mar & Kellie 1565 V. Fenton 

eorge Baillie-Arden-Hamilton Haddington 1619 L. Binning 

rederick Henry Maitland Lauderdale 1624 V. Maitland 

.obert Harris Cam wath Dalzell Carnwath 1639 L. Dalzell 

avid Stanley Ogilvy Airlie 1639 L. Ogilvy 

lonald Ruthven Leslie-Melville Leven & Melville 1641 L Balgonie 

'onglas Mackinnon Eaillie Hamilton Cochrane. . Dundonald, c.B 1669 L. Cochrane 


' yron Plantagenet Cary Falkland 1620 


orace Courtenay Forbes Forbes 1424 

lexander William Frederick Fraser Saltoun 1445 

aarles William St Clair Sinclair 1489 

ames Walter Sandilands Torphichen 1564 

i lexander Hugh Bruce Balfour of Burleigh, P.C.. 1607 

i 'alter Hugh Hepburn Scott Polwarth 1690 




Date of Date of 

Title. Rank. Name coming crea- 

of age. ticu. 

!Peer of "J 

^ k f J & ( H.R.H. Leopold Charles Edward George Albert 1905 1881 
Prince ) 

lements Baron Charles Clements (E. of Leitrim) 1900 1831 

alhousie .... Earl Arthur George Maule Ramsay 1899 1633 

eClifford Baron Jack Southwell Russell 1905 1299 

uilford Earl George Frederick North 1897 1752 

mes Earl Henry John Danes Ker (D. of Roxburghe) 1897 1837 

enlis Baron Geoffrey Thos. Taylour (M. of Headfort) 1899 1831 

einster Viscount Maurice FitzGerald(D. of Leinster) 1908 1747 

j, ytton Earl Victor Alexander George Robert Bulwer-Lytton 1897 1880 

acclesfield Earl Geo. Loveden Wm. HyT Parker 1909 1721 

.-lanchester.... Duke William Angus Drogo Montagu 1898 1719 

'Hagan Baron Thomas Towneley O'Hagan 1899 1870 

. crathspey Baron James Grant Ogilvy (E. of Seafield) 1897 1884 

orrington Viscount George Master Byng 1907 1721 

ivian Baron George Crespigny Brabazon Vivian 1899 1841 


Name. Title. Creation. 

!ona Josephine Tempest Stapleton (daughter of 10 baron Beaumont) j Ba ( ^ , ^ ^ eaUm nt J 1309 

mma Harriet Tyrwhitt (widow of Sir Hy. Thos. Tyrwhitt, bart.) Baroness Berners 1455 

ouisa Mary Milman (wife of Maj.-Gen. Gustavus H. L. Milman) .. Baroness Berkeley .... 1421 
!arcia Amelia Mary Pelham (wife of Earl of Yarborough) Baroness Conyers 1509 

j .bell Lilian Mackenzie (daughter of Francis, 2nd Earl of Cromartie) j ^artie (a minor) j 1861 

ngela Geo.vina Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts (wife ofWilliamLehman ) ,, ^ ._. . . n . , ,,, 

[ Asbmead Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts esq. m.p.) j Baroness Burdett-Coutts 1871 

Man Acmes Mardonald (widow of Right Hon.SirJohnMacdonald I Baroness Macdonald of ) iaol 

hart, Q.C.B.) (late Premier of Canada) j Earnscliffe ) l 

1 mily Smith (widow of the Rt. Hon. William Henry Smith, M.P). . Viscountess Hambleden 1891 








Total 670 

Speaker, The Right Honourable William Court Gully. 

Deputy-Speaker & Chairman op Ways & Means, Jas. Wm. Lowther. 

ENGLAND & WALES (495 Members). 

ANGLKSEA. North Wales. 
Ellis Jones Griffith 

Herbert J. Whiteley 
Aston Manor, Warwickshire. 
Maj. G. W. Grice-Hutchiuson 

Barrow-in-Furness, Lanes. 
Chas. Wm. Cayzer 

Edmond Robert Wodehouse & 

Col. Chas. Wyndham Murray 
Battkrsea ACLAPHAM,S'V. 
hattersea Division. John Burns 
Cla.pham Division. Percy M. 



Chas. Guy Pym 

Tht N. or Biggleswade Division. 

Lord Alwyne F. Compton 
The S. or Luton Division. Thos. 

Gair Ashton 

The N. or Abingdon Division. 

Archie Kirkman Loyd, y.C. 
The S. or Newbury Division. 

William George Mount 
The E. or Wokingham Division. 

Sir George Russell, bart. 

Bethnal Green. 

The North East Division. Man- 

cherjee M. Bhownaggree, CLE. 

The South West Division. Edwd. 

Hare Pickersgill 

Birkenhead, Cheshire. 

Sir Elliott Lees, bart. 

Birmingham City, Warwkksh. 
The Edgbaston Division. George 

The West Division. Rt. Hon. 

Jsph. Chamberlain 
'Ihe Central Division. Ebenezer 

The North Division. William 

The East Division. Sir John 

Benjn. Stone, knt. 
The Bordesley Division. 'Rt. Hon 

Jesse Collings 
The South Division. JosephPowel. 


Blackburn. Lancashire. 
Sir William CoddingtOD, bart. 
Wm. Hy. Hornby 

BOLTON. Lancashire. 
Herbert Shepherd-Cross & George 

Boston. Lincolnshire. 
William Garfit 

Bradford, Yorkshire. 
The West Division. Ernest F. S. 

The Central Division. Jas. Leslie 

The East Division. Capt. Hon. 
Ronald H, F. Greville 

Charles Morley 

Brighton, Sussex. 
Gerald W. E. Loder <fe Bruce C. 
The. West Division. Rt. Hon. Sir 
Michael Edward Hicks-Beach, 
The North Division. Lewis Fry 
The East Division. Sir Wm. Hy. 

Wills, bart. 
The South Division. Col. Sir E. S. 
Hill, K.C.B 


The North or Buckingham Divi- 
sion. Wm. Walter Carlisle 

The Mid or Aylesbury Division. 
Baron Ferdinand J. de Roth- 

The South or Wycombe Division. 
Viscount Curzon 

BURNLKT, Lancashire. 
Hon. Philip J. Stanhope. 

BURY, Lancashire. 
James Kenyon 

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. 
Viscount Chelsea 

Camberwell, co. London. 
The North Division. Lt. -Col. 

Philip H. Dalbiac 
The Peckharn Division. Fredfcl 

Geo. Banbury 
The Dulirich Division. Sir Johnil 

Blundell Maple, knt. 


Sir Robert UniackeUniacke-Pen- I 
rose-Fitz-Gerald, bart. 

Cambridge University. 
Prof. R. C. Jebb & Rt. Hon. Sirl 
John E. Gorst, knt. Q.c. 

The N. or Wisbech Division. Cha&fl 

Tyrrell Giles 
Til' W. or Chesterton Division. -I 

Walter R Gretne 
The E. or Newmarket Division. I 

Harry L. B. McCalmont 

Canterbury - . 
John Henniker Heaton 



( tDirF District (compriiing 


\ berdare, Llandaff), Glamor- 

, M. Maclean 

L. Vaughan Davies 
CARLISLE, Cumberland. 
; -lit Hon. Wm. C. Gully, Q.C 


; John Jones Jenkins, knt. 
E. Division. Abel Thomas.Q.C 
W. Division. John Lloyd 
(] [organ 

Ijrnarvon District (com- 

i, rising Carnarvon, Conway, 

Hedeth, Picllheli, Bangor <t 

'nin ), Carnarvonshire. 

II rid Lloyd-George 


S. or Eifion Division. John 

iryn Roberts 

i i X.orAr/on Division. William 

ji ones 

Chatham, Kent. 
J n. Horatio D. Da vies 
jf CHELSEA, co. London. 
jl is. A. Whitmore 

1ELTEXH AM, Gloucestershire. 
. Fras. Shirley Eussell, c.M.G. 


' Wirral Division. Edward 

'hos. Davenant Cotton-Jodrell 

? Eddisburu Division. Henry 

ames Tollemache 
I; Macclesfield Division. Wm. 


Creire Division. Hon. Robt. 
krthur Ward 

Sorthicich Division. Sir John 
iromlinson Bruuner, bart. 
Il AltHucham Division. 
I Joningsby Ralph Disraeli 

Division. Joseph W. 
I nam 
If Knutsford Division. Hon. 

ilan de Tatton Egerton 

: bt. A. Yerbnrgh 
JJhristchdrch, Hampshire. 
1 el Henry Smith 

Colchester, Essex. 
Weetman D. Pearson, bart. 
\t W. or St. Ives Division. 
Thog. Bedford Bolitho 
I e If. W. or Camborne Division 
| irthur Strauss 

Is Truro Division, Edwin 
I Lawrence 

j e Mid or St. Austell Division. 
tf'iHiam Alex. McArthur 
If S. E. or Bodmin Division. 
I it. Hon. Leonard Hy. Courtney 
f X. E. or Launceslon Division. 
I gliomas Owen 

Coventry, Warwickshire 
Chas. Jas. Murray 

Croydon, Surrey. 
Rt. Hon. Chas. T. Ritchie 
The X. or Eskdale Division, 

Robert Andrew Allison 
The Mid or Penrith Division. 

Jas. Wm. Lowther 
The Cockermouth Division. Sir 

Wilfrid Lawson, bart. 
The W. or Egremont Division. 
Hon. Hubert V. Duncombe 

Darlington, Durham. 
Arthur Pease 

Denbigh District (comprising 
Denbigh, Holt, Ruthin <k Wrex 
ham), Denbighshire. 
Wm. Tudor Howell 

The East Division. Rt. Hon. Sir 
Geo. Osborne Morgan, bart.-Q.c 
The West Division. John Her 
bert Roberts 

Deptford, co. London. 
Chas. John Darling, Q.C. 

Henry Howe Bemrose and 
Geoffrey Drage 


The High Peak Division. Col. 

Wm. Sidebottom 
The N.E. Division. Thos. Dolling 

The Chesterfield Division. Thos. 

Bay ley 
The W. Division. Victor C. W. 

The Mid Division. Jas. Alfred 

The Ilkeston Division. Sir B. 

Walter Foster, knt. 
The S. Division. John Gretton, 


Hudson E. Kearley & Edwd. J. 

C. Morton 

The Northern Division. John 

Kenelm-Digby Wingfield Digby 
The Eastern Division, Hon. 

Humphrey Napier Sturt 
The Southern Division. Wm. 

Ernest Brymer 
The Western Division. Col. Robt. 


Dover, Kent. 
George Wyndham 

DUDLEY, Worcestershire. 
Brooke Robinson 

The E. or Honiton Division. Rt. 

Hon. Sir John Henry Kenna way, 

The X. E. or Tiverton Division. 

Col.sir Wm.Hood Walrond.bart 
The X. or S. Molton Division. 

George Lambert 
The X. W.or Barnstaple Division. 

Sir Wm. Cameron Gull, bart. 
The W. or Tavistock Division. 

Hugh Courtenay Fownes Lut- 

The S. or Totnes Division. Francis 

Bingham Mildmay 
The Torquau Division. Commdi. 

Arthur B. Phillpotts, R.N. 
The Mid or Ashburton Division. 

Rt Hon. Charles Seale-Hayne 

Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 
Mark Oldroyd 

Matthew Fowler 

Durham (County). 
The Jarrow Division. Sir Charles 

Mark Palmer, bart. 
The Houghton - le - Spnng Div. 

Robert Cameron 
The Chester-le-Street Division. 

Sir James Joicey, bart. 
The North Western Division, 

Llewellyn Archer Atherley- 

Jones, Q.C. 
The Mid DivUion. John Wilson 
The South Eastern Division. 

Lt.-Genl Sir Hy. M. Havelock- 

Allan, bart., k.C.b. 
The Bishop Auckland Division. 

Jas. Mellor Paulton 
The Barnard Castle Division. SU 

Joseph Whitwell Pease, bart. 

TheS. W. or Walt hamstow Division. 

Samuel Woods 
The S. or Romford Division. 

Louis Sinclair 
The W. or Epping Division. Lt.- 

Col. A melius Richd. Mark 

The X. or SafronWalden Division. 

Charles Gold 
The X. E. or Harwich Division. 

James Round 
The E. or Maldon Division. Hon. 

Chas. Hedley Strutt 
The Mid or Chelmsford Division. 

Thos. Usborne 
The South Eastern Division. Maj. 

Fredc. C. Rasch 

Hon. Sir (Henry) Stafford North- 
cote, bart., C.B 
FALMOUTH. See Penryn & Fal- 
FlNSBURY, co. London. 
The Holborn Division. Sir Chas. 

Hall, K.C.M.G., Q.C 
The Central Division, Hon. wm. 

Fredk. B. Massey Mainwaring 
The East Division. Hy. Chas. 

Flint District (comprising 

Flint, Caergwrle, Caerwys,Over- 

ton, Rhyddlan, HAyuell, Mold 

<t St. Asaph). Flintshire. 
John Herbert Lewis 


Samuel Smith 

FULHAM, co. London. 
Wm. Hayes Fisher 

Gateshead, Durham. 
William Allan 

The Eastern Division. Alfred 

Ihe Rhondda Division. Wm. 

The W. or Goicer Division. 

David Randell 
The Mid Division. Samuel Thoe. 

The Southern Division. Maj. 
Windham Hy. Wyndham-Quin 
Gloucester, Gloucestershire. 
Chas. Jas. Monk 

The Mid or Stroud Division. 

Chas. Alfred Cripps, Q.C. 
The X. or Tewkesbury Division. 

Sir John E. Dorington, bart. 
The E. or Cirencester Division. 

Hon. Allen B. Batburst 
The Forest of Dean Division. 

Bt.Hon.Sir Chas. W.Dilke, bart. 
Ihe S. or Thornbury Division. 

Chas. Edward H. A. Colston 
Grantham, Lincolnshire. 
Henry Y. B. Lopes 

Col. J us. Dampier Palmer 

Greenwich <fcc. co. London. 
Lord Hugh B. H. Cecil 

GRIMSBY {Great), Lincolnshire. 
Geo. Doughty 

Hackney, co. London. 
The Worth Division. Wm. Bobt. 

Bousfield, Q.c 
The Central Division. SirAndrew 

Ed. Scoble, K.C.S.I., q.c 
The South Division. Herbert 

HALIFAX, Yorkshire. 
Wm. Bawson Shaw and Alfred 

Hammersmith, co. London. 
Maj.-Gen. Walter T. Goldsworthy 

Hampshire {exclusive of the Isle '. 
of Wight). 

The X. or Basingstoke Division, j 
Arthur Frederick Jeffreys 

Hie W. or Andover Division. I 
William Wither BramstonBeach J 

The E. or Pettrsfield Division, ] 
Wm. Wickham 

The S. or Fareham Division. Lt.- 
Gen. Sir Frederick Wellington 
John Fitz Wygram, bart. 

The A'etr Forest Division. Hon. 
John Walter E. Douglas-Scott- 

Hampstead, <-o. London. 
Edward Brodie Hoare 


HANLEY, Staffordshire. 
William Woodall 
The Hartlepools, Durham. 
Thos. Bichardson 

Hastings, Sussex. 
Wm. Lucas-Shadwell 

C. W. B. Cooke 

The X. or Leominster Division. 

James Bankin 
The S. or Ross Division. Michael 

The X. or Hitchin Division. Geo 

Bickersteth Hudson 
The E.or Hertford Division, Abel 

The Mid or St. Albans Division. 

Hon. Vicary Gibbs 
The W. or Watford Division. 
Thomas Fredk. Halsey 
Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 
Sir Jas. Thos. Woodhouse, knt. 
HULL (Kingston upon),Yorkshire. 
The East Division. Joseph Thos, 

The Central Division. Sir Henry 

Seymour King, K.C.I.E 
The West Division, CharlesHenry 

The S. or Huntingdon Division. 

BtHon. Arthur H.Smith Barry 

The W. or Ramsey Division, 

Capt. Hon. Ailwyn E. Fellowes 

Hythe, Kent. 
Lt.-Gen. Sir Jas. Bevan Edwards, 

K.C.M.G., C.B. 

Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Daniel Ford Goddard and Sir 

Chas. Dalrymple, bart. 
Islington, co. Lond-m. 
The Worth Division. GeorgeChris- 

topher Trout Bartley 
The East Division. Benjn. 

Louis Cohen 
The West Division. Thos. Lough 
The SouthDivision.Sii Albert K. 

BoUit, knt. 

Kensington, co. London. 
The North Division. Wm. Edwd. 

T. Sharpe 
The South Division. Lord Wark- 


The W. or Sevenoaks Division, 

Henry Wm. Forster 
The N. W. or Dart ford Division. 

Bt. Hon. Sir Wm. Hart Dyke, 

The S. W. or Tunbridge Division. 

Arthur S. T. Grifflth-Boscawen 
The Mid or Medwav Division. 

Lt.-Col. Chas. Edwd. Warde 
The y.E.or Faversham Division. 

Fredc Gorell Barnes 
The S. or Ashrcrd Division. 

Laurence Hardy 

TheE. or St. Augustine's Divisioi 
Bt. Hon. Aretas Akers-Dougllf 

The Isle of Thanet Di' 
Bt. Hon. James Lowther 

Kidderminster, Worcesterskhm \ 
Augustus F. Godson 

King's Lynn. See Lynn Regik 

Lambeth, co. London. 1 
The Worth Division. Henry J^H 

ton Stanley 
The hennington Division. Fredflh 

Lucas Cook 
TheBrixtonDivision. Hon.Ev .-! 

The Xoricood Division, OttHj 

Ernest Tritton 

Lancashire (North). J 
The Worth Lonsdale Division,^' 

Bichd. Fredk. Cavendish 
The Lancaster Division, wh\\ 

Hy. Foster 
The Blackpool Division. Bt. Hoil 

Sir Matthew W. Bidley, ba^B 
The Chorley Division. Lord Bull 


Lancashire (North-East)I> 
The Daricen Division, J^H 

The Clitheroe Division. Rt. Hoi 

SirUghtred James Kay-Shu^^B 

worth, bart. 
The Accrington Division. Sit, 

Joseph Fras. Leese, knt., Q.<*.lt 
The Rossendale Division, Johii 

Henry Maden 

Lancashire (South-EabWJ 
The West Houghton Division.-* 

Lord Stanley 
The Heyicood Division Geo.KflHJ 
The Middleton Division. ThoaJf 

The Radcliff-cum-Farnu-orth Dim [ 

sion. John Jas. Mellor 
The Eccles Division. Octa^Rj 

Leigh Clare 
The Stretford Division. Johl: 

Wm. Maclure 
The Gorton Division, Ernesd j 

Fredc. G. Hatch 
The Prest icichDivision. Frederic* j 


Lancashire (South West).!! 
The Southport Division, BtM I 

Hon. Geo. N. Curzon 
The Ormskirk Division. Bt. Haul 

Sir Arthur Bower Forwoodl 

The Bootle Division. Lieut. -CoIM 

Thos. Myles Sandys 
The Widnes Division. John Sann4 

ders Gilliat 
The Xeu-ton Division. Homl 

Thomas Wodehouse Legh 
77k Ince Division. Col. H. BlnM, 

dell-Hollinshead Blundell, C.B.I 
The Leigh Division. Chas. BJ 

Leamington. See WaruUk, I 



|f North Division. Bt. Hon. 
t Qiam Lawies Jackson 
fl ymral Division. Kt. Hon. 
raid William Balfour 
Sast Division. T. B. Lenty 
West Division. Bt. Hon. 
rbert John Gladstone 
'outh Division. JohnLawson 
Jton, Q.C 

y Broadhurst & Walter 

E. or Melton Division. 
rd Edwd. W. J. Manners 
iid or Loughboro' Division. 
xz Edwd. Johnson-Ferguson 
W. or Bosworth Division. 
_i B. B. McLaren 
J. or Harborough Division. 
in Wm. Logan 

JKWiSHAM, co. London. 

Hilton Seely 

; Vest Lindsey or Gainsborough 
nsion. Emerson M. Bain- 

forth Lindsey or Brigg Divi- 
t. Harold Jas. Beckitt 
'att Lindsey or Louth Division. 
tobt. Wm. Perks 
iouth Lindsey or HorncastU 
<ition. Lord Willoughby de 

<North Rest even or Slea/ord 
(Won. Bt. Hon. Henry 
South Kestevtn or Stamford 

on. Wm. Younger 
'olland or Spalding Division 

Fredk. Pollock 

\Kirkdale Division. Sir Geo. 
J 3aden-Powell, K.C.M.G 
11 Yalton Division. Jas. Henry 

1i WertonDivision. J. A.Willox 
m West Derby Division. Bt. 
ffl n. Walter Hume Long 
n Scotland Division. Thomas 

wer O'Connor 
II Exchange Division. John 
lias. Bigham, Q.C. 
II bercromby Division. William 
> ; jderic Lawrence 
n East Toxteth Division. 
. gustus Fredk. Warr 
It West Toxteth Division. 
: ' ! bt. Paterson Houston 

| London, The City, 
ti rman Sir Beginald Hanson, 
rt. <fc Hon. Alban Geo. Hy. 


London University. 
H Jon. Sir John Lubbock, bart 

LYNN Begis, Norfolk. 
Thos. Gibson Bowles 

Maidstone, Kent. 
Sir Fredk. Seager Hunt, bart. 

Manchester, Lancashire. 
The North West Division. Sir Wm. 

Henry Houldsworth, bart. 
TheNorthDivision. C. E. Schwann 
The North East Division. Bight 

Hon. Sir James Fergusson, bart 

G.C.S.I., K.C.M.G., C.I.E., P.C 
The East Division. Bight Hon. 

Arthur James Balfour 
The South Division. Marquess of 

Lome, k.t. 
The South West Division. Wm. 

Johnson Galloway 

MARYLEBONE, co. Lo< don. 
The East Division. Edmund 

The West Division. Sir Horace B. 

Townsend Farquhar 

Thos. Edwd. Ellis 
MERTHYR Tydvil, Glamorgan- 
David Alfred Thomas & William 

Pritchard Morgan 

Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. 
Joseph Havelock Wilson 
The Enfield Division. Maj. H. 

F. Bowles 
The Tottenham Division. Joseph 

The Ilornsey Division. Henry 

Charles Stephens 
The Harrow Division. William 

Ambrose, Q.C 
The Ealing Division. Bight Hon 

Lord George Francis Hamilton 
The Brentford Division. James 

The Uxbridge Division. SirFredk. 

Dixon Dixon-Hartland, bart 
Monmouth district (compris- 
ing Monmouth, Newport A Usk), 

Monmo uthshire. 
Albert Spicer 

The Northern Division. Beginald 

The Western Division. Bt. Hon. 

Sir Wm. Geo. G. V. Vernon 

Harcourt, knt.,Q.O 
The Southern Division. Col. Hon. 

Fredc. C. Morgan 

prising Montgomery, Llanfyllin, 
A Welshpool), Montgomeryshire. 

Maj . Edwd. Pryce- Jones 


Arthur C. Humphreys-Owen 

MORPETH, Northumberland. 
Thomas Burt 

Aldm. Sir Chas. F. Hamond, knt. 
and Wm. D. Cruddas 

Wm. Allen 

NEWINGTON, co. London. 
The West Division. Capt. Cecil 

Wm. Norton 
The Walworth Division. Jas. 

The North Western Divsion, 

Joseph Arch 
The South Western Division. 

Thos. Leich Hare 
The Northern Division. Herbert 

Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Q.C 
The Eastern Division. Bobt. John 

The Mid Division. Fredk. Wm. 

The Southern Division. Francis 


Henry Labouchere and Adolph 


The Northern Division. Edwd. 

Philip Monckton 
The Eastern Division. Francis 

Allston Chauniug 
The Mid Division. James Pender 
The Southern Division. Hon, 

Edwd. S. Douglas-Pennant 

The Wansbtck Division. Charle* 

The Tyneside Division. Joseph 

Albert Pease 
The Hexham Division. Went- 

worth Canning Blackett Beau- 
The Berwick-on-Tweed Division. 

Sir Edward Grey, bart. 
Saml. Hoare & Sir Harry Billiard, 


The West Division. J 'as. Hy. 

The East Division. Ed ward Bond 
The South Division. Lord Henry 

C. Bentinck 

The Bassetlaw Division. Sir 

Fredk. Geo. Milner, bart. 
The Newark Division. Hon 

Harold Finch-Hatton 
The Rushclirfe Division. John 

Edward Ellis 
The Mansfield Division. John 

Carvell Williams 

OLDHAM, Lancashire. 
Bobert Ascroft a ad Jas. F*a, 

Oswald, Q.C 




Viscount Valentia 

Oxford university. 
Bight Hon. Sir John Robert Mow- 
bray, bart.& John GilbertTalbot 
The Northern or Banbury Division. 
Albert Brassey 

The Mid or Woodstock Division. 
Geo. Herbert Morrell 
The Southern or Henley Division. 
Bobt. T. Hermon-Hodge 

PADDINGTON, co. London. 
The North Division. John Aird 
The South Division. Thos. Geo. 

Pembroke and Haverford- 
west District of boroughs 
{comprising Fishguard, Haver- 
fordwest, Mil/ord, Narberth, 
Pembroke, Tenby it Witton), 
Lt-Gen. John W. Laurie 
Wm. Bees Morgan Davies 
Penryn (<fe Falmouth), Corn- 
yredc. John Horniman 

Peterborough, Northampton- 
Bobert Purvis, LL.D. 

Plymouth, Devonshire. 
Sir Edward G. Clarke, knt., Q.C. 
and Charles Harrison 

PONTEFRACT, Yorkshire. 
Thos. Willans Nussey 

Portsmouth, Hampshire. 
Sir John Baker, knt, & Walter 
Owen Clough 

PRESTON, Lancashire. 
William Edward Murray Tomlin- 
gon & Bt. Hon, Bobert Wm. 

Powlett Chas. J. Milbank 
Reading, Berkshire. 
Clias. T. Murdoch 

Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Clement M. Royds 

Rochester, Kent. 
Viscount Cranborne 

George Henry Finch 

Br. George's, Hanover so.., 

co. Loudon. 
Rt. Hon. George J. Goschen 
ST. HELENS, Lancashire. 
Hsury Seton-Karr 

ST. Loi.don. 
The North Division. Edwd. Robt. 

P. Moon 
Tht East Division H.6bt. Grant 

Thi West Division Harry Robt. 


The Stulh Division. Capt H. M. 

SALFORD, Lancasliire. 
The North Division. Fredk. Platt- 

H. Higgins 
Tht West Division. Lees Knowles 
TheSouth Division. Sir Henry H. 
Howorth, K.C.I.E 

Salisbury, Wiltshire. 
A. Henry E. Allhuscn 

Scarborough, Yorkshire. 
Joseph Compton Rickett 

The Attercliffe Division. Alder- 
man Batty Langley 
The Bnghtside Division. Right 
Hon. Anthony John Mundella 
The Central Division. Col. Sir C. 
E. Howard Vincent, knt., C.B 
The Hallam Division. Rt. Hon. 
Charles Beilby Stuart Wortley, 
The Eccleshall Division. Sir Ellis 
Ashmead-Bartlett, knt. 
SHOREDITCH, co. London. 
The Hoxton Division. Jas. Stuart 
The Haggerston Division. John 

Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 
Henry David Greene, Q.C 

Shropshire, or Salop. 
The W. or Oswestry Division. 

Stanley Leighton 
The N. or Newport Division. Col. 

W. S. Kenyon-Slaney 
The Mid or Wellington Division. 

Col. Alex. Hargreaves Brown 
The S. or Ludlow Division. Robt. 

Jasper More 

The, Northern Division. Evan 

Hy. Llewellyn 
The Wells Division. Hon.Hyiton 

Geo. Hylton Jolliffe 
The Frome Division. John 

Emmott Barlow 
The Eastern Division. Henry 

The Southern Division. Edward 

The Bridgicater Division. Edwd. 

James Stanley 
The W. or Wellington Division. 

Sir Alex. Fuller-Acland-Hood, 

SOUTHAMPTON, Hampshire. 
Sir John S. B. Simeon, bart. 
Sir Fras. H. Evans, K.C.M.G. 

Wm. Snowdon Robeon, Q.C. 

Southwark, co. London. 
The West Division. Richd. Kjiight 

The Rotherhithe Division. John 

Cumming Macdona 
TheBermondsey Division. Alfred 


Theodore Fredk. Chas. Edwd. Shaw 

The Leek Division. Chas. Bill 

Division. Sydnej 

The Burton 

The Western Division. Hamai i 

Alfred Bass 
The North Western Division. 

James Heath 
The Lichfield Division. Thos 

Courtenay T. Warner 
The Kingswinford Division. Rt 

Hon. Alexander Staveley Hill 

The HandsicorthDivision. SirHy | 

Meysey Meysey-Thompson.barfj 

STALYBRIDGE, Lancashire M 

Tom Harrop Sidebottom 

Stockport, Cheshire. 
George Whiteley and BereBforc ! 
V. Melville 

Stockton-on-Tees, Durham.* 
Jonathan Samuel 

Stoke-UPON-Trent, Stafford 

Douglas H. Coghill 

STRAND, co. London. 
Hon. Wm. Fredk. Danvers Smitl 

The N. or Lowestoft Division. \ 

Harry Seymour Foster 
The N. E. or Eye Division. Frafl 

Seymour Stevenson 
The N. W. or Stowmaikel Division 
Ian Malcolm 
TheS. or Sudbury Division. Vim 

Cuthbert Quilter 
T/ie S.E.or Woodbridge Division.-* 
Ernest Geo. Pretyman 

Sunderland, Durham. 
Col. Sir Edward TemperteJ 

Gourley, knt., and Wm. T| 


The N. W. or Chertsey Division.-)* 

The S. W. or Guildford Division.-* 
Rt. Hon. Wm. St. John F. Brod 

The S. E. or Reigate Division.-* 

Hon. Henry Cubitt 
Tlie Mid or Ep som Division. Thos 

Townsend Bucknill, Q.C 
The Kingston Division. Thai 

The N.E.or Wimbledon Division.-* 

Hy. Cosmo Orme Bonsor 
The N. W. or Horsham Division.-* 

John Heywood Johnstone 
The S. W. or Chichester Division.-* 

Maj. Lord Edmund B. Talbot 
The N. or En st U rin stead 'Die isior- 

Geo. Joachim Goschen, jun 
The Mid or Lewes Division. Si 

Henry Fletcher, bart. 
The S. or Eastbourne Division.- 

Yice-Adml. Edward Field 
The E. or Rye Division. Arthu 

Montagu Brookfield 



WAN'SKA, Glamorganshire, 
nsea Toirn. Sir John T. 


illwvn-Llewelyn, bart. Joseph Savory, bart. 

ntea District. DavidBrynmor The 8. or Kendal Division. 

Westmoreland. i Yorkshire ( North Hiding). 

N. or Appleby Division Sir The Thirslc <fr Malton Division. - 

>nes, Q.C. 

TAUNTON, Somersetshire. 
Col. Alfred C. E. Welby. 
WER Hamlets, co. London. 
Whitechapel Division. Sir 
imnel Montagu, bart. 

St. George Division. Harry 
. Marks 

Limehouse Division. Harry 


Milt End Division. Spencer 

Stepney Division. Frederick 
'. Isaacson 

Bow & Bromley Division. 
on. Lionel B. Holland 

Poplar Division. Sydney C. 


hard Sims Donkin 

WAKEFIELD, Yorkshire. 
jount Milton 
Walsall, Staffordshire. 
ney Gedge 

Vandsworth, co. London. 
lry Kimber 

Warrington, Lancashire. 
>t. Pierpoint 

rwick & Leamington, 

l. Alfred Lyttelton 

N. or Tamtcoi'th Division. 
hilip Albert Muntz 
N. E. or Nuneaton Division. 
ras. Alex. Newdigate 
' S. W. or Stratford-on-Avon 
ivision. Victor Milward 

S. E. or Rugby Division. 
ton. Bichd. Greville Verney 

/EDNESBBRY, Staffordshire. 
lford D. Green 

ST BROMWICH, Staffordshire, 
Srnest Spencer 

WEST Ham, Essex. 
North Division. Ernest Gray 
South Division. Maj. Geo. 
Idwd. Banes 

Westminster, co. London. 
i. Lehmann AshmeadBartlett- 

line Fitzroy Bagot 

WniTEIIAVEN, Cumberland. 
Augustus Helder 

WlGAN, Lancashire. 
Sir Francis Sharp Powell, bart. 

Wight (Isle op), Hampshire 
Sir Bichd. E. Webster, G.C.M.G., 


The N. or Cricklade Division. 
Alfred Hopkinson, Q.C. 

The N. W. or Chippenham Division. 
Sir John Poynder Dickson - 
Poynder, bart. 

The W. or Westburu Division. 
Capt. B. G. W. Chaloner 

The E. or Devizes Division.- - 
Edwd. Alfred Goulding 

The S. or Wilton Division. Vis- 
count Folkestone 

Winchester, Hampshire. 
Wm. Hy. Myers 

Windsor (New), Berkshire. 
Francis Tress Barry 

Wolverhampton, Staff*. 
The West. Division. Sir Alfred 

Hickman, knt. 
The East Division. Bt. Hon 

Sir Henry Hartley Fowler, 

The South Division. Bt. Hon. 

Charles Pelham Villiers 

Woolwich, co. London. 
Col. Edwin Hughes 

Hon. George Allsopp 

The W. or Beicdley Division. 

Alfred Baldwin 
The S. or Evesham Division. -Col. 

Charles Wigram Long 
The Mid or Droitmch Division. 

Bichd. Biddulph Martin 
The'Norlhern Division. JohnWm. 

The Eastern Division. J. Austen 


Yarmouth (Great), Norfolk dc 

Sir John Chas. B.Colomb,'K C.M.G. 

YORK, Yorkshire. 
Sir Frank Lockwood, knt., Q.Ct 
and John Geo. Butcher 

John Grant Lawson 
The Richmond Division. John 

The Cleveland Division. Alfred 

Edwd. Pease 
The Whitbt/ Division. Ernest 

Wm. Beckett 

Yorkshire (East Riding). 
TheHoldernessDUision. Commdr. 

Geo. Bichd. Bethell, R.N. (ret) 
The Buckrose Division. -- Angus 

The Hoicdenshire Division. Wm. 

Hy. Wilson-Todd 

YORKSHIRE (West Riding), 
Northern part. 

The Skipton Division. Walter 

The Keighley Division. John 

The Shipley Division. J.Fortefcae 

The Sowei'by Division. Bt. Hon. 

John Wm. Mellor, Q.C. 
The Elland Division. Thomas 


Yorkshire ( West Riding), 
Southern part. 

The Morley Division. Alfred 

Eddison Hutton 
The Normanton Division. Ben- 
jamin Pickard 
The Colne Valley Division. Sir 

James Kitson, bart. 
The Holmfirth Division. Henry 

Joseph Wilson 
The Bamsley Division. Eail 

The Hallamshire Division. Sir 

Frederick Thorpe Mappin, bart 
The Rotherham Division . Bt .Hon 

Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland 
The Doncaster Division. Fredk. 

Wm. Fison 

Yorkshire ( West Riding), 

Eastern part. 

The Ripon Division. John L. 

The Otley Division. Marmaduke 

D'Arcy Wyvill 
The Barkston Ash Division. Col. 

Bobt. Gunter 
The Osgoldcross Division. Sir 

John Austin, bart. 
The Pudsey Division. Briggs 

The Spen Valley Division. Thoe, 

Palmer Whittaker 




Aberdeen CITY. 
The North Division. Capt. 

Duncan Vernon Pirie. 
The South Division. Rt. Hon. 

James Bryce 

The East Division. Thos.Eyburn 

The West Division. Robt. Farqu- 

harson, M.D 
ANDREW'S (St.), See St. Andrew's 

dc. ARBROATH, See Montrose. 
Donald Ninian Nicol 
Ayr, Irvine, Cambellton, 

Inverary & Oban District 

Chas. Lindsay Orr-Ewing 

Ayrshire (North). 
Hon. Thos. H. A. E. Cochrane 

Ayrshire (South). 
Sir William Arrol, knt. 
Sir Wm. Wedderburn, bart. 

Harold John Tennant 
Rt. Hon. Andrew Graham Murray, 


Gavin Brown Clark, M.D 
Clackmannan & Kinross 


Bt. Hon. John Blair Balfour, Q.C 

CRAIL &c. See*. Andrea's. 

Alexander Wylie 
Dumfries District of 
Bdrgiis, comprising Dumfries, 
Annan, KirkcudbriglU, Loch- 
maben <Ss Sanquhar. 
Sir Robt. T, Beid, knt., C;.C 

Bobinson Souttar 

DUNDEE CITY, Forfarshire. 

Edmund Bobertson & Sir John 

Leng, knt. 

DYSART. See Kirkcaldy ice. 


The East Division. Robt. Wallace 

The West Division. Sir Lewis 

Mclver, bart. 
The Central Division. Wm. 

The South Division. Bobert 

Edinburgh, County of 


Sir Thos. D. Gibson Carmichael, 

Edinburgh & St. Andrews 

Sir Wm. 0. Priestley, knt., M.D 

SCOTLAND (72 Members). 

Elgin Districts of Burghs, 
co?np>-ising Elgin, Banff, Cnllen, 
Inverary, Kintore dc Peterhead. 

Alexander Asher, Q.C 
Elginshire & Nairnshire. 

John Edwd. Gordon 

Falkirk District ofBcrghs, 
comprising Falkirk, Airdrie, 
Hamilton, Lanark < Linlithgow. 

John Wilson 

The Ea Uern Division. Bt. Hon. 

Herbert H. Asquith, Q.C 
The Western Division. Augustine 

Birrell, Q.C 


Capt. John Sinclair 

Galashiels. See Hawick <kc. 

Glasgow City. 

The Bridget on Division. (vacant) 

The Camlachie Division. Alex. 

St. Rollox Division. Ferdinand 

Faithf ull Begg 
The Central Division. John G. 

A. Baird 
The College Division. Six John 

M. Stirling Maxwell, bart. 
The Tradeston Division. Archi- 
bald Cameron Corbett 
The Blackfiiars .< Hutchesontown 

Division. Andrew D. Provand 

Glasgow & Aberdeen Uni- 
James Alexander Campbell, ll.d 

GREENOCK, Renfrewshire. 

Sir Thomas Sutherland, K.C.M.G 


(East Lothian). 

Richd. Burdon Haldane, Q.C 

Hawick, Galashiels <fe Sel- 
kirk District of Burghs. 

Thomas Shaw, Q.C 
Inverness. See Fort rose Ac. 

Inverness, Fortrose, Nairn 

& forresdlstrict of burghs. 

Sir Kobt. Bannatyne Finlay, knt. 


Jas. E. B. Baillie 

Kilmarnock, Dumbarton, 
Renfrew, Rutherglen & 
Port Glasgow District 
of Burghs. 

Col. John McA. Denny 

John Wm. Crombie 

Kirkcaldy, Dysart, King- 
horn & Burntisland Dis- 
trict of Burghs. 

Jas. Hy. Dalziel 
Kirkcudbright, Stewartry. 

Sir Mark John McTaggart- 
Stewart, bart. 

The Govan Division. Jn. Wilson 
The Partick Division, James 

Parker Smith 
The North Western Division. 

John Goundry Holburn 
The North Eastern Division. 

John Colville 
The Mid Division. J. Caldwell 
TheSouthern Div. Jas. H. C. Hozier 
Leith.Musselburgh & Porto-; 
bello District of burghs. 
R. C. Munro Ferguson 

Alexander Ure 

Montrose, Arbroath, Bre- 
chin, Forfar & Bervie Dis- 
trict of Burghs. 
Rt. Hon. John Morley. 
Orkney <fe Shetland Isles. 
Sir Leonard Lyell, bart 

PAISLEY, Renfrewshire. 
Sir Wm. Dunn, bart. 

Peebles and Selkirk 
(Counties of). 
Walter Thorburn 

PERTn, Perthshire. 
Robt. Wallace, Q.C. 

The Eastern Division. Sir John 

G. S. Kinloch, bart. 

The Western Division. Sir Donald 

Currie, K.C.M.G 

Renfrew. See Kilmarnock. 


The Eastern Division. Michael 

H. Shaw-Stewart 
The Western Division. Chas. Bine! 

Ross & Cromarty 
(Counties of). 
Jas. Galloway Weir 


Earl of Dalkeith 

St. Andrew's, Anstruthi 


Pittenweem <fc Kilkenny 

District of Burghs. 

Henry T. Anstruther 

Selkirkshire. See Peeblesshire 

<b Selkirkshire. 
Stirling, Culross, Dunferm- 
line, Inverkeithing 
South Queensferry. 
Right Hon. Sir Henry Campbell' 
Bannerman, G.C.B. 
Jas. McKillop 


John G. MacLeod 

Wick, Cromarty, Dingwall, 
Kirkwall, Dornoch & Tai 
District of Burghs. 

T. C. H. Hedderwick. 


Sir Herbert Eustace Maxwell, tar 



IRELAND (103 Members). 

be places marked C. are in the Province of Connaught ; those marked L. in the Province 
of Leinster ; M. in the Province of Munster ; U. in the Province of Ulster. 

Antrim County, XT. 
rrth Antrim. Maj.-Genl.Hugh 
McCalmont, c.B 
id Antrim. Hon. Robt. Torrens 

tit Antrim. Col. Jas. Martin 

Antrim. Wm. Grey 

Armagh County, XT. 
yrth Armagh. Col. Edward 
James Saundereon 
id Armagh. Dunbar Plunket 
Barton, Q.C 
vth Armagh. Edwd. McHugh 

KLFAST, County of Antrim, XT. 

w East Belfast Division. Gustav 

Wilhelm Wolff 

te South Belfast Division. Wm. 


West Belfast Division, 
H. O. Arnold-Forster 

North Belfast Division. 
Sir Jas. H. Haslett, knt. 

Carlow County, L. 


Cavan County, XT. 

Cavan.Jas. P. Farrell 
st Cavan. Samuel Young 

Clare County, M. 
'it Clare. Wm.H.K. Redmond 
est Clare. Maj. John E. 

ORK City, County of Cork, M. 
rorice Healy and J. F. X. 

Cork County. 
rthCork. Jas. Christphr. Flynn 
rth-East Cork: Wm. Abraham 
d Cork. Chas. KearnsD.Tanner 
st Cork. Capt. A. J.C.Donelan 
M Cork. Jas. Gilhooly 
>tth Cork. Edward Barry 
'ith-East Cork. Andrew Corn- 
is ins, LL.D 

Donegal County, XT. 
rth Donegal. Thos. B. Curran 
'M Donegal. Timothy D. 

st Donegal. Arthur O'Connor 
tth Donegal. J.G. S.MacNeill, 
i-C j 

Down County, XT. 
rthDmcn. Col. Thomas Waring 
tt Down. James Alexander 
lentoul, ll.d., q.c 
stDown. Bt.Hon. Lord Arthur 
Vflliam Hill 
Uh Doun. Michael M'Cartan 

Dublin City, L. 
College Green Division. 
'as. L. Carew. 

The St. Stephen's Green Division, 

William Kenny, Q.C 
The St. Patrick's Division, Wm. 

Dublin County, L. 
North Dublin. John Jsph.Clancy 
South Dublin. Rt. Hon. Horace 

Curzon Plunkett 

Dublin University, L, 

Rt. Hon. Edward Carson, Q.C, 

and Wm. Edwd. H. Lecky 

Fermanagh County, XT. 
NorthFcrmanagh. Richd. Martin 

South Fermanagh. Jeremiah 
Galway, County of Galway, C. 
John Pinkerton 

Galway County, C. 
Connemara. Wm. O'Malley 
North Galway. Denis Kilbride 
East Galway. John Roche 
South Galway. David Sheehy 

Kerry County, M. 
North Kerr-y. Michael J. Flavin 
West Kerry. Sir Thos. H. G. 

Esmonde, bart 
South Kerry. Thos. Joseph Far- 
East Kerr-y. Hon. Jas. B. Burke 

Kildare County, L. 
North Kildare. Chas. John 

South Kildare. Matthew Joseph 

Kilkenny City, L. 
Patrick O'Brien 

Kilkenny County, L, 
North Kilkenny. Patrick Mc 

South Kilkenny. Samuel Morris 

King's County, L. 
Bi rr. Bernard Charles Molloy 
Tullamore. Joseph Fras. Fox, 

Leitrim County, C. 
North Leitrim. Patrick Aloysiue 

South Leitrim. Jasper Tully 

LIMERICK CITY, County of Lime- 
rick, M. 
Francis A. O'Keefe 

Limerick County, it. 
West Limerick. Michael Austin 
East Limerick. John Finucane 

Londonderry City, XT. 
E. F. V. Knox 

Londonderry County. XT. 
North Derry. Rt. Hon. John 

^Dublin Harbour Division. j Atkinson, Q.C. 

'imothy Chas. Harrington South Derry. Sir Thos. Lea,bart.liu< Wicilow. Wm. J. Corbet 

Longford County, L. 
South Longford, Hon. Edwd. 

i Louth County, L. 
North Louth. Timothy M. Healy 
South Louth. -Richd. McGhee 

Mayo County, C. 
North Mayo. Daniel Crilly 
West Mayo. Rt. Ambrose,L.R.C.P 
East Mayo. John Dillon 
South Mayo. Michael Davitt 

Meath County, L. 
North Meath. James Gibney 
South Meath. John H. Parnell 

Monaghan County, U. 
North Monaghan. Daniel Mac 

South Monaghan. Jas. Daly 

NEWRY, County of Down, U. 
Patrick Geo. H. Carvill 

Queen's County, L. 
Ossory. Eugene Crean 
Leix. Mark A. MacDonnell, M.D 

Roscommon County, C. 
North Roscommon. James 

South Roscommon, Luke Patrick 

Sligo County, C. 
North Sligo. Aldm. Bernard 

South Sligo. Thos. Curran 

Tipperary County, M. 
North Tipperary. Patrick Joseph 

Mid Tipperary. James Francis 

South Tipperar~y, Fras. Mande- 

East Tipperary. Thomas Joseph 

Tyrone County, U. 
North Tyrone. Rt. Hon. Chas. 

H. Hemphill, Q.c. 
Mid Tyrone. Geo. Murnaghan 
East Tyrone. Patrick Chas. 

South Tyrone. Thos. W. Russell 

Waterford City, M. 
John Edwd. Redmond 

Waterford County, M. 
West Waterford. Jas. J. Shee. 
East Waterford. Patrick Joseph 

Westmeath County, L. 
North Westmeath. Jos. Tuite 
South Westmeath. Donal Sullivan 

Wexford County, L. 
North Wexford. Thos. J. Healy 
South Wexford. Peter Ffrench 

Wicklow County, l. 
West Wicklow. Jas. O'Connor 




Albemarle, 13 Albemarle st. W. 

Army & Navy, 36 to 39 Pall mall, S.W. 

Arthur's, 69 and 70 St. James' st. S.W. 

Aits, 40 Dover et. W. 

Athenaeum, 107 Pall mall, S.W. 

Authors', 3 Whitehall court, S.W. 

Bachelors', 7 and 8 Hamilton pi. Picca- 
dilly, W. 

Badminton, 100 Piccadilly, W. 

Baldwin, 79a, Pall mall. S.W. 

Bath. 34 Dover st.W. and Berkeley st.W. 

Boodle's, 28 St. James' st. S.W. 

Brooks's, St. James' st. S.W. 

Burlington Pine Arts, 17 Savile row, W. 

Carlton, 94 Pall mall, S.W. 

Cavalry, 127 Piccadilly, W. 

City Carlton. 24 to 27 St. Swithin's la. E.C. 

City Liberal, Walbrook, E.C. 

City of London. 19 Old Broad st. E.C. 

Conservative, 74 St. James' st. S.W. 

Constitutional, Northumberland avenue, 

Devonshire, 50 St. James' st. S.W. 

East India United Service, 16 St. James' 
sq. S.W. 

Garrick, 13 and 15 Garrick st. W.C. 

Grosvenor, 135 to 137 New Bond st. W. 

Guards', 70 Pall mall, S.W. 

Hogarth, 36 Dover st. W. 

Hyde Park. Albert gate, S.W. 

Isthmian, 150 Piccadilly, W. 

Jun. Army and Navy, 10 St. James' st. S.W. 

Junior Athenaeum, 116 Piccadilly, W. 

Junior Carlton, 30 to 35 Pall mall, S.W. 

Junior Conservative, 43 and 44 Albe- 
marle st. W. 

Junior Constitutional, 101 to 104 Picca- 
dilly, W. 

Junior United Service, 11 and 12 Charles 
st. St. James', S.W. 

Marlborough, 52 Pall mall, S.W. 

National, 1 Whitehall gardens, S. W. 

National Liberal, Whitehall pi. S.W. 

Naval and Military. 94 Piccadilly, W 

New, 4 Grafton st. W. 

New Oxford and Cambridge, 68 Pall 
mall, S.W. 

New Travellers', 97 Piccadilly, W. 

New University, 57 and 58 St. James' st. 

Nimrod, 12 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Northumberland and Northern Counties, 
2, Whitehall court, S.W. 

Oriental, 18 Hanover sq. W. 

Orleans, 29 King st., St. James', S.W. 

Oxford and Cambridge University, 71 to 
76 Pall mall, S.W. 

Piccadilly, 128 Piccadilly, W. 

Portland, 9 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Pratt's, 14 Park pi. St. James', S.W. 

Primrose, 4 and 5 Park pi. St. James'S.W. 

Raleigh, 16 Regent st. S.W. 

Reform. 104 Pall mall, S.W. 

Royal London Yacht, 2 Savile row, W. 

Royal Societies. 63 St. James' st. S.W. 

Royal Thames Yacht, 7 Albemarle st. W. 

St. George's, 4 Hanover sq. W. 

St. James', 106 Piccadilly, W. 

St. Stephen's, 1 Bridge st. S.W. and Vic- 
toria Embankment, Westminster, S.W 

Savage, 6 and 7 Adelphi terr. W.C. 

Savile, 107 Piccadilly.' W. 

Sports, 8 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Thatched House, 86 St. James' st., S.W. 

Travellers', 106 Pall mall, S.W. 

Turf, 47 Clarges st. W. 

Union, Trafalgar sq. W.C. 

United Service, 116 Pall mall, S.W. 

United University. Pall mall east, S.W. 

Wellington, 1 Grosvenor pi. S.W. 

White's, 37 and 38 St. James' st. S.W. 

Whitehall, 47 Parliament st. S.W. 

Windham, 13 St. James' sq. S.W. 



Caledonian United Service, 14 Queen st. 
Conservative, 112 Princes street. 
Liberal, 109 Princes street. 
New, 85 Princes street. 

Northern, 91 George street. 
Union, Hanover street. 
University, 127 Princep street. 


Catholic, O'Connell street. 

Dublin University, 17 Stephen's green. 

Hibernian United Service, 8 Stephen's 

green north. 
Junior University, 46 Kildare street. 

Kildare Street club. 

Leinster, 29 Clare street. 

Sackville Street club. 

Stephen's Green, 9 Stephen's green north 


America (United States of), Hon. 
Thos. F. Bayard, 83 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 
office, 123 Victoria street, S.W. 

Austria-Hungary, Count Deym, 18 
Belgrave square, S.W. 

Belgium, Baron Whettnall,18 Harrington 
gdns. South Kens. S.W. 

Brazil (United States of), Chevalier 
J. A. de Souza Correa ; office, 55 Curzon 
st. Mayfair, W. 

Denmark, F. E. 

de Bille, 24 Pont st. 

France (Republic OF),Baron de Courcel, 
Albert Gate house, Hyde park, S.W. 

German Empire, Count Hatzfeldt- 
Wildenburg, 9 Carlton House ter. S.W. 

Greece, Dimitry J. Metaxas, 58 Scars- 
dale villas, Kensington, W. 

Italy, Lt.-General Annibale Ferrero, 20 
Grosvenor sq. W. 

Netherlands, Baron W. de Goltstein 
d'Oldenaller, 118 Eaton sq. S.W. 

Portugal, Monsieur Arouca, 12 Glou- 
cester place, Portnaan square, W. 

RuasiA, G. de Staal, Chesham house, 
Belgrave square, S.W. 

Spain, Count de Casa Valencia, 1 Gros- 
venor gardens, S.W. 

Sweden and Norway, Count Charles 
Lewenhaupt, 52 Pont st. S.W. 

Turkey, Costaki Anthopoulos Pasha, 1 
Bryanston square, W. 


Prime Minister and Secretary of State, ) Mof5T HoN> Marquess of Salisbury, k.. 

Foreign Department ) 

Lord High Chancellor Rt. Hon. Lord Halsbury 

Lord President of the Council His Crack the Duke op Devonshire, k.g 

Lord Privy Seal Rt. Hon. Viscount Cross, g.c.b., g.c.s.i. 

First Lord' of the Treasury Rt. Hon. Arthur Jas. Balfour, m.p. 

, * ^ tt tx t 4 /Rt. Hon. Sir Matthew White Ridley 
Secretary of State, Home Department. .. | BART MP# 

Secretary of State, Colonial Department. Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, m.p. 

Secretary of State, War Department Most Hon. Marquess ok Lansdowne, k.g. 

Secretary of State, Indian Department... Rt. Hon. Lord Geo. F. Hamilton, m.p. 
, . ., . , f Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Edwd. Hicks- 

Chancellor of the Exchequer -J g EACH B ^ RT> 

First Lord of the Admiralty Rt. Hon. Geo. Joachim Goschen, m.p. 

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland H.E. Rt. Hon. Earl Cadogan, k.g. 

Lord High Chancellor of Ireland Rt. Hon. Lord Ashbourne 

Secretary for Scotland andVice-Presi dent ) R H L Balfour of Burleigh 

of Scotch Education Department J 

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster ... Rt. Hon. Lord James of Hereford 

President of the Board of Trade Rt. Hon. Chas. Thomson Ritchie, m.p. 

President of the Local Government Board Rt. Hon. Henry Chaplin, m.p. 

First Commissioner of Works Rt. Hon. Aretas Akers-Douglas, m.p. 

President of the Board df Agriculture... Rt. Hon. Walter Hume Long, m.p. 
The above form the Cabinet. 

Chief Secretary for Ireland Rt. Hon. Gerald Wm. Balfour, m.p. 

Postmaster-General His Grace; the Duke of Norfolk, k.g. 

^s^Edutt^ ?.^:"r.... of } RT - H -- s - j - e - gorst jQ .c,m.p. 

Paymaster-General Rt. Hon. Earl of Hopetoun, g.c.m.g. 

( Henry Torrens Anstruther, Esq., m.p. 
Other Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury.. < Wm. Hayes Fisher, Esq., m.p. 

( Lord Stanley, m.p. 

T ., a ..,,, m f Rt. Hon. Robt. Wm. Hanbury, m.p. 

Joint Secretaries to the Treasury j Cql gjR W}f Hqoo Walr0NDj b ' ABT-> m ji 

Judge Advocate General Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Henry Jeune, knt. 

' Adml. Sir Fredk. Wm. Richards, g.c.b. 

Rear-Adml. Sir Fredk. Geo. D. Bedford, 

Vice-Adml. Sir John Arbuthnot Fisher, 

Rear-Adml. Gerard Henry Uctred Noel 

Joseph Austen Chamberlain, Esq., m.p. 

Secretary to the Admiralty Wm. Grey Ellison Macartney, Esq., m.p. 

Pari. Sec. to the Board of Trade Earl of Dudley' 

Pari. Sec. to Local Government Board ... Thos. Wallace Russell, Esq.. m.p. 
Under-Sec. of State, Home Department Rt. Hon. Jesse Collings, m.p. 

Under-Sec. of State, Foreign Depart Hon. Geo. N. Curzon, m.p. 

Under-Sec.of State, Colonial Department Earl of Selborne 

Under-Sec. of State, War Department ... Rt. Hon. Wm. St. John F. Brodrick, m.p. 

Under-Sec. of State, India Department... Earl of Onslow, g.c.m.g. 

Financial Secretary of War Department. Joseph Powell Williams, Esq., m.p. 

Attorney-General J Sm RlCHD - Everard Webster, g.c.m.g., 

J ( Q.C., M.P. 

Solicitor-General Sir Robt.Bannatyne Finlay,knt.,q.c.,m.p. 

Attorney-General for Ireland Rt. Hon. John Atkinson, q.c, m.p. 

Solicitor-General for Ireland Wm. Ke^NY, Esq., Q.C, M.P. 

Lord Advocate for Scotland Rt.Hon.Andrew Graham Murray,q.c.,m.p 

Solicitor-General for Scotland Chas. Scott Dickson, Esq., q.c. 

Lord Steward of the Household Rt. Hon. Earl of Pembroke, g.c.v.o. 

Lord Chamberlain Rt. Hon. Earl of Lathom, g.c.b. 

Vioe-Chamberlain Capt. Hon. Ailwyn Edwd. Fellowes, m.p. 

Master of the Horse His Grace theDuke of Portland, g.c.v.o. 

Mastci of the Buckhounds Rt. Hon. Earl of Coventry 

Other Lords of the Admiralty. 


Ardron, John, asst. sec. to G.P.O.f rom 

Butler, Thos.,4 s. of late Thos. Butler, 
of Ballycarron, co. Tipperarv ; 6. 1826 ; 
D.l.,j.p. co. Tipperarv (sheriff 1880) : 13 
Wilton st. S.W. ; Ballycarron, Golden, 

Edmonds, rev. Edwd. Pell, s. of 
Edmonds ; b. 18 ; w.l897,hon. Gertrude 
E., dau. of 14. baron Saye and Sele : b. 
1869 ; rect. from 18 of Whittington, 

Howard, hon. . dau. of vise. Mor- 
peth, b. 1897. 

Massingberd. Stephen Langton,only 
s. of Edmund Langton (d. 1875), by eld. 
dau. (d. 1897) and heiress of Chas. Lang- 
ton Massingberd, of Gunby Hall, Lines, 
J.P. (d. 1887) ; b. 1869 ; m. 1895, Margaret, 
2 dau. of Vernon Lushington, county 
court judge : 42 Kensington sq. W. ; The 
Shoulder of Mutton, Pinkney Green, 
Maidenhead. Berks ; Gunby Hall, Burgh 
R.S.O. Lines. 

Muther. Maurice, M.v.o., H.M.'s 
German sec, fourth class R. Victorian 


Atherley-Jones, Llewellyn A. (vide 
p. 84) ; 25 Pembroke rd. W. (in lieu of 1 
Priory gdna. Bedford Park). 

Athlumney, lord {vide p. 84) ; It. 1 
battn. Coldst. gds. 1886-97, gazetted viceroy of Ireland(earl Cadogan) 
and capt. Tbe Kent art. mil. (E. divn.) 
R.A., Jan. 12 and 26, 1897. 

Baldock. Edwd. Holmes (vide p. 96) ; 
gazetted lt.-col Jan. 19, 1897. 

Bartlett. sir E.Ashmead (vide p. 113) ; 
grand cordon of the order of the 

Beresford, capt. lord Chas. Wm. de la 
Poer (vide p. 137) : gazetted naval A.D.C. 
to tbe Queen, January 26, 1897. 

Bevan,David Augustus (vide p. 143) : 
country address The Priory, Royston, 

Birdwood, hon. Herbert M. (vide p. 
151) ; memb. of council of gov. of Bom- 
bay 1892-7. 

Boyle, lady Elizabeth, wife of col. 
Gerald E. Boyle(pide p. 179) : d. Jan. 24, 
1897. '' 

Bromhead, col. sir Benj. P. (vide p. 
195) ; on U.S. list 1897. 

Buchanan, it.-gen. Hy. Jas. (vide p. 
208) ; gazetted ret. p. Jan. 19, 1897. 

Butler, maj.-gen. Henry, s. of late 
Thos. Butler, of Ballycarron, co. Tip- 
perary ; b. 1828 ; with 57 foot in Crimea, 
at Balaklava, Inkerman and Sebastopol 
and Kinburn 1857-8, N.Zealand war 1861 
and 1863-5, ret. p. as maj. 57 foot 1881 : 
United Service club ;Ballycarron,Golden, 
Cashel (in lieu of entry on p. 223). 

Campion. Wm. Hy. (vide p. 239) ; 
gazetted lt.-col. Jan. 26, 1897. 

Carter. Henry W. (vide p. 249) ; 22 
Billiter st. E.C. (in lieu of 47 Billiter 
bldgs. E.C). 

Chichester, hon. mrs. Augustus G. C, 
8 Morpeth mansions, Victoria st. S.W. (in 
lieu of address on p. 270). 

Combe, Chas. Harvey (vide p. 303) ; 
m.p. (c.) N. W. Surrey 1892-7. 

Cramp, Jas., s. of Jas. Cramp, of 
Coventry ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1866, Mary C, 
dau. of Thos. Robinson, of Solihull ; is 

J.P. (1894) Warwickshire : The Firs, 
Radford rd. Coventry (in lieu of entry 
on p. 325). 

Dana vail. hon. John Martin (vide p. 
351) ; m. 1897, Gertrude M., 2 dau. of 
late Alex. Abercrombie, B.C.S. commr. of 

Dansey, maj. Edwd. Ma6hiter (ride 
p. 353) ; lt.-col. late life gds. : Turf and 
Boodle's clubs ; Cams Hall, Fareham, 

de Bunsen. Maurice Wm. E. (vide p. 
367) ; sec. to Embassy at Washington 
1896-7, at Constantinople from 1897. 

Dixwell-Oxenden. Percy Dixwell 
Nowell (vide p. 390) ; (should be 

Drink-water, lady. Elinor, wife of 
sir Wm. L. Drinkwater (vide p. 400) ; 
d. Feb. 2, 1897. 

Duleep Singh, prince Frederick 
Victor (vide p. 407) ; address Old 
Buckenham Hall,Attleborough, Norfolk. 

Dundas, hon. Chas. Saunders (vide 
p. 409) ; H.M.'s consul-gen. at Hamburg 
1885-97, at Christiania from 1897. 

Dyer, capt. Stewart, 4 s. of late sir 
Swinnerton Dyer, 9 bart. ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1873, Emily, only child of late Henry 
Bythesea, of Nettleton, Wilts ; formerly 
capt. 3 Buffs : 56 Warwick rd. S.W. ; 
Naval and Military club ; Westcroft 
Park, Bagshot, Surrey. 

Edwardes, hon. Hugh (ride p. 421) ; 
The appointment to a 2nd lieutenancy 
from the 7 battn. King's R. Rif. C. to 
20 huss. notified in Gaz. Dec. 8, 1896, is 
cancelled ; Gaz. Jan. 19, 1897. 

Eminson, John Brett (vide p. 435) ; 
maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1887) 2 Durham vol. 
ait, 1879-97. 

Erskine, lt.-col. David (vide p. 437) ; 
address Fernleigh. High Park, Ryde, 
I. of W. ; St. George's club. 

Eveleigrh de Moleyns, hon. John G. 
(vide p. 444) ; gazetted 2 It. 4 battn. 
(mil.) R. Munster Fus. Feb. 2, 1897. 

Fiennes. hon. Gertrude E mil v (vide p. 
466) ; m. 1897, rev. Edwd. P. Edmonds. 



Froude," Ashley A. (vide p. 501) ; to. 
1897, Ethel Aubrey, only dau. of capt. 
A. P. Hallif ax, of Hall well House, Devon. 

Fryer, Fredk. Eustace R. (vide p. 502); 
the Old Buckingham Hall address should 
be omitted. 

Gardiner, gen. Hy. Lynedock, c.B. 
(vide p. 508) ; gazetted K.v.o., Feb. 2, 

Garrett, Mrs. Mary A., wife of Frank 
Garrett (vide p. 511) ; d. Jan. 31, 1897. 

Gerard-Dicconson, hon. Robt. J. (vide 
p. 516) ; town address 12 Stratton St. W. 

Gough, hon. Geo. Hugh {vide p. 541); 
from h.p., gazetted priv. sec. tocommdr.- 
in-chief (f.m. viscount Wolseley), Feb. 
2, 1897. 

Green - Emmott, "Walter Egerton 
John, only survg. s. of George Green- 
Emmott, of Emmott Hall, Lanes ; b. 
1865 ; to. 1893, Kathleen, dau. of hon. 
Henry P. Yereker ; is J. p. Lancashire : 
Emmott Hall, Colne, Lanes ; The Old 
Hall, Rawdon, Yorks (in lieu of entry 
on p. 435). 

Guise, sir Wm. Fras. G. (vide p. 566) ; 
maj. & hon. lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Gloucestershire Regt. 1886-97. 

Hartland, Ernest (vide p. 601) ; to. 
1897, Amy G.,3 dau. of C. Manley Smith, 
of 45 Prince's gardens, S.W. 

Hay-Newton, capt.Fras. John Stuart 
(vide p. 610) ; a Queen's foreign service 
messenger 1880-97, gazetted H.M.'s con- 
sul-gen. for Algeria Jan. 22, 1897. 

Hindle. Robt., only s. of Robt. 
Hindle, of Whins Cottage, Lanes ; b. 
1859 ; j.p. (1896) Lancashire : Whins 
Cottage, Sabden, Blackburn, Lanes (in 
lien of entry on p. 637). 

Hornby, rt. rev. bp. Wilfred B. (vide 
p. 658) ; vicar from 1897 of Chollerton, 

Horniman, Fredk. J. (vide p. 658) ; 
to. 1897, Louisa M., dau. of Geo. Wm. 
Bennett, of Charlton. 

Holmes, lt.-col. Henry (vide p. 649) ; 
lt.-col. 1 Essex vol. art. (E. divn.) R.A. 

Jenkins, Thos. (vide p. 699) ; Panty- 
scallog, Dowlais, Glam. (in lien of Pant- 

Lack, sir Hy. Reader (vide p. 744) ; 
comptroiler-gen. of the patent office 

Lamb. John C. (vide p. 746) ; 3 sec. 
to G.P.O. 1896-7, 2 sec. from 1897. 

le Fleming, Stanley Hughes (vide p. 
767) ; capt. and hon. maj. Westmor- 
land and Cumberland yeom. 1895-7. 

North, maj. Bordrigge N. (vide p. 
944) ; addtl. address Kenfield Hall, nr. 

Ollivant, sir Edwd. C. K. (vide p. 
958) ; political agent at Kathiawar 1889- 
97, memb. of council of gov. of Bombay 
from 1897. 

Oxford, bp. of (vide p. 967) ; a foreign 
knt. of the Prussian order pour le merite 
for science and art. 


Barlow, lt.-col. Fredk. (vide p. 105) ; 
d. Jan. 18, 1897. 

Baring:, mrs. Thomas (vide p. 104) ; d. 
Jan. 11, 1897. 

Berkeley, hon. mrs. Craven Fitz- 
hardinge (vide p. 139) ; d. Jan. 25, 1897. 

Boulton, Alfred R. (vide p. 172); d. 
Jan. 31, 1897. 

Bridg-eman-Simpson, miss Emily 
(vide p. 188) ; d. Jan. 22, 1897. 

Collisson, Chas. F. H. (vide p. 299) ; 
d. Feb. 1, 1897. 

Coote, Chas. J. A. (vide p. 311) ; d. 
Jan. 20, 1897. 

Davis, col. Samuel (vide p. 303) ; d. 
Feb. 4, 1897. 

Donovan, gen. Edwd. W. (vide p. 
393); rf.Jan 21, 1897. 

Drummond, hon. mrs. Charlotte 0. 
(vide p. 401) ; d. Jan. 31, 1897. 

Dupuis, rear-adml. Arthur E. (vide p. 
414) ; d. Jan. 16, 1897. 

Ensor, Chas. P. S. (vide p. 436) ; d. 
Jan. 15, 1897. 

Foley, gen. hon. sir St. George (vide 
p. 480) ; d. Jan. 24, 1897. 

Francis, mrs. of Quy Hall (vide p. 
494) ; d. Feb. 2, 1807. 

Green, lt.-col. Dawson C. (vide p. 
552) ; d. Jan. 28, 1897. | 

Halford, doy. lady. Elizabeth (vide 
p. 573) ; d. Jan. 30, 1897. 

Hope-Johnstone, hon. Octavia (vide 
p. 655) ; d. Jan. 22, 1897. 

Hopgrooi, James (vide p. 656) ; d. 
Feb. 2, 1897. 

Kinnonll. 1 1 earl of (vide p. 737) : 
d. Jan. 30, 18 97. 

Larkins, Walter F. (vide p. 753) ; d. 
Jan. 29, 1897. 

Lefroy, hon. Anthony O'G. (vide p- 
768) ; d. Jan. 21, 1897. 

Little, gen. Alfred B. (vide p. 788) ; 
d. Jan. 28, 1897. 

Maclean, John Dalrymple (vide p. 
834) ; d. Jan. 27, 1897. 

Main-waring- , hon. mrs. Lee- (vide 
p. 842) ; d. Feb. 2, 1897. 

Massingrberd, mrs. (vide. p. 864) ; d. 
Jan. 28, 1897. 

Milward, Leonard {vide p. 890) ; d. 
Feb. 2, 1897. 

Molesworth, hon. Samuel P. (vide p. 
894) ; d. Jan. 29, 1897. 

Murchison, Kenneth R. (vide p. 921); 
d. Jan. 29, 1897. 

Ochterlony, dow. lady. (vide p. 
952) ; d. Nov. 16, 1896. 

Waterfield, col. Wm. G. (vide p. 
1311); d. Feb. 3, 1897. 



iM, %uki mi jjirial \mt% 



Abadie, col. Henry Eicbd., C.B., 
3erved in Abyssinian campaign with 
transport train ; with 9 lancers in 
Afghan war 1879-80 ; commdg. 87 regtl. 
dist. (R. Irish Fus.; 1890-4 ; commdt. cav- 
alry depot at Canterbury from 1894 : 
Cavalry Depot, Canterbury. 

Abbey, Edwin A., a.k.a. (1896). 

Abbott, sir Joseph Palmer k.c.m.g. 
(1895), speaker of legisl. assembly of N. 
S. Wales from 1892 ; knighted 1892. 

Abbott, William George, H.M.'s con- 
sul-genl. at Tabreez, Persia, 1875-89, at 
Bio de Janeiro 1889-95. 

Abbott, maj.-gen. Wm. Hy., lt.-col. 
commndg. (col. 1885) 1 battn. R. Munster 
Fus. 1883-7 ; ret. p. 1887. 

Abbott, lady. Mary, dau. of late very 
rev. J. Bethune, D.D.,dean of Montreal ; 
m. 1849, hon. sir John Joseph Caldwell 
Abbott, k.c.m.g., p.c. (Canada), Q.c.,prime 
min. of Canada (d. 1893) : Montreal, 

Abbs, Hy. Cooper, eld. survg. s. of C. 
Abbs, of Monks wearmouth (d. 1872) ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1868 ; j.p. co. Dur- 
ham : Cleadon, nr. Sunderland. 

Abdy, gen. Chas. Hayes, 2 s. of lt.- 
col. J. N. Abdy, E.I.C.S. ; b. 1823 ; m. 
1846, Catherine M. dau. of E. Armstrong ; 
served in S. Mahratta 1844-5, at Sa- 
manghur, Budderghur, Ramghur, Muno- 
hur and Munsinetosh ; gen. on U. S. list 
I.S.C. from 1892 : 2 Marlborough build- 
ings, Bath. 

Abdy, John Thomas, ll.d., eld. s. of 
col. Jas. Abdy ; b. 1822 ; m. 1854, Marion, 
2 dau. of J. H. Hollway, of Gunby, Lin- 
colnshire ; barr. Inner Temple 1850 ; 
recorder of Bedford from 1870 ; county 
court judge (Essex) circuit No. 38, 1872- 
93 ; j.p. Essex and Herts : 69 Cornwall 
gdns. S.W. ; Imperial Institute, S.W. 

Abdy, sir William Neville, 2 bart. 
(1849), eld. s. of 1 bart. (d. 1877) ; b. 
1844 ; to. 1883, Marie Therese Petritzka 
of Prague ; J.p. Essex (sheriff 1884) : 
Carlton club 

A'Beckett (hon.) Thomas, eld. s. of 
hon. Thos. Turner A'Beckett, memb. 
exec, council, of Walmer House, Colling- 
wood, Victoria (d. 1892) ; b. 1837 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1859, puisne judge of 
Victoria from 1886 : Melbourne, Victoria, 

A'Beckett, Wm. Arthur Callander, 
j.p. (1894) Wilts. 

Abel, sir Fredk. Aug., 1 bart. (1893), 
K.c.B., d.c.l. (hon.) Oxon., LL.D. (hon.) 
Cantab., F.R.S., s. of late J. L. Abel ; b. 
1826 ; to. 1, 1854, dau. (d. 1888) of J. 
Blanch of Bristol ; 2, 1889, Giulietta, 
dau. (d. 1892) of I. Feuillade ; chemist 
to War dept. 1854-88, pres. of special 
committee on explosives 1888-91, v.p. 
of Society of Arts 1884-91, chm. of 
council 1885-7, v.p. of Roy. Inst. 1889-90 
and 1896-7, sec. to Imperial Inst. 1891, 
pres. of Soc. of Chemical Industry 1882-3, 
of Chemical Socof Institute of Chemistry, 


of British Assoc, of Inst, of Electrical 
Engrs., of Iron and Steel Inst. 1891-3, v.p. 
Royal Inst., knt. of grace of order of St. 
John of Jerusalem, director-gen. Imperial 
Institute, knighted in 1883 : 2 Whitehall 
court, S.W. ; Imperial Institute, S.W. ; 
Athenaeum, Windham and Garrick clubs. 

Abell, Geo. Edmund, s. of Wm. C. 
Abell, of Ashton, Gloucestershire ; 6. 
1839 ; to. 1869, dau. of T. Nelson Foster, 
of Evesham, J.P.; is J.P. (1894) Worcester- 
shire and Worcester, asst. gen. man. of 
Lloyd's Bank : Grafton Manor, Broms- 
grove, Worcs. 

Abercorn, 2 duke of (1868, ir.). James 
Hamilton, K.G., P.C. (Irel.), C.B., eld. s. of 1 
duke, K.G., P.C. (d. 1885); b. 1838 ; m. 1869, 
lady Mary A. dau. of 1 earl Howe ; 2nd 
tit." and sits as marq. of Hamilton 
(1790, Gt. B.); M.A. Oxon., kt. of the 
Dannebrog order, and of St. Anne of 
Russia, Iron Crown of Austria, hon. 
col. Donegal mil. 1860-91, lord of the 
bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 
1866-86, groom of the stole to H.R.H. 
from 1886, lord lieut. co. Donegal, J. p. 
co. Tyrone, M.P. (c.) Donegal 1860-80 : 
60 and 61 Green st. Grosvenor sq. W. ; 
Carlton, White's, Travellers', Turf, St. 
Stephen's, Marlborough and Sackville 
Street (Dublin) clubs ; Baron's Court, 
Tyrone, Ireland ; Duddingstone House, 
near Edinburgh. 

Abercorn, Louisa, duchess of, 2 dau. 
of 6 duke of Bedford ; m. 1832, 1 duke 
of Abercorn, K.G., P.C. {d. 1885) ; mem- 
ber of the Royal Order of Victoria and 
Albert : Coates Castle, Pulborough. 

Abercromby, lord (4 baron 1801,U.K.) 
George Ralph Campbell Abercromby, 
eld. s. of 3 baron (d. 1852); b. 1838; m. 
1858, lady Julia J. (one of H.M.'s ladies 

of the bedchamber in ordny. 18 85), 

dau. of 2 earl of Camperdown, b. 1840 ; 
D.L., J. P. cos. Stirling and Clackmannan : 
14 Grosvenor st. W. ; Turf club ; Fern- 
tower, Crieff, Perthshire ; Tullibody 
House, Clackmannan. 

Abercromby, sir George William, 8 
bart. (1636), eld. s. of 7 bart. (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1886 ; chief of the clan Abercromby : 
Forglen House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. 

Abercromby, hon. John, 2 s. of 3 
baron Abercromby ; b. 1841 ; late capt. 
rifle brigade ; heir presumptive to his 

Abercromby, hon. Ralph, 3 s. of 3 
baron Abercromby; b. 1842 ; late 60 rifles : 
62 Palmerston pl.Edinburgh ; Athenaeum 
and Naval and Military clubs. 

Abercromby, hon. lady. Agnes, 
dau. of 3 baron Kilmaine ; b. 1824 ; m. 


1849, sir Geo. S. Abercromby, 6 bart. (d. 
1872): Neale Lodge,Beulah hill, Norwood, 
S.E.; Forglen House, 

Abercromby, lady. Florence A. E. 
only child of Eyre Coote, of West Park, 
Hants ; to. 1883, sir John John Aber- 
cromby, 7 bart. (d. 1895) : Forglen 
House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. 

Aberdare, lord (2 baron 1873, U.K.) 
Henry Campbell Bruce, eld. s. of 1 baron 
G.C.B., P.C. (d. 1895) ; 6. 1851 ; m. 1880' 
Constance Mary. dau. of Hamilton Bec- 
kett, by dau. of 1 and last baron Lynd- 
hurst ; J. p. Glamorganshire and Hants., 
capt. (hon.maj. 1892) 3 vol. battn. Welsh 
regt. from 1885, a.d.C. to commdt. Severn 
inf. vol. brig. (col. H. Bethune Patton) 
from 1890 : 39 Prince's gardens, S.W. ; 
Duffryn, Mountain Ash, S.Wales ; Long- 
wood, Winchester. 

Aberdare (rt. hon.), dow.-lady. 
Norah, youngest dau. of late lt.-gen. sir 
William Napier, K.C.B. ; to. 1854, as his 
2 wife, 1 baron Aberdare, G.C.B., P.C. (d. 
1895) : 39 Prince's gdns. S.W. 

Aberdeen, 7 earl of (1682, sco.). John 
Campbell Hamilton-Gordon, G.C.M.G., 
P.C, F.S.A. ; b. 1847; to. 1877, hon. Ishbel 
Maria, dau. of 1 baron Tweedmouth ; 
sits as vise. Gordon (1814, U.K.); 2nd 
tit. vise. Formartine and baron Haddo ; 
m.a. Oxon, ll.d. M'Gill University, 
Montreal, and Queen's University, Kings- 
ton, Ont. ; lord-lieut. of Aberdeenshire 
from 1880 ; H.M.'s Lord High commr. to 
gen. Assembly of Church of Scotland, 
1881-2-3-4-5, lord-lieut. of Ireland Feb. 
to July, 1886, hon. col. 1 Aberdeenshire 
artill. vol. from 1888, v.p. R. Colonial 
Inst, from 1891. gov.-gen. of Canada from 
1893: Ottawa'; Haddo House, Aber- 
deen ; TheLodge,Tarland,Aberdeenshire. 

Aberdeen, dow. countess of. Mary, 
dau. of Geo. Baillie, of Jerviswoode, and 
sis. of 10 earl of Haddington ; b. 1814 ; 
to. 1840, 5 earl of Aberdeen (d. 1864) : 47 
Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Kennet, Alloa, N.B. 

Aberdeen and Orkney, bp. of. rt. 
rev. and hon. Arthur Gascoigne Douglas, 
D.D., M.A.Durham, D.C.L., 5 8. of 19 earl of 
Morton ; .1827; to.1855, Anna M. H. dau. 
of Richard Richards, of Caerynwch, co. 
Merionech ; rector of Shapwick, Bland- 
ford, Dorset, 1872-83; bp. of Aberdeen 
and Orkney, from 1883 : Bishop's Court, 
Aberdeen ; Jun. Conservative club. 

Aberdour,lord. SholtoChas.Douglas, 
eld. s. of earl of Morton ; b. 1878. 

Abergavenny, 1 marq. of (1876,l\k.). 
William Nevill,K.G., eld. s. of rev. 4 earl of 
Abergavenny (d. 1868) ; b. 1826; to. 1848, 
Caroline {d. 1892), dau. of sir J. Vanden- 



Bempde-Johnstone, 2 bart. ; 2nd tit. earl 
of Lewes; formerly in 2nd life guards, 
capt. W. Kent yeomry. 1850-3, hon. col. 
from 1875 ; J.P. Sussex (lieut. from 1892) 
and Kent : 64 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Carl 
ton club ; Eridge Castle,Tunbridge Wells. 

Abingdon,? earl of (1682, Eng.). Mon- 
tagu Arthur Bertie, eld. 8. of 6 earl (d. 
1884) ; b. 1836 ; m. 1, eld. dau. and co- 
heir (d. 1873) of Charles Towneley of 
Towneley, Lancashire ; 2, 1883, Gwende 
line Mary, dau. of maj.-gen. hon. J. C 
Dormer, C.B.; 2nd tit. baron Norreys; It.' 
col. commdt. Berks, mil. 1863-80, hon 
col. from 1880.J.P., D.L. Berks, J.P. Oxon., 
high steward of Abingdon : Carlton 
and Travellers' clubs ; Wytham Abbey, 

Abinger, lord (4 baron 1835, U.K.). 
James Yorke Macgregor Scarlett, only 
s. of lt.-gen. 3 baron C.B. (d. 1892) ; b. 
1871 ; D.L. Inverness-shire, capt. 2 battn. 
(mil.) Q. 0. Cameron highrs. from 1896 : 
46 Cornwall gdns. S.W. ; Inverlochy, 
Kingussie, Inverness. 

Abinger (rt. hon.), dow.-lady. Helen, 
dau. of comm. Magruder, U.S. navy ; m. 
1863, lt.-gen. 3 baron Abinger, c.B. (d. 
1892) : 46 Cornwall gdns. S.W. ; Inver- 
lochy, Kingussie, Inverness, N.B. 

Abney, capt. Wm. de Wiveleslie, c.B., 
R.E., D.C.L., F.R.S., eld. s. of late rev. 
preb. Edward Hy. Abney, vicar of St. 
Alkmunds, co. Derby ; b. 1843 ; m. 1, 1864, 
Agnes M. youngest dau. (d. 1888) of 
Edwd. Wm. Smith, of Tickton Hall, 
Yorks ; 2, 1890, Mary Louisa, dau. of late 
rev. E. Mead, D.D., of St. Mary's, Scar- 
boro', U.S.A. ; is J.P. (1896) Derbyshire 
and Leicestershire, ex-pres. R. Astronl. 
Soc, pres. Physical Soc, pres. Roy. 
Photographic Soc, director for science, 
science and art dept. from 1893 : Rath- 
more Lodge, Bolton gdns. south, S.W. ; 
Athenaeum club ; Measham Hall, 

Aboyne, earl of (title which would 
oe borne by eld. s. if any living, of marq. 
of Huntly). 

Abraham, rt. rev. bp. Charles John, 
D.D., s. of capt. Abraham, Sandhurst ; b. 
1814 ; m. dau. (d. 1877) of sir C. Palmer 
of Wanlip, 2 bart. ; D.D. Cantab., archd. of 
Waitemata, New Zealand, 1852-8 ; bp. of 
Wellington, N. Zealand, 1858-70 ; preby. 
of Lichfield, 1872-6 ; rector of TatenhiU, 
1875-6 ; canon and precentor 1876-90 ; 
coadjutor bp. in diocese of Lichfield, 
1870-78 : Christ Church Vicarage, Lea- 
monsley, Lichfield. 

Abraham., Wm., s. of T. Abraham, 
a working collier ; b. 1842 ; is a Welsh 

"bard," and commonly known by his 
bardic name " Mabon," worked in the 
mines at 10 years of age, a miner's 
agent from 1873, v.p. of the Monmouth- 
shire and S. Wales sliding scale com- 
mittee from 1875, J.P. Glamorganshire, 
M.p. (l.) Glamorganshire (Rhondda 
divn.) from 1885 : 6 Llewellyn st.Pentre, 

Abraham, Wm. ; S.1840 ; m.p. (n.) W. 
Limerick 1885-92, N. E. Cork from 1893. 

Acheson, vise. Archibald Charles 
Brabazon Montagu Acheson, eld. s. of 4 
earl of Gosford ; b. 1877 ; 2 It. 3 battn. 
(mil.) R. Irish Fus. from 1896. 

Acheson, maj.-gen. hon. Edwd. Archi- 
bald Brabazon, s. of 3 earl of Gosford, 
K.P.; b. 1844; m. 1869, Clementina, dau. 
of late gen. sir Gaspard Le Marchant, 
K.C.B., g.c.m.g. ; maj. and lt.-col. (col. 
1886) coldst. gds. 1882-7; ret. p. 1887 
with rank of maj.-gen. : Travellers' club. 

Acheson, hon. Patrick Geo. Edward 
Cavendish, s. of 4 earl of Gosford ; b. 1883. 

Acheson, lady Alexandra Louise 
Elizabeth, b. 18 ; lady Mary, b. 18 ; 
lady Theodosia Louise Augusta, b. 18 ; 
daus. of 4 earl of Gosford. 

Acheson, lady Edith, dau. of 3 earl 
of Gosford ; b. 1837 : 14 Redesdale st. 
Ted worth sq. S.W. 

Ackers, Beuj. St. John, only survg. 
s. of Jas. Ackers, of Prinknash Park, M.P. 
(d. 1868) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1861, Louisa M. J. 
dau. of late C. Brooke Hunt, of Bowden 
Hall, Glo'stershire,J.P., D.L. : J.P. Glo's- 
tershire,M.p.(c.)W.Glo'stershire in 1885 : 
Carlton club; Huntlev Manor, Gloucester. 

Ackers, mrs. Harriott S. 2 dau. of late 
H. W. Hutton, Beverley, Yorks ; m. 1838, 
G. H. Ackers, of Moreton Hall, Cheshire, 
J.P., D.L. (d. 1872) : 15 Hyde Park terr. 
W. ; Moreton Hall, Congleton. 

Ackland. Dudley John Innes, eld. s. 
of Rt. Dudley Ackland, 2 drag, gds., of 
Boulston, J.P. (d. 1881); b. 1848; m. 
1877, Frances M. 3 dau. (d. 1886) of late 
Edward Hume Sniedley, dist. judge of 
Kandy, Ceylon ; J.P., D.L. Pembroke- 
shire : Boulston House, Haverfordwest. 

Ackroyd, vide Rawson-Ackroyd. 

Ackroyd, Wm., eld. s. of late Thos. 
Ackroyd, Oakroyd Hall, Birkenshaw (d. 
1877) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1880, Eleanor, only 
dau. of W. M. Micklethwaite, of The 
Grove, Upper Hopton, Yorks ; J.P. W.R. 
Yorks : Wheatleys, Birkenshaw, near 

Acland, Alfred Dyke, youngest s. of 
sir Henry Wentworth Acland, 1 bart., 
K.C.B. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1885, hon. Beatrice 
Danvers, dau. of 1 viscountess Hamble- 



den ; capt. R. 1 Devon yeom. from 189-1 : | 
38 Pont st. S.W. ; Forest Mere, Liphook, 

Acland, rt. hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke, 
P.C., m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 2 s. of rt. hon. 
sir Thos. Dyke Acland, 11 bart. ; b. 1847; 
m. 1873, Alice S. eld. dau. of rev. Fras. 
M. Cunningham, rect. of Witney, Oxon. ; 
sen. bursar of Balliol Coll. and steward 
of Christ Church, Oxford, from 1877, 
v.p. of comm. of council on educ. 1892-5, 
M.P. (l.) W.R. (Southern divn.) Yorks 
(Rotberham divn.) from 1885 : 28 
Cheyne walk, S.W. ; Athenaeum, Reform 
and National Liberal clubs ; Westholme, 

Acland, Chas. Thos. Dyke, m.a. Oxon; 
eld. s. of sir Thos. Dyke Acland, 11 bart.; 
b. 1842; m. 1879, Gertrude, 3 dau. of 
sir John Walrond, 1 bart., by youngest 
dau. of 2 baron Bridport ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1869 ; dept. warden of the Stan- 
naries, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 1 Devon 
yeom. 1883-93 ; capt. Devon mounted 
rifles 1866-77 ; J. p. Cornwall, D.L., J. P. 
Somerset and Devon ; sec. to board of 
trade and 2 Church estates 1886, 
M.P. (L.) East Cornwall 1882-5, North 
Eastern divn. 1885-92 : 50 Lennox gdns., 
S.W. ; Athenaeum and Travellers' clubs ; 
Killerton, Exeter ; Holnicote, Taunton. 

Acland, sir Henry Wentworth, 1 bart. 
(1890), K.C.B., K.C.R. (Brazil), M.D., M.A., 
LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S., 4 s. of sir Thos. Dyke 
Acland, 10 bart. ; b. 1815 ; in. 1846, Sarah, 
eld. dau. (d. 1878) of Wm. Cotton, D.C.L. : 
Regius prof, of medicine, 1858-94, and 
Radcliffe librarian at Oxford, hon. phys. 
to H.R.H. Prince of Wales, from 1862 : 
Broad st. Oxford ; Athenaeum club ; 
Ellacombe, nr. Minehead. 

Acland, rt. hon. sir Thomas Dyke, 11 
bart. (1644), p.c, f.r.g.s., p.l.s., f.c.s.; b. 
1809 ; m. 1, dau. of sir C. Mordaunt, 8 
bart. ; 2, 1856, Mary, dau. (d. 1892) of late 
J. Erskine ; M.A. Oxon; maj. 1 Devon 
yeom. 1872-81, lt.-col. 1 Devon vol. 
1860-81, and hon. col. from 1881; M.P. 
(c.) W. Somerset 1837-47, (l.) N. Devon 
1865-85, W. Somerset 1885-6 ; D.L., j.p. 
Devon, J.P. Somerset : Athenaeum club ; 
Killerton, Exeter ; Holnicote, Taunton. 
Acland, capt. Wm. Alison Dyke, R.N., 
f.r.g.s., eld. s. of sir Hy. W. Acland, 
1 bart., K.C.B. ; b. 1847 ; st. 1887, hon. 
Emily, dau. of late rt. hon. W. H. Smith, 
M.P., and 1 viscountess Hambleden ; at- 
tached to Chilian army in war between 
Chili and Peru 1881 ; commnr. Pacific 
1884; capt. H.M.S. "Hyacinth" 1888-9, 
" Volage " 1889 - 91, " Edgar " 1893, 
" Australia " 1894, a.d.o. to the Queen 

from 1896 ; j.p. Oxfordshire : United 
Service and Athenaeum clubs. 

A'Court, vide Holmes- A'Court. 

A'Court-Repingrton, Charles Henry 
Wyndham, M.A. Cantab, only s. of late 
It. -gen. C. A. A'Court-Repington, C.B., 
of Amington Hall, co. Warwick ; b. 
1819 ; m. 1854, Emily, only dau. of late 
H. Currie ; M.P. Wilton 1852-5 : Travel- 
lers' club. 

Acton, vide Ball- Acton. 

Acton, lord (1 baron 1869, U.K.), John 
Emerich Edwd. Dalberg Acton, D.C.L. 
(hon.) Oxon, LL.D. (hon.) Cantab, and 
St. And., F.8.A. ; b. 1834; m. 1865, Marie, 
dau. of count Arco Valley ; d.l. Salop, 
M.P. Carlow 1859-65, Bridgnorth in 1865, 
memb. senate London univ., trustee of 
British museum, a lord in waiting to the 
Queen 1892-5, prof, of modern history at 
Cambridge from 1895 : Athenaeum club ; 
Aldenham Park, Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Acton, Augustus Wood-, s. of late J. 
Wood, of Martock, Somerset, by Mary, 
niece of T. P. Stackhouse-Acton ; 6.1842; 
m. 1880, Laura Charlotte, dau. of rev. R. 
Surtees, vicar of Holtby, Yorks ; J.P. 
Somerset and Salop, J. p., d.l. Hereford- 
shire; assumed additional name of Acton 
by royal licence in 1874 : Arthur's club ; 
Acton ScottHall, Church Stretton, Salop. 

Acton, capt. Edwd. Wm. Fredk., eld. 
s. of lt.-col. E. F. Acton of Gatacre Park 
Salop, J.P., d.l. (d. 1890) ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1855, Helen, dau. (d. 1887) of W. P. 
Ranney, of St. John's, N. Brunswick ; 
j.p. Salop ; capt. late 76 foot : Consti- 
tutional club ; The Leasowes, Bridg- 

Acton, hon. Richd. Maximilian Dal- 
berg, eld. and only survg. s. of 1 baron 
Acton ; b. 1870 ; 3 sec. in H.M.'s diplo- 
matic service from 1896. 

Acton, Wm. Robert, eld. s. of W. J. 
Acton, of Wolverton Hall, Worcester- 
shire, J.P. {d. 1871) ; b. 1835 ; m. 1861, 
Sarah, eld. dau. of R. Dand, of Field 
House, Lesbury ; j.p. Worcestershire. 

Acton, hon. Maiy Elizabeth Anne 
Georgiana, 6.1866 ; hon. Annie Catherine, 
b. 1868; hon. Jeanne Marie, b. 1876, 
daus. of 1 baron Acton. 

Acworth, Henry Arbuthnot, C.I.B., 
2 s. of late N. B. Acworth, of Northaw, 
Herts, j.p. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1880, Anna M. 
G., 2 dau. of Col. C. V. Jenkins, Bo. S.C. ; 
entd. Bo. C.S. 1868, barr. LincolnV Inn 
1870, municipal commr. for city of Bom- 
bay 1890. 

Adair, maj. Allan Shafto, 4 s. of Alex. 
Adair, of Heatherton Park, Somerset (d. 
1863) ; 6. 1836 ; m. Georgiana S. dau. of 


J. G. Tumbull. of The Hall, Pinner, 
Middlx. ; served in Crimea 1856, Indian 
Mutiny 1857-58, at siege and battle of 
Azimgurh ; late capt. 13 foot ; J. P. 
Middlx. and Herts : Army and Navy 
club : Bank of England, Plymouth. 

Adair, gen. sir Charles Wm., k.c.b., 
B.M.L.I., 8. of late gen. T. B. Adair, C.B., 
K.T.S. ; b. 1822 ; to. 1849, Isabella, dau. of 
col. Thompson Aslett ; served in Syria 
1840, in Crimea 1855-6, Japan 1862-3, 
knt. Medjidie, A.D.C. to the Queen 1870-8, 
a.a.G. R. Marines 1872-6, d.a.g. 1878-83, 
ret. list 1887 : 12 Portland ter. Southsea. 
' Adair, capt. Frederick Edwd. Shaf to, 
eld. s. of sir Hugh Edwd. Adair, 3 bart.; b. 
1860; J.p. Norfolk and Suffolk, late capt. 3 
battn. Rif . brig. : Boodle's and Naval and 
Military clubs ; Flixton Hall, Bungay. 

Adair, George William, s. of Henry 
Adair; barr. of Dublin; b. 1818 ; to. Emily 
A. S. dau. (d. 1894) of Sheffield Grace, 
of Knole, Frant, D.L., J.P. ; j.p. Sussex : 
10 Fourth avenue, Hove, Brighton ; 
Union club. 

Adair, maj.-gen. Henry, s. of maj.- 

f;n. T. B. Adair, C.B. ; b. 1828 ; to. 1, 1858, 
lizabeth, dau. (d. 1890) of Wm. Navlor, 
of Hartford, Cheshire ; 2, 1892, Catherine 
A., widow of genl. Tnos. Gerrard Ball 
and youngest dau. of late rev. canon 
Jones, vicar of Llanrhaiader, Denbigh ; 
ret. 1882 as col. marine artill.: 7 Stanley 
pi. Chester. 

Adair, sir Hugh Edward,3 bart.(1838), 
2 s. of sir Robt. Shaf to Adair, 1 bart. (d. 
1869) and bro. of 1 and last baron 
Waveney ; b. 1815 ; to. 1856, Harriet C, 

teld. dau. of late Alex. Adair, of Heather- 
ton, Somerset : m.p.(l.) Ipswich 1847-74, 
J.p. Norfolk, D.L., J.P. Suffolk and co. 
Antrim : Flixton Hall, Bungay ; Little 
Casino, Aldeburgh ; The Castle, Bally- 
mena, Antrim. 

Adair, mrs. Cornelia, dau. of gen. 
Wads worth, of N. York (d. 1864) ; m. 1, 
1858, col. M. Ritchie (d. 1864) ; 2, 1867, 
John G-eo. Adair, of Rathdaire, Queen's 
co., D.l.,j.p. (d.1885) : Glenveagh Castle, 
nr. Letterkenny, co. Donegal. 
. Adair,lady. AngeliqueGabrielle,dau. 
of marq. d'Hagincourt; to. rt. hon. sir 
Robert Adair, M.P., G.c.u. (d.). 

Adam, Benjamin Addington, s. of 
Ben). Adam, of Oakham (d. 1890) ; b. 
1850 : clerk of the peace and county 
council for Rutland : Oakham. 

Adam, hon. lord. James Adam. s. of 
Jas. Adam, s.s.c. of Scotland; b. 1824; 
m. 1861, Catharine Beatson,dau. of John 
Beatson Bell, of Glenfarg, Perthshire, 

from 1876 : 34 Moray pi. Edinburgh ; 
Athenaeum, and University and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs. 

Adam, sir Charles Elphinslone,l bart. 
(1882),M.A.Ch.Ch. Oxon, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
Wm. Patrick Adam, of Blair Adam, P.c, 
m.p., c.l.E. (d.1881); 6.1859 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1885, d.l., j.p., c.c. Kinross-shire 
(convener and vice-lieut. from 1893), b.L., 
J.P. Fifeshire ; priv. sec. to parly, sec. of 
treas. 1892-4, to lord privy seal and to 
chanc. of Duchy of Lancaster (lord 
Tweedmouth) 1894-5 : 3 New sq. Lin- 
coln's inn, W. C. ; Brooks', United 
University and National Liberal clubs ; 
Blair Adam, and Barns, Kinross, N.B. 

Adam, Chas. Fox Fredk. s. of gen. rt. 
hon. sir Fredk. Adam, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 
P.C. {d. 1853) ; b. 1852 ; to. 1877, Juliet, 
dau. of late surg.-gen. Jas. C. Palmer, U.S. 
navy ; sec. to H.M.'s legation at Rio de 
Janeiro 1888-92, at Brussels 1892-7, of 
embassy at Washington from 1897. 

Adam, sir Frank Forbes, C.I.E., s. of 
late James Graham Adam, of Denovan, 
Stirlingshire ; b. 1846 ; in. 1883, Rose 
Frances, dau. of C. G. Kemball, judge of 
high court, Bombay, 1870-85 ; pres. of 
Bombay chamber of commerce 1884-8, 
pres. of Bank of Bombay 18 ; memb. 
of council of gov. of Bombay 1884-90, 
cr. c.l.E. 1886, knighted 1890 ; pres. Man- 
chester Chamber of Commerce 1894-5 ; 
is a gov. of the Imperial Institute : E. I. 
United Service and Union clubs ; Agden 
Hall, Lymm, Cheshire. 

Adam, lady. Anne L., dan. of late J- 
Maberley ; to. 1851, as his 2 wife, gen. rt. 
hon. sir F. Adam, G.C.B., g.C.m.g., p.c. 
(d. 1853) : Ravenscliff, Grove rd. Bourne- 

Adam,lady. Emily E.,C.l.,dau. of gen. 
sir Wm. Wyllie, G.C.B. ; to. 1856, rt. hon. 
W. P. Adam, p.c, M.P., D.I,., a lord of the 
treasury 1865-6, 1869-73 ; chief commissr. 
of works 1873-4 and in 1880; Liberal 
whip 1864-80 ; gov. of Madras 1880-1 
(d. 1881) ; given 1882 rank of bart.'s 
widow : Wilderness House, Hampton 
Court; Barns. Blair- Adam, N.B. 

Adams, vide Goold-Adams, or Wooll- 
combe- Adams. 

Adams, Adam, a. of Adam Adams, of 
Lowestoft ; 6. 1834 ; m. 1860, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Dunham J. Hoy, of Mattishall, 
Norfolk ; J.P. Suffolk "and Lowestoft : 
Windsor House, South Lowestoft. 

Adams, Albert Thompson, s. of John 
Adams, of Petersfield, Hants; b. 1832; to. 
1868, Isabel Amelia, dau. of J. Bourne 

N.B. ; Scotch barr. 1849, judge of session | Faviell.of Sawley Hall, Ripon, D.L.,J.P.; 




J. P. Dorset : Bellair, Whitchurch Canon- 
icorum, Charmouth, Dorset. 

Adams. Chas. Warren, 5 s. of late 
mr. serj. Adams, assist, judge Middlx. 
quart, sess. ; b. 1830 ; m. 1, 1861, 
Georgiana A., dau. of rev. Hugh Poison ; 
2, 1885, hon. Mildred 31., dau. of 1 baron 
Coleridge ; b. 1855. 

Adams, ma j. -gen. Geo. Hewish, s. of 
Adams ; b. 18 ; m. 1. Catherine, dau. 

(d. 1891) of ; 2, 189-1. Mathilde C. 

only survg. child of late Albrecht G-arlin, 
of Biickeburg. X. Germany ; late R. Irish 
Rif. ; ret. 1881. 

Adams. Henry Atherton, eld. 8. of 
late rev. fiichd. Leonard Adams, rect. 
of Shere, Surrey {d. 1875), by dau. of 2 
baron Lilf ord ; b. 1833 ; m. 1868, Mary 
Louisa, dan. of Fras. Arthur Bulley, of 
Reading ; is j.p. Essex : Wynters 
Grange, Harlow, Essex. 
Adams, gen. Henry Augustus, m. 

Johanna C. dau. (d. 1887) of ; commd. 

regt. of Bombay inf. at capture of Kotah, 
with column in pursuit of Gwalior rebels, 
1858 : Junior United Service club. 

Adams, capt. John Alex.Philipps,late 
k.a. eld. s. of J. Adams, of Holyland, 
co. Pembroke (d. 1874) ;b. 1831 ; m.1869, 
Lucy E., dau. of late E. L. Neynoe, of 
Castle Neynoe, co. Sligo ; late capt. R.A., 
J.P. Pembrokeshire: Holyland,Pembroke. 
Adams, John Warner, only child of 
late Millard Adams, of Eggington House, 
Beds ; lord of the manor of Hockliffe : 
Hockliffe House, nr. Leighton Buzzard, 

Adams, lt.-col.JosephWood Richards, 
s. of E. R. Adams, D.L., J.P. ; J.P. Surrey 
and London ; maj. (hon. It. -col. 1891) 4 
battn. (mil.) Middlx. regt. from 1890 : 
1 Whitehall gdns.AW. ; United Service, 
Conservative and National clubs. 

Adams, Llewelyn, clerk of the peace 
for Denbighshire : Ty mawr, Llanfair 
Dvffryn Clwyd, Ruthin R.S.O. and 
office, 5 Castle st. Ruthin R.S.O. Den- 

Adams, Mayow Wynell, b. 1808; 
tn. 1841, Anna Maria, dau. (d. 1895) of 
maj. Hodge, 7 hussars, by dau. of sir E. 
Bacon, premier bart. ; J.P. Kent and 
London : Athenasum club ; The Old 
House, Sydenham, S.E. 

Adams (hon.), Robt. Patten, 3 s. of 
J. W. Adams, of Martock, Somerset ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1, Harriet M., dau. of capt. 
G. King, K.N. ; 2, Kate, dau. of G. F. 
Huston, of New Norfolk, Tasmania ; 
ban. Middle Temple 1854, puisne judge 
of Tasmania from 1889: 228 Macquarie 
street, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Adams, maj. -gen. Thos. Edmund, s. 
of late hon. W. H. Adams, C.J. of Hong 
Kong ; b. 1837 ; m. 1859. Amelia E., dau. 
of late J. Howard, of Bombay : served 
in Crimea 1855, at Sebastopol, It. -col. 
(col. 1885) Derbyshire regt. 1881-6. ret. 
f. p. 1886 : Strand, Athlone, co. West- 

Adams, Wm.; m. 1864, Laura Eliza, 
dau. of late A. J. Worthington, of Ball 
Have Hall : J.P. Staffordshire : lt.-col. 
lst'batt. Staff, vol. 1867-72: Moreton 
House. Wolstanton, Staffs. 

Adams. Wm. Hy., eld. s. of W. H. 
Adams, C.J. at Hongkong (d. 1865) ; b. 
1834: 7ra.l856,Susannah R. dau. of late rev. 
David James ; J.P. Montgomeryshire, late 
capt. Montgomery yeom. : Plas Llyssyn. 
Carno, Mont. 

Adams, lady. Katharine, dau. of 
rev. T. Coker Adams, vicar of Anstey ; m. 
1843, cousin, maj.-gen. Hy. Wm. Adams. 
C.B., of Anstey Hall (d. 1854 at Scutari.of 
wounds received at Inkerman) ; was raised 
to the rank of the widow of a K.C.B : 
The Lodge, Anstey, near Coventry. 

Adams, miss, dau. of late Chas. 
Haden Adams, of Fillongley Lodge, 
Warwickshire : Fillongley Lodge, nr. 

Adams, mrs. Thomas, Wood Hall, 
Norton- by-Kempsey, Worcester. 

Adamson, lt.-col. Chas. Hy. Ellison, 
C.I.E., s. of Chas. Murray Adamson, of 
North Jesmond, Ne\vcastle-on-Tyne : 6. 
1846 ; served with Burmese expdn. 1886- 
7; lt.-col. I. S. C. 1894-6. ret. 1896, 
commr. in Burma 1891-6 : E. I. United 
Service and Jun. Army and Navy clubs. 

Adamson, Lawrence William, s. of 
Laurence Adamson, H.M.'s Seneschal of 
the Isle of Man (d. 1877) : b. 1829 ; w. 
1, 1853, Anne J., 3 dau. of John T. E. 
Flint ; 2, 1889, Sarah F., youngest dau. 
of late Wm. Swan, of Walker, Newcastle- 
on-Tyne; J.P. Northumberland and co. 
Durham : 2 Eslington rd. Newcastle- 
on-Tyne ; Union club ; Eglingham Hall, 
Alnwick, Northumberland. 

Adamson, Rushton Webber, eld. s. of 
William Rushton Adamson, of Rush- 
ton Park, Sussex, j.p. : b. 1863 ; J.P. 
Sussex, maj. Sussex artill. mil. (E. divn. 
of R.A.) from 1896 : Rushton Park, 
Battle S.O. Sussex. 

Adamson, Wm. Rushton, s. of late 
W. Adamson. of Macclesfield, Cheshire ; 
b. 1825 ; m. 1859, Fanny C, dau. of J. 
Deacon, of Woodford, Essex ; d.l., j.p. 
Sussex : RushtonPark,Battle S.O.Sussex. 

Adamthwaite, Wm. Lupton, eld. s, 
of late John Adauithwaite, of Oak Hill, 



Staffs, j.p. ; b. 1856 ; m 1885, Blanche R.. 
dan. of late rev. Thos. E. Buckworth, 
rect. of Evenlode. Worcs. J.p. : is J.P. 
(1896) Gloucestershire : The Firs, Vic- 
toria rd. Cirencester ; Jun. Athenaeum 

Adare, vise, (title which would be 
' borne by eld. s. if any living, of earl of 

Adcock, maj.gen. Alfred William, 

: lt.-col. (col.) 2 battn. Beds.regt. 1879-84, 

ret. p. 1884 : Naseby, Woodside Grange 

rd. N. Finchley, N. ; Jun. United Service 


Adcock, Wm. John. 8. of Win. Adcock. 
of Nottingham ; b. 1840 ; m. 1863, dau. 
of R. Mowle, of Dover ; J.P. Kent and 
Dover : Meiton, River, near Dover. 

Adderley, sir Augustus Jn., K.c.M.G'., 
eld. s. of late (hon.) Hy. Adderley of 
Nassau, Bahamas, and Inverness ter. W.: 
1 b. 1835 ; m. 1857, Laetitia A. eld. dau. 
of (hon.) W. H. Hall of Nassau,Bahamas; 
formerly meinb. of legisl. council of Ba- 
hamas, exec, commr. for Jamaica and the 
Bahamas at International Fisheries 
exhib. 1883, a R. commsr. and exec, 
commr. for W. Indies and B. Hon- 
duras at Colonial and Indian exhib. 1886. 
a delegate for Bahamas at Col. confer- 
ence 1887 ; J.P. Salop : 4 Douro pi. Ken- 
sington,W.; Wellington and Union clubs. 

Adderley, hon. Charles Leigh, 
eld. s. of 1 bar >n Norton ; b. 1846 ; 
t. 1870, Caroline Ellen, 3 dau. of 
sir Alexander Dixie, 10 bart. ; b.a. 
Cb. Ch. Oxon. ; priv. sec. to pres. of 
board of trade 1874-8 ; sec. to sped, 
mission to King of Spain 1878 ; D.L., j.p. 
Warwickshire, J.p. Rutland: Travellers' 
and Windham clubs : Wolverton Hall, 
nr. Pershore, Worcs. 

Adderley, hon. Hy. Arden, 2 s. of 1 
baron Norton ; b. 1854 ; m. 1881, Grace, 
young, dau. of late W. B. Stopford-Sack- 
vilie, of Drayton House,Northants.; D.L., 
J.P. Warwickshire ; It. Warwickshire 
yeom. 1877-96, hon. capt. 1896 : Windham 
club ; Fillongley Hall, nr. Coventry. 

Adderley, Hubert John Broughton. 
eld. s. of J. L. Broughton, of Tunstall 
Hall and Almington Hall, Staffs. ; b. 
1860 ; m. 1886, hon. Florence Margaret, 
dau. of 4 baron Castlemaine ; b. 1862 ; 
lord of the manors of Barlaston and 
Coton, Staffs. ; assumed addtl. name of 
Adderley in 1886; J.P. (1896) Staffs: 
Barlaston Hall, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Adderley, rev. the hon. Jas. Gran- 
ville, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon. 5 s. of 1 baron 
Norton ; b. 1861 : curate of St. Philip's, 
Plaistow, E. from 1894. 

Adderley, rev. the hon. Reginald Ed- 
mund, M.A., Ch.Ch., Oxon.; 4 s. of 1 baron 
Norton ; b. 1857 : vicar of Chesterfield, 
1888-92, Tait missioner of Canterbury 
Diocese, 1892-4 ; rect. of Horselydown, 
S.E. from 1894 : St. John's Rectory, 
Hoiselydown, S.E. 

Adderley, Wm. Alsager, j.p. Staffs : 
Lightwood Chase, nr. Longton, Staffs. 

Adderley, hon. Anna Maria Mar- 
gerette ; hon. Caroline Jane ; hon. 
Frances Georgina Mary ; hon. Evelyn 
Augusta ; daus. of 1 baron Norton. 

Addington, loid (2 baron U.K. 1887). 
Egerton Hubbard, V.D., M.A. Oxon, eld. s. 
of 1 baron, P.c.(dl889),bydau. of 8 baron 
Napier of Merchistoun : b. 1842 ; m. 
1880, Mary A., 3 dau. of Wyndham S. 
Portal,Malsbanger,Hants : J.P.Bucks and 
county aldrm., partner in John Hubbard 
and Co., Russia merchants ; lt.-col. (hon. 
col. 1895) 1 Bucks R.V. from 1891, m.p. 
(c.) Buckingham 1874-80, N. Bucks 
1886-9 : 24 Princes gate, S.W. ; Carlton 
club ; Addington House, Winslcw, 

Addington, maj.-gen. hon. Chas. Jn., 
5 s. of 2 visc.Sidmouth ; b. 1832 ; m. 1862, 
Nelly H. 2 dau. of A. Miller Mundy,Ship- 
ley Hall, Derby ; in Crimea and Indian 
mutiny, knt. Medjidie, col. commndg. 
35 regl. dist. 1877-83, a.A. and q.M.cj. 
Cork dis. 1884-5, commanding troops at 
Shorncliffe 1885-6, maj.-gen. 1886, ret. p. 
1890 ; J.P. Berks : United Service club ; 
Gower Lodge, Windsor. 

Addington, hon. Fras. Chas.Bathurst, 
4 s. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1861 ; It. R.N. 
from 1884. 

Addington, hon. Gerald Anthony 
PellewBagnall,eld. s. of 3 visc.Sidmouth; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1881, Ethel Mary, only dau. of 
late capt. L. C. H. Tonge, R.N., of High- 
way, Wilts ; J.P. Devon : Jun. Carlton 
club ; Up. Ottery Manor, Honiton, Devon. 

Addington, capt. hon. Harold Wm. 3 
s. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; *. 1860 ; m. 1887, 
Constance, dau. of C. Clairmonte ; capt. 
r.a. from 1889. 

Addington, capt. hon. Herbert Hiley 
Stafford, 2 s. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 
1859; It. 2 battn.Glo'stershire regt.1882-9, 
capt. R. Fus. 1889-96. 

Addington, hon. Eliza Anne, dau. of 
2 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1839. 

Addison, John, M. Inst. c.E. ; s. of 
John Addison, of Eggleston ; 6. 1820 ; 
m. 1845, Isabella, dau. (d. 1891) of John 
Green, of Newcastle-on-Tvne ; J.p. Cum- 
berland : The Castle Hill, Maryport. 

Addison (his honor, judge), John 
Edmund Wentworth, Q.C., b.a. Dublin, 



3 s. of lt.-col. H. R. Addison ; b. 1838; 
tn. 1873, Alice, dau. {d. 1894) of Joseph 
M'Keand. Manchester ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1862, bencher 1883, Q.C. 1880, 
rec. of Preston 1874-90 ; chm. of quart. 
sfess. for the Salford Hundred divn. of 
Lancashire from 1893, judge of county 
courts of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire 
(circuit No. 32) from 1895, J. P. (1893) 
Lancashire, m.p. (c.) Ashton-under-Lyne 
1885-95 : 32 Norfolk sq. W. ; 1 Dr. 
Johnson's bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Carlton 

Addison. John Geo. s. of John Addi- 
son, of Monkwearmouth ; j.p. (1894) co 
Durham : South View, East Boldon, nr. 

Addy, Jas. Jenkin ; is J.p. (1895) W. 
R. Yorks. : Hodroyd Hall, South Heind- 
ley, Barnsley. 

Adeane. Chas. Robt. Whorwood. 
only s. of H. J. Adeane, of Babraham 
Hall, co. Cambridge, M.P. (d. 1870), by 
eld dau. of 4 earl of Hardwicke ; b. 
1863 ; tn. 1888, Madeline P. C. B. 2 dau. 
of hon. Percy S., b. 1869 : J. P., 
D.L. Cambridgeshire ; It. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Suffolk 1884-90 : 34 Cadogan sq. 
S.W. ; Babraham Hall, nr. Cambridge. 

Adeane, vice-adml. Edw. Stanley, 
C.M.G., F.R.G.S., bro. of late H. J. Adeane. 
M.P. ; b. 1836 ; to, lady Edith I., dau. of 14 
earl of Carnwath, b. 1843 ; D.L., J.P. Cam- 
bridgeshire, J.P. Middlx.,in Baltic during 
Russian war, commd. " Tenedos " at 
Cape in Zulu war 1879, H.M.'s ship 
u Ajax" from 1886 : 28 Eaton pi. S.W. 

Adelaide, 3 bp. of (1847). rt. rev. 
John Reginald Harmer, M.A. Cantab, 
and Durh., s. of Harmer ; b. 1858 ; tn. 
189 , Miss Somers-Cocks, niece of 5 
baron Somers ; bp. of Adelaide from 
1895 : Bishop's *Court, Adelaide, S. 

Ad kin s. Henry, J.p. (1873) Stafford- 
shire : Leyhill, Northfield, Birmingham. 
Adkins. Thos., f.r.g.s., s. of late 
John Caleb Adkins, of Milcote, nr. 
Stratf ord-on-Avon ; b. 1836 ; to. 1874, 
Agnes Margret. dau. of late Henry Best 
Sowdon, of Stratford-on-Avon ; H. M. 
consular service in China 1855-79 ; J.p. 
Warwickshire andWorcestershire : Athe- 
naeum and Jun. Constitutional clubs ; 
Long Hyde, near Evesham. 

Adlain. William, f.s.a.. onlv s. of late 
J.Adlam; 6.1814; m.l848,Sophia Harford, 
only dau. of P. Parker, of Chew Magna ; 
D.L., J.P. Somerset : Royal Societies 
club ; Manor House,ChewMagna,Bristol. 
Adrian, Alfred Douglas, c.B., b.a. 
Lond., only s. of kiteE. Adrian, formerly 

[ of local govt, board ; b. 1845 ; m 
Flora Lavinia, youngest dau. of Chas. 
Howard Barton, formerly of Castle 
Hill, Reading ; barr. Middle Temple 
1869, assist, sec. to local govt, board 
from 1883 : 40 Elsworthy rd. Primrose 
hill, N.W. ; office local govt, board, 
Whitehall, S.W. 

Adye. rev. Fras. Wm., m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of D. G. Adye, of Markyate Cell, 
Beds., D.L., J.P.(rf. 1872) ; b. 1821 ; w.1858, 
Mary B.dau of T.Oliver.of Child Okeford, 
Dorset : J.P. Herts and Beds., patron, 
and vicar of Markyate Street, Beds, 
1847-85 : Gombards, St. Albans. 

Adye, gen. sir John Miller, k.a., 
g.c.b., s. of maj. Jas. P. Adye, r.a. ; b. 
1819 ; to. 1856, Mary, dau. of late adm. 
hon. sir Montagu Stopford, K.C.B.; 
a.a.g. of artill. in Crimea, at Alma, 
Balaclava and Inkerman, and in Indian 
mutiny, 4 class Medjidie, commdr. leg. of 
hon. ; on spec, service 1863 against tribes 
on Indian N. W. frontier ; d.a.g. 
Bengal 1863-6, hon. col. 3 Kent artill. vol. 
from 1870 ; director of artill. and stores 
1870-5 ; gov.of royal mil.acad.Woolwich, 
1875-80 jsurveyor-gen.of ordnancel880-2; 
col. commdt. r.a. from 1881 : chief of 
staff of expedy. force to Egypt 1882, 
grand cross Medjidie ; gov. of Gibraltar 
1883-6, ret. p. 1886 : 92 St. George's sq. 
S.W. ; United Service club. 

Affleck, sir Robert, 7 bart. (1782) ; s. 
of 6 bart. (d. 1882) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1886, 
Julia G., 2 dau. of J. S. Prince, of 
Queen's Gate gdns. S.W. : is D.L., j.p. 
Suffolk : Dalham Hall, nr. Newmarket. 
Affleck, dow.-lady. Maria E.eld. dau. 
of E. S. Burton, of Churchill, Daventry ; 
to. 1850. sir Robt. Affleck, 6 bar: 
1882) : Highlands, Framfield S.O. Sus- 
Africa, East, bp. in. vide Zanzibar. 
Africa, Eastern Equatorial, bp. in, 
vide Eastern Equatorial Africa. 

Africa. Western Equatorial, bp. in, 
vide Western Equatorial Africa. 

Agar, hon. Francis William Arthur 
Ellis,4 s. of 3 earl of Normanton ; 6.1J-73 : 
It. 4 battn. (mil.) Bedfordshire regt. 
1892-4: 22 Ennisniore gdns. S.W. ; 
Wellington club. 

Agar, hon. Herbert Welbore Ellis, s. 
of 2 earl of Normanton ; b. 1823 ; m. 1871, 
Helen M.,dau. of late J. A. Gibson,memb. 
legisl. council, Tasmania : Stanton House, 
Stanton Fitzwarren. Wilts. 

Agar, Joseph, eld. s. of Benj. Agar, of 
York ; b. 1832 ; to. 1855. Jane, dau. of 
Jas. Chadwick, j.p. of York ; J.r. N.R. 
YTorks., j.p. and aldmn. York, lord mayor 



1881-2 and 1888-90 : Kilburn House, 
Fulford rd. York. 

Agar, Wm. Talbot, only s. of late W. 
Agar, Q.C. ; b. 1815; m. 1, dau. of W. 
Reed ; 2, dau. of late sir Alex. Ciichton ; 
3,1873,Sarah F.,dau. of late F. R. Willan, 
of Hillingdon Grange, Mddlx. : Mil- 
ford House, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, 
Hants ; St. Mary's Lodge, Pine grove, 
Weybridge, Surrey. 

Agar, lady. dau. of 4 earl of Norman- 
ton ; b. 1896. 

Agrar, lady Mary Beatrice, 2 dau. of 
3 earl of Normanton ; b. 1859. 

Agar, miss Harriet E. youngest dau. of 
John Agar J. p., d.l. {d. 1871): Brock- 
field, York. 

Agar-Ellis, hon. Harriet, 6. 18 ; 
dau. of 5 vise. Clifden. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Alex. Geo., 5 
survg. s. of 2 baron Robartes ; 6. 1895. 

Agar-Robartes. hon. Arthur Victor, 
3 survg. s. of 2 baron Robartes ; b. 1887. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Cecil Edwd. 4 
survg. s. of 2 baron Robartes ; b. 1892. 

Agar-Robartes, hon.Francis Gerald, 
2 s. of 2 baron Robartes ; b. 1883. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Thomas Chas. 
Reginald, eld. s. of 2 baron Robartes ; b. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Mary Vere, b. 

1879 ; hon. Julia Caroline Everilda, b. 

1880 ; hon. Edith Violet Kathleen, b. 
1888 ; hon. Constance Margaret, b. 1890 ; 
daus. of 2 baron Robartes. 

Agg, col. Wm., onlys. of late Wm. 
Jno.Agg, J.P. {d. 1876) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1861, 
Beatrix S., youngest dau. of late Jno. 
Barr, Treehorn, Ayrshire ; in Bur- 
mese war 1852-3, at Rangoon, Bassein, 
and Prome ; late 51 foot ; j.p. Glo'ster- 
shire : Jun. United Service club ; The 
Hewletts, near Cheltenham. 

Agg-Gardner, Jas. Tynte, eld. s. o* 
late Jas. Agg-Gardner, Hadley House, 
Cheltenham (d. 1858) ; b. 1846 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1873 ; J.P. Gloucestershire, 
lord of the manor of Cheltenham, m.p. 
(C.) Cheltenham 1874-80 and 1885-95: 
Carlton, St. Stephen's, Garrick and Jun. 
Carlton clubs ; Evesham House, Chelten- 

Aglionby, col. Arthur, c.b., s. of R. 
Cooper ; b. 1832 ; m. only dau. (d. 1885) 
of Chas. Fetherstonhaugh, of Staf- 
field Hall, Cumb. ; served in Indian 
mutiny campaign 1857-8, Abyssinian 
campaign 1867-8, assumed by royal 
licence name of Aglionby in 1885, patron 
of one living, j.p. Cumberland : United 
Service club ; Stafiield Hall, Carlisle. 

Agnew, vide Vans-Agnew. 

Apnew, sir Andrew Noel, 9 bait. 
(1629), LL.B.cantab., eldest s. of 8 bart. 
(d. 1892) by dau. (d. 1883) of 1 earl of 
Gainsborough; 6.1850; m. 1889, Gert- 
rude, dau. of the late hon. Gowran C. 
Vernon ; barr. Inner Temple 1874, d.l., 
J.P.Wigtownshire (vice-lieut:from 1893): 
16 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Lochnaw Castle, 
Stranraer, Wigtownshire. 

Agnew, Geo. Wm., m.a., s. of sir Wm. 
Agnew, 1 bart., of Summer Hill, J.P.; 
b. 1852; m. 1878, Fanny, dau. of J. S. 
Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Not folk ; is J.P. 
(1893) Lancashie: Devonshire club; 
Summer Hill, Ptrdleton, Manchester. 

Agnew, hon. s:r Jas. Wilson, k.c.m.g., 
M.d. Hobart, v.p.r.8., of Tasmania, s. of 
J. W. Agnew, of Ballyclare, co. Antrim ; 
b. 1815 ; memb. legisl. council, Tasmania, 
1877-81 and 1884-7, memb. (without 
portfolio) of ministries, 1877-8-9-81, 
prem. and chief sec. 1886-7 : Hobart, 

Agnew, sir Stair, k.c.b., m.a. Cantab., 
p.r.s.e. and f.s.a. Scot., 5 s. of sir A. 
Agnew,7bart.;6. 1831; m. 1870, Georgina, 
dau. of G. M. Nisbett, of Cairnhill ; late 
lieut. 9 foot ; J.P. Wigtownshire ; Scotch 
barr. 1860 ; legal sec. to Lord Advocate 
for Scotland 1861-6, and 1868-70; 
Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remem- 
brancer for Scotland 1870-81 ; registrar- 
gen, for Scotland, and keeper of the 
records there from 1881 : 22 Bucking- 
ham ter. Edinburgh. 

Agnew, sir Wm., 1 bart. (1895), eld. s. 
of late Thomas Agnew, of Manchester ; 
b. 182~5 ; m. 1851, Mary, dau. (d. 1892) of 
Geo. Pixton Kenworthy, of Manchester, 
and Peel Hall, Lanes ; J.P. Lancashire, 
Manchester and Salford ; chm. of Brad- 
bury, Agnew and Co. Lim., publishers, 
Whitefriars, E.C. ; m.p. (l.) S.E. Lanca- 
shire 1880-5, Stretford divn. 1885-6 : 11 
Gt. Stanhope st., W. ; Reform and 
Devonshire clubs, S.W. 

Agnew, Wm. Lockett, s. of Thos. 
A.gnew, of Manchester ; b. 1858 ; m. 1884, 
Augusta, dau. of late F. Sheil, of Bear- 
forest, Mallow ; is J.P. Lancashire: 11 
Portman sq. W. ; Fairhope, Eccles, Man- 
chester ; Altyre, Forres, N.B. 

Aiken, vide Chetwood- Aiken. 

Aikenhead, mrs. Frances Annie, dau. 
of J. Davison, of Durham ; m. 1864, 
Robert Aikenhead, of Otterington Hall, 
Yorks., J.P. (d. 1895) : Otterington Hall, 

Aikins (hon.) Jas. Cox, s. of James 
Aikins, of co. Peel, Ontario ; b. 1823 ; 
m. 1845, dau. of John Somerset, of co. 


Peel, Ontario ; P.C. Canada, 1869. sec.^of 
state and registr.-gen. Canada, 1869-73. 
1878-80, min. of Inland rev. 1880-2, lt.- 
gov. of Manitoba 1882-8 : Toronto, On- 

Aikman, vide Robertson- Aikman. 

Aikman (hon.) Robt. Smith, m.a. : 
entd. I.S.C. 1865. actg. judge of high 
court at Allahabad in 1892 and 1894-6, 
puisne judge from 1896 : Allahabad, 
N.W.P. India. 

Ailesbury, 5 marq. of (1821, u. K.). 
Hy. Aug. Brudenell-Bnxce ; 3 s. of 3 
marq. and un?le of 4 imarq. (d. 1894 1 ; b 
1812 ; at. 1870, Georga na, dau. of G. H 
Pinckney, of Tawstock Court, Devon ; 
2nd titles earl of Cardigan and vise 
Savernake ; J.P. Wilts, capt. late 9 ft. 
maj.(hon. lt.-col. 1886)3 battn. (mil.) 
Wilts regt. 1882-6. M.P. (c.) N.W. Wilts 
1886-92: 36 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Cirlton 
club ; Leigh Hill, Savernake Forest, nr. 
Hungerford ; Villa Marbella, Biarritz, 

Ailesbury, Do-othy, marchioness of, 
eld. dau. of Thos. Has^ley. of B ighton ; 
to. 1884, 4 marq. of Ailesbury (d. 1894) : 
20 Lower Sloane st. S.W. 

Ailsa, 3 marq.of (1831, U.K.). Archibald 
Kennedy, eld. s. of 2 marq. (d. 1870) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1, 1871, hon. Evelyn, dau. {d. 
1888) of 12 baron Blantyre ; 2, 1891, 
Isabella, only dau. of late Hugh 
McMaster, of Kausani, N. W. P. India ; 
2nd tit. earl of Cassillis : late capt. 
coldstr. gds. ; It. commdg. R.x. a. v. 
Clyde brig. 1887-92, D.L., J.P. co. Ayr : 
65 Lancaster gate, W. ; Culzean Castle, 
Maybole, Ayr. 

Ailsa, Julia, marchioness of, 2 dau. of 
sir Richd. Mounteney Jephson, 1 bart.; 
to. 1846. 2 marq.^of Ailsa (d. 1870): 19 
Pont st. S.W. ; Lovel Hill House, Cran- 
bourne, Windsor. 

Ainger, rev. canon Alfred, ll.d.,m.a. 
Cantab., s. of late Alfred Ainger, Lon- 
don ; b. 1837 ; canon of Bristol from 
1887, master of the Temple from 1894. 
chaplain in ordy. to the Queen from 1896 : 
Master's House, Temple, E.C. ; The 
Cathedral, Bristol. 

Ainscougrh. Richd., s. of Hugh Ains- 
cough. of Lancaster House, Parbole ; b. 
1856 ; to. 1892, Mary, dau. of Jas. Duck- 
worth, of Accrington ; is J.P. (1894) 
Lancashire : Burscough Corn Mills, 
Lathom, Oimskirk, Lanes. 

Ainslie, Ainslie Douglas, 2 s. of J. 
C. Grant-Duff, of Eden, co. Aberdeen (d. 
1858) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1863, Frances, d m. of 
E. J. Morgan : in H.M.'s diplomatic ser- 
vice 1859-66, barr. Middle Temple 1874, 

D L. Aberdeenshire: assumed in 1866 
name of Ainslie : Athenaeum and Reform 
clubs : Delgaty Castle, Turriff, N.B. 

Ainslie ven. Alex. Colvin, m.a. Oxon., 
ll.d. Lambeth, canon of Wells from 
1895, archdn. of Taunton from 1896, vicar 
from 1891 of Over Stowey. Bridgwater, 

Ainslie. Aymer, J.P. Lancashire. 

Ainslie, Gilbert, eld. s. of rev. G. 
Ainslie, D.D., of Hall Garth (d. 1870) ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1866, Eliza, eld. dan. of late S. 
Mendel,of the Manor House, Chislehurst; 
D.L. Cambridgeshire : Kellet Lodge, 
Tennis Court rd. Cambridge. 

Ainsworth. lt.-col. David, b.c.l. 
Cantab, 4 and only survg. s. of T. Ains- 
worth. of Backbarrow, Lanes. (</. 1- 
b. 1823 ; to. 1860, Mary J. L. dau. of W. 
Clare, of Hindley House, Walton Breck, 
Liverpool ; barr. Inner Temple 1849, late 
maj. (hon. lt.-col.) 3 battn. (mil.) S. Lane, 
regt. and lt.-col.commdg. 10 Lane. R.V. ; 
D.L., J.P. Lancashire: Broughton Hall, 
Grange-over-Sands R.S.O. Lancashire ; 
Jan. United Service club. 

Ainsworth. David, eld. s. of Thomas 
Ainsworth, J.P., of the Flosh, nr. White- 
haven, Cumb3rland {d. 1881) : b. 1842 : m. 
1 874, Margaret, 2 dau. of late H.M'Connel, 
of Cressbrook, Derbyshire; D.L., J.P. 
Cumberland ; J.P. Lancashire : M.P. (l.) 
W. Cumberland 1880-5 and 1892-5 : 29 
Pont st. S.W. ; Reform and Devonshire 
clubs ; The Flosh, Cleator, Carnforth. 

Ainsworth. Geo., s. of Samuel Ains- 
worth, of Macclesfield, Cheshir 
1850 ; to. 1873, Annie E. S., dau. of Jas. 
Campbell, of Workington. Cumberland ; 
is J.P. (1896) co. Durham : Selbv Lodge, 
Conett R.S.O. co. Durham. 

Ainsworth, John Stirling, s. of Thos. 
Ainsworth, of The Fiosh, Cleator, Cum- 
berland ; b. 1844 ; to. 1879, Margaret C, 
dau. of Robt. Reid Macredie ; J.P. Cum- 
berland (sheriff 1891 ), lt.-col. 1 (Cumber- 
land; vol. battn. Border regt. from 1894 : 
Harecrof t, Gosforth, Cumberland ; Arda- 
naiseig, Loch Awe, A rgyllshire. 

Ainsworth. col. Richd. Hy., only a. 
of late J. H. Ainsworth, of Moss Bank, 
Bolton; b. 1839; to. 1866, Isabella M., 
3 d iu. of rev. J. J. Vaughan, rect. of 
Gotham, Notts ; lt.-col. (hon. col. 1885) 
Duke of Lancaster's own yeom. 1884- 
90 ; j.p. Lancashire, sheriff for North- 
ants 1882 : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Smithills Hall, and Moss Bank, Bolton ; 
Win wick Warren, Rugby. 

Ainsworth, Walton, s. of Joseph 
Ainsworth, of Bolton, Lancashire ; b. 
1837 ; to. Mary Susan, dau. of late 



Nicholas Duckworth, of Elmswood 
House, Liverpool ; j.r. Lancashire : 
Beech House, Rivington, nr. Chorley, 

Aird, John, s. of John Aird, of co. 
Bops; b. 1833; m. 1854, Sarah, dau. of 
Benjn. Smith of Deptford, Kent ; one of 
H. M.'s Lieutenants for the City of 
London ; hon. It. -col. Eng. and Railway 
vol. staff corps ; m.p. (c.) N. Paddington 
from 1887: 14 Hyde Park ter. W. ; 
Carlton, Jun. Carlton, and Constitu- 
tional clubs. 

Airey, gen. sir Jas. Talbot, k.c.b., 
s.of late lt.-gen. sir Geo. Airey, K.C.H.; in 
Affghanistanl841-2,in Gwalior campaign 
1843 at Punniar, in Crimea as a.q.M.G. of 
light divn. at Alma, Balaclava and In- 
kerman, q.M.g. Kertch in 1855 under sir 
G. Brown and at Sebastopol, knt. leg. 
hon. and Medjidie, late coldst. gds. ; 
col. Inniskilling fus. from 1886 ; ret. list 
1881 : 114 Victoria st. S.W ; United 
Service and Marlborough clubs. 

Airlie, 10 earl of (1639, Sco.Rep. peer). 
David Stanley Drummond Ogilvy, eld. 
s. of 9 earl, K.T. {d. 1881) ; b. 1856 ; m 
1886, lady Mabell F. eld. dau. of 5 earl of 
Arran ; b. 1866 ; 2nd tit. baron Ogilvy ; 
D.L. Forfarshire, maj. 10 huss. 1892-7 ; 
adjt. 1883-4, maj. 2 drag. gds. from 
1897, adjt. Hampshire yeom. 1889-93 ; 
brig. maj. of Desert column Nile 
expedn. 1884-5, hon. col. 3 vol. 
battn. Black Watch from 1895 ; Suakim, 
1884: Marlborough and Army and Navy 
clubs ; Cortachy Castle and Airlie Castle, 

Airlie, dow.-countess of, Henrietta 
Blanche, dau. of 1 baron Stanley of 
Alderley, 6. 1830 ; m. 1851, 9 earl of 
Airlie, K.T. (d. 1881) : 4 Lowndes sq. 
S.W. ; Airlie Castle, Kirriemuir, Forfar. 

Aitchison, gen. Charles Temngton, 
C.B., s. of late gen. Andrew Aitchison ; 
in S. Mahratta 1844-5, brig .-maj. in 
Persia 1856-7, in Indian mutiny 1857-8, 
commd. Bombay dist. 1877-84 ; gen. 
I.S.C. 1889, on U.S. list 1881. 

Aitchison, Geo., a.r.a., s. of late Geo. 
Aitchison, of 6 Muscovy court, E.C. ; 
b. 1792 ; m. 1825, Maria, dau. (d. 1884) of 
W. Freeman ; prof, of architecture at R. 
Academy from 1887 : 150 Harley st. W.; 
Athenaeum club. 

Ai tchison,rear-adml. Henry Compton, 
s. of vice-adml. Robt. Aitchison, of 
Shrub's Hill, Hants ; b. 1844 ; m. 1889, 
Constance Fanny, dau. of Fredk. Astell 
Lushington, of Rosiere, Lyndhurst, 
Hants ; rear-adml. on ret. list 1896 : 

Naval and Military club ; Shrub's Hill, 
Lyndhurst R.S.O. Hants. 

Aitchison, brig.-surg. Jas. Edwd. 
Tierney, M.D., C.I.E., ll.d. Edin., f.r.s. 
(Edin. and Lon.), s. of late maj. J. 
Aitchison, H.E.l.c.s. ; b. 1835 ; m. 1862, 
Eleanor C., dau. of R. Craig ; Bengal 
med. est. 1858-88, in Afghan war 1878 ; 
ret. 1888: Leyden House, Mortlake,S.W.; 
Caledonian United Service (Edin.) club. 

Aitchison, lady. Beatrice L. dau. of 
Jas. Cox, of Clement Bank, Forfarshire ; 
in. 1863, sir Chas. Umpherston Aitchison, 
K.C.S.I., CLE. (d. 1896) : St.Christopher's, 
Banbury rd. Oxford. 

Aitken, Thomas, j.p. Lancashire : 

Aitken, lt.-cpl. Wm., c.b., r.a., served 
in Afghan war 1878-80, Mahsood 
Wuzeeree expdn. 1881, Burmese expdn. 
1886-7, Chitral relief force 1895. 

Aitken, gen. Wm. David, r.a., s. of 
late John Aitken, of Hadley, Middlx. ; 
b. 1822 ; m. 1849, Margaret, dau. of late 
Geo. Cunningham, of Lansdowne cres. 
Bath ; in Persia 1856-7, in Rajpootana 
and Central India 1857-9 ; col. commdt. 
R.a. from 1886 : 27 Brunswick pi. 
Brighton ; Constitutional club. 

Aitken, lady. Emily C. Allen; m. 
1884, sir Wm. Aitken, M.D., prof, of 
Pathology, army medical school, Netley 
hosp. 1860-92 {d. 1892) : 47 The Crescent, 

Aiyar,hon.Diwan Bahadur Subbaiyar 
Subramaniya, CLE., a judge of high court 
of judicature at Madras from 1895. 

Akerman,hon.sir John Wm.,K.c.M.G., 
s. of late rev.J.Akerman ; 6.1825 ; speaker 
of legisl. council of Natal 1880, 1882 
and from 1883 : Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Akers-Douglas, rt. hon. Aretas, P.O., 
eld. s. of late rev. Aretas Akers, Mailing 
Abbey, Kent, by dau. of F. Hollis Bran- 
dram, Tunbridge Wells ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1875, Adeline Mary, dau. of H. Austen- 
Smith, Hayes Court, Kent ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1874 ; assumed by royal licence 
addtl. name of Douglas 1875 ; J.P. co. 
Edinburgh, D.L., J.p. cos. Dumfries and 
Kent ; It. E. Kent yeom. 1877-90 ; parly, 
sec. to the treas. 1885-6 and 1886-92; 
chief commr. of works from 1895 ; M.P. 
(C.) East Kent from 1880 : 106 Mount 
st. W. ; Carlton and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Chilston Park, Maidstone ; Baads, West 
Calder, Edinbro',N.B. ; Craigs, Dumfries, 

Alabaster, sir Chaloner, k.c.M.g., s. 
of J. C. Alabaster; b. 1838; m. 1875, 
Laura, dau. of dr. D. J. Macgowan, of 
New York ; consul at Taiwan 1873, 



Ningpo 1876, Tientsin and Peking 1877, 
Canton 1886, H.M.'s consul-gen. at 
Canton 1891-3 : Dib Aram, Sea rd. Bos- 
combe, Bournemouth. 

Albany, h.r.h. 2 duke of (1881), 
Leopold diaries Ed-ward George 
Albert, only s. of 1 duke (d. 1884) and 
grandson of h.m. the Queen ; b. 19 July, 
1884 : 2 tit. earl of Clarence. 

Albany, h.r.h. duchess of, Helen 
F. A., C.I., dau. of H.s.H. George Victor, 
late reigning prince of Waldeck and Pyr- 
mont ; b. 17 Feb. 1861 ; m. 27 April, 1882, 
H.R.H. Leopold, 1 duke of Albany, K.G. 
(d. 28 March, 1884) ; lady of justice of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem : Clare- 
mont, Esher. 

Albemarle, 8 earl of (1696, Eng.), 
Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel, eld. s. of 7 
earl, P.C., K.c.M.G., A.n.c. (d. 1894), by 2 
dau. of sir Allan N. M'Nab, 1 and last 
bart. ; b. 1858 ; M. 1881, hon. Gertrude 
Lucia, only child of 2 baron Egerton of 
Tatton ; 2nd tit. vise. Bury ; It. Dorset 
mil. 1876, It. scots gds. 1878, lt-col. 
commdt. 12 Middlx. R.V. from 1892. 
D.L., J.P. Norfolk, m.p. (c.) Birkenhead 
1892-4 : 7 St. James' sq. S.W. ; Quiden- 
ham Park, Thetford, Norfolk. 

Albemarle, dow.-countess of. Sophia 
M. 2 dau. of sir Allan Napier M'Nab, 1 
bart. Canada (ext. ), prim. min. of 
Canada and A.D.C. to the Queen; m. 
1855, 7 earl of Albemarle, r.C K.C.M.o.. 
{d. 1894) : 53 Lowndes sq. B.W. 

Albright, Geo. Stacey, 2 s. of Arthur 
Albright, of Edgbaston, co. Warwick : 
6. 1855 ; m. 1883, I. M., dau. of Smith 
Harrison, of Woodford, Essex ; J.P. 
Worcestershire : New University club ; 
The Eltns, Somerset rd. Edgbaston, Bir- 

Alcock. Chas. Wm.,s. of Chas. Alcock, 
of Chingford, Essex, J.P.; b. 1842 : m. 
1864, Eliza Caroline, dau. of late Eras. 
Oxenden.of Crayford, Kent ; is J.P. (1895) 
Surrey : Heathlands, Kew rd. Richmond, 

Alcock, John, m.r.c.s. Eng., s. of 
Samuel Alcock, of Burslem ; 6.1833: 
hi. 1862, Emily, dau. of S. King, solicitor, 
London ; 2, 1877, Mary. dau. of G. 
Bowers, of Brownhills, Tunstall ; J.p. 
(1894) Staffs: Portland House, New- 
castle st. Bnrslem. Staffs. 

Alcock, Nelson Chapman, s. of late 
Henry Alcock, of Berscote. nr. Leaming- 
ton j b. 18 ; in. 1895, hon Evelyn E. 3 
dau. of 1 baron St. Levan. b. 1866. 

Alcock, capt. Philip Clayton, eld. s. of 
capt. Philip Savage Alcock, late 95 regt. 
by Catherine Annette, co-heiress of late 

Richd. Clayton Browne Clayton and 
nephew of Harrv Alcock. of Wilton 
Castle, co. Wexford, d.t... J.p. (d. 1 - 
h. 18t!l ; late capt. Gloucestershire regt : 
Jon. Constitutional and Kildare Street 
(Dublin) clubs : Wilton Castle. Ennis- 
corthy, co. Wexford. 

Alcock. sir Rutherford, K.C.B., D.o.t,. ; 
b. 1809 ; m. 1, dau. of Charles Bacon ; 2, 
widow of rev. John Lowder, British chap- 
lain at Shanghai ; surgeon of marine 
brigade in Portugal 1833-4, with Span- 
ish legion under sir De Lacy Evans as 
depy. insp.-gen. of hosps.1835-7, commdr. 
of order of Isabella of Spain, and of 
Charles III., K.T.8., consul at Shanghai 
1846, at Canton 1854, consul-gen. in Japan 
1858, env. ex. and min. plen. in Japan 
L859-65, in China 1865-71. pres. of R.G.S., 
knt. of grace of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem : 30 Old Queen st. S.W. ; 
Athenaeum club. 

Alcock-Beck. maj. Wm., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of late W. Towers, of Sawrey, 
Lancashire; b. 1834; ret. maj. 10 Lanes. 
R.V. ; assumed names of Alcock-Beck in 
lien of Towers, 1855 : j.p. Lancashire : 
Esthwaite Lodge, Hawkshead, Lanes. 
Aldam. vide Warde-Aldam. 
Aldenham, lord (1 baron, 1896, U.K.). 
Henry Hucks Gibbs, f.s.a.. f.r.g.s., s.of 
Geo. Hv. Gibbs, of Aldenham, Herts i d. 
1842) ; h. 1819 : m. 1845, Louisa A. .3 dau. 
of Wm. Adams,LL.D..of Thorpe. Surrey : 
one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of 
London, J.P. Herts (sheriff 1884) and 
Middlesex, a director of Bank of England. 
M.p. (c.)City of London 1891-2, raised to 
the peerage 1896: St. Dunstan's, Regent's 
park, N.W.; Carlton, Jun. Carlton, City 
Carlton, Constitutional, Burlington Fine 
Arts and Athenaeum clubs ; Aldenham 
House, nr. Elstree, Herts. 

Alder, Wm., j.p. (1896) Northumber- 

Aldersey, Hugh, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of Thos. Aldersey, of Aldersey Hall, 
Cheshire ; b. 1858 ;" i. 1888, Evelyn, dau. 
of rev. Fras. Coalman Royds. rect. of 
Coddington ; J.P. Cheshire : Crooke, 
Aldersey, Chester. 

Aldersey, Thos., s. of S. Aldersev, of 
Aldersev Hall. Chesbire(</. 1855) ; b. 1830 ; 
m. 1856,'Rose S., 2 dau. (d. 1887) of rev. G. 
B. Blomfield, canon of Chester : Aldersey 
Hall, Chester. 

Alderson, Chas. Hy.. 2 s. of late sir E. 
H. Alderson, a baron of the Exchequer ; 
b. 1830; barr. Inner Temple 1855, sen. 
insp. of schools, 1882-5, 2 charity commr. 
'from 1885 : 40 Beaufort gdns. S.W. 



Alderson, maj.-gen. sir Henry Jas., 
K.C.B., R.A. served throughout Crimean 
campaign, at Alma, Inkerman and Sebas- 
topol, director of artilly. and stores 1884- 
91, pres. of ordnance committee 1891-6, 
ret. p. 1896 : 6 Hyde Park st. W.; United 
Service club ; Oakfield, Bracknell. 

Alderson-Smith, Geo., s. of late 
John Smith, of Burley House, Leeds, and 
Belvedere, Harrogate, banker ; is D.L., 
j.p. N. R. Yorks: Wheatcroft Cliff, 

Aldworth, col. Richard Wm., eld. s. of 
Rd. Oliver Aldworth of Newmarket, co. 
Cork, J.P. {d. 1887), by Letitia, sis. of 2 
earl of Listowel ; b. 1825 ; m. 1863, lady 
Mary, dau. of 3 earl of Bandon ; b. 1837 ; 
in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma, Inkerman, and 
Sebastopol, bt.-col. late 7 foot, lt.-col. 9 
battn.(mil.) K. R. Rif. C. 1873-87, hon.col. 
of the battn. from 1888 ; j.p. cos. Cork, 
Kerry and Limerick : Newmarket Court, 
Newmarket,, co. Cork. 

Aldworth, Robert, 2 s. of Richard 0. 
Aldworth, of Newmarket, co. Cork, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1887), by Letitia, sis. of 2 earl of 
Listowel ; b. 1827 ; m. 1867, Louisa M., 
dau. of maj.-gen. H. D. Tolley, c.B., by 
Frances, sis. of 6 and 7 vise. Midleton ; 
j.p. Somerset : Westlake, West Coker, 

Alexander, archbp., vide Armagh. 

Alexander.visc. Erik J.D.Alexander, 
eld. s. of earl of Caledon ; b. 1885. 

Alexander, lt.-col. Boyd Fras., 3 s. of 
late Boyd Alexander, Ballochmyle (d. 
1861), by dau. of late sir B. Hobhouse, 1 
bart. ; b. 1834 ; m. 1865, Mary, dau. of D. 
Wilson, Castleton, Surrey ; lt.-col. late 
rifle brigade ; in Indian mutiny 1857-8, 
at Cawnpore and Lucknow : Carlton 
club ; Swifts, Cranbrook. 

Alexander, lion. Chas., 3. of 3 earl 
of Caledon ; b. 1854 ; m. 1880, Catherine, 
dau. of Chas. Stayner, of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia : served in Egypt 1882, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1886) 4 battn. (mil.) R. Inniskill- 
ing fus. from 1879 : Caledon, co. Tyrone. 

Alexander, maj.-gen. sir Claud, 1 
bart. (1886), eld. s. of late Boyd 
Alexander, of Ballochmyle, by dau. of 
sir B. Hobhouse, 1 bart. ; b. 1831 ; m. 
18C3, Eliza, dau. of late Alex. Speirs, of 
Elderslie, M.P., lord-lieut. of Renfrew- 
Shire : j.p., d.l. cos. Ayr and Renfrew, 
in Crimea 1854-5, at Sebastopol, 5 class 
Medjidie,maj.-gen.ret.late gren. gds.;M.P. 
(C) S. Ayrshire 1874-85 : 24 Old Queen st. 
S.W. ; Carlton, Guards' and Marlborough 
clubs ; Ballochmyle,Mauchline,Ayrshire. 

Alexander, Claud, only s. of sir Claud 
Alexander 1 bart. ; b. 1867 ;m.l, 1889, lady 

Diana, youngest dan. (div. 1894) of 14 
earl of Eglinton ; 2, 1896, Rachel B. 
youngest dan. of rev. Henry Holden, D.D., 
rect. of South Luffenhatn, Rutland ; is J.P. 
co. Ayr : Woodham, Addlestone, Surrey. 

Alexander, David Lindo, Q.c, B.A. 
Cantab., 2 s. of Joshua Alexander; b. 
1842 ; m. 1866, Hester, eld. dau. of late 
S. J. Joseph ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1866, 
bencher 1896, Q.C. 1892: 11 York gate, 
Regent's Park, N.W. ; 20 Old sq. 
Lincoln's inn, W.C. 

Alexander, rev. David Mitchell, m.a., 
Oxon. ; j.p. W. R. Yorks : Bilton Dene, 

Alexander, lt.-col. Edward Mayne (of 
Westerton, co. Stirling), eld. s. of gen. 
sir Jas. Edwd. Alexander, c.B., k.c.l-.s., 
of Westerton, Stirlingshire, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1885) ; b. 1846 ; m. Kate, 4 dau. of late 
Adam Murray : insp. of Gymnasia, Ben- 
gal, 1887-92, ret. 1892 : 67 Sr,. Ermin's 
mansions, Westminster, S.W. ; Naval 
and Military and New (Edinburgh) 

Alexander, maj.-gen. Geo. Gardiner, 
R.M.A., c.B., s. of late capt. Thos. Alex- 
ander, r.n., c.B. ; b. 1821 ; m. dau. of late 
rev. G. Treweeke, Illogan, Cornwall ; 
operations on coast of Borneo and cap- 
ture of Brunei, 1846 ; in Baltic expedn. 
1854 ; in Crimea 1854-5, knt. leg. hon. 
and 4 class Medjidie, ret. f. p. as col.- 
commdt. : United Service club. 

Alexander, rev. Godfrey Edward, 
M.A. Oxon, J.P. Herefordshire ; rector 
of Stoke Bliss, Tenbury, 1865-95 : 15 
Belvedere terr. Tunbridge Wells. 

Alexander,Granville H. J.,eld. s. of H. 
Alexander, of Forkhill House,co. Armagh, 
D.L.(d. 1877),by dau. of 2 earl of Ranfurly, 
b. 1852; m. 1880, Daisy, dau. of M. 
Mathews, of San Francisco, California ; 
D.L., J.P. co. Armagh (sheriff 1883), late 
83 foot, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish fus. 
1879-85 : 6 Chesterfield st. W. ; Carlton 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs : Forkhill 
House, Forkhill, Armagh. 

Alexander, hon. Harold, 3 s. of 4 
earl of Caledon ; b. 1891. 

Alexander, hon. Herbrand Chas. 2 s. 
of 4 earl of Caledon ; b. 1888. 

Alexander, James, b.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, young, s. of J. Alexander, of 
Somerhill, Kent ; b. 1822 ; m. 1845, Anna 
M. J., eld. dau. of Max D. D. Dalison, 
of Hamptons, Kent ; a banker and E. 
India agent in London : Oak Bank, near 

Alexander, James Dalison, eld. s. of 
J. Alexander, of Oak Bank, Kent ; b. 
1846 ; m. 1885, lady Emily, eld. dau. of 9 


earl of Cork and Orrery; b. 1854 ; late 

capt. W. Kentyeom. ; D.L.Kent ; banker 

and E. India agent in London : 18 

Montagu st. Portman sq. W. ; 2 St. 

Helen's pi. E. C. ; Hamsell Manor, 

Erridge, nr. Tunbridge Wells. 

Alexander, John, eld. s. of late John 

Alexander, M.P., of Milford, co. Carlow ; 

b. 1850 ; late maj. King's Drag, gds., 

sheriff of co. Carlow 1891 : Naval and 

Military, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 

Milford, Carlow, Ireland 
Alexander, John Edmund, j.p. (1895) 

Norfolk : Gladstone Villa, Watton S.O. 

Alexander, sir Lionel Cecil Wm, C 

bart. (1809} of Dublin, only s. of 5 bart. 

(d. 1896) ; b. 1885. 
Alexander, Nathaniel Stuart, 2 s. of 

Wm. Stuart Alexander, of Ballyarton, 

co. Londonderry ; b. 1838 ; to. 1873, Dora, 

dau. of E. Currie, of Pickforde, Sussex ; 

J.P. Sussex : E. I. United Service and Jun. 

Conservative clubs ; Cecil House, Church 

rd. St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Alexander, Philip Pembroke, s. of 

Robt.Hy.Alexander, of Brandfold. Kent ; 

b. 1864; to. 1891, Katharine G-. dau. of Jas. 
Tinker, of Hordle Cliff, Hants: j.p. 
(1894) Devon : Laywell, Brixham, Devon. 
Alexander,lt.-col. hon.Walter Philip, 
s. of 3 earl of Caledon ; b. 1849 ; to. 1882, 
Margaret Katherine, young, dau. of late 
rev. the hon. Fras. S. Grimston ; lt.-col. 2 
drags, from 1896, adj. R. E. Kent yeom. 
1884-9 : Carlton club. 

Alexander, Wm. Hy., b. a. Oxon, only 
s. of late Hy. Browne Alexander, of 
Barnes,S.W. ; b. 1842 ; barr.InnerTemple, 
1863 ; lord of the manor of Snoddington, 
a trustee of the National Portrait Gal- 
lery from 1890 : Shipton Manor. Sbipton 
Bellinger, Andover^ Hants. 

Alexander, Wm. Lancaster, s. of late 
Wm. Alexander, of Liverpool ; b. 1821 ; 
to. 1857, Frances, dau. (d. 1890) of late 
rev. Richd. Armitstead, of Whitehaven ; 
J.P. Cumberland : Oak hill, Lorton, 

Alexander, maj .-gen. Wm. Ruxton 
Eneas, s. of col. W. Alexander, C.B., 5 
Bengal L. L; b. 1825; to. 1850, Char- 
lotte, dau. of Capt. E. M. Blair, 5 Bengal 
L. I. ; in Punjab 1848-9, Burma 1852-3, 
Son thai campaign 1855, and Indian 
mutiny, comm. 1 Bengal cavy. 1867-76; 
ret. f. p. as lt.-col. B.S.C. : The Manse, 
Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk. 

Alexander, lion. Wm. S. P., 4 s. of 4 
earl of Caledon; b. 1896. 

Alexander, lady. dau of col. Chas. 
Cornwallis Michell, k.h. : wi.18 , gen. sir 

Jas. Edwd. Alexander, c.b., j.p., d.i.. (d. 
1885) : 3 Sidney ter. Ryde, Isle of Wight. 
Alexander, mrs. Burton. Mary, only 
child of late J. Tucker, of Pavenham, 
Beds, d.l., j.p. ; to. 1878, as his 2 wife, 
rev. Wm. Burton Alexander, min. of 
Free Ch. of Scotland {d. 1891) ; patron 
of Pavenham : Pavenham Bury, Bed- 
ford ; Darroch Learg, Ballater, N.B. 

Alexander, lady. Edith. 2 dau. of 
late G. F. Heriot La Fargue, of Husbands 
Bosworth and Oadby, co. Leicester ; m. 
1884, Sir Wm. Ferdinand Alexander, 5 
bart. of Dublin {d. 1896) : Cruiserath, 
Ramsgate ; Cruisetown, Kells, co. Meath. 
Alexander, hon. mrs. Emily C, 4 dau. 
of 1 baron Cottesloe ; b. 1838; to. 1882, 
rev. Chas. Leslie Alexander, rect. of Stan- 
ton, co. Derby (d. 1888) : 15 The Ward- 
wick, Derby. 

Alexander, mrs. James Fane. Aurea 
Otway, dau. of late maj. Hy. Otway 
Mayne, of Mayne's horse ; to. 1884, Jas. 
Fane Alexander, capt. 17 lancers, of 
Edwinstowe Hall. Notts, j.p. (d. 1891) : 
Edwinstowe Hall, Newark. 

Alexander, lady. Mary Kathleen, 
dau. of rev. J. Dreaper, Northampton ; to. 
1877, as his 2 wife, sir John Wallis Alex- 
ander, 4 bart. (d. 1888). 

Alford, rt. rev. bp. Chas. Richard, 
D.D.Cantab., s. of rev. Chas. Alford, West 
Quantoxhead, Somerset ; b. 1816 ; bp. of 
Victoria 1867-72 : 30 Wilbury rd. Hove, 

Alford, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Algar, maj. -gen. James Sturgeon 
Hamilton, served with 60 rifles in sup- 
pression of mutiny in Shahabad dist. of 
Bengal 1858, China campaign 1860, 
lt.-col.King'sR. Rif. C.1880-5,ret.p.l885. 
Algroma, 2 bp. of (1873). rt. rev. bp. of 
Algoma from 1895 : Saulte St. Marie, 
Algoma, Ontario, Canada. 

Ali, hon. Ameer, C.I.B., M.A. : s. of 
Syed Sadat Ali, of Mohan ; 6. 1846 ; to. 
1884, Isabella Ida, dau. of late H. Kohn- 
stamm, of 64 Gloucester pi. Portman sq. 
W. ; barr. Inner Temple 1873 ; a judge 
of High Court of Judicature at Fort 
William, in Bengal, from 1890 : 9 Har- 
rington street, Calcutta ; Reform club. 

Alingrton,lord(l baron 1876,U.K.). Hy. 
Gerard Sturt, s. of late Hy. Chas. Sturt, 
Crichel, M.P., by sis. of 7 earl of Cardi- 
gan ; b. 1825 ; m. 1, 1853, lady Augusta, 
dau. (d. 1888) of 3 earl of Lucan; 2, 
1892, Evelyn H. dau. of late Blundell 
Leigh ; m.a. Oxon., D.r.. J. p., Dorset, 
m.p. (c.) Dorchester 1847-56, Dorset 



1856-75 : Alington House, 8 South Aud- 
rey st. W. ; Carlton club ; Crichel, Wim- 
borne, Dorset. 

3 s. of Geo. Mannaduke Alington, of 
Swinhope, Lines., d.l., j.p. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1839 ; to. 1870, Charlotte M. dau. of rev. 
Chas. Moore, of Garlenick, Cornwall ; 
served in Baltic and Black seas during 
Russian war 1854-5, It. commdr. of 
" Britomart" on Lake Erie daring Fenian 
riots 1866-8, commdr. of " Boxer " on W. 
coast of Africa 1877, Niger expdn., 2 in 
command Channel squadron from 1895, 
rear-adml. 1894 : United Service club ; 
Horseheath, Richmond, Surrey. 

Alington, rev. Chas. Argentine, b.a. 
Oxon., eld. a. of G. M. Alington, of 
Swinhope, Lines., D.L., J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1828 ; m. 1873, dau. (d. 1874) of late D. 
Cave, of Cleve Hill, Gloucestershire ; J.P. 
Lincolnshire, rect. of Swinhope from 
1884 : Swinhope House, Gt. Grimsby ; 
United University club. 

Alingrton,Julius, s. of rev. J. Alington 
(d. 1863); b. 1836; to. 1871, Catherine 
M., 2 dau. of E. Wright, of Halston Hall, 
Salop: j.p. Beds(sherifE 1883) and Hunts, 
lord of the manor of Little Barford, 
Letchworth and Stotf old : St. James' and 
Wellington clubs ; Little Barford House 
(Beds), nr. St. Neot's, Hunts. 

Alison, gen. sir Archibald, g.c.b., 
2 bart. (1852), ll.d. (hon.) Cantab ; b. 
1826 ; to. 1858, Jane, only dau. of Jas. 
Black, of Dalmonach, N.B. ; in Crimea 
with 72 foot, 1855, at Kertch and fall of 
Sebastopol ; mil. sec. to lord Clyde in 
mutiny 1857-8, at relief of Lucknow ; 
brig.-gen. and 2 in commd. in Ashanti 
1874, at Amoaf ul and Coomassie ; commd. 
Highland brig, of expdy. force to Egypt, 
at battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882, and army 
of occupation there 1882-3 ; 2 class Os- 
manieh ; commd. divn. at Aldershot 
1883-5, and 1885-8, adjt.-gen. to the forces 
in 1885, hon. col. 5 Lanarkshire R.V. 
from 1883 ; memb. council of sec. of 
state for India 1888, ret. p. 1893, col. 
Essex regt. from 1896 : 93 Eaton pi. 
S.W. ; United Service club. 

Alison, Archibald, eld. s. of lt-gen. 
sir Archibald Alison, 2 bart. G.C.B. ; b. 
1862; m. 1888, Georgina, youngest diu. 
of late J. Bond-Cabell, of Cromer Hall, 
Norfolk; capt. 5 battn. (mil.) Rifle brig. 
1885-95, col. sei. and registrar-gen. of 
the Bermudas from 1888 : Cedar avenue, 
Hamilton, Bermuda. 

Alison, capt. Chas German; chief 
constable of Somerset from 1884 : Som- 

erset House, Magdalene street, Glaston- 

Alison, Henry, B.A.Cantab., s. of late 
R.E.Alison,j.p., D.L.; 6.1828 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1853: Park Hall, Charnock 
Richard, Chorley, Lanes.'de Havelock- Allan or Murray- 

Allan, Alex. s. of Bryce Allan,of Aros 
co. Argyll {d. 1874) ; b. 1844; w. 1866, 
Julia E.,dau.of late A.M'Ewen,of Sunder- 
land, Island of Islay; D.L.,J.P. co. Argyll : 
Jun. Carlton and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Aroi House, nr. Tobermory, I. of 
Mull, N.B 

Allan, maj.-gen. Wiliam, s. of Alex. 
Allan, of Hillside, Edinburgh ; b. 1832; 
m. 1, 1870, Anne Campbell Penney, dau. 
(d. 1876) of lord Kinloch, lord of session, 
Scotland ; 2, Jane Husey, dau. of rev. 
Jas. Senior, of Compton Rectory, Somer- 
set ; served in Crimea 1854-6, in 41 regt. 
at battles of Alma and Inkerman, assault 
on the Redan, siege and fall of Sebasto- 
pol (medal and 3 clasps, knt. of the 
Legion of Honour) ; brig.-gen. commdg. 
troops in Cyprus 1890-4, ret. p. 1894. 

Allan, Wm., s. of late Jas. Allan, of 
Dundee, N.B.; b. 1837 ; m. 18 , Jean, dau. 
of Walter Beattie, of Lockerbie, N.B. ; is 
propr. of the Scotia engine works in Sun- 
derland, J.P. co. Durham, M. P. (L.) Gates- 
head from 1893 : Queen Anne's mansions, 
S.W. ; Scotland House, Sunderland. 

Allan- Woddrop, Wm., eld. s. of J. 
Allan -Woddrop, of Garvald, co. Peebles 
(d. 1845) ; b. 1829 ; to. 1856, Harriette S., 
dau. of rev. J. I. Beresford, of Macbie 
Hill, co. Peebles ; j.p. Peeblesshire, D.L. 
Lanarkshire, late Scots greys, maj. (hon. 
It. -col. 1886) Lanarkshire yeom. 1882-7 : 
New club (Edinburgh) ; Garvald House, 
Dolphinton, N.B. ; Dalmarnock House, 

Allanby, Hy. Chas. Hynman, eld. s. 
of H. H. Allanby, of Kenwick Hall, co. 
Lincoln, j.p. (d. 1869) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1879, 
Mary Florence, dau. of Thos. Garfit, late 
M.P.; M.A. Oxon, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Lincolnshire regt. 1879-85, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1889) 3 battn. (mil.) Seaforth 
Highlanders 1885-94, assumed the 
original spelling of surname : Jun. Carl- 
ton club; Knaith Hall, Gainsborough. 

F.K.S., f.s.a. &C. s. of rev. Thos. Allbutt, 
rect. of Debach, Suffolk; b. 1836; to. 
1869, Susan, dau. of Thos. England, of 
Headingley ; D.L., J.P. W. R. Yorks, J.P. 
Cambridgeshire, a commr. in lunacy 
1889-92, regius prof, physic at Unir. of 


Cambridge from 1892 : Athenreum club ; 
St. Radegund's, Cambridge. 

Allcock. Samuel, s. of Polycarp All- 
cock, of Redditch, Worcestershire ; b. 
1829 ; m. 1849. Elizabeth, dau. (d. 1875) of 
Jas. Baylis, of Redditch ; 2, 1878, widow 
of Chas. Playfair, of Aberdeen ; j.p. 
Worcestershire : The Cedars, Redditch. 

Allcroft. Herbert John, eld. s. of John 
Derby Allcroft, of StokesavCourt, Salop, 
j[.r..'jp. (d. 1893); b. I860; j.p.' (1895) 
Salop (sheriff 1893): 108 Lancaster gate, 
W. ; Stokesay Court, Onibury, Craven 
Arms R.S.O. & Stokesay Castle, Craven 
Arms R.S.O. Salop. 

Alldritt, Fredk., 2 s. of late Joseph 
Alldritt. of Tamworth, Warwickshire ; 6. 
1819 ; m. 1870, Betsy, dau. of D. Hartill, 
of Glascote, Warwickshire; J.P.Warwick- 
shire : Landscape,Wigginton, Tamworth. 

Allen, Benj. Haigh, eld. s. of late B. 
H. Allen, d.l., j.p. b. 1821 ; m. 1, 1845, 
Mary S., young, dau. (d. 1892) of late 
rev. H. W. Champneys ; 2. 1893, Mary 
E. 3 dau. of late Edwd. Worthington, 
of Sandeway Bank, and The Bryn, 
Cheshire ; D.L., j.p. cos. Stafford and 
Hereford (sheriff 1875), J.P. Brecknock- 
shire : The Priory, Clifford R.S.O. 
Herefordshire ; Union club. 

Allen, Bulkeley, s. of John Allen of 
Oldfield Hall, Altrincham. J.P. (d. 1892) ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1863, Mary E., dau. of late 
Edwd. Lynn, of Runcorn ; j.p. Cheshire : 
West Lynn, Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Allen, Chas. Eras. Egerton, b.a. 
Cantab, 3 survg. s. of late Chas. Allen, 
of Tenby,Pembrokeshire, J. P., late memb. 
legist, council of gov.-gen. of India ; b. 
1847 ; m. 1891. Georgina, eld. survg. dau. 
of late Wm. Wilcox, of Whitburn, nr. 
Sunderland; barr.*Inner Temple 1871. 
rcc. of Rangoon 1883-84, j.p. Tenby and 
Haverfordwest, M.P. (L.) Pembroke" dist. 
1892-5: Oriental club; Hill Cottage, 

Allen, Charles Hugh, 3 but only survg. 
s. of late C. B. Allen of Rickeston, 
Pembrokeshire ; b. 1831 ; m. 1856, Mary, 
young, dau. of T. R. Sanders ; j.p. Pem- 
brokeshire : Hazel Hill, Neyland, Pem- 

Allen, Edward, s. of late John Allen, 
of Stowford Lodge, Devon ; b. 1832 ; in. 
1858, Elizabeth A., dau. of Thos. Pitts, 
of Plymouth ; j.p. Devon, chm. Ivy- 
bridge local board and Ivybridge school 
board : City Liberal club ; Stowford 
Lodge, Ivybridge, S. Devon. 

Allen. Elliston, j.p. Suffolk : The 
Grove, Ballingdon, Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Allen, capt. Evans Mynde, late 1 
battn. R. Scots Fus., only s. of late Robt. 
Allen, M.A., B.c.L., f..a., serjt.-at-law, 
with pat. of precedence, late of the Elms, 
Crawley, Sussex ; b. 1839 ; m. 1872, 
Frances Maria, dau. of late rev. W. 
Hulme, m.a., j.p. co. Hereford, late 
rect. of Brampton Abbotts, Herefordshire; 
D.L., J.P. Herefordshire : Naval and 
Military club ; Manor House, Upton 
Bishop, Ross, Herefordshire. 

Allen, maj.-gen. Frederic, in Sonthal 
campaign 1855-6, Bhootanexpedn. 1865, 
commdt. 18 Bengal N. I. 1881-85, ret. f. 
p. 1885 as col. B.S.C. : 13 Linden rd. 

Alien, George Baugh, m.a. Cantab., 
s. of Lancelot Baugh Allen, of Cilrhiw, 
co. Pembroke ; b. 1821 ; m. 1846, Doro- 
thea H., dau. of Roger Eaton, of Parc- 
glas, co. Pembroke ; j.p. Pembrokeshire. 
D.L. Haverfordwest: 4 Paper buildingsj 
E.C.; 5 Albert terr. Regent's pk. N.W. ; 
Cilrhiw, Narberth. 

Allen, Geo. Edmund, s. of John Allen, 
of Coleridge House, Devon, d.l.. J.p. (d. 
1883) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1872, Catherine R., 
3 dau. of rev. W. Cooper Johnson, rect. 
of Diptford, Devon ; 2, 1894, Agnes C, 
2 dau. of capt. R. J. Knox, late Cara- 
bineers, of Cahirleske, co. Kilkenny ; 
late capt. S. Devon mi!. : Wickeridge, 
Woodland, Ashburton, Devon. 

Allen, Geo. Wm., c.i.b., s. of late J. 
Allen, of Croydon ; b. 1831 ; m. 1876, 
dau. of late rev. J. F. Turner, rect. of 
Winkleieh, Devon : 13 Prince's gdns., 
S.W. ; White's and Garrick clubs. 

Allen, Hy. Geo., Q.c, m.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, 2 s. of late J. Hensleigh Allen, 
Cresselly, Pembrokeshire, M.P. ; b. 1816 ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1841, Q.C. 1880; J.P. 
Pembrokeshire (chm. quart, sess. and of 
C.C.) and Carmarthenshire, D.L., J.P. 
Haverfordwest; M.P. (l.) Pembroke 
Boroughs 1880-6: 1 St. James's pi. S.W.; Pembroke. 

Allen, Henry Seymour, eld. survg. s. 
of S. P. Allen, of Cresselly House, d.l., 
J.P. (d. 1861), by dau. of 4 earl of 
Portsmouth ; b. 1847 ; late 1st life gds., 
D.L., J.p. Pembrokeshire (sheriff 1873) : 
Cresselly House, Jeffreston, Pembroke. 

Allen, Herbert Jas. f.r.g.s., m.r.a.s., 
eld. s. of Chas. Allen, of 10 Norton, 
Tenby, co. Pembroke ; b. 1841 ; m. 1877, 
Mary C. dau. of Wm. Jas. Goodeve, of 
Clifton, Glo'stershire ; H.B.M. consul for 
Newchwang, China, ret., J.p. Pembroke- 
shire : Highclere, Chesterton rd. Cam- 



Allen, very rev. Jas., M.A. Cantab, s. 
of late rev. D. B.Allen, rect. of Burton, 
Pembrokeshire ; b. 1802 ; dean and pre- 
centor of St. David's 1878-95, chap, to 
bishop from 1874 : Cathedral close, St. 
David's R.S.O. Pembrokeshire. 

Allen, Jas. Henry, s. of John R.Allen, 
of Lyngford, Taunton ; b. 1834 ; j.p. 
Middlx. : 2 Chester terr. Regent's park, 

Allen, Jefferys Philip Thos., only s. 
of col. C. J. W. Allen, of Lyngf ord,Taun- 
ton, J.P. (d. 1893) ; b. 1867 ; capt. W. 
Somerset yeom. from 1889 : Jun. Carlton, 
Orleans and Cavalry clubs ; Lyngford, 

Allen, John. eld. s. of Wm. Allen, of 
Evenley Hall, Northants ; b. 1869 ; m. 
1893, Mabel, 4 dau. of Beville Ramsay, 
of Croughton House, Northants, j.p. ; 
is J.P. ( 1896) Northants : Brackley House, 
Brackley, Northants. 

Allen, sir John Campbell, s. of 
late John Allen ; b. 1817 ; m. 1845, Mar- 
garet, dau. of capt. C. Drury, of St. John, 
N.B. ; barr. N. Brunswick 1840, s.G. 
1856-7, A.G. 1865. judge 1865-75, and C.J. 
of New Brunswick from 1875, knighted 
1889 : Fredericton, N. Brunswick. 

Allen, maj.-gen. John Edwd. ; served 
with 79 Highlanders in Crimea. 1855, at 
Sebastopol ; Indian mutiny, 1858-9, at 
Lucknow ; It. -col. (col. 1885) commdg. 1 
battn. High. L. I. 1884-7, ret. p. 1887 : 
Army and Navy and Union (Brighton) 

Allen, col. Kalph Edwd., eld. son 
of maj. R. S. Allen j of Hampton Manor, 
Somerset, D.L., j.p., m.p. (d. 1887) ; b. 
1846 ; j.p. Somerset ; lt.-col. (col. 1889) 
2 battn. E. Yorkshire regt. 1893-6, a. A.G. 
at Aldershot from 1896 : Aldershot ; 
10 Hanover sq. W. ; United Service, 
Naval and Military and St. James' clubs 
Allen, capt. Robert Calder Allen, R.N., 
C.B., s. of Wm. Allan, r.n. of Torryburn, 
Fife, N.B. (d. 1825); b. 1812: entd. R.N. 
1827, master 1841, commdr. 1864, master 
attendant and Queen's Harbour master 
at Malta 1864-7, at Deptford 1867-70. 
ret. capt. 1870, C.B. 1877 ; at capture of 
Tching Kiang f oo and treaty of Nankin 
1842 ; in Arctic expedn. of 1850-51 ; in 
Baltic 1854 and 1855, at siege of Bomar- 
sund: 72 Shirland gdns. Maida vale, W. 
Allen, Thomas Newland, s. of Thomas 
Allen, of The Vache, Bucks (d. 1829) ; 
* 1812; j.p. Bucks (sheriff 1841): 
Reform club ; Newland Park, Chalfont 
St. Peter, Gerrard's Cross R.S.O. and 
The Vache, Chalfont St. Giles, Gerrard's 
Cross R.S O. Bucks. 

Allen, Walker, s. of Walker Allen, of 
Radcliffe; b. 1842; m. 1877, Mary A, 
dau. of John Wild, of Whitefield, Lanes. ; 
J.P. (1894) Lancashire : Holly Bank, 
Whitefield, Manchester. 

Allen, William, j.p. Northants : 
Evenley Hall, Brackley. 

Allen, Wm. eld. s. of Wm. Shepherd 
Allen, of Woodhead Hall, Staffs, d.l., 
J.P. ; 6. 1870 ; m. 1893, Jeannette, dau. 
of John Hall ; is J.P. Staffs, M.p. (l.) 
Newcastle -under -Lyme from 1892: 
Sports club ; Thonbury Hall, nr. Chea- 
dle, Staffs. 

Allen, Wm. Bird, b.a. Cantab, eld. s, 
of Joshua Bird Allen, J.P. (d. 1880) ; b. 
1851 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1876, J.P. Pem- 
brokeshire : 158 Portsdown rd. W. 

Allen, Wm. Shepherd, s. of Wm.Allen, 
Woodhead Hall, Cheadle (d. 1871) ; b. 
1831; m. 1869, Elizabeth P., only child, 
dau. of late J. Candlish, M.P. ; M.A. Oxon, 
d.l., j.p. Staffordshire, M.P. (L.) New- 
castle-under-Lyme 1865-86 : Reform and 
United University clubs ; Woodhead 
Hall, nr. Cheadle,Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs : 
Annandale, Piaho, N. Zealand 

Allen, mrs., lady of the manor of 
Blaby : Blaby Hall, Blaby, Leicester. 

Allen, lady Catherine, dau. of 4 earl 
of Portsmouth ; b. 1821 ; m. 1843, Sey- 
mour P. Allen, of Cresselly, co. Pembroke 
(d. 1861) : Boulston House, Haverford- 

. Allen, lady. Marian, eld. dau. of rev. 
Wm.B.Boyce ; m. 1851, sir Geo.Wigraui 
Allen, K.c.m.g., speaker of legisl. assem- 
bly N.S.Wales 1875-83 (rf.1885) : Toxteth 
park, Sydney, N. S. Wales. 

Allen-Jefferys, Jefferys Charles, 
B.A. Cantab., s. of late rev. Wm. Jefferys 
Allen, J.P. ; b. 1847 ; m. Mary, only dau. 
of Thos. Dawson, of Northampton ; 
barr. Inner Temple, 1872, J.P. Somerset, 
lord of manor of Bawdrip. Somerset, 
assumed addtl, name of Jefferys, 1889 : 
New University club. 

Allenby,maj.Robt.,J.P. (1888) W.R. 
Yorks : 31 St. Mary's, York. 

Alleyne, maj.-gen. Jas.. C.B., R.A. ; b. 
1842 ; in commd. of R.A. Red River expdn. 
from Canada 1870 ; Zulu war 1879, at 
Ulundi ; Egyptian war 1882, at Mahuti 
and Tel-el-Kebir, 4 class Osmanieh ; Nile 
expdn. 1884-5, at Kirbekan ; commdg. R.A. 
at Aldershot from 1893, maj.-gen. 1895 : 
Aldershot ; United Service club. 

Alleyne, sir John Gay Newton, 3 
bart. (1769), M. Inst. C.E., s. of 2 bart. \d. 
1870) ; b. 1820 ; m. 1851, Augusta I., dau. 
of sir Henry Fitz-Herbert, 3 bart. ; war- 
den of Dulwich College 1843-51, capt.. 12 



Derbyshire vols. 1862-73, J.P. and C.A. 
Derbyshire : Chevin, Belper, Derbyshire. 

Allfrey. Fredk. Wm, 3 s. of Edwd. 
Allfrey, of Salehurst, Sussex (</. 1834) : 
b. 1819 ; m. 1845, Emily, dau. of sir Robt. 
Moubray, K.H., of Cockairney : Stanbury, 
Grazeley, Reading. 

AHfrey.maj. Goodrich Holmsdale,eld. 
s. of late R. Allfrye. of Wokefield Park. 
Berks.D.L., j.p.(d. 1875) ; b. 1835; m.1873, 
Helen Clara,eld. dau. of W. Little ; major 
late 2 drag. gds.,J.P. Berks (sheriff 1881 ) : 
Wokefield Park, Mortimer R.S.O. Berks. 

Allfrey, capt. Moubray, eld. s. of 
Fredk. Allfrey, of Stanbury, Berks, by 
Emily, dau. of sir Robt.Moubray, K.H., of 
Cockairney ; b. 1853 ; m.l881,hon.Beatrice 
E. A., eld. dau. of 14 baron Saye and Sele, 
b. 1857 ; late capt. 15 huss. : Naval and 
Military club ; Flore Fields, Weedon, 

Allgrood, maj.-gen. Geo., C.B.; b. 1827; 
ret. f. p. 1869 as maj.-gen. B.S.C. ; late 
a.q.m.g. Bengal : E. I. United Service 
club ; Blindburn, Wark-on-Tyne. 

Allgrood, rev. James, M.A.Oxon, s. of 
R. L. Allgood, of Nunwick, Northumb. 
(d. 1854) ; b. 1826 ; m. dau. (d. 1876) of 
late C. A. Williamson ; rect. fiom 1852 
of Ingram, Alnwick : Nunwick Hall, 

Allhusen, Augustus Henry Eden, eld. 
s. of Henry C. Allhusen (d 1871) and 
grands, of Christian Allhusen, of Stoke 
Court, Bucks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1867 ; f. 1896, Dorothy, younger dau. of 
late col. lion. John C. Stanley and of 
lady Jeune ; late 2 It. Bucks yeom., D.L., 
J.P. Bucks, m.p. (c.) Salisbury from 
1897 ; Carlton and White's clubs ; Stoke 
Court, Stoke Poges, Bucks. 

Allhusen, Wm. Hutt, 4 s. of Christian 
Allhusen, of Stok Court, Bucks, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1876, Beatrice 
M. dau. of late col. Thos. Bromhead Butt, 
79 Highrs. : 25 St. Ermin's mansions, 
S.W. ; Union club : Twyford Abbey, nr. 
Ealing, Middlx. ; Isola Bella, Cannes. 

Allison, Jas.,eld.s. of Wm.Hy.Allison, 
v.D., of Undercliffe, co. Durham. D.L., 
j.p. ; b. 1854 ; . 1, 1882, Edith H., 
youngest dau. of late rev. Alex. Napier, 
vicar of Holkham, Norfolk ; 2. 1884, 
Edith B. eld. dau. of late R. M. David- 
son, of High Cross, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 
J.P. co. Durham, maj. (hon. lieut.-col. 
1895) 3 battn. (mil.) Durham L. I. 1890 : 
East Boldon, nr. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Allison, col. Jas. Jno., c.B., s. of Jas. 
b. 1826 ; m. 1853, Jane, dau. of G. Wilkin 
Hall, of Monkwearmouth, co. Durham ; 

D.L., j.p. co. Durham, hon. col. 4 battn. 
(mil.) Durham light inf. from 1892 : 
Beauf ront, Roker. Sunderland ; United 
Service and R.T.Y. clubs. 

Allison, Robt. Andrew, eld. survg. s. 
of J. Allison, of Stanwix, Carlisle (d. 
1842) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1867. Laura A.,younger 
dau. (d. 1892) of J. M. Atkinson, Thorp 
Arch, co. York ; d.l., j.p. Cumberland, 
M.P. (l.) N. Cumberland, from 1885: 
Queen Anne's mansions, S.W. ; New Uni- 
versity club ; Scaleby Hall, Carlisle. 

Allison, Wm. Henry, v.d.. s. of Jas. 
Allison, of Undercliffe. co. Durham (d. 
1865); b. 1827; m. 1852, Margaret, 
dau. of John Clay, of Cleadon Meadows ; 
D.L., J.p. co. Durham, lt.-col. (hon. col. 
1888) Newcastle-on-Tyne vol. engineer 
(R.E.)1879-89, hon. col. of the corps from 
1889 : Undercliffe, nr. Sunderland ; Park- 
end, Lockerbie, N.B. 

Alliston, aldm. Fredk. Pi at. one of 
H.M.'sLieutenants for t heCity of London, 
aldm. of Bread St. ward from 1895, 
head of firm of Alliston it Co., ware- 
housemen : Kamesburgh, Beckenham : 
46 Friday st. E.C. 

Allix, Chas. Israel Loraine, eld. s. of 
Chas. Peter Allix, of Swaffham Prior 
House, Cambs. d.l., j.p. ; b. 1872 ; J.P. 
(1894) Cambridgeshire : Swaffham Prior 
House, nr. Cambridge. 

Allix, Charles Peter, d.l., j.p. Cam- 
bridgeshire : Junior Carlton club ; Swaff- 
ham Prior House, nr. Cambridge. 

Allix, col. Noel Charles Noel, onlv >. 
of Fredk. Wm. Allix, of Willoughby 
Hall, Lines. D.L., J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1871, Helen, eld. dau. of Edwin Taun- 
ton, of Bromborough, Cheshire ; d.l., 
J.p. Lincolnshire, knt. of the ordera of 
the Medjidie and the Osmanieh. 

Allman, Geo. Jas., m.d., f.r.c.s.i., 

LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.S.E., M.R.I.A., eld. S. of 

late J. C. Allman, of Bandon, co. Cork ; 
b. 1812; m. Hannah L.,dau. of late Saml. 
Shaen, D.L., j.p. ; regius prof, of botany 
(Dublin), 1844-55, natural history (Edin- 
burgh), 1855-70,author of " A Monograph 
of the Freshwater Polyzoa," &c. ; pres. 
Linnean Socy. from 1874 and British 
Assoc. 1879 : Athenteum club ; Ardmore, 
Parkstone, Dorset. 

Allman, Richard Lane, 2 s. of late J. 
C. Allman. of Bandon, co. Cork ; b. 1813; 
?. 1861, Frances Vernon, dau. of J. 
Splaine,Garrane, co. Cork ; j.p. co. Cork, 
m.p. (L.) Bandon 1880-5: Woodlands, 
Bandon. co. Cork. 

Allott. John Geo., eld. s. of late rev. J. 
Allott, of South Kirkby, York?, and rector 
of Maltby, Lines, J.P. (d. 1888) ; m. 



1871, Louisa, eld. dau. of M. Staniland, 
of Harrington Hall, Lincolnshire, ex 
m.p. ; J.P. Lincolnshire: Jun. United 
Service club ; Eastfield House, Louth, 

Allsopp, hon. Alfred Percy, 7 s. of 1 
baron Hindlip ; b. 1861 ; m. 1890,Lilian M. 
eld. dau. of rev. J. Stanley Chesshire, 
rect. of Hindlip ; chm. iof S. Allsopp 
& Sons, Lim., Burton-on-Trent ; D.L. 
Staffs., J.P. Worcestershire, mayor of 
Worcester 1892-3, and 1894-5, M.P. (c.) 
Taunton 1887-95 : 25 Green - st. W. ; 
Carlton, Jun. Carlton and Arthur's clubs; 
Battenhall Mount, Worcester. 

Allsopp, hon. Charles, only survg* 
child of 2 baron Hindlip ; b. 1877 ; 2 It. 
3 and 4 battns. (mil.) Worcestershire 
regt. from 1896. 

Allsopp, capt. hon. Frederic Ernest, 
late k.a. 6 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1857 : 
Naval and Military, White's and Pratt's 
clubs ; Hadzor House, Hadzor,Droitwich. 

Allsopp, hon. George H., m.a. Cantab, 
3 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1895, Lady Mildred, 3 dau. of 8 earl of 
Shaftesbury, b. 1867 ; J.P., D.L. Staffs, 
J.P. co. Derby, a director of Samuel 
Allsopp and Sons, Lim., brewers; 
chm. of Burton-on-Trent school board 
from 18 ; M.P. (c.) Worcester from 
1885 : 27 Aldford street, Park lane, W. ; 
Carlton, Jun. Carlton and Turf clubs ; 
Foston Hall, Derby. 

Allsopp, capt. hon. Herbert T., 5 s. of 
1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1855 ; m. 1891, Edith 
M., 4 dau. of H. C. Okeover, of Okeover, 
Staffs, J.P., by dau. of 4 baron Water- 
park ; capt. 10 huss. 1887-90 ; in Afghan 
war 1878-9, at Ali-Musjid ; and in Soudan 
expedn. 1884, at El Teb and Tamai : 
Naval and Military club ; Walton Bury, 
nr. Stafford. 

AUaopp, lt.-col. hon. Ranulph, 4 s. of 

1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1848 ; maj. R.A. 
1885-9, ret. p. 1889, lt.-col. Hon. Artill. 
Co. 1891-3 : Naval and Military club ; 
Hadzor House, Hadzor, Droitwich. 

Allsopp, hon. Wm. Hy., m.a. Oxon, 

2 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1843 ; late 
maj. and hon. lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Worcester regt. ; an underwriter at 
Lloyd's : Jun. Carlton club. 

Alma - Tadema, Lawrence, b.a., 

H.R.S.A., F.S.A., R.W.S., Lit.D., D.C.L. : 17 

Grove End rd. N.W. 

Almack, Henry Horn, only s. of R. 
Almack, of Long Melford, Suffolk, j.p. 
(d. 1875) ; b. 1835 ; J.P. Suffolk : Long 
Melford R.S.O. Suffolk ; Hempstead 
Hall, Saffron Walden, Essex. 

Alston, Crewe, eld. survg. s. of late 
J. Alston, of Odell Castle, Beds ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1, eld. dau. of late rev. H. Speke, of 
Dowlish Wake ; 2, 1857, Emily, dau. of 
F. Beckford Long : lord of the manor of 
Odell, J.P. Beds (sheriff 1862). 

Alston, sir Francis Beilby, K.c.M.G., s. 
of late R. Alston, M.P.; b. 1820 ; m. 1862, 
Emily L. C, dau. of Bridges Taylor, 
H.M.'s Consul at Elsinore, Denmark ; 
J.P. Middlx., late chief clerk, Foreign off.: 
69 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Travellers' club. 

Alston, Rowland Crewe, b.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Crewe Alston, of Odell Castle, 
Beds., J.P.; b. 1852 ; m. 1882, Mary E. A., 
only dau. of late R. A. Johnson and co- 
heir of R. Alison, of Woolton Heya, 
Liverpool, J.P. ; is J.P. Beds. : Arthur's 
and Wellington clubs ; Harrold Hall, 
nr. Bedford. 

Alston, Wm. Chas., eld. s. of W. C. 
Alston of Elmdon Hall,co.Warwick.,D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1862) ; b. 1842 ; J.P. Warwickshire 
(sheriff 1884), capt. (hon. maj. 1886) 
Warwickshire yeom. from 1872 : Elmdon 
Hall, Elmdon, nr. Birmingham. 

Altamont, earl of (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of marq. 
of Sligo). 

Altham, Thos., s. of dr. Altham, of 
Bentham, Yorks ; b. 1818 ; m. 1845, Mary 
Ann, dau. of Peter Walker, of Working- 
ton ; is J.P. (1894) Cumberland : Bruns- 
wick Hall, Penrith. 

Althorp, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Altxnan, sir Albert Joseph, s. of A. 
J. Altman ; b. 1839 ; m. 1869, Margaret 
E., dau. of Thos. Vernon, of Clapham, 
S.W. ; one of H.M.'s. Lieutenants for 
the City of London, chm. Bridge House 
Estates com., knighted 1894 : 371 Nor- 
wood rd. S.E. 

Alty, Thos., s. of Wm. Alty, of Ruf- 
f ord. Lanes ; b. 1835 ; m. 1859, Anne, dau. 
of Wm. Orritt, of Ormskirk ; J.P. (1893) 
Lancashire : Artigas, Aughton, nr. 
Ormskirk, Lanes. 

Amberley, vise, (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Ambler, Jas., s. of John Ambler, of 
Peel House, Luddenden ; b. 1839; m. 
1863, Emma Jane, dau. of Saml. Webster, 
of Ovenden,Halifax ; is J.P. (1894) W. R. 
Yorks : Glenroyd, Luddenden, via Man- 
Ambler, Wm., J.P. (1887) W.R. 
Yorks : Kirby Lees, Savile rd. Halifax. 

Ambrose, Robt.,L.R.c.r.Edin.,ii.R.c.s., 
b.a., 3 s. of late Michael Ambrose, of 


Newcastle West, co. Limerick ; b. 1855 ; 
M.i>. (n.) W. Mayo from 1893 : 1 Mount 
pi. Whitechapel rd.E. ; National Liberal 

Ambrose. Wm., q.c, only s. of late 
R.Ambrose ; b. 1832 ; m. 1866, Georgiana 
Mary A., youngest dau. of late W. Jones ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1859, Q.c. 1874, memb. 
council of legal educ, bencher of Middle 
Temple, A.G. for Duchy of Lancaster, 
and Queen's Attorney and Serjeant for 
the co. palatine of Lancaster from 1895, 
aldm. Middlx. c.c, m.p. (c.) Middlesex 
(Harrow divn.) from 1885 : 3 Plow- 
den buildings, E.C. ; Westover, West 
Heath, Hampstead, N.W. ; Carlton 
and Manchester Conservative clubs. 
Amcotts, vide Cracroft-Amcotts. 
Amery, Peter Fabyan Sparke, v.d., 
eld. s. of J. Sparke Amery, j.p. (d. 1878); 
J.P. Devon, maj. and hon. lt.-col. 5th 
(Hay tor) vol. battn. Devon regt. from 
1886 : Druid, Ashburton, Devon. 

Ames, Fredk.; 6.1836; J.P.Worcester- 
shire, late It. rif . brig. : Hawford Lodge, 
Worcester ; Junior United Service club. 
Ames, lt.-col.GerardYivian,eld.survg. 
s. of Lionel Ames of The Hyde, Herts 
(d. 1873), by dau. of late col. sir John 
Morillyon Wilson, C.B., K.H. ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1889, Alice, eld. dau. of sir Philip 
Miles, 2 bart. and widow of G. Duppa. of 
Hollingbourne, Kent ; lord of the manor 
of Ayot St. Lawrence, Herts ; lt.-col. late 
1 K. drag., ret. p. 1892, adjt. Staffs, 
yeom. 1884-9, J.P. Herts : Jun. LTiiited Ser- 
vice club ; Ayot St. Lawrence, Welwyn. 
Ames, Henry St. V., M.A. Oxon ; b. 
1833 ; w.l875,Charlotte H.,eld.dau.of late 
rev. Geo. Robinson, of Armagh, Ireland : 
New University club ; Cote House, West- 
bury-on-Trym, Bristol. 

Ames, Louis Eri<^ eld. s. of H.M.Ames 
of Linden, Northumb. (d. 1874) ; b. 1855 ; 
m. 1881, Margaret W., young, dau. of 
late W. J. Hamilton, by dau. of 13 vise. 
Dillon; J.P. Northumberland; It. 2 life 
gds. from 1877 : Linden, Morpeth. 

Ames, mrs. Eliza S., dau. of late rev. 
W. S. Robinson, Dyrham, Gloucester ; 
in. 1863, Chas. H. Ames, of Remenham 
Place, Berks (d. 1878) : Underwood, Hen- 
Amherst, 3 earl (1826, U.K.). William 
Archer Amherst, eld. s. of 2 earl (d.1886); 
b. 1836 ; m. 1, 1862, only survg. dau. (d. 
1883) and heir of 5 and last earl of Corn- 
wallis ; 2, 1889, Alice D., eld. dau. of 
Edmund Probyn, of Huntley Manor, 
Gloucestershire, and widow of 5 earl of 
Lisburne ; 2ndtit.visc.Holmesdale : capt. 
late coldat. guards, in Crimea, at Inker- j 

man ; d.l., j.p. Kent, m.p. (c.) W. Kent 
1859-68, Mid Kent 1868-80, knt. of justice 
of order of St. John of Jerusalem, sum- 
moned in 1880 to House of Peers by writ 
as baron Amherst : 3 Wilton terr. S.W. ; 
Carlton, Marlborough and St. Stephen's 
clubs ; Montreal, Sevenoaks. 

Amherst, capt. hon. Hugh, 6 s. of 2 
earl Amherst ; b. 1856 : m. 1896, hon. 
Eleanor C, 4 dau. of 1 baron St. Levan, b. 
1869 ; capt. coldst. gds. 1887-90, regtl. 
adjtl887-90,ret.p.l890: 8Connaughtst. \V. 
Amherst, hon. Josceline George, 5 s. 
of 2 earl Amherst ; b. 1846 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1874, memb. legisl. council W. 

Amherst, rev. the hon. Percy Arthur, 
B.A. Cantab, 3 s. of 2 earl Amherst ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1874, dau. {d. 1887) of late E. 

Amherst, lady Margaret Catherine, 
b. 1848 ; lady Charlotte Florentia, b. 1851; 
daus. of 2 earl Amherst ; 7 Gloucester 
pi. W. 

Amherst, hon. Sybil Margaret (lady 
of justice of order of St. John of Jerusa- 
lem) ; hon. Florence Margaret (lady of 
grace of order of St. John of Jerusalem) ; 
hon. Margaret Mitford (lady of grace of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem) ; hon. 
Alicia Margaret (lady of grace of order 
of St. John of Jerusalem); daus. of 1 
baron Amherst of Hackney. 

Amherst of Hackney, lord (1 baron, 
1892, U.K.). Wm. Amhurst Tyssen Am- 
herst, F.S.A., eld. s. of W. G. T. Tyssen 
Amhurst (d. 1855), of Didlington, Nor- 
folk, by dau. of Andrew Foantaine. of 
Narford, Norfolk ; b. 1835 ; m. 1856, Mar- 
garet Susan (lady of grace of order of 
St. John of Jerusalem;, only child and 
heiress of late adm. Mitford, of Mitford 
Castle. Northumberland, and Hunmanby 
Hall, Yorks ; D.L., j.p. Middlx., J.P. 
Westminster and Norfolk (sheriff 1866), 
M.P. (C. )W. Norfolk 1880-5, South Wes- 
tern divn. 1885-92, patron of 5 livings, 
knt. of justice of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, raised to the peerage 1892 : 
8 Grosvenor sq. W. ; Marlborough, 
Athenaeum, Carlton and Travellers' 
clubs; Didlington Hall,Brandon,Norfolk. 
Amory, vide Heathcoat-Amory. 
Amphlett, John, M.a. Oxon., only s. 
of J. Amphlett, of Clent {d. 1868) ; b. 
1845 ; in. 1869, Eliza A., only child of E. 
B. Baylie of Clent Cottage, Stourbridge ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1870, J.p. Worcester- 
shire : Union club ; Clent, Stourbridge. 
Amphlett, Richard Holmden, q.c, 
eld. s. of S. H. Amphlett (d. 1857), and 
nephew of rt. hon. sir Richard Paul 


Amphlett, P.O., of Wychbold Hall, Wor- 
cestershire (d. 1883) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, 
Sophy E., 2 dau. of J. Shapter. Q.o : barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1871. y.C. 1896, J. P. Wor- 
cestershire (vice-chm. quart, ses.), rec. 
of Worcester from 1891 : 1 Tanfield 
court, Temple, E.C. ; Wychbold Hall, 

Amphlett, lady. Sarah Amelia, 
young, dau. of late C. W. Martin, of 
Belvedere, Hants ; to. as his 2 wife (1880) 
rt. hon. sir Richard Paul Amphlett, P.C. 
(d. 1883), a judge of court of appeal 
1876-7: Latimers, Christchurch, Hants. 

Ampthill, lord (2 baron, 1881, U.K.). 
Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell, eld. s. of 1 
baron, g.c.b., g.c.m.g., p.c. (d. 1884) ; b. 
1869 : to. 1894, lady Margaret, 3 dau. of 6 
earl Beauchamp, by only dau. of 5 earl 
Stanhope, b. 1874 ; J. p. Beds, It. R. 1st 
Devon yeom. from 1893, priv. sec. to rt. 
hon. J. Chamberlain (sec. of state for the 
colonies) from 1896 : 109 Park st. W. 

Ampthill, (rt. hon.) Imily lady. 
3 dau. of 4 earl of Clarendon, K.G. ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1868, 1 baron Ampthill, 
G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C, ambassador at 
Berlin 1871-84 (d. 1884) : one of H.M.'s 
ladies of the bedchamber in ordy. from 
1885 : 19 Stratford pi. W. ; Ampthill 
Park, Ampthill, Beds. 

Amyatt, capt. Amyatt Ernie, late 5 
lancers, only s. of late maj.-gen. Brown, 
23 R. W. Fusiliers, by Margaretta 
Amyatt ; b. 1830 ; m. 1857, Fra ces, only 
dau. of col. Charlton, k.h. ; assumed his 
maternal name of Amyatt 1878 ; served 
in the Crimea (2 medals and Febastopol 
clasp), chief constable of Dorset from 
1867, author of pamphlet on " The For- 
mation of a Police Reserve," " Vagrancy" 
and other subjects : Army and Navy 
club ; South Lodge, Dorchester. 

Ancaster, 1 earl of (1892, U.K.) and22 
baron Willoughby de Eresby (cr. by writ 
1313 Eng.). Gilbert Henry Heathcote- 
Drummond-Willoughby, P.C. ; son of 1 
baron Aveland and 21 baronessWillough- 
by de Eresby (d. 1888) in her own right ; 
b. 1830 ; m. 1863, lady Evelyn, dau. of 10 
marq. of Huntly ; 2nd title baron Wil- 
loughby de Eresby ; m.p. Boston 1852-56, 
Rutland 1856-67, D.L., J. P. Lincolnshire 
and Rutland, chairman Kesteven quart. 
sess.;joint hereditary lord great chambln. 
of England : 12 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton club ; Normanton Park, Stam- 
ford ; Grimsthorpe, Bourne, Lincoln ; 
Drummond Castle, Crieff, N.B. 

Aneketill, Wm.,eld. survg. s. of M. J. 
Ancketill, of Ancketill's Grove, J. P., D.L. 
(d. 1870) ; b. 1851 ; in, 1875, Jean Laing, 

dau. of late R. Falkner, of Broughton 
Park, Lancashire ; late It. R.Tyrone fus., 
D.L. co. Monaghan, J. P. co. Tyrone : 
Ancketill's Grove and Drumconelly 
House, Emyvale, co. Monaghan. 

Ancrum. William Rutherford, M.D., 
J. P. Glo'stershire : St. Leonard's Court, 
Upton St. Leonard's, Gloucester. 

And.erd.on, vide Murray-Anderdon. 

Anderson, bp., vide Riverina. 

Anderson, Alex., c.i.k., I.C.S. 1870, 
dep. commr. Punjaub from 1889. 

Anderson, Archibald, m.a. Oxon, 
P.8.A. (Scot.), s. of late Thos. Scott 
Anderson, w.s. ; b. 1835 ; to. 1870, 
Georgiaa M. dau. of 1 ite rev. Edmund 
Russell, of All Saints, Pontefract ; 
Scotch barr. 1860 ; registrar of friendly 
societies for Scotland, 1874-9; final editor 
of Gen. Index to Acts of Parliament 
of Scotland ; memb. of gen. council of 
Univ. of Edinburgh : 30 Oxford sq. 
W. ; United University, and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs ; St. Helens, Bournemouth. 

Anderson, It. -col. B. T. Gaskin, s. of 
B. T. G. Anderson, of Tushielaw, N.B. ; 
b. 1841 ; to. 1865, Amelia, dau. of maj. 
Rous Newljn, M.S.C. ; J. P. cos. Selkirk, 
Peebles and Roxburgh : Cacra Bank, 
Selkirk, N.B. 

Anderson, Charles William, J. P. 
co. Durham : Belvedere, Harrogate. 

Anderson, gen. David, only survg. s. 
of Warren Hastings Anderson, of Bel- 
dornie, I. of Wight ; b. 1821 ; to. 1863, 
cousin, Charlotte C, 2 dau. of David An- 
derson, of St. Germains,co. Haddington ; 
served in 83 and 22 regts., commd. 
brigs, at Aldershot and Gibraltar 1876- 
81, Aldershot divn. in 1885, gov. of R. 
Mily. coll. at Sandhurst 1886-8, ret. p. 
1888, col. Cheshire regt. from 1894 : 
2 Queen's gardens, Windsor ; United 
Service club. 

Anderson, maj.-gen. David Green - 
hill, R.A., s. of late sir Geo. Wm. 
Anderson, K.C.B., gov. of Ceylon ; m. 
Frances Mary, dau. of late col. Mundv 
Wood.H.E.i.C; in Punjab campaign 1849, 
siege of Mooltan and battle of Goojerat, lt.-col.: Ringwood,Hants. 

Anderson, capt. David Murray, eld. 
s. of Jas. Warren Hastings Anderson, of 
Bourhouse, Haddingtonshire D.L., J. P. 
(d. 1896) : b. 1867 : capt. 8 Huss. from 
1895 : Cavalry club ; Bourhouse, Dunbar, 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Edwd. Abbot, 
late R. Irish regt. and prof, of mil. topog. 
R. M. college: ret. 1887: Brackenhurst, 
Camberley, Surrey. 


Anderson, gen. Fredk. Cortlandt, 
served in Punjab campaign 1848-49 ; 
Indian mutiny 1837-8 ; gen. 1894, I.S.C. 
on u.s. list 1890. 

Anderson, Geo., s. of Geo. Anderson, 
Luecar, Fife ; b. 1819 ; m. Mary B., eld. 
dan. of T. Clavering, Glasgow ; formerly 
a merchant in Glasgow, m.p. (L.) Glasgow 
1868-85, dep. master of the Royal mint 
(Yictoria branch) 1885-96. 

Anderson, Geo., m.a. Ch. Oh. Oxon, 
b. of T. Anderson of Little Harle Tower, 
J.P., D.I,, (d. 1872) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1885, 
Alice M., 3 dau. of C. H. Cadogan, of 
Brinckburn Priory, Northumb. : barr. 
Inner Temple 1872 ; J.P., D.L. Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1886) : Little Harle 
Tower, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Anderson, Geo. Henry, m.a. and M.D. 
Aberdeen ; J.p. N. R. Yorks : Loftus, 
R.S.O. Yorks. 

Anderson, Graham, c.i.e. 

Anderson, gen. Harry Cortlandt, 
in Sutlej campaign 1845-6, at Ferozeshah, 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8, late comnidg. 
Mooltan brig., gen. 1894. on U.S. list, 
I.S.C. : E. I. United Service club ; Fair- 
field, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot. 

Anderson, Henry Blanchard, J.p. 
(1896) E.R. Yorks : The Hall, Howden, 

Anderson, gen. Horace Searle, C.B., 
s. of late Robert Anderson, of Colville 
gdns. W. ; b. 1833 ; m. 1, youngest dau. 
of late G. A. Woods, of Balladoole, I. of 
Man ; 2, 1867, Marian, youngest dau. of 
late Thos. S. Heptinstall, of Llanmilo, 
Carmarthenshire ; served in Persian ex- 
pedy. force 1857; Indian mutiny 1858-9, 
Afghan war 1878-80, Burma war 1886-7 ; 
commdg. 1 class dist in India 1891-5, 
gen. 1896 I.S.C. * 

Anderson, Jas. Reddie, B.A., s. of 
Andrew Anderson, of Glasgow ; b. 1850 ; 
m. 1882, Emilie, dau. of W. D. Anderson, 
of Hampstead, N.W. ; j.p. Cumberland : 
Lairbeck, Underskiddaw, Keswick, Cum- 

Anderson, brig.-surg. (ret.) Jn., M.D., 
C.I.E., f.rc.p., s. of Robert Anderson, 
of Stoke-upon-Trent : b. 1840 : m 1877, 
Jessie Usher, dan. of James Dunlop, of 
Edinburgh ; phys. Seamen's hosp. : 9 
Harley st. W. ; Naval and Military club. 

Anderson,KennethLockwood Morri- 
son, s. of late -sir Jas. Anderson, of 62 
Queen's gate, S.W. ; b. 1853; m. 1876, 
Alice E., dau. of Wm. Flux; is j.p. 
(1894) Dorset : 102 Cromwell rd., S.W. ; 
Cluny, Swanage, Dorsetshire. 

Anderson, Robt., c.B., LT..D. Dub., s. 
of Matt. Anierson. cro .vn sol r., of Dub- 
lin : b. 1841 ; m. 1873, lady Agnes A., i^is. 
of 9 earl of Drogheda : barr. King's Inn, 
Dublin, 1863,and of Middle Temple. 1870, 
j.p. co. London and Home counties, asst. 
comrar. and head of Criminal Investiga- 
tion Dept.of Metro pol. police from 1888 : 
39 Linden gdns., W. ; office, New Scot- 
land yard, S.W. ; National club. 

Anderson, surg.-lt.-col. Robt., F.R.C.S., 
late 3 K.O. Hussars ; m. Alice Mary, dau. 
of maj.-gen. L. M. Davies, of Royston, 
Hove, Brighton ; served in Egyptian 
war 1882 (medal and star), ret. 1893, 
j.p. (1896) Suffolk: The Acacias, Bury 
St. Edmunds. 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Robert Patrick : 
in Punjab campaign 1848-9, at Ram- 
nuggur, Sadoolapore, Chillian wallah and 
Goojerat ; in Indian mutiny at entire de- 
fence of Lucknow and pursuit of Gwalior 
rebels with Highland brigade 1857-8 ; 
ret. f. p. 1878 as col. B.S.C. : 5 Bed- 
wardine rd. Up. Norwood, S.E. 

Anderson, Rupert Darnley. s. of Thos. 
Darnlev Anderson, of Waverley Abbev, 
Surrey* J.P. (d. 1876) ; b. 1859 ; m. 
1889, Amy D. K. 2 dau. of late rev. Edwd. 
Harland, vicar of Colwich, Staffs ; J.P. 
Staffs: Jun. Carlton club; Ravenhill, 
Brereton, Rugeley, Stiffs. 

Anderson, sir Wm., k.c.b., d.c.l., 
F.R.S., v.p. inst. c.K., s. of John Ander- 
son, of St. Petersburg ; b. 1834 ; m. 1856, 
dau. of rev. J. R. Brown, of Knighton, co. 
Radnor; J.P.Kent, lt.-col. Engineer and 
Railway V.S.C. from 1895, director-gene- 
ral of Royal Ordnance Factories from 
1889 : Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, S.E. ; 
Lesney House, Erith, Kent ; War office, 
Pall mall, S.W. 

Anderson, William, 2 s. of Robert 
Anderson, of Buntingford, Herts ; b. 
1836; m. 1862, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph 
Burn, of Berwick-on-Tweed ; J.P. N. R. 
Yorks, first mayor of Thornaby-on-Tees, 
1892-4 : National Liberal club ; Rims- 
well, Stockton-on-Tees. 

Anderson, Wm. Curling, s. of J. A. 
Anderson, of Greenwich ; b. 1832 ; j.p. 
Kent and London : Chaseley, Crystal 
Palace Park rd., S.E. 

Anderson, sir William George, K.C.B., 
s. of Jas. Anderson, and bro. of adm. Jas. 
Anderson ; b. 1804; in. 1836, Mary, dau. 
{d. 1891) of late Hy. Whiteside, Frognal, 
Hampstead ; asst. comptroller and 
auditor of exchequer 1866-73, auditor of 
Duchy of Cornwall 1851-91, and eccle- 
siastl.comn.: Anglesea House, 15 Church 
rd. Forest Hill, S.E. 



Anderson, hon. sir Win. John, 2 p. of 
sir Geo. Campbell Anderson (d. 1881) ; 
b. 1846 ; to. 1871, Mary D. S., dau. of late 
S. J. Clutaam, m.d. : barr. Lincoln's Inn, 
I860; judge of supreme court, Turks' 
and Caicos Islands 1874-86, resident 
magist. at Kingston, Jamaica, 1886-90, 
C.J. of British Honduras from 1890, 
knighted 1896 : Belize, British Honduras. 

Anderson, gen. Wm. Warden, served 
in Punjab 1848-9, at Mooltan, Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, gen. Bombay cav. from 
1888. " 

Anderson, lady Agnes A., vide Robt. 
Anderson, c.b., ll.d. 

Anderson, hon. lady. Augusta C, 
2 dau. of 3 baron de Saumarez ; to. 1, 
1859,5 baron Boston (d. 1877); 2, 1883, 
as his 2 wife, sir Hy. Percy Anderson, 
k.c.b., K.c.m.g. (d. 1896) : 53 Eaton sq. 
iW. ; Tannheim, Bournemouth. 

Anderson, mrs. Dorothy, dau. of late 
C. Horsfall, of Liverpool ; m. 1847, T. D. 
Anderson, of Waverley, Surrey, J. p. (d. 
1876) : Waverley Abbey, Waverley, 
Famham, Surrey. 

Anderson, lady. Elizabeth, elder 
dau. of late Jsph. Barcroft, of Stang- 
more, co. Tyrone ; m. 1863, sir Samuel 
Lee Anderson, knt., m.a., Crown Solicitor 
in Ireland 1868-86 {d. 1886) : 74 Lower 
Baggot st. Dublin ; Glenburne, Kilgob- 
bin, Dublin. 

Anderson, lady. Jane, dau. of Archi- 
bald Wight, Ormiston, Mid-Lothian ; 
m. 1833, sir G-. W. Anderson, K.C.B. (d. 
1857), gov. of Ceylon 1850-5 : 99 West- 
bourne ter. W. 

Andersson, Wm. Hy., eld. s. of late 
John Ulric Andersson, of Stockholm, 
Sweden: b. 1822; to. 1851, Sarah, dau. 
of late Robert Leman, of Norwich; j.p. 
Lancashire : 17 Breezehill, Bootle, 

Anderton, A rthur,eld. s. of late James 
Anderton, of Cleckheaton, Yorks : 6. 
1848; J.p. (1892) W. R. Yorks: Field 
Head, Cleckheaton S.O. Yorks. 

Anderton, Geo. Herbert, s. of Geo. 
Anderton, of Howden, Yorks ; b. 1855 ; 
m. 1880, Laura E., dau. of J. Asquith, 
J.P., of Morley, Yorks ; j.p. E.R. Yorks : 
National Liberal club ; Kilpin Lodge, 
Howden, Yorks. 

Anderton. Wilfrid Francis; b. 1844 ;m. 
1, dau.of late H. Tempest, Newland Park, 
Yorks. ; 2, 1880, Mary L. F., only dau. of 
J. F. Tempest, of Ackworth Grange, 
Yorks. ; j.p. Lancashire : Haighton, 

Anderton, Wm., s. of Geo. Anderton, 
J.P., of Cleckheaton ; b. 1821 ; to. 1843, 

Elizabeth, dau. of G. P. Lyon, of Liver- 
pool ; j.p. W. R. Yorks : Elm bank, 

Andoe, rear-adml. Hilarv Gustavus, 
C.B., s. of W. Andoe, late H.M.C.S. ; b. 
1841 ; to. 1880, dau. of T. Bromley ; in 
Baltic 1855, at bombardment of Sven- 
borg; on East Coast of Africa 1863-7, 
Transvaal war 1881-2, Egypt 1882, E. 
Soudan expedn. 1881, commd. Dockyard 
reserve 1890-3, adml. supdt. of Chatham 
dockyard from 1895 : Admiralty House, 
Chatham ; Kidbrooke,Westgate rd. West- 
gate-on-Sea ; United Service club. 

Andover, vise. Henry Molyneux Paget 
Howard, eld. s. of earl of Suffolk ; b. 
1877 : It. 4 battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire 
regt. from 1897. 

Andrew, Chas., s. of Geo. Andrew, 
of Green Hill, Compstall ; b. 1821 ; to. 1, 
1850, Ann, dau. of Saml. Ashton, of Pole 
Bank, Chester ; 2, 1868, Jane, 4 dau. of 
Thos. Blayney, The Lodge, Evesham ; 
J.P. cos. Lancaster, Chester, Worcester 
and Warwick : Reform club ; Coughton 
Court, Coughton R.S.O., Warwickshire. 

Andrew, Ely, s. of Jonathan Andrew, 
j.p. (d. 1866), of Ashton-under-Lyne ; to. 
1854, Emma, dau. of Wm. Heginbottom, 
J.P. (d. 1865), of Albert House, Ashton- 
under-Lyne ; j.p. Lancashire and Derby- 
shire, mayor of Ashton-under-Lyne, 
1891-2, 1892-3 and 1891 : Ashton-under- 

Andrew, Frank, younger s. of late 
Jonathan Andrew, of Ashton-under- 
Lyne ; b. 1838 ; to. 1866, Louisa, 2 dau. 
of late Fredk. Reyner, of Ashton-under- 
Lyne ; J.P. Lancashire : Nowellthorpe, 
Ashton-under-Lyne ; Jun. Carlton S.W. 
and Conservative (Manchester) clubs. 

Andrew, Wm. Wickes Wayte, eld. s. 
of rev. W. W. Andrew, vicar of Ketter- 
ingham and of Wood Hall, Norfolk, and 
Stoneleigh, Herts (d. 1890) ; b. 1835 ; 
to. 1862, Emily, dau. of T. Ballance, of 
Hackney : Arkleigh. Hendon. 

Andrewes, vide Turner- Andrewes. 

Andrewes, col. Wm. Gilly, ret. R.A., 
s. of late It. -col. Chas. Andrewes, form- 
erly 13 Lt. drags. ; b. 1831 ; to. 2, 1884, 
Maiie Charlotte, dau. of Alexander 
Puruckherr, of Altenburg ; served in 
Crimea, 1854-56, at battle of Inkerman 
and siege and fall of Sebastopol, knt. leg. 
hon., 5 class Medjidie, and Sardinian 
order, ret. p. 1887, J.P. Sussex : Rock- 
Washington, nr. Pulborough R.S.O. Sus- 

Andrews, maj.-gen. Chas. ; in Punjab 
canmaign 1848-9, at Mooltan and 
Goojerat, in Bundelcund campaign 



1859; ret. 1875 f. p. as lt.-col. B. S. C: 
Allinum Lodge, Woolwich rd. Bexley 
Heath S.O. Kent. 

Andrews, Chvs., only s. of late Chas. 
Andrews, of Eiling, Midllx.: b. 1830: 
West Meads, Butlers Mirston, nr. War- 

Andrews, Hugh ; to. Isabel, dau. 
of John Sowerby, of Benwell Tower ; 
J. P. Northumberland : Swarland Hall, 
Felton R.S.O. Northumb. ; Warkworth 
Harbour, Northumb. 

Andrews, lt.-col. J as. Walker, eld. s. 
of late Thos. Andrews, f.r.s., v. p. of 
Queen's Coll. Belfast ; b. 1845 ; m. 1877. 
Emily, dau. of Fredk. W. Allfrey, of 
Stanbury, Berks ; served as brig.-maj. 
in Afghan war 1878-80, late Devonshire 
regt. ret. p. 1891, J. p. (1896) Su-sex : 
Army and Navy club ; Bantony, Roberts- 
bridge S.O. Sussex 

Andrews, rev. preby. Saml. Wright, 
M.A. Cantab., J. P. co. Lincoln ; rect. of 
Claxby with Normanby-on-the-Wolds 
from 1869, and vicar of Usselby from 
1887, preby. of Lincoln from 1888 : 
Claxby Rectory. Market Rasen, Lines. 

Angelo, lt.-gen. John Anthony, R.a. 
(Bengal) ; Sutlej campaign 1845-6, at 
Ferozepore, Ferozeshah and Sobraon ; 
Punjaub 1848-9, at Sadoolapore, Chillian- 
wallah and Goojerat ; Indian mutiny 
campaign at Delhi 1857, ret.on pens. 1882. 
Angerstein. John Richd. Julius. 2 s. 
of Wm. Angerstein. D.L., j.p., of Weet- 
ing Hall, Norfolk; b. 184.., n. 1892. 
Georgiana, eld. dau. of late Reginald 
Burton; J.P.Norfolk and Suffolk : Brooks' 
and Marlborough clubs ; Weeting Hall. 

Angerstein, William, youngest s. of 
late J. Angerstein, of Weeting Hall. M.i'.; 
b. 181i ; m. 1842, Mary A., only child (d. 
1887) of late W. Nettleshipp : D.L., J.P. 
Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk; M.P. (l.) 
Greenwich 1859-65: Weeting Hall, 
Brandon, Norfolk. 

Anglesey, 4 marq. of (1815, Gt. B.). 
Hy. Paget, half bro. of 3 marq. (rf. 
1880); 6. 1835; to. 1, dau. of Joseph 
Norman ; 2, dau. of J. C. Curwen-Boyd, 
Merton Hall, Wigtownshire ; 3, 1880, 
Minnie, dau. of late (hon.) John P. 
King, of Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A., and 
widow of hon. H. Wodehouse ; 2nd tit. 
earl of Uxbridge ; lt.-col. (hon. col. 1884) 
Staffs, yeom. 1884-6, hon. col. of the 
regt. 1887 ; hon. col. 2 vol. battn. R.Welsh 
Fus.froml891; knt. of grace of order of 
St. John of Jerusalem. Tice-adm. of N. 
Wales and co.Carmarthen f rom 1885; D.L. 
Staffs, j.p., d.l. Anglesey : Carlton club ; 

Beaudesert Park, Rugeley ; Plasnewydd, 
Llanfair- Pwllgwyngyll, Anglesey. 

Anglesey, Sophia, marchioness of, 
dau. of late Jas. Eversfield, Denne Park, 
Sussex : to. 1845, 3 marquess of Anglesey 
(d. 1880): The Huntleys, Tunbridge 
Wells ; Burgate Cottage, Fordingbridge, 

Angst. Henry,H.M.'s consul at Zurich 
1886-96, consul-gen. there from 1896 : 
Zurich, Switzerland. 

Angus, Jas., s. of Robt. Angus, of 
Lugar, Ayrshire; b. 1864: m. 1893, 
Elizabeth, dau. of late Edwd. Jollie, of 
Patea. New Zealand : j.p. (1894) North- 
umberland : Radcliffe House, Ackling- 
ton, Northumb. 

Angus, major-gen. John Anstruther, 
ret. f. p. 1875 as col. B.S.C. 

Annaly, lord (3 baron 1863, C.K.). 
Luke White, eld. s. of 2 baron Annaly, 
K.p. (d. 1888) ; 6. 1857 ; to. 1884, hon. 
Lilah Georgina A. C, only dau. of 3 vise. 
Clif den ; b. 1862 ; D.L. co. Longford, 
J.p. Northants, capt. 1 battn. Scots gds. 
1888-96, capt. and hon. maj. R. Bucks 
Huss. yeom. from 1896 : 43 Berkeley sq. 
W. ; Turf and Guards' clubs ; Luttrells- 
town, Clonsilla, Dublin ; Gowran, co. 
Kilkenny ; Holdenby House, Northamp- 

Annaly (rt. hon.), Emily, lady. dau. 
of James Stuart ; to. 1853, 2 baron 
Annaly, k.p. (d. 1888) : 7 Queen's terr., 

Annandale, Jas., eld. s. of James 
Annandale, of Shotley Grove, co. Dur- 
ham (d. 1882) ; b. 1840; Durham : 
The Briary, Shotley Bridge, Durham. 

Annesley, vide Lyttelton-Annesley. 

Annesley, 5 earl (1789 : Ir. Rep.peer). 
col. Hugh Annesley .bro.of 4 earl (J.1874), 
6. 1831 ; m. 1, 1877, Mabel W. F., eld. dau. 
(rf. 1891) of col. Markham, of Cufforth 
Hall, Yorks ; 2, 1892, Priscilla C. dau. of 
late W. Armitage Moore, of Arnmore 
co. Cavan ; 2nd tit. vise. Glerawly ; m.a 
Dublin, m.p. (c.) Cavan 1857-74, d.l., j.p 
co. Down, in Kaffir war 1851-3, and in 
Crimea, late lt.-col. Scots gds. : Annesley 
Lodge, Sussex pi. Regent's park, N.W. ; 
Carlton and New Travellers' clubs ; 
Castlewellan, and Donard Lodge, co. 

Annesley, col. hon. Algernon Sydney 
Arthur, s. of 10 vise. Valentia ; b. 1829 ; w. 
1864, Helen S. younger dau. of Griffith 
Richards, Q.C ; late 16 lancers, a.u.c. to 
lord high commr. of Ionian islands (sir 
J.Young) in 1858, priv. sec. to gov. of 
Hong-Kong (lord Rosmead) in I860, lt.- 
col. commdt. and hon. col. 4 battn. (mil.) 


Oxfordshire L. I., 1872-91, hon. col. of the 
battn. from 1891,J.P.Middlx. and London: 
5 Leinster gdns. Hyde Park, W. ; Army 
and Navy and Wellington clubs. 

Annesley. hon. Arthur, eldest s. of 11 
vise. Valentia ; b. 1880. 

Annesley, hon. Caryl Arthur Jas., 2 
s. of 11 vise. Valentia ; b. 1883. 

Annesley, insp.-gen. Fras. Chas., 
M.R.CS. Kng., served with 8 Regt. at 
siege and capture of Delhi 1857 ; ret. 
1867 as hon. insp.-gen. 

Annesley, hon. Geo., 5 s. of 3 earl 
Annesley ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, cousin, dau. of 
Jas. Annesley ; 2, 1861, Georgina, dau. (d. 
1892) of VVm. H Daniell, Auburn, West- 
meat h. 

Annesley hon. mrs. Arthur. Clara, 
dau. of G.Weston, Norwich ; m.1867, hon. 
A. Annesley (4 s. of 3 earl Annesley) 
(d. 1881). 

Annesley, hon. Altisidora Victoria, 
dau. of 10 vise. Valentia : 7 St. George's 
sq. S.W. 

Annesley, lady Mabel Marguerite, 
b. 1881; lady Clare, b. 1893; lady Con- 
stance Mary, b. 1895 ; daus. of 5 earl 

Annesley, hon. Vere, b. 1879 ; hon. 
Violet Kathleen, b. 1882 ; hon. Helen, b. 
1884 ; hon. Lettice, b. 1885 ; hon. Hilda 
Cecil, b. 1889 ; hon. Dorothy, 6. 1892 ; 
daus. of 11 visct. Valentia. 

Ansell, Maurice, m. 1896,Evelyn, dau. 
of Vincenzo Bartolucci and widow of 
adml. rt. hon. sir Astley Cooper Kev, P.O., 
G.C.B. (d. 1888) : 55 Elm Park gdns" S.W. 

Ansell, Wm., s. of Joseph Ansell, of 
Aston Manor ; b. 1844 ; m. 1867, Louisa, 
dau. of John Clements, of Sutton Cold- 
field ; J p. Warwickshire and Sutton 
Coldfield : Wylde Green House, Sutton 

Ansell, Wm., s. of Chas. Ansell, of 
Cefncymerau isaf, Llanbedr, Merioneth, 
F.R.R., d.L., J. P. (d. 1881); b. 1827; m. 
1853, Frances, dau. of J. Biggs, of Bark- 
ing ; j.p. ( 1892) Merioneth (sheriff 1894) : 
Corsygedol, Dyffryn, Merioneth. 

Anson, vise. Thomas Edwd. Anson, 
eld. s. of earl of Lichfield ; b. 1883. 

Anson, rt. rev. bp. the hon. Adelbert 
Rt., d.d. (hon.), m.a. Oxon., s. of 1 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1840 ; vicar of Sedgley, 
Staffs. 1870-5, of Woolwich 1875-83, bp. 
of Qu'Appelle, Canada, 1884-92, warden 
of St. John's Hospital, Lichfield, from 
1892 : St. John's House, Lichfield. 

Anson, hon. Alfred, 8 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1876 : 18 Manchester sq. W. 

Anson, commdr. Algernon Horatio, 
R.N., 4 s. of sir J. Anson, 2 bart. (d. 1873) ; 

b. 1854 ; m. 1896, hon. Adela, youngest 
dau. of 6 baron Vernon, b. 1870 : commdr. 
R.N. from 1892. 

Anson, maj.-gen. sir Archibald Edwd. 
Harbord, K.C.M.G., R.A., s. of late gen. sir 
Wm.Anson,K.C.B.,l bart. ; 6.1826; m.1851, 
Elizh.,dau.(d. 1891) of late R. Bourchier ; 
in Crimea at Sebastopol, 5 class Medjidie, 
insp.-gen. police in Mauritius 1858,lieui.- 
gov. of Prince of Wales island in 1867, 
administ. of Straits Settlements 1871-9, 
J.P. Sussex, c.C. for E. Sussex : South- 
field, Silverhill, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Anson, hon. Arthur Augustus, 2 s. of 
3 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1887. 

Anson, hon. Claud, 5 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1864 : Texas, U.S.A. 

Anson, hon. Francis, 6 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1867 : Texas, U.S.A. 

Anson, hon. Frederic William, 4 s. of 
2 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1862 ; m. 1886, 
Florence Louisa J., eld. survg. dau. of 
late col. Bagot Lane, of King's Bromley 
Manor, Lichfield, and Lily Hill, Ascot ; 
J.P.Herts : 8Pall MalLS.W. ; Cell Barnes, 
St. Albans ; Arthur's club. 

Anson, capt. hon. Geo. Augustus, 2 
s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884, 
Blanche, dau. of late G. Miller, of Bren- 
try, Gloucestershire ; capt. R.A. 1885-8, 
chief constable of Staffs, from 1888 : 
Naval and Military club ; Park House, 

Anson, ven. Geo. Hy. Greville, s. of 
gen. sir Wm. Anson, K.C.B.. 1 bart. : b. 
1820 ; m. dau. of late dean (Hook) of Chi- 
chester ; m.a. Oxon., archd. of Manchester 
1870-90, canon 1882-4, rect. from 1846 
of Birch-in-Rusholme, Manchester. 

Anson, Henry, j.p. Derbyshire. 

Anson, maj. hon. Henry Jas.. 3 s. of 2 
earl of Lichfield ; b. 1858; maj. Highland 
L.I. from 1896 ; a.p.c. to gov. gen. (marq. 
of Lansdowne) of Canada 1883-8 : Army 
ard Navy club. 

Anson, hon. Rupert, 3 s. of 3 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1889. 

Anson, hon. William, 7 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1872 : Texas, U.S.A. 

Anson, sir William Reynell, 3 bart. 
(1831) ; b. 1843; D.C.L. Oxon, barr. Inner 
Temple 1869, Vinerian law reader at 
Oxford 1874-81, warden of All Souls Coll. 
from 1881, j.p. Oxon. (chm. quart, tess. 
from 1894) : All Souls College, Oxford ; 
Athenaeum, Brooks', St. James' and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Anson, lady Bertha, b. 1879; lady 
Mabel, b. 1882; lady Violet, b. 1886; 
daus. of 3 earl of Lichfield. 

Anson, hon. mrs. Caroline M., dau. of 
5 baron Vernon ; b. 1826 ; m. 1845, rev. 


canon Fredk. Anson, m.a., canon of 
Windsor 1845-85 (d. 1885) : St. George's 
Lodge, Cookham S.O., Berks. 

Alison, lady. Elizabeth, dan. of late 
maj.-gen. sir *D. Pack, K.C.B.. by lady 
Elizabeth, dau. of 1 marq. of Waterford; 
m. 1842, sir J. Anson, 2 bart. (d. 1873) : 
Hill House. Walberton, Arundel. 

Anson-Horton. mrs. Arthur, dau. of 
rt. hon. Hy. Tufnell, of 13 Cavendish sq. 
W. ; m. 1851, rev. Arthur Anson, rect. 
of Potter-Han worth, Lincoln {d. 1859) ; 
assumed bv royal licence addtl. name 
of Horton,"l888 : 13 Cavendish sq. W. ; 
Catton Hall, Burton-on-Trent. 

Anstice, J. Arthur, v.d, s. of J. 
Anstice, of Madeley Wood Hall, Salop 
{d. 1867); b. 1846 ; m. 1891, Agnes P., 
eld. dau. of Ferdinand Unna. of 12 Lan- 
caster gate, W. ; lt.-col. (and hon. col. 
1886) 1 vol. battn. Shropshire L. I. from 
1881, D.L., J. P. Salop: Jun. Carlton 
club ; Marnwood, Iron Bridge K.S.O., 

Anstice, Richd. Edmund, J.1-. (1888) 
Salop : Madelev Wood Hall, Coalport. 
Iron Bridge R.S.O., Silop. 

Ajistie. James. Q.C.. s. of late James O. 
Anstie. of Devizes. Wilts ; b. 1836 ; m. 
1867, Sarah Anne Selfe, dau. of Lindsey 
Winterbotham, of Stroud, co. Glo'ster ; 
barr., Lincoln's Inn, 1859; q.C. 1882, a 
charity commr.from 1884 : 1 Aubrey rd. W. 

Anstruther, Fitz Roy Hamilton 
Lloyd, only s. of Robt. Hamilton Lloyd 
Anstruther, of Hintlesham Hall. Suffolk, 
D.L., J. P.; b. 1 872 : 2 Beaufort gdns. S.W.; 
Jun. Constitutional club. 

Anstruther, Henry Torrens, 2 s. of 
col. sir Robt. Anstruther, 5 bart.(d. 1886) ; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1889, hon. Eva I. IL, ell. dau. 
of 4 baron Sudeley, b. 1869 ; Scotch ad- 
vocate 1885; a ju. lord of the treas. 
from 1895, m.p. {tM.1 St. Andrew's 
Burghs from 1886 : 6 Chester st. S.W. ; 
Brooks', and New (Edinburgh) clubs; 
Gillingshill, Pittenweem, Fife. 

Anstruther, sir Ralph Wm. 6 bart. 
(1694); s. of 5 bart., M.p. {d. 1886); 
h. 1858 : m. 1886, Mildred IL, younger 
dui. of E. Hussey, of Scotney" Castle ; 
D.L.. J. p. cos. Fife and Caithness, capt. 
B.S. 1888-90, maj. 6 (Fifeshire) vol. battn. 
Black Watch from 1890: Brooks's club ; 
Balcaskie, Pittenweem. Fife N.B. 

Anstruther. lt.-col. Robert Hamilton- 
Lloyd, eld. s. of J. H. Lloyd- Anstruther, 
of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk. D.I .., j.p. 
(d. 1882) : h. 1841 : > 1871, Gertrude L. 
G., eld. dau. of F. H. FitzRoy, of Frog- 
more Park, Hants ; served with 2 battn. 
rifle brig, in Indian mutiny, 1858 ; Suakin 

campaign, 1885 ; maj. rifle brig. 1881-6 ; 
ret. 1886 as hon. lt.-col. ; d.t.., j.p. 
Suffolk ; m.p. (c.) S.E. Suffolk 1886-92 : 
2 Beaufort gdns. S. W. ; Carlton club ; 
Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich. 

Anstruther, sir Windham Chas. Jas. 
Carmichael-, 9 bart. (1694 and 179<-<: : b. 
1824 ; m. 1872, Janetta, dau. (d. 1891) of 
R.Barbour, Bolesworth Castle.Cheshire ; 
hered. carver to royal household in Scot- 
land ; D.L., J.P. Lanarkshire (vice-lieut. 
from 189(1) ; M.p. (C.) S. Lanarkshire 
1874-80 : Carlton and Windham clubs ; 
Carmichael House, Thankerton, N.B. 

Anstruther, lady. Louisa, dau. of 
late rev. canon W. Knox Marshall, B.D., 
rect. of Wragby ; m. 1857, col. sir Robt. 
Anstruther, 5 bart.. M.P. (d 1886): 28 
St. Leonard's ter. Chelsea, S.W. 

Anstruther, lady. Mary Ann, dan. 
of John Parsons ; m. 1859. as his 3 wife, 
sir Windham Anstruther, 8 bart. (rf.1869) : 
23 De Tere gdns. Kensington. W. 

Anstruther-Thomson, John, v.d., 
eld. s. of J. Anstruther (-Thomson), of 
Charleton, co. Fife (d. 1833) ; b. 1818 ; m. 
1852, Caroline M. A. R., only dan 
1883) of late rev. J. H. Gray, of Carntyne, 
Glasgow; is D.I,., J.p. co. Fife, late 9 
lancers and 13 drag., lt.-col. (hon. col. 
1886) 1 Fifeshire L. H. vol. from 1866 : 
Army and .Navy, and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs : Charleton, Kilconquhar, co. Fife. 

Antelme, hou. sir Celicourt Auguste, 
K.c.M.G., s. of late L. J. Antelme: b. 
1818; m. dau. {4. 1856) of M. Mauris: 
mem. of exec, council of Mauritius from 
1889 : Port Louis. 

Anthonisz, Peter Daniel, C.M.O.. m.d. 
St. And., Eng., f.r.c.s. Edin., 
m.R.C.p. Lond., s. of late Leoaardus 
Henricus Anthonisz. of Ceylon ;b. 1822 : 
entd. med. dept. Ceylon 1838, colonial 
surg. S. Province 1858, ret. 1880, actd. as 
princ. med. officer of the colony 1864,1874 
and 1878 ; unofficial memb. legisl. council 
of Ceylon from 1887 : Galle. Ceylon. 

Anthony. Edwyn, m.a. Oxon.. 2 s. of 
late Chas. Anthony, formerly of The 
Elms, Hereford; b. 1843; barr. Inner 
Temple 1877. j.p. Herefordshire, aldm. 
Hereford C.c, memb. London Mathe- 
matical Soc. : National Liberal club ; 
Newton House. Hereford. 

Anthony, Henry, j.p. Glamorgan : 
Bryneeydd House, Caerphilly. Cardiff. 

Antigua, 4 bp. of (cr. 1842). rt. rev. 
Charles Jas. Branch, D.D., s. of S. E. 
Bnnch, Barbados; b. 1834; m. 1857, 
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Edwd. B. Curll, 
Barbado* : rect. of St. Andr. Grenada 
1864-6, St. John, St. Croix 1866-79. of 



St. John, Antig. 1881-96. archd. of Antig. 
1879-82, bp. coadjutor of Antigua 1882-96, 
bp. from 1896 : St. John's, Antigua. 

Antrim, 6 earl of (1785, 2nd creation, 
ir.). William Randall McDonnell, eld. 
s. of 5 earl (d. 1869) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1875, 
Louisa (lady-in-waiting to the Queen 
from 1891), dau. of late gen. hon. Ghas. 
Grey ; 2nd tit. vise. Dunluce : Glenarm 
Castle, Lame, Antrim. 

Antrobus, sir Edmund, 3 bart. (1815), 
eld. s. of 2 bart. (d. 1870) ; b. 1818 ; to. 
1847, Marianne, dau. of sir Geo. Dash- 
wood, 4 bart. ; M.A. Cantab., J. P. Surrey, 
D.L., j.p. Wilts (sheriff 1880), M.P. (L.) E. 
Surrey 1841-47, Wilton 1855-77 : 16 
Grosvenor cres. S.W. ; United Univer- 
sity club ; Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury. 

Antrobus, col. Edmund, eld. s. of sir 
Edmund Antrobus, 3 bart. by dau. of Mr 
G. Dasnwood, 4 bart. ; b. 1848 ; m. 1886, 
Florence C. M. dan. of J. A. Sartoris, of 
Hopsford Hall, Warwickshire ; lt.-col. 
(col. 1888) (3 battn.) Gren. gds. from 
1893 : Guards' club. 

Autrobus, Hugh Lindsay, 2 p. of sir 
Edmund Antrobus, 2 bart. {d. 1870) : b. 
1823 : m. 1859, Mary, dau. of adm. sir Chas. 
Adam, K..C.B. ; a partner in Coutts <fe Co. 
bankers : 65 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Lower 
Cheam House, Sutton, Surrey. 

Antrobus, John Coutts, eld. s. of 
late G. C. Antrobus, of Eaton Hall. 
D.L. ; b. 1829 ; to. 1, dau. of C. Swetenham. 
of Somerford Booths, Cheshire ; 2, dau. 
of G. J. Shakerley; 3, 1875, Mary E., 
younger dau. of late gen. hon. sir Jas. 
Lindsay, k.c.m.g. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1857, J.P. Cheshire, maj. (hon. lt.-col.) 
Cheshire yeom. 1872-87 : Eaton Hall, 

Antrobus, Robt. Crawfurd, 3 s. of sir 
Edmund Antrobus, 2 bart. (d. 1870) ; b. 
1830; m. 1873, Emily, dau. of col. J. 
Ireland Blackburne, of Hale Hall, Lan- 
caster, D.L., J.P. ; is J.P. Middlx. and 
London : 27 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Carlton 
and Travellers' clubs. 

Anwyl, Robt. Chas., s. of Evan 
Anwyl, of Llugwy, Merioneth (d. 1872) : 
b. 1850 ; to. 1886, Harriette, dau. of late 
Wm. Hamilton : is j.p. Merioneth and 
Montgomery : Llugwy, Pennal, Mach- 

Apperley Alfred,s.of David Apperley, 
of Cheltenham.Gloucestershire ; b. 1839 : 
to. I860, Marie, dau. of H. C. Paice, of 
Egham, Surrey ; j.p. Gloucestershire ; 
Rodborongh Court, Stroud, GloV 

Apperley,XewtonWynne,s. of col.W. 
W. Apperley, 4 Bengal cav., of Morben, 
Machynlleth, N. Wales ; b. 1846 : to. 

1880, Mary, dau. of Alan Wm. Hutchin- 
son, of Hollingside, Durham ; j.p. co. 
Durham, capt. (hon. maj. 1886) Montgo- 
meryshire yeom. 1881-6 ; asst. pri. sec. 
to the lord lieut. of Ireland (marq. of 
Londonderry)1886-9 : Amphitryon, Jun. 
Constitutional, and Nimrod clubs ; South 
End, Durham. 

Appleby, Arthur, s. of Jspb. Appleby, 
of Clayton-le-Moors ; b. 1843 ; to. 1878, 
Annie, dau. of Christopher Parkinson, of 
Blackburn ; j.p. Lancashire : Garrick 
club ; Mill House, Enfield, Accrington. 

Appleby, Thos. 2 s. of late John 
Appleby, of Wingate, co. Durham ; b. 
1839; to. 1868, Harriet, dau. of Thos. 
Wearmouth, of Byers Garth, co. Dur- 
ham ; J.p. co. Durham : National Con- 
servative and Jun. Constitutional clubs ; 
Greatham R.S.O. co. Durham. 

Applegate, Hubert, s. of John Wm. 
Applegate, of Weston-super-Mare ; b. 
1828 ; to. 1852, Emma, dau. of John 
Badey, of Trowbridge, Wilts ; J.P. (1894) 
Wilts : Turleigh House, Turleigh, near 
Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. 

Appleton. Richard Henry, s. of Richd. 
Appleton, of Yarm-on-Tees ; b. 1820 ; to. 
1860, Fanny, youngest dau. of Wm. Hill, 
of Weetwood, nr. Leeds ; is J.P. co. Dur- 
ham : Woodside Hall, Eaglescliffe 
Junction, Darlington. 

Apple ton, Wm. 4 s. of rev. Jas. Apple- 
ton, vicar of Worksop, Notts; b. 1846; 
to. 1881, Eleanor P. M. eld. dau. of late 
Wm. B. Tristram, of Fowley, Hants ; 
barr. Inner temple 1871, rec. of Great 
Grimsby from 188- : 16 Albion at. Hvde 
park, W. ; 3 Dr. Johnson"s bldgs. E.C. 

Applewhaite, col. Chas. Mundy, 3 
but eld. survg. s. of Edwd. Archer Apple- 
whaite, of Pickenham Hall, Norfolk, J.P. 
(d. 1889); b. 1834; w. 1889, Mary F. 
youngest dau. of Joseph Truman Mills, 
of Clermont, Watton, j.p. ; lt.-col. com- 
mdg. and hon. col. 4 battn. (mil.) Norfolk 
regt. 1886-9, j.p. Norfolk: Pickenham 
Hall, Swaffham. 

Appleyard, maj -ger. Fredk. Ernest, 
C.B. (1875), s. of F. N. Appleyard, 
formerly Cursitor of the High Court of 
Chancery ; b. 1829 ; to. 1, 1855, Louise, 
dau. of Alexr. Anlrew, of Porchester 
ter. W. ; 2, 1885, Ge trude, younger 
dau. of Harrv Tuppen, of 64 Bassett rd. 
W. ; with 80 foot in Burma 1852, at 
Rangoon, Maitaban and Prome. with 7 
Royal Fns. in Crimea, at Alma, Inker- 
man, the Redan and Sebastopol, knt. leg. 
hon. and 5 class Medjidie (mentioned 
in despatches and brevet of major) ; 
commd. a brig, in Afghanistan 1878-9 


(3 times mentioned in despatches) ; ret. 
p. 1884 ; J. P. Surrey : Army and Navy 
club ; Tarakai, Surbiton, Surrey. 

Apsley, lord Allen Algernon Bath- 
ret, eld. s. of earl Bathurst; b. 1805. 

s. of late bp. (Arbuthnot) of Killaloe ; 
b. 1822 ; to. 1844, Frederica, dau. of late 
maj .-gen. R. B. Fearon, C.B. ; M.C.S. 1842- 
7 i. first director of publ. instruction in 
Madras 1855-62, chief-sec. to the govt. 
1862-7, and memb. council 1807-72, v.c. of 
univ. of Madras 1871-72, ordy. memb. 
councl. of gov.-gen. of India, 1875-80, 
pre', in council, Nov. 1878 and March 
1879, vice-chanc. of univ. of Calcutta. 
1878-80, J. P. Hants ; memb. council of 
sec. of state India from 1887 : 11 Suffolk 
st. Pall mall, S.W. ; Athenaeum club : 
Newtown House, nr. Newbury. 

Arbuthnot, gen. sir Chas. Geo.. 
r.a.. G.c.B., 4 s. of late bp. (Arbuthnot) 
of K!llaloe ; b. 1824; m. 188, Caroline C, 
dau. of Wm. Clarke, M.D., of Barbados : in 
Crimea, at Sebasto.pol, 5 clas3 Medjidie, 
d.a.G. of r.a. Bengal 1873-7 ; insp.-gen. 
of a -till, in India 1878-80, d.a.g. of R.a. 
1880-3, insp.-gen. of artill. at head quar- 
ters 1883-5, pres. of ordnance committee 
1885-5, commndr. in-chief of Bombay 
army in 1886 ; of Madras army 1886-91, 
ret. p. 1891. col. commdt. r.a. from 1893 : 
Army and Navy and United Service. 

Arbuthnot, Chas.Geo.a director of the 
Bank of England from 18 : 69 Eaton 
sq. S.W. ; Shalford House, Guildford. 

Arbuthnot, col. Geo., r.a., 2 s. of 
J. A. Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park. 
Berks, J.P. (d. 1875) ; b. 1836 ; to. 
1870. dm. of late capt. A. Nepean 
Aitchison. h.e.i.c.S. ; in Indian mutiny 
campaign, 1857-8, at relief of Saugor, 
captures of Jhansi and Calpee ; in Abys- 
sinia, 1H66, as a.d.c. to sir C. Staveley 
at Magdala ; col. ret. list R.A., D.L., J.P. 
Herefordshire, J.P. Gloucestershire: 
m.p. (c.) Hereford 1871-4 and 1878-80 : 
5 Belgrave pi. S.W. ; Army and Navy and 
Carlton clubs ; Norton Court, Gloucester. 

Arbuthnot, lt.-gen. Geo. Alexr. 
served in Indian mutiny, with Saugor 
Field force in Shahabad dist.and in Cen- 
tral India, Madras cav., lt.-gen. on U.S. 
list 1893. 

Arbuthnot, maj.-gen. Henry Thos., 
R.A., s. of Geo. Arbuthnot, of the Trea- 
sury ; b. 1834 ; in. 1862. Anna J., dau. of 
B. H. Mowbray, of Surbiton, Surrey ; 
served in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma. 
Inkerman, and Sebastopol, knt. leg. hon. 
Indian mutiny 1857-8, at Lucknow ; ret. 

p. 1887 : United Service club : Doe Bank 
House. Sutton Coldfield. nr. Birmingham. 

Arbuthnot, Hugh Gough, 2 s. of 
Archd. F. Arbuthnot, of Hvde Park gdns. 
W. (d. 1879) by dau. of 1 vise. Gough; 
b. 1840 ; to. 1864, Caroline, dau. of rev. 
Capel Molyneux, B.a. ; one of H.M.'s 
Lieutenants for the City of London : 40 
Princes gate, S.W. ; Oriental club. 

Arbuthnot, sir Robt. Keith, 4 bart. 
(1823), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1889) ; b. 
1864 ; It. R.X. : Army and Navy club. 

Arbuthnot, William Reierson : Plaw- 
hatch, East Grinstead, Sussex. 

Arbuthnot, mrs. M. Rosa, eld. dau. 
of J. Campbell, of Kilberry. Argyll- 
shire ; to. 1865, as his 2 wife. Wm, 
Arbuthnot, of The Ham Manor, Berks. 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1896) : The Ham Manor, 
Newbury, Berks. 

Arbuthnott, 11 vise. (1611, sco.). 
David Arbuthnott, 2 s. of 9 vise. (d. 
1891) bv dau. of 6 earl of Airlie and bro. 
of 10 visa ('/. 1895) ; b. 1845 : Arbuthnott 
House, nr. Fordoun, Kincardineshire. 

Arbuthnott, maj. hon. Chas. J. D., 
s. of 8 vise. Arbuthnott ; b. 1823; m. 1852, 
Caroline (d. 1890), widow of E. Paul, 
h.e.i.c.S.: maj. ret. 1870, Bengal Army : 
Richmond, Surrey. 

Arbuthnott, hon. David, 4 s. of 8 vise. 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1820 ; to. 1847, Eliza, 
dau. of Thos. Forbes Reynolds, M.D., of 
Wallington, Surrey ; in M.C.S. 1841-78. 

Arbuthnott, hon. Hugh, 3 s. of 9 vise. 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1847 ; ex-lieut. 81 foot. 

Arbuthnott, hon. William, s. of 8 
vise. Arbuthnott ; b. 1821 ; to. dau. of 
lt.-gen. sir Neil Douglas, K.C.B.and widow 
of N. F. Blair : Madras army 1841-50 ; 
j. p.. d.l. Kincardineshire, maj. and hon. 
lieut.-col. Forfar arty. mil. 1869-79. 

Arbuthnott, hon. William, 4 s. of 9 
vise. Arbuthnott ; b. 1849. 

Arbuthnott, Jean, viscountess, eld. 
dau. of 6 earl of Airlie : to. 1837, cousin 
9 vise. Arbuthnott (d. 1891). 

Arbuthnott, hon. mrs. Hugh. Susan, 
dau. of late John Campbell, of Greenock ; 
to. 1854, col. hon. Hugh Arbuthnott (d. 

Arch, Joseph, s. of John Arch, of Bar- 
ford, Warwickshire ; 6. 1826 ; to. 18 . 

dau. {d. 1894) of ; founded the 

National Agricultural Labourers' Union 
in 1872, of which he was chosen pres., 
M.p. (L.) N.W. Norfolk 1885-6 and from 
1892 : The Cottage. Barford, Warwick. 

Archdale, bp. ride Killaloe. 

Archdale, Frederick, J.P. Herts : Bal- 
dock, Herts. 

Archdale, It. -col. Mervyn Henry, eld. 



s. of capt. Mervyn E. Archdale of Castle 
Archdale, co. Fermanagh, M.P., D.L., j.p. 
{d. 1895) ; b. 1852 ; to. 1883, Mary (d. 
1890), eld. dau. of sir H. Perceval de 
Bathe, 4 bart. ; It. -col. ret. ; late maj. 12 
lancers : Odessa Lodge, Eastbourne ; 
Castle Archdale, Lisnarick, oo. Fer- 
managh ; Trillick Castle, co. Tyrone. 

Archdale, Wm. Humphreys, 2 s. of 
Ed. A rchdale.Castle Archdale, Fermanagh 
(d. 1804) ; b. 1813 ; to. 1, Emily Mary, dau. 
(-/. 1892) of late rev. thehon. J.C.Maude; 
2, 1891, Matilda, dau. of late Wm. Alley, 
of Artane, co. Dublin ; b.a. Oxon., D.L., 
j.p. Fermanagh (sheriff 1815), J.P. 
Tyrone (sheriff 1861); M.P. (c.) Fer- 
managh 1874-85 : Carlton club ; Rivers- 
dale, Ballycassidy. 

Archer, rev. Charles G-oodwyn, M.A. 
Cantab ; J.P. Suffolk : rector from 1856 
of Al lerton, Woodbridge. 

Archer, Chas. Gordon, eld. s. of E. 
Archer, of Trelaske, Cornwall, n.L., j.p. 
(d. 1885) ; b. 1846 ; J.p. Cornwall : Magis- 
trates' and Nimrod clubs; Trelaske, 

Archer, It. -col. David, s. of late John 
Archer, of Lushill, High worth, Wilts ; b. 
1836 ; J.P. Wilts and G-lo'stershire ; maj. 
and hon. lt.-col. Wilts mil. 1873-9: 
Lushill House, Hisrhworth ; Kingsdown 
House, Swindon, Wilts. 

Archer, mrs. Semer Lodge, Semer, 

Archer, Thomas, c.m.g., s. of Wm. 
Archer, of Laurvig, Norway ; b. 1823 ; 
m. 1852, Grace Lindsay, dau. of James 
Morison, of Muirton, Perth; J.P. Queens- 
land, agent-general for Queensland 1888- 
91 : Gracemere, Rockhampton, Queens- 

Archer-Hind,Thomas Hodgson-,M.A. 
Cantab, only survg. s. of late J. Hodgson, 
of Elswick, Northumberland ; b. 1814 ; 
to. 1841, Marianne, 2 dau. (d. 1891) of 
late rev. J. T. Huntley, rector of Bin- 
brook, co. Lincoln ; assumed names of 
Archer-Hind 1870 ; J.P. Northumber- 
land : Coombe Fishacre House, Newton 

Archibald, Chas. Falcon, eld. s. of C. 
W.Archibald, of Rusland Hall.Lancs.J.P. 
(d. 1893) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1895, Harriet M., 
2 dau. of late John Downes, of Court 
House, Richard's Castle, Salop : Rusland 
Hall, Ulverston. 

Archibald, Wm. Fredk. Alphonse, 
m.a. Oxon., eld. survg. s. of sir Thos. 
Dickson Archibald, judge of Queen's 
bench and Common pleas, 1873-6 (d. 
1876) ; b. 1846 : m. 1873, Florence, 2 dau. 
of late Chas. Wallroth, of Blackheath, 

S.E. : barr. Inner Temple 1874, a master 
of Supreme court of judicature from 1890: 
Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, W.C. 

Archibald, lady. Katherine, dau. of 
A. Richardson, of Halifax, N. Scotia ; 
to. 1834, sir Edwd. Mortimer Archibald, 
K.C.M.G., C.B. (d. 1884) : 35 Abercorn pi. 
Hamilton ter. N.W. 

Archibald, lady. Sarah, dau. of 
R. Smith, of The Priory, Dudley ; m. 
1841, sir Thos. Dickson Archibald (d. 
1876), judge of Queen's Bench, 1872-5, 
Common Pleas, 1875-6 : The Hawthorns, 

2 Carlton rd. Putney, S.W. 
Ardagrh, maj. -gen. sir John Chas., 

K.C.I.E., C.B., R.B., F.R.G.S., A.Inst.C.K., 8. 

of late rev. W. J. Ardagh ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1896, Susan, dau. of late John Hamilton, 
of Fyne Court, Somerset, and widow of 

3 earl of Malmesbury, G.C.B., P.C. (d. 
1889) ; attached to conference of Con- 
stantinople 1876, to special embassy to 
Berlin 1878, on European commn. for 
delimitation of Bulgaria 1878-80, at- 
tached to conference of Berlin 1880, 
H.M.'scommr.for delimitation of Turco- 
Greek frontier 1881, d.a.a.g. expedy. 
force in Egypt 1882, d.a.a. and q.m.g. 
there 1882, chief of in tell. dept. and 
commd. r.b. E. Soudan expedn. 1884, 
commdt. of base, Nile expdn. 1884-5, 
sen. staff off. Ginnis expdn. 1885, a.a. 
and q.m.g. in Egypt, 1885-7. col. on 
staff Egypt 1887, 4 class Osmanieh and 
3 class Medjidie, a.a.g. hd. qrs. 1887-8, 
priv. sec. to viceroy of India (marq. of 
Lansdowne) 1888-94, A.D.C. (extra) to 
H.R.H. duke of Cambridge 1888-95, to 
f.m. vise. Wolseley (commdr.-in-chief) 
from 1895, commdt. of school of mily. 
eng. at Chatham 1895-6, dir. of mily. 
intelligence at head-quarters (with temp, 
rank of maj. -gen.) from 1896 : 25 Sloane 
gdns. S.W. ; United Service and 
Athenaeum clubs. 

Ardagrh, gen. Richd. Drapes, F.R.G.S., 
F.z.s., f.i. mst., s. of lt.-col. J. R. Ardagh, 
Madras army ; b. 1823 ; m. 1857, Frances 
J. P., dau. of lt.-col. John Hutchings, 
Madras army ; at defence of Martaban 
1852 ; in civil employ, Burmah, 1849-78 ; 
M.S.C. : 23 Inverness ter. Kensington 
gdns. W. ; TTnhed Service club. 

Ardee,lord. Reginald le Normand Bra- 
bazon, eld. s. of 12 earl of Meath ; b. 1869 ; 
It. gren. gds. from 1889. 

Arden, Percy, eld. s. of Richd. Edwd. 
Arden, of Sunbury, Middlx. and Pont- 
vane, Pembrokeshire, D.L., J.P. (d. 1894); 
b. 1840; barr. Inner Temple 1863: 5 
Figtree court, Temple, E.C. ; 14 Sussex 
sq. Brighton ; Pontvane, Pembrokeshire 


Ardilaun. lord (1 baron 1880, U.K.). 
sir Arthur Edward Guinness, 2 bart. (cr. 
1867) eld. s. of sir Benj. Lee Guinness, 
1 bart. (d. 1868) ; b. 1840 ; to. 1871, lady 
Olivia Charlotte, dau. of 3 earl of 
Bantrv; M.A.. ll.d. (hon.) Dublin, M. p. 
(C) Dublin 1868-9 and 1874-80, J.P., d.l. 
co. Galway, j.p. co. Dublin : raised to 
the peerage in 1880 : 11 Carlton House 
ter.S.W. ; Carlton, St. Stephen 's,Garrick, 
and Kildare St. and University (Dublin) 
clubs; St. Anne's, Clontarf, Dublin ; Ash- 
ford, Cong, co. Galway ; Macroom Castle, 
co. Cork. 

Arding. Alfred Chas., B.A. Oxon., 3 8. 
of Edwd. Wells, of Wallingford, j.p. ; b. 
1858 : to. 1880, Florence ML, dau. of Edwin 
D. Maddy, of 10 Queen's Gate ter. S.W. ; 
J.p. Berks., assumed by royal licence 
name of Arding in lieu of Wells, 1890 : 
Braziers Park, Checkenden, Wallingford. 

Argles, Thos. Atkinson, m.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, only s. of F. A. Argles. of Eversley. 
Westmorland, D.L., J.P. (d. 1 385) ; b, 1859 ; 
w. 1893, Agnes, youngest dau. of late 
Wm. Hy .Wakefield, of Sedgwick House. 
Kendal ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1883, D.L 
J.P. Westmorland (sheriff 1891), capt. 2 
vol. battn. Bord. regt. from 1891 : Oxford 
and Cambridge club ; Eversley, Miln- 
thorpe, Westmorland. 

Argyll, 8 duke of (1701, sco.). Geo. 
Douglas Campbell, K.G., K.T., P.C., D.C.L., 

LL.D., F.R.S.. F.R.S.E.. F.G.S., Only SUrvg. 

s. of 7 duke (d. 1847) ; b. 1823 ; to. 1, 
dau. (d. 1878) of 2 duke of Sutherland ; 
2, 1881, Amelia M., eld. dau. (d. 1894) of 
late bp. (Claughton) of St. Albans, and 
widow of col. hon. A. H. A. Anson. 
V.C., M.P. ; 3, 1895, Ina Erskine, youngest 
dau. (extra bedchamber woman to the 
Queen from 1888) of late Archibald Mc- 
Neill, of Colonsay, Argyllshire ; and niece 
of late lord Colonsay ; sits as duke of 
Argyle (1892. r. k.) ; 2nd tit. marq. of 
Lome : hered. lord steward of Scotland, 
hered. keeper of the royal castles of 
Dunoon and Carrick, hered. sheriff of 
Argyllshire, lord privy seal 1853-5. 
1859-66, and 1880-1, postmast.-gen. 
1855-8, sec. of state for India 1868-74, 
lord rect. of Glasgow univ. 1854-5, chanc. 
of St. Andrew's univ. from 1851, lord- 
lieut. of Argyllshire from 1862, hon. col. 
Argyllshire vol. from 1867 : pres. of 

Aeronautical Soc. 18 ,and of G.s. 1886-7: 

Argyll Lodge, Kensington, W. ; Athen- 
aeum club ; Inverary Castle, Argyllshire ; 
Roseneath, Helensburgh, Dumbarton- 

Arkcoll, Cecil Scott, M.a. Oxon., only 
8. of Fras. Wm. Arkcoll ; b. 1853 : in. 

1882, Constance H., 3 dau. of late 
prof. Sellar. of Edinburgh : barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1877, J .P. Sussex : Jun. Carlton 
and Raleigh clubs ; Lime Park, Hurst- 
monceux. Hailsham S.O.. Sussex. 

Arkell. Thos., eld. s. of J. Arkell. of 
Kingsdown. Wilts ; b. 1834 ; J.P. I 
Wilts: Kingsdown, Stratton St.Mar_ 
Swindon, Wilts. 

Arkwright, Arthur Chandos, 6 s. 
of J. Arkwright, of Hampton Court, co. 
Hereford, J.P. (d. 1858) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, 
Agnes M., dau. of Wm. M. Tufnell, of 
Hatfield Place, Chelmsford : J.p. Salop 
and Essex, late It. 2 life gds., maj. and 
hon. lt.-col. Shropsh. yeom. 1889-90 : 
Arthur's club ; Ttioby Priory, Mount- 
nessing. Brentwood. 

Arkwright, Arthur Wm., youngest 
s. of rev. J. Arkwright, of Mark Hall, 
Essex, j.p. (d. 1864); b. 1831 : m. 1856, 
Emma, dau. (d. 1866) of rev. John 
Wolley, of Beeston, Notts. : is d.l.. j.p. 
Leicestershire : Arthur's club ; The Hall. 
Broughton Astley, Rugby. 

Arkwrigrb-t, Fras., s. of rev. G. H. 
Arkwright, of Sutton Scarsdale ('/. 1866); 
b. 1846 ; to. 1, dau. of late H. Milbank ; 
2, 1857, hon. Evelvn. dau. of 3 vise. Sid- 
mouth, 6. 1852 : late 100 foot, j.p. Derby- 
shire and N. R. York, lord of manor of 
Churchover, co. Warwick, M.P. (c.) E. 
Derbyshire 1874-80 : Carlton club ; Mar- 
ton. Wellington, N. Zealand. 

Arkwright. Frederic Chas., onlv s. of 
F. Arkwright. of Willersley ((/. 1874) ; 
b. 1853; to. 1883, Rebecca O. .'! Han. of 
sir John Alley ne. 3 bart. : j.p. Derby- 
shire (sheriff 1887). capt. 2 Derbyshire 
R. V. 1882-7 : Willersley, Cromford, 

Arkwright, Herbert Robt., 2 s. of 
maj. Robt. Wigram Arkwright, of Knus- 
ton. Northants. J.P. {d. 1888): b. I860; 
to. 189 I.EvelynP. dau. of col. C.E. Fosrer; 
j.p. Northants (sheriff 1891) : Knuston 
Hall, Irchester, Wellingborough, North- 

Arkwright, John Hungerford. m.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of J. Arkwright, J.P. of 
Hampton Court, Herefordshire (d. \ 
b. 1833 ; to. 1866, Charlotte Lucy. dau. 
of late John Davenport, of Foxley, Here- 
fordshire, and Westwood Hall. Staffs; 
i< D.L., J.P. Herefordshire (sheriff 1 i 
Carlton club ; Hampton Court, Leo- 

Arkwright, John Stanhope, only s. ot" 
John Hungerford Arkwright, of Hamp- 
ton Couit, Herefordshire, d.l. : b. 1872 ; 
d.l., j.p. Herefordshire : Hampton 
Court, Leominster. 


Arkwright, Jn. Thos., youngest s. of 
late P. Arkwright, of Willersley (d.1866); 
J. 1823; m. 1856, dau. {d. 1886) of late 
rev. Edwd. Willes, of Hamstall Ridware, 
Staffs ; .r. p., d.l. Warwickshire : Hatton 
House, nr. Warwick. 

Arkwright. Loftus Joseph Wigram, 
eld. s. of L. W. Arkwright, of Pamdon 
Hall, Essex, J.p. (d. 1889) ; b. 1867 ; is 
]> itron of 2 livings and lord of the manor 
of Little Pamdon : Parndon Hall Farm, 
Little Parndon, Harlow, Essex. 

Arkwright. Richard. 2 s. of late J. 
Arkwright. of Hampton Court, Hereford- 
shire, J.P. (d. 1858) ; b. 1835 ; m. 1862, lady 
Mary C. C, dau. of 2 earl of Strafford : 6. 
1838 : M.A. Cantab, harr. Lincoln's Inn 
1859. D.L.Herefordshire ; M.p. (c.) Leomin- 
ster 1866-75 : Carlton and White's clubs ; 
Farnham. Surrey ; Tor Castle, Fort 
William. X.B. 

Arkwright, Wm. only b. of maj. 
W. Arkwright, 6 drag. (d. 1859) ; b. 
1857 ; m. 1884, Agnes M., eld. dau. of 
hon. John Somers Cocks; sheriff of Derby- 
shire, 1890 ; lord of the manor of Sutton 
S' - arsdale : 54 Rutland gate. S.W. ; 
White's club ; Sutton Scarsdale, Chester- 

Arkwright, rev. Wm. Harry, M.A. 
Oxon, 2 s. of rev. G. H. Arkwright, of 
Sutton Scarsdale {d. 1866): b. 1848; J.p. 
Leicestershire : vicar from 1893 of 
Wirksvvorth. Derbyshire. 

Arkwright, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dau. 
of 3 baron Kenyon ; b. 1837 ; m. 1860, 
rev. George Arkwright rector of Pen- 
combe, Herefordshire (d. 1877) : Fir- 
lands, Easthampstead, Bracknell, Berk- 

Arkwright, miss Emily Elizabeth, 
eld. dan. of Alfred Arkwright, of Wirks- 
worth, j. p., d.l. (d. 1887) : Gate House, 
Wirksworth, Derby. 

Arlidge, John Thomas, M.D., b. 1822 ; 
J.P. Staffordshire : Onslow, Newcastle, 

Arlosh, rev. Jas., m.a. Durham, s. of 
W. S. Losh, of Woodside, Cumb. J.P. (d. 
1888); b. 1834; m. 1859, Isabella, dau. 
of late capt. Benn R..N. ; diocesan inspec- 
tor of schools, 1866-71 ; J.P.Cumberland ; 
resumed ancient surname, 1870 : Little- 
more, nr. Oxford ; Woodside, Wreay, 

Armagh, 110 archbp. of (444), most 
rev. Wm. Alexander, d.d., d.c.l., ll.d., 
s. of rev. prebend. Robt. Alexander, of 
Aghadoey, and neph. of late bp. (Alex- 
ander) of Meath ; b. 1824 ; m. 1850. 
Cecil F., dau. (d. 1895) of maj. Hum- 
phrey!, of Miltown House, co. Tyrone, 

J.P. : D.C.L. Oxon ll.d (hon.) Dublin, 
dean of Emly 1864-67, Barapton lecturer 
1875, bp. of'Derry 1867-96; archbp. of 
Armagh and primate of all Ireland from 
1896 : Athenaeum club ; Palace, Armagh. 

Armistead, James Fisher, J.P.Lan- 
cashire : Beardwood, Blackburn. 

Armitage, Arthur Cairo w, s. of John 
Armitage, of Woodville Hall, Forest 
Hill ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, Alice Barbara, 
dau. of William Morris, d.l., J. p. of Hali- 
fax, Yorks ; J.P. W. R. Yorks, and Stew- 
artry of Kirkcudbright ; late maj. 2 West 
York yeom. cav. : Conservative club ; 
Kirroughtree, Newton Stewart, N.B. 

Armitage, Benjn., 2 s. of sir Elkanah 
Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lancashire, 
D.L., J.p. (d. 1876); b. 1823 ; m. 1, 1845, 
dau. of John Smith, of Bingley, Yorks ; 
2, 1856, Elizabeth, dau. of late Geo. J. 
Southam, of Manchester ; a manufac- 
turer, and late pres. of Chamber of Com- 
merce, Manchester ; J.P. Lancashire and 
City of Maucheter ; M.P. (L.) Salford 
1880-5, West divn. 1885-6 : Devonshire 
clu'o ; Chomlea, Claremont rd. Eccles Old 
rd. Pendleton, Manchester. 

Armitage, Benjamin, nephew of sir 
Elkanah Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lanes, 
J.P., D.L. (d. 1876) ; b. 1830 ; m. 18o6, 
Mary, 2 aau. of Martin Middleton, of 
Manchester ; j.p. Lancashire : Sorrel 
Bank, Eccles Old road, Pendleton, Lanes. 

Armitage, Charles Ingram, s. of 
Joseph Taylor Armitage, J. P., d.l. 
(d. 1880) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1877, Jane E., dau. 
of late capt. Coates, 98 foot ; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks : Isthmian club ; Highroad, Hou- 
ley, Yorks. 

Armitage, Edward, 5 s. of Joseph 
Armitage, of Milnsbridge House, Yorks: 
b. 1819 ; m. 1848, Eliza A., dau. of Tho. 
Calrow, of Woodhill, Bury, Lanes. ; j.p. 
W.R.Yorks: Edgerton Hill.Huddersrield. 

Armitage, Geo. Faulkner. 6 s. of Wm. 
Armitage, of Altrincham, Cheshire ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1879, S. Ann, 2 dan. of John 
Rigby, of Altrincham, Cheshire; j.p. 
(1894) Cheshire : Devonshire and 
National Liberal clubs ; Stamford, 
Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Armitage, J. Armitage, eld. s. of G. 
Armitage, J.P., D.l. (d. 1878); 6.1840; 
7/i. 1866, Julia Frances, 2 dau. of late Geo. 
Pollard, of Huud Hill, Y'orks : j.p. VV. R. 
York : Storthes Hall and Milnsbridge 
House, Huddersfield. 

Armitage, Samuel Fletcher, j.p. 
Lancashire : Peel Hall, Little Hulton, 
Bolton, Lanes. 

Armitage, Samuel Rigby, s. of Wm. 
Armitage, of Altrincham; b. 1854; J.P. 



Lancashire : Groonibridge House, Al- 
trincham, Cheshire. 

Armitagre, Vernon Kirk, M.A., ll.b. 
Cantab, s. of sir Elkanab. Armitage, of 
Hope Hall, Manchester, J.P., D.L. 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1870, Emily, dau. 
of late John Fenton, of Crimble Hall ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1866, J.P. Lanca- 
shire and c.a. : New University club; 
Swinton Park, nr. Manchester. 

Armitage, Ziba, s. of Wm. Armitage, 
of Altrincuam ; b. 1842 ; J.P. Lanca- 
shire : National Liberal club ; Heathfield, 
Grappenhall, nr. Warrington. 

Armitagre, Mrs. Isabel J., dau. of late 
Dudley M. Perceval by dau. of gen. sir 
Richd". Bourke. K.C B. ; m. 1861, Arthur 
Armitage, of Dadnor House, Hereford- 
shire, D.L., J.P. (d. 1892) : Dadnor House, 
Bridstow, Ross, Herefordshire. 

Armitstead, Geo., 2 s. of late G. 
Armitstead, of Riga, merchant ; b. 1824 ; 
m. 1848,Jane E., eld. dau. of Edwd.Baxter, 
of Kincaldrum, Forfar ; D.L., J.P. Forfar, 
J.P. Perthshire ; D.L. Dundee ; ai.p. (l.) 
Dundee 1868-73 and 1880-5 : 4 Cleveland 
sq. S.W. ; Reform, New City Liberal, 
National Liberal, Devonshire, and New 
Liberal (Edinburgh) clubs. 

Armitstead. rev. John Hornby, B-A. 
Oxon. eld. s. of rev. John Richd. Armit- 
stead, of Cranage, Cheshire, vicar of 
Sandbach ; b. 1868 ; J.P. Cheshire, curate 
of Sandbach from 1892 : Sandbach. 

Armour (hon.), John Douglas, C.J., 
high court of justice (queen's bench 
divn.), Ontario, Canada, from 1887 : 

Armstead. Henry Hugh, R.A. : 52 
Circus id. St. John's wood.N.W. ; Studio, 
1 Bridge place, Eccleston bridge, S.W. 

Armstrong, vide Heaton-Armstroug, 
or Watson-Armstrong, or Wright-Arm- 

Armstrong;, lord (1 baron U.K. 1887), 
sir Wm. Geo. Armstrong, C.B., f.r.s., 
d.c.l., ll.d., s. of alderman Wm. 
Armstrong, Newcastle; b. 1810; m. 1835, 
dau. (d. 1893) of Wm. Ramshaw, Bishop 
Auckland ; J.P. Northumberland (sheriff 
1873), introduced present system of 
utilizing hydraulic power, inventor of 
the Armstrong gun, founded Elswick 
factory in 1847, supt. of Armstrong gun 
govt, manufy. 1858-63, pres. British 
Assoc. 1863, raised to the peerage 1887 : 
8 Gt. George st. S.W. ; Athenaeum club ; 
Cragside, Rothbury, Northumb. 

Armstrong:, sir Alex., k.c.b., f.b.s., 
ll.d., s. of late A. Armstrong, of 
Crohan, co. Fermanagh ; m. 1894, Char- 

lotte, dau. of late S. C. Simpson, of 
Brockton, Staffs, 23 light drag., grand- 
dau. of late Thos. and lady Charlotte 
Giffard, of Chillington, Staffs, and 
widow of adml. sir Wm. King-Hall, 
K. c. B. ; in "Investigator" arctic 
expedn. and discovery of N.W. passage 
and circumnavigation of the continent 
of America ; in Baltic at bombardt. of 
Sweaborg, and other operations during 
Russian war 1855, dir.-gen. of navy med. 
dep. 1866-80, J.P. Middlx. Westminster, 
and London : Jun. United Service, 
Athenaeum, and Constitutional clubs; 
The Elms, Sutton Bonnington, Lough- 

Armstrong:, rev. sir Edmund Fred. 
2 bart. (1841), of Gallen. eld. s. of 1 bart. 
(d. 1863) ; b. 1836 ; m. dau. (d.) of Wm. 
Windsor Fisher ; J.P. King's co., vicar 
of Skeirke 1864-74, rect. of Borris-in- 
Ossory 1874-87 : Gallen Priory, Ferbane, 
King's co. 

Armstrong*, maj.-gen. Edward Fran- 
cis Hunter, s. of late gen. Edwd. Arm- 
strong, c.B., J. p.. of Folkestone, Kent ; b. 
1834 ; m. 1, Matilda B., dan. of late gen. 
Jas. FitzGerald, H.M. Indian army ; 2, 
Florence A. E., dau. (d. 1890) of late col. 
Hy. Colbeck, H.M. Indian army and sen. 
magist. of Madras ; late 11 Madras N.I., 
ret. 1884, M.S.C. : 44 Norton rd. Hove, 

Armstrong-, capt. sir Geo. Carlyon 
Hughes, 1 bart. (1892), s. of late col. 
Geo. C. Armstrong. Bengal army; b. 
1836 ; .1865,Alice Fitz Roy, dau. of rev. 
Chas. J. Furlong ; served during Indian 
mutiny in Irregular cav., propr. of 
the Globe and People newspapers : 4 Ash- 
burn pi. S. Kensington, S.W. ; Jun. Army 
and Navy and Constitutional clubs. 

Armstrong:, Geo. Elliot, eld. s. of 
capt. sir Geo. Carlyon Hughes Arm- 
strong, 1 bart., of Ashburn pi. ; b. 1866 ; 
m. 1890. Edith A., dau. of Adolphus 
Fass, of 32 Queen's Gate gdns., S.W. ; 
chief of the editorial dept. of the Globe 
newspaper from 1895, late It. R.K. : 367 
Strand, W.C. 

Armstrong", Hugh Clayton, s. of 
late Hugh Clayton Armstrong, of New* 
castle-on-Tyne ; . 1873, Lydia, 3 dau. of 
late George Hutchinson, m.r.c.s.. of Croft 
House, Ovingham, Northumb. ; J.P. 
Northumberland : Tynemouth,Northumb. 

Armstrong - , James, c.m.g., s. cf C. L. 
Armstrong, of Sorel, Quebec ; b. 1820 ; 
m. Charlotte, dau. of maj. Olivier, of St. 
Lucia; Canadian barr. 1844, Q.c. 1867, C.J. 
of Santa Lucia, W. Indies 1871-82, of 
Tobago in 1882, ret. 1882. 


Armstrong, Walter, b.a. Oxon., hon. 
K.H a., s. of late Walter Armstrong, of 
Emiismore gdns. S.W. ; b. 1850 ; m. 1873, 
Emily R. dau. of C. C. Ferard, of Ascot 
Place. Berks, J. P. : author of many works 
on art. director of the National Gallery 
of Ireland from 1892 : 41 Fitzwilliam sq. 
Dublin ; Burlington F. A. club. 

Armstrong, Wm., jun., j.p. (1895) 
co. Durham : Wingate Grange, Wingate 
R.S.O., co. Durham. 

Armstrong 1 , Wm. Jones, s. of John 
Armstrong, of Audlem, Cheshire : m. 
1864, Jessie, dau. of Robt. Boyd, of Glas- 
gow : J.P. Ayrshire : 57 Manor pi. Edin- 
burgh ; Green Bank, Audlem, Cheshire ; 
Jun. Conservative club. 

Armytage, sir George, 5 bart. (1738), 
grands, of 4 bart. (d. 1836) ; b. 1819 ; 
m. 1841, Eliza M. M., dau. of sir Joseph 
Radcliffe, 2 bart. ; D.L., j.p. W. R. York: 
27 Cambridge sq. W. ; Carlton, Garrick 
and Yorkshire clubs ; Kirklees Park, 
Brighouse, Yorks. 

Armytage, Geo. John, F.S.A., eld. s. 
of sir Geo. Armytage, 5 bart. ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1. 1871, Ellen (d. 1890), dau. of late rev. 
A. Fawkes, of Farnley Hall, Yorks ; 2, 
1893. Mary G. eld. survg. dau. of late 
Hy. Anthony Littledale, of Bolton Hall, 
Craven, Yorks ; chm. Lancashire and 
Yorkshire Railway Co. : Windham club ; 
Clifton Woodhead, Brighouse, Yorks. 

Armytage, capt. Godfrey, bro. of sir 
Geo. Armytage, 5 bart.; b. 1825 ; m. 1849, 
Charlotte E., eld. dau. of J. Blackburn, 
Cape Colony : served in Kaffir war, 
1846-7 and 1850-3 ; j.p., d.L. W. R. Yorks, 
late gov. H.M.'s Prison, Wakefield : The 
Court, Ack worth, nr. Pontefract. 

Aimytage, col. Henry, cousin of sir 
Geo. Armytage, 5 bart. ; m. 1851, hon. 
Fenella, dau. of 1 baron Fitzhardinge ; b. 
1832 ; in Crimea with coldst. gds. at 
Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Seb:>s- 
topol, knt. leg. hon. and 5 class Medji- 
die : 29 Lower Belgrave st. S.W. ; 
Boodle's club. 

Arnaud, Henry Brace, m.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon., eld. s. of E. Arnaud (d. 1860) ; b. 
1829; barr. Inner Temple, 1854; J.P. 
Bucks : 135 Ebury st. S.W.; Carlton club. 

Arnfield, Joseph, j.p. Derbyshire : 
High Lea Hall, New Mills, co. Derby. 

Arnold, vide Coape-Arnold. 

Arnold, Alfred, youngest s. of late 
rev. F. Arnold, rect. of Brimington, 
Derbvshire ; b. 1835 ; m. Catherine, dau. 
(d. 1891) of Robt. Comber, of Hadlow, 
Kent ; barr. Inner Temple 1878, J.P. W. 
R. Yorks ; m.p. (c.) Halifax from 1895 : 
Carlton club ; Clare Hall, Halifax. 

Arnold, sir Arthur, 3 s. of late Robert 
Coles Arnold, J.P., of Framfield, Sussex ; 
b. 1833; m. 1867, Amelia, dau. of late 
capt. H. B. Hyde, 96 regt. of Castle 
Hyde, co. Cork ; assist, commr. public 
works in Lancashire 1863, author of the 
" History of the Cotton Famine," " From 
the Levant," " Through Persia by Cara- 
van," " Social Politics," " Free Land," 
&c. ; M.P. (l.) Salfoid 1880-5, J.P. and 
county aldm. for London; chm. of the 
council from 1895, knighted 1895 : 45 
Kensington Park gdns. W. ; Reform 
club ; Hyde Hill, Dartmouth. 

Arnold, Bernard, f.L.p., eld. s. of Geo. 
Matthews Arnold, of Milton Hall, Kent, 
D.L., J.P. ; 6. 1862 ; m. 1886, Mary C, dau. 
of Jas. Prendergast ; is J.P. (1895) Kent : 
Milton Lodge, Gravesend. 

Arnold, sir Edwin, K.C.I.E., C.S.I., 
P.R.G.S., F.R.A.S., 2 s. of late R. C. Arnold ; 
b. 1832 ; m. 1, Katharine Eliz., dau. of 
rev.T.Biddulph ; 2, Fannie M.A.(d 1889), 
grand-niece of late Dr. Channing of Bos- 
ton, U.S.A. : 2 class Medjidie, officer of 
White Elephant of Siam, 3 class Os- 
manieh, commdr. of Lion and Sun 
(Persia), order of Rising Sun (Japan), 
M.A. Oxon and Fellow of Bombay univ. : 
225 Cromwell mansion?, Cromwell rd. 
S.W. ; Northbrook and Royal Lmdon 
Yacht clubs. 

Arnold, George, b. 1818 ; m. Emily, 
eld. dau. of W. Risdon, of Dolton : lord 
of the manor of Exbourne, Devon : 
Sages, Dolton R.S.O.. N. Devon. 

Arnold, Geo. Matthews, f.s.a., K.s.G., 
s.of late Robt.Cole8 Aruold,of Whiartons, 
Framfield, J.P. ; b. 1828 ; D.L., j.p. Kent 
(and aldm.) : Milton Hall, nr. Gravesend. 

Arnold, col. Stanley, 2 s. of Sanil. Ja. 
Arnold, of West Derby, Lanes ; b. 1844 ; 
m. 1869, only dau. of Robt. Edwards, of 
Beech Hill Park, Essex ; j.p. Gloucester- 
shire ; lt.-col. and hon. col. Lancashire 
Art. (mil.), S. Div. R.A. from 1888 : 
Conservative club ; Adlestrop House 
(Glos.), nr. Chipping Norton. 

Arnold, lt.-col. Wm., only s. of W. 
Arnold of Nethercott (d. 1868) ; b. 1824 ; 
m. 1864, only dau. of late J. C. Easton, 
the Prioiy, Somerset ; is D.r.., j.p., and 
c.a. Devon, late lt.-col. 1 Devon mil. : 
Nethercott, Iddesleigh, Devon. 

Arnold, lady Charlotte G., dau. of 3 
marq. of Cholmondeley ; b. 1828 ; m. 
1852, lev. Edwd. Gladwin Arnold, rect. of 
Gt. Massingham, Norfolk (d. 1887) : The 
Wilderness, Wimborne rd., Bournemouth. 

Arnold-Forster, Edwd. Penrose, eld. 
s. of late Wm. Delafield Arnold, direc. of 
public Punjab, and adopted s.of 


late rt. lion.Wm.Edwd.Forster,of Burley- 
in-Wharfedale. Yorks. M.P. : b. 1851 ; to. 
1875, Edith Mary, dau. of Wm. Ford, 
O.S.I.; isD.L., J.P. W.R.Yorks: Athenaeum 
and Devonshire clubs; Cathedine,Burley- 
in-Wliarfedale. Yorks. 

Arnold-Forster, Hngh Oakeley, n.A. 
Oxon., 2 b. of late "Win. Delafield Arnold, 
direc. of public instn. in Pimjaub. and 
adopted s. of late rt. hon. Wm. Edwd. 
Forster, of Burley-in-Wharfedale, Yorks. 
M.P. : b. 1855 ; to. 1885, Mary. diu. of 
M. H. X. Story-Maskelyne, of Basset 
Down House.Wilts. m.p.. d.l.. j.p. ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1879. a director of Cassell 
and Co. Ltd.. M.P. (l.u.) W. Belfast 
from 1892 : 9 Evelyn gdns. B.W. 

Arnott, sir John, 1 bart. (1896), 3 s. of 
late J. Arnott, Auchtermuchty ; b. 1817 ; 
in. 1, dau. of J. J. McKinlay, w.s., Stir- 
ling ; 2. 1872, Emily, dau. of rev. Edward 
Lof tus Fitzgerald. Ardagh. Cork : mayor 
of Cork 1859-60, M.P.Kinsalel859-63,D.L., 
J.P. co. Cork, propr. of "Irish Times." 
knighted 1859 : Woodlands, Middle 
Glanmire rd., Cork. 

Arnott, ma j .-gen. Napoleon, R.E., 
director-gen. of mily. works in India 
(with temp, rank of rnaj -gen.) from 
1896 : Calcutta. 

Arnott, Wm. Henry, eld. 8. of John 
Arnott, London; b. 1828 : t. 1851, Han- 
nah, dau. of Anthony Thwaite, of Sower- 
by, Yorks ; J.P. Lancashire and O.O. : 
Lime House, Lowton, nr. Newton-le- 
Willows. Lanes. 

Arnould, lady. Anne, dau. of late 
maj. J. W. Carnegie, C.B.; to. 1860. as his 2 
wife, sir Joseph Arnould, puisne judge at 
Bombay 1859-69 {d. 1886). 

Arran, 5 earl of (1762, ir.). Arthur 
Saunders Wm. Chas. Fox Gore, eld. 
s. of 4 earl, K.P. ,(d 1884) ; b. 1839 ; 
m. 1, dau. (d. 1871) of late viscount 
Jocelyn, by dan. of 5 earl Cow T per ; 2, 
iss'.i. 'Winifred E., 3 dau. of late J. Reilly, 
of St. Bridget's, co. Dublin, by dau. of 
1 baron St. Leonards, and widow of hon. 
John Montagu Stopford, gren. gds. (d. 
1885), s. of 4 earl of Courtown, lady in 
waiting to h.ii.h. princess Christian of 
Schleswig- Holstein, 1886-9; sits as 
baron Sudley (1884, U.K.) : 2nd tit. vise. 
Sudley : attache at Hanover 1859, Stutt- 
gart 1860, Lisbon 1861, Vienna 1861. 
Paris 1863 ; j.p. co. Mayo (lord-lieut. 
from 1889), d.l., j. p. co. Donegal, a special 
commr. of income tax 1865-81, a commr. 
of customs 1881-4 : 16 Hertford at. May- 
fair, W. ; White's, Brooks' and Travel- 
lers' clubs ; Castle Gore, Mayo ; Queen 
Anne's Mead, Windsor. 

Arran, Elizabeth M., countess of, 2 
dau. of late gen. sir Wm. F. P. Napier, 
K.C.B. ; w. 1838, 4 earl of Arran, K.P. 
(d. 1884) : 27 Chesham st. S.W. 

Arrol, sir William, LL.D. (hon.) Glas.. 
B. of Thos. Arrol, of Glasgow ; b. 1839 : 
sen. partner in firm of Wm. Arrol and 
Co., engineers, Dalmarnock ironwork-*, 
Glasgow, who constructed the re-built 
Tay bridge and the Forth bridge ; J.P. 
Ayrshire; M.P. (l.u.) S. Avrshire from 
1895 ; knighted 1890 : Seafield, Ayr.N.B.; 
Dennistoun, Glasgow. 

Arrow, lady. Harriot, dau. of late 
Richard Stileman, The Friars, Win- 
chelsea ; in. 1850, capt. sir Fredk. Arrow 
(d. 1875), dep.-mast. of Trinity house 
1865-75 : Luptons, South Weald, Brent- 
wood, Essex. 

Arthur, sir George Compton Archi- 
bald, 3 bart. (1841), eld. s. of 2 bart. {d. 
1878) ; b. 1860 ; It. 2 life gds. 1880-6, 
served in Egypt 1882 and Nile expdn. 
1885, It. Herts yeom.from 1886 : 10 Queen 
Anne's gate. S.W. ; Carlton and Marl- 
borough clubs. 

Arthur, Henry Howard, eld s. of lt.- 
col. Thos. Arthur", of Desborough, 
Northants, J.P. {d. 1889) ; b. 1846 : Beau- 
champ Grange, Kib worth, Leicester. 

Arthur, Johu Raynor, 6 s. of It. -gen. 
rt. hon. sir Geo. Arthur, 1 bart., k.c.h. 
(d. 1854) ; b. 1830 ; to. 1864, hon. Aileen, 
sis. of 2 baron Monteagle ; b. 1844 : B.C.S. 

Arthur, rev. Thos. Freke, M.A.Cantab. 
s. of rev. James Arthur, of Atherington, 
Devon, j.p. (d. 1878) ; b. 1828 ; to. 1856, 
Mary P., only child of late J. Wills, 
Hawley, Devon ; rect. of E. Down, Barn- 
staple, 1856-84 : Hawley House, Barn- 

Arthur, Wm. Cresswell Ernest, s. of 
late rear-adml. Wm. Arthur, of Bakeham 
Grange, Egham ; b. 1855; in. 1*77, 
Ellen, dau. of J. E. Langham, of West- 
down, Eastbourne ; is J.p. (1894) Devon : 
Kingsnympton Park, nr. Chulmleigh, 

Arthur, rev. Wm. "Wills, B.A.Cantab., s. 
of rev.Tuos.Freke Arthur, of Barnstaple ; 
b. 1857 ; to. 1880, Florence, dau. of late 
Wm. Startin ; lord of the manor and rect. 
(from 1881) of Atherington. Barnstaple. 
Arton, Geo. Oakes, Packwood House, 
nr. Birmingham. 

Arundel and Surrey, earl of, Philip 

Joseph Mary Fitzalan Howard, only 

child of duke of Norfolk ; b. 1879. 

Arundell, vide Hunter-Arundell. 

Arundell of Wardour,lord(12baron, 

1605, Eng.). John Francis Arundell, eld. 



s. of 11 baron (d. 13G2) ; b. 1831 ; m. 

Anne Lucy, dan. of John Erring- 

[igh Warden, Northumberland; a 

of the Holy Itoman Empire, D.L., 

.1. [-.Wilts, .i.i'. Middlx.: Wardour Castle, 

Tisbury, Wilts ; Athenneum club. 

Arundell, rev.(cath.) the hon.Everard 
ins Gonzaga, s. of 11 baron Arun- 
dell: b. 1834; b.a. London ; heir pres. 
to his bro. : 8 Wesley rd. Trowbridge. 

Arundell. hon. Cecily Mary, b. 1845 : 
a nun ; hon. Gertrude Mary, b. 1848, 
dius. of 11 baron Arundell. 

Ascalon, 1 bp. (cath.) of (1895), rt. 
rev. Francis Joseph Mostyn, 4 s. of sir 
Pyers Mostyn, 8 bart., by 2 dau. of 14 
baron Lovat ; b. 1860; bp. (cath.) of 
>n and vicar apostolic of Wales 
from 1895. 

Ascroft, Robt., s. of Wm. Ascrof t : 
6. 1*47 : m. 18, Wilhelmina H., dau. of 
late G. Barlow, J.P., of Oldham ; admit- 
ted a solicitor 1869; M.P. (c.) Oldham 
from 1895 : Sedgley Hall, Prestwich, 

Ascroft, William, eld. s. of Robert 
Ascroft, of Preston, Lancashire ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 1858, Cnristiana, dau. of Charles 
Walker, of Whitley Lower, Yorks ; ad- 
mitted a solicitor 1855, J. P. Westmor- 
land : Overleigh House, Preston, Lanes ; 
Wyke, Grasmere, Westmorland. 

Ash., Alfred, V.D., youngest s. of Thos. 
Ash. of Ashted, Birmingham ; b. 1841 ; 
m. 1867, Matilda, 2 dau.of Wm. Clayton, 
of Saltley, Warwickshire ; J.P. Warwick- 
shire ; j.p. and aldmn. for the city of 
Birmingham ; maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1894) 
2 vol. battn. R. Warwickshire regt. from 
1893 : The Mount, Washwood Heath, 
Saltley, Birmingham. 

Ash., Thos. Linnington, L.R.c.P.Edin., 
M.R.c.s.Eng., s. of Robt. Knott Ash, of 
Stratton, Cornwall; 6.1837 ; J.P. Devon 
and Cornwall : Penroses, Hols worthy, 

Ashbourne, lord (1 baron, 1885, 
U.K.). Edward Gibson, p.c, Q.C., LL.D., 
8. of late W. Gibson, of Gaulstown, co. 
Meath, j.p. ; b. 1837 ; m. 1868, Frances, 
dau. of Hy. Cope Colles ; m.a. Dublin, 
Irish barr. 1860, Q.C. 1872, j. p. co. Meath, 
a.g. for Ireland 1877, lord chancellor 
there 1885-6, and July, 1886-92, and 
from 1895, M.P. (c.) Dublin univy. 
1875-85; raised to the peerage 1885: 
5 Grosvenor cres. S.W. : Carlton, 
Athenaeum, Kildare St. and University 
(Dublin) clubs ; 23 Fitzwilliam sq. 
south. Dublin. 

Ashbrook, 7 vise. (1751 : Ir.). William 
Spencer Flower, b.a. Dublin ; bro. of 6 

vise. (</. 1882) : b. 1830 ; m. 1861, Augusta 
Madeline H., eld. dau. of late Geo. Mar- 
ton, of Capernwray, Lancashire ; j.p. 
Queen's co. : Carlton club; 29 Palmeira 
sq. Brighton ; Castle Durrow, Queen's co. 

Ashburner. maj .-gen. Geo. Elliot, 2 s. 
of late Wm. Page Ashburner, of Tas- 
mania ; b. 1820; m. 1, dau. (d. 1878) of 
late John Lindsay, of Earlston, N.B. ; 
2, 1880, Mary Jane, only dau. of late 
John Terry, of Dudley Hill, Bradford ; 
served in Scinde campaign 1843, and 
throughout Central Indian campaign 
1857-8 ; ret. 1876 f. p. as col. Bombay 
inf. : Sillwood, St. John's park, Black- 
heatb. S.E. 

Ashburner, Lionel Robert, c.s.i., s. of 
Wm. Page Ashburner, of Sillwood, Tas- 
mania ; b. 1827 ; m. 1873, Emily, dau. of 
col.Thos.Haggard,R.A. ; in B.C.S. 1848-83, 
rev. and police commr. of N. div. 1872-7, 
memb. Bombay council 1877-83 : 9a, 
Gloucester pi. Portman sq. W. ; E. I. 
United Service club. 

Ashburnham, 5 earl of (1730, Gt.B.). 
Bertram Ashburnham, F.S.A., eld. s. of 
4earl(d.l878) ; b. 1840; m. 1888, Emily, 
dau. of late R. Chaplin ; 2nd tit. vise. 
St. Asaph ; D.L., J.P. Brecknockshire, j.p. 
Sussex and Carmarthenshire : 30 Dover 
st. W. ; Athenaeum, Wellington and 
Travellers' clubs ; Ashburnham Place, 
Battle, Sussex ; Barking Hall, Needham 
Market, Suffolk ; Pembrey, Carmarthen- 

Ashburnham, sir Anchitel, 8 bart.. 
(1661), eld. s. of 7 bart. {d. 1854) ; b. 1828; 
m. 1859, Isabella, dau. of late capt. Geo. 
Bohun Martin, R.N., C.B., of E. Bridge- 
ford, Notts : J.P. Sussex : Broomham, 

Ashburnham. Anchitel Piers, eld. s. 
of sir Anchitel Ashburnham, 8 bart. ; b. 
1861 ; J.P. Sussex : Agmerhurst, Ash- 
burnham Battle, Sussex. 

Ashburnham, maj. -gen. sir Cromer, 
K.C.B., 4 8. of rev. sir John Ashburnham,7 
bart. (d. 1854); 6.1831; m. 1864, Urith 
A., 3 dau. of late capt. G. B. Martin, R-^.. 
C.B., of East Bridgeford, Notts. : with 60 
rifles in Indian mutiny campaign 1857-8, 
at siege of Delhi, and in Rohilcund ; 
Afghan war 1878-80, Boer war 1881, 
a.d.C. to the Queen 1882-6, with expedy. 
force in Egypt 1882. 3 class Medjidie, 
Eastern Soudan campaign 1894; a. A. 
and Q.M.G., S.E. dist. 1884-6, ret. p. 1886 : 
Brooklands, Wellington, Salop. 

Ashburnham, hon. George, 7 s. of 4 
earl of Ashburnham ; b. 1863 : It. Suffolk 
yeom. 1883-7 : 30 Dover et. W, ; Wel- 
lington club, 


Ashburnham, hon. John, 2 s. of 4 earl 
of Ashburnham ; b. 1845 : attache at 
Lisbon 1867, at Madrid 1869, second 
secy., Constantinople, 1872-9 ; H. M.'s 
actg.-agent and consul-gen. Sofia 1879-80; 
J. p. Sussex; heir pres. to his brother: 
Travellers' and St. James's clubs ; 
Shernfold Park, Frant, Sussex. 

Ashburnham, capt. hon. Thomas, 5 s. 
of 4 earl of Ashburnham ; b. 1855 ; with 
expedy. force in Egypt 1882, 5 class 
Medjidie ; capt. 7 huss. 1886-9, ret. 1889, 
extra A.D.C. to viceroy of Ireland (earl of 
Carnarvon) 1885-6 and (earlof Aberdeen) 
in 1886 : 30 Dover st. W. ; Naval and 
Military club. 

Ashburnham, hon.Wm., B.A.Cantab. 

3 8. of 4 earl of Ashburnham ; b. 1847 : 
barr. Inner Temple 1874 : 30 Dover st.W. 

Ashburnham, lady Mary Catherine 
Charlotte, dan. of 5 earl of Ashburn- 
ham ; b. 1890. 

Ashburton, lord (5 baron, 1835, U.K.). 
Fras. Denzil Baring, eld. s. of 4 baron 
(d. 1889), bv dau. of 9 baron Digby ; b. 
1866 ; m. 1889, hon. Mabel E., eld. dau. of 

4 vise. Hood, b. 1866 ; d.l. Hants : Carl- 
ton, Arthur's and Bachelors' clubs : The 
Grange, Xorthington, New Alresford. 

Ashburton (rt. hon.), Leonora C, 
lady, dau. of 9 baron Digby ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1864. 4 baron Ashburton \d. 1889) : 16 
Cadogan sq. S.W. 

Ashburton (rt. hon.), Louisa, lady, 
dau. of late rt. hon. James Stewart- 
Mackenzie, lord high commr. of the 
Ionian islands (grandson of 6 earl of 
Galloway), by dau. of last baron Sea- 
forth ; m. 1858, as his 2 wife, 2 baron 
Ashburton, p.c. (d. 1864) : Kent House, 
Knightsbridge,S.W.; Ashburton House. 
Addiscombe rd. Croydon ; Melchet Park, 
Romsey,Hants ; Seaforth Lodge,Seaton. 
S. Devon ; Loch Liuchart Lodge, Ding- 
wall, N.B. 

Ashby, Edmund, eld. s. of A. Ashby, 
of Mitcham, Surrey ; 6.1844 ; j.p. Somer- 
set : Sidcot, Winscombe, Somerset. 
Ashby, maj. Geo. Ashby, eld. s. of 
Geo. Ashby Ashby, of Naseby Wol- 
leys, Rugby, j.p., d.l. (d. 1890) ; b. 1856 ; 
J.P. Leicestershire and North ants, maj. 
Duke of Cornwall's L. I., adjt. 1 vol. 
battn. Duke of Cornwall's L. I from 
1892 : Falmouth. 

Ashby, Jas. Wm. Murray, c.B., s. 
of capt. \V. R Ashby, r.n. ; b. 1822 ; m. 
Catherine, dau. of late F. R. Magenis ' 
at Bomarsund, 1854, fall of Kertch' 
Sebastopol and Kinburn, at capture of 
Peiho forts 1860 (sec. to adm. sir J. 

Hope), in 11 expedns. against rebels in X. 
China 1862 ; paymaster-in -chief, ret. 1878, 
J.p. Sussex : Little Park, Ninfield, Battle, 

Ashby, John, s. of Skidmore Ashby, 
of Staines; b. 1849; m. 1870, Ellen, dau. 
of Fredk. Warner, of Melbourne, nr. 
Chelmsford ; j.p. Middlesex (and c.c.) : 
The Close, Staines. 

Ashby, Wm.. s. of Wm. Ashbv, of 
Long Buckby ; b. 1844 ; m. 1869, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Robt. Ashby, of Watford, 
Northants ; is j.p. (1895) Northants : 
Long Buckby, Rugby. 

Ashcombe, lord (1 baron, 1892, U.K.). 
George Cubitt. p.c, s. of Thos. Cubitt, of 
Denbies {d. 1855) ; b. 1828 ; m. 1853, 
Laura, dau. of Rev. J. Joyce, vicar of 
Dorking ; M.A. Cantab.. D.L. Middlx., 
d.l., j.p. Surrey, m.p. (c.) W. Surrey 
1860-85, Mid. divn. 1885-92, 2 church 
estates commr. 1874-9, hon. col. 2 vol. 
battn. R.W. Surrey regt. from 1894, raised 
to the peerage 1892 : 17 Prince's gate, 
S.W. ; Carlton club ; Denbies, Dorkine. 

Ashe, miss T. Mary, dau. of rev. R. 
M. Ashe, of Langley House, Wilts, j.p. 
{d. 1885) : lady of the manor of Langley 
Burrell : Langley House,nr. Chippenham, 

Asher, Alexander, Q.c, ll.D. (Aber- 
deen and Edin. ) , 2 s. of rev. W. Asher. n . d., 
of Inveravon, Banffshire; b. 1835; m. 1870, 
Caroline J., eld. dau. of late rev. Chas. 
Hy. Craufurd, rect. of Old Swinford, 
Worcestershire : Scotch barr. 1861, y.o. 
18S1, dean of the Faculty of Advocates 
from 1895. D.L. Edinburgh. 8.G. for 
Scotland 1881-5, 1886 and 1892-4 ; m.p. 
(l.) Elgin Burghs from 1881 : Brooks' 
and Reform clubs ; 31 Heriot row, 

Ashhurst,Wm. Henry, eld. s. of J. H. 
Ashhurst, of Waterstock, Oxon, d.l., 
J.P. (d. 1885) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1882, Cathe- 
rine Sophia, 2 dau. {d. 1890) of A. H. C. 
Brown, of Kingston Blount, Oxon, D.L., 
J.P. ; D.L., J.p. Oxon (sheriff 1891): 
Carlton club ; Waterstock House, 
Wheatley, nr. Oxford. 

Ashley, lord (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl of 

Ashley, hon. (Anthony) Cecil, 4 survg. 
s. of 7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1849: D.L. 
Dorset : 5 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; St. Giks's 
House, Cranborne, Dorset. 

Ashley, rt. hon. (Anthony) Evelyn 
Melbourne, p.c, M.A. Cantab., 2 survg. s. 
of 7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1836 ; m. 1, 
1866, Sybella, dau. (d. 1886) of sir 
Walter Farquhar, 2 bart. ; 2, 1891, lady 



Alice E., dan of 3 earl of Enniskillen, 6. 
1853 ; sec. to visc.Palmerston 1858-65,knt. 
order of Dannebrog, barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1863, treasurer of county courts 1863-74, 
,i.p. Dorset and co. Sligo ; D.L., J. P. 
Hants ; parly, sec. to board of trade 
1880-2, 2 Church estates commr. 1880-5; 
und. sec. of state for colonies 1882-5 ; 
M.P. (L.) Poole 1874-80, Isle of Wight 
1880-5, official verderer of New Forest 
from 1892: 13 Cadogan sq. S.W.; 
Brooks' and Athenaeum clubs ; Broad- 
lands, Romsey, Hants ; Classybawn, 

Ashley, hon. (Anthony) Lionel Geo., 
M.A. Cantab ; 2 survg. s. of 7 earl of 
Shaftesbury ; b. 1838 ; m. 1868, dau. (d. 
1875) of C. Hanbury Leigh, Pontypool 
Park, Monmouth : d.l. Dorset : Audley 
mansions, Mount st. W. ; Brooks' club. 

Ashley, Geo. Randolph, s. of rev. G. 
E. Ashley, of Stretton Rectory, Here- 
ford ; b. 1858 ; m. 1882, Alice Louisa, 
dau. of Robt. Owen Davies, of Cyffty 
and Pencraig ; J.P. Carnarvonshire, 
capt. 2 vol. battn. R. Welsh Fus. from 
1886 : Constitutional club ; Cyffty, 
Llanrwst, Denbigh. 

Ashley, John, 5 s. of Jate Martin 
Ashley, of Modbury, Devon ; b. 1823 ; 
J.P. (1894) Devon : Honiton, Devon 

Ashley, Richd., s. of Martin Ashley, 
of Modbury, Devon; b. 1821; m. 1865. 
Mary, dau. of Jolm Phare, of Elmfield 
House, Northlew, Devon; J.P. (1894) 
Devon : Modbury, Devon. 

Ashley, lady Edith Florence, dau. of 
7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1847 : Audley 
mansions, Mount st. W. 

Ashley, hon. mrs. John. Julia, eld. 
dau. of Hy. J. Conyers, of Copthall, 
Essex ; to. 1840, hon. J. Ashley, Q.C. (d. 
1867) : 17 Upper Brook st. W. 

Ashplant, Wm., J.P. (1895) Devon: 
Palmer House. Gt. Torrington, Devon. 

Ashton, vide Mackenzie- Ash ton. 

Ashton, lord (1 baron 1895, U.K.). 
Jas. Williamson, s. of late J. Williamson, 
J.P. ; b. 1844 ; to. 1, 1869, Margaret, eld. 
dau. (d. 1877) of J. Gatey, of Keswick ; 
2, 1880, Jessy Henrietta, 2 dau. of 
J. Stewart, Clapham, Yorks : d.l., j.p. 
Lancashire (sheriff 1885); J.P. (1894) 
London, a manufacturer, M.P. (l.) N. 
Lancashire (Lancaster divn.) 1886-95, 
raised to the peerage 1895 : Alford 
House, Prince's gate, S.W. ; Devonshire 
club ; Aston Hall and Ryelands, Lan- 

Ashton, Alfred, s. of Thos. Ashton, of 
Parkfield, Lanes, and Hatfield Court, co. 
Hereford ; b. J855 ; to. ,1879, dau. of 

Joseph Janion of Alderley Edge : J.P. 
Cheshire: Kermincham Lodge.Congleton. 

Ashton, Charles, M.A. Oxon, late 12 
lancers ; eld. s. of S. Ashton, of Prest- 
wich, Lanes. J.P.(d. 1867) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1, 
eld. dau. of N. E. Hurst, Higham Grange, 
Leicestershire ; 2, Josephine, 2 dau. of 
R. Henty, Nazing Park, Essex ; j.p. 
Leicestershire and Herts : Redlands, 
Branksome, Bournemouth. 

Ashton, John, s. of Geo. Ashton, of 
Lubenham, Leicestershire; 6. 1833; m. 
1856, Mary Ann, dau. of W. H. TJpsall, of 
London; is j.p. (1894) Leicestershire: 
Lubenham, Market Harborough. 

Ashton, Ralph Shorrock, B.A. ; j.p. 
Lancashire : Rock Mount, Wilpshire, 

Ashton, Robert How, s. of Robt. 
How Ashton, of Castleton ; b. 1837 : to. 
1866, Thomasine, dau. of late Jsph. Hall, 
of Castleton ; j.p. Derbyshire : Losehill 
Hall, Castleton, via Sheffield. 

Ashton, S. Tudor,2 s. of late S.Ashton, 
of Prestwich, Lanes. ; b. 1841; to. 1. 1869, 
Katherine, dau. (d. 1873) of sir Edwri. 
Wetherall, K.c.B. ; 2, 1876, Harriet, only 
dau. (d. 1892) of lord Francis Godolphin 
Osborne ; late capt. 14 huss., maj. 
Leicestershire yeom. from 1895 ; D.L., 
J.P. Leicestershire : Carlton club ; Bur- 
ton Hall, Melton Mowbray. 

Ashton, Thomas, s. of Thos. Ashton, 
of Hyde: b. 1818; m. 1852, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Samuel S. Gair, of Liverpool ; 
J.P. Cheshire, J. P., D.L. Lancashire (shei iff 
1883) : Belgrave mansions, S.W. ; Ford 
Bank, Didsbury, Manchester; Hyde, 

Ashton, Thos. Gair, eld. s. of T. 
Ashton, of Ford Bank, Lanes., J. P., D.L. ; 
b. 1855 ; m. 1886, Eva M., dau. of John 
Hy. James, of Kingswood, Watford, 
Herts ; j.p. Lancashire; M.P. (L.) Cheshire 
(Hyde divn.) 1885-6. S. Beds, from 1895 : 
39 Princes gdns. S.W. ; Brooks's and 
Reform clubs. 

Ashton, misses, Little Onn Hall; nr. 

Ashtown, lord (3 baron, 1800, Ir.). 
Frederick Oliver Trench, grands, of 2 
baron (d. 1880) ; b. 1868 ; m. 1894, Violet, 
youngest dau. of col. R. A. G. Cosby, of 
Stradbally Hall, Queen's co. : D.L., J.P. 
co. Galway : Woodlawn, co. Galway. 

Ash-win, James, eld. s. of Wm. Hy. 
Ashwin, of Bretforton, Worcs. d.l., j.p. 
(d. 1892) ; b. 1860 ; m. 1890, Clara, dau. of 
Geo. Watson, of Donisthorpe House, 
Yorks, j.p. ; is j.p. Gloucestershire and 
Worcestershire : Bretforton Manor, nr. 



Ashwin. Mauley, s. of Chas. Manley 
Ashwin, of Abergavenny, surgeon ; b. 
1835 ; J.P. Monmouthshire and Breck- 
nockshire :01dBankHouse Abergavenny. 

Ashworth, Alfred, s. of late Edmund 
Ashworth, of Egerton Hall, Bolton-le- 
Moors ; b. 1813 ; to. 1881, Edith Alice, 
eld. dau. of Fredk. Bower, of West Dean 
Park, Chichester : J.P. Cheshire : Con- 
servative club ; Tabley Grange, Knuts- 

Ashworth, Chas. Egerton, 3 s. of 
Edmund Ashworth, of Egerton Hall 
Lancashire, J. P., by Charlotte, dau. of 
Thos. Christy, of Broomfield, Essex; to. 
1869, Mary (d. 1884), dau. of late Sam 
Mendel, of the Manor House, Chide- 
hurst, J. P., ; J. P., T>.h. Lancashire ; 
J.P. Cheshire : Conservative club ; The 
Heath, Knursford, Cneshire. 

Ashworth, Edmund, s. of E. Ash- 
worth, J.P. (d. 1881); to. 1868, Margaret 
Elizabeth, eld. dau. of John Hick, of 
Mytton Hall. Whalley ; j.p. Lancashire : 
Conservative club ; Egerton Hall, Bolton- 

Ashworth, Edward, s. of Richard 
Ashworth, of Cowpe, Rossendale ; b. 
1829 ; to. 1853, Hel-n, dau. of Royston 
Oliver, of Todmorden ; i* j.p. Lanca- 
shire : Staghills,Waterfoot, Manchester ; 
Devonshire club. 

Ashworth, Edw. Lewis : b. 1835 ; j.p. 
Denbighshire : Boothfield House, Over 
Kuutsford. Cneshire ; 100 Mosley st. 

Ashworth, Geo. Binns, s. of Henry 
Ashworth, of The Oaks, Bolton-le- 
Moors ; b. 1823 ; J.p. Lancashire : 
Union club, Manchester; Birtenshaw 
House, Bromley Cross, near Bolton-le- 

Ashworth. John, s. of Richard Ash- 
worth, of Bank st. *tawtenstall. Lanes ; 
b. 1 si 1 ; i. 1865, dau. of Richd. Rostron, 
of Stack Steads, Lanes : is j.p. Lanca- 
shire : Mill Field House, Thorn Hill. 
Rajvtenstall. Lanes. 

Ashworth, Taylor, s. of late George 
Ashworth, of Roche House, Rochdale, 
j.p. ; b. 1839 ; j.p. Staffs. : Sunny Bank 
House. Shelton, Hanley, Staffs. 

Askew, misses, daus. of late Hy. Wm. 
Askew, of Burwood Park, Surrey, J.p. 
((/. 1890), by Lucy, 3 dau. of late hon. 
.iiul ii. rev. bp. (Percy) of Carlisle and 
niece of 5 duke of Northumberland : 
Burwood Park, Walton - on -Thames, 

Askew-Robertson, Watson, s. of late 
capt. Christopher C. Askew, r.n.; b. 1834 ; 
in. 1856, hon. Sarah, eld. dau. of 1 and last 

baron Marjoribanks ; b. 1837 ; D.L., J.P. 
for Berwickshire and for Northumber- 
land (sheriff 1863), chm. of quart, sess. 
for Northumberland, assumed by royal 
licence in 1890addtl. name of Robertson 
in accordance with the will of late Wm. 
Robertson, of Ladykirk. on his wife suc- 
ceeding to th^ Ladykirk estates : 
Carlton and Oxford and Cambridge 
clubs ; Ladykirk, Berwickshire ; Pallins- 
burn, Northumberland. 

Askwith, gen. Wm. Harrison, R.A., b. 
1811 ; to. Elizabeth, dau. of G. Ranken ; 
mil. attache to Brit. legn. in Spain 1838- 
41, comdr. of order of Isabella, knt. order 
of Charles III., and San Fernando, col. 
commdt. R.A. from 1877 ; ret. list. 1881 : 
119 St. George's square, S.W. ; United 
Service club. 

Aspinall, rev. Geo. Edwd., if. A, oxon, 
s. of Edwd. Aspinall, of Hall Ings, 
Yorkshire; b. 1842; to. 1882, Caroline, 
dau. of John Holden. of Turton, Lanes ; 
J.P. W. R. Yorks : Jun. Constitutional 
club ; Hall Ings, Souhowram, Halifax. 

Aspinall, Jas. Perronet, y.c., eld. s. of 
late John Bridge Aspinall, Q.C., recorder 
of Liverpool; b. 1844 ; to. 1869, Emilie 
Agnes, dau. of late Geo. Hutton Ulla- 
thorne, of 35 Lancaster gate, W. ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1867, bencher 1891, y.c. 
1892, J.P. Suffolk : 2 Cleveland sq. W.; 
2 Paoer bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Groton 
House, Boxford. Suffolk. 

Aspinall. Ralph John, s. of J. T. W. 
Aspinall, of Standen Hall, M.P. (d. 1865) ; 
b. 1847 ; 7. 1876, Mabel, 2 dau. of lateR. 
Lloyd Jones-Parry, Tregayan, Anglesey; 
is J. P., D.I.. Lancashire (sheriff 1880), J.P. 
W. R. Yorks, lt.-col. and hon. col. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Lancashire regt. from 
1895 : Carlton and New University 
clubs ; Standen Hall, Clitheroe. 

Aspland, Arthur Palmer, s. of rev. 
R. B. Aspland. of Dukinfield : b. ]s;$7 ; 
m. 1862, Sarah, dau. of E. Hibbert, of 
Godley; is j.p. Cheshire: Wtrneth Lodge, 
Gee Cross, Hyde, Cheshire ; Beaufell, 

Asplen. Wm. John Ward, Thriplow 
Place, nr. Royston, Cambridgeshire. 

Asquith, rt. hon. Herbert Henry, p.c, 
Q.C, b.a. Oxon., 2 s. of late J. D. Asquith, 
of Croft House, Morley, Yorks ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1. 1877, Helen, eld. dau. (d. 1891) of 
F. Melland, Manchester; 2, 1894. Mar- 
got, youngest dau. of sir Chas. Tennant, 
1 bart. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1876, y.c. 
1890, M.P. (L.) E. Fifeshire from 1886, 
sec. of state home dept. 1892-5, an 
ecclesiastical commr. 189*2-5: 20 Caven- 


dish sq., W. ; 1 Paper bldgs. Temple, 
E.C. ; Athenaeum club. 

Asser, Samuel Bayly Vernev, J.p. 
Surrev : Windlesham Court, Windles- 
ham, Surrey. 

Assheton. vide Duff-Assheton-Smith. 

Assheton, Ralph, eld. s. ot W.Asshe- 
ton. Downham Hall, by dau. of hon. W. 
Cockayne, and co-heir of 6 and last vise. 
Cullen ; b. 1830 ; to. 1854, Emily A., dau. 
of late J. Feilden. of Witton, M.P. ; m.a. 
Cantab., J. P., D.L. Lancashire, J.p. W. 
R. Yorks, late capt. 1 Lancashire mil.; 
M.P. (C.) Clitheroe 1868-80 : United 
University and Carlton clubs ; Downham 
Hall, Clitheroe. 

Assheton, Ralph Cockayne, eld. p. of 
Ralph Assheton, of Downham Hall, 
Lanes. D.L., J.P. ; b. 1860; J.P. Lanes, 
and W. R. Yorks : Oxford and Cambridge 
club ; Downham Hall, Clitheroe. 

Astbury, John Meir, q.c, m.a., b c.l. 
Oxon., eld. s. of Freak. Jas. Astbury. of 
Hilton Park, Prestwicb, Lanes. ; b. 1860 ; 
to. 1888, Evelyn, eld. dau. of late Paul 
Susmann, of Manchester ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1881, Q.c. 1895 : 5 New court, 
Carey st., Lincoln's inn, W.C. 

Astell,maj.-gen.Chas. Edward, 4 s. of 
late Wm. Astell, m.p., of Everton House, 
Beds ; b. 1818 ; to. 1848, Harriette, dau. 
of F. Spaight, of Derry Castle, co. Tip- 
perary ; is J.p. Dorset ; ret. f . p. as capt. 45 
ft. : West ldge.Puddlehinton, Dorchester. 

Astell, hon. mrs. Elizh. M., 4 dau. of 4 
vise. Gort ; b. 1861 ; in. 1886, William 
Harvev Astell, of Woodbury Hall, Beds. 
D.C, j.p. (d. 1896) : 16 Sloane gdns. 
S.W. ; Woodbury Hall, Sandy, Beds. 

Astley, vide Ludford-Astley. 

Astley, hon. Albert Edwd. Delaval, 
eld. 8. of 12 baron Hastings : b. 1882. 

Astley, Bertram Frankland, eld. s. 
of lt.-col. F. L'Estrange Astley (d. 1866), 
by 5 dau. of sir R. Frankland-Russell, 
bart. ; b. 1857 ; to. 1887, lady Florence, 
5 dau. of 3 marq. Conyngham ; b. 1866 ; 
n.L., J.P. Bucks, late It. Rif. brig. : 
Chequers Court, Ellesborough, Tring. 

Astley, hon. Charles Melton, 3 s. of 
12 baron Hastings ; b. 1885. 

Astley, Edward Ferrand, M.D., s. of 
rev. J. W. Astley, rect. of Quenington, 
Glo'stershire ; b. 18 ; J.P. Kent : 29 
Marine parade, Dover. 

Astley, hon. Henry Jacob, 3 s. of 10 
baron Hastings ; b. 1867 ; to. 1891, Sybil, 
2 dau. of late Cha*. Geo. Fountaine, of 
Narf ord Hall, Norfolk ; It. Norfolk artill. 
(mil.) E divn. E.A. in 1892, 2 It. Suffolk 
yeom. 1894-5 : The Hall, East Winch, 
Lynn, Norfolk. 

Astley, rev. Hubert Delaval, M.A. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon., 2 s. of lt.-col. F. 
L'Estrange Astley (d. 1866), by 5 dau. of 
sir R. Frankland-Russell, bart. ; b. 1860 ; 
to. 1895, Edith Constance, dau. of sir 
Vincent R. Corbet, 3 bart., and widow 
of sir Richard F. Sutton, 5 bart. ; rect. 
of Ellesborough, Bucks, from 1896 : 
Chequers Court, Tring. 

Astley, Hugh Francis Lethbridge, 
2 s. of sir F. D. Astley, 2 bart ; b. 1831 ; 
to. 1853, Augusta, dau. of late J. Cock- 
burn ; is J.P.Wilts ; capt. (hon. maj. 1886) 
R. Wilts yeom. 1882-6 : 59 Cadogan pi. 
S.W. ; Arthur's club. 

Astley, hon. Jacob John, 2 s. of 12 
baron Hastings ; b. 1884. 

Astley, lady. Eleanor B., only dau 
and heir of late Thos. Geo. Corbett, of 
Elsham, co. Lincoln, by dau. of 8 duke of 
St. Albans ; m. 1858, col. sir John Dug- 
dale Astley, 3 bart., lieut.-col. late Scots 
gds. ; m.p. (c.) N.Lincolnshire 1874-80 {d. 
1894) : 3 Halkin pi. Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Elsham Hall, Lincoln. 

Astley, hon. Alexandra Rhoda, b. 
1886 ; hon. Bridget, b. 1889 ; daus. of 12 
baron Hastings. 

Astley, mrs. Frankland - Russell-, 
Rosalind A., 5 dau. of sir Robert Frank- 
land-Russell, 7 bart. {d. 1849) ; to. 1854, 
as his 2 wife, lt.-col. F. L. Astley (d. 
1866) (bro.of Jacob, 8 baron Hastings) ; 
assumed by royal licence, in 1872, the 
names of Frankland-Russell : Chequers 
Court, Ellesborough, Tring. 

Astley-Corbett, sir Fras. Edmund 
Geo., 4 bart. (1821), eld-8. of sir John 
D. Astley, 3 bart. {d. 1894), by only 
dau. and heir of late Thos. George 
Corbett, of Elsham Hall, Lincolnshire; 6. 
1859 : to. 1882, lady Augusta Gertrude, 
only dau. of 3 earl of Yarborough ; b. 
1861; late It. Scots gds., D.L., J.P. Lin- 
colnshire ; assumed by royal licence ad- 
ditional name of Corbett, 1889 : 57 Sloane 
st. S.W. ; Guards' club ; Elsham Hall, 
Elsham S.O. Lincolnshire. 

Aston, Joseph Keech, 3 a. of late 
Benjn. Rd. Aston ; b. 1824 ; to. 1855, Sarah 
A., eld. dau. of late B. Eccles, of Black- 
burn ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1855, sec. and 
treasr. to Queen Anne's Bounty from 
1871 : 3 Dean's yard, S.W. 

Aston, Theodore, Q.c, eld. s. of T. 
Aston ; b. 1827 ; to. 1865, Lucy, dau. of 
late R. Ashton, of Broome Cross, 
Sheffield ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1853, Q.C. 
1872 : Athenaaum club ; Wellfield, Strea- 
tham Common, S.W. 

Aston, Wm. Geo., c.m.g., m.a. and 
D.ut. Queen's Univ. Irel., s. of late G. R. 


Aston, of Belfast ; b. 1841 ; m. 1871, 
Janet, dau. of late Root. Smith, of Bel- 
fast-. : Japanese sec. to H.M.'s legation in 
Japan 1886-9 : The Bluff, Beer, E. 

Aston-Pudsey,George Pudsey,eld. s. 
of late G. P. Aston, of Newton, Salop ; b. 
1826 ; m. 1869, Ann, young, dau. of late 
A. Bowyer, of Much Wenlock, Salop : 
j. p. Scaft-. lord of the manor of Seisdon: 
Seisdon Hall. Seisdon. Wolverhampton. 
Astor,Wm.Waldorf, 18 Carlton House 
terr. S.W. ; Clievedon, Taplow, Bucks. 

Atchison, John D. Preston House, 
Sidley, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. (Tele- 
grams, Bexhill, Sussex.) 

Athabasca, 2 bp. of (1874). rt. rev. 
Ricuard Young,D.D. Manitoba uni v., d.C.L. 
Trin. coll., Toronto, b.a. Cantab, s. of 
A. W. Young, formerly of Abbey Park, 
Louth, Lincoln ; b. 1843 ; m. 1873, Julia 
H., dau. of late rev. W.B.Harrison, rect. 
or Gayton, Lincolnshire : vicar of Ful- 
stow 1869-73, assoc. sec. C.M.S. for W. 
Torks 1873-5, inc. of St. And. Manitoba 
1875-84, bp. of Athabasca from 1884: 
Athabasca Landing, via Edmonton, X.W. 
Territories, Canada ; Church Missionary 
house, Salisbury sq. E.C. 

Athawes, Edwd. Jas., m.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of rev. John Athawes, of Lough- 
ton, Bucks ; b. 1836 ; m. 1869, Helena T., 
dau. of Robt. Spofforth, of Howden ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1860, and Middle 
Temple 1866, stipendiary magist. for 
Chatham and Sheerness from 1877 : 1 
Cloisters, Temple, E.C; Nevill House, 

Atherley, Arthur HavryHoward, only 
child of col. Francis Hy. Atherley, of 
Landguard Manor, I. of W., J. P., by dau. 
of 17 earl of Suffolk and Berkshire ; b. 
1865; j. p., d.l. Hants: Travellers'. 
White's, Brooks's and Pratt's clubs : 
Landguard Manor, nr. Shanklin, I. of W. 
Atherley ,col.Frans.Hy.v.D.eld.survg. 
8. of late rev. A. Atherley, of Heavitree. 
Devon : b. 1831 ; m. 1863, lady Isabel J. 
E., eld. dau. of 17 earl of Suffolk and 
Berkshire ; b. 1831 : j.p. Hants : late 
maj. Rif. brig, in Indian mutiny, lt.- 
col. (hon. col. 1880) I. of Wight Princess 
Beatrice vol. battn. Hants regt. 1871-91 : 
Travellers' and Brooks's clubs; Land- 
guard Manor, nr. Shanklin, I. of W. 

Atherley-Jones. Llewellyn Archer. 
q.c. b.a. Oxon, 3 e. of late Ernest Jones, 
coartist, poet and barr.-at-law ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1880, dau. of late W. Lambert, of 
Durham; barr. Inner Temple 1875, Q.c. 
1896, m.p. (L.) co. Durham (North- 
western divn.) from 1885 ; 4 Paper 

bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; 1 Priory gdns. 
Bedford Park, Chiswick ; National 
Liberal club. 

Athill, Charles Harold, f.s.a., 4 s. of 
late Geo. Athill ; m. Katherine Mildred, 
youngest dau. of ven. Benjamin Fredk. 
Smith, archd. of Maidstone and canon 
of Canterbury cathedral ; apptd. H.M. 
Richmond Herald 1889, was Blue mantle 
Pursuivant of Arms 1882-9 : College of 
Arms, E.C. ; Eltham, Kent. 

Atblumney. lord (2 baron, 1863, ir.). 
Jas. Herbert Gustavus Meredyth Somer- 
ville. only survg. s. of 1 baron ((/. 1873) ; 
b. 1865 ; sits as baron Meredyth (1866, 
U.K.) ; J.P. co. Meath ; 4 class Medjidieh, 
It. 1 battn. coldst. gds. from 1886, extra 
A.D.C. to lord lieut. of Ireland (earl 
Cadogan) from 1895 : Guards', White's, 
Pratts and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Somerville, Navan, Meath. 

Athlumney (rt, hon.), lady. Maria 
Georgina Elizabeth, dau. of Herbert Geo. 
Jones, s.L. ; m. 1860, 1 barcn Athlum- 
ney, P.C. (d. 1873) : Fernet, Frant, 
Tunbridge Wells. 

Athole, Anne, dow. duchess of : only 
dau. of Henry Home Drummond, of Blair 
Drummond.Perthshire ; m. 1839, 6 duke of 
Athole ; mistress of the robes to the 
Queen in 1852 and 1892-5, a lady of the 
bedchamber from 1854 ; member of royal 
order of Victoria and Albert (2 class) : 
Dunkeld, Perthshire. 

Atholl, 7 duke of (1703, sco.). John 
James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray, 
K.T., only s. of 6 duke, k.t. (d. 1864) ; 
b. 1840 ; m. 1863, Louisa, eld. dau. of sir 
Thomas Moncreiffe. 7 bart. ; sits as earl 
Strange(1786,Gt.B.);2ndtit. marq.of Tul- 
libardine : heredi. sheriff of Perthshire, 
late It. and capt. Scots gds. ; lord lieut. 
Perthshire from 1 878. resumed ancient 
spelling of title 1893: 84 Eaton pi. S.W.; 
Carlton and Guards' clubs ; Blair Castle, 
Blair Atholl, Perthshire. 

Athorpe, rev. Geo. Middleton, m.a. 
Cantab, eld.survg.s. of J.Carver Athorpe, 
of Dinnington Hall, Yorks, D.T,., J.p. (d. 
1880); 6.1835; patron of Dinnington, 
Yorks : Morthen Hall, near Rotherham ; 
Thorpe Hall, Howden. 

Atkin-Roberts, maj. John Roberts, 
2 s. of J. Drew Atkin, of Merrion sq. 
Dublin, by dau. of sir Thos. Roberts, 1 
bart. of Brightfieldstown, co. Cork, 
and Glassenbury. Kent, and sis. of 
lt.-col. Thos. Walton Roberts, of Glas- 
senbury, Kent, j.p. (d. 1882) : b. 1843 ; 
m. 1875, Marianne Gertrude, dau. of 
Douglas Fox, of Derby ; assumed by 
royal licence additional surname or" 


Roberts 1883, maj. late Leinster regt., 
J. p. Kent : Jun. United Service club ; 
Glassenbury Park, Cranbrook S.O. Kent. 

Atkins, vide Burnaby-Atkins, or 

Atkins, Hugh, s. of Geo. Atkins, of 
Hinckley, Leicestershire ; b. 1838 ; V J. P. 
(1894) Leicestershire : Thorney Crofts, 
Hinckley, Leicestershire. 

Atkins, John, J. p. Leicestershire : 
The Hall, Hinckley, Leicestershire. 

Atkinson, vide Farmer- Atkinson. 

Atkinson, Chas. Milner, m.a., LL.m. 
Cantab, eld. s. of Jas. Geo. Atkinson, of 
The Grange, Rotherham, Yorks ; b. 
1854 ; barr. Inner Temple 1878, stipndy. 
magist. for Leeds from 1894 : Newton 
Villa, Leeds ; Oxford and Cambridge 

Atkinson, Edmund, s. of Thos. Atkin- 
son, of Lancaster ; 6. 1831 ; in. 1869, 
Mary Lang, dau. of Christopher Jas. 
Thomas, of Bristol, j.p. ; formerly prof. 
of experimental science in Staff, coll. ; is 
j.p. Surrey : Savile and Athenaeum clubs ; 
Porte^bery Hill, Camberley, Surrey. 

Atkinson, Edwd. Tindal, Q.c., 4 s. of 
Hy. Tindal Atkinson, s.L., county court 
judge 1870-88 (d. 1890) ; 6. 1847 ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1870, bencher 1892, Q.c. 
1886 ; S.G. of co. palatine of Durham from 
1887, rec. of Leeds from 1896 : 2 Tanfield 
court, Temple, E.C. ; Fairbank, Crystal 
Palace Park road, Sydenham, S.E. 

Atkinson, Frank Buddie, J.P. (1892) 
Northumberland : Pallinsburn, Cornhill- 

Atkinson, James, s. of John Atkinson, 
of Hyde; 6. 1838; m. 1869, Lucy M. 
dau. of John Hill, of Wistaston Manor, 
Cheshire ; is J.P. and c.C. for Cheshire ; 
chmn. of finance committee of Cheshire 
C.C. &c. : Mirion House, Crewe. 

Atkinson, rev. canon James Augustus, 
M.a. Oxon., s. of Jas. Atkinson, Bengal 
Med. Service ; b. 1831 ; m. 1855, hon. 
Charlotte A., dau. of 6 vise. Chetwynd ; 
6.1831; hon. canon of Manchester from 
1884, K.D.and rector of Longsight, Man- 
chester, 1861-87, vicar (and R.D.) of 
Bolton-le-Moors 1887-96, from 1896, of 
Gedney, Holbeach. 

Atkinson, rt. hon. John, P.C. (irel.), 
Q.C, Irish barr. 1865, Q.C. 1880 ; bencher 
of King's Inn 1885 ; S.G. for Ireland, 
1889-92, a.g. in 1892 and from 1895, 
m.p. (c.) N. Londonderry from 1895 : 68 
Fitzwilliam sq. north, Dublin. 

Atkinson, John, eld.s. of Hy. Atkinson 
of Whitehaven, solicitor (d. 1872) : b. 
1816 ; m. Mary, youngest dau. of late 

Thos. Dixon, J.P. of Rheda : j.p. Cumber- 
land : 81 Lowther st. Whitehaven. 

Atkinson, John Frank, young, s. of 
late R. Atkinson ; b. 1821 ; m. 1860, 
Mary E. dau. of late C. E. Dampier, of 
the Hollies, Hants : Junior Brother of 
the Trinity House, E.C. : Micklegate 
House, Pontefracr, Yorks. 

Atkinson, maj .-gen. John Richd. 
Breeks, served in Afghan war 1878-80, 
maj. -gen. 1894 Bengal inf., ret. 1895. 

Atkinson, capt.LeonardWilson. eld. s. 
of late J. Atkinson, of Newbiggin House, 
Northumberland ; b. 1836 ; late capt. 
King's drag, gds., j.p. Northumberland : 
Army and Navy club ; Newbiggin House, 
Low Quarter, Hexham. 

Atkinson, hon. Nicholas, 2 s. of late 
N. Atkinson, of Hull, Yorks ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1873, Catherine Margaret, dau. of 
Denis Burns, of New Amsterdam, Ber- 
bice, B. Guiana ; barr. Inner Temple 
1867 ; S.G. British Guiana 1874-86, puisne 
judge from 1886 : Georgetown, B. 
Guiana ; Constitutional club. 

Atkinson, col. Stephen Edward, eld. 
s. of late maj.-gen. K. H. Atkinson ; b. 
1841 ; col. ret. 1888, M.S.C., It. -col. 2 vol. 
battn. Gloucestershire regt. from 1894, 
J.P. Gloucestershire : Constitutional 
club ; Woodside, Slad, nr. Stroud, Glos. 

Atkinson, Thos. j.p. (1894) parts of 
Holland, Lines. : Cedar Lodge, Postland, 
Crowlsnd, Peterborough. 

Atkinson, capt. Thos. Hy. Hollis 
Bradford-, eld. s. of It. -col. Ralph (Brad- 
ford) Atkinson, of Angerton, Northumb. 
J.P. {d. 1888) ; b. 1860 ; J.P. Northum- 
berland, capt. 1 battn. gren. gds. from 
1892 : Guards' and Turf clubs ; Angerton 
Hall, Morpeth. 

Atkinson, Wm. Adair, youngest s. of 
rev. Wm. Atkinson-Clark, of Belford 
Hall, Northumb. (d. 1880) ; b. 1842 ; 
pi. 1871, Anne, only child of late Wm. 
Cathrow, F.R.C.S., of Weymouth st. W. 
and Stoke Lodge, Bucks, and widow 
of sir Robt. Gilmour Colquhoun, K.c.B. 
consul-gen. in Egypt : Knockfarrie, Pit- 
lochry, N.B. 

Atkinson, Wm. Johnson, j.p. (1896) 
E. R. Yorks : Cottingham, Hull. 

Atkinson, mrs. Mary Ann, dau. of W. 
J. Ford, of 18 The Boltons, S.W. ; m. 
1878, John Atkinson, of Erchfont Manor, 
Wilts, j.p. {d. 1890) : Erchfont Manor, 

Atkinson-Clark, Geo. Dixon, b.a. 
Oxon, eld. 8. of rev. Wm. Atkinson- 
Clark, of Belford Hall {d. 1880) ; b. 1836; 
m. 1874, Mary C, youngest dau. of hon. 
Hy. Coventry ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1860, 


J. P., D.L. Northumberland (sheriff 1883): 
Carlton and Marlborough clubs ; Belford 
Hall, Northumberland ; Portan-eilean 
and Boh illy, Pitlochry, N.B. 

Atkinson-Grimshaw. rev. Rd., M.A. 
Oxon ; vicar of Cockerham. Lanes, 
1858-81, J.P. Lancashire : 5 Royal cres. 
B.ith ; United University club. 

Atkinson-Jowett, John Hodgson. 
younger s. of late Jas. Atkinson-Jowett, 
of Grove House, Yorks. ; b. 1843 ; m. 
1867, Euphemia, dau. of John Gordon. 
Kirkcudbright ; patron of the living and 
lord of the manor of Bolton : Grove 
House. Bolton, Bradford, Y r orks. 

Attenborough, Henry Arthur, 2 and 
only survg. s. of Geo. Attenborough, of 
193 Fleet st. City, E.C. ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1875, Maude, dau. "of Robert Borras. of 
Old Chinge. E.C. ; is J.P. (1895) North- 
ants : 38 Gloucester gdns. Hyde park, 
W. ; Catesby House, Catesbv. nr. Daven- 

Attenbury, Abraham, s. of John 
Attenbury, of Ashborne, Derbvshire ; b. 
1833 : Timperley Lodge, Timperley, 

Attwood, Mathew, s. of Thos. Att- 
wood, of Foxcote, Bucks : 6. 1821 ; m. 
1847, diu. of ; is J.P. 1894) Leicester- 
shire : Clapgun st. Castle Donington, 

Attwood, Thos. Arthur Carless, m.a. 
Oxon., only child of late T. Aurelius Att- 
wood, of Lincoln's Inn,and grauds. of Lite 
Thos. Attwood, m.p. ; b. 18 ; m. 1892. 
lion. Hilda Evelyn, only survg. dau. of 6 
v'sc. Harberton, b. 186i> : Peachfield 
House, nr. Malvern, Worcestershire. 

Attwood-Mathews. Benj. S^. John, 
M . A.Cantab, on I j child of late W.Mathews, 
of Gt. Malvern, d.l., j.p. ; b. 1830 ; wi. 
1860, Florence B. dau. of J. J. Garth 
Wilkinson, of London ; j.p. Staffordshire, 
D.L., j.p. Herefordshire (sheriff 1891). 
assumed by deed poll addtl. name of 
Attwood, 1882 : Oxford and Cambridge 
club ; Poutrilas Court, Pontrilas R.S.O. 

Attye, Robt. Jervoise, only s. of lt.- 
col. Fras. L. O. Attye, of Ingon Grange, 
Warwickshire, J.P. (</. 1885) ; b. 1862 : 
.i.i'. Warwickshire; late It. Warwickshire 

Aubert. (hon.) Edgar, c.m.g., mayor 
of Port Louis 1892, memb. of council of 
fori of Mauritius from 1896: Port 
Louis. Mauritius. 

Aubertin, lt.-col. Peter, s. of rev. S. 
Aubertin, of Chipstead : m. Ema Louisa, 
dau.of iren.sirT. B. Spurgin k.c.h.c.s.i.; 
2. BjbU M. M. only dau. of E. Htmtlv 

Hoopsr, of Langton=, Hants, J.P., by dau. 
of 4 earl of Castlestuart ; ret. p. 2 drag, 
gd-t. 1885, J.P. Hants : Cavalry club ; The 
Weir, Arlesford. 

Aubrey. Chas. Aubrey, eld. s. of Chas. 
S. Ricketts (d. 1867), by only dau. of 
late col. Thos. Aubrey, m.p., and cousin 
and heir of sir Thos. Digby Aubrey. 7 
and last bart. (d. 18); b. 1814; 
assumed by royal licence name of Aubrey 
in lieu of Ricketts. 1874 : Dorton House, 
Dorton (Bucks), Thame. 

Auchinleck. surg.-gen. Grahame.M.D. 
inBurmese war 1852-3.inEusofzieexpedn. 
1858, in Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; ret. p. 
1886 : Army and Navy club. 

Auckland, lord (5 baron, 1793, Gt. B.). 
capt.Wmr Morton Eden, eld. s. of 4 baron 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1891, Sybil C. eld. 
dau. of col. G. M. Hutton, of Gate Bur- 
ton. Lines., P.L., j.p. ; j.p. W.R. Yorks, 
capt. 2 battn. Dorset regt. 1889-91 ; cipt. 
3 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 1891-2: 
Naval and Military club ; Edenthorpe, 

Auckland, 1 bp. of (1869) most rev, 
Wm. Garden Cowie, d.d.,m.a. Cantab, 2 s, 
of Alexander Cowie, Auchterless, Aber 
deenshire ; b. 1831 ; m. 1869, Eliza J., eld 
dau. of W.Webber, of Moult on, Suffolk, 
bp. of Auckland, N. Zealand, from 1869 
and Primate of N. Zealand from 1893 
Bishop's Court, St. Stephen's rd. Parnell, 
Aucklan i, N. Zealand. 

Auckland, archd. of (Durham), vide 
ven. R. Long. 

Auckland (rt.hon.), Edith, lady, dau. 
of sir W. Eden, 6 bart. ; to. 1875. aa his 3 
wife, 4 baroa Auckland (d. 1890). 

Austen, vide Godwin-Austen, or 

Austen-Leigh. Chas.. principal clerk 
of committees. House of Commons, from 

Austin, Alfred, B.a. Lond., 2 s. of 
Joseph Austin, of Headingley, Leeds, 
J.P. : b. 1S35 ; barr. Inner Temple ls57, 
D.L. Herefordshire. Poet Laureate from 
1896: Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, 

Austin, Charles, only survg. s. of C. 
Austin, of Brandeston, j.p. (d. 1874) ; 
b. 1858 ; J.P. Suffolk : Brandeston Hall, 
Wickham Market. 

Austin, capt. Geoffrey L., j.p. Kent : 
The Precincts, Canterbury. 

Austin (his honor. Judge) Jas. Valen- 
tine, b.a. Oxon, eld. s. of lnte rev. John 
Valentine Austin: b. 1850; m. 1877, 
Anna C. only dau. of late rev. Peter 
Lorimer, n.D.'princof Presbyterian coll. 
London; barr. Inner Temple 1876; j.p. 



(1894) Somerset and Bristol, judge of 
county courts (circuit No. 54) Bristol 
from 1892 : 1 Paper bldg*. Temple, E.C.; 
5 Worcester villas, Clifton, Bristol. 

Austin,sir John,l bart.(1894),younger 
s. of late J. Austin, of Kippax, Yorks ; 
b. 1824 ; m. 1866, Agnes, dau. of Samuel 
S. Bvron, of West Ayton, Yorks, j.p. ; is 
J.P. W.R. Yorks, m.p. (l.) E.divn.W. R. 
Yorks (Osgoldcross divn.) from 1886: 
Red Hill House, Castleford, Normanton, 

Austin, John Gardiner,c.M.G., F.R.G.S., 
8. of W. Austin ; in. 1, dau. of C. Wilday, 
reg. of supreme courtof B. Guinea ; 2. 
1886, Mary C. eld. dau. of C. E. Good- 
hart, of Langley Park, Beckenham, J. p., 
D. L. ; lieut.-gov. Honduras 1 864-8, col. sec. 
Hong Kong 1868-78, ret. on pens. 1878. 

Austin, Michael, eld. s. of late John 
Austin, of Cork : b. 1855 ; in. 1885, 2 dau. 
of Peter Moriarty, of the View, Orrery 
Hill, Cork ; sec. trades council of Cork, 
1883-91 ; sec. Irish Democratic Labour 
Federation from 1890 ; memb. of late 
Roy. Commsn. on labour ; m.p. (N.) W. 
Limerick from 1892 : 51 Doddington 
grove, Kennington, S.E. 

Austin, Samuel P., s. of Samuel P. 
Austin, of Sunderland ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1868, Mtrian Yoike, dau. of prof. 
Spooner, of London ; J.P. co. Durham : 
Carlton and Constitutional clubs ; 
Cocken Hall. Fence Houses. 

Austin, Wm. Michael Byron, eld. s. 
of sir Joun Austin, 1 bart. ; b. 1871 : m. 
1896, Violet I.. 2 dau. of Alex. Fraser, of 
Westerrield House, Suffolk ; is J.P. (1894) 
W. R. yorks : Red Hill, Castleford. 
Normanton, Yorks. 

Ava, earl of, Archibald Jas. Temple 
Blackwood, eld. s. of marq. of Dufferin 
and Ava ; b. 1863 ; lr. 17 lancers 1886-92 : 
22 Ryder st. S.W. 

Aveling:, James Thomas ; b. 1841; 
J.p. Isle of Ely, d.l. Cambridgeshire : 
Estover, March. 

AveriU, Isaac, s. of I. B. Averill, of 
Broadway ; b. 1830 ; J.P. Glo'stershire 
and Worcestershire : Southview, Broad- 
way, Worcester. 

Avery, Wm., s. of John Avery, 
of Headless Cross, Redditch ; b. 1832' ; 
m. 155, Maria Procter, dau. of Wm. 
Dingley, of Sherborne : J.P. Worcester- 
shire : Headless Cross, Redditch. 

Avonmore,6 visc.(1800, lr.). William 
Algernon Yelverton, s. of 4 and bro. of 
5 vise. {d. 1885) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1890, 
Mabel Sara, 2 dau. of Geo. Evans, of 
Gortmerron, co. Tyrone, late of Toronto, 
Canada ; capt. Dublin City artill. (mil.) 

S. divn. R. A. 1891-3: Belle Isle, Ros- 
crea, Tipperary ; Hazle Rock, Mayo. 

Avonmore, Emily M.viscountess,dau. 
of late maj .-gen. sir Chas. Ashworth, 
K.C.B. ; m. 1, prof. Edwd. Forbes, F.u.s., 
F.n.s. ; 2, 1858,4 visc.Avonmore (dl883): 
Villa Gobert, Biarritz. 

Awdry, bp. vide Osaka. 

Awdry. Chas., 5 s. of sir John Wither 
Awdry, of Notton House, Wilts {d. 1878); 
6. 1847 ; in. 1876, Margaret H., dau. of late 
bp. (Sloberly) of Salisbury ; j.p. Wilts : 
2 Hyde Park st. W. ; United L'niversity 
club ; Shaw Hill, nr. Melksham. 

Awdry, Richard Davis, c.b., j.p. Mid- the Admiralty 18 96, 

acct. gen. of navy from 1896 : 56 Carlisle 
mansions, Victoria st. S.W. ; office, 18 
Spring gdns. S.W. 

Awdry, rev. Wm. Henry, m.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of West Awdry, of Monkton, 
Wilts, J.p. {d. 1892) ; 6. 1835; m. "1867, 
Rose E. dau. of Edwd. Gordon Fawcett, 
Bo.C.S ; J p. Wilts ; R.n., insp. of schools, 
Dio. Sarum, Amesbury,2nd portion ; rect. 
from 1872 of Ludgershall, Andover. 

Awdry, lady. Frances Ellen, dau. of 
late bp. (Carr) of Bombay ; m. 1839, as his 
2 wife, sir John Wither Awdry, D.C.L., 
O.J. of Bombay 1839-41 {d. 1878) : Notton 
House, Chippenham. 

Ayangar, Dewan Bahadur S.R., C.I.E., 
B.A., insp.-gen. of registration, Madras. 

Ayers, hon. sir Henry, g.c.m.g., s. of 
late H. Ayers, Portsmouth dockyard : b. 
1821; ch. sec. of S. Australia 1863-5, 
1867-8, pres. of legisl. council 1881-93 : 
Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Aylesford, 8 earl of (1714, Eng.). 
Charles Wigtitwick Finch, 2 s. of 6 earl 
and bro. of 7 earl {d. 1885) ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1, dau. of 3 baron Bagot ; 2, 1879, 
Ella V., younger dau. of late J. Ross and 
widow of capt. J. H. Linton, of Hearing- 
ford Abbots, Hunts; 2nd tit. baron 
Guernsey ; J.P. Kent, d.l., j.p. Warwick- 
shire, maj. 3 battn. (mil.) S. Staffordshire 
regt. 1881-5, capt. (hon. maj. 1892), 
Warwickshire yeo. 1886-96: Carlton 
and Marlborough clubs ; Packington 
Hall, Coventry : Aylesford, Maidstone. 

Aylesford, Edittt, countess of, 3 dau. 
of late col. Thomas Peers Williams, of 
Crag-y-don, Bangor, m.p. ; m. 1871, 
7 earl of Aylesford (d. 1885) : Honeys, 
Southlakes Street, Twyford R.S.O. Berks. 
Aylesford, dow. countess of, Jane, 
only child and heir of late J. Wightwick 
Knightley, of Offchurch Bury, co. War- 
wick ; m. 1846, 6 earl of Aylesford (d. 
1871) : Otfchurch Bury, Leamington Spa. 


Aylmer lord (7 baron, 1718, ir.). 
Udolphus Aylmer ; b. 1814 ; *. 1841, 
Mary E. dau. (d. 1881) of Edward Jour- 
neaux, Melbourne : lt.-col. 54 Canadian 
inf. mil. from 1866 : Melbourne, Quebec 

Aylmer, sir Arthur Percy FitzGerald, 
13 bart. (1621) ; grands, of 12 bart. (d. 
1885) ; b. 1858 ; to. 1, 1878, Anne, dau. 
(d. 1884) of J. Sanger; 2, 1885, Anne, 
dau. (who obtained a div. 1886) of J. 
Douglas Reid, of N. York. 

Aylmer, hon.Fredk. Whitworth,s. of 
7 baron Aylmer; b. 1850 : Quebec. 

Aylmer, Gerald Percy Vivian, eld. 
survg. s. of J. H. Aylmer. of Walworth 
Castle, co. Durham, D.L., j.p. (d. 1868), by 
dau. of vice-adm. sir Josiah Coghill, 3 
bart. ; b. 1856 ; D.L., j.p. co. Durham 
(sheriff 1887), It. Pembroke yeom. from 
1886 : Bachelors' club ; Walworth Castle, 

Aylmer, maj.-gen. Hy. it.A. (ret.),s. of 
adm. J. Aylmer, by sis. of late gen. sir T. 
Pearson, k.C.b. ; b. 1813; m. 1847, Char- 
lotte L., dau. {d. 1895), of J. Gwatkin, 
Pare Behan, Cornwall : Pendower, Fal- 

Aylmer, hon. Henry, bro. of 7 baron 
Aylmer ; 6. 1816 ; m. 1845. Eliza, dau. {d. 
1880) of late Hy. Atkins, Cork: Mel- 
bourne, Quebec, Canada. 

Aylmer, hon. Henry, s. of 7 baron 
Aylmer ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Louisa B. F., 
dau. of Hy. A. Howe, ll.d., Sise Carroll, 
Montreal ; late It. r.m.a. : Melbourne, 
Quebec, Canada. 

Aylmer, maj. John Algernon, eld. s. 
of M. Aylmer, of Courtown, co. Kildare 
(d. 1885) ; 6. 1853 ; m. 1886, Blanche, 3 
dau. (d. 1895) of Jn. EveleighWyudham, 
of Clearwell Court, Glo'stershire, and 
widowof capt. Geo. Montgomery, r.h. a. ; 
J.P. co. Kildare (sheriff 1896), served in 
Egypt 1882, maj. 4 drag. gda. 1891-4, ret. 
1894 : Naval and Military and Cavalry, 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Cour- 
town, Kilcock, co. Kildare. 

Aylmer, John Boughen, The Hall, 
Fincham, Downham, Norfolk. 

Aylmer, hon. Matthew, eld. a. of 7 
baron Aylmer ; b. 1842 ; to. 1875, Amy, 
dau. of (hon.) J. Young, Montreal ; late 
7 foot : London, Ontario, Canada. 

Aylmer, lady. Alice Hester Care- 
line (of Donadea Castle, co. Kildare), dau. 
of Conway R.Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs. co. 
Antrim ; to. 1853, sir Gerald G. Aylmer, 
10 bait. {d. 1883) : Reduit, Monkstown, 
co. Dublin. 

Aylmer, miss Caroline M., only survg. 
child of sir Gerald G. Aylmer, 10 bart. (d. 


1883) : Donadea Castle, Kilcock, co- 
Kildare ; Alexandra club, 12 Grosvenor 
st. W. 

Aylmer, hon. rnrs. Isabella, dau. of 7 
baron Aylmer ; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, cousin, 
Henry Lowell Aylmer (d. 1882) (s. of 
maj.-gen. Hy. Aylmer, r.a.) ; b. 1848 : 
Melbourne, Quebec, Canada. 

Aylmer, hon. Eliza Jane, dau. of 7 
baron Aylmer ; b. 1855. 

Aylward. vide Toler-Aylward. 

Aynsley. vide Murray- Aynsley. 

Ayres,Philip Burnard Chenery.c.M.G., 
M.u.cs.E., colonial surg. 
and insp. of hospitals Hong Kong from 

Ayrton, prof. Wm. Edwd.. f.r.s. eld. 
s. of Edwd. N. Ayrton, m.a. : b. 1*17; 
m. 1871, Matilda, m.u. dau. of John 
Chaplin, of Birmingham ; 2, 1885, Hertha 
Marks ; pres. Inst. Electrical Engineers, 
1892, of Physical Soc. 1890, 1891 : 41 
Kensington Park gdns. W. ; City and 
Guilds of London Central Technical 
College. Exhibition rd. S.W. 

Ayacougb., vide Perry- Ay scough. 

Ayscough, rev. Thos. Ayscough, M.A. 
Cantab, s. of Ayscough Smith, of Lees- 
thorpe ; b. 1830; m. 1858, Ethel Anna, 
dau. of J. P. Fearon, of Cuckfield ; is 
j.p. Worcestershire, vicar of Tenbury, 
Worcs. 1860-92, rect. from 1892, of Crad- 
ley, Herefordshire. 

Babbage, maj.-gen. Henry Prevost, 
s. of late Charles Babbage, F.R.S., Lu- 
casian professor at Cambridge ; b. 1824 ; 
to. Mary, dau. of col. Bradshawe : in Sut- 
lej campaign 1845-6, against hill tribes in 
Assam 1848, and in Peshawur Yalley 
during Indian mutiny, in civil employ in 
Punjab 1857-74, ret. 1874, f.p. as lt.-col. 
B.S.C. : Mayfield, Lansdown rd. Chel- 

Babington, Francis Evans, s. of 
Matthew Babington, of Rothley, Leices- 
tershire, J.P. ; b. 1830 ; J.P. Suffolk : 
South Lodge, Hales worth. Suffolk. 

Babington. lt.-col. William, s. of capt. 
W. Babington, late 6 Madras cav. ; b. 
1826 ; to. 1853, Augusta M., eld. dau. of J. 
M. Melville, of Hanley,Midlothian, lt.-col. 
late 7 huss. ; j.p. Hants: Brooklands, 
Swanwick, Southampton. 

Baby (hon.), Louis Francois Geo. s. of 
late J. Baby : b. 1832 : to. 1873, Marie H. 
A. dau. of late dr. Berthelet, of Mon- 
treal ; barr. Low. Canada 1857, Q.c.1874, 
puisne judge of Court of Queen's Bench, 
province of Quebec, at Montreal from 
1881 : 77 Mansfield st. Montreal ; Ran- 
ville, Joliette, Quebec. 


Bacchus, Wm. Ernest, J. p. (1887) 

Back, Alfred, M.A. Oxon., s. of Alfred 
Back, of Valley House, Stratford St. 
Mary. Suffolk ; 6. 1857 ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1882, J. p. (1895) Sussex : Reform 
club ; Bucksteep Manor, Dalllngton S.O. 

Back, William Hy., s. of H. Back, of 
Hetbersett Hall, Norfolk, j.p. (d. 1878) ; 
b. 1853; m. J885,Marion E., youngest dau. 
of late John Hy. Browne, of Hetbersett ; 
lord of the manor of Hethersett : Hurn 
House, Hethersett, Norwich. 

Backhouse, Chas. Jas., s. of Wm. 
Backhouse, of St. John's, co. Durham 
(d. 1869); b. 1848; to. 1874, dau. of 
late maj. Vincent, Hemsworth, co. 
York; J.P. co. Durham: St. John's, 
Wolsingham, Darlington. 

Backhouse, Edmd., s. of J. Backhouse, 
Darlington (d. 1842) ; b. 1824 ; to. 1848, 
Juliet, dau. of Chas. Fox, Falmouth ; J.P. 
co. Durham and N.R. Yorks, a banker at 
Darlington, M.P.(l.) Darlington 1868-80 : 
Reform club ; Trebab, nr. Falmouth. 

Backhouse, Jas. Edwd., 2 s. of Thos. 
Jas. Backhouse, of Sunderland : b. 1845 ; 
to. 1873, Elizabeth B., dau. of Hy. Fow- 
ler, of Woodford, Essex ; j.p. co. Dur- 
ham : Hnrworth Grange, Darlington. 

Backhouse, Jonathan Edmund, eld. s. 
of Edmund Backhouse, of Darlington, 
J.P. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1871, Florence, dau. of 
sir John Salusbury Trelawny, 9 bart. ; 
D.L., j.p. N. R. Yorks., d.l. co. Durham : 
The Rookery, Middleton Tyas, Rich- 
mond, Yorks. 

Backhouse, mrs. Rachel, dau. of R. 
Barclay, of Leyton, Essex ; to. 1851, 
Alfred Backhouse, of Pilmore Hall, co. 
Durham J.P. {d. 1888): Pilmore Hall, 
Darlington ; Dryderdale, Bishop Auck- 

Bacon, Edward, eld. s.of gen. Anthony 
Bacon,K.T.s.(d.l8G4),by Charlotte Mary, 
dau. of 5 earl of Oxford (ext.) ; b. 1842 ; to. 
1865, Alice, dau.of W. J. Lawrence, J.P. of 
Adelaide, S.Australia : d.l.,j. P.Hereford- 
shire, late 18th hussars ; capt. 1 Hereford- 
shire R.V. 1880-5 : Jun. Carlton club. 

Bacon,maj .-gen. Edmund AntoineHy., 
m. 1, 18, Maria 0.,dau. (d. 1893) of; 
2, 1896, Elizabeth, widow of Antonio de 
Pino, of Cadiz ; d.A.q.m.g. with central 
Indian field force in mutiny 1857, 
commd. 20 Bombay N.I. 1874-76 ; ret. 
1876 f. p. aslt.-col. B.S.C. 

Bacon (his honor, Judge), Francis 
Henry, M.A.Oxon, 3 s. of rt.hon. sir James 
Bacon, p.c, chief judge in bankruptcy 
1869-86 and vice-chanc. 1870-86 (d. 1895) ; 

b. 1832 ; baiT. Lincoln's Inn 1856, judge 
of county courts (circuits No. 39 and 42) 
from 1878 : 1 Kensington gdns. terr. 
W. ; United University, Garrick and 
Wellington clubs :Compton house, Comp- 
ton Beauchamp, Shrivenham, Berks. 

Bacon, sir Hickman Beckett, 11 and 12 
bart. (1611 and 1627), f.s.a., eld. s. of 10 
and 11 bart. (d. 1872) ; b. 1855; premier 
bart. of England, late gren. gds. ; j.p., 
d.l. Lincolnshire (sheriff 1887) : Queen 
Anne's mansions, S.W. ; Thonock Hall, 

Bacon, It. -col. Huntley, s. of Huntley 
Bacon, formerly of Bounds Green, 
Middlx. ; b. 1841 ; to. 1882, Laura, dau. 
of Martyn Stapylton, and niece of maj. 
Stapylton, of My ton Hall, Yorks; J.P. 
Essex, late 9 (E. Norfolk) and 71 (High. 
L. I.) regts., maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1887)3 
and4battns. (mil.) W. Riding regt. from 
1887 : Jun. United Service and Naval and 
Military clubs ; Apton Hall, Rochford, 

Bacon, Kenrick Verulam, only s. of 
Kenrick Bacon, of Roehampton and 
Hale, Surrey ; b. 1838 ; m. 1862, Jessie, 
dau. of Thos. Wing, of Hampstead, 
Middlx. ; is J.P. (1896) Surrey, late 
capt. 29 regt.: Jun. United Service club ; 
The Lodge, Hale, Farnham ; Cuffnells, 
Eastbourne, Sussex. 

Bacon, Nicholas Henry, 2 s. of sir 
Henry Hickman Bacon, 10 and 11 bart. 
(d. 1872) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1893, Constance 
A., youngest dau. of Alex. S. Leslie- 
Melville, of Branston Hall Lines., D.L., 
J. p., by dau. of 6 vise. Midleton ; capt. 4 
drag. gds. il882-4, served with 4 drag, 
gds. in Egypt 1882, D.L., j.p. Norfolk, 
(sheriff 1895) : Naval and Military, 
Arthur's and Wellington clubs ; Raven- 
ingham Hall, Norwich. 

Bacon-Grey, miss Emily, dau. of 
Chas. Bacon-Grey, of Styford, Northumb. 
J.P. (d. 1855), and sis. and co-heiress 
of Edwd. Bacon-Grey, of Styford 
(d. 1886): Styford Hall, Riding Mill 

Badcock, maj. -gen. Alexander Robt., 
c.B.. s. of Henry Badcock, of Wheatleigb, 
Taunton, j.p. (d. 1888) ; b. 1844 ; to. 
1865, Theopuila L., dau. of J. S. 
Dumergue, B.C.S. ; served in Bhootan 
expedn. 1864-5, in Hazara 1868, in Perak 
expedn. 1875-6, chief commiss. off. S. 
Afghanistan force, 1879-80 ; commiss. - 
gen.-in-chief of India 1890-5, q.m.G. (with 
temp, rank of maj .-gen.) in India from 
1895 ; I.C.S. : Simla. 

Badcock, Daniel, s. of Robt. Gibson 
Badcock, of The Elms, nr. Taunton ; b. 


1840 ; J. p. Somerset : Kilve Court, Kilve, 
Tir. Bridgwater, Somerset. 

Badcock, Henry Jeffries, s. of Henry 
Badcock of Wheatleigh, Taunton, J.P. 
(</. 1888) : b. 1838 : J.P. Somerset : Pit- 
minster Lodge, Taunton. 

Baden-Powell, Baden Henry, i.e.. 
m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of late prof. Baden- 
Powell, K.R.s.,of Oxford, and of Langton. 
Kent, by Charlotte, dau. (d. 1814) of 
Win. Pope, of Hillindene, Middlx. ; 
b. 1841 ; in B.C.S. 1861-89. judge of 
Chief Court, Punjab, 1886-9 : Ferlys 
Lodge. 29 Banbury rd. Oxford. 

Baden-Powell, sir Geo. S., K.C.M.G., 
m.a.. ll.d.,f.r.s s., s. of late prof. Baden- 
Powell, F.R.8., of Oxford, and of Lang- 
ton, Kent, by dau. of adm. W. H. 
Smyth, K.S.F. ;" b. 1847 ; m. 1893. Frances, 
dau. of late Chas. Wilson, of G-lendouran 
House. Cheltenham ; assisted gov. of 
Yictoria 1878, joint R. comtur. to inquire 
into revenue, expenditure and admini- 
stration of W. India colonies 1882-3, 
assisted sir C. Warren in S. Africa 1885, 
joint R. commr. to arrange details of new 
constitution for Malta 1887 ; British 
commr. to Behring Sea 1891, British 
memb. of joint comm. Washington 
1892 ; author of books and articles on 
economic, financial and colonial affairs, 
M.P. (c.) Liverpool (Kirkdale divn.) 
from 1885 : 114 Eaton sq. S.W.; Athen- 
aeum and Carlton clubs. 

Badnall.Wm. Beaumont, s. of Richd. 
Baduall, of Leek. Staffs ; b. 1823 ; barr. 
Middle Temple, 1865 ; J.P. cos. Stafford 
and Derby : Jun. Carlton club ; Thorpe 
A"hbornf, Derbyshire. 

Bag-ehot, mrs. Walter. Elizn, dau. of 
late rt. lion. Jas. Wilson, M.P. ; in. 1858, 
Walter Bagehot, j.p. (d. 1877) : 4 Mel- 
bury rd. Kensington, W. : Herds Hill, 
Langrpo-t. Taunton* 

Bagrenal, Beauchamp Fredk.. eld. 
survg.s. of Philip Bagenal, of Benekerrv. 
co. Carlow, j.p. {d. 1855) : b. 1846 : m. 
1870, Etuel'C. Mary, 3 dau.' of late R. W. 
Hall-Dare, of Newtownbarry, co. Wex- 
ford. n.L. ; served with 45" (Sherwood 
Foresters | regt. in Abyssinian campaign 
It. pet. l*7o. J.P. co. Carlow (sheriff 
1*71) : Naval and Military club ; Bene- 
kerrv House, Carlow. Ireland. 

Bagenal, Philip Hy., b.a. Oxon., 
youngest s. of late Philip Hy. Bagenal, 
of Benekerrv. co. Carlow ; "b. 1850; to. 
H.iriot"J..2 dau. of Walter Horj, of 
Rathwade. co. Carlow : Irish barr. 1874. 
barr. Inner Temple, 1881, official priv, 
sec. to tnr. Chaplin, board of asr. 1890-2. 
priv. sec. mr. Cuaplin, loc. govt. bl. 

1895-6. genl. insp. local govt. bd. from 
1896 : Constitutional club ; High View, 

Bagrgrallay. Ernest, m.a. Cantab, 3 s. of 
rt. hon. sir Rd. Baggallay.P.c alord jus- 
tice of appeal 1875-85 {d~. 1888 | ; b. 1*50 ; 
>n. 1876, Emily C. E., dau. of sir Walter 
W. Burrell, 5 bart. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1878, M.P. (C.) Lambeth (Brixton divn.) 
7, police magist. (West Ham) from 
1887 : 106 Elm Park gdns. S.W. ; Carlton 
and United University clubs ; The Moat, 
Cowden, Kent. 

Bagrgre, sir Alfred Thos., 3 bart. 
(1867). ret. (1893) capt. R.X. : 2 s. of sir 
Wm. Bagge, 1 bart., M.P. ; b. 1843: m. 
1872, Millicent C, dau. of J. Grant 
Morris, Allerton Priory, Lancashire ; in 
China war 1857-61, capture of Canton 
1857, Taku forts 1858 and I860; n.L., 
J.p. Norfolk : Jun. Conservative club ; 
Crimplesham Hall. Downham Market. 

Bagrgre, Thos. Edward, m.a. Cantab, 
eld. survg. s. of R. Bagge, of Gavwood 
Hall, Norfolk, D.L., J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 
1838 ; to. 1, dau. {d. 1882) of F. Walpole 
Keppel, of Lexham, Norfolk : 2, 1 884, 
Constance M., younger dau . of late Lloyd 
Baxendale, of Greenham Lodge. New- 
bury ; maj. (hon. It. -col. 1886) 2 brig, 
(mil.) Eastern div. of r.a. 1884-6 ; n.L,., 
J.P. Norfolk : Oxford and Cambridge 
club ; Gavwood Hall, Lynn ; Islington 
Hall. Lynn. 

Bagrg-e, lady. Alice, vide W. Wain- 

Bagrhot-De la Bere, Kinard, 3 s. of 
rev. J. Baghot-De la Bere. of Prestbury, 
Glo'stershire, J.P. (d. 1886); b. 1*37"; 
m. 1864, Catherine, dau. of J. Leahy, 
of Cork ; his father assumed name of 
Baguot-De la Bere in lieu of Edwards, 
by royal licence, 1879 : Burbage Hall, 
Hinckley, Leicestershire. 

Bagrley. Wm.. s. of Jas. Baglev, of 
Hunslet, Leeds: b. 1*41 : m. 1*66. Anne, 
dau. of Geo. Gill,of Old Swan, Liverpool ; 
is j.p. (1894) W. R.Yorks : TheChesnuts, 
Knottingley, Yoiks. 

Bag-nail, John Ward,eld.s. of John N. 
BagnaLl, of Shenstone Moss. Lichfield, 
d.l.. j.p. {d. 1884) ; b. 1854 ; j.p. Stafford- 
shire ; capt. 4 baitn. (mil.) N. Stafford- 
shire regt. 1882-9. 

Bag-nail. Richd. Samuel. J.P. (1895) 
Worcestershire : Ryall Hill, Severn 
Stoke. Worcester. 

Bagnall, Walter Geo., 4 s. of late Wm. 
Bagnall. of Manchester, and grands, c f 
late Wm. Bagnall, of Painsley Hall, 
Staffs ; b. 1866 : m. 1894. Editn Jane, 
elder dau. (d. 1895) of Jon ithan Jowett, 



of Lower Hill, Mellor, Derbyshire ; is 
J. p. i 1896) Derbyshire : Jun. Conserv- 
ative Clu'> t ; AspeushawHall, Birch Vale, 

Bagman-Wild, Ealph Bagnall, m.a. 
Cantab, 2 s. of Wm. Kirkby ; b. 1845; to. 
1871, Alice, dau. of E. A. Pfeil, of Guild- 
ford ; barr. Inner Temple 1870, assumed 
by royal licence surnames of Bagnall- 
Wild in lie l of Kirkby 1868, J.P. Notts : 
Manor House, Costock, Loughborough. 

Bagrot, lord (4 baron 1780, U.K.). Wm. 
Bagot, eld. 8. of 3 baron {d. 1887) ; b. 
1856 ; D.L., J.P. Staffs, and Derbyshire, 
capt. (hon. maj. 1890) 3 battn. (mil.) S. 
Staffordshire regt. 1879-84, cnpt. (hon. 
maj. 18 ) Staffordshire yeom.from 1880, 
a.d.c. to gov. gen. of Canada (marq. of 
Lome) 1879-83, a gentleman usher of 
the privy chamber 1885-7, lord in waiting 
to the Queen from 1896 : 56rt, Pall Mall, 
S.W.; Carlton, Travellers', Turf, and 
Bachelors' clubs ; Blithfield, Eugeley ; 
Pool Park, Euthin. 

Bagrot, Chas. Samuel, B.A. Cantab, 3 
s. of C. H. Bagot ; b. 1828 ; to. 1851, Lucy 
F., dau. of late E. G. Hornby, of Dalton 
Hall, Westmorland ; barr. Inner Temple 
1853 ; commr. in lunacy from 1877 : 19 
Whitehall pi. S.W. ; East Sheen, Surrey, 
S.W. ; United University club. 

Bagot, John Christopher, eld. survg. 
8. of John Lloyd Neville Bagot, of 
Aughrane Castle, and Ballyturin, co. 
Galway, J.P. (d, 1890) ; b. 1856 j to. 1891, 
Anna C, only dau. of lt.-col. Fleming^ 
Mayfield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire ; J.P. 
co. Galway : Baliyturin,Gort,co.Galway. 

Bagrot, Josceline Fitzroy, eld. 8. of 
col. C. Bagot, gren.gds.(d. 1881),by dau.of 
vice-adm. hon. Josceline Percy, C.B. and 
grands, of late re. hon. sir Chas. Bagot, 
u.C.B. gov. gen. of Canada ; b. 1854 ; to. 
1885, Theodosia, 3 dau.of sir John Leslie, 
1 bart.; d.l.,j.p. Westmorland (ana c.c), 
capt. uren. gds. in 1885, a.d.c. to gov. 
gei. of Canada (marq. of Lome) 1882-3 
and (lord Stanley) 1888-9, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1890) Westmorland and Cumb. 
yeom. from 1886, m.p. (c.) S. Westmor- 
land from 1892 : Guards' and Carlton 
clubs ; Levens Hall, Milnthorpe, West- 

Bag-ot, Milo Victor Neville, s. of 
Taos. E. Neville Bagot, of Aughrane 
Castle, co. Galway {d. 1890) and grands, 
of John Lloyd Neville Bagot, of Augh- 
rane Castle and Ballyturin, co. Galway, 
J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 1880 : Aughrane Castle, 
Ballygar, co. Galway. 

Bag-ot, hon. Walter Lewis, 2 s. of 3 
baron Bagot ; b. 1861 : to. 1892. Margaret 

J. C, youngest dau. of hon. Fredk. Wm. 
Cadogan, and granddau. of 1 marq. of 
Anglesea ; J.P. (1894) Staffs.,lt. gren. gds. 
from 1884, regtl. adjt. from 1893. a.d.c. 
to gov. of S. Australia (earl of Kintore) 
1891-2 : 7 Seville st. Lowndes sq. S.W. 

Bagrot, hon.mrs. Hervey Chas. Frances 
Mary, dau. of Thos. Dicken, Barton- 
under-Needwood ; to. 1873, rev. the hon. 
H. C. Bagot (d. 1879), s. of 2 baron 

Bagrot, hon. Constance, b. 1855 ; hon. 
Katherine, b. 1859 ; daus. of 3 baron 

Bagrot, mrs. Lucy M. dau. of rev. E. 
L. Tottenham ; m. 1868, Wm. Walter 
Bagot, of Pipe Hayes Hall, Warwick- 
shire (d. 1893) : Pipe Hayes Hall, Erding- 
ton, nr. Birmingham. 

Bagrot-Chester, col. Heneage Charles, 
2 8. of gen. J. Bagot-Chester, R.A.,of Ash- 
stead Park, Surrey (d. 1857) ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1865, Madeline E. Sheriffe, only dau. of 
late Eobt. Mansel 0. Massey, of Kinrara, 
N.B., and Tickford Abbey, Bucks ; served 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; J.P. Suffolk : 
Carlton club. 

Bagrshawe, bp. vide Nottingham. 

Bag-shawe, vide Greaves-Bagshawe. 

Bagshawe. Clement Walsh, s. of 
Henry E. Bagshawe,Q.c, judge of county 
courts; 6. 1840; to. 1865, Elizabeth, dau. 
of canon Henry Melvill, of St. Paul's, 
E.C. ; is J.P. (1895) Kent and (1893) 
Dover ; 24 East cliff, Dover. 

Bag-shawe (his honor, Judge), Wm. 
Hy. Gunning, Q.C, s. of H. E. Bagshawe, 
q.c. ; b. 1825 ; to. 1861, Harriet T., dau. 
of late Clarkson Stanfield, U.A. ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1848, Q.C. 1874, bencher 
Middle Temple 1875, judge of County 
courts from 1881, circuit No. 35. and from 
1892 (jointly) of part of circuit No. 43 ; 
J.P. Northants, Beds. co. Cambridge and 
Hunts : 249 Cromwell rd. S.W. 

Bag-shawe, mrs. Caroline A., younger 
dau. of E. H. C. God win- Austen, of 
Shalford House, Surrey ; to. 1873, Fras. 
Westby Bagshawe, of Oakes, Derbyshire, 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1896) : Oakes, Norton, 

Bagwell, Eichard, M.A. Ch. Ch.Oxon.; 
eld. s. of late J. Bagwell, m.p. ; b. 1840 ; 
to. 1873, Harriette, 4 dau. of P. J. Newton, 
of Dunleckney, co. Cariow ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1866 ; j.p., D.l. co. Tipperary. 
(sheriff 1869), J.P. co. Waterford : Oxford 
and Cambridge and Kildare St. (Dublin; 
clubs ; Marlrield, Clonmel, co. Tipperary. 

Bagrwell, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dau. 
of 3 baron Dunalley ; b. 1814 ; to. 1838, 
John Bagwell, of Marlfield, co. Tip- 


perary, M.P., J.P., D.L. (d. 1883) : 13 
Tedw'orth sq. Chelsea, S.W. 

Bailey, Arthur Anthony Wm., J.P. 
(1896) Norfolk : Wramplingham Lodge, 
nr. Wyniondham. 

Bailey, lt.-col. Edmund Wyndhani 
Grevis, eld. s. of Jas. Sandf ord Bailey, of 
Nepicar House. Kent ; 6.1858 ; m. 1885, 
Alberta Sylva, only dau. of late Jas. 
Evelvn, capt. gren. gds. : J.P. Kent. maj. 
(hon" lt.-col.) 3 battn. (mil.)E.W. Kent, 
regt. from 1892 ; Nepicar House, Wrot- 
ham, Kent. 

Bailey, Fredk. Charles, eld. s. of late 
C. Bailey, of Lee Abbey, Devon ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1863, Emily Jeannette, eld. dau. of late 
C. Norris "Wilde, by only dau. of 1 baron 
Truro ; j.p. Devon : Lee Abbey, Lynton, 

Bailey, Hy. Jas. s. of late Joseph 
Bailey, of Easton Court, Herefordshire, 
j.p. i 'b. 1841 ; m. 1871, Edith Anne, dau. 
of Jsph. Tarratt ; D.L., j.p. Hereford- 
shire : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Rowden Abbey, Bromyard, co. Hereford. 

Bailey, James, c.B. ; late asst. comm. 
gen. in Kaffir war 1851-3. and Crimea. 

Bailey, James, s. of Wm. Bailey, of 
Kensington House. Mattishall, Norfolk ; 
6. 1840 ; m. 1896. Lily. 2 dau. of A. Pass, 
of 32 Queen's gate gdna. S.W. ; i* j.p. 
(1895) Essex, m.p. (c.) Newington (Wal- 
worth divn.) from 1895 : 33 Harrington 
gdns. South Kensington, S.W. ; Carlton, 
Jun. Carlton and Constitutional clubs : 
Shortgrove, Newport S.O. Essex. 

Bailey, rev. James Sandford, M.A. 
Cantab, only s. of capt. J. A. Bailey by 
only child and heir of late rev. E. Sand- 
ford, B.D., rect. of Nutfield. Surrev ; b. 
1824 ; m. dau. {d. 1875) of late D. Gfevis- 
James. of Ightham Court,Kent, J.P., D.L.; 
late vicar of St. Clement's. Cambridge : 
Nepicar House, Wrotham. Kent. 

Bailey, John, 2 s. of Joseph Bailev. 
of Allestree, Derbyshire ; b. 1817 ; m. 
1882, dau. of gen. Beswick, of Clifton, 
Somerset ; j.p. Derbyshire and Derby : 
Temple House, Derby.. 

Bailey, capt. Joseph Henry Russell, 
eld. s. of sir Joseph Russell Bailev, 2 
bart. ; b. 1864 ; D.L., j.p. Breconshire. 
capt. 1 battn. gren. gds. from 1896: 11 
St. James' sq. S.W. ; Glanusk Park, 

Bailey, sir Joseph Russell, 2 bart. 
(1852) v.D., grands, of 1 bart., m.p. (d. 
1858) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1861, Mary A., dau. 
of Henry Lucas, M.D., Glanyrafon. Crick- 
howell : D.L., j.p. Herefordshire and 
Breconshire, chm. quart, sess. from 1883, 
sheriff 1864, and lord lieut. from 1875, 

hon. col. 1 (Brecknockshire) vol. battn. 
S. Wales Bord. from 1867. m.p. (c.) Here- 
fordshire 1865-85, city of Hereford 1886- 
92: 11 St. James' sq. S.W. ; Carlton 
club ; Glanusk Park, Crickhowell, Bre- 
conshire ; Easton Court, Tenbury. 

Bailey, Walter Samuel, j.p. E. R. 
Yorks and London ; D.L. Tower Ham- 
lets : The Mansion, Anlaby, Hull. 

Bailey, sir Wm. Hy., eld. 8. of John 
Bailey, of Salf ord : b. 1838 ; m. 1867. Jane 
D. dau. of W. Doming, of Astley, Lanes. : 
J.P. (1894) Lancashire, mayor of Salford 
1894. knighted 1894 : Sale Hall, Sale, 

Bailey,mrs. Emily J., only child of late 
Wm. Simmons, of Clifton, Bristol ; m. 
1863, John Fredk. Bailey, of Wedmore 
Manor, Somerset (d. 1892) : Manor 
House. Wedmore, Weston-super-Mare. 

Bailie, maj. -gen. Thomas Maubourg, 
s. of col.Thos. Maubourg Bailie.H.E.i. </.<.: 
b. 1844; m. 1886. Amy E., dau. of sir 
Wm. Miller, 1 bart.. of Manderston. co. 
Berwick ; maj.-gen. 1893, ret. p. 1896: j.p. 
Berks : 54 Sloane st. S.W. : Jun. United 
Service. Naval and Military and Trav- 
ellers' clubs ; Caldecot House. Abingdon. 

Baillie, vide Buchanan-Baillie-Hamil- 
ton. or Cochrane-Baillie. 

Baillie. col. Geo. Clement, s. of John. 
Baillie, of Chatham, Kent, and Sher- 
wood Park, co. Carlo w ; b. 1820 : J.P. 
Hants : Buena vista. Sandown, I. of W. 

Baillie, col. Hugh Smith, s. of late col. 
Hugh Duncan Baillie, of Redcastle and 
Tarradale, co. Ross, m.p. (d. 1866); 6.1822; 
m. 1847, Eva M., dau. of Henry Villebois, 
Mar ham House, Norfolk, widow of vis- 
count Glentworth, eld. bro. of 2 earl of 
Limerick ; lt.-col. ret. 1866, h. p. R.H.G. : 
69 Queen's gate, S.W. 

Baillie, maj.-gen. James, s. of late 
maj. J. Baillie, 38 foot ; b. 1816 : m. 
1860, Cecil E., eld. dau. of late Gtismond 
Philipps, of Cwmgwilly, Carmarthen- 
shire; ret. p. 1877 as capt. unattached : 
51 Comeragh rd. West Kensington. \\- 

Baillie, gen. Jas. Cadoiran Parkinson, 
s. of J. Thoy Baillie : in Indian mutiny 
1857-9. dep.-insp.-gen. of police(l grade), 
Umballa circle, Punjab 1874-81, gen. 
1894, Bengal inf., on U.S. list 1884 : E. I. 
United Service club. 

Baillie. Jas. Evan Bruce, eld. s. of 
Evan P. Montagu Baillie ((/. 1874), by 
dau. of 7 earl of Elgin, and grands, of 
Evan Baillie. of Dochfour, Inverness- 
shire {d. 1883) ; b. 1859 ; i. 1894, hon. 
Nellie L. only child of 1 baron Burton, 
b. 1873 ; J.P. co. Inverness. M.P. (C.) In- 
verness-shire from 1895:71 South Audley 



.-:. W. ; Carlton club ; Dochfour, Inver- 
ness, N.B. 

Baillie. col. James Win., eld. s. of late 
D. Baillie. of Hill Park, Kent ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 18U0, Elizabeth F.dau.of P.R.Magenis; 
lute K.H.G., lt.-col. (hon. col.) Leicester- 
I shire yeom. 1882-95, hon. col. of the 
regt. from 1895 ; J. p. Leicestershire : 
Boodle's and Turf clubs ; Ilston Grange, 

Baillie, eir Robt. Alex. 4 bart. (1823) 
of Polkemmet, bro. of 3 bart. (d. 1896) ; 
b. 1859 ; to. 1887, Tsobel, dau. of David E. 
Wilkie, of Ratho Byres, Midlothian. 

Baillie, Wm. Montagu, 2 s. of Evan 
Baillie, of Dochfour ; to. 1859, lady Theo- 
dosia, dau. of 3 earl of Carysfort ; b. 
1827: Carlton club. 

Baillie, lady Blanche Harriet Emma, 
sis. of 4 earl of Malmesbury ; b. 18 ; 
m. 1877, capt. Fras. Baillie, 60 rif. 
(d. 1879), only s. of rt. hon. H. Baillie, of 
Redcastle, co. Ross. 

Baillie, mrs. Duncan. Anna G. youn- 
ger dau. of late rev. G. A. Burnaby, of 
Somerby Hall, Leicestershire; to. 1862, 
It. -gen. Duncan Jas. Baillie, of Loch Loy, 
Nairnshire, D.L. (d. 1890) : 50 Queen's 
Gate ter. S.W. ; Loch Loy, Nairn, N.B. 

Baillie, hon. mrs. John. Cecilia M. 
dau. of late rev. Charles Hawkins, canon 
of York ; m. 1837, rev. the hon. John 
Baillie, canon of York 1854-88 {d. 1888) : 
22 Emperor's gate, S.W. 

Baillie, lady. Mary, dau. of Stair H. 
Stewart, of Physgill, Wigtonshire.; to. 
1846, sir Wm. Baillie, 2 bart. (d. 1890) : 
Polkemmet, Whitburn, Linlithgowshire. 

Baillie - Hamilton, rev. the hon. 
Arthur Charles, m.a. Durham, s. of 10 
earl of Haddington ; b. 1838 ; to. 1866, 
Alice Anne, 3 dau. of sir David Baird, 2 
bai"t. ; J. P. Suffolk, dioc. insp. of schools 
1886, rect. of Combs, Stowmarket, 1883- 
95, and vicar of Badley, Needham 
Market, Suffolk. 1884-95: Sheldons, 
Hook, Winchfield, Hants. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Geo., s. of 
lord Binning ; 6. 1894. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Henry Robt., 
3 s. of 11 earl of Haddington ; b. 1862; 
It. coldst. gds. from 1885. 

Baillie-Hamilton, James, youngest 
s. of adm. Wm. Alex. Baillie-Hamilton (d. 
1881), by only sis. of 1 duke of Abercorn, 
K.G.; b. 1850 ; m. 1886, lady Evelyn, 4 dau. 
of 8 duke of Argyll, K.G., K.T. ; b. 1855. 

Baillie-Hamilton, Wm. Alexr., c.b., 
C.M.G., eld. survg. s. of adml. Wm. Alex. 
Baillie-Hamilton (d. 1881) by only sis. of 
1 duke of Abercorn, K.G.; b. 1844 ; to.1871, 
M iry A., only dau. of rev. J. Mossop ; sec. 

to the Colonial conference 1887 ; priv. 
sec. to sec. of state for the Colonies 1886- 
92, chief cle k Colonial office from 1896 ; 
lt.-col. and hon. col. East Lothian yeom. 
from 1896 : 55 Sloane st. S.W. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Frances, dan. 
of 10 earl of Haddington ; b. 1829 : Tyn- 
inghame, Prestonkirk, Haddington. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. mrs. Henry, 
hon. Harriet F.,dau. of 5 baron Polwarth ; 
b. 1845 ; to. 1872, hon. Henry Baillie- 
Hamilton, ret. commdr. R.N. (a. 1895), 4 
s. of 10 earl of Haddington : Lennel 
House. Coldstream, Berwick. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. mrs. Robert, 
Mary G., dau. of sir J. Pringle, 5 bart. ; 
to. 1861, hon. Robt. Baillie-Hamilton, late 
maj. 44 foot, D.L., J.P., M.P. (c.) Berwick- 
shire 1874-80 (d. 1891) : Langton, Dunse, 
Berwickshire, N.B. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Ruth, b. 
1855; lady Grisell, b. 1861 ; lady Cecely, b. 
1868, daus. of 11 earl of Haddington. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Helen,dau. of 
lord Binning ; b. 1893. 

Bail-ward, Thos. Hy. Methuen, s. of 
John Bailward, of Horsington Manor, 
Somerset (d. 1868); b. 1843 ; to. 1882, 
Margaret E., dau. of Hy. Hobhouse, J. P., 
of Hadspen House,Somerset ; J.P.Somer- 
set : Manor House, Horsington, Bath, 

Bain, David Wise, 3 s. of Donald Bain, 
of Illogan, Cornwall ; b. 1829 ; to. 1857, 
Eliza, dau. of Martin T. Hitchins, of 
Trevaunance St. Agnes, Cornwall ; J.P. 
Cornwall and Devon : Glenfeadon, Port- 
reath, Cornwall ; Gatcombe, Totnes, S. 

Bain, Donald, s. of Donald Bain, of 
Portreath, Cornwall; b. 1823; to. 1869, 
Amelia,dau.of William Joseph Richards, 
M.R.c.s., of Redruth, Cornwall ; J.P. 
Somerset : Avon House, Keynsham, nr. 

Bain,sir James, F.R.G.s.,s.of late Robt. 
Bain, Glasgow ; b. 1818 ; to. dau. (d.) of 
John Dove, Glasgow ; lord provost of 
Glasgow 1877 ; J.P. Cumberland and 
Renfrewshire ; D.L., J.P. Lanarkshire, D.L. 
Glasgow, M.P. (c.) Whitehaven 1891-2: 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, and Conser- 
vative (Edinburgh) clubs ; Park ter. 
Glasgow ; Crofthead, Harrington, Cum- 

Bain, James Robert, younger s. of sir 
Jas.Bain.M.P.; 6.1851; TO.1886,Lily,young- 
est dau. of hon. mr. Justice Burton, of 
Toronto ; J.P. Cumberland, lt.-col. (hon. 
col. 1895) 3battn. (mil.) Bord. regt. from 
1892 : Conservative club ; Moresby Hall, 


Bain, (hon.)John F.s.of late lev.Wm. 
Bain, D.D., of Perth. Ontario; b. 1849; 
barr. of Ontario and Manitoba, 1871 : g.c. 
1887 ; puisne judge of court of queen's 
bench, Manitoba, from 1887 : Winnipeg, 
Manitoba. Canada. 

Bain, John Dove.eld. 8. of sir J. Bain, 
of Crofthead, Cumberland, D.L.. j.p. ; b. 
1848 : J.P. Cumberland and Lanarkshire : 
Craggs, Little Broughton, Cockermouth, 

Bainbridge. Emerson Muschamp, J.P. 
(1895) Derbyshire, M.P. (L.) Lincoln- 
shire (Gainsborough divn.) from 1895 : 
Ashdell grove, Westbourne rd. Sheffield ; 
Auchnashellach, Ross-shire ; Reform, 
Bath and National Liberal clubs. 

Bainbridgre, maj.-gen. Fredk. Thos., 
served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, Sikkim 
1860, Abyssinian expdn. 1867-8, Hazara 
field force 1868, Afghan war 1878-9, 
Wuziri expdn. 1881, maj.-gen. I.S.C., on 
U.S. list 1892. 

Bainbridge, George Bargate, s. of 
Emerson M. Bainbridge, of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne ; 6. 1850 ; to. 1873, dau. of John 
Gibson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne : is J.P. 
Northumberland : Espley Hall.Morpeth. 

Baines, (hon.) Edwd., commr. of 
Montserrat, W.I. from 1888, unofficial 
memb. of legdsl. council from 1896 : 
Plymouth, Montserrat. West Indies. 

Baines, Frederick Ebenezer, C.B.. s. of 
E. M. Baines ; b. 1832 ; to. 1887, Laura, 
eld. dau. of Walter Baily, m.a., of Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; assist, sec. G.P.O. and 
insp.-gen. of mails 1881-93 : Bourne- 
mouth. Hants. 

Baines, Geo. Hy. eld. s. of Geo. Baines. 
of Leicester, j.p.; 6. 1843: m. ]S72. 
Dorothy Wilson, dau. of sir Wm. Gray, 
of Greatham, co. Durham ; is J.P. ( 1896) 
and C.A. (1895) co. Durham: Bradgate, 
lartlepool. cb. Durham. 

Baines, Jervoise Athel.-tane, c.s.i. 

Baines. Lazarus Threlfall, ll.m. Can- 
tab., only s. of rt. hon. M. T. Baines, 
M.P., chancellor of duchy of Lancaster 
(rf. 1860) : 6. 1836 ; to. 1860,Ellen M.,dau.of 
rev. J. J. Werge, of Mansfield-Wood- 
house, Notts ; barr. Inner Temple, 1864 ; 
j.p. Lancashire, W. R. Yorks. and Notts.: 
The Hall, Bawtry ; Reform club. 

Baines, Matthew Talbot, m.a. Can- 
tab, eld. s. of L. T. Baines, of Bawtry 
Hall, Yorks. j.p. ; b. 1863: to. 1892. H. 
Eveleigrh. eld. dau. of Wm. Rose Holden, 
of 13 Victoria park. Dover ; j.p. W. R. 
Yorks : New University club ; Brods- 
worth, Doncaster. 

Baines, Wm.Mortimer,r.R.G.s., only s. 
of H. M. Baines, of Bell Hall (d. 1874); 

b. 1830 ; joint lord of manor of Deighton 
and lord of manor of Wigginton. both in 
Yorks : Bell Hall, Naburn. York. 

Baird. sir Alex., 1 bart. ( 1897; of TJrie 
eld. s. of J. Baird (d. 1870)', D.L., J.P. of 
Urie, Stonehaven, N.B. ; b. 1849 ; m. elder 
dau. (d. 1884) of 1 baron Haldon ; lord- 
lieutenant of Kincardineshire, d.l. Inver- 
ness-shire : Urie, nr. Stonehaven, S.B.: 
Carlton club. 

Baird, maj. sir David, 3 bart. (1809), 
of Newbyth, eld. survg. s. of 2 bart. (rf. 
by eld. dau. of 1 marq. of Ailsa : b. 
1832; m. 1864, hon. Ellen, dau. of 12 
baron Blantyre. b. 1846; with 74 foot in 
Kaffir war 1851-2 ; in Crimea, and Indian 
mutiny on lord Clyde's staff ; capt. late 
98 foot, D.L. Haddingtonshire and Mid- 
lothian : Army and Navy, and White's 
clubs ; Xewbyth. Preston Kirk. N.B. 

Baird. maj". Edwd. Wm. David, fi s. of 
Wm. Baird. of, M.P. (<U864): 
b. 1864 ; to'. 1893, Millicent B. 2 dau. of 
col. Stanley deA. C. Clarke. C.m.g. ; 
late capt. 10 hnss., maj. Suffolk huss. 
yeom. from 1896 : Turf club ; Exning 
House, Newmarket. 

Baird, John, voung. s. of J. Baird. of 
Urie {d. 1870) ; b. 1852 ; to. 1878, Con- 
stance E. dau. of J. B. Harford : j.p., 
d.l. Inverness-shire, M.P. (c.) N. W. 
Lanarkshire 1885-6 : Carlton and Arthur's 
clubs ; Lochwood. Lanarkshire, N.B. 

Baird. John Geo. Alex.. 3 s. of late 
Wm. Baird,of Elie,co. Fife. M.P. (d. 1864); 
b. 1854 ; to.1880, Susan Georgiana. elder 
dau. of rt. hon. sir Jas. Fergusson, 6 
bart., p.c., G.C.S.I., k.c.m.g. ; d.l.. j.p. co. 
Ayr and Glasgow, late 16 lancers, hon. 
It. r.s.a.v. Clyde brig. L888 92, maj. 
Ayrshire yeom. from 1894 : m.p. (c) Glas- 
gow (Central divn.) from 1886 : 89 Eaton 
sq. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Wellwood, Muir- 
kirk. N.B. 

Baird, adml. sir John Kennedy 
Erskine. K.C.B., s. of sir David Baird. 2 
bart. of Newbyth, Preston Kirk (d. 1852) ; 
b. 1832; late a.d.c. to the Queen, cora- 
mdr.-in-chief in Pacific 1884-5, adm.supt. 
of Naval reserves LS^d-*. commdg. chan- 
nel squadron 1888-90 : 31 Cadogan pi. 
S.W. ; United Service club. 

Baird, Wm.. sheriff of Rutland 1894 : 
Deanscroft, Oakham. 

Baird. Wm.. eld. survg. s. of W. Baird, 
of Elie. co. Fife, M.P. {d. 1864) ; b. 1848 ; 
to. 1883, Caroline M.. dau. of late J. A. B. 
Callander, of Preston Hall, Midlothian ; 
J.P. co. Fife, D.L., J.P. co. Avr, lt.-col. 
(hon. col. ]889) S. divn. (mil.) Fife art ill. 
1889-96 : Carlton, Turf and Conservative 
clubs ; Elie House, Fife. 



Baird. maj. sir Wm, Jas. Gardiner, 
8 bait. (1695) of Saughton Hall, only 
survg. s. of 7 bart. of Saughton Hall 
(d. 1896) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1879, Arabella 
R., eld. dau. of sir Wm. W. Hozier, 1 
bart.; J. p. Midlothian: late It. 7 huss., 
capt. (hon. maj. 1892) Lothian & Ber- 
wickshire yeom. from 1883 : Carlton & 
New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Westerlea, 
Murrayfield, Edinburgh. 

Baker, sir Benj., K.C.M.G.. LL.D., F.R.S., 
2 Queen sq. pi. Queen Anne's gate, 
S.W. ; Athenaeum club ; B jwden Green, 
Pangbourne, Berks. 

Baker. Fras., b. 1813; in. 1869, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of la'e J. Rosebv, of Haver- 
holme House, Brigg ; J. P. N. R. Yorks : 
Hea ion Lodge, Brompton, York ; Ebber- 
stone, York. 

Baker. Geo., f.r.g.s., s. of late Geo. 
Baker, of Re 'gate, Surrey, J. P. ; b. 1839 ; 
m. 1861, Elizabeth J., dau. of John Clode, 
of Gt. Linford, Bucks ; J. p. Essex, one 
of H.M.'s lieutenants for the City of 
London : 66 Mark la. E.C. ; Marryatt's 
Lodge.on the Forest, Snaresbrook, Essex. 

Baker, col. Geo., c.b., served with 67 
regt. in China 1860. Afghan war 1878-80, 
comndg. 20 regt I. dist. (Lancashire Fus.) 
1891-6, h. p. 1896. 

Baker, Geo., eld. s. of Edwd. Baker, 
of Birmingham ; b. 1825 ; in. 1, 1818, 
Rebecca B., dau. of Josiah Pumphrey, 
of Birmingham ; 2. 1879. Gulielma, dau. 
of Frederic Patching, of Birmingham ; 
J. P. Worcestershire and Birmingaam : 
Beaucastle, Bewdley. 

Baker, Geo. Barrington, m.a. Oxon., 
2 s. of sir Geo. Baker, 3 bart.. of Loventor 
(d. 1882) ; b. 1815 ; m. 1872, Katharine F., 
only chdd of gen. sir Richd. Wilbraham, 
K.C.B. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1870 ; J. P. 
Cheshire : 4 Hyde Park sq. W. ; 
Athenaeum club ; Rode Hall, Stoke- 

Baker,sir Geo. Sherston, 4 bart.(1796) ; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1873, Jane Mary, dau. of late 
F. J. Fegen, E.N., C.B., of Ballinlonty, 
co. Tipperary; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, 
rec. ot'Helston 1886-9, of Barnstaple and 
Bideford from 1889, and J. p., assoc. of 
Inst, de Droit Internl. 1879, author of 
several treatises on municipal and inter- 
national law, editor of the Law Maga- 
zine and lieviem : The Cloisters, Middle 
Temple, E.C. ; 18 Cavendish rd. St. John's 
Wood. N.W. 

Baker, Granville E. Lloyd, eld. s. of 
T. B. Lloyd Baker, of Hardwicke Court, 
Gloucestershire, D.L., J. p. (d. 1886) ; b. 
1811 ; m. 1868, Catherine, dau. (d. 1890) 
of hon. Arthur Lascelles ; J. p. Glo'ster- 

shire : Carlton club ; Hardwicke Court, 

Baker, Hy. Orde L. 2 s. of T. B. 
Lloyd-Baker, of Hardwicke Court, Glou- 
cestershire, D.L., J. P. {d. 1886) ; b. 1842 ; 
J. P. Glo'stershire : The Cottage, Hard- 
wicke, Gloucester. 

Baker, Henry William Clinton, eld. 
s. of Wm. Clinton Baker, j.p. ; b. 1865 ; 
is j.p. (1895) Herts: Bayfordbury, 

Baker, sir John ; m. 1870, Louisa, 
dau. of paymaster-in-chief Crispin, r.k. ; 
a woollen merchant and outfitter at Ports- 
mouth &c, j.p. Portsmouth, twice 
mayor, 21 years chm. of school board, 
M.P. (L.) Portsmouth from 1892, knighted 
1895 : National Liberal club ; North 
End house, North end, Portsmouth. 

Baker, Lawrence Jas., eld. s. of late 
John Law. Baker, of Eastcote Lodge, 
Middlx., late Indian army; b. 1827; J.P. 
(1894) Surrey, M.P. (r..) Somerset (Fro me 
divn.) 1885-6 : 28 Queen's gate, S.W. ; 
Ottershaw Park, Chertsey, Surrey. 

Baker, Nathaniel, 3 s. of late A. K. 
Baker, of Longford House, Leckhamp- 
ton; b. 1844; m. 1871, Cecil J., dau. of 
J. H. Sclater, of Newick Park, Sussex ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1867, j.p. Devon: 
Butts Hill, Kingsweir, Dartmouth. 

Baker (hon.), sir Richd. Chaffey, 
K.c.M.G., M.a. Cantab., eld. s. of J.Baker, 
of Morialta, S. Australia ; b. 1842 ; 
special envoy from Australian colonies 
to Gt. Britain to negotiate postal union 
between them, 1885-6, memb. legisl. 
council of S. Australia from 1877 and 
pres. fiom 18 : Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Baker, maj. -gen. Robert John, ret. 
f. p. 1877 as It. -col. M. S. C. 

Baker, rev. Robert Lowbridge, M.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Rt. Baker, of West 
Hay, Somerset, J.P., D.I.. (d. 1860) ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1, 1858, Mary K.,only dau. (d. 
1871) of Chas. Noel, of Bell Hall. co. 
Worcester ; 2, 1873, Henrietta Maria, 4 
dau. of late sir M. Hicks-Beach, 8 bt. ; 
J.p. Oxon ; rector of Wilcote from 1860 
and vicar of Ramsden from 1864 : United 
University club ; Ramsden House,Charl- 
bury, Oxon. 

Baker, rev. sir Talbot Hastings Ben- 
dall, 3 bart. (1802), m.a. Oxon, bro. of 2 
bart. (d. 1877) ; b. 1820 ; to. 1, Florence, 
dau. of John Hutchings, Ludlow ; 2, 
1875, Amy Susan, dau. of lt.-col. Marryat; 
vicar of Preston, Dorset, 1848-77, and 
canon of Salisbury from 1868 : Ranston, 
Blandford, Dorset. 

Baker, Thos.Hy., J.P.Kent : Owletts 
Cobham, Gravesend. 


Baker, lt.-geu. Thos. Norris, served 
in Sontbal campaigD, 1855 ; Indian 
mutiny, 1857-8; Afghan war, 1878-9; 
Burmese expdn., 1885-6, It. -gen. 1894, 
I.S.C., on U.S. list 1894. 

Baker, maj.-gen. Wm. Adolphus, R.E. 
(late Bombay) ; late under sec. to 
Bombay govt, in D.P.W. ; ret. pens. 

Baker. Wm. Clinton, only s. of W.R. 
Baker, of Bayfordbury, Herts., d.l. j.p. 
yd. 1896) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1864, Edith M. A. 
eld. dau. of rev. H. Majendie ; J.P. Hert- 
fordshire : Bayfordbury, Hertford. 

Baker, Wm. Fredk., s. of Hy. Baker, 
of Willesden, Middlx. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1883, 
Isabel M. dau. of Wm. Benson, of Aller- 
wash, Northumberland ; a taxing mas- 
ter in chancery from 1889 : Frognal 
Dene, Hampstead. 

Baker, Wm. Meath, m.a. Cantab., s. of 
rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, j.p. (d. 1875) ; b. 
1857 ; m. 1884, H. Mary, only dau. of 
R. J. Corbett, ret. capt. Indian staff 
corps, of La Pinedo, Hyeres, France ; is 
j.p. Gloucestershire (sheriff: 1895): 
Hasfield Court, near Gloucester ; Fenton 
House, Stoke-on-Trenc. 

Baker, Wm. Proctor, s.of Wm. Baker, 
of Bristol ; b. 1834 ; m. 1862, Mary E. dau. 
of rev. Wm. Scott, of St. Olaves, Old 
Jewry, E.C. ; j.p. Somerset : Sandhill 
Park, nr. Taunton. 

Baker, lady. Florence, dau.of Finian 
von Sass; m. 1860, as his 2 wife, sir 
Samuel White Baker, pasha and maj.- 
gen. of Ottoman Empire, a distinguished 
African traveller and discoverer of the 
Albert N'Yanza, knt. Medjidie, and Os- 
manie, commd. exped. to suppress slave 
trade in Central Africa, 1869-74, d.l. 
J.P. (d. 1893) : Sandford Orleigh, Newton 

Baker, lady. Frances G. dau. of maj.- 
gen. A. Duncan ; m. 1837, gen. sir Wm. 
Erskine Baker, k.c.b., u.e. (d. 1881): 
Drinkstone House. Woolpit, Suffolk. 

Baker, lady. Helen D.,dau. of late J. 
Crook, of Liverpool ; to. 1845, aldm. sir 
Thos. Baker, mayor of Manchester 1880- 
1-2 (d. 1886). 

Baker, mrs.,widow of rev.F. W.Baker : 
Sparkeswood, Rolvenden, Ashford, Kent. 

Baker-Carr, mrs. Rose L. L., only 
dau. of It. -gen. H. G. Teeedale, n.H.A. ; 
vi. 1st; |. ,-,v. Bobt. Jas. Baker-Carr, of 
Abberton Hall, co. Worcester, and 
net, of Lanteglos with St. Adwen 
1876-86 (A 1886); patroness and lady 
of the manor of Abberton, Worcs : 47 
Clarence iq. Cheltenham. 

Baker- Cresswell. Addison Fras.. eld. 
s. of capt. Oswin C. Baker-Cresswell, 
late 3 huss., of Cress well, Northumb. 
j.p. (<1 1886), by eld. dau. ( who m. 2, 1 892, 
2 earl of Ravensworth) of late hon. It. 
Denman ; 6. 1874 : Cresswell, Morpeth. 

Baker-Cresswell, Gilfrid Geo., 2 s. of 
0. A. Baker-Cresswell, of Cresswell, 
Northumberland ; b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Alice 
Astley, dau. of sir Astley Paston Cooper, 
2 bart. ; J.P. Worcestershire : 8 
Lambeth rd. S.W. ; Jun. United Service 

Balcarres, lord. David Alex. Edwd. 
Lindsay, eld. s. of earl of Crawford ; b. 
1871 ; It. 1 vol. battn. Manchester regt. 
from 1896, M.p. (c.) N. Lancashire 
(Chorley divn.) from 1895 : 2 Cavendish 
sq. W. ; Carlton club. 

Balding, Daniel Barley, v.d., eld. s. of 
Jas. Balding, m.r.c.8., of Barkway, Herts ; 
b. 1830 ; is J.P. Cambridgeshire and 
Herts, H.M.'s coroner for Herts, snrg.- 
rnaj. 1 (Hertfordshire) vol. battn. Bed- 
fordshire regt. from 1892 : Royal .Societies 
club : The Beeches, Rovston, Herts. 

Baldock, Edwd. Holmes, s. of E. H. 
Baldock. M.p. (d. 1875), by dau. of sir A. 
Corbet, 2 bart. ; b. 1853 ; to. 1880, Agnes 
J. 3 dau. of Jas. J. Bibby, j.p., of Hard- 
wicke Grange,Salop : J.P. Leicestershire ; 
maj. (hon. It. -col. 1894) Shropshire 
yeom. from 1890 : 8 Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; 
Carlton, Boodle's and Pratt's clubs ; 
Craven Lodge, Melton Mowbray. 

Baldock, gen. 1 1891) George, on U.S. 
list 1881. I.S.C. 

Baldwin, bp. ; vide Huron. 

Baldwin, Alfred, youngest s. of Geo. 
Baldwin, of Stourport ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1866. 
Louisa, dau. of rev. G. B. Macdomild, of 
Wolverhampton ; j.p. Worcestershire 
and Staffs, head of firm of E. P. and W. 
Baldwin, ironmasters and tinplate 
makers, Wilden works, Stourport, m.p. 
(C.) W. Worcestershire from 1892 : 25 
Dover st. W. ; Carlton club ; Wilden 
House, nr. Stourport. 

Baldwin, rev. canon Chas. s. of John 
Barton Baldwin, of Ingthorpe Grange, 
Craven, Yorks ; b. 1830 ; m. 1854.Mary J. 
Augusta, dau. of C. Lutyens. dep.-com- 
mis.-gen.,of Southcot House,Berks. : J.P. 
Northumberland, hon. canon of New- 
castle from 1885, R.D. of Norham 1891, 
and vicar from 1880 of Berwick-upon- 

Baldwin, Enoch, s. of Enoch Bald- 
win, of Stourport; b. 1822 ; to. 1, dau. of 
H. Til desley.Willenhall, Staffordshire ; 2, 
1876, dan. of rev. G. F. Driver, Wesleyan 
minister ; head of firm of Baldwin, Sons 



& Co. iron founders, Stourport ; J. p. Wor- 
cestershire and c.C., m.p. (l.) Bewdley 
1880-5 : The Mount, Hartlebury, nr. 

Baldwin, Jas.. j.p. (1895) Worcester- 
shire ; capt. Q. O. Worcestershire huss. 
(yeom.) from 1890 : Cavalry club ; Broad 
Meadow, King's Norton, nr. Birmingham. 

Baldwin, capt. John Henry, 3 s. of 
late Wm. Wriothesley Turner Baldwin, 
of Stede Hill, Kent ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1881, 
Charlotte Amelia, dau. (d. 1884) of naaj.- 
gen. J. G. Balmain, Madras artill. ; 2, 
1887, Caroline E., dau. of late rev. Chas. 
Parkin, vicar of Lenham,Kent,and widow 
of rev. Edwd. Twopeny ; late capt. Ben- 
gal army, served in China and Bhootan, 
lord of the manor of Harrietsham, j.p. 
Kent: Jun. United Service club. 

Baldwin, John Herbert Lacey, eld. e. 
of John Baldwin, of Broomfield, Halifax ; 
6. 1863 ; m. 1890, Mary Beatrice, dau. of 
late Rev. Wm. A. Norris, vicar of Floore, 
Northants ; is (1892) j.p. W.R. Yorks : 
Savile Lea, Savile Park, Halifax. 

Baldwin, capt. Ormerod Pilkington, 
4 s. of late Godfrey Baldwin, of Bandon, 
co. Cork ; b. 1839 ; m. 1868, Harriet, dau. 
of late Wm. Little, of Ely, Cambridge- 
shire ; is J.P. Suffolk ; Pippin Park, 
Lydgate, Newmarket. 

Baldwin, col. Wm. Hy., j.p. (1895) 
Isle of Ely : St. Mary's st. Ely. 

Baldwin, col. Wm. Jn. Atkinson, 
eld. s. of late rev. John Baldwin, of 
Dalton-in-Furness, Lanes ; b. 1845 ; 
barr. Middle Temple 1876 ; j.p. Lanca- 
shire (and C.C.) and Cumberland ; lt.-col. 
commdg (hon. col. 1888) 3 battn. (mil.) 
Border regt. 1887-92 : 207 Piccadilly, W. ; 
United Service, Jun. United Service and 
Jun. Carlton clubs ; Dalton-in-Furness. 

Baldwyn-Childe, rev. Edw. George, 
M.A. Cantab., s. of W. Lacon Cbilde, of 
Kinlet (d. 1880) : b. 1818 ; m. 1862, Frances 
C, dau. of sir Baldwin Leighton, 7 bart. 
M.P. : resumed his paternal grandfather's 
name of Baldwyn 1881 on sue. to Kyre ; 
J.P. Salop, Worcestershire and Hereford- 
shire ; preb of Hereford from 1883 ; 
vicar of Cleobury Mortimer 1847-92 and 
Ktnlet 1846-92. rect. of Kyre Wyard, 
Tenbury, from 1892 : Carlton and Oxford 
and Cambridge clubs ; Kyre Park, Ten- 
bury, Worcestershire. 

Balfe, Michael Joseph, eld. s. of P. J. 
Balfe, of South Park, co. Roscommon, 
J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1885, Kathleen, 
4 dau. of late J. O'Connell, d.l. ; D.L., 
J.p. co. Roscommon (sheriff 1875) ; hon. 
ni;ij. ret. 5 battn. (mil.) Connaught 

Rangers, re-apptd. capt. from 1890 : 
South Park, Castlerea, co. Roscommon. 

Balfour of Burleigh, lord (6 baron, 
1607: Sco.rep.peer).Alex.HughBruceP.C; 
b. 1849 ;m. 1876, lady Katherine, dau. of 
5 earl of Aberdeen, b. 1852; M.A. Oxon, 
capt. Highland borderers (mil.) 1872-80, 
J.P. Stirling, Perth, and Fife, D.L., J.P. 
Clackmannan ; chm. of educational en- 
dowments R. commission 1882-9, ofWelsh. 
Sunday closing comm. 1889, of London 
water supply comm. 1892-3 ; a lord-in- 
waiting to the Queen 1887-9, parly, sec. 
to board of trade 1889-92 ; sec. for 
Scotland and v.p. of comm. of council on 
educ. for Scotland from 1895, lord rect. 
of Edinburgh univ. 1896 ; established 
claim to title 1868, on reversal (1869) of 
attainder of 1716: 47 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton, Marlborough, and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs ; Kennet House, Alloa, N.B. 

Balfour, rt. hon. Arthur Jas., P.C eld. 
s. of Jas. Maitland Balfour, of Whit- 
tingehame, Haddingtonshire (d. 1856), 
and lady Blanche, 2 dau. of 2 marq. of 
Salisbury, k.G. ; b. 1848 ; memb. of senate 
of Lond. univ. 1887, hon. ll.d. St. 
And. 1878, Edin. 1881, Cantab. 1888, 
Dub. and Glas. 1891, hon. d.C.l. Oxon. 
and M.A.Cantab., F.R.S.: D.L.East Lothian; 
lord rect. of St. Andrew's univ. 1886, 
and of Glasgow univ. 1890 ; chanc. of 
Edinburgh univ.1891 ; pres.of Local Govt. 
Board 1885-6 ; sec. for Scotland and v.p. 
of comm. of council on educ. for Scotland, 
1886-7 ; chief sec. for Ireland, 1887-91 ; 
first lord of the Treasury and leader of 
the House of Commons 1891-2 and from 
1895; M.P. (c.) Hertford 1874-85, E. 
Manchester from 1885 ; author of " A 
Defence of Philosophic Doubt " (1879), 
"Essays and Addresses" (1893), "The 
Foundation of Belief, being Notes Intro- 
ductory to the Study of Theology" 
(1895), etc. etc.: 10 Downing st. S.W. ; 
Carlton. Travellers', Athenaeum, and 
New (Edinburgh) clubs; Whittinge- 
hame, Prestonkirk, N.B. 

Balfour, Blayney Reynell Townley, 
M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of B. Townley 
Balfour, of Townley Hall, J.P. (d. 1882); 
b. 1 845; D.L.. J.P. co. Louth. J.P. co. Meath 
and Drogheda: Jun. Athenaeum and 
Sackville St. (Dublin) clubs ; Townley 
Hall, nr. Drogheda, co. Louth. 

Balfour, Chas. Barrington, s. of Chas. 
Balfour, of Balgonie, Fife, and Newton 
Don, Berwickshire, J.P.(rf. 1872),by 5 dau. 
of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1862 ; m. 1888, 
lidy Helena, youngest dau. of 10 earl of 
Antrim, b. 1865 ; J.P. Roxburtrhshire,D.L., 
j.p. Berwickshire ; served in Egyptian 


war 18S2, at Tel-el-Kebir, lieut. Scots 
gds. 1881-90. capt. 2 vol. battn. K.O.S. 
Bord. 1891-5 : 21 Hans pi. S.W. ; Newton 
Don, Kelso, N.B. 

Balfour, Edwd., eld. survg. s. of John 
Balfour. of Balbirnie. co. Fife, D.L., J. p. by 
2 dau. of 1 earl Cawdor ; b. 1849 ; to. 
1879,IsabellaWeyman Hooper, of Boston. 
U.S.A.; D.L., J. P. co. Fife: 48 Belgrave 
sq. S.W. ; Carlton,Turf,Travell2rs'. Marl- 
borough, Pratt's, St. James's, and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs ; Balbirnie, Markinch, 

Balfour, Eustace Jas. Anthony, M.A. 
Cantab. F.E.I.B.A., 5 s, of late Jas. Balfour 
of Whittingehame ; b. 1854 ; m. 1879, 
lady Frances. 5 dau. of duke of Argyll, 
b. 1858 ; lt.-col. London Scottish 
(7 Middlx.) R.V. from 1894. R. Scottish 
Archer (Queen's body gd. for Scotland) : 
32 Addison rd. W. 

Balfour, rt. hon. Gerald Wm., P.c. 
(Trel.), M.A. Cantab., 4 s. of Jas. Maitland 
Balfour, of Whittingehame, Hadding- 
tonshire (d. 1856), by 2 dau. of 2 marq. 
of Salisbury, K.G. ; b. 1853 ; to. 1887, 
lady Elizabeth E., eld. dau. of 1 earl of 
Lytton ; b. 1867 ; chief sec. for Ireland 
from 1895, M.p. (c.) Leeds (Central 
divn.) from 1885 : 24 Addison rd. 
Kensington, TV. ; Carlton club ; Secre- 
tary's Lodge, Phcenix Park, Dublin. 

Balfour, maj.-gen. Hy. Lowther.R.A.; 
to. 1882, Emily Mary (d. 1893), widow of 
T. S. Godfrey and only dau. of J. Lee 
Lee, of Dillington, Somerset ; ret. as lt.- 
col. it. a. 1881. 

Balfour, col. Jas. Wm., s. of capt. "Wm. 
Balfour. B.S., of Trenabie, Orkney (d. 
1846) ; b. 1827 ; to. 1852, Isabella, dau. of 
col. Craster; d.l., j.p. and convener for 
co. Orkney ; formerly capt. 7 drag, gds., 
ret. p., lt.-col. commdg. 1 Orkney vol. 
artill. 1880-95, hon. c,ol. of the corps from 
1895 : Army and Navy and St. George's 
Clubs ; Balfour Castle and Berstane 
House, Kirkwall, N.B. 

Balfour. John, s. of gen. Balfour ; b. 
1811 ; to.2 dau.(d. 1884) of 1 earl Cawdor, 
b. 1820 ; late gren. gds. ; d.l., j.p. Fife ; 
hon. col. Fife arty. mil. from 1855 : 
Travellers' club : Balbirnie, Markinch, 
Fifeshire, N.B. 

Balfour, rt. hon. John Blair, p.c, Q.c, 
LL.D. Edinburgh and St. Andrews ; s. of 
rev. Peter Balfour, minister of Clack- 
mannan ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, 1869, Liliae, eld. 
dan. of lord Mackenzie, lord of session ; 
2, 1 877, hon. Marianne E., dau. of 1 baron 
Moncreiff, P.C. ; Scotch barr. 1861 ; q.c. 
1880, s.G. for Scotland 1880-1 ; lord- 
advocate 1881-5, 1S86, and 1892-5, dean 

of faculty of Advocates 1885 and 1889 ; 
D.L. Edinburgh ; M.P. (L.) Clackmannan 
and Kinross-shire from 1880 : 67 Jermyn 
st. S.W. ; 6 Rothesay terr. Edinburgh ; 
Glasclune. North Berwick. 

Balfour, capt. John Edmond Heugh, 
eld. s. of late Geo. E. Balfour ; b. 1863 ; 
capt. 11 huss. 1891-2 ; j.p. Devon : 
90 Piccadilly, W. ; Arthur's and Naval 
and Military clubs ; Sidmouth Manor, 

Balfour, capt. Kenneth Robt., 2 s. of 
late Geo. E. Balfour, of The Manor, Sid- 
mouth.Devon ; 6.1863 ; m. 1888. Margaret, 
only child of late Christian Rogerson, 
of Buenos Ayres ; is j.p. (1895) Dorset, 
capt. 1 R. drag, from 1892, adjt. Ports- 
mouth brig, ofyeom. 1893: Naval and 
Military and Cavalry clubs ; Branksea 
Island, nr. Poole, Dorset. 

Balfour, maj. Wm. E. Ligonier, r.a., 
eld. s. of col. Jas. Wm. Balfour, of Bal- 
four Castle, co. Orkney, d.l., j.p. ; b. 
1855 ; m. 1887. Florence A. C. E. only 
dau. of Frederick Bernal, C.M.G., consul- 
gen, at Havre ; D.L., J.p. Orkney and 
Shetland, maj. R.A. from 1891 : Boodle's 
and Pratts' clubs. 

Balg-onie, lord. John David Leslie- 
Melville, eld. s. of earl of Leven and 
Melville ; b. 1886. 

Balinnard, baron ; vide Southesk. 

Ball. rt. hon. John Thos., P.C. (Irel.), 
LL.D. (Dub.), D.C.L. (Oxon.), s. of maj. B. 
Ball, 40 foot ; b. 1815 ; to. 1852, dau. (d. 
1887) of late rev. C. Elrington, d.d. : m.a. 
Dublin, Irish barr. 1840, bencher of 
King's Inn, 1894. y.C. 1854, s.G. 1868, 
A.G. 1868 and 1874, vicar-gen. of Armagh 
1862-74, M.P. (c) Dublin university 
1868-74 lord chancellor of Ireland 
1875-80, vice-chanc. Univ. of Dublin from 
1880 : Carlton and Kildare St. (Dublin) 
clubs; 71 Merrion sq. Dublin; Taney 
House, Dundrum, co. Dublin. 

Ball, sir Robt. Stawell, LL.D., F.R.S., s. 
of late R. S. Ball, LL.D. of Dublin ; b. 
1840 ; m. 1868. Frances E., dau. of late W. 
E. Steele.M.D.; Andrew's prof, at Trinity 
Coll. Dublin from 1874, astronomer royal 
for Ireland from 1874 ; author of several 
books on astronomy. Lowndean prof, of 
astronomy and geometry at Cambridge 
from 1892, knighted 1886 : Athenaeum 
club ; Observatory, Cambridge. 

Ball, col. Wm. Clare, C.B., 4 s. of late 
John Ball, M.R.C.S.E. ; b. 1824 ; sen. off. in 
charge of treas. and army pay depts., 
Zulu war, 1878-9 ; ret. 1883. 

Ball, hon. mrs. Julia Selana, dau. of 1 
vise. Guillamore ; to. 1845, maj. Wm. H. 
Ball (d.): FortFergus,Ballinacally,Ennis. 


Ball- Acton, col. Charles, C.B., s.of late 
col. Wm. Acton, M.p., v.L.,of Westaston, 
co. Wicklow ; b. 1830 ; in. 1869, Georgina 

C. dan. of late Geo. Annesley ; with 
51 Lt. Inf. in Burmab 1853 ; Afghanistan 
1878-80, lt.-col.commdsr.5l Lt. Inf.1880-5, 
commdg. 48 regtl. (NorthanU regt.) 
dist. 1886-8, ret. p. 1888 : Jun. Conserva- 
tive club ; Egginton House, Leighton 

Ballantine. Wm. Hy. Walter, ll.B. 
Cantab, s. of Serjeant Wm. Ballantine {d. 
1887) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1878, Eleanor, widow 
of T. A. Mitchell, M.P. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1871. m.p. (l.) Coventry 1887-95: 
2 Grosvencr mansions, Victoria st. S.W 

Ballantine -Dykes, mrs. Edith G. 
youngest dau. of late R. Howard-Brooke, 
of Castle Howard, co. Wicklow ; m. 1879, 
of Dovenby HalL Cumberland, D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1893) : Dovenby Hall, Carlisle. 

Ballarat. 1 bp. of (1875). rt. rev.Samuel 
Thornton, d.d. Oxon, M.A.Melb., young.s. 
of late T. Thornton; b. 1835; m. 1866, dau. 
of H. T. Thornton, of Leamington ; bp. 
from 1875 of Ballarat, Victoria : Bishops- 
court, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

Balleine, verv rev. Geo. Orange, m.a. 
Oxon, s. of Geo. Balleine, of Mon Plaisir, 
St. Brelade, Jersey; b. 1842; m. 1868, 
Florence,dau.(<i.l894) of Austen Gardner, 
of Ash,Sandwich ; hon. canon of Winches- 
ter from 1891. dean of Jersey and rect. 
from 1888 of St. Helier's, Jersey. 

Balleny, Edmund Wm. Ellison, 3 s. of 

D. C. Balleny, of Greencroft, co. Dur- 
ham ; b. 1845 ; J.P. co. Durham : Little 
Greencroft, Consett, co. Durham. 

Balliston, lady. Annie, m. l,lieut. C. 
Puckett, R.N. ; 2, 1885, a3 his 2 wife, 
capt. sir Alfred Balliston, knt., R.N., J.P. 
(d. 1895) : Mendip Lodge, Farncombe, 

Bally, maj.-gen. St. John, ret. p. 1887: 
Naval and Military club. 

Bally, maj.-gen Wm.,served in Abys- 
sinian campaign 1867-8 : ret. p. 1887. 

Balniel, baron, vide Crawford. 

Balston. Richd. Jas., eld. s. of R. E. P. 
Balston, of Springfield, Kent (d. 1888) ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1862, Emily Parker, dau. of 
J. Robinson ; D.L., j"p. Kent (sheriff 
1894): Constitutional club ; Springfield, 

Balvaird. lord. Wm. David Murray, 
eld. s. of Wm. David, vise. Stormont (d. 
1893) and grands, of 4 earl of Mansfield ; 
6. 1860 ; capt. late gren. gds. ; J.P. 
Perthshire and Dumfriesshire : G St. 
James' pi. S.W. ; Scone Palace, Perth. 

Bamfield, lt.-gen. Albert Hy., s. of 
late maj. Daniel Bamfield, h.e.i.c.b. ; b. 
1830 ; m. 1851. Charlotte, dau. of late 
Joseph Green Bidwill. of Exeter ; served 
in Punjab campaign 1848-9 ; with expdy. 
force against Boree Afreedes in Kohat 
Hills 1853, and Indian mutiny 1857 ; lt.- 
gen. I.S.C. from 1892 : Brockhurst, 
Exmouth, Devon. 

Bamford, Samuel Brassington. eld s. 
of Henry Bamford, of Uttoxeter, Staffs ; 
b. 1845 ; m. 1875, Dorothy, dau. of Henry 
Hawthorn, surgeon. Uttoxeter, Staffs ; 
J.P. ( 1894) Staffs : Haw thornden Manor, 
Uttoxeter S.O. Staffs. 

Bampfylde, hon. Charles Warwick, 2 
s. of 2 baron Poltimore ; b. 1867. 

Bampfylde. hon. Coplestone Richard 
George Warwick, eld. s. of 2 baron Polti- 
more; 6. 1859; m. 1881, Margaret Harriet, 
eld. dau. of Wentworth Blackett Beau- 
mont, M.p. ; D.L., J.P. Devon ; 2 lt. 1 life 
gds. 1873-81, capt. N. Devon, yeom. 
1881-9: Carlton club: Hartsbourne 
Manor, Bushey Heath, Watford. 

Bampfylde, hon. Francis Warwick, 
3 e. of 2 baron Poltimore ; b. 1885. 

Banarji,(hon.) Babu PramodaCharan, 
a judge of high court of judicature for 
N.W. Provinces, India, from 1893 : Alla- 

Banbury, Fredk. Geo., eld. p. of late 
Fred.Banburv, of Shirley House, Surrey; 
b. 1850 ; m. 1873, Elizabeth R., 2 dau. of 
late Thos. Barbot Beale, of Brettenham 
Park, Suffolk : partner in Fredk. Ban- 
bury and Sons, stockbrokers, Old Broad 
st. E.C., M.P. (c.) Camberwell (Peckham 
divn.) from 1892 : 41 Lowndes st. S.W. ; 
Carlton. Windham and City of London 
clubs ; Holme Wood, nr. Peterborough ; 
The Temple, Goiing, Reading. 

Banbury, Gabriel Geo., J.P. (1894) 
Oxfordshire : Hill House, Woodstock, 

Bance. col. Edward, v.d., youngest s. 
of John Bance, of Newbury, Berks. ; 6. 
1842; m. 1806, Mary, dau. of Samuel Cox, 
of Southampton ; J.P.Southampton, D.L. 
Hants, lt.-col. (hon. col. 1890) 1 Hamp- 
shire Artill. Vol. (S. divn. R.A.) 1886-96 : 
Oak Mount. Highfield, Southampton. 

Bancroft, John, s. of John Bancroft, 
of Shipbrooke, Cheshire ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1863, Sarah, dau. of Wm. Cbrimes, of 
Weaverham, Cheshire ; is J.P. (1894 
Cheshire : Springfield House, Audlem 

Bancroft, John Jones, j.p. (1898 
Denbighshire : Glasfryn, Ruthin. 




Bancroft, lt.-gen. Wm. Chas. : m. 

18 .Eliza H.. dau. (d. 1895) of ; ret. 

p. 1887: Knellwood. Farnborough, Hants. 

Bandini. ladv Christina, b. 1866 ; lady 1867"; lady Maria Cecilia Pia, 
b. 1869, daus. of 10 earl of Newburgh. 

Bandon. 4 earl of (1800 : Ir.Rep. peer). 
James Francis Bernard, only s. of 3 earl 
(d. 1877) ; b. 1850 ; in. 1876, hon.Georgi- 
ana, only child of 7 baron Carbery ; hon. 
col. Cork art. mil. (S. div. of R.A.) from 
1878 ; 2nd tit. vise. Bernard : Carlton 
club ; Castle Bernard, Bandon, co. Cork ; 
Durras Court, Bantry, Cork. 

Banerjee, (hon.) G-urudas, s. of Ram- 
chandra Banerjee, of Narikeldanga ; b. 
1841 : a judge of high court of Calcutta 
from 1888 : Narikeldanga, Calcutta. 

Banes, maj. Geo. Edward, eld. p. of 
G. D. Banes, late surveyor of iron ship- 
building to Admiralty ; b. 1829 ; m. 1850, 
Mary Ann, dau. of Matthew Place, of 
York ; founded 3rd Essex (now 2nd bri- 
gade R.A.) in 1859, ret. as maj. 1876, 
memb. of West Ham school board from 
1874, and J. P. of the borough, is a whar- 
finger and bonded warehousekeeper at 
Colonial and granite wharves, Wapping, 
E. and 37 and 38 Mark la., E.C., M>. (c.) 
S. West Ham 1886-92 and from 1895: 
The Red House, Upton, Essex. 

Bangror, 5 vise. (1781. Ir. Rep. peer). 
Henry Win. Crosbie Ward ; b. 1828 ; to. 1, 
Mary, youngest dau. (d. 1869) of rev. H. 
King, of Ballylin, King's co. ; 2, 1874, 
Elizabeth, only survg. dau. of late H. 
Eccles, of Crouroe, co. Wickluw ; cadt. 
late 43 Light Inf., served iu Kaffir 
war 1851-54, D.L., J. p. co. Down : Kiidare 
St.(Dublin) ; Ulster (Belfast) ; Union and 
Carlton (Loudon) ; and Br. George's 
Yacht (Kingstown) clubs ; Castle Ward, 
Downpa trick, co. Down. 

Bangor, 71 bp.of (516). rt. rev. Daniel 
Lewis Llovd, d.d. Oxon, s. of John 
Lloyd, of Penywern, co. Cardigan : b. 
1813 : to. 1874, Elizabeth, dau. of rev. D. 
Lewis, of Llangyniew, Mont.; head master 
Friars' sch. Bangor 1873-8, of Christ's 
coll. Brecon 1878-90, bp. of Bangor from 
1890 : Palace, Bangor. 

Bangor, archd. of, vide ven. John 

Bangror, dean of ; vide very rev. Evan 

Banister. Fredk. Dale, J.p. (1895) 
s : Stone House, Forest Row, East 
Grins tead. 

Bankes, Geo. Vernon, j.p. (1896) 
Herefordshire : Constitutional club ; 
Birch House, Much Bir.;h, Tram Inn 
R.S.O.. Herefordshire. 

Bankes, John Eldon, b.a. Oxon, eld. 
s. of J. S. Bankes, of Soughton Hall, 
Flints., D.L., J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1854 ; to. 
1882, Edith, eld. dau. of Robt. Peel Ethel- 
ston, of Hinton, Salop ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, D.L., J.P. Flintshire: 13 
Tite st. Chelsea, S.W. ; 3 Hare court, 
Temple, E.C.; Soughton Hall, Norlhop, 

Bankes, Ralph Walter, only survg. s. 
of E. G. Bankes (d. 1860), of Corfe Castle, 
Kingston Lacy and Studland Manor, 
Dorset ; b. 1853 ; Id. high adm. of Purbeck 
by royal charter, j.p., d.l. Dorset (sheriff 
1880), lay bishop of Wimborne minster, 
last mayor of Corfe Castle 1881, late capt. 
Dorset R.V. and also Dorset yeom. : 
Carlton and Arthur's clubs ; Kingston 
Lacy, Wimborne : Corfe Castle and Stud- 
land Manor, nr. Wareham. 

Bankes, W. Albert, 6 s. of late rt. hon. 
Geo. Bankes. m.p. ; b. 1840: m. 1873, 
Florence M. A. 2 dau. of rev. Fred. Fane, 
Movies Court, Hants : mid. R.N. in Batic 
and Black Sea 1854-5, barr. Inner Temple 
1867, d.l., j.p. Dorset : St. James's and 
Arthur's clubs ; Wolfeton House, 
Charminster, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Bankes, mrs. E. S. L., eld. dau. of 
Meyrick Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, j.p. 
(d. 1881) ; to. 1861, W. J. Murray, of 
Rosemount, co. Ross (d. 1884) ; assumed 
name of Bankes in lieu of Murray 1882 : 
Winstanley Hall, nr. Wigan. 

Banks, Edwd. Richd. Rupert Geo., 
J.p. Kent and Cinque Ports : Sholden 
House, nr. Deal. 

Banks, Edwin Hodge, m.a. Cantab, 2 
s. of Wm. Banks, of Highmoor, Wigton, 
Cumb. ; b. 1847 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1873, d.l., J.P. Cumberland (sheriff 1889), 
capr. Westmorland and Cumb. yeom. 
1893-5 : Carlton and New University 
clubs ; Highmoor, Wigton, Cumberland. 

Banks, sir John, k.c.b., ll.d.,, 
M.D. Dublin; in. 18 , Alice, dau. of capt. 
W. Wright, of Golagh, co. Monaghan ; 
physician in ordy. to the Queen in Ire- 
land, reg. prof, of medicine univ. of 
Dublin, memb. of gen. med. council, D.L., 
J.P. co. Monaghan (sheriff 1891) : 45 
Merrion sq. east, Dublin ; Golagh. Mona- 

Banks. Joseph Edge. s. of Wm. Edge 
Banks, of Coventry: b. 1822; to. 1854, 
Mary Dalton, dau. \<1. 1895) of John 
Knights, of Eydon ; is J.P. Warwick- 
shire : Radford id. Coventry ; National 
Liberal club. 

Banks, Wm. Hartland, m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of Richd. Wm. Banks, of Ridge- 
bourne. Herefoidshire. j.p. (5.1891); 6. 



18fi7 : to. 1891, Dorothy, eld. dau. of rev. 
B. H. Alford, of St." Luke's Vicarage, 
Nutford pi. \V. ; is J. p. Herefordshire 
and Radnorshire (sheriff 1892) : Ridge- 
bourne, Kington, co. Hereford. 

Banks, William John, s. of John 
Banks, of St. Leonards, Mailing ; b. 
1822; to. 1844, Margaret E., dau. of 
Richd. Roffey, of Oxney, Dover ; j.p. 
Kent : Oxney Court, Dover. 

Banner. John Sutherland Harmood, 
s. of Harmood Walcot Banner, of Beb- 
inarton, Cheshire ; b. 1847 ; to. 1876, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. Knowles, of 
Darnhall Hall, Cheshii e, m.p. for Wigan ; 
J.P. Cheshire : Jun. Carlton and National 
clubs ; Puddington Hall, Chester 

Bannerman, vide Campbell-Banner- 

Bannerman, sir G-eo., 10 bart. (1682), 
cousin of 9 bart. (d. 1877) ; b. 1827 ; to. 
1869, Anne Mary, eld. dau. of late R. 
Brooke, f.s.a., of Handford, Cheshire : 
Brackley, Northants. 

Bannerman, Jas. Murray, b.a. Oxon, 
s. of J. Bannerman, of Wyaston Ley:;, 
Mon. ; b. 1846 ; to. 1880, Louise Mary, 
youngest dau. of late R. Wheeley, of 
The Pentre, Mon.; barr. Inner Temple 
1874, capt. Monmouth eng. mil. 1877-84, 
D.L., J.p. cos. Hereford and Monmouth 
(sheriff 1879) : Jun. Carlton and Hurl- 
inghani clnbs ; Wyastone Leys, Mon- 
mouth ; Bishop3wood, Ross, Hereford- 

Bannerman, gen. Wm., c.b., s. of 
P. Bannerman (d. 1854} by dau. of sir 
Wm. Johnston, 7 bart. ; b. 1828 ; to. 1868, 
Louisa Constance, dau. of Robt. Goddard, 
of Monkstown, Dublin ; served in Pun- 
jab 1848-9 ; N. Western frontier of 
India 1849 ; Persia 1857 ; Indian mutiny 
1858-9 ; China war 1860 ; Afghan war 
1879-80; gen. 1894, I.S.C., on U.S. list 
1886 : 1 Lansdown parade, Cheltenham; 
Uuited Service club. 

Bannister, miss, youngest dau. of 
John Samuel Bannister, of We-ton 
House, Pembridge, co. Hereford (d. 
1869) : Church House, Lyonshall, King- 
ton, Herefordshire. 

Banon, Awly Edwd. s. of Andrew 
Banon, of Irishtown House, co. West- 
meath, j.p. {d 1892) ; b. 1866 : 16 Grove 
st. Liverpool ; Irishtown House, Ballyna- 
cargy, co. Westmeath. 

Banon, Christopher Jas., eld. s. of late 
Edwd. Joseph Banon, of Broughall 
Castle,King's co., D.L. ; b. 1863 ; J.P. 
King s co. : Broughall Castle, Tullamore, 
Frankford, King's co. 

Bantry, countess of. Rosamond C, 
onlv dau. of hon. Edmund Petre ; to. 
1886, 4 and last earl of Bantry (t. 1891) : 
Hyde Park court, Albert gate, S.W. 

Bantry, dow. countess of. Jane, 
youngest dau. of Chas. J. Herbert, of 
Muckross Abbey, Killarney ; to. 1845, 
3 earl of Bantry (d. 1884). 

Baptie, Thos. Proctor, s. of late John 
Wills Baptie, of Glasgow ; b. 1846 ; to. 
1885,Mary P.only child of John Strachan, 
barr.-at-law, of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; is 
D.L., J.P. Middlx. j.p. London ; capt. 
Tower Hamlets Rif. brig. 1879-85 : 
Morpeth mansions, S.W. ; Reform, City 
Liberal and National Liberal clubs ; The 
Haven, Seaford. 

Barbados, 5 bp. of (1824), rt. rev. 
Herbert Bree, D.D., M.a. Cantab., 8. of 
John Bree, of Emerald, Keswick ; b. 
1828 ; to. 1, 1850, Jane Sarah, dau. of rev. 
E. Rust-Deye, rect. of Drinkstone, 
Suffolk; 2, 1866, Mary, dau. of Wm. 
Newland, of Bramley, Surrey ; rector of 
Brampton, Huntingdon, 1870-82, bp. of 
Barbados from 1882 : Bishop's Court, 
Bridgetown, Barbados ; Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Barber, ven. Edward, M.A. Oxon, s. of 
late Joseph Barber, of Brighouse, Yorks; 
b. 1841 ; to. 1869, Edith S., 2 dau. of rev. 
canon T. Evetts, M.A., R.D., rect. of 
Monks Ri*borough, Bucks ; archd. and 
canon res. of Chester and rect. of St. 
Bridget's with St. Martin from 1886, 
vice-dean of Chester from 1893, and 
chpln. to bp. of Oxford from 1889 : 
St. Bridget's Rectory, Chester. 

Barber, mij.-gen.Fredk.Chas.,ret. 1870, 
Indian army : 10 E, Hyde Park man- 
sions, Marylebone rd. N.W. 

Barber, Geo. Wm., eld. s. of late Geo 
Henlev Barber, of The Elms, Hounslow, 
Middlx. J.P. ; b. 1858 ; J.P.(l896)Middlx. : 
St. Stephen's and Ci'-y Carlton clubs ; 
The Elms, Hounslow. 

Barber, Henry, ll.b. Lond., 4 8. of 
John Barber, of Nottingham, J.P. ; b. 
1857 ; to. 1884, Charlotte Everitt, 3 dau. 
of G. T. Soley, of Liverpool ; admitted 
a solicitor 1879, clerk of the peace, and 
of the County Council of Hampshire 
from 1895 : The Castle, Winchester. 

Barber, Jas. Henry ; J.P. W.R. Yorks : 
4 Broomhall road, Sheffield. 

Barber, John Lewis Pasteur, 4 s. of 
late fhos. Barber, of Lamb Close House, 
Notts : 6.1853 ; m. 1, 1880,Helen Gertrude, 
dau. of P. Belcher, of Burton, Staffs ; 
2, 1892, Mary, eld. dau. of late Henry 
Wardle, M.P. of Highfield, Burton-on- 



Trent ; J.P.andc.A. Derbyshire : Stanton 
House. Stanton. Burton-on-Trent. 

Barber, Wm. Linnev, j.p. (1896) 
Warwickshire: 103 Bristol rd. Edgbaston, 

Barber, misses Rosamond Anne and 
Sarah, dans, of Robt. Hartshorne Barber, 
of Hayton Castles, Notts, barr. Middle 
Temple (d. 1870) : Hayton Castles, 

Barbour, sir David Miller, K.C.S.I., in 
B.C.S. from 1863, sec. to govt, of India 
in finance and commerce dept. 187- -87, 
ordy. memb. of council of gov. -gen. of In- 
dia 1887-93 : 4 Hungerford st. Calcutta. 

Barbour. George, M. A. Cantab, onlys. 
of Robt. Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, 
Cheshire,J.P. {d. 1885) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1869, 
Caroline ., dau. of late R. A. Macfie, of 
Dreghom, co. Midlothian ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1865, D.L., j.p. Cheshire (sheriff 
1890), hon. maj. Cheshiie yeom. 1887 : 
Carlton and New University clubs ; 
Bolesworth Castle, Tattenhall, Chester. 

Barbour, John Doherty, eld. s. of 
Wm. Barbour, of Hilden, Lisburn. J.P. 
{d. 1875) : b. 1824 : to. 1864, Elizabeth L., 
eld. dau. of late J. Milne, of Trini; y grove. 
Edinburgh, j.p. : m.p. Lisburn in 1863, 
D.L.. j.p. co. Antrim (sheriff 1896), J.P. co. 
Down (sheriff 1891), mayor of Leaming- 
ton 1891-2. chevalier leg. hon. : Devon- 
shire and Reform clubs ; flild -n House, 
Leamington ; Conway, Dunmurry, co. 

Barbour, Thos..J.P.(1894)Cumberland: 
Beechgrove, Cockermouth rd. Working- 
ion, Cumberland. 

Barchard. col. Chas. Henry, C.B. ; to. 
1865, Ann, dau. of late J. Siddall, R.h.g. : 
in Punjab, N.W. frontier and Indian 
mutiny campaigns : 115 Gloucester terr. 
Hvde park, W. * 

Barchard, Francis.M.A. Ch. Ch.Oxon, 
eld. s. of F. Barchard, of Horsted ; b. 
1826 ; to. 1861, Arentina, dau. of J. Wat- 
son, of Hove, Brighton ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1854, D.L., J.p. Sussex : 19 Den- 
mark terr. Brighton ; Horsted Place, 
Little Horsted. Uckfieid, Sussex. 

Barchard. Fras. jun., eld. s. of Elphin- 
stone Barchard (d. 1893) ; b. 1863 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1888, J.p. (1895) Sussex: 
Union club ; Duddleswell, Uckfieid, Sus- 

Barclay, capt. Cameron, 4 s. of Hy. 
Ford Barclay, of Monkhams, Essex, d.l., 
j.p. (d. 1891); b. 1865: m. 1892, hon. 
Charlotte, youngest dau. of 3 baron 
Decies, b. 1871 : capt. 10 huss. from 1892. 

Barclay, Chas., M. A. Camb., s. of Robt. 
Barclay; b. 1837; to. 1875, Charlotte 

Cassandra, dau. of Benj. Cherry, of 
Brickendon Grange, Herts: J.P. Herts. : 
Manor House, Bayford, Hertford. 

Barclay, sir David Edwd. Durell, 
12 bait. (1668), eld. s. of 11 bart. c.M.t;., 
(d. 1896), by Louise Melanie, youngest 
dau. and co-htir of Mons. E. J. de 
Belzim, of Mauritius ; b. 1858 : to. 1889, 
Letitia, dau. of hon. Amias Chas. Orde- 
Powlet : served in Egypt and Soudan, 
late capt. 19 huss. 

Barclay, col. Hanburv, v.n.. eld. s. of 
Robt. Barclay {d. 1843); b. 1836; to. 
1864, cousin Adeline H. 3 dau. of A. K. 
Barclay, of Bury Hill, Surrey ; ret. 
lt.-col.and hon. col. 1 vol. battn. S. Staffs 
regt., j.p. Herts : Tingritb Manor, Wo- 
burn. Beds. 

Barclay, Henry Albert, 2 survg, s. of 
Joseph Gurney Barclay, of Ley ton, 
Essex ; b. 1858 ; d.L.,j.p. Surrey, commr.of 
taxes and lunacy, capt. Hants. Carabiniers 
yeom. from 1892: Cavalry, and Norfolk 
County clubs; Underbills, Bletchinglj, 
Redhill, Surrey ; Cromer, Norfolk. 

Barclay. Hugh Gurney, eld. s. of Hy. 
Ford Barclav, of Monkhams, Woodford, 
D.L.. J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1880, 
Evelyn L., dau. of sir Stuart Hogg ; 
J.p. Norfolk and Norwich, maj. 4 vol. 
battn. Norfolk regt. from 1896 : Colr.ey, 

Barclay, James Wm., s. of G. Bar- 
clay, Cults, Aberdeen ; b. 1832 ; to. 1. dau. 
of J. Smith. Strathdon, Aberdeen ; 2 
(1882), Lilian Alice, 2 dau. (d. 1887) of 
late A. H. Novelli, of Hyde Park sq. W.j 
m.p. (i>.) Forfarshire 1872-86, and (L.u.) 
1886-92: 5 Clarendon pi. Hyde Park 
gdns. W. ; Reform club. 

Barclay, Joseph Gurney, only survg. 
s. of R. Barclav, of Levton (d. 1853) ; b. 
1816 ; to. 1. (1842) Mary Walker, dau. of 
Wm. Leatham, banker, Wakefield ; 2 
(1857) Margaret, dau. of Wm. Exton, 
banker, Hkehin : City and City Liberal 
clubs ; Knott's Green, Leyton : Second 
avenue,West Brighton; Cromer, Norfolk. 

Barclay, Robt.. eld. s. of J. G.Barclay, 
of Leyton. Essex, b. 1843 ; to. 1868. Eliza- 
beth E., dau. of T. Fowell Buxton, of 
Easneye, Herts.; J.P.Herts.fsheriff 1893): 
High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts. 

Barclay, Robert, eld. s. of A. K. Bar- 
clay, of Bury Hill, D.L., j.p. (d. 1869) ; b. 
1837 ; to. 1877, Laura Charlotte Rachel, 
dau. of M. Wyvill, of Constable Burton, 
Yorks. ; is J.P. (1895; Surrev (sheriff 
1878): Windham club; Bury Hill, 

Barclay, Robt. Grenfell, 3 s. of late 
John Barclay, of Falmouth. Cornwall 


b. 1850 ; to. 1875, Margaret J. dau. of late 
John Isitt, of Bradford, Yorks ; is J. P. co. 
Durham : Bank House, Shotley Bridge, 
co. Durham. 

Barclay, Thos., 2 s. of Jas Barclay, of 
Sunderland, co. Durham : b. 1839 ; m. 1, 
1861, 2 dau. of late Robt. Jaques, M.R.C.8., 
of Osmotherley, Yorks; 2, 1893, Mary 
Dingley, 2 dau. of Edwd. Pethybridge, 
of Launceston, Cornwall ; is J. P. (1894) 
Warwickshire : ArnclifEe, Cotton la. 
Moseley, Birmingham ; National Liberal 

Barclay, lady. Emily, 2 dau. of late 
Jas. Stacey, of Kingston, Surrey ; to. 
1872.ashis 2 wife, sir DavidWm. Barclay, 

10 bart. (d. 1888) : 28 Cheniston gdns. 
Kensington, W. 

Barclay, lady. Louise Melanie, 
youngest dau.and co-heir of E. Belzim, 
of Mauritius : to. 1855,eir Colville Arthur 
Durell Barclay, 11 bart. C.m.g. (d. 1896) : 

1 1 Rue Francois I., Cbamps Elysees, Paris. 
Barcroft, Wm. Greer, 4 s. of John P. 

Barcroft, Stangmore House, co. Tyrone ; 
b. 1841 ; to. 1872, dau. of John Park, of 
Birkenhead, Cheshire ; is J.p. (1896) 
Flints : CaverhilhClaughton, Birkenhead. 

Bardsley, bp., vide Carlisle. 

Bardswell, Cha.Wm.,M.A. Oxon.,eld. 
8. of Chas. Bardswell, of Liverpool ; b. 
1832; to. 1866, Frances A. 2 dau. of 
Samuel Dean, of the Hurst, Walton-on- 
Thames ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1857, rec. 
of Kingston-upon-Thames from 1890 : 
The Beacon, Surbiton Hill, Kingston- 
upon-Thames ; 11 New court, Carey st. 

Bardwell,Thos. Newman Fredk.,M.A., 
S.C.L. Oxon., only s. of late F. Bardwell, 
of Bolton Hall, Yorks, j.p. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1850 ; to. 1880, Lucy S., eld. dau. of rev. 
W. B. Garnett-Botfield, M.A., j.p., of 
Decker Hill and Bishops Castle, Salop ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1877 ; D.L., j.p. 
E. R. Yorks. (and C.C.), commr. of Land 
and Income Tax 1881. lord of the 
manor of Bolton : New University, Picca- 
dilly, and Yorkshire (York) clubs j Bolton 
Hall, Wilberfoss, York. 

Barfoot-Saunt.Wm. Hy., s. of Henry 
Gatty, of Market Harborough ; b. 1828 ; 
to. 1859, dau. of "Wm. Browning, of Stoke 
Newington green, Middlx.; J.P.Leicester- 
shire and Northants. (sheriff 1895) ; 
assumed name of Barfoot-Saunt in lieu 
of Gatty 1889 : Oxendon Hall, Market 
Harborough ; Conservative club. 

Barford, Wm., j.p. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : Gayhurst House, Lincoln rd. 

Baring:, vise. Fras. Geo. Baring, eld. 
s. of 1 earl of Northbrook ; b. 1850 ; to. 
26 June, 1894, Ethel, youngest dau. (d. 
22 July, 1894) of late col. Davidson, c.B. : 
A.D.c. to gov.-gen. of India (his father) 
1873-6, It. rifle brig. 1870-6, gren. gds. 
1876-80, n.L., j.p. Hants. ; m.p. (l.) Win- 
chester 1880-5, (L.TJ.) N. Beds 1886-92 : 
4 Hamilton pi. Piccadilly, W. ; Travel- 
lers' club ; Stratton Park, Micheldever 

Baring, hon. Alexander Henry, 3 s. of 
4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1869. 

Baring, hon. Caryl Digby, 5 s. of 4 
baron Ashburton ; b. 1880. 

Baring:, hon. Cecil, 2 survg. s. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1864. 

Baring:, capt. hon. Everard, 3 survg. 
s. of 1 baron Revelstoke ; b. 1865 ; capt. 
10 huss. from 1890 ; a.d.c. to the gov. of 
Madras (lord Wenlock) from 1891. 

Baring:, hon. Fras.Hy., 2 survg. s. of 1 
baron Northbrook ; b. 1850 ; to. 1878, lady 
Grace Elizabeth, 2 dau. of 9 earl of Cork; 
b. 1856 ; sheriff of Surrey 1888 : 11 Port- 
man sq. W. ; Brooks' club. 

Baring:, hon. Frederick Arthur, 2 s. of 
4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1867 ; to. 1890, 
Laura L. H., only dau. of late Arthur 
Yates ; 2 It. 5 batt. (mil.) R. Fus. 1887-90. 

Baring,Godf rey,only s.of lt.-gen.Chas. 
Baring, late Coldst. gds. (d. 1890).by dau. 
of rt. hon. sir Jas. Graham, 2 bart. ; b. 
1871; J.P. (1894) Hants, D.L. and C.c. 
Isle of Wight : 36 Wilton pl.S. W. ; Nubia 
Hou*e, Baring rd. West Cowes, I. of W. 

Baring.hon.Guy Victor, 4 s.of 4 baron 
Ashburton ; b. 1873 ; 2 It. coldst. gds. 
from 1893. 

Baring:. Harold Herman John, eld. 8. 
of Thos. Chas. Baring, of High Beach, 
Essex, D.L., j.p., M.P. (d. 1891) ; 6. 1869 : 
High Beach, Loughton, Essex. 

Baring:, hon. Hugo, 5 survg. s. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1876 ; 2 It. 4 huss. 
from 1896. 

Baring:, hon. John, eld. survg. a. of 1 
baron Revelstoke; 6. 1863: 26 Hill st. 
Berkeley sq. W. 

Baring:, hon. Maurice, 4 survg. s. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1874. 

Baring 1 , hon. Rowland Thos., eld. a. 
of 1 baron Cromer ; b. 1877. 

Baring-, Walter, 10 s. of Hy. Baring 
(d. 1848) ; b. 1844 ; sec. H.M.'s legation 
at Athens, 188 -6 ; H.M.'s charge 
d'affaires to prince of Montenegro, 1886- 
93, min. res. and consul-gen. in Uruguay 
from 1893 : H.M.'s. Legation, Montevideo. 

Baring. Wm. Henry, s. of Wm. Baring, 
M.p. (d. 1820) ; b. 1819 ; m. 1849, Eliza- 
beth,dau. of C. Hammersley : J.P. Hants : 


late capt. coldst. gds. : Guards' and Turf 
clubs : Norman Court, West Tytherley, 

Baring, hon. Wyndham, 2 s. of 1 baron 
Cromer ; 6. 1880. 

Baring:, mrs. Thomas Chas., Susan C. 
dau. of R.B. Minturn,New York ; to. 1859, 
Thos.Chas. Baring. M.A.,of High Beach, 
Essex, J.P., M.P. (C.) S. Essex 1874-85. city 
of London 1887-91 (d. 1891) : 1 Grafton st. 
BerKeley sq. W. : High Beach, Loughton, 

Baring*, hon. Hannah, b. 1831 ; dau. 
of 1 baron Northbrook : 41 Brunswick 
road, Brighton. 

Baring-, hon. Alice, b. 1833 ; dau. of 
1 baron Northbrook : 51 Clarendon villas, 
Hove, Brighton. 

Baring:, hon. Lilian Theresa Claire ; 
b. 1874 ; dau. of 4 baron Ashburton. 

Baring:, hon. Susan, b. 1870, dau. of 1 
baron Revelstoke. 

Baring. hon. YenetiaMarjorie Mabel, 
b. 1890 ; hon. Aurea Vera, 6. 1891 ; hon. 
, 6. 1893 ; daus. of 5 baron Ashburton. 

Baringr-Gould, rev. Sabine, author of 
" Liv-s of the Saints," Ac. &c, M.A. Can- 
tab ; s. of Edwd. Baring-Gould, of Lew 
Trenchard, Devon, J.P., D.L. : b. 1834 ; to. 
1868, Grace, dan. of Joseph Taylor of 
Horbury : J. P. Devon, patron and rector 
from 1881, of Lew Trenchard, Lew Dowu 
R.S.O.. Devon. 

Barker, vide Raymond-Barker. 

Barker, rev. Alfred Gresley, M.A. 
Oxon., only survg. s. of Geo. Barker, of 
Stanlake Park, Berks, J.P. (d. 1868) ; b. 
1835 ; to. 1865, Agnes, 2 dau. of rev. 
Comyns Tucker, of Beech Hill, Devon ; 
patron and rector of Sherfield-on-Loddon 
1863-75 : St. Leonard's, Sherfield-on- 
Loddon, Basingstoke ; Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Carlton cjubs. 

Barker, Christopher Dove, eld. 8. of 
late Tnomas Barker, of Tynemouth, 
Northumti, J.P. ; b. 1829 ; to. 1854, Alice 
Gray, dau. of late A. W. Elmslie, of 
Weston, Somerset ; J.P. Worcestershire ; 
Conservative club ; Radnor House, Great 

Barker. Edgar, s. of Edgar Birker, of 
Oxford sq. W. ; b. 1835; m. 1866, Alice, 
dau. of Geo. Bridge, of Wood House ; is 
J.P.Cambridgeshire : 21 Hyde Parkst.W.: 
Lynderswood, Black Notley, Braintree. 

Barker, Francis Henry, J. p. Denbigh- 
shire: Windham club: Llyndir,Wrexham. 

Barker, rev. Fredk., m.a. Oxon, s. of 
Ricnd. Barker, of Chester : b. 1840 ; to. 
1872, Phoebe S., dau. of col. Vincent 
Williams, of Northenby, nr. Newbury ; 
J.P. Cambridgeshire ; rect. of Cottenham, 


Cambridge 1881-86, vicar ofGrassendale, 
Lanes, 1886-93, rect. from 1893 of Wim- 
borne St. Giles, Salisbury. 

Barker. Geo., eld. s. of rev. B. Barker 
(d. 1850), b. 1819; m. 1850, Diana, dau. of 
late rev. Wm. Girling ; J.P. Norfolk. 

Barker, maj. Geo., r.e., s. of col. Geo. 
Barker, H.E.I.C.S. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1888, hon. 
Clemency, dau. of 1 baron Addington, b. 
1856 ; served in Egypt 1882, battle of 
Tel-el-Kebir ; Beehnana expd. 1885, maj. 
r.e. from 1887 : Jun. United Service 
and Wellington clubs. 

Barker, lt.-gen. Geo. Digby, c.b., 
s. of John Barker, of ClarePriory,Suffolk; 
b. 1833 ; to. 1862, Frances Isabella, dau. 
of Geo. Murray, of Rosemount, Ross- 
shire ; served in Persian war 1857 : 
Indian Mutiny 1857-8 ; d.a.q.m.g. S. dist. 
1868-73 ; prof, of mil. art at Staff coll. 
1874-6 ; assist, director of mil. educ. 
H. Q. staff of the army 1877-84; 
a. A. and q.m.G. Western dist. 1885-7 ; 
commdg. troops in China and Hong 
Kong 1890-5 ; lt.-gen. 1895 ; acting gov. 
of Hong Kong 1891, gov. of the Ber- 
mudas from 1896 : Government House, 
Bermuda ; United Service club ; Clare- 
wood, Camberley, Surrev ; Clare Priory, 

Barker, John, 3 s. of Richd. Barker, 
of Rodington, Salop ; b. 1847 ; m. 1,1871, 
Mary Ann. widow of G Preston, Bir- 
mingham ; 2, 1893, Martha D., dau. of 
Thos. Rogers, of Shrewsbury; is J.P. 
Salop : School gardens, Shrewsbury. 

Barker, John. j.p. (1892)W.R.Yorks : 
Harley Bank, Todmorden. 

Barker, Jn., J.P. Herts, aldm. co. 
London, 1889-92 : Devonshire and Na- 
tional Liberal clubs: TheGrange,Bishop's 
Stortford, Herts. 

Barker, John Edwd., Q.C., M.A.Oxon., 
only s. of Edwd. Barker, of Bakewell, 
co. Derby; b. 1832; m. 1860. Susan M., 
dau. of late Wm. Rowley Wynyard, It. 
R.x. and widow of Jas. Mosley Leigh, of 
Davenham,Cheshire ; barr.Inner Temple 
1862, Q.C 1891, rec. of Leeds 1880-96, 
J.P.Derbyshire: 42 Bank st. Sheffield ; 
Brooklands, Bakewell. 

Barker. Joseph, j.p. Cumberland : 
Newton Rigg. Newton Reigny, Penrith. 

Barker. Joseph, 2 s. of Joseph Barker, 
of Loose, Kent ; b. 1841 : m. 1867. Isa- 
bella, dau. of Thos. Castle, of Inodana. 
Kent; J.P. (1895) Kent, mayor of 
Maidstone, 1895-6 : National Liberal 
club ; Hill House, Loose, Maidstone. 

Barker, Joseph Hurton Aveling, s. of 
Joseph Hurton Barker, of Mattimore 



House, Lines., j.r. (d. 1884) ; b. 1865 : 
St. Germans Hall, Lynn, Norfolk. 

Barker, Rayner Childe, c.f.E., 8. of 
rev. T. C. Barker, rect. of Carleton, 
Yorks ; b. 18 ; to. 1894, Ella G. youngest 
dau. of lc-col. S. Moores, of Southsea ; 
asst. 8upmdt. of Telegraph dept. of govt. 
of India from 18 : Quetta, Bilucbistan. 

Barker, Thos.,s. of late JosiahBarker, 
of Waterloo, nr. Liverpool ; b. 1832 ; J. P. 
Carnarvonshire (sheriff 1891-2) : Plas 
Gogarth, Llandudno ; Camelot, Mossley 
Hill, Liverpool ; Reform club. 

Barker, Thos., s. of John Barker, of 
Albrighton Hall, Salop ; b. 1827 ; to. 
1858. Laura, dau of T. M. Phillips, of 
Earlswood, Staffs ; is D.L., j.p. Staffs. : 
Reform club ; Tong Lodge, Shif nal. 

Barker, hon. mrs. Clemency, vide 
maj. Geo. Barker, It E. 

Barkley, David Graham, m.a., LL.n., 
eld. s. of Jas. Barkley, of Maghera, 
co. London derry ; b. 1835 ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1870; in B. C. S. 1857-87, memb. 
legisl. council of India 1883-4 ; a judge 
of chief court of Punjab, 1885-7 ; ret. 
1887, memb. board of intermediate educ, 
Ireland from 1892: Lahore, Annadale, 

Barkley, Henry Chas., s. of rev. J. C. 
Barkley, of Little Melton, Norfolk ; b. 
1837 ; to. 1866, Sara J. P., dau. of rev. J. 
Spurgeon, of Twyford, Norfolk; J.P. 
Glo'stershire: 6 Cricklade st. Cirencester, 

Barkly, sir Henry, g.c.m.g., k.c.b., 
8. of iEneas Barkly, Monteagle, Ross ; 
b. 1815 ; to. 1. dau. of J. F. Timins ; 2. 
I860, Anne M., dau. of late gen. sir T. 
Simson Pratt, K.c.B. ; m.p. (c.) Leomin- 
ster 1845-9, gov. of B. Guiana 1849, 
Jamaica 1853, Victoria 1856, Mauritius 
1863, of Cape 1870-6 : 1 Bina gdns. S. 
Kensington, S.W. ; Carlton club. 

Barkworth, Edmund, s. of Henry 
Barkworch, of Tranbv House, Hesole, E. 
Yorks ; b. 1859 ; to. 1890, Clara Adelaide, 
dau. of T. Maitland Reid,of Leckhampton, 
Gloucestershire; is J.P. Dorset: South 
House, Piddletrenthide, Dorchester. 

Barkworth, Thos., s. of late John 
Barkworch, of Tranby House, E. Yorks ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1868, Louisa, dau. of late Isaac 
Braithwaite,of Hookfield, Epsom ; is J.P. 
co. Glamorgan : Union club ; West 
Hatch, Chigwell, Essex. 

Barlee, lady. Jane, dau. of Edwd. J- 
Oseland, of Coleraine, Londonderry ; to. 
1851, sir Frederick Palgrave Barlee, 
K.C.m.g. (d. 1884). 

Barlow, bp., vide Queensland North. 

Barlow, Alex., s. of John Barlow, of 
i Haslingden, Lanes ; b. 1824 ; m. 1852, 
I Alice, dau. of Geo. Ramsbottom, of 
(Edenfield, Lanes; is j.p. (1895) Lan- 
cashire : The Mount, Edenfield, Bury, 

Barlow, Eustace Hepburn, eld. s. of 
lt.-col. Fredk. Barlow, of Hasketon, Suf- 
folk, J.P. ; b. 1855; J.P. (1892) W.R. 
Yorks : Conservative club ; Sigsworth, 
Pateley Bridge, Yorks. 

Barlow, Fredk., J.P.(1894) Northants: 
19 High st. Rothwell, Kettering, North- 

Barlow, lt.-col. Frederick, s. of rev. G. 
F. Barlow, of Burgh, Suffolk {d. 1850) ; 
b. 1823 ; j.p. Suffolk, hon. maj. Suffolk 
artill. mil. and late lt.-col. Suffolk R.V. : 
Hasketon Shrubbery, Woodbridge. 

Barlow, James, J.P. Lancashire : Croft 
House, 114 Blackburn rd. Accrington, 

Barlow, John Emmott, eld. s. of Thos. 
Barlow, of Torkington Lodge, Cheshire, 
and Bryn Eirias, N.Wales, J.P. ; b. 1857 ; 
to. 1895, hon. Anna M. H., sis. of 3 
baron Denman ; barr. Inner Temple 1884, 
partner in firm of T. Barlow and Brother, 
of Manchester and London,and of Barlow 
and Co., Calcutta, Shanghai and Singa- 
pore, merchants, j.p. (1886) Cheshire 
and (1895) Somerset, M.p. (L.) Somerset 
(Frome divn.) 1892-5 and from 1896: 
34 Draycott pi. Cadogan gdns. S.W. ; 
Brook's and Devonshire clubs ; Torking- 
ton Lodge, nr. Stockport. 

Barlow, John Robt., s.of Jas.Barlow.of 
Greenthorne ; b. 1852 ; is J.P. Lancashire : 
Greenthorne,Edgworth,nr.Bolton, Lines. 

Barlow, sir Richd. Wellesley, 4 bart. 
(1803), only s. of R. "W. Barlow, B.C.S. 
(d. 1839) and cousin of 3 bart. (d. 1889) ; 
b. 1836 ; to. I860, Annie C, dau. of late 
rev. J. W. Whiteside, vicar of Sear- 
borough; M.C.S. 1855-89, memb. legi a l. 
council Madras, 1885-89 : 1 Queen's 
Parade pi. Bath ; Conservative and 
Hyde Park clubs. 

Barlow, Thomas, youngest s. of John 
Barlow, of The Oak, Chorley, Cheshire 
{d. 1846) ; b. 1825 ; to. 1855, Mary Ann, 
dau. of Geo. Emtnoot, C.E., of Disley, 
Cheshire ; j.p. Cheshire, lord of the 
manor of Bradwall, and head of firms 
Thos. Barlow and Bro. of Manchester 
and London and Barlow and Co., China, 
Calcutta and Singapore : Torkington 
Lodge, nr. Stockport ; Bryn Eirias, 
Colwyn Bay, N. Wales. 

Barlow, Wm. Hy., f.r.s., f.r.s.e., 
past pres. Inst. C.E., s. of late prof. Bar- 
low, F.R.S., of r.M.a. Woolwich; to. dau. 


of late W. Caffin, Eoyal Arsenal, Wool- 
wich ; It. -col. (hon. col. 18 ) Eng., and 
Railway vol. staff corps from 1865 : High 
Combe, Old Charlton. 

Barlow, gen. "William Jas. Pratt, 
eld. survg. s. of late capt. Thos. Piatt 
Barlow, of Bath ; b. 1827 ; to. 1855, Ade- 
laide M., dau. of late capt. John Fisher. 
H.E.I.C.S.; gen. 1894, I.S.C.; on U.S. list 
1890 : 4 Park st. Bath. 

Barlow, Wm. Wycliffe, M.A. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Wm. Barlow, of Ardwick. 
Lanes. ; b. 1853 ; to. 1884, Emily, 2 dau. of 
Jas. Jardine, of Alderley Edge, J.P., D.L.: 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1883, J. p. Cheshire : 
Tan-y-B^-n, Colwyn Bay, N. "Wales. 

Ba'rlow-Massicks,Thos.; &.1832 j.p. 
Cumberland : Constitutional club ; The 
Oriks, Millom, Cumberland. 

Barnaby, sir Nathaniel, K.c.B. ; b. 
1829 ; chf. naval architect 1872, director 
of naval constrn. 1876-85, v.p. Inst, of 
naval architects : Moray House, Lee, S.E. 

Barnard, vide Cary-Barnard. 

Barnard, lord (9 baron 1698, Eng.). 
Henry de Vere Yane, eld. s. of sir H. M. 
Vane {d. 1886) ; b. 1854 ; to. 1881, lady 
Catherine S., 4 dau. of 3 marq. of Exeter, 
b. 1861 ; b.a. Oxon., barr. Inner Temple, 
1879: d.l., Durham,lt.3 battn.(miL) 
Northants regt. 1876-84 ; sue. his kins- 
man, 4 and last duke of Cleveland, K.G., 
in barony of Barnard 1891 : Brooks's and 
Oxford and Cambridge clubs ; Baby 
Castle, Darlington. 

Barnard, geu.sir Chas.Loudon, r.m.a., 
K.C.B., s. of late adm. E.Barnard ; b. 1823 ; 
to. 1858, Julia, dau. of capt. N. Edwards, 
U.N.; served on coast of Syria 1840-1. 
S.E. America 1844-8; in China 1859-60, 
at capture of Taku forts and Pekin, ret. 
list 1888, j.p. Monmouthshire : United 
Servic- club ; Castle House, Usk, Mon- 

Barnard, major Christopher John, 
s. of J. Barnard, of Notcliffe House, j.p. 
(d. 1874); b. 1833; to. 1868, Constance 
E., dau. of maj.-gen. Chichester ; major 
late 4 W. I. foot and Cape Mounted rif.: 
ham ; Whitefield Court, Tewkesbury. 

Barnard, Herbert, f.s.a., s. of John 
Barnard, of Ham, Surrey; b. 1831; m. 
1854, Ellen, dau. of Wm. Wyndham, of 
Dinton, Wilts ; j.p. Surrey and Middle- 
Bex : 23 Portland pi. W. ; Burrows Lea, 
Shere, Surrey 

Barnard, brig.-gen. John Henry, c.B., 
<\M.'..,s. of J.W. Barnard, m.d. ; b. 1846 ;' 
to.1885, Emily .only dau.of Wm.H.Sheild, 
of Gilfach. Pembrokeshire; served in 19 
regt. in Hazara campaign 1868 ; as a 

volunteer under capt. Glover, R.N., in 
Ashanti war 1873-4 : Afghan war 1879- 
80 ; Soudan expdn. 1885, lt.-col. (bt.-col. 
1890)R.Munsterfus. (104 foot) 1889-94, 
col. commdg. 101 regtl. dist. (Tralee) 
1894-6. brig.-gen. commdg. 2 class dist. 
in India from 1896, a.d.c. to the Queen 
from 1890 : Mandalay, Burma ; United 
Service club. 

Barnard, Thomas, s. of late Thos. 
Barnard, of Bedford ; 6. 1830 ; to. 185!"', 
Isabella H. T. youngest dau. of late H. 
L. Long, of Hampton Lodge, Surrey : 
M.P. (L.) Bedford 1857-9, D.L., j.p. Beds : 
Brooks' and Reform clubs ; Cople House, 
nr. Bedford. 

Barnard, Thos Henry, eld. s. of Thos. 
Barnard, of Bedford, D.I,., J.P. ; b. 1866 ; 
j.p. Beds : Cople House, nr. Bedford. 

Barnard, maj.-gen. Wm. Osborne, 
8. of late Ceo. Barnard, of Cross Deep, 
Twickenham ; b. 1838; to 1872, Isabella, 
dau. of Fras. Tucker, of 11 Dorset sq. ; in 
96 regt. 1856-86, commd. 53 regtl. dist. 
1887-8. brig.gen. commdg. Nerbudda dist. 
Bengal 1888*93,commdg.troops, Mauritius 
1895-6, maj.-gen. commdg. 2 inf. brig. 
Aldershot from 1896 : Aldershot ; Army 
and Xavy and United Service clubs. 

Barnardiston, col. Nathl., 8. of Nathl. 
Clarke Barnardiston, of The Ryes, Suf- 
folk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1883) ; b. 1832 ; to. 1858, 
lady Florence, dau. of 4 earl of Dart- 
mouth, b. 1838 : late 27 foot, j.p. Essex. 
D.ti.,J.P. Suffolk ; chm. quart. sess.(from 
1876) and of C.C. (from 1889) for "W.Suf- 
folk, brig.-commdg. Harwich vol. inf. 
brig, from 1890 : Jun. United Serv : ce 
club ; The Ryes, near Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Barnardiston. maj. Nathl. "Walter, 
eld. s. of col. Nathl. Barnardiston, of The 
Ryes, Suffolk, d.l., j.p. by dau. of 4 earl 
of' Dartmouth ; b. 1858; to. 1892, Sarah, 
Hall, 3 dau. of late D. R. Floyd-Jones, 
of Fort Neck House, Long Island, U.S.A. 
and formerly It. -gov. of New York ; j.p. 
Suffolk, ma*j. Middlx. regt. from 1896, 
adjt. 2 battn. 1882-6. a.d.c. to gov. of 
Bermuda (sir E. N. Newdegate, k.c.b.) 
1889-92. d.a.a.g. at Colchester from 
1894 ; Naval and Military club ; The 
Ryes, nr. Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Barnardiston, vice-adml. Thomas, 8. 
of late N. C. Barnardiston, of The Rves, 
Sudbury, Suffolk ; b. 1833 ; to. 1864, 
Lucy Mary, dau. of late adm. Chas. 
Wise ; in Burmese war 1852-3 ; Baltic 
1854-5 ; Abyssinian expdn. 1868 ; ret. 
list 1891: United Service club. 

Baraby. lady. Edith Mary, dau. of 
lt.-col. J. W. Silverthorne, D.L., j.p., of 5 
St. George's sq. S.W. ; to. 1878. sir Joseph 



Barnby, knt., principal of Guildhall 
School of Music 1892-G (d. 1896) : 9 St. 
George's sq. S.W. 
Barne, col. Frederick St. John Newde- 

fate, eld. s. of Frederick Barne, Sotterley 
ark, Wangford, m.p., j.p., d.l. (d. 1886) ; 
b. 1842 ; to. lady Constance, dau. of 5 
marq. of Hertford, b. 1852 ; lt.-col. late 
Scots gds.. j.p. Suffolk (sheriff 1892) ; 
M.l\ (C) E. Suffolk 1876-85 : Carlton 
club ; Sotterley Hall, Wangford ; Grey 
Friars, Dunwich, Saxmundham ; May 
Place. Cr.iyford, Kent. 

Barneby. Richard Hick*, 2 but eld. 
survg. s. of Wm. Hy.Barneby,of Breden- 
bury Court, Herefordshire, d.l., J.p., by 3 
dau. of late Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8 
bart.,M.P. ; b 1875 ; j.p. (1896) Hereford- 
shire : Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 

Barneby, Wm. Hy., s. of late J. 
Barneby, m.p. ; to. 1865, Alice Mary, 3 
dau. of late sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8 
bart., M.P.; d.L.,j.p. Herefordshire (sheriff 
1881): Bredenbury Court, Bromyard; 
Bartestree, Hereford ; Carlton, Naval and 
Military, and Jun. Carlton clubs. 

Barneby, Wm. Theodore, eld. s. of W. 
Barneby, of Saltmarshe Castle and 
Clater Park. Herefordshire, D.L., J.P. {d. 
1895) ; b. 1873 ; J.P. (1896) Herefordshire : 
Saltmarshe Castle, Worcester (railway 
station and telegraph office, Bromyard). 

Barnes, Albert Wm. Still, s. of Keith 
Barnes, of Portland place, W. ; b. 1838 ; 
j.p. Hants. : St. < Catherine's, Cathering- 
ton, Horndean R.S.O. Hants. 

Barnes, Alfred, youngest 8. of late 
John Gorell Barnes, of Ashgate, Derby- 
shire ; b. 1823 ; to. 1854, Charlotte, young- 
est dau. of late Thomas Wilson, of Liver- 
pool : D.L., j.p. Derbyshire, coal owner in 
Derbyshire, m.p. (l.) E. Derbyshire 1880- 
5, Chesterfield divn. 1885-6, and (i,.c.) 
1886-92: 105 Pall Mall, S.W. ; Ashgate 
Lodge, Chesterfield. 

Barnes, mij.-gen. Ardley Henry Fal- 
wasser, B.M.I-.!.; 6.1837; to. 1869, A. 
W. Maria, eld. dau. of late rev. T. L. J. 
Sunderland, m. a., of Ravensden Grange, 
Beds, and Coley. Yorks ; served in Cuina 
war 1856-8, in operations in Canton river 
and Fatsham creek, maj.-gen. R.M.l.i. 
from 1888 : Bury rd Alverstoke. 

Barnes, Arthur Gorell, M.A.Cmtab. 
eld. s. of Alfred Barnes, of Ashgate 
Lod^e, Derbyshire, m.p., d.l., j.p. ; b. 
1855; to. 1891, Everildi M., 5 dau. of 
Henry F. Beaumont of Whitley Beau- 
mont, Yorks, m.p. ; J.p. Derbyshire, 
capt. (hon. maj. 1892), 3 battn. (mil.) 
Derbyshire regt. 1877-93 : Reform club ; 
Tupton Hall, Chesterfield. 

Barnes, Chas. Augustus, eld. s. of J 
Barnes, of Chorleywood House, Rick- 
mansworth (d. 1865); b. 1830; m. 
Rowena F. M., dau. of late Geo. De 
Bosco Attwood; j.p. Herts : Solesbridge, 
Chorley Wood, Herts. 

Barnes, E. Wilson, m.a. Cantab, only 
s. of late Edmund Barnes ; 6.1855; to. 
1881, Evelyn M., eld. dau. of rev. R. K. 
Bolton, rect. of Newbold ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1880, j.p. Derbyshire and Notts : 
Glapwell Hall, Mansfield, Notts. 

Barnes, Fras.Edwd. s.of Wm.Barnes, 
of Forest Hill, Kent ; b. 1841 ; m. 1864, 
Elizabeth E. dau. of Edwin Denham, of 
Guernsey ; j.p. Surrey : Normanton, 
Re-gate Heath, Surrey. 

Barnes, Freda Gorell, M.A. Cantab., 
P.u.G.S., only survg. s. of late Chas. 
Barnes, of Mossley Hill, Lanc3., j.p. ; 
b. 1856 ; to. 1894, Caroline Anne Roper, 
oily cai. of sir Roper Lethbridge, 
k.c.i.k. ; barr. Inner Temple 1885, m.p. 
(c.) N. E. Kent from 1895 : 19 Bramham 
gin-!., S.W. ; Carlton, Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Garrick clubs ; Dadmans, 
Lynsted, Sittingbourne, Kent. 

Barnes, Fredk. Dallas, youngest s. of 
late Wm. Geo. Barnes, of Blackheath, 
Kent; b. 1843; to. 1865, Marion, eld. 
dau. of 1 ite Henry Barnes, of Faversham, 
Kent ; one of H. M.'s lieutenants for the 
City of London, j.p. Kent : Reform 
club ; Boughton, Bickley, Kent; Hartley 
Manor, Longfield, Kent. 

Barnes, Henry, M.D., F.R.B.E., p. of 
Joseph Barnes, of Aikton, Cumberland ; 
b. 1842; to. 1873, Emily Mary, dau. of 
Thos. Barnes, of Bolton Lancashire ; 
j.p. Cumberland and Carlisle ; v. p. 
(formerly Pres.) Border Counties branch 
of Brit. Med. Assoc, pres. Brit. Med. 
Assoc. : 6 Portland sq. Carlisle. 

Barnes, Herbert, solicitor to public 
works loan board : Hillside, Caterham 

Barnes. Jamc, J.P. Monmouthshire : 
Tyrvwen House, Nant-y-Glo R.S.O. Mon. 

Barnes, Jas. Richardson, onlys. of T. 
B irnes, of Farnworth, Lanes, and The 
Quinta, Chirk, Ruabon, D.L., J.P. ; b. 
1839 ; to. 1864, Ellen, 2 dau. of late J. 
Cheetham, Eastwood, Cheshire ; J.P. 
Oswestry, Denbighshire and Salop ; maj. 
Denbighsh. yeom. 1857-86, ret. 1886 with 
rank of lt.-col. : Reform club ; Brookside, 
Chirk, Ruabon. 

Barnes, maj.-gen. Jas. Whittaker, 
served in Kaffir war 1846-7 ; with 73 
regt. in Kaffir war 1850-1 ; Indian mutiny 
campaign 1858-9, and ret. from commd. 
of regt. July,1882 ; commd. 41 regtl.dist. 



(Welsh regt.) 1882-5, ret. on pens. 1885 : 
Constitutional club. 

Barnes, John Edwd.. m.r.C.S. Eng., 
J.P. Suffolk : Clare R.S.O. Suffolk. 

Barnes, sir John Gorell, m.a. Can- 
tab, eld. s. of late Hy. Barnes, of Liver- 
pool ; b. 1849 ; to. 1881, Mary H., eld. 
dan. of l*te Thos. Mitchell, of West 
Athurlie ; barr. Inner Temple 1876, 
bencher 1896, Q.C 1888, a justice of high 
court of justice (probate, divorce and 
admiralty divn.) from 1892, knighted 
1892 : 14 Kensington Park gdns. W. ; 
Lambbldg. Temple, E.C. 

Barnes, col. Osmond, C.B., served in 
Indian mutiny, 1857-9 ; Abyssinian cam- 
paign, 1868; Afghan war. 1878-9 ; with 
Zhob Valley expdn. 1884, I.S.C. 

Barnes.Robt.,M.D.,late censor of r.c.p.: 
consultg. obstetric physn. of St. George's 
hosp. and Seamen's hosp. Dreadnougut ; 
past pres. of Hunterian Soc. and of 
Obstetrical Soc. ; hon. pres. of Brit. 
Gynaecological Soc. and of Glasgow 
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Soc. &c. : 
Conservative club ; Lingwood, Lyss, 

Barnes, Thomas, 2 s. of late J. R. 
Barnes ; b. 1812 ; m. Ann {d. 1880), dau. 
of late W. Richardson : J.P. Denbigh- 
shire, d.l.,j.p. Lancashire : Reform club; 
The Quinta, nr. Chirk, Ruabon, N. 
Wales ; Limefield, Farnworth, Bolton. 

Barnes, Thos. Kay, only s. of John 
Barnes, of Bunker's Hill, Cumberland, 
J.P. (d. 1896) ; b. 1872 : Banker's Hill, Car- 

Barnett. Charles Edward, eld. s. of 
Chas. Geo.Barnett, of Sunninghill, Berks, 
J.P.(dl895); b. 1848 ; to. 1872,hon. Augusta 
R., dau. of 1 baron Ormathwaite : Edge 
Grove, Watford, Hens. 

Barnett, Geo. Alfred, c.i.e., e. of 
Barnett; b. 18 ;* m. 1, dau. of W. 
Steer ; 2, 1878, Emma, dau. of W. Bur- 
nett ; 3, 1890. Elizabeth M., only dan. 
(d. 1894) of late T. W. J. Forwood, of 
Tiverton, Devon ; age .t to Gt. Indian 
Peninsular Railway from 18 : Breach 
Candy, Bombay. 

Barnett, Frank Hy.. eld. s. of H. 
Barnett, of Glympton, Oxon, M.p., d.l., 
J.P. {d. 1896) ; b. 1850 ; to. 1878, Frances 
M.,eld. dau.of late Henry Tudor 'Davie*. : 
Jun. Carlton club; Glympton Park, 

Barnett, maj.-gen. Henry Crosby 
Barry, served with Burmese expdn. 1887, 
maj.-gen. I. S. C. on u.s. li-t from 1892 : 
32 Redcliffe gdns. S.W. 

Barnett, Thomas, Knighton Grange, 
nr. Chichester. 

Barnett, William David, j.p. Essex. 

Bamewall, sir Reginald Aylmer. 10 
bart. (1622), onlv child of 9 bart. ( 
1838) ; b. 1838 : 23 Cliveden pi. Eaton sq. 
S.W. ; St. James's, Brooks's, Wellington, 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Barnewall, hon. Annie, b. 18 ; hon. 
Cecilia, b. 18 ; hon. Marcella, b. 18 ; 
hon. Margaret, b. 18 ; sis. of 18 baron 
Triralestown : 6 Mount St. cres. Dublin. 

Barnewall, hon. Ivy Esmay Myee, b. 
1890 ; hon. Marcella Hilda Charlotte, 6. 
1893 ; Letitia Anne Margaret, 6. 1895 ; 
daus. of 18 baron Trimlestown. 

Barns, vide Graham-Barns-Graham. 

Barns, Thos., s. of Amos Barns, of 
Tillworth House, Devon ; b. 1814 : to. 
1845, Jane P. L., dau. of rev. Morgan 
Williams, of Bath : J.P. Devon : Till- 
worth House. Hawkchurch, Axminster. 

Barnsley, John. eld. s. of Thos. Barns- 
ley, of Edgbaston, Warwickshire ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1882, Ellen Rutherford, dau. of 
late Robt. Davis, of Wandsworth, Sur- 
rey, J.P. ; is j.p. (1895) Warwickshire, 
maj. 1 vol. battn. R. Warwick regt. from 
1893 : Earlsfield, Woodbourne rd. Edg- 
baston, Birmingham. 

Barnstaple, archdeacon of (Ex.), 
vide ven. Albert E. Seymour. 

Barnston, Harry, b.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
s. of maj. Wm. Barnston, of Crewe Hill. 
J.P. (d. 1872) : b. 1870 ; lord of manor of 
Farndon, 2 It. Cheshire yeom. from 1894 : 
Crewe Hill, Farndon, Cheshire 

Baron, John, s. of late Jas. Baron, of 
Rochdale; b. 182."); m. 1852. Margaret 
Petrie, dau. of Samuel Standring, of 
Rochdale; is j.p. Lancashire : Lark Hill, 

Barr, lt.-col. David Wm. Keith, C..--.T., 
served in Abyssinian cunpaigu 1868, 
I.S.C., agent to the gov.-gen. in Central 
India from 1894. 

Barr, John, s. of John Barr, of 
Campsee, Stirlingshire ; b. 1852 ; to. 1894, 
Kate, dar.. of John McAdam, of Bridge 
of Weir ; is j.p. (1895) Derbyshire : 
Dinting Lodge, Glossop. 

Barr, John, s. of Samuel Barr, of Cler- 
mont, co. Tyrone J.P. ; b. 1853 ; to. 1875, 
Minnie, dau. of Geo. Hewson Appleby, 
of Scarborough ; J. P. (1893) Laucushire : 
Willow Grange, Rishton, Lanes. 

Barran, Chas.. s. of sir John Barran, 
1 bart., of Chapel Allerton, Yorks, m.p. ; 
b. 1819 ; m. 1876, Louisa A. dau. of late 
John McNab, of Midton House, Renfrew- 
shire; J.P. (1894) Devon: Berry House, 
Berry Pomeroy, Totnes. Devon. 

Barran, sir John, 1 bart. (1895), s. of 
John Barran, of New Wandsworth, Sur- 



rey ; b. 1821 ; m. 1, 1842, Ann, dau. of 
M. Hirst, Leeds ; 2, 1878, Eliza, widow 
of J. Bilton ; partner in John Barran & 
Sons, Leeds ; j.p. "W. K. Yorks, m.p. (l.) 
Leeds 1876-85, East divsn. W. R. Yorks 
(Otley divsn.) 1886-95: 24 Queen's 
gate, S.W. ; Reform club; Chapel Aller- 
ton Hall, nr. Leeds. 

Barratt, vide Layland-Barratt. 

Barratt, Jas. Wm. Hy., 2 s. of Wm. 
Barratt, of Holly How, Coniston, Lan- 
caster, J.P.((/.1881); 6.1850; m. 1880, Mar- 
garet.dau.of Geo.Petherick,of Porthp^an 
House, St. Austell, Cornwall ; J.P. Lanca- 
shire : Constitutional club ; Holywath, 
Coniston R.S.O. Lanes. 

Barratt, Wm. Isaac, youngest s. of late 
Win. Barratt, of Coniston, Lancashire; 
6. 1855 ; m. 1882, Ethel, youngest dau. of 
late J. Wood, of Manchester ; J.P. (1886) 
Cumberland and (1898) Lancashire : 
Broom Hill. Broughton-in-Furness. 

Barrell, Geo. Fras.. eld. s. of Wm. Bar- 
rell, of Spalding, Lines; b. 1833; m. 1, 
1856, Harriette, dau. of R. B. Lavender, 
of Spalding, Lines. ; 2, 1865, Elizabeth, 
dau. of R. Freeman, of Southwark, S.E. ; 
3, 1874, Jeanette, dau. of A. H. Gibbins, 
of Boston, Lines. ; chm. of Holland c.c. 
1889-91-92, j.p. (1894) county of parts of 
Holland, Lines : National Liberal club ; 
Mcrcia Lodge, The Parks, Spalding. 

Barrett. Chas. Rollo, s. of Samuel 
Goodin Barrett, of Heighington, co. Dur- 
ham ; 6. 1854 ; m. 1882, Mary Delraar, 
dau. of Alfred Barry, of S'-venoaks, 
KeDt; is j.p. co. Durham: Whitehall 
Hall, Chester-le-Street. 

Barrett, Hemy John, s. of Ashley 
Barrett, of Jessops, Essex; b. 1824; m. 
1892, lady Maud E. Gundreda, 2 dau. of 
9 earl of Cavan, b. 1869 : Swakeleys, Ux- 
bridge, Middlesex. 

Barrett, lt.-gen. John : ret. f. p. 1880. 

Barrett. John Chalk, s. of John Chalk 
Barrett, of Leeds ; b. 1842 ; m. 1868, 
Henrietta, dau. of John McCormick, of 
Stradbrook House, Blackrock, co. Dublin; 
J.P. (1893) Lancashire : National Liberal 
club ; Errismore, Birkdale, Southport, 

Barrett, Louis A rthur, eld. survg. s. of 
J. B. Barrett, of Milton, Berks, J. P. (d. 
1886) ; 0. 1869 : Milton House, Steventon 
R.S.O. Berks. 

Barrett, maj.-gen. Richd. Doyle, s. of 
rnaj. Barrett, 19 regt. and depot battn. ; 
b. 1830 ; m. 1875, dau. of Tuos. Ottiwell 
Moore, of Barnadown, co. Wexford ; 
served in Crimea 1854-5, with 19 regt. at 
Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman and Sebas- 
topol, 5 class Medjidie ; ret. p. 1887 : 

8 Eastcombe villas, Blackheath, S. E. ; 
Naval and Military club. 

Barrett, Robt. Bell, youngest s. of 
late capt.Barre t, of Heighington House, 
co. Durham ; 6. 18 ; m. 1893, Frances 
M., youngest dau. of late Wm. Robinson, 
of Reedley Hall, Burnley ; J.P. West- 
morland : Badminton club ; Skipton Cas- 
tle, Skipton, Yorks. 

Barrett, Thos. Law rence, 2 s. of Henry 
Barrett, of Chelsea, Middx ; 6. 1841 ; m. 
1863, 2 dan. of Wm. Adams, of Milton, 
Cambridgeshire; J.P. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : Long Causeway, Peterborough- 
Barrett, rev. TufneU Samuel, M.A. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon., s. of T. C. Barrett, of 
Shorne, Kent (d. 1856) ; b. 1833 ; m. 1857, 
dau. of F. Cowper, Carleton Hall, Cumber- 
land; vicar of Barrow-in-Furness, Lanca- 
shire, 1861-78 ; j.p. Kent : Oxford and 
Cambridge club ; Court Lodge, Shorne, 
nr. Gravesend ; The Rectory, Teversal, 
Mansfield, Notts. 

Barrett, William, s. of G. Barrett, of 
North Curry ; b. 1824 ; m. 1861, Charlotte 
Maria Herring, dau. of Wm. Wheaton 
Chard of Mount Tamer, Plymouth ; D.L., 
j.p. Somerset (sheriff 1892), patron of 1 
living : Conservative club ; Moredon, 
North Curry, Taunton, Somerset. 

Barrett, Wm., jun., eld. s. of Wm. 
Barrett, of North Curry, Somerset, j.p. ; 
b. 1863; J.P. Somerset, capt. (hon. maj. 
189) W. Somerset yeom. from 1892 : 
Moredon, North Curry, Taunton. 

Barrett, Wm. Scott, s. of late J. C. 
Barrett, of Leeds; 6. 1843; m. 1869, 
Juliv L., youngest dau. of late rev. A. A. 
Colvile, of Livermere, Suffolk ; is J.P. 
and C. a. for Lancashire : National Liberal 
club ; Abbotsgate. Huyton, Lanes. 

Barrett, mrs. Ellen, dau. of J. Box ; 
m. 18 , John Basil Barrett, of Milton 
House, Berks, J.P. (d. 1886) ; lady of the 
manor of Milton : Milton House, Steven- 
ton R.S.O. Berks. 

Barrett-Hamilton.capt. Samuel, only 
s. of Hill Hamilton Barrett, of Dublin 
(d. 1872) ; b. 1838 ; 1, 1865, Alexina, eld. 
dau. of late Jas. Lyall, of Earnock, co. 
Lanark ; 2, 1870, Laura E., 4 dau. of 
Childers H. Thompson, of The Mount, 
York ; late capt. 3 and 14 huss.. j.p. co. 
Wexford (sheriff 1886-7), assumed by 
royal licence addtl. name of Hamilton 
1887 : Jun. United Service, and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs ; Kilmanock House, 
New Ross, co. Wexford. 

Barringrton,tVie Kennett-Barrington. 

Barrington, 8 vise. (1720, ir.), Percy 
Barrington, 2 s. of 6 vise. (d. 1867) and 
bro. of 7 vise. {d. 1886) ; b. 1825 ; nt. only 


dau. and heir (d. 1884) of Tully Higgms ; 
sits as baron Shute (1880, U.K.) ; d.l. 
Oxon, J.P. Northants, Be<ks and Bucks 
(sheriff, 1861) : lare It. Scots gds. ; hon. 
col. I Bucks R. V. 1880-91 : 42 Half moon 
st. Mayfair. W. ; Carlton and Travellers' 
clubs ; Beckett, Shrivenham R.S.O. Berks. 
Barringrton, hon. Bernard Eric E., 
c.B., s. of 6 rise. Barrington ; b. 1847 ; m. 
1879, Christina, youngest dau. of late 
Wm.Graham : clerk in foreign office, priv. 
sec. to pari, und.-sec. for foreign aff. 
(A. J. Otwayand vise. Enfield) 1G'.-. 4. 
precis writer to foreign sec. (earl of 
Derbv) 1874-8, and to marq. of Salis- 
bury "1878-80, and priv. sec. 1885-6. 1887- 
92, and from 1895 ; actg. 2 sec. of embassy 
in diplom. service abroad in 1878 : 62 
Cadogan pi. S.W. ; St. James's and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Barringrton, sir Chas. Burton, 5 bart. 
(1831), M.a. Dublin, eld. s. of 4 bare. {d. 
1890) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1895, Mary R., dau. 
of late Sir Hy. Hickman Bacon. 10 and 
11 bart. premier bart. of England; is 
P.L., J.P. co. Limerick (sheriff 1878) : 
Glenstal, Castle Murroe, Limerick. 

Barrington. Chas. Geo., c.B., only s. of 
capt. hon. Geo. Barrington,R.x. (d. 1835), 
by 3 dau. of 2 earl Grey ; b. 1827 ; auditor 
of the civil list and assist, sec. Treasury 
1848-88, gentleman usher of Red rod, 
order of ttie Bath from 1861 : 1 Edin- 
burgh mansions, Victoria st. S.W. ; Turf, 
Travellers' and Wellington clubs. 

Barringrton, rev. canon the hon. Low- 
ther John, s " of 5 vise. Barrington ; b. 
1805 ; m. dau. (d. 1885) of 2 earl of Chi- 
chester ; m.a. Oxon, hon. canon of St. Al- 
bans from 1868 : rect. of Watton, Herts, 
1850-87 : 57 Stanhope gdns. S.W. 

Barring-ton, hon. Walter Bulkeley, 
only 8. of 8 vise. Barrington, by only dau. 
and heir of Tully Higgins : 6. 1848 ; m. 
1870, Mary I., 2 dau. of rev. R. Bogue, 
rect. of Denbury, S. Devon ; d.l., j.p. 
Berks, j.p.Northants and Berks : Carlton 
and Travellers' clubs ; Beckett House, 
Shrivenham R.S.O. Berks. 

Barring-ton, hon. Wm. Augustus C, 
s. of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1842 : charge 
d'affaires in Peru 1884-5, sec. of lega- 
tion at Copenhagen 1885-6, consul-gen. 
for Hungary 1886-8, sec. to H.M.'s em- 
bassy at Madrid 1888-92,at Vienna 1892-6, 
envoy extrady. and min. plenipo. to 
Argentine Republic and min. plenipo. to 
the Republic of Paraguay from 1896 : 
British Legation, Buenos Ayres ; Travel- 
lers', Turf, St. James's aud Bachelors' 

Barring-ton, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Henry Darlev ; m. 1859, sir 
Wm. H. Barrington, 3 bart. (of. 1872). 

Barringrton, lady. Elizabeth, dau. of 
late Jonathan Pirn, Dublin ; m. 1848, sir 
John Barrington, d.l., j.p., lord mayor of 
Dublin 1865 and 1879 (d. 1887) : Campan- 
ella, Killiney, co. Dublin. 

Barring-ton, hon. Florence, dau. of 7 
vise. Barrington ; b. 1850. 

Barringrton, hon. mrs. Henry. Mary 
G.. dau. of late col. Wright-Knox ; m. 
1848. hon. Henry Fredk. A. A. Barring- 
ton d. 1882). 

Barringrton, Isabel E., viscountess, 
only,child of John Morritt, of Rokeby 
Park Yorks ; m. 1846, 7 vise. Barrington 
(<U886): 39 Devonshire pl.Portlandpl.W. 
Barron, Geo. Bretherton, m.d. Aber- 
deen, eld. s. of Wm. Barron, of Tarleton ; 
J.P. Lancashire : Constitutional club ; 
Summerseat, Southport. 

Barron, sir Henry Page Turner, 2 
bart. (1841), C.M.G., only s. of 1 bart. if. P. 
(d. 1872); b. 1824; "sec. of legn. at 
Brussels 1871-83, H. M.'s min. res. at 
Stuttgart 1883-90 : St. James's and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Barrow, It. - col. Arthur Fredk., 
C.M.ti., D.s.o., emplyd. on settlement of 
Afghan frontier 1885-6 ; It. -col. I.S.C. 
from 1895. 

Barrow, Bridgman Langdale, 3 s. of 
R. Bridgman Barrow, of Sydnope Hall 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1844 ; ro.l880,Jane Margaret, 
eld. dau. of C. H. Oakes, Holly Hurst, 
Biddings, Derbyshire : j.p. Derbyshire : 
Sydnope Hall, near Matlock. 

Barrow, maj.-gen. De Symons, s. of 
S. Barrow, of Bath ; b. 1823 ; m. 1849, 
Mary E.. dau. of J. Honey, of CaledoD, 
Cape of Good Hope ; ret. f. p. 1880, as 
lt.-col. M. S. C, late insp.-gen. Oudh 
police : Langton House, Charlton Kings, 
nr. Cheltenham. 

Barrow, Fras. Lawrence John, only 
s. of sir John Croker Barrow. 3 bart. ; b. 
1862 : //<. 1890, Winifrid S.. 2 dau. of late 
Win.C.Steward,of Cartgate,Whitehaven : 
18 Melrose terr. West Kensington, W. 

Barrow, James, only s. of late Samuel 
Barrow, of Seaforth, Lanes ; b. 1831 ; m. 
1858, Sarah Ann, eld. dau. of John John- 
ston, M.B.C.S., of Liverpool; J.P. Lanca- 
shire : 7 Beach Lawn, Waterloo, Liver- 
pool ; Devonshire club. 

Barrow, lt.-col. Jn..v.D..F.R.s.,F.R.G.S., 
f.s.a., 2 s. of late sir John Barrow, 1 
bart., of Ulverston, Lancashire ; b. 1808; 
served 24 years in vol. force, having 
joined from its formation ; formerly 
keeper or records at Admiralty ; 



took a leading part in promoting search 
for sir John Franklin ; author of 
Travels in North of Europe," "Visit to 
Iceland," " Expeditions on the Glaciers," 
including ascents of Mont Blanc, Monte 
Rosa, Col du Geant, etc. : 17 Hanover 
terr. Regent's Park, N.W. ; Athenaeum 
and Alpine clubs ; Kingham, Chipping 

Barrow, John Burton, m.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of J. J. Barrow, of Ringwood 
Hall, co. Derby ; b. 1855 ; m. 1876, 
Helen J. A., dau. of rev. J. D. Mac- 
farlane barr. Lincoln's Inn 1879 ; J. p.; 
Derbyshire : 2 Temple gdns. E.C. ; Jun. 
Carlton club ; Ringwood Hall. Stave- 
ley, Chasterfield. 

Barrow, sir John Croker, 3 bart. 
(1835), eld. s. of 2 bart. (d. 1876) ; b. 
1833 ; m. 1857, Emily, dau. of late Na- 
thaniel Merriman, M.D. Kensington : M.A. 
Oxon, barr. Lincoln's inn 1869, J. P. Kent, 
Ramsgate and Cinque Ports : Eagle 
Lodge, Ramsgate. 

Barrow, John James, J.P. Derby- 
shire : St. Stephen's club ; Holmewood, 
Langton, Tunbridge Wells. 

Barrow, Reuben Vincent, f.r.g.S., s. 
of John Barrow, of Bermondsey, S.E. ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1859, Mary A., dau. of Edwd. 
Aggett, of Adelaide, S. Australia; J.P. 
Surrey and London, an aldm. of Croy- 
don, M.P. (L.) Southwark (Bermondsey 
divn.) 1892-5: Engadine, 9 Park Hill 
r 1. Croydon ; St. Thomas st. Southwark, 
S.E. ; Reform, National Liberal and City 
Liberal clubs. 

Barrow, Thos. Samuel Lloyd-, M.D., 
eld. s. of T. Waller Barrow, insp.-gen. 
of army hosp. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1868, 
Catherine M., dau. of Geo. Rees Be van, 
of Pengay, Carmarthenshire, and niece 
and co-heir of D.Watkins Lloyd, of Aber- 
llech Hall ; brig. surg. army med. staff 
ret., served with 4 drag. gds. in Egyptian 
war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir and capture of 
Cairo, assumed additl. name of Lloyd, 
1882.J.P. co. Brecknock : ArmyandNavy 
club ; Barrodene, Weymouth ; Aberllech 
Hall, Breconshire. 

Barrow, insp.-gen. Thos. Waller, 
M.R.C.S. Eng., s. of late John Barrow, of 
Da vies st . Berkeley sq.W. ; b. 1817 ; served 
in S. Mahratta campaign 1844, Kaffir 
war, 1852-3, Crimea, 1855-6, ret. 1868 as 
hon. insp.-gen. : 5 Nightingale pi., The 
Common, Woolwich. 

Barrow,lady. Rosamond, dau. of W. 
Pennell, consul-gen. in Brazil, niece and 
adopted dau. of late rt. hon. J. Wilson 
Croker ; m. 1832, sir George Barrow, 
c.m.g., 2 bart. (d. 1876) : Ulverton Cot- 

tage, Kent rd. East Molesey, Kingston- 

Barrow-in-Furness, bp. of. rt. rev. 
Henry Ware, D.D., m.a. Cantab, Fell. 
Trin. Coll. 1855-62, s. of Martin Ware, of 
Tilford, Surrey; b. 1830; m. 1, 1865, 
Elizabeth S., dan. (d. 1884) of E. G. 
Hornby, of Dalton Hall, Burton, West- 
morland ; 2, Ellen K., dau. of bp. (Good- 
win) of Carlisle ; vicar of Kirkby -Lons- 
dale with Lupton 1862-88, canon of 
Carlisle 1879-83 and from 1888, bp. suf- 
fragan of Barrow-in-Furness(f or Carlisle) 
from 1889 : The Abbey, Carlisle; How 
Foot, Grasmere. 

Barrows, Clement Herbert, 3 8. of 
Joseph Barrows, of Himley.Staffs.J.P. ; b. 
1864; J.P. (1894) Staffordshire: Bloom- 
field, Tipton, Staffs. 

Barrows, Fredk. Welch, 5 s. of 
Joseph Barrows, of The Poplars, Yard- 
ley, Worcs, J.P. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1864, dau. 
of J. T. Thomas, of Wvnols Hill, Cole- 
ford, Glos. ; J.P. (1896) "and C.C. Staffs : 
Dean Court, Handsworth Wood, Bir- 

Barrows, Joseph, j.p. (1868) Staffs: 
The Limes, Himley, Dudley, Worcs. 

Barrows. Joseph, eld. s. of Joseph Bar- 
rows, J.P. Worcestershire, of Birming- 
ham ; b. 1831 ; m. 1870, Sarah Margaret, 
dau. of Chas. Edge, of Edgbaston, co. 
Warwick ; is J.p. (1895) Warwickshire 
and (1890) City of Birmingham : Fern- 
dale, Edgbaston, Warwickshire. 
Barry, vide Smith-Barry. 
Barry, rt. rev. bp. Alfred, D.D. 
Cantab, d.C.l. Oxon, LL.D. Durham, s. 
of late sir Chas. Barry r.a. ; b. 1826 ; m. 
1851, dau. of rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D., 
canon of Peterborough ; canon of Wor- 
cester 1871-81, Westminster 1881-3, prin. 
of King's coll.Lond.l868-83,bp. of Sydney 
and metropn. of N. S. Wales and primate 
of Australia and Tasmania 1883-9, coad- 
jutor bD. of Rochester 1889-90, canon 
of Windsor from 1890, rect. of St. James', 
Piccadilly, W. from 1895 : 197 Piccadilly, 
W. ; Cloisters, Windsor Castle. 

Barry, rt. hon. Arthur Hugh Smith-, 
P.C. (Irel.), eld. s. of J. H. Smith-Barry, 
of Fota Island, co. Cork (d. 1857) ; b. 
1843 ; m. 1, 1868, 2 dau. (d. 1884) of 3 
earl of Dunraven ; 2, 1889, dau. of late 
gen. Wads worth, mily. gov. of Washing- 
ton during civil war, and widow of 
Arthur Post, of New York ; M.P. (L.) 
Cork 1867-74, (c.) S. Huntingdonshire 
from 1886 ; J.P.Cheshire (sheriff 1883), 
D.L., J.P. Hunts and co. Cork (sheriff 
1886), C.A. Hunts : 20 Hill st. W. ; Fota 



Island, Queenstown; Marbury Hall, 
North wich. Cheshire. 

Barry, Chas.. eld. s. of late sir Chas. 
Barry, R.A.. of Westminster : b. 1824 : w. 
1854, dau.of Thos. May, of Exeter ; past 
pres. it. mst., b.a.. F.8.A. : hon. memb. of 
imperial and royal academy of arts at 
Vienna ; officer leg. hon. : Stanley House, 
London rd. Forest Hill. S.E. ; 1 Victoria 
st. S.W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Barry, Chas., j.p. Lancashire : High- 
field, Lathom, Ormskirk 

Barry, rt. hon. lord justice Charles 
Robt. P.c. (Irel.). s. of James Barry, 
Limerick ; b. 1825 ; to. 1855, dau. of 
David Fitzgerald, Dublin : m.a. Dublin, 
Irish bar 1848. Q.c. 1859, s.L. 1866. s.G. for 
Ireland 1868-70, a.G. 1870-72 ; m.p. Dur- 
garvan 1865-68, judge of Queen's bench 
in Ireland 1872-83. lord justice of appeal 
there from 1883: 3 Fitzwilliain sq. east, 
Dublin ; Reform ; Athenaeum : Stephen's 
Green, and University (Dublin) clubs. 

Barry, Chas. Standish, only survg. 8. 
of Hy. Standish Barry : b. 1847: m. 1869, 
hon. Margaret M. sis. of 4 vise. South- 
well : b. 1843 : J.P. co. Cork : Lemlara, 
Carrigtuohill, co. Cork. 

Barry, maj.-gen. Chas. Wm. R.E., 
s. of late maj.-gen. Philip Barrv, r.e. ; 
h. 1829; to. 1871. Mary Melina C., dau. 
of late Hy. Mansell ; capt. 39 regt. a.d.c, 
commd. r.e. Curragh camp 1872-7, 
Sheerness 1877-9, Mauritius 1879-81, ret! 
1881 : 7 Creffield rd. Ealing, W. ; Naval 
and Military club. 

Barry, Edwd., s. of Garratt Barry, of 

New Mill.Rosscarbery. co. Cork : b. 1852 ; 
to. 1882, Marianne, dau. of Timothy 

Sullivan ; is a farmer, m.p. (n.) S. Cork 
co. from 1892 : New Mill, Rosscarbery 

R.S.O., co. Cork. 

Barry, Edwd. Arthur, eld. s. of Fras. 

Tress Barry (baron de Barry), of St. 

Leonard's Hill. Berks. M.p.. D.L.. J.P. ; 6. 

1858; m. 1. 1883, Kathleen E., eld. dau.of 

P. Bicknell, of Gurteen, Tipperary ; 2, 

1891, Eleanor M., elder dau. of col. 

Courtenay H. S. Scott: Ockwells Manor, 

Brav. Berks. 

Barry, Edwd. Robt. Caulfeild, eld. s. 

of late maj. Bartholomew Edwd. Barry, 

6 Inniskilling drag. ; b. 1828 : to. 1855, 

Kate E. M.. dau. of capt. H. F. Cnllen ; 

j.p. co. Cork : Kilbolane Castle, Charle- 

ville, co. Cork. 

Barry, Francis Tress (baron de Barry 

of Portugal), F.s.A., eld. s. of late Chas. 

Barry ,of Orpington Priory.Kent ; 6.1825 ; 

m. 1 861, Sarah D., only dau. of A. Herron, 

of Nbrtbiam, Sussex -. i>.:....i.i\ Caithness, 

j.p. Berks (and county aidnu. m.p. (c.) 

Windsor from 1890 : 1 South Audley st. 
W. : Carbon "club; St. Leonard's "hill, 
Clewer. Windsor; Keiss Castle, Caith- 
ness. N.B. 

Barry, sir Jacob Dirk, b.a. Cantab, 
2 8. of late (hon.) J. Barry: b. 1832; 
m. 1867, Charlotte, dau. of bp.(Merriman) 
of Grahamstown : barr. Inner Temple, 
1858 ; a judge of supreme court of Cape 
Colony, from 1880: Grahamstown, Cape 

Barry, John, 8. of Thos. Barry, of 
Poulrane, co. Wexford : b. 1845 ; a manu- 
facturer at Kirkcaldv, N.B. ; m.p. (h.r.) 
co. Wexford 1880-5; (s.) for South 
divn 1885-93 : 51 and 52 Aldersgate 
8t. E.C. : National Liberal club ; Bogie 
House, Fife. 

Barry, John Warren, s. of rev. John 
Barrv, rect. of Gt. Smeaton ; b. 1851 ; 
J.P. N. R. Yorks : Fyling Hall, Robin 
Hood's Bay, Yorks. 

Barry, John Wolfe. c.b M.mst.c.K, 
f.r.s. 5 s. of late sir Chas. Barry, r.a. ; 
6.1836: m. 1874. Rosalind G.. dau.of 
rev. E. E. Rowsell, rect. of Hambledon, 
Surrey ; Pres. Inst. c.e. 1896, pres. Inst. 
Jun. Engineers 1893-4, rep. Gt. Brit, on 
Interntl. Technical Comm., Suez Canal 
&c. engineer Tower Bridge 1894. of the 
Barry Docks and other oiks : 23 Dela- 
hay st. Westminster, S.W. ; Athenaeum 

Barry, Wm., j.p. N. R. Yorks : Royal 
Crescent Lodge, Westbourne grove, 

Barry, Wm. Jas., 3 s. of Fras. Tress 
Barrv, of St. Leonard's Hill, Windsor, 
m.p. \'b. 1864 ; m . 1896, lady Grace, 3 
dau. of 7 earl of Dunmore. b. 1873. 

Barstow. ride Jackson-Barstow. 

Bartelt, Friedrich Ludwig, s. of 
Jacob Bartelt. of Stargard. co. Pomme- 
rania ; b. 1852; m. 1878. dau. of S. S. 
Hodgson. Sunderland, co. Durham ; is 
j.p. (1895) Somerset: Corston Lodge, 
Corston. Saltford R.S.O. Somerset. 

Bartholomew, Charles W., c.e.. m.a. 
Cantab, M.R.Agl.s., L.M.s.Arts.. s. of Chas. 
Bartholomew, c.e., of Castle Hill House, 
Ealing (d. 1895) : b. 1850 ; w. Lucy, dau. 
of late lt.-col. E. Lee TJssher, 51 N.I. 
(h.e.i.c.S.), co. Waterford : National 
Union and Royal Societies clubs ; 
Blakesley Hall, nr. Towcester. 

Bartholomew, Wm. Hammond, c.e., 
b. of late Thos. Hammond Bartholomew, 
c.e. : ft. 1831 : m. 1860, dau. of late John 
Wilson, of High Wray, Windermere. J.P. : 
is j.p. (1892) W. R. Yorks: Ridge way 
House. Headingley. Leeds. 



Bartleet, Rt. Smith, eld. s. of Wm. 
Bartleet, of The Shrubbery, Redditch ; 
b. 1822 ; to. 1851, Harriet, dau. of late 
Joseph Stock, of Boumbrook Hall, nr. 
Birmingham ; D.L., j.p. Worcestershire : 
The Shrubbery, Redditch. 

Bartleman, maj.-gen. John, with 86 
foot in Central India campaign 1857-8, 
at capt. of Lucknow, ret. p. 1884 as col. 
Bengal army. 

served with 13 Light Inf. in Indian 
mutiny 1858, maj.-gen. Bengal Inf 1893, 
on U.S. list 1895. 

Bartlet, John Henry, m.d. Lond., J.P. 
Suffolk : Birkfield, Belstead id. Ipswich. 

Bartlet, rev. John Moysey de Lud- 
broke, M.A. Oxon, s. of T. Bartlet 
(d. 1831), of Ludbrooke, Devon ; b. 1822; 
to. 18(50, Charlotte, dau. of genl. Philips : 
inc. of Marazion, Cornwall, 1847-57 ; 
chpln. of St. Michael's Mt., Cornwall, 
1849-69, lord of manor of Ludbrooke : 
Ludbrooke Manor House, Ermington, 
Ivybridge, Devon. 

Bartlett, sir Ellis Ashmead, m.a. CL. 
Ch. Oxon, eld. s. of late Ellis Bartlett, of 
Plymouth, Mass. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1874, 
Prances C, dau. of H. E. Walsh : barr. 
Inner Temple 1877, It. 3 battn. (mil.) W. 
Yorkshire regt. 1880-95, hon. capt. 1895, 
M.P. (c.)Eye 1880-5, Sheffield (Ecclesall 
divn.) from June, 1885, civil lord of 
the Admiralty 1885-6, and July, 1886-92 
(knighted 1892): 6 G-rosvenor st.W.; 
Carlton, St. Stephen's and Wellington 
clubs ; Grange House, Eastbourne. 

Bartley, Geo. Christopher Trout, 2 s. 
of late Robt. Bartley, Rectory place, 
Hackney; b. 1842; m. 1864, Mary C, 
3 dau. of late sir Henry Cole, K.c.B. ; 
J.P. Middlx., founder of the National 
Penny Bank, 1875, M.P. (c.) N. Islington 
from 1885 : 57 Victoria st. S.W. ; Athen- 
aeum and Constitutional clubs. 

Bartley, maj.-gen. J. Cowell : in 
Crimea, 5 class Medjidie ; ret. 1872, f. p. 
as lt.-col. 5 foot : United Service and 
Union clubs. 

Barton. Chas.. eld. s. of late very rev. 
Chas. Barton, D.D., dean of Booking : b. 
1818 : to. 1842, Dorothea Maria, dau. of 
maj. Wemyss ; J.P.Somerset: Holbrook 
House, Wincanton ; Conservative club. 

Barton, Dunbar Plunket, q.c, s. of T. 
H. Barton (d. 1878), by 3 dau. of 3 baron 
Plunket ; b. 1853 ; Irish barr. 1880, Q.C. 
1889, and barr. Gray's Inn 1893, a 
director of Arthur Guinness, Son and 
Co. Ltd. brewers, Dublin, J.P. Dublin 
city and co. Armagh, m.p. (c.) Mid 

Armagh from 1891 : 12 Mandeville pi. 
W. ; 13 Clare st. Dublin. 

Barton, Edward, J.P. Lancashire : 
Warton Grange, Carnfortb. 

Barton, col. Geoff ry, C.B., younger s. 
of late C. C. Barton, of Rownhams, 
Hants; b. 1844; to. 1890, Beryl, only 
child of col.Philippe Mackenzie, of Down- 
ham Hall,Suff oik ; served in Ashanti war 
1874, Zulu war 1879, Egypt 1882, Soudan 
1885, mily. sec. in China 1884, 4 class 
Osmanieh, lt.-col. commdg. (col. 1886) 2 
battn. R. Fus. 1890-4, A.A.G. Thames 
dist. from 1895: Chatham; United 
Service and Wellington clubs. 

Barton, Henry John Hope, only s. of 
J. Hope Barton, of Stapleton Park, 
Yorks, and of Saxby Hall, co. Lincoln, 
J. P., D.L. (d. 1876), by Florence, dau. of 
late Henry J. Ramsden, of Oxton Hall, 
Yorks, and hon. Frederica S., 5 dau. of 

1 baron Ellenbo rough (mrs. Barton to. 
2, 1887, Frank S. Hatchard, s.of late bp. 
of Mauritius) ; b. 1873 ; 2 It. Yorkshire 
drags, yeom. from 1895 : 10 Lowndes 
st. S.W. ; Stapleton Park, Pontefract ; 
Saxby Hall, Barton-on-Humber. 

Barton,maj.-gen. Howard Jas.; served 
in Afghan campaign 1878-80, ret. 1885, 
B.S.C. : 34 Wilbury rd. West Brighton. 

Barton, Hugh Lynedoch, s. of late 
Nathanl. Barton, of Straff an, D.L. (d. 
1867) ; b. 1824 ; to. 1855, cousin, hon. 
Anna, dau. of 3 baron Clarina, b. 1829 ; 
late 6 drag., D.L. co. Kildare (sheriff 
1861) : Straffan House, Straffan, co. 

Barton, maj. Montagu, s. of late C. C. 
Barton of the Rownhams, Hants ; to. 
1874, Susan Maria, dau. of rev. F. G. 
Middleton, of Medstead, Hants ; late 
85 foot ; j.p. Hants : Woodlands, Fleet, 
Winchfield, Hants. 

Barton, Nathaniel Fletcher,M.A.,s.C.L. 
Oxon, only s. of N. Barton, of Corsley, 
Wilts, D.L. (d. 1878) ; b. 1849 ; J.P. Wilts : 
8 The Crescent, Weymouth. 

Barton, maj.-gen. Newton, s. of C. C. 
Barton, of the Rownhams, Hant3 ; to. 
1868, Edith Katherine, dau. of Hy. Van- 
sittart, B.C.S. ; in Punjab campaign 
1848-9, Indian mutiny 1857-9, Afghan 
war 1878-9, ret. 1881 as maj.-gen. B.S.C. 

Barton, maj.-gen. Robert, R.E., ret., 
s. of John Barton, of Stonehouse, co. 
Dublin; b. 1836; m. 1864, Wilhelmina, 

2 dau. of Thomas Earle Welby, D.D., lord 
bishop of St. Helena ; J.P. Devon. 

Barton, Thos., J.P. (1895) Lancashire : 
Ince, Wigan, Lanes. 

Barton, Thomas Allday, s. of Thomas 
E. W. Barton (d. 1879), J.P. ; b. 1845 ; 


lord of the manor of Threxton : Threxton 
House, nr.Watton S.O.Norfolk. 

Barton, hon. mrs. Charlotte, dau. 
of 3 baron Plunket ; to. Thos. Hy. Barton 
(d. 1878), s. of Dunbar Barton, Roches- 
town, co. Tipperary : Knockeev.m. 
Caversh am, Berks. 

Barttelot, Brian Barttelot, 2 s. of 
Geo. Barttelot, of Stopham, Sussex (d. 
1872) ; b. 1833 ; to. 1864, Mary D. eldest 
dau. of late J. F. La Trobe Bateman, of 
MoorPark,Surrey; J.P.Sussex :Oxford and 
Cambridge Univ. club ; Ditton, Torquay. 
Barttelot. sir Walter Geo., 2 bart. 
(1875), eld. s. of 1 bart., P.c, C.B., M.p. 
(d. 1893) ; to. 1879, Georgiana M. only 
dau. of late G. E. Balfour, The Manor, 
Sidmouth ; D.L., J.P. Snssex, j.p. Devon, 
late capt. 5 drag, gds., capt. 1 Devon 
yeom. 1880-5, capt. (hon. maj. 1890) 2 vol. 
battn. Sussex regt. from 1886 : Carlton 
and Jun. United Service clubs ; Stopham 
House. Pulborough. 

Barwell, capt. Osborne Nathaniel 
Henry, s. of Osborn Barwell, late 11 
Light drags. ; b. 1829 ; to. 1857, Mar- 
garetta, dau. {d. 1870) of Geo. Jacson, 
of Barton Hall, Preston ; 2, 1875, Agnes, 
dau. of Chas. Moore, Mottram : is j.p. 
Sussex, served in Burmese war 1852, 
Indian mutiny 1857-8, brig.-maj. Turkish 
irregular cav. during Crimean war, capt. 
late Madras army : Barkfold House, 
Kirdford, Billingshurst R.S.O. Sussex ; 
E. I. United Service club. 

Barwell, Win., s. of John Barwell, of 
Birmingham ; b. 1832 ; m. 1858, Martha 
J., dau. of Ralph Heaton, of Birmingham; 
j.p. Warwickshire and Worcestershire : 
Thornfield. Edgbaston. nr. Birmingham. 
Barwell, maj. -gen. Wm. Barwell, 
s. of capt. W. Barwell, R.X. ; b. 1842 ; to. 
1872, countess Elise Victorine Leiningen, 
dau. (who obtained a div. 1895) of count 
Charles Leiningen-Westerbourg ; lt.-col. 
2 battn. Oxf. L. 1. (52 foot) 1877-82, ret. 
1882 : 33 Victoria rd. Old Charlton S.E.: 
Naval and Military club. 

Barwick, John Storey, j.p. co. Dur- 
ham : Ashbrooke Grange, Sunderland. 

Basden. maj .-gen. Charles Brenton,s. 
of late rear-adm. Basden ; served in Bun- 
delcund 1844-5 and in Indian mutiny 
campaign 1857-8 ; ret. f. p. as lt.-col. 
B.S.C. : E. I. United Service, and Union 
(Brighton) clubs; 21 The Drive, W. 
Brighton, Sussex. 

Base, Samuel, eld. s. of Wm. Base, of 
Norwich ; b. 1821 ; m. 1850, Maria, dau 
{d. 1895) of Wm. Power Hicks, London 
j.p. (1894) Suffolk : Riogstield HalL 
nr. Beccles, Suffolk. 

Bashford. col. Chas. Brome. eld. s o 
Wm. Chas. Lake Bashford, D.L., J.P. (d 
1891); 6. 1839 ; m. 1860, Anne Argentine, 
younger dau. of John Fryer, banker, of 
Wimborne Minster. Dorset : late capt. 
9 lancers; J.i. Middlx. ; lt.-col. (non.- 
col.) 3 battn. (mil.) Middlx. regt. from 
1879 : 37 Brunswick sq. Brighton ; Naval 
and Military, Hyde Park, and Union 
(Brighton) clubs ; Soberton, Hants. 

Basing:, lord (2 baron. 1887,D.K.). Geo. 
Limbrey Sclater-Booth, eld. s. of 1 baron, 
P.C. (d. 1894) ; b. 1860 ; to. 1889. Mary, 2 
dau. of col. John Hargreaves, of Maiden 
Erlegh, Berks, and Whalley Abbey, 
Lanes, J.P. ; capt. 1 drags, from 1887 : 
Arthur's and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Hoddington House, Odiham, Hants. 

Baskerville, lt.-col. Herbert Wither- 
stone Mynors-, 2 s. of T. B. Mynors- 
Baskerville, of Clyro Court,M.P., j.p.,d.l. 
{d. 1864); b. 1841; ret. p. as maj. and hon. 
It. -col. Norfolk regt. (9 foot) 1881, J.P. 
Herefordshire and Radnorshire : Jun. 
United Service club ; Clyro Court, 
Clyro. Hay R.S.O. . Breconshire. 

Baskerville. col. John, s. of late Hy. 
Baskerville, Crowsley Park (d. 1877); 
b. 1839; to. 1869, Caroline, dau. of Wm. 
Chas. Henry, M.D., f.k.s., J. P., of Haf- 
field House, Herefordshire; maj. late 
14 huss., lt.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 
1888) Oxon yeom. 1885-92, D.L., J.P. 
Oxon : Jun. United Service and Cavalry 
clubs ; Crowsley Park, Henley - on - 

Baskerville, Walter Thos. Mynors-, 
eld. s. of T. B. Mynors-Baskerville, of 
Clvro Court, m.p., j.p., D.L. {d. 1864) ; b. 
1839 ; to. 1875. Bertha M., only child (<i. 
1892) of late J. Hopton, of Canon Frome 
Court, Herefordshire ; D.L., j.p. Breckr 
nockshire and Radnorshire (sheriff 1868), 
j.p. Herefordshire: Canon Frome Court, 
Ledburv. Herefordshire ; Clyro Court, 
Clyro. Hay R.S.O., Breconshire. 

Bass, Hamar Alfd., 2 s. of Michael 
T. Bass, M.p. (d. 1884), by dau. of late 
maj. Samuel Arden, Longcroft, Staffs., 
and bro. of 1 baron Burton ; b. 1842 ; to. 
1879, hon. Louisa, eld. survg. dau. of 3 
baron Bagot, b. 1853 ; lt.-col.commdg.and 
hon. col. 4 battn. (mil.) N. Staffordshire 
regt. 1891-3, hon. col. of the battn. 
from 1893 ; D.L., j.p. Staffordshire ; 
m.p. (L.) Tamworth 1878-85, W. Stafford- 
shire 1885-6, and (L.U.) from 1886, heir 
pres. to baronetcy : 145 Piccadilly, W. ; 
Reform,Devonshire,Wiadham and Union 
clubs ; Byrkley Lodge and Needwood 
House, Burton-on-Trent. 


S, mrs. Eliza J., dau. of maj. Saml. 
Arden, of Longcrof t, Staffs. ; m. 1835, 
Michael Thomas Bass, of Rangemore, 
M.P., D.L., J. P. (d. 1884) : Rangemore 
Hall, nr. Burton-on-Trent. 

Bassano, Alfred Hill. b.a. Oxon, eld. 
s. of Walter Bassano, of Haden Cross, 
Staffs. J. P. ; b. 1862 ; m. 1892, Agnes. 2 
dau. of Geo. Allan, of Corngreaves Hall, 
nr. B'ham : j.p. Staffs.: Hadenholme, 
Old Hill S.O. Staffs. 

Bassano. Walter, s. of F. Bassano, of 
Hull ; b. 1832 ; m. 1861, Emiline M. G., 
dau. (d. 1892) of Benj. Best, of Corn- 
greaves ; j.p. Worcestershire and Staffs.: 
Haden Cross, Old Hill S.O. Staffs. 

Basset, Arthur Eras., s. of Gustavus 
Lambart Basset, of Tehidy, Cornwall, 
D.l., j.p. (d. 1888); b. 1873: Tehidy 
Park, nr. Camborne, Cornwall. 

Basset, Chas. Hy., 4 survivg. s. of 
late sir Wm. Williams, bart., of Tregul- 
low ; b. 1834 ; m. 1858, Harriet Mary, sis. 
and co-heir of rev. A. C. Davie-Basset, of 
Uinberleigh, Devon ; It. ret. R.N., served 
through whole of Crimean war in Black 
sea and Sea of Azof,M. P.Barnstaple 1868- 
74, j.p. Devon, capt. (hon. maj. 1881) N. 
Devon yeom. 1875-84 ; assumed name of 
Basset by royal licence in 1880 : West- 
away, Barnstaple ; Watermouth Castle, 
Ilfracombe ; Jun. United Service club. 

Bassett, Francis, youngest s. of John 
Dollin Bassett, of Leighton Buzzard ; b. 
1820; m. 1842, Ellen, dau. of Edward 
Harris, of Stoke Newington ; j.p. Beds 
(sheriff 1882), m.p. (l.) Beds 1872-5: 
Reform club ; The Heath, Leighton Buz- 
zard, Beds. 

Bassett, Fredk., 2 s. of Fras. Bassett, 
of The Heath, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, 
J.P. ; b. 1848 ; m. 1872, Elizabeth Phoebe, 
dau. of M. V. Bull, of Roscarrack, Fal- 
mouth, Cornwall, J.P. ; J.P. Beds : The 
Knolls, Leighton Buzzard. 

Bassett, Ralph Thurstan, 8. of R. 
Bassett, of Bonvilston, co. Glamorgan, 
D.L., j.p. {d. 1891); b. 1850; m. 1878, 
Augusta M., 2 dau. of late capt. C. F. 
Tyler, of Cottrell ; is D.L., J.P. Glamorgan 
(sheriff 1895) : Jun. Carlton club ; Cross- 
ways, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. 

Bassil, Albert, s. of John Bassil, of 
Saffron Walden, Essex; b. 1841; m. 
1883, H. M., dau. of Joseph Lockett, of 
Dukinfield, Cheshire; is J.P. (1896) 
Cheshire : 179 King st. Dukinfield, 

Bastard, Baldwin John Pollexfen, 2 
but eld. survg. s. of E. P. Bastard of 
Kitley and Buckland Court, M.p.(dl838); 

b. 1830 ; m. 1861,Frances J.,youngest dau. 
of late hon. Mortimer Rodney, late of 9 
foot,J.p.,D.L.Devon (sheriff 1865): Kitley, 
Zealmpton ; BucklandCourt, Ashburton, 

Bastard, Thomas Horlock, eld. s. of 
T. H. Bastard, of Charlton Marshall, 
Dorset {d. 1849) ; b. 1796 ; m. 1, widow 
of capt. J. K. Forbes, h.e.i.c.S. ; 2, 1858, 
Sarah, eld. dau. (d. 1896) of late rev. E. 
Vincent, vicar of Rowde, Wilts ; lord of 
the manor of Charlton Marshall : Charl- 
ton Manor, Blandford. 

Bastard, William Edmund Pollexfen, 
only 8. of rev. Wm. Pollexfen Bastard, 
formerly rect. of Lezant, Cornwall; b. 
1864 ; m. 1890, Rosamond I., only dau. of 
A. B. Foster, of CanwellHall, Staffs. ; J.P. 
Devon. ; It. Roy. 1 Devon. Yeom. 1886-94 : 
Lyneham, Yealmpton, Devon. 

Batchelor, gen. Chas., gen. Bengal 
cav. 1896, on U.S. list 1886 : E. I. United 
Service club. 

Batchelor, rev. Fredk. Thos., m.a. 
Oxon ; 6. 1826 ; m. 1855, Charlotte, 5 dau. 
of Sir W. L. S. Trelawny, 8 bart. ; is J.p. 
Cornwall, rect. of Calstock, 1854-1865, 
from 1865 of Jacobstow, Stratton R.S.O., 

Batchelor, Richd. David, s. of Henry 
Batchelor, of Luton, Chatham ; b. 1855 ; 
m. 1877, Annie, dau. of Reuben Glover, of 
Luton, Chatham ; j.p. (1894) Kent ; 
artesian and consulting well engineer : 
73 Queen Victoria st. E.C. ; Artois 
works, High st. Chatham. 

Batchelor, Sydney James, 4 s. of 
Benjn. Batchelor, of Newport, Mon. ; 6. 
1824; m. 1854, Sarah, 3 dau. of Geo. 
Reese, of Kemeys, Mon. ; is j.p. Gla- 
morgan (chm. Dynas Powis divn.) : The 
Kymin, Penarth, Glamorgan. 

Bate, John Pawley, m. 1895, Mary 
Anne, dau. of John Sexton, of Ashbur- 
ton, Devon, and widow of sir Chas. 
Wathen, knt., of Cook's Folly, nr. 
Bristol ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1894. 

Bate, Roger, s. of Chas. Bate, of Ash 
Hill, Tarporley ; 6. 1825 ; m. 1858, Sarah, 
2 dau. of Jas. Carter, of Warrington ; is 
J.P. (1895) Cheshire : AshHill, Tarporley, 

Bate, Thos., only s. of late E. Bate, of 
Kelsterton, j.p. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1878, dau. of 
W. Owen, of Blessington, co. Wicklow, 
J.P. ; D.L., j.p. Flints (sheriff 1887), capt. 
Denbighshire huss. 1887-92 : Jun. 
Carlton club ; Kelsterton, nr. Flint. 

Bateman, vide Jones-Bateman. 

Bateman,lord(2 baron 1837,U.K.).Wm. 
Bateman Bateman-Hanbury, eld. s. of 1 
baron {d. 1845) ; b. 1826 ; m. 1854, Agnes, 



dan. of late gen. sir E. Kerrison, 1 bart., 
k.c.b., M.P., and sis. and co-heir of sir E. 
C. Kerrison, 2 and last bart. ; lord-lieut. 
Herefordshire from 1852, j.p. Northants, 
lord in waiting 1858-9, hon. col. 4 battn. 
(mil.) Sbropr. L. I. from 1864 : Carlton 
club ; Shobdon Court, Shobdon R.S.O., 
Herefordshire ; Broome Hall, Eye. 

Bateman, Alfred Edmund, C.M.G., 7 s. 
of late rev. John Bateman, rect. of E. and 
W.Leake,Notts. ; b. 1844 ; to. 1868, Edith 
E., only child of late J. E. Hobson, of 
Haverfield, Kew ; barr. Inner Temple 
1872, dep. contr.-gen. for commerce, 
labour and statistics at Board of 
Trade from 1894, sec. to R. Anglo- 
French Treaty Commn. 1881-2, sec. to 
International sugar confee. 1887-8, to 
Treaties committee, 1890-2, v.r. R. 
Statistical Soc. : Woodhouse,Wimbledon 
Park ; Windham club ; Board of Trade 

Bateman, sir Frederic, m.d., ll.d. 
(hon.) Aberdeen, f.r.c.p. Lond., Fell, and 
Laureate Acad, of Med. France, s. of 
John Bateman, of Norwich ; b. 1824 ; in. 
1855, Emma Brownfield, only dau. of 
John Gooderson, of Heigham Fields 
House, Norwich ; j.p. Norfolk, author of 
"Aphasia or Loss of Speecli," knighted 
1892 : Upper St. Giles st. Norwich ; 
Burlingham Lodge, Alburgh, Norfolk. 

Bateman, Fred. Osborne Fitz Her- 
bert, only child of T. O. Bateman, of 
Harrington Hall, co. Derby, D.L.. j.p. 
(d. 1874) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1886, Evelyn M., 
eld. d;m. of maj. Wilkinson, of Scar- 
borough ; Derby : Wi idhamclub ; 
Breadsall Mount, Breadsall, Derby. 

Bateman, James, f.r.s., m.a. Oxon ; 
only s. of J. Bateman, of Knyperslev, 
Staffs., d.l. {d. 1858) 6. 1811 ; to. 1838, 
Maria 3., dau. (d. *895) of late rev. R. 
Egerton-Warburton, of Norley, Cheshire: 
J. p., D.L. Staffordshire, j.p. Cheshire ; 
Athenaeum and National clubs; Home 
House, Worthing. 

Bateman, John.eld. s. of Jas.Bateman, 
late of Biddulph Grange, Staffs. J p 
D.L.. f.r.s. ; b. 1839 ; to. 1865, hon. Jessy 
Caroline,8is.of 1 earl of Lathom ; b. 1836 
J.P., D.L. Staffs, j.p. Essex : Carlton and 
National clubs ; The Hall, Brightlino'sea 
Colchester, Essex. 

Bateman, Robt., 3 s. of Jas. Bateman 
late of Biddulph Grange, Staffs d L ' 
j.p., f.r.s.; 6. 1842; to. 1883, Caroline 
Octavii. dau. of late very rev. the hon. 
Henry Howar ). dean of Lichfield : is j.p. 
(18>2) Salop: Savile club; Benthali 
II ill, Broseley. 

Bateman, mrs. Jane, young, dau. of 
J. Hall, of Baldingstone, Lancashire : 
to. 1874 Thos. Wm. Bateman. of Middle- 
ton Hall, Derbyshire (d. 1895) : Middle- 
ton Hall, Bakewell ; Lomberdale House, 
Bake well. 

Bateman-Hanbury, rev. preby. the 
hon. Arthur Allen, m.a. Oxon, s. of 1 baron 
Bateman; b. 1829 : m. Mary, dau. (d. 1895) 
of J.Davenport, of Foxley ; J.P.Hereford- 
shire, preby.of Hereford from 1866 ; R.D., 
rect. of Shobdon R.S.O. Herefordshire. 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Charles 
Melville, 5 s. of 2 baron Bateman ; b.lsTl. 

Bateman - Hanbury, capt. hon. 
Edward Reginald, 2 s. of 2 baron Bate- 
man ; b. 1859 ; extra a.d.c. to lt.-gen.hon. 
sir J. Dormer, in Egypt, 1887 ; capt. rifle 
brig, from 1890, J.P. (1895) Suffolk, 
d.l. Herefordshire : Naval and Military, 
Boodle's and Pratt's clubs. 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon.Walter, 3 a. 
of 2 baron Bateman ; b. 1862. 

Bateman-Hanbury. capt. hon. Wm. 
Spencer, eld. s. of 2 baron Bateman ; b. 
1856 ; j.p. Herefordshire and Suffolk ; 
served in Egvpt 1882, capt. 2 life guards 
1885-95, ret. 1895 : Boodle's and Marl- 
borough clubs. 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Agnes 
Rosamond, b. 1866 ; hon. Margaret 
Cecilia, b. 1870 ; hon. Rachel Anne 
Selina Decima, b. 1875, daus. of 2 baron 

Bateman-Scott, lady. Mildred 
Anne, eld. dau. of sir Wm. Cradock 
Hartopp, 3 bart. ; to. 1, 1854, sir Francis 
Edw. Bateman-Scott, 2 and 3 bart. (cr. 
30 April and 15 Dec. 1806) (d. 1863) : 2, 
1868, E<) w. Pakenham Alderson (rf.1876), 
eld.s. of late hon. sir Edw. Hall Alderson, 
a baron of the exchequer, and bro. of (3) 
march'oness of Salisbury : Great Barr 
Hall, Birmingham. 

Bater, mrs., only dau. of Hy. Davy, of 
Crediton. Devon ; m. 1875, Thos. Bater, 
of Farrs,Chittleham-Holt : Manor House, 
Chittleham-Holt, Chulmleigh, Devon. 

Bates, Cadwallader John, M.A.Cantab, 
eld. s. of T. Bates, of Avdon and Kirklev- 
ington, j.p. (d. 1882) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1893, 
Josephine, 2 dau. of late Fras. J. d'Echar- 
vine, of Talloires. Sivov ; is D.L.. J. P., 
Northumberland (sheriff 1890) : United 
University club ; Heddon, Wylam-on- 
Tyne ; Langley Castle, Northumberland, 

Bates, gen. Chas. Edwd. ; in Indian 
mutiny campaign 1857-8, gen. 1894, 
I.S.C. ; on r/.s. list. 1890. 

-Bates, sir Edwd. Percy, 2bart. (1880), 
eld. s. of sir Edwd.. 1 bart., m.p.. d.l.. j.p. 
(</. 1896) ; b. 1315 ; m. 1876, Constance E., 


2 dau. of S. K. Graves ; j.p. Flints : Con- 
sfrvative club ; Beechenhurst, Allerton, 
Liverpool ; Gyrn Castle, Holywell, 
Flints ; Manydown Park, Wootton St. 
Lawrence, nr. Basingstoke. 

Bates, Harry, a.k.a. (1892), 10 Hall 
road, St. John's wood, N.W. 

Bates, col. Henry Stratton, s. of late 
rev. J. E. Bates, m.a. ; to. 1866, Frances 
Henrietta,dau. of sir John Rivett-Carnac, 

2 bart. : J.P. Gloucestershire and Hants, 
served on staff in New Zealand war ; 
capt. late 8 huss., lt.-col. commdir. (hon. 
col. 1886) 3 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 
1886-9 : United Service club ; Langtons, 
Alresford, Hants. 

Bates, maj.-gen. Jno., in Sind cam- 
paign 1843, at battle of Hyderabad ; 
ret. f. p. 1879, as col. Bo.S.C. 

Bates, Ralph, s. of J. Bates, of Staly- 
bridge (d. 1851) ; b. 1831 ; to. 1866, 
Eliza Jane (d. 1883), youngest dau. of 
Robt. Whittaker, of Hurst, nr. Ashton- 
under-Lyne ; J.P. Lancashire and Che- 
shire : Acres Bank, Stalybridge ; Con- 
servative (Manchester) club. 

Bates, dow.-lady. Ellen,dau. of Thos. 
Thompson, of Hessle, York ; m. 1844, as 
his 2 wife, sir Edwd. Bates, 1 bart., M.P., 
D.L., J.p. (d. 1896) : 80 Harley st. W.; 
Manydown Park, Wootton St. Lawrence, 
nr. Basingstoke. 

Bateson, hon. Eustace de Yarburgb-, 

3 s. of 2 baron Deramore ; b. 1884. 
Bateson, hon. Geo. Nicholas de Yar- 

burgh-, 2 s. of 2 baron Deramore ; b. 1870; 
heir pres. to his bro : 25a, North Audley 
st. W. 

Bateson, lt.-gen. Richard, 6 s. of sir 
Robt. Bateson, 1 bart. M.p. (d. 1863) and 
bro. of 1 baron Deramore : b. 1828 : late 
1st life gds. a.d.c. to commdr.-in-chief 
(duke of Cambridge), 1876-84, equerry 
from 1881, dep. ranger of Hyde Park 
from 1886 ; ret. p. 1887 as maj.-gen. : 
Ranger's Lodge, HydePark,W.; Carlton, 
United Service and Marlborough clubs. 

Bateson, hon. mrs. Florinda, dau. of 3 
baron Castlemaine ; b. 1823 ; in. 1854, 
Samuel Stephen Bateson (d. 1879), 2 s. of 
sir R. Bateson, 1 bart. : 17 Bolton st. 

Bateson, hon. Mary Lilla de Yar- 
burgh-, b. 18 ; hon. Katherine Hylda 
de Yarburgh-, b. 18 ; daus. of 2 baron 

Bath, 5 marq. of (1789, Gt.B.). Thomas 
Henry Thynne, eld.s. of 4 marq. (d. 1896) ; 
b. 1862 ; m. 1890, Violet C, dau. of sir 
Chas. Mordaunt, 10 bart., and niece of 
Georgina, countess of Dudley, b. 1869 ; 
2nd tit. vise. Weymouth ; j.p. Wilts, 


capt. Wilts yeom. from 1893; M.p. (c.) 
Somerset (Frome divn.) 1886-92 and 
1895-6 : Longleat, Warminster, Wilts. 

Bath, archd. of, vide ven. Hilton 

Bath, Edwd. Hy., s. of late Edward 
Bath of Br} nymfir, Swansea, and nephew 
of late Henry Jas. Bath, of Alltyferin, 
J.P. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1874, Esther, eld. dau. 
of John Williams James, of Brynbriallu, 
Swansea ; D.L., j.p. Carmarthenshire 
(sheriff 1892) ; J.p. Swansea : Alltyferin, 
Nantgaredig R.S.O., Carmarthenshire. 

Bath, dow.-marchioness of, hon. Fran- 
ces I. C, eld. dau. of 3 vise, de Vesci ; to. 
1861, 4 marq. of Bath (d. 1896) : 48 
Berkeley sq. W. 

Bath and Wells, 70 bp. of (609). rt. 
rev. Geo. Wyndham Kennion, d.d. Oxon, 
f.r.g.s., s. of Geo. Kennion, m.d., f.u.c.p., 
of Harrogate ; b. 1845 ; m. 1882, Hen- 
rietta D., 3 survg. dau. of sir Chas. 
Dalrymple Fergusson, 5 bart.; vicar of St. 
Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull, 1873-6, of All 
Saints', Bradford, 1876-82 ; bp. of Ade- 
laide, 1882-94, of Bath and Wells from 
1894 : The Palace, Wells, Somerset. 

Bather, ven.HenryFras.,M. A.Cantab., 
s. of John Bather, of Dinthill, Shrews- 
bury ; b. 1832 ; m. 1857, Elizabeth M. 
dau. of rev. T. D. Atkinson, vicar of 
Rugeley, Staffs. ; vicar of Meole Brace 
from 1858, archd. of Ludlow and canon 
res. of Hereford from 1892 : Meole 
Brace Vicarage, Shrewsbury ; The Close, 

Bathurst, 7 earl (1772, Gt. B.). Sey- 
mou.; Henry Bathurst, eld. s. of 6 earl 
{d. 1892), by dau. of 2 baron de Tabley ; 
b. 1864 ; to. 1893, hon. Lilias M. F., 
only dau. of 1 baron Glenesk ; 
2nd tit. baron Apsley; D.L., j.p. 
Glo'stershire ; maj. 4 battn. (mil.), 
Gloucestershire regt. from 1 894 : 20 
Grosvenor gdns. S.W. ; Bachelors' and 
Carlton clubs ; Cirencester House, Ciren- 

Bathurst, 2 bp. of (1869). rt. rev. 
Chas. Edwd. Camidge, d.d., m.a. Oxon, 
s. of Camidge ; b. 18 ; vicar of 
Thirsk, Yorks, 1876-87, canon of York 
1882-7, bp. from 1887 of Bathurst, N. S. 
Wales : Bishop's Court,Bathurst,N.S.W. 

Bathurst, hon. Allen Benjamin, 3 s. of 
6 earl Bathurst ; b. 1872 ; capt. -It. 4 battn. 
(mil.) Gloucestershire regt. from 1895, 
M.P. (C.) E. Gloucestershire from 1895 : 
41 Lowndes sq. ; Bachelors' club. 

Bathurst, Chas., b.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 
eld. s. of rev. W. H. Bathurst of Lydney 
Park, Glo'stershire (d. 1877) ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1864, dau. {d. 1885) of late col. Hay ; 


barr. Inner Temple 1863, j.p. Glo'ster- 
shire : Lydney Park, Lydney, Glo'ster- 

Bathurst. Chas., jun.. B.A. Oxon.. eld. 
s. of Chas. Bathurst. of Lydney Park, 
Gloucester:. ire, J.P. ; b. 1867 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1892. j.p. Glouceste hire, It. R. 
Mon.Eng. mil. from 1892 : Lydney Park, 
Lydney, Gloucestershire. 

Bathurst, ven. Frederick, s. of late 
lt.-gen. sir Jas. Bathurst, K.C.B. ; m. dau. 
of rev. C. F. Moore ; m.a. Oxon, vicar of 
Diddington, Hunts, 1857-74, R.D. of St. 
Neots 1865-73, proctor in convocation 
1867-73 ; hon. canon of Ely from 1869, 
archd. of Bedford from 1873, vicar of 
Biggleswade, Beds. 1874-84, rector from 
1884 of Holwell, Hitchin. 

Bathurst, lc.-col. sir Fredk. Arthur 
Thos. Hervey-, 4 bart. (1818), eld. s. of 3 
bart. (d. 1881); b. 1833 ; m. 1869, Ada, 
only dau. of late sir J. Ribton, 3 bart. ; 
lt.-col. late gren. gds.. served in Crimea, 
1854-5 ; M.P. (C.) S. Wilts 1861-5 : Carl- 
ton and United Service clubs ; Somborne 
Park, Stockbridge, Hants ; Clarendon 
Park, Salisbury. 

Bathurst, hon. Lancelot Julian, 2 s. 
of 6 earl Bathurst; b. 1868 : 41 Lowndes 
sq. S.W.; Bachelors' club ; Eggesford, N. 

Bathurst, Evelyn, countess, dau. of 
late G. Barnard Hankey, of Fete ham 
Park, Surrey ; m. 1874, as his 2 wife, 6 
earl Bathurst (d. 1892) : 41 Lowndes 
sq. S.W. 

Bathurst. lady Evelyn Selina, 6.1875 ; 
dau. of 6 earl Bathurst : 41 Lowndes sq. 

Bathurst, lady Meriel Olivia, dau. of 
7 earl Bathurst ; b. 1894. 

Batson, Thos., 8. of Alfred Batson, of 
Ramsbury, Wilts; b. 1821; m. 1845, 
Harriet, dau. of Wm.Sewell ; j.p. Devon : 
Ebberly House, Roborough, Gt. Tor- 
rington, Devon. 

Batson, mrs. M. E.. 2 dau. of capt. W. 
G. Stephen, R.E., of Calcutta, India ; b 
1823 ; m. 1843, Alfred Batson, of Rams- 
bury, Wilts (d. 1885) : The Rookerv. 
Rarasburv, Hungerford. 

Batt, Charles Dorrington. m.b. Lond. 
J.P.Oxfordshire : The Hill,Witney,Oxon" 

Batten, vide Chisholm-Batten. 

Batten, Edmund Chisholm-,M.A.. 2 s.of 
J. Batten, of Aldon. Somerset, bi, j p 
(d. 1854) ; b. 1817 ; m. 1843, onlv BIB. id 
1883) of late Duncan, The Chisholm, of 
Erchlews Castle. Inverness-shire : barr. 
Inner Temple 1842, and of Lincoln's Inn. 
1846 ; j.p. cos. Inverness and Somerset^ 
a=sumed additl. name of Chisholm by 


royal licence, 1859 : Athenaeum club ; 
Thornfalcon, Taunton ; Kirkhill Lodge, 
Kirkhill R.S.O. (Inverness-shire). 

Batten, Herbert Butler, s. of late J. 
Batten of Hollands. Somerset. D.L.. j.p ; 
b. 1820 ; m. 1858, Elizabeth, dau. of late 
rev. Wm. Phelips.of Cucklin gt on. Somer- 
set ; D.L., j.p. Somerset, j.p. Dorset: 
Winlhamclub ; Hollands, Yeovil. 

Batten. Herbert Cary Geo., 3 s. of 
John Batten, of Aldon, Somerset, and 
Upcerne. Dorset, j.p. ; b. 1849 : m. 
Frances E., dau. of John Beardmore. of 
Uplands, Hants ; j.p. Somerset : Leigb 
Lodge, Abbots Leigh, nr. Bristol. 

Batten, Herbert Phelips, b.a. Oxon, 
only s.of Herbert Butler Batten, of Hol- 
lands, Somerset, J.P., d.L. ; b. 1859 ; J.P. 
Somerset : New University club ; Hol- 
lands, Yeovil. 

Batten. Jas.. j.p. Kent : The High 
Field, Bickley, Kent. 

Batten. John, F.s.A.,eld. s. of J. Batten, 
of Aldon, Somerset, D.L., J.P. (d. 1854) ; b. 
1815; m. 1841, Grace Eleanor, dau. of J. 
White, of Upcerne, Dorset; D.L., j.p. 
Dorset (sheriff 1881), and Somerset : 
Aldon, Yeovil.Somerset; Athenaeum club. 

Batten, col. John Mount, eld. s. of 
J. Batten, of Aldon, Somerset. D.L, J.P. ; 
6.1843; m. 1, 1873, Margaret A., dau.(<f. 
1893) of rev. J. Brooks ; 2, 1895, Mary E. 
eld. dau. of Jas. Sant, R.A., and widow of 
Howard Fredk. Nalder : maj. h.p. lbatt. 
from 1878 and lt.-col. (hon. col. 1895) 3 
battn. (mil.) Liverpool regt. from 1894 ; 
J.P. Dorset and Somerset : Mornington 
Lodge, West Kensington, W.; Army and 
Navy club ; Upcerne, Dorchester ; Coker 
Court, Yeovil. 

Batten-Pooll, Robt. Pooll Henry-, 
only s. of Joseph Langford, of Timsburv, 
Somerset {d. 1873) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1879, 
Sophia Hastings, eld. dau. of Duncan 
Macrae, Karnes Castle, I. of Bute; is D.L.. 
j.p. Somerset, J.p. Wilts : assumed name 
of Henry-Batten-Pooll in 1871 ; lord of 
the manors of Road and Wolverton ; 
capt. N. Somerset yeom. 1875-88 : Jun. 
Carlton club ; Road Manor, Bath. 

Battenbergr, h.r.h. princess Henry 
of. ride Royal Family. 

Battenbergr, H.s.k. prince Louis of, 
G.c.B., it. N., s. of h.g.d.h. prince Alex- 
ander of Hesse, G.C.B. ; b. 1854 ; m. 
30 April, 1884, princess Victoria (b. 
5 April, 1863), eld. dau. of h.r.h. grand 
duke of Hesse and h.r.h. Princess Alice 
of Gt. Britain; It. of "Inconstant" 
during Egyptian war, 1882 ; capt. R.N. 
from 1892, naval adviser to insp.-gen. 
of fortifications 1893-4, hon. a.d.c. to 


the Queen from 1896, knight of justice, 
order of St. John of Jerusalem : Marl- 
borough, United Service, Naval and 
Military and Bachelors' clubs. 

Batrersby, maj.-gen. John Prevost, 
s. of col. F. Battersby, C.B., of Listoke, 
Drogheda ; b. 1826 ; m. 1857, Louisa W., 
dau. of sir W. Dillon, 4 hart. ; lt.-col. (col. 
1876) 60 rifles, commdt. R.M. Asylum 
1871-80, assist, director of mily. educ. 
1880-85, ret. p. 1885 : Listoke, Clandon 
rd. Guildford. 

Battersby, mrs. Jessie, dau. of Wm. 
May, of Knowle, Brenchley, H.k.i.o.s. ; 
m. 1876, Worsley Battersby, of Knowle. 
Somerset, J. p. (d. 1896) : Knowle,Dunster, 

Battersea, lord (1 baron ; 1892.U.K.), 
Cyril Flower, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of late 
P. W. Flower, Furze Down Park, Surrey ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1878, Constance, eld. dau. 
(companion of R. order of Kapiolani of 
Hawaiia 1886) of late sir Anthony de 
Rothschild, 1 bart. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1870, Pub.-lt. Bucks yeom. 1876-83; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of 
London ; a jun. lord of the treas in 1866; 
M.p. (L.) Brecon 1880-5. S. Beds 1885-6 
and (g.l.) 1886-92, raised to the peerage 
1892: Surrey Ho. 7 Marble arch, W. ; 
Reform, Brooks' and National Liberal 
clubs ; Aston Clinton, Tring, Bucks ; 
ThePleasaunce,Overstrand.near Cromer. 
Battie-Wrigrhtson, "Wm. Hy., f.s.a., 
s. of rev. Chas. Edwd. Thomas, rect. of 
Hemsworth, Yorks ; b. 1855; in. 1881, 
ady Isabella G-eorgiana K., dau. of 3 
marq. of Exeter ; b. 1853; D.r,., j.p. W.R. 
Yorks, patron of 3 livings ; assumed in 
1 89 1 by royal licence name and arms of 
Battie-Wrightson : Cusworth Park, Don- 
caster ; Warmsworth Hall. nr. Doncaster. 
Battiscombe, rear-adml. Albert Hy. 
Wm. 2 s. of late Rev. Richd. Battis- 
combe, of Hactons, Essex; 6. 1831 ; m. 
1866, Lucy, dau. of late sir Henry Robin- 
son, knt.,of Knapton House,Norfolk.D.ii.. 
J. P. ; served in operations against Bruni 
Borneo 1846 ; at capture of piratical 
junks in MirsBay, Cochin-China 1850, at 
bombardment of Bomarsund and of 
Sveaborg ; with naval brig, on Burmese 
frontier 1858, in N. Zealand 1860-1: 
rear-adml. ret. Hat, 1887 : Eastwoo i, 

Battiscombe, Arthur, s. of rev. W. 
Battiscombe, of Horseheath, Cambs ; b. 
1835 ; m. 1859, Frances Elizabeth, dau. 
of George Haynes, of Triest ; J.p. Rad- 
norshire : Woodlands, Glasbury R.S.O. 

Battiscombe, Walter Ernest Sax, s. of 
late rev. Richd. Battiscombe, of Hactons, 
Romford, Essex ; b. 1841 ; m. 1864, 
Agnes Josepha, dau. of late Champion E. 
Branfill, of Upminster Hall, Romford, 
Essex, D.L., J.p.(rf. 1844) ; J.P. Somerset : 
Constitutional club ; Hillside, Worle, nr. 

Battle, dean of (Chichester), vide very 
rev. E. R. Currie. 

Battye, mij.-gen. Arthur, C.B., s. of 
G. W. Battye ; b. 1829 : served in Oude 
1858, at Lucknow ; N. W. frontier, India 
1864 ; Hazara 1868 ; Looshai expun. 
1871-2; Afghan war 1878-80 ; maj.-gen. 
1894, I.S.C. : E. I. United Se- vice club. 
Battye, maj.-gen. Geo. Money, served 
in Burmese war 1852-4 ; ret. f. p. 1878 as 
lt.-col. B.S.C. 

Battye, maj.-gen.Hv. Doveton, served 
in Indian mutiny 1857-9, B.S.C. ret. 1884. 
Baugrh, gen. Ffolliott Walker, in 
Affghanistan, 1842 ; Sutlej campaign 
1845-6, at Moodke,Feroze*hah & Sobraon, 
Burmese war 1853, Indian mutiny 
campaign 1857-8, gen. Bengal Inf. on 
U.S. list 1889. 

Baughan. William Frederick, c.B.. s. 
of John Henry Baughan ; 6. 1834 ; m. 
1858, dau. of Hy. Taylor ; assist-direc. 
of Transports 1880-94 : 1 Acacia gdn*. 

Baumann, Arthur Anthony, b.a. 
Oxon, 2 s. of Wm. Baumann, Hyde Park 
sq. W. (d. 1888) ; b. 1856 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1881; M.P. (c.) Camberwell 
(Peckham divn.) 1885-92: 109 Queen's 
gate S.W. ; Carlton club ; 6 Crown Otfice 
row, Temple, E.G. 

Baum.gra.rten, capt. Edwd. Picton ; 
Oare House, nr. Pewsey S.O., Wilts. 

Baumgrartner, Edward Jocelyn. 3 s. 
of J. T. Baumgartner, M.D., of Godman- 
cliester, Hunts; b. 1815; m. 1851, 
Catherine, youngest dau. of Wm. Ta vlor, 
of Histon, Cambs; barr.Mid. Temple 1812, 
registrar of supreme court at Gibraltar 
18 91, J.P.Hunts. 

Baumgrartner, gen. Thos. Mowbray, 
6 s. of John T. Baumgartner, M.D., ot 
Godmanchester; b. 1824; in Indian 
mutiny 1857-8 ; gen. 1894, I.S.C, on U.S. 
list, 1890. 

Baumgrartner, mrs. Helen, eld. dau. 
of R. Thompson, of Greenwood Park, 
co. Down ; m. 1859, gen. Robt. J. B uim- 
gartner, C.B., of Godmanchester (d. 
1895) : Island Hall, Godmanchester, 

Bax-Ironside, Henry Geo. Outrain, 
only p. of J. H. Bax-Ironside, C.B., of 
Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durnam (<i. 



1879), by dau. of maj.-gen. R. G. Hughes, 
of Llynon Hall, Anglesey, D.L., J. P. ; b. 
1859 ;" 2 sec. in H.M.'s diplomatic service : 
St. James's and Travellers' clubs. 

Baxendale. Fras. Hugh, s. of late 
Lloyd Baxendale. of Greenham. Berks ; 
b. 1862 ; m. 1883,' Emily, dau. of Thos. 
Nicholls : is J. P. Sussex : Framfield Place, 
Framfield S.O. Sussex. 

Baxendale, Joseph Win., m.a. Oxon, 
only s. of Joseph Hornby Baxendale, 
f.r!g.s., of Worplesdon Place, Surrev 
(d. 1886) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874, Frances M. 
J., only survg. child of late hon. Francis 
Scott, of Sendhurst Grange. Surrev ; D.L.. 
j.p. Hants (sheriff 1893) : 78 Brook sL 
W. ; Conservative club ; Hursley Park, 

Baxendale, Lloyd Harry ; m. 1895, 
Constance L., dau. of late Chas. Raymond 
Pelly ; is j.p. Berks : 37 Albemarle st. 
W. ; Greenham Lodge, Newbury. 

Baxendale. Salisbury, M.A. Oxon : 
4 s. of J. Baxendale, D.L., j.p. (d. 1872), 
of Woodside, Middlx. ; 6. 1827 ; i. 1856, 
Edith Marian, dau. of late lt.-gen. sir 
H. D. Jones, G.C.B.. it.E. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1852 ; j.p. Herts (sheriff 1883) : 
Athenaeum club ; Bonningtons, Ware, 

Baxendale, mis. Birley. 35 Portman 
sq. W. ; Bl .ckmore End, Kimpton, Wel- 
wyn, Herts. 

Baxter. Edward A., eld. s. of rt. hon. 
Wm. Edwd. Baxter, p.c. M.P.. of Kincal- 
drum, Forfarshire (d. 1890) ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1879, Isobel, dau. of Wm. Scott Elliot, of 
Arkleton, co. Dumfries ; J.P. co. Forfar : 
Kincaldrum House, Forfar, N.B. 

Baxter, rev. Hy. Fleming, m.a. Oxon, 
s. of J. Baxter, of Sibdon Castle. D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1871) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1869, dau.' of late J. 
W. Weaver, of Oaken, Wolverhampton ; 
vicar of Sibdon (wia Halford) from 
1885 : Sibdon Castle, Craven Arms 
R.S.O.. Salop. 

Baxter, Wynne Edwin, f.g.s.,f.r.g.S.. 
F.R.M.S.; &.1844 : under-sheriff of London 
and Middlx. 1876-7-8-9, 1885-6 ; high con- 
stable of Lewes 1877-8-9-80-1 ; first mayor 
of Lewes, 1881-2; d.l. Tower Hamlets; 
J.P. London ; coroner for Sussex 1879-87, 
E. Middlesex 1886-8 and E. London from 
1888, and of Tower of London and Liber- 
ties from 1891 : 170 Church st. Stoke 
Newington, N. ; High st. Lewes ; Con- 
stitutional club. 

Bayford, Robert Augustus, Q.c, M.A. 
Cantab, only s. of Augustus Fredk. 
Bayford ; b. 1838 ; m. 1868, Emily J., 
younger dau. of John Devereil, of Pur- 
brook Park, Hants ; barr. Inner Temple 

1863, bencher 1891, Q.c. 1885 : 11 Cleve- 
land sq. W. ; 13 King's Bench walk, 
Temple, E.C. 

Bayldon, Edwd. Herbert, 5 s. of rev. 
John Bayldon, of Wakefield, Yorks ; b. 
1854 : m. 1876, Annie, dau. of T. H. 
Stevens, of Beading, Berks ; is j.p. 
(1896) Devon: Constitutional club; 
Oaklands, Dawlish, Devon. 

Bayley. Chas. Hy., p. of late John 
Bayley. of Bolton, Lanes ; b. 1840 ; m. 

1870, Agnes, only dau. of H. C. Renshaw, 
J.P. of Bank Hall, Derbyshire ; j.p. 
Lancashire : The Glen, Broughton Park, 

Bayley, Edmond Kelly.LL. B.Cantab. ; 
2 s. of late Richd. Bayley, of Preston 
House, Surbiton, Surrev : b. 1847 : m. 

1871, Catherine M., eld. dau. of Wm. 
Winter, of Jersey ; barr. Inner Temple, 
1871 : one of the sheriffs of London and 
Middlx. 1879-80 ; j.p., D.l. co. Ros- 
common (sheriff 1883), j.p. co. Galway, 
&. Middlx., one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for 
the City of London ; officer of order of 
the Saviour, Greece, and chev. of order 
of Leopold of Belgium: Jun. Carlton 
club ; Arnolds, Holm wood, Surrey ; 
Rookwood, Roscommon. 

Bayley. Edwd. Hodson, s. of late 
rev. dr. Bayley; b. 1841; i. 18 , 
Josephine, dau. of capt. Simon. U.S.A. ; 
chm. of E. H. Bayley & Co. Ltd. wagon 
builders, 42 Newington causeway. S.E., 
director of Equitable Aesur. Co. U.S.A., 
of Northampton Street Tramwavs <tc. ; 
J.P. (1894) London ; M.P. (l.) N. Cam- 
berwell 1892-5: Cliff Lodge, South- 
fields. Wandsworth. S.W. ; 42 Newing- 
ton Causeway, S.E. ; Reform club. 

Bayley, James, eld. s. of J. S. Bavlev, 
of Willaston Hall. Cheshire {d. 1859) ;*&. 
1857; m. 1880, Ellen, dau. of G. An- 
drews ; j.p. Cheshire : Willaston Hall, 

Bayley, sir Lyttelton Holyoake, 2 
s. of sir John E. G. Bayley, 2 bart. : b. 
1827 : m. dau. (d. 1860) of A. Mactier of 
Dunis House, Kincardineshire ; barr. 
Middle Temple, 1850 ; puisne judge of 
hieh court of Bombay 1869-95. knighted 

Bayley, sir Steuart Colvin. K.C.s.i., 
C.I.E., 5 s. of late W. B. Bayley ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1860, Anna, dau. of R. N. Farquharson, 
B.C.S. ; enteredB.C.S.1856;commr.Patna 
divn. during Bengal famine 1873-4; sec. 
to govt, of Bengal 1877, on special duty 
with govt, of India during Madras and 
Mysore famine 1877, res. at Hyderabad 
1881-2, ord. memb.of council of gov. gen. 
of India 1882-7, lt.-gov. of Bengal 1887- 


90, sec. in political and secret dept. of 
India Office from 1890, memb. Indian 
council 1895 : India Office, Charles st. 
Westminster, S.W. ; Wharncliffe, Wim- 
bledon Fark ; Athenaeum club. 

Bayley, Thos., only s. of late Thos. 
Bayley, of Lenton Abbey, Notts. ; b. 
1846 ; m. 1874, Annie, 2 dau. of Henry 
Farmer ; a colliery owner, sheriff of 
Nottingham 1881-2, J. P. and county aldm. 
for Notts, m.p. (L.) Derbyshire (Chester- 
field divn.) from 1892 : Devonshire club ; 
Peverel House, Nottingham. 

Bayley, lady. Emily Annie T. dau. 
of sir T. T. Metcalfe, 4 bart. ; m. 1850, 
sir Edwd. Clive Bayley, k.c.S.i., CLE. 
(d. 1884) : The Wilderness, Ascot, Berks. 

Bayley-Worthington, Gibbon, 2 
survg. s. of lateW. Bayley.of Stalybridge; 
b. 1836 ; m. 1868, Marianne, dau. of late 
H. Brocklehurst, of Foden Bank, Mac- 
clesfield ; j.p. Cheshire : assumed by 
royal licence 1863, name ofWorthington : 
8 Balfour pi. Park la. W. 

Baylis Philip,M..\., ll.m. Cantab., only 
s. of late Philip Baylis, of Ledbury, co. 
Hereford ; 6. 1848 ; m. 1894, Isabelle Mar- 
guerite, 2 dau. of Edwd. Matthey, of 
Beauchamp Lodge, Warwick cres. W. ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1875, j.p. (1894) 
Gloucestershire, H.M.'s dep. surveyor of 
R.Forest of Dean and steward of theRoy. 
Manors within the Hundred of St. 
Briavels from 1893 : Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Reform clubs ; Whitemead 
Park, Parkend, Lydney, Glo's. ; Ledbury, 

Baylis, T. Henry,Q.c.,M.A. Oxon, 2 s. of 
late Edward Baylis. d.l., J.p. ; b. 1817 ; 
m. 1841, Louisa L. youngest dau. of late 
John Ingle, of Stonehouse, Devon, D.L., 
J.P. ; barr. Inner Temple, 1856, bench- 
er 1877, Q.c. 1875; Presiding Judge of 
Court of Passage, Liverpool, from 1876 ; 
v.D.,lt.-col. late 18 Middx.R.V.C.1878, ret. 
list; v.p.of R.TJ. Service Inst. from 1891 
and R. Archaeological Inst. ; memb. of 
council of Egypt. Exploration Fund, and 
other learned societies : 15 Kensington 
gdns. sq. W. : New University club. 

Bayliss, Wm. eld. s. of Wm. Bayliss, of 
Mayfield, Staffs : b. 1840 ; m. 1865, dau. 
of rev. Jas. Clapham, of Cheetham Hill, 
Manchester; j.p. (1894) Staffs: The 
Woodlands, Newbridge, Wolverhampton. 

Bayly, vide Sparvel -Bayly. 

Bayly, gen. Abingdon Augustus, h.a. 
( Bombay), 4 s. of Wentworth Bayly, late 
of Weston Hall,Suffolk ; b. 1829 ; m. 1854, 
Mary, 2 dau. of gen. Faunce, Madras 
army ; in Punjab campaign 1848-9, at 
Mooltan, on U.S. list 1891, gen. 1895. 

Bayly, gen. John, r.e., c.b., f.s.a., 
s. of late capt. Paget Bayly, 7 huss. ; b. 
1821 ; m. Jane C, only "dau. of late 
Humphrey E. Crum-Ewing, of Strath- 
leven, lord lient. of co. Dumbarton ; asst. 
omnr. in 1868 of the parly, boundary 
commns.and commr. for Scotland in 1885, 
executive officer of ord. survey 1874-82 ; 
ret. p. 1882 ; col.-commdt. R.E from 1893 ; 
D.L., J.p. co. Dumbarton : 13 Royal cres. 
Bath ; United Service club. 

Bayly, rev. Paget Lambart, m.a. 
Cantab., only s. of gen. John Bayly, c.b., 
col.-commdt. R.E. ; b. 1864 ; m. 1896, 
hon. Blanche Louisa, dau. of 13 baron 
Inchiquin ; vicir from 1891 of Road Hill, 
Bath : Oxford and Cambridge club. 

Bayly, col. Rich!. Kerr, C.B., r. of late 
capt. E. Bayly, 12 regt. ; b. 1838 ; served 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8, at siege of 
Lucknow, Ashanti war 1874, Egyptian 
war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir, 4 clas* Osma- 
nieh ; Soudan expdn. 1884, at El Teb, 3 
class Medjidie ; in operations on Upper 
Nile 1885, d.a.g., Malta, 1889-94, ret. p. 
1895 ; Naval and Military club. 

Bayly, Robt., J.p. Devon : Reform 
club ; Torr Grove, Plymouth. 

Bayly, lt.-col.Zachary Stanley, C.M.G., 
commdt. late Cape Mounted Rifles : 
Butt erworth,Transkei, Cape of GoodHope. 

Bayne, Wm. Thirlwall, ll.d. Cantab, 
P.C.S., only s. of late W. J. Bayne, m.d., 
of Bury St. Edmunds ; b. 1838 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1863, j.p. Devon : Athe- 
naeum and United University clubs ; 
Brockhill, Broadclyst, Exeter. 

Baynes, bp., viae Natal. 

Baynes, Chas. Robert, s. of col. Chas. 
Baynes, r.a. ; 6. 1809 ; Madras Civil 
Service retired : The Lammas, Minchin- 
hampton, Stroud, Glo'stershire. 

Baynes, lt.-gen. Geo. Edwd., s. of late 
sir Edwd. Stuart Baynes, K.c.m.g. ; b. 
1823 ; m. 1867, dau. of Chas. Osborn, of 
Down End, Fareham ; with 8 foot at 
Delhi, led storming party of 2 column ; 
ret. p. 1885 : United Service club ; Field 
Place, Horsham. 

Baynes, lt.-gen. Robt. Stuart; in 
Crimea 1854, 5 class Medjidie ; in Indian 
mutiny 1857, at Delhi ; ret. list 1881, 
col. R. Munster Fus. from 1895. 

Baynes, (hon.) Thos., 3 s. of late E. 
D. Baynes, c.m.g., pres. and col. sec. of 
Antigua ; b. 18 ; m. 1, 1877, Amy N. E., 
dau. of late H. Diaper, M.u., surg.-maj. 
Bengal army ; 2, 1882. Ellen O, younger 
dau. of hon. T. D. Foote, pres. legisl, 
council, Leeward Islands ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1878, s.G.Leeward Islands 1888-9, 



1 puisne judge from 1889; St. John's, 
Antigua, Leeward Islands, W. Indies. 

Baylies, sir Wm. John Walter. 3 barfc. 
(1801), eld. s. of 2 bart. {d. 1866); 
b. 1820; m. 1845, Margaret, dau. of 
D. Stuart, of Wykeham Park, Oxon ; 
J.P. Surrey and London : Forest Lodge, 
West Hill, Putney, S.W. ; Union and 
City of London clubs. 

Baynes, Wm. Wilberforce, s. of rev. 
Joseph Baynes, of Wellington, Somerset ; 
b. 1834 ; m. 1884, Phebe M., eld. dau. of 
Wm. Knight, of Brighton; d.l. Tower 
Hamlets, ^J.P. London : Reform, City 
Liberal and National Liberal clubs; Pick- 
hurst Wood, Bromley, Kent. 

Bayton, John, s. of rev. W. S. Bayton, 
of Westergate, nr. Chichester ; b. 1819 ; 
m. 1843, Georgina, dau. of Chas. Harison, 
of Sutton Place, Seaford ; J.P. Sussex : 
The Poplars, Boxgrove, Chichester. 

Bazalgrette, lady. Maria, 4 dau. of 
late E. Kough, J.p.of Wexford ; m. 1845, 
sir Joseph Wm. Bazalgette, C.B., knt., 
designer of Thames embankt. 1863-74, 
and main drainage of London (d. 1891) : 
St. Mary's, Wimbledon pk. Surrey. 

Bazeley, Geo. Paulle, s. of Geo. Baze- 
ley, of Penare. Penzance ; b. 1851 ; J. p. 
(1894) Cornwall : 17 Regent terr. Pen- 

Bazley, Charles Henry, only survg. 
s. of R. Bazley, of Manchester (d. 1845); 
b. 1838 ; j.p. Lancashire. 

Bazley, Gardner Sebastian, only s. of 
sir Thos. Sebastian Bazley, 2 bart. ; b. 
1863 ; j.p. Gloucestershire and c.c. 
capt. 4 battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire 
regt. 18.S9-93 : Brooks's and Bachelors' 
clubs ; Hatherop Castle, Fairford, Glou- 

Bazly, sir Thomas Sebastian. 2 bart. 
(1869), m.a. Cantab? only s. of sir T. 
Bazley, 1 bart., m.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1829 ; 
m. 1855, Elizabeth, 2 dau. (d. 1890) of R. 
Gardner, of Chaseley, Lancashire ; D.L., 
J.P. Gloucestershire, j.p. Cheshire : 
Hatherop Castle, Fairford, Gloucester- 
shire ; United University, Brooks's and 
Athenaeum clubs. 

Bazley, dow. lad v. Mary, 2 dau. of 
Sebastian Nash, of Clayton, Manchester ; 
m. 1828, sir Thomas Bazley, 1 bart., m.p. 
(d. 1885) : Vicarage, Biburv, Fairford 
S.O. GloVtershire. 

Bazley-White, John, 2 s. of late 
John Bazley White, J.P.Kent {d. 1893) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1876, lady Grace, youngest 
dau. of Mary Elizabeth, in her own right 
18 countess of Rothes (d. 1893), by the 
late capt. Martin Haworth-Leflie, 60 
Rifles ; hon. col. 3 vol. (Kent) brig 

Cinque Ports divn. e.a., 1887, ret. 1892 ; 
d.l., j.p. Kent ; m.p. (C.) Gravesend 
1885-1892 ; assumed addtl. surname of 
Bazley 1887 : Carlton and Arthur's 
clubs ; Gennings Park, Hunton, nr. Maid- 

Beach, vide Hicks-Beach. 

Beach, Thomas, M.A.Cantab, eld. s. of 
Wm. Beach, of Cerne Abbas, Dorset ; b. 
1831 ; J.P. Staffs : Constitutional club ; 
Tettenhall Court. Wolverhampton. 

Beach. Wm. Wither Bramston, s. of 
late Wm. Beach, Oakley Hall, Hants ; b. 
1826 ; m. 1857, dau. of late col. Cleveland, 
Tapeley Park, N.Devon : M.A. Oxon, capt. 
(hon. maj.) Hants yeomry. 1858-82, D.L., 
J.P. Hants, m.p. (c.) N. Hants 1857-85, 
Andover divn. from 1885: Carlton club; 
Oakley Hall. nr. Basingstoke, Hants ; 
Keevil House, Trowbridge. 

Beacham, Elisha, j.p. N. R. Yorks : 
William st. South Eston, Middlesbrough. 

Beadle, Charles, e. of Chas. Beadle, 
late of Sutton-Hone, Kent; 6. 18-54 ; m. 
1862, Ellen, dau. of Chas. Hide, of Broad- 
water, Sussex ; is j.p. Kent : Beadon- 
well House, Belvedere S.O. Kent. 

Beadle, maj. -gen. James Pattle, R.E. : 
(Bengal); Sutlej campaign 1845-6,ret.l866 
f. p. as col. : 6 Queen's gate gdns. S.W. ; 
The Grange, Worton, nr. Devizes. 

Beadnell, col. Geo., only survg. s. of 
late G. Beadnell, of Cynhinfa, Mont. ; 
b. 1820 ; m. 1, dau. of rev. canon J. W. 
Trevor ; 2, 1849, Jane A., dau. of l apt. 
R. Streatfeild, R.N. ; J.P., D.L. Mont- 
gomeryshiie, It. ret. 1841, Bengal army, 
col. late Montgomery mil. 

Beadnell, capt. Henry Christopher 
Thos., eld. survg.s. of late John Beadnell, 
of Tottenham. Middlx., and of Castell-v- 
Dail, Mont. ; 6. 1839 ; m. 1866, Matilda 
Jane, dau. of late John Marsh, of Carno, 
Mont. ; capt. ret. Roy. Montgomery 
Rif. and late It. W. Suffolk regt., J.P. 
cos. Montgomery and Merioneth: Jun. 
Army and Navy club ; Cefn-Camberth, 
Towyn, Merioneth. 

Beadon, maj. -gen. Edwd. Musgrave, 
s. of Wm. Beadon, of Otterhead, Devon ; 
b. 1833 ; m. 1865, Harriette Richards, 
dau. of rear-adm. Geo. Lloyd, of The 
Grove, Haverfordwest ; served in Afghan 
war 1879-80 with Koorum divn., lt.-col. 
(col. 1884) Shropshire L. inf. 1880-5 : 
Manor House, Winterbourne Clenstone, 
Blanc ford, Dorset. 

Beadon, lady. Agnes, dau. of W. H. 
Stemdale ; m. 1860, sir Cecil Beadon, 
K.c.s.1. (d. 1880).lt.-gov. of Bengal 1862-7. 

Beal, col. Henry, C.B., s. of laie H. R. 
Beal ; 6. 1842 ; served in Egyptian war 



1882, Soudan 1885, Nile expedn. 1884-5, 
lt.-col. (col. 1888) 1 battn. S. Stafford- 
shire regiment 1884-8, ret. p. 1888. 

Beale. Arthur Geach, eld. s. of Wm. 
L. Beale, of Waltham St. Lawrence, 
Berks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1896) : b. 1857 ; to. 
1886, Constance, dau. of Hugh E. Mont- 
gomerie : 8 Grenville pi., South Kens., 
8.W. ; Manor House, Waltham St. 
Lawrence, Twyford K.S.O., Berks. 

Beale, Edwd. John, F.L.S., s. of John 
Beale, of Limerick ; b. 1836 ; to. 1864, S. 
J., dau. of late Thos. Child, of Devonshire 
Lodge, Eastbourne ; is a memb. cf firm 
of Jas. Carter and Co. seedsmen, Hol- 
born, W.C. ; J.P. (1895) Middlx. : Stoney- 
deep House, Twickenham rd. Tedding- 
ton S.O. Middlx. ; National Liberal club. 

Beale, Wm. Phipson, q.c, f.g.s., eld. 
p. of Wm. J. Beale, of Birmingham ; b. 
18 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1867, bencher 
1892, q.c. 1888 : 19 Upper Phillimore 
gdns. W. ; 10 New court, Carey st. W.C. 

Bealey, Adam Crompton, s. of Eichd. 
Bealey, of Radcliffe, Lancashire : J.P. 
Lancashire : The Manor House, Bury, 

Beamish, maj.-gen. Charles: ret. f. p. 
1866, as lt.-col. 35 foot : United Service 

Beamish, Fras. J., youngest s. of S. 
Beamish, of Kilmalooda and Lettacol- 
lum, co. Cork (d. 1881) ; b. 1856 ; J.P. 
co. Cork : Royal Thames Yacht club ; 
Lettacollum, Timoleague, co. Cork. 

Beamish, rear-adml. Henry Hamilton, 
C.B., 3 s. of late rev. H. H. Beamish, of 
Lillingstone Dayrell, Bucks (d. 1872) ; b. 
1829 ; to. 1, eld. dau. of J. Slater Harrison, 
of Shelswell Park, Oxon., by dau. of 2 
earl of Clonmell ; 2, 1867, Blanche G. 
younger dau. of capt.Wm. Marjoribanks- 
Hughes (who assumed name of Otway), 
4 drag. ; mate of " Fox " in India and 
Burmah 1852, at taking of Rangoon, 
emplyd. in " Hastings " up the Irra- 
waddy, gunnery It. of "Exmouth" in 
Baltic 1855, commd. divn. of rocket boats 
at bombrdnt. of Sveaborg, China war 
1857-8, at capture of Canton and Peiho 
forts, a.d.c. to the Queen 1879-80. 

Beamish, Thos. Grant, 4 s. of Thos. 
Beamish, of Coventry, Warwickshire ; b. 
J 835 ; to. 1859, Sarah Catherine, dau. of 
Joseph Read, of Coventry, Warwick- 
shire ; i< j.p. (1896) Warwickshire and 
(1893) Coventry : Hazelbeech, Coventry. 

Beamish, mrs. Diana S., dau. of 
Fredk. M. Lewin, of The Hollies, and 
Halfway Street House, Kent, J.P. {d. 
1877), and granddau. of Diana, baroness 
Barham; to. 1868, lt.-col. Edwd. S. 

Beamish, r.a., j.p. (d. 1892) : Halfway 
Street House, nr. Bexley. 

Bean, maj.-gen. John William Frede- 
rick, throughout Punjab campaign, 
1848-9, affair at Ramnuggur, passage of 
Chenab, Goojerat, Indian mutiny 
1857-8 ; ret. f. p. 1880 as lt.-col., B.S.C., 
1880 : 1 York villa, Bayshill, Cheltenham. 

Bearcroft, lt.-col. Edward Hugh, only 
s. of Edwd. Bearcroft, of Mere Hall, 
Worcestershire, D.L., j!p. (d. 1886) ; b. 
1852 ; to. 1877, Catherine E., only dau. of 
G. Philipps, of Cwmgwilli, co. Carmar- 
then : j.p. Worcestershire ; maj. (hon. 
lt.-col. 1891) 3 battn. (mil.) Worcester- 
shire regt. from 1890 : Union and Jun. 
United Service clubs ; Mere Hall, Droit- 

Beard, Geo. s. of Geo. Beard of Ken- 
nington, Surrey : b. 1816 ; to. 1854, Sarah 
A. only dau. of Chas. Rideout of Glou- 
cester : j.p. Warwickshire (sheriff 1891): 
Thickthorn, nr. Kenilworth, Warwick- 

Beard, Steyning, s. of Steyning 
Beard, of Ovingdean, Sussex ; 6. 1845 ; 
to. 1, 1870, Elizabeth Georgina, dau. of 
Wm. Henry Murrell, of Lewes, Sussex ; 
2, 1894, Alise Frances May, eld. dau. of 
col. A. M. Phillips, I.S.C., of Hillside, 
Rottingdean ; is J.P. Sussex : Down 
House,, Sussex. 

Beardoe-Grundy, James, youngest s. 
of rev. Geo. Docker Grundy, ji. A. Oxford, 
vicar of St. John's, Lees, Lancashire, and 
maternal gds. of Jas. Beardoe, of Man- 
chester ; b. 1846 ; to. 1869, Mary Jane, 
dau. of late Robt. Eastwood, of Meltham, 
Yorks ; J.P. Lancashire, adopted addtl. 
name of Beardoe in 18G7 : Limehurst, 

Bearne. Lewis, s. of Andrew Bearne, 
of Newton Abbot ; b. 1820 ; to. 1, 
Frances E., dau. of late Edwd. O. 
Holmes, of Teigngrace ; 2, Eliza S., dau. 
of late John Austen, London : is J.P. 
(1894) and c.c. Devon : National 
Liberal club ; St. Bernards, Newton 
Abbot, Devon. 

Beart, Wm. Fredk. s. of Robt. Beart, 
of Godmanchester. Hunts ; b. 1848 ; to. 
1871, Amy, dau. of F. J. Howson, j.p.; 
j.p. Hunts: The Chestnuts, Godman- 
chester, Huntingdon. 

Beasley, Chas., s. of late T. C. Beas- 
ley, of Harston. Leicestershire, j.p. ; b. 
1840 ; to. 1871, Florence P. P., dau. of 
late T. Piatt, of Lincoln's Inn ; is j.p. 
(1896) and c.c. for Leicestershire : Har- 
ston, Grantham. 

Beath, dep.-surg.-gen. John Henry, 
M.D., c.b., s. of late A. Beath, of Stirling, 


N.B. ; b. 1835; to. 1, dau. of late A. 
Whitelaw, of Glasgow ; 2, 1878, Mary S., 
dau. of late D. P. Trench, collector-gen. 
rev. dept. Jamaica ; in Indian mutiny 
campaign 1857-9, at Lucknow ; China 
1800 Egypt 1882, 3 class Medjidie ; ret. 
p. 1882 as dep.-surg.-gen., J.P. Lanark- 
shire : 14 Park ter., Stirling, N.B. 

Beatson, maj .-gen. Albert Balcombe, s. 
of late maj .-gen. Alex. Beatson, gov. of 
St. Helena 1808-13 ; b. 1823 ; in Sutlej 
campaign, and present at siege of Delhi 
1857, ret. f. p. as lt.-col., B.S.C. : 36 
Eaton rise, Ealing, W. ; Constitutional 

Beatson, surgeon-gen.JohnFullarton, 
B.A., M.D., C.i.e.,4 s. of capt. Hy. Dundas 
Beatson of Campbeltown; m. 1867, Ellen 
M. A. 2 dau. of maj. -gen. G. H. Swinley, 
r.a. ; ret. f. p. 1880 : Constitutional club. 

Beatson, surg.-gen. Wm. Burns, M.D., 
F.R.C.8.E.. m.r.c.p.l. Bengal army, ret. 
1883 : Vicarsgrange, Grange rd. East- 

Beattie, vide Stewart-Beattie. 

Beatty, maj. -gen. Kobt. ; maj .-gen. 
1890, on U.S. list 1893, Madras N.I. 


Beauchamp, 7 earl (1815 U.K.). Wm. 
Lygon, eld. s. of 6 earl, P.C. {d. 1891), 
by only dau. (d.) of 5 earl Stanhope ; 
b. 1872; 2nd tit. vise. Elmley ; J.P. 
Gloucestershire, D.L., J.P. Worcester- 
shire, mayor of Worcester 1895-6 : 125 
Piccadilly, W. ; Madresfield Court, 
Malvern Link. 

Beauchamp, Edmund Beaucbimp, 
eld. s. of rev. Marwood Tucker, M.A., of 
Coryton Park, and rect. of Midwortby, 
Devon (d. 1894) ; b. 1833; to. 1, dau. of 

B. Persse, Moyode Castle, co. Galway ; 
2, 1873, Gertrude, dau. of D. Persse, 
Roxborough, co. Galway; 3, 1877, Louisa 
Ellen, 3 dau. of rev. H. tongueville Jones, 
H.M. Insp. of Schools for Wales; d.l., 
j. p. Cornwall (sheriff 1870), assumed 
name of Beauchamp in lieu of Tucker 
1874 : Trevince, Gwennap, Redruth. 

Beauchamp, maj.-geri. F.. served in 
24 Sikhs against Mahsood Wuzeerees 
I860 ; Afghan war 1879-80 ; ret. p. 1886. 

Beauchamp, countess. Emily Annora 

C, eld. dau. of 3 earl Manvers ; b. 1853 ; 
to. 1872, as his 2 wife, 6 earl Beauchamp, 
P.c. (d. 1891): 13 Belgrave sq. S.W.; 
I'ull Court, Bushley (Worcs), nr. Tewkes- 

Beauclerk, lord Osborne de Vere, 2 s. 
of 10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1874; 2 It. 
1 7 Lancers from 1895. 

Beauclerk, lord Wm. de Vere. 3 s. of 
10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1883. 

Beauclerk, William Nelthorpe, ll.d 
Cantab, eld. s. of late lord Frederick 
Beauclerk, b. 1849 ; to. 1, 1878, Jane I., 2 
dau. (d. 1888) of rev. Jas. Rathborne ; 2, 
1892, Evelyn Amy, dau. of sir R. Hart, 1 
bart., G.C.m.g. ; sec. to H.M.'s legation at 
Peking 1890-6, consul-gen. for Hungary 
from 1836 ; D.L., J.P. Lincolnshire : Buda 

Beauclerk, lady Amelius ; vide lt.- 
gen. John Walpole D'Oyly. 

Beauclerk, lady Sybil Evelyn, b. 
1871 ; lady Catherine de Vere, b. 1877 ; 
lady Alexandra de Vere, b. 1878, daus. 
of 10 duke of St. Albans. 

Beaufort, 8 duke of (1682, Eng.). Henry 
Charles Fitzroy Somerset, p.c, K.G., s. of 
7 duke (d. 1853) ; b. 1824 ; to. 1845, lady 
Georgina, dau. of 1 earl Howe, b. 1825 ; 
2nd tit. marq. of Worcester ; J. P., d.l. 
Glo'stershire and Brecknockshire, J.P. 
Wilts and Glamorganshire, M.P. East 
Gloucestershire 1846-53, master of horse 
to the Queen 1858-9, 1866-8, late lt.-col. 
in the army, lieut.-col. commdt. Glo'ster- 
shire yeo. 1854-74, hon. col. 1874-87, 
lord-lieut. of Monmouthshire from 1867 : 
Carlton and Turf clubs: Badminton Park. 
Chippenham ; Troy House, Mitchel Troyj 
Monmouth ; Llangattock Park, S. Wales. 

Beaufort, Leicester Paul, B.A.Oxon., 2 
s. of rev. Daniel Augustus Beaufort, m.a. ; 
b. 1850 ; barr. Inner Temple 1879, gov. 
of Labuan from 1895 : Government 
House, Port Victoria, Labuan. 

Beaufoy, Mark Hanbury, only s. of 
late Geo. Beaufoy, of S. Lambeth ; b. 
1854; to. 1884, Mildred, dau. of Robt. 
Tait, of 14 Queen Anne st. W. ; head of 
firm of Beaufoy and Co., vinegar and bri- 
tish wine makers ; J.P. Wilts and London, 
M.P. (l.) Lambeth (Kennington divn.) 
1889-95 : 8 Park cres. W. ; Coombe 
House, Shaftesbury. 

Beaumont, capt. Alfred Philip, eld. 
s. of Alfred Beaumont, of 47 Gloucester 
ter. W. ; b. 1854; to. 1878, dau. of Phillip 
Pavy, of 19 Westbourne ter. W. ; Conser- 
vative club ; Testwood, Totton, South- 

Beaumont, Fras.Hy.,M. a., Oxon., eld. 
s. of W. F. Beaumont, of Buckland Court 
{d. 1837) ; b. 1834 ; to. 1856, Mary E., dau. 
of late Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, N.B., 
by dau. of 5 duke of Manchester ; county 
treasurer for Surrey : 14 West Halkin at. 
S.W. ; Carlton club ; Buckland Court, 

Beaumont, col. Fredk. E. Blackett, 
R.E., s. of E. Blackett Beaumont, F.R.8., 
and grs. of late Thos. W. Beaumont, 


M.P. ; b. 1833; in Indian mutiny ; M.p. 
(L.) S. Durham 1868-80. 

Beaumont, capt. sir George Howland 
Wm. 10 bart. (1660), eld. s. of 9 bart. (d. 
1882) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1880, Lillie Ellen, 2 
dau. of col. G. A. Ciaster, r.e. ; capt. 
r.h.a. 1881-4. 

Beaumont, Hy. Fredk., V.D., eld. s. of 
late H. R. Beaumont, and grands, of late 
Thos. R. Beaumont, of Bretton Park. 
Yorks ; b. 1833 ; m. 1857, Maria J., dau. of 
W. Garforth, of Wiganthorpe, Yorks : 
hon. col. 2 vol. battn. W. Riding regt. 
from 1868, J. p. Lincolnshire and N. R. 
Yorks ; D.L., j.p.W. R. Yorks ; M.P. (l.) 
S. divn. W. R. Yorks, 1865-74, and Colne 
Valley divn. 1885-6 and (L.U.) 1886-92 : 
Brooks', Travellers' and Turf clubs ; 
Whitley Beaumont, nr. Huddersfield. 

Beaumont, Henry Ralph, eld. 8. of 
Henry Fredk. Beaumont, of Whitley 
Beaumont, Yorks, m.p., d.l., J.p. ; b. 
1865: D.r,., J.P. W. R. Yorks: Brooks* 
and Wellington clubs ; Whitley Beau- 
mont, nr. Huddersfield. 

Beaumont, capt. Lindesay Beaumont, 
3 s. of late maj.-gen.R. H.J. B.Beaumont ; 
b. 1848 ; to. 1879, Alice Gibbs, dau. ot late 
Humphrey Brandreth, of Houghton Hall, 
Beds, j.p. ; capt. late 32 regt.: J.P. Beds : 
Jun. United Service club ; Crossland 
Fosse, Kempston, nr. Bedford. 

Beaumont, Somerset Archd F.R.G.S., 
3 s. of late T. Wentworth Beaumont, of 
Bretton. co. York, M.P. ; b. 1836; m.p. 
Newcastle-on-Tvne 1860-5, Wakefield 
1868-74 ; d.l. Northumberland: Travel- 
lers' and St. James' clubs 

Beaumont, Thos. Elliott,M. A.Cantab. ; 
youngest s. of late G. Beaumont, of 
Bridgford Hill, Notts. : b. 1838 ; to. 1882, 
Eliza M. 2 dau. (d. 1886) of late W. J. 
Runlle, m.d. of Audrey House, Gosport, 
and widow of late Geo. Wostenholm, 
J. P., of Kenwood Park, Sheffield : New 
University club; Ken woodPark, Sheffield. 

Beaumont, re v. Thos. Geo.M. A. Cantab; 
J.P. Suffolk ; rect. of Chelmondiston, 
Suffolk, 1863-88 : United University and 
Royal Thames Yacht clubs ; Oakley 
Lodge, Leamington. 

Beaumont, Wentworth Blackett, s. 
of late T. Wentworth Beaumont, m.p., 
and grs. of late Thos. R. Beaumont, 
M.P.; b. 1829 ; to. 1, 1856, lady Margaret, 
dau. (d. 1888) of 1 marq. of Clanricarde; 
2. 1891, Edith Althea. eld. dau. of lt.-gen. 
Hy. Meade Hamilton, C.B., and widow 
of maj.-gen. sir Geo. Pomeroy-Colley, 
K.C.S.I., c.B., c.m.g. ; D.L., j.p. Northum- 
berland and W. R. York, J.P. co. 
Durham, m.p. (l.) S. Northumberland 


1 852-85, Northumberland (Tyneside 
divn.) 1886-92: 144 Piccadilly, W. ; 
Brooks's, Travellers' and Reform clubs ; 
Bretton Hall, Wakefield. 

Beaumont, Wentworth Canning 
Blackett, M.a! Cantab., eld. s. of Went- 
worth Blackett Beaumont, of Bretton 
Park, Yorks, D.l., J.P., by 4 dau. of 
1 marq. of Clanricarde ; b. 1860 ; to. 
1889, lady Alexandrina L. M., dau. of 
5 marq. of Londonderry, b. 1863 : J.r. 
W. R. Yorks. and Northumberland ; It. 
Yorkshire huss. yeom. from 1886. M.P. 
(l.) Northumberland (Hexham divn.) 
from 1895 : By well Hall, Stocksfield-on- 

Beaumont, rev. canon,Wm.Beresford, 
M.A., Ch. Ch. Oxon, 2 s. of sir Geo. H. W. 
Beaumont, 8 bart. (d. 1845) ; b. 1831 ; w. 

1, youngest dau. of C. Soames, of Coles, 
Herts : 2, 1868, Elizabeth M., 2 dau. of 
rov. S. H. Alderson, late rect. of Risby, 
Suffolk : j.p. Leicestershire, hon. canon 
of Peterborough from 1889, rect. from 
1864 of Cole-Orton, Ashby-de-la-Zouch . 

Beaumont, William George, j.p. W. R. 
Yorks : Beach st. Lytham. 

Beaumont, capt. Wm. Spencer, late 
14 huss., eld. s. of late J. A. Beaumont, 
of Wimbledon Park {d. 1886); b. 1848; 
to. 1876, Honoria, 4 dau. of James Cooper, 
of Cooper Hill, co. Limerick ; is d.l. 
Tower Hamlets, J.P. Middlx. and London. 

Beaumont (rt.hon.), lady (11 baroness 
1309, Eng.) Mona Josephine Tempest 
Stapleton, eld. dau. and co.-heir of 10 
baron, It. -col. 20 huss. (d. 1895), by only 
child ol sir Chas. H. Tempest, 1 and last 
bare, of Heatou ; b. 1894 ; the right to 
the barony confirmed by Letters Patent, 
1st June, 1896. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Ethel M. lady. 
only child of sir Chas. H. Tempest, 1 
and last bart. of Heaton ; m. 1893, 10 
baron Beaumont, late It. -col. 20 huss. (d. 
1895) : Carlton Towers, Carlton R.S.O., 

Beaumont (rt.hon.), Isabella Anne, 
lady. eld. dau. of 3 baron Kilmaine ; 
to. 1844, 8 baron Beaumont (d. 1854) : 
Carlton Towers, Carlton R.S.O. Yorks. 

Beaumont, lady. Octavia Wil- 
loaghby ; to. 1, maj. J. R. S. Wallis, 4 
drag. grds. of Drwhane Castle, co. Cork: 

2, 1872, as his 2 wife, sir Geo. Howland 
Beaumont, 9 bart. (d. 1882) : 66 Crom- 
well rd. S.W. 

Beaumont frt. hon.), Violet, lady. 
only dau. of F. W. Isaacson, M.p. of 18 
Up. Grosvenor st. W. ; to. 1888, 9 baron 
Beaumont {d. 1892) : 49 Eaton place, 


Beaumont-Nesbitt, Edwd. John,B.A. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. T. G. Beaumont, 
rect. of Chelmondiston, Suffolk, 1863-88, 
J.P. ; b. 1860 ; to. 1890, Helen, youngest 
dau. of late Fredk. Freeman Thomas, of 
Ratton, Sussex ; is d.l., J.p. King's co. 
(sheriff 1892) ; assumed addtl. name of 
Nesbitt 1886 ; St. James', and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs : Tubberdaly, Eden- 
derry, King's co. 

Sea van, Arthur, s. of late F. S. Dixon ; 
b. 1847 ; to. 1879, Anne Eliza, dau. and heir 
of late S. Beavan, of Glascwm, co. Rad- 
nor; assumed name of Beavan, 1879; 
d.l., j.p. Radnorshire (sheriff, 1883) : 
The Court, Glascwm (co. Radnor), 
Builth S.O. Brecon6hire. 

Beavan, Jno. Griffiths, s. of Henry 
Beavan, of Fleet House, Hants ; b. 1827 ; 
to. 1860, Emily,dau. of lt.-col. John Davis, 
of Ashcott, Somerset ; is j.p. Radnor- 
shire, Herefordshire and Devon : Pen- 
rhos, Kington, Herefordshire. 

Beaven, Fredk. Thos., 2 s. of Thos. 
Beaven, of Holt.Wilts ; b. 1844 ; to. 1867, 
Fanny, dau. of Thos. Nicholl, of Halifax, 
Torks ; J.P. Wilts : The Retreat, Holt, 

Beaver, Wm.,only s. of Thos. Beaver, 
of Feterborough ; b. 1840; m. 1869, 
Emma M., dau. of Hy. Kirby, of Glap- 
thorne, Northants ; j.p. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : Alipore House, Peterborough. 

Beazer, Cornelius Edwd., only s. of 
Daniel Beazer, of Castle Combe, Wilts ; 
6. 1837 ; to. 1868, Susannah, dau. of 
Amice Bertram, of Grouville, Jersey ; 
j.p. Lancashire : Hindley, Wigan. 

Becher, maj. -gen. Alfred ; to. Caroline 
M. dau. (d. 1894) of; late Bo.S.C.ret. 
f . p. 1878 as lt.-col. : Hawthorndene, 
Longton avenue, Sydenham, S.E. 

Becher, col. Arthur Wm. Reddie ; 
served in Bhootan expdn. 1865-6, Hazara 
campaign 1868, Afghan war 1878-80, 
squadron commdr. 16 Bengal cav. from 
1885, equerry to H.R.H. duke of Con- 
naught 1886-91. extra equerry from 1891. 

Becher, Jn. Hy., b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of late rev. J. D. Becher, of Southwell, 
Notts ; b. 1840 ; to. 1879. Alice Mary, 2 
dau. of rev. E. Pickard-Cambridge, rec. 
of Warmwell, Dorset; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1863, J.P. Notts: Oxford and 
Cambridge club ; Hill House, Southwell, 

Becher, sir John Wrixon-, 3 bart. 
(1831), bro. of 2 bart. (d. 1893) ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1857, lady Emily, dau. of 2 earl of 
Listowel, m.a. Cantab., d.l. co. Cork 
(sheriff 1867): Ballygiblin, nr. Mallow, 
co. Cork ; Creagh, Skibbereen, co. Cork. 

Becher, gen. Septimus Harding ; gen. 
I.S.C. ; on U.S. list 1889. 

Becher. lady Wrixon-, Florence E. H., 
vide A. D. H. H. Reynell-Pack. 

Beck, vide Alcock-Beck. 

Beck, Chas. Harrop, only s. of C. W. 
Beck, of Upton Priory, Cheshire, and 
Frongoch, Mont. (d. 1872) ; b. 1861 ; to. 
1890, Jessie, youngest dau. of late re". 
Clement F. Broughton, rect. of Norhury- 
cum-Snelston, co. Derby : j.p Cheshire ; 
maj. 4 battn. (mil.) Cheshire regt. from 
1894 : Upton Priory, Macclesfield ; Fron- 
goch, Montgomeryshire. 

Beck. Geo. Morris, eld. s. of late G. 
Beck, of Caistor, Norfolk ; 6. 1836 ; to. 
1871, Ellen, dau. of R. Waters, of Ashby 
Hall, Norfolk ; j.p. Norfolk : Ormesby 
Lodge, nr. Yarmouth. 

Beck, Peter Arthur, 2 s. of J. Beck, of 
Kingsland, Salop (d. 1873) ; b. 1829 ; to. 
1864. Frances A., eld. dau. of late Robt. 
G. Temple, of The Lache, Cheshire, and 
judge of county courts of N. Staffs ; J.P. 
Montgomeryshire (sheriff 1886) and War- 
wickshire : Trelydau Hall, Guilsfield, 

Becke, John, s. of Cecil Becke, of 
London ; b. 1816 : to. 1838, Mary Anne, 
dau. of Charles Whitworth, of Northamp- 
ton, banker ; j.p. Northants, treasurer of 
county courts : The Cedars, Billing road, 

Beckett, Ernest Wm., eld. s. of Wm. 
Beckett (-Denison), of Nun Appleton, 
Yorks, M.P., D.L., J.P.(d. 1890), by dau. of 
2 baron Feversham : 6.1856 ; TO.l883,Lucy 
T., dau.(d. 1891) of W. Lee, of New Y'ork ; 
a partner in Beckett and Co., bankers at 
Leeds, J. P. W. R. Yorks, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1894) Yorkshire huss. yeom. from 
1884, resumed name of Beckett in lieu 
of Denison 1886, m.p. (c.) N.R. Y r orks 
(Whitby divn.) from 1885 : 17 Stratton 
st. Piccadilly, W. ; Carlton, Turf, St. 
James' and Bachelors' clubs ; Kirkstall 
Grange, nr. Leeds. 

Beckett, Joseph, s. of Thos. Beckett, 
of Marbury, Cheshire ; b. 1820 ; to. 1846, 
Mary, dau. of Jas. Moss, of Moor Hall, 
Cheshire ; is J.P. (1891) Cheshire and 
(1893) Salop : Belvidere, Wirswall, 
Whitchurch, Salop. 

Beckett, Rupert Evelyn, 3 s. of Wm. 
Beckett (-Denison), of Nun Appleton, 
Yorks, M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1890), by dau. 
of 2 baron Feversham ; b. 1870 ; J.p. 
(1896) W. R. Yorks, It. Yorkshire Huss. 
yeom. from 1895 : Old Bank, Doncaster. 

Beckett, col. Stephen, C.B., s. of late 
capt. J. O. Beckett, h.e.t.c.S. : b. 1840 ; 
m. 1, 1875, Cecilia, dau. (d. 1889) of P. 



Griffith ; 2, 1894, Ida M.eld.dau. of John 
Macfarlane. of 2 Lexhani gdns. W. ; iu 
Oude campaign 1858-9, Eusofzie expdn. 
1863, in charge of transport from India 
with Suakin expdn. 1885, B.S.C., ret. 
1889 : 75 Warwick rd. Earl's Court, S.W.: 
E.I. United Service club. 

Beckett, Wm. Gervase, s. of Wm. 
Beckett, of Nun Appleton, Yorks, M.P., 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1890), by dau. (d. 1896) of 
2 baron Feversham ; b. 1866 ; m. 1896, 
hon. Mabel T., only dau. of late vise. 
Helms ley and granddau. of earl of 
Feversham, b. 1877. 

Beckett, hon. mrs. Hamilton (Sophia 
C), 3 dau. of 1 baron Lyndhurst (ext.) ; 
b. 1828; to. 1854, Hamilton Beckett {d. 
1883), grands, of sir John Beckett, 1 
bart : 16 Gadogan pi. S.W. 

Beckett, miss, elder dau. of late sir 
Thos. Beckett, 3 bart. {d. 1872), by 
dau. (d. 1878) of J. Beckett, Barnsley, 
York : Somerby Hall, Gainsborough. 

Beckles, rt.rev.bp. Edward Hyndman, 
D.D., s. of J. Alleyne Beckles, pres. of 
Barbadoes ; b. 1816 ; to. dau. of E. Brace 
Walcott, Barbadoes ; bp. of Sierra Leone 
1860-70, chap, to Skinners' Co.'s Alms- 
houses and vicar of St. Peter's. Bethnal 
Green, from 1873, chap, to Hastings 
union from 1895 : The Cedars, London 
rd. St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Beckwith, Arthur, eld. s. of E. L. 
Beck with, of the Knoll, Eastbourne, 
Sussex, j.p. ; b. 1860 : to. 1890, Eiith, 
dau. of Heckstall Smith, of Hove, 
Sussex ; J.p. Brecknockshire : The Grove. 
Llangewyney. Crickhowell. 

Beckwith, Henry John, s. of late rev. 
H, Beckwith, b.a. rec. of Eaton Con- 
stantine, Salop ; b. 1840 ; to. 1876. 
Kathleen E., dan. of R. Craven Wade, of 
Clonebraney, co. Meath ; capt. late 53 
foot ; J.P. co. Durham : Naval and 
Military club ; Millichope Park, Church 

Beckworth, Wm. j.p. (1892) W. R. 
Yorks : Hotbarn House, Leeds. 

Bective, earl of (title which would 
be borne by eld. s. if any living, of marq. 
of Headfort). 

Bective, countess of. lady Alice 
Maria, dau. of 4 marq. of Downshire, b. 
1842 : to. 1867, Thomas, earl of Bective 
(d. 1893), eld. s. of 3 marq. of Headfort : 
29 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Barnacre Lodge, 
Garstang, Lanes. 

Bedding-ton, Maurice, J.P. Surrey : 91 
Lancaster gate, W. ; The Limes, Car- 

Bedford, 11 duke of (1694, Eng.). 
Herbrand Arthur Russell, 2 s. of 9 duke, 

K.G. (d. 1891) and bro. of 10 duke (<T 
1893) ; b. 1858 ; to. 1888, Mary du C. 
(lady of grace of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem), dau. of ven. W. H. Tribe, 
archdn. of Lihore ; 2nd tit. marq. of 
Tavistock ; It. 2 battn. gren. gds. 1881-8, 
A.u.c. to viceroy of India (marq. of 
Dufferin) 1884-8, hon. col. 19 Middlx. 
R.V. and of 3 vol. battn. Beds. regt. from 

1893, maj. 3 battn. (mil.) Beds. regt. from 
1893 ; D.L., j.p. Beds, j.p. Liberty of 
Peterborough: 15 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Woburn Abbey, Beds ; Endsleigh, Tavi- 
stock, Devon ; Oakley House, Bedford. 

Bedford, 2 bp. of (1879). rt. rev. Robt. 
Claudius Billing. D.D., M. A. Oxon; rect. 
of Spitalfields 1878-88, preb. of St. Paul's 
from 1886 ; rect. of St. Andrew TJnder- 
shaf t, City, from 1888, and bp. suffragan 
of Bedford (for East London) 1888-95 : 
Stainforth House, 96 The Common, 
Upper Clapton, E. 

Bedford, archd. of (Ely), vide ven. F. 

Bedford, rear-adml. sir Fredk. Geo. 
Denham, K.C.B., s. of vice-adml. E. 
J. Bedford, of Fairlawn, Paignton 
(d. 1887) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1880, Ethel, 
dau. of E. R. Turner, of Ipswich, 
served in Black Sea 1854, Baltic 
expdn. 1855, capt. of " Shah " at 
engagement with Peruvian ironclad 
u Muascar," off Ylo, 1877, capt. of 
"Monarch," organising the flotilla on 
the Nile, 1884, commd. expdns. against 
Fodi Silah on the Gambia, and chief 
Nana of Brohemie, in Benin River, 

1894, and against Brass chiefs 1895, 
author of " Sailors' Pocket Book," 
and " The Sailors' Handbook," a.d.u. 
to the Queen 1888-91, a naval lord of 
the admiralty 1889-92, and 1895, com- 
mander-in-chief of Cape of Good Hope 
and W. coast of Africa station 1892-5 : 
56 Lexham gdns. Kensington, W. ; 
United Service club. 

Bedford, maj. -gen. Jsph. Herbt., R.E. 
( Bombay ) ; Indian mutiny 1858 ; ret. 1887. 

Bedford, rev. William Kirkpatrick 
Riland-. m.a. Oxon, s. of rev. W. Riland- 
Bedford, of Sutton Coldfield ; b. 1826; 
to. 1851, Maria A., dau. of Joseph Houson, 
of Southwell ; is j.p. Warwickshire ; 
rect. of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, 
1850-92, chaplain of order of St. John 
of Jerusalem from 1878 : 109 Philbeach 
gdns. S.W. ; National club. 

Bedford, Adeline M., duchess of, dau. 
of 3 earl Somers (ext.); b. 1852 ; to. 1876, 
10 duke of Bedford {d. 1893) : 26 Hert- 
ford st. Mayfair, W. ; Wood side House, 
Chenies, Rickmansworth R.S.O., Herts. 


Bedford, dow. duchess of, Elizabeth, 
dau. of 5 earl de la Warr ; in. 1844, 9 
duke of Bedford, K.G. (d. 1891) ; mistress 
of the robes 1880-5, extra lady of the bed- 
chamber from 1883 : 81 Eaton sq. S.W.; 
Norris Castle, East Cowes, I. of W. ; 
Latimer House, nr. Chesham R.S.O., 

Beding-feld, vide Paston-Bedingfeld. 

Beding-feld, lieut. Jas., R.N., ret. 1872, 
s. of late rev. J. Bedingfeld, rect. of 
Bedingfeld ; b. 1809 ; m. 1839, dau. {d. 
1881) of 3baron Henniker ; j.p. Suffolk : 
Bedingfeld House, nr. Eye, Suffolk. 

Bedingrfeld, maj.-gen. Philip, K.A., 
s. of R. G. Bedingfeld ; b. 1828 ; m. 1851, 
Arabella G-. G., 2 dau. of col. Richd. 
Hayne, of Dittisham, Devon ; served in 
China 1860, at capture of Taku Forts and 
surrender of Pekin, ret. p. 1886 as col. 
R.A. : Park Villa, Sheet st., Windsor. 

Bedoy&re, marquise de la. hon. Mil- 
dred, dau. of 1 baron Greville ; b. 1850 ; 
m. 1869, marquis de la Bedoyere. 

Bedwell (bis honor, Judge), Francis 
Alfred, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of Fras. 
Robt. Bedwell, registr. court of Chanc; 
b. 1828 ; in. 1857, Sarah J., eld. dau. of 
late Thos. Cuvelje, solicitor; barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1855 ; countv court judge 
(circuit No. 16) from 1874 ; J.P. E. R. 
Yorks and Hull : West parade, Hull, 

Beebee, Jas. Allgood, 2 survg. s. of 
late rev. Meyrick Beebee, of Womaston, 
co. Radnor ; b. 1845 ; m. 1890, Sarah Ma- 
tilda, 3 dau. of late rev. Richd. Leigh, 
rect. of Walton-on-the-Hill, Lanes. ; j.p., 
D.l. Radnorshire (sheriff 1889) : Womas- 
ton, Walton, nr. Kington. 

Beeby, John Henry, eld. s. of Alex. 
Beeby, of Peterborough ; b. 1847 ; in. 
1877, Annie M. dau. qf Chas. Roberts, of 
Peterborough ; is j.p. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : The Gables. Peterborough. 

Beech, capt. John Robt., c.m.g.,d.s.o., 
s.of J. Beech ; 6.1860 ; served in Egyptian 
war 1882, in vet. dept. Soudan expdn. 
1884, Nile expdn. 1884-5, with mission to 
King of Abyssinia 1887,4 class Medjidie 
1888 ; wich Egyptian expdty. force 1891 
at capture of Tokar ; 4 clas3 Osmanieh 
1892: armv vet. dept. 1881-8, capt. 20 
huss. 1889-94, ret. 1894. 

Beech, Rowland John, s. of J. Beech, 
of Brandon Hall, Warwickshire, d.l., j p. 
(d. 1883); 6.1853; m. 1885, Adelaide F., 
only dau. of late Robt. Capel Cure, of 
Blake Hall, Essex ; D.L., J.P. Warwick- 
shire (sheriff 1890), J.P. Staffs, sub-It. 
16 lancers 1875-8 ; It. 2 life gds. 1878-86, 
served in Camel corps in Soudaa, 1884-5, 

capt. (hon. rnaj. 1892) Warwickshire 
yeom. from 1886 : Carlton, Arthur's 
and Pratts' clubs : Brandon Hall, nr. 
Coventry ; The Shawe, nr. Cheadle, 

Beecham, Joseph, s.of Thos.Beecham, 
of Southport; b. 1848 ; m. 1873. Josephine, 
dau. of Wm. Burnett, London ; J.P. 
(1894) Lancashire : Ewanville, Huyton, 

Beaching;, maj.-gen. Frank, s. of 
S. Beeching. of Tnnbridge Wells ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1870, Marianne, dau. of P. 
Mathews, of Brighton ; maj.-gen. 1894, 
Madras inf., on U.S. list 1894 : 13 High- 
land rd. Norwood, S.E. 

Beeforth, Geo. Lord, only s. of capt. 
Geo. Beeforth, of Scarborough ; b. 1823 ; 
m. 1854, Helen, dau. {d 1894) of Alex. 
Crawford, of Scarborough ; J.P. N.R. 
Yorks. mayor of Scarborough 1893-4 : 
The Belvedere, Scarborough ; Royal 
Societies club. 

Beeley, Thomas, s. of Samuel Beeley, 
of Eyam, Derbyshire : b. 1833 : J.P. 
and c. A. Cheshire : Pole Bank Hall,Hyde, 

Beeton, Henry Coppinger, s. of late 
Robt. Beeton, of 1 Prospect pi. Bow rd. 
E. ; b. 1827 ; in. 1852, Louisa, dau. of 
Chas. Fras. Ramie, of St. Heliers, Jersey ; 
late agent-gen. in London for B. 
Columbia : 2 Adamson rd. S. Hampstead, 
N. W. ; Armadale, Clarence Park. 

Beevor, sir Hugh Reeve, M.D. London, 
5 bart. (1784), eld. survg. s. of 4bart. {d. 
1885) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1894, Emily G. 
eld. dau. of sir Win. Foster, 2 bart., of 
Norwich ; assist, physician and dean of 
the Medical Faculty, King's Coll. Hos- 
pital : 18 Serjeants' inn, Fleet st. E.G. 

Begrbie, It. -col. Alfd. Glynn, R.E. ; b. 
1842 ; m. 1873, Henrietta Edith. 2 dau. of 
late col. John Allen Lloyd-Philipps [d. 
1884), of Mabws, Cardiganshire, and Dale 
Castle, co. Pembroke ; J.P.Cardiganshire ; 
lt.-col. r.e. 1888-93 : Mabws, nr. 

Be'g-bie, col. Elphinstone Waters, C.B.. 
D.S.O., with Abyssinian expdn. 1867-9 
Duffla expdn. 1874-5, Burmese expdn. 
1885-6, Madras I D f. 

Begrgr, Ferdinand Faithfull, f.r.s. 
Edin. ; s. of rev. Jas. Begg, d.d.. of Edin- 
burgh ; b. 1847 ; in. 1873, Jessie Maria, 
dau. of F. A. Cargill, of Dunedin, N.Z. ; 
a stockbroker, m.p. (c.) Glasgow (St. 
Rollox divn.) from 1895 : 13 Earl's court 
sq. S.W. ; St. Stephen's club. 

Beith, Gilbert, eld. s. of late rev. Alex. 
Beith, D.r>. of Stirling; b. 1827; m. 1, 


dau. of John Fleming ; 2, dau. of rev. J. 
Pollock, of Baldernock ; pai'tner in Beith, 
Stevenson & Co., export merchants, Glas- 
gow and Manchester ; M.P. (L.) Glasgow 
(Central divn.) 1885-6, and Inverness 
Burghs 1892-5 : 15 Belhaven ter. Kel- 
vinside, and 7 Royal Bank pi. Glas- 
gow ; Reform club. 

Belcher, rev. Evans, s. of R. S. Bel- 
cher (d. 1895) and nephew of rev. G. P. 
Belcher, of Heather, Leicestershire (d. 
1884) ; b. 1840 ; rect. of Heather from 
1884, lord of the manor and patron of 
Heather : Heather Manor Ho., Ashby- 

Belcher, mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of 
W. H. Goore, of Liverpool ; m. 1841, 
Michael Belcher, of Swindon Hall, J. P. 
(d. 1888) : Swindon Hall, nr.Cheltenham. 

Beldam, Fras. Wm. Edwd., til. s. of 
Edwd. Beldam, of Banyers, Cambs, J. p. 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1880, Julia Emily, 
eld. dau. of vice-adm. J. Montagu Hayes, 
C.B.: lay rect. of Caxton, Carnb*. J. p. 
Cambridgeshire, capt. (hon.maj. 1894) 4 
battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. from 1885 : 
Constitutional club ; Toft Manor, Toft, 
nr. Cambridge. 

Beldam-Johns. Fredk. Meadows, s. of 
late Wm. Nash Woodham, J. P., of Shep- 
reth, Cambridgeshire ; J. P. Cambridge- 
shire ; assumed names of Beldam-Johns 
in lieu of Nash Woodham 1867 : Fowl- 
mere Manor, Royston. 

Belfast, earl of (title which would be 
borne by eld. s. if any living, of marq. 
of Donegall). 

Belfield, maj.-gen. Edward, in Kaffir 
war 1850-2 ; commdr. R.E. at Halifax 

187 81; ret. f. p. 1881 as col. R.E. : 

Junior United Service club. 

Belneld, John Finney, m.a. Oxon, 
only s. of late rev. F. Belfield, of Primley 
Hill, Devon; b. 1811 ; m. only dau. (d. 
1867) of capt. G. Bridges, R.N.; j.p. 
Devon : 32 Courtfield gdns. S.W. 

Belfield, Wm., 2 s. of late T. D. Bel- 
field, Blagdon, Devon ; b. 1824 ; m. 1, 
1856,dau.(d 1880) of Jas. Godfrey Peach 
Fitter ; 2, 1882, Florence, widow of maj. 
Ashton C. Warner, 20 Hussars ; served 
in 17 and 88 regts. throughout Crimean 
war ; J.P. Gloucestershire : Malmains, 
Frenchay, nr. Bristol. 

Belgrave, vise. Hugh Richd. Arthur 
Grosvenor, eld. s. of earl Grosvenor (d. 
1884), and grands, of duke of Westmin- 
ster, K.. ; 6. 1879 : 35 Park la. W.; 
Saighton Grange, Chester. 

Belhaven, master of, vide hon. Ralph 
G. A. Hamilton. 

Belhaven and Stenton, lord (10 
baron 1647, Sco.). col. Alex. Chas. 
Hamilton, R.E., eld. s. of Wm. J. Hamil- 
ton, m P., f.r.S. {d. 1867), by 2nd wife, 
hon. Margaret F., dau. of 13 vise. Dillon, 
and kinsman of 9 baron (d. 1893) ; b. 
1840; m. 1880, Georgiana K., dau. of 
Legh Richmond ; served in Zulu war 
1879, ret. p. 1887, brigadier commdg. 
Surrey vol. inf. brig, from 1887 : 41 
Lennox gdns. S.W. ; United Service 
club ; Wishaw House, Wishaw, N.B. 

Belhaven and Stenton, (rt. hon.) 
dow. lady. Georgina, 4 dan. of sir John 
Watson, 1 bart. ; m. 1877, 9 baron Bel- 
haven and Stenton (d. 1893) : 8 Eglinton 
cres. Edinburgh ; Udston, Hamilton, 

Belilios, Emanuel Raphael, C.M.G., 
k of Raphael Emanuel Belilios, of 
Venice, Italy ; b. 1837 ; m. 1855, dau. of 

D. J. Ezra, of Calcutta ; memb. legisl. 
council, Hong Kong. 

Belk, John Thos., eld. s. of Thos. 
Belk, of Hartlepool, co. Durham ; b. 1837: 
m. 1876, dau. of Edw. Williams, of 
Middlesbrough, Yorks, J.P. ; admitted 
a solicitor 1859, rec. of Hartlepool from 
1890, J.P. (1895) co. Durham : Park road 
north, Middlesbrough, Yerks ; Bridge 
House, Grasmere, Westmorland ; White- 
hall club. 

Bell, vide Lynden-Bell. 

Bell, Andrew, j.p. Westmorland : 
Kelso House, Kirkby Stephen. 

Bell, maj.-gen. Chas. Julian Ralph; 
m. 1893, Anna P., 3 dau. of John J. 
Kiugsford, of 35 Queen's Gate gdns. 
S.W. ; ret. f. p. 1880 as lt.-col. M.S.C. ; 

E. I. United Service club. 

Bell, Chas. Loraine. s. of late rev. J. 
Bell, R.D., vicar of Rothwell, Yorks, and 
hon. canon of Ripon, by only dau. of sir 
Chas. Loraine, 5 bart.; D.L., J.P. Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1895), patron of 1 living: 
Conservative club ; Woolsington, nr. 

Bell, Chas. Lowthian, v.D., 2 s. of sir 
Lowthian Bell, 1 bart.; b. 1855; m. 
1885, Helen, dau. of W. H. Porter, of 
Head's Nook, Cumberland ; J.P. (1889) 
N. R. Yorks, (1895) co. Durham and 
Middlesbrough (mayor 1892), lt.-col. 
commdg. (hon. col. 1896) 1 N. R. Yorka 
vol. art. (W. div. r.a.) from 1895: 
Ashgate House, Roman rd. Linthorpe, 

Bell, Chas. Wentworth, only survg. s. 
of Chas. Bell, of Chapel Allerton, nr. 
Leeds ; b. 1857 ; m. 1891, Edith M. dau. 
of Michael Biddulph, of Ledbury. p.L., 
j.p., M.P. : d.t.., J.P. Herefordshire: 




Bronsil, Eastaor, nr. Ledbury, Hereford- 

Bell, Chas. W;n., eld s. of ffm. Bell, 
of Ford Hall, co. Durham, J.P. (d. 1856) ; 
h. 1833; m. 1863, Louisa M., dau. of W. 
H. Dawes, ,i. p., of The Hall, Kenilworth ; 
J.P. Wilts, Sussex and Northumberland, 
D.L., J.P. co. Durham, c.C. for E. Sussex, 
late 15 huss. : Army and Navy, Cavalry, 
Constitutional and Roy. Dorset Yacht 
(Wevmouth) clubs ; Yewhurst, East 
Grinstead. Sussex ; High Green Manor, 
Bellinghain R.S.O. Northumb. 

Bell, hon. sir Francis Dillon, K.C.M.G., 
C.B.,s. of late F. Bell: b. 18 ; w.Margaret, 
dau. (d. 1892) of ; formerly speaker 
of house of representatives, N. Zealand, 
agent-general for N. Zealand 1880-91 : 
Conservative club ; Wellington, N. Zea- 

Bell, Henry, J.P. (1892) Cheshire: 
Heathlield, Stockport, Cheshire. 

Bell, maj.-gen. Henry Jas., ret. p. 
1884, as lt.-col. regtl. dist. : Jun. United 
Service club. 

Bell, Henry Oswin, s. of Henry Bell, 
of Tynemouth, Northumb.. J.P.; b. 1856 ; 
to. 1894, Margaret Emily, dau. of Chas. 
B. Goldson, of Bio Norton Hall, Nor- 
folk, and Tynemouth, Northumb. ; is 
J.P. Northumberland, capt. the Tyne- 
mouth vol. artill. (W. divn. of r.a.) 
1882-94 : 13 Northumberland ter. Tyne- 
mouth, Northumb. 

Bell. Hugh, eld. s. of sir I. Lowthian 
Bell, 1 bart. ; b. 1844 ; to. 1, 1867, Mary, 
dau. {d. 1871) of late John Shield, of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 2, 1876, Florence 
E. E.,dau. of late sir Jos-ph Olliffe, knt., 
M.D. ; J.P. Middlesbrough, N. R. York, 
D.l.,j.p. co. Durham (sheriff 1895) : 95 
Sloane st. S.W. ; Red Barns, Coatham. 
Redcar, Yorks. 

BeU, sir (Isaac) Lowthian, 1 bart. 
(1885), P.R.S., d.C.l., s. of Thos.Bell, iron- 
master, Newcastle ; b. 1816 ; to. dau. (d. 
1886) of H. Lee Pattinson, f.r.s. : J.P. 
N.R. Yorks, J.P., d.l. co. Durham (sheriff 
1884), judge Philadelphia Exhibtn. 1876, 
a Juror at Paris Exhib. 1878 and 1889; 
officer of leg. hon. ; Pres. Iron and Steel 
Inst. 1873-4, of Mechanical Engineers 
1884, of North of England Inst, of Mining 
and Mecb. Eng. 188-, and of Soc. of 
Chem. Industry 1889-90, memb. execu- 
tive Council of International Inventions 
Exhibition 1885, memb. of council Imp. 
Inst, from 1888 ; M.P. (l.) Hartlepool 
1875-80 : Reform club; Rounton Grange, 

Bell, sir Jas., 1 bart. (1895), s. of John 
Bell, of Glasgow; b. 1850; m. 1875, 

Helen, eld. dau. of Wm. Findlay, of Hall- 
hill, co. Lanark ; lord provost and H.M.'s 
lieut. of Glasgow 1892-6, d.l., J.P. Lan- 
arkshire and Glasgow, hon.-col. 1 Lan- 
arkshire R. V. : 7 Marlborough ter. Glas- 
gow ; Ardoch, Braco, Perthshire. 

Bell, Jas., c.B., Roy. Univ. Dub., 
Ph.D., F.R.S. ; 6. 1825 ; to. 1868, dau. of 
Wm. Reece, of Chester ; principal of 
the Somerset House Laboratory 1875- 
93, pres. of Inst, of Chemistry of 
Gt. Britain and Ireland 1888 - 91 ; 
insp. for board of trade of lime 
and lemon juice for supply of the mer- 
chant navy 1868-93, consulting chemist 
to principal public depts., including 
Indian govt., 1873-93, chemical referee 
under the sale of food and drugs acts 
1875-93: Howell Hill Lodge, Ewell, 

Bell. aldm. John Chas., one of H.M.'s 
Lieutenants for the city of London, aldm. 
of Coleman St. ward from 1894 : 6i Port- 
land pi. W. ; 95 Finsbury pavement. E.C. 

Bell, John Lowthian, 4 s. of Thos. 
Bell, late of Crosbv Court, Yorks. J.P. ; 
b. 1853 ; to. 1879. Mary E., dau. of late 
Thos. Lambert, of Telham Court. Sussex; 
J.P. Northumberland : Uplands, Wim- 
borne. Dorset. 

Bell, Joseph, 3 s. of Joseph Bell, of 
Cambridge ; 6. 1833 ; to. 1856, L. P., dau. 
of E. P. Davy, of Beaminster, Dorset ; 
J.P. (1895) Essex : National Liberal 
club ; Dorset House, Church st. Saffron 

BeU, col. Mark Sever, v.c. c.B., r.e.. 
2 s. of Hutchinson Bell, formerly of 
Leconfield. Yorks ; b. 1843 ; to. 1, 1875, 
Angelina H. 2 dau. (d. 1879) of capt. H. 
B. F. Dickenson, late 15 regt., J. P., of 
Ashton Keynes, Wilts ; 2, 1890, Nora M., 
younger dau. of Hext Boger, of Ince- 
worth, Devon ; fell. King's coll. Lond., 
gold medlst. U. S. Ins. India, with 
Bhootan expdn. 1865-6, in Hazara cam- 
paign 1868, Ashanti war 1873-4, Bur- 
mese expdn. 1886-7 ; a.d.c. to the Queen 
from 1887. commdg. r.e. Dublin dist. 
1890-4 ; Western dist. from 1894 : 
Devonport ; Army and Navy club. 

Bell, Matthew, m.a. Cantab, only s. of 
late John Bell, K.c. of Kendal, West- 
morland ; 6. 1817 ; to. 1839, Fanny C. 
youngest dau. of late Thos. Bigge, of 
Benton, Northumberland ; J. p., D.L. 
Kent (sheriff 1850) : Carlton club; Bourne 
Park, Canterbury. 

Bell, Matthew J., late capt. 13 light 
inf., eld. s. of M. Bell of Bourne Park, 
Canterburv, Kent ; b. 1840 ; to. 1870, 
Kathleen M. 2 dau. of John Reilly, of St 


Bridgids, co. Dublin ; J.P.Kent: Junior 
United Service club. 

Bell, Maurice Hugh Lowthian, eld. s. 
of Hugh Bell, of Red Barns, Yorks, D.L., 
J.P. ; b. 1871 ; J.P. (1895) N. R. Yorks, 
It. 1 vol. battn. Yorkshire regt. from 
1894 : Red Barns, Coatham, Redcar, 

Bell, Reginald, eld. s. of rev. Henry 
Smith, vicar of Easton Maudit, North 
ants ; m. 1878, Henrietta E., dau. of late 
A. B. Markham, Northampton ; assumed 
name of Bell in 1875; capt. 4 battn. 
(mil.)Yorks.regt.l879-84,capt. (hon. maj. 
1894) 1 vol. battn. Yorks regt. from 1884 ; 
J.P. N.R. Yorks : Jun. Carlton club; The 
Hall, Thirsk, Yorks. 

Bell, very rev. Thos., M.A. Oxon, hon. 
canon of Winchester from 1889, dean of 
Guernsey from 1892, rect. from_1859 of 
St. Michael du Valle, Guernsey. 

Bell, maj. -gen. Thos., served with 2 
Beloochregt. Persian expdy. force 1856-7, 
Afghan war 1879-80, maj.-gen. I.S.C., on 
U.S. list from 1891. 

Bell, maj. Walter, J.P. (1894) Glamor- 
gan, maj. 2 vol. battn. Welsh regt. from 
1887 : Y uysowen House, Merthyr Vale, 
Merthyr Tydfil. 

Bell, col. Wm, c.b., s. of Thos. Bell, of 
Les Merriennes, Guernsey ; 6. 1829 ; m. 
1855, Rosina, dau. of Havilland Carey, 
of Somerset terr. Guernsey ; late 64 foot, 
A.D.c. to the Queen from 1867, govt 
sec. Guernsey from 1862 : Swissville, 

Bell, Wm., s. of John Bell, of Upping- 
ham ; b. 18 ; m. 1868, Helen Hilaire 
Barbara, dau. of gen. Butcher, r.m. ; is 
J.P. (1892) Cheshire : Rutland House, 
New Brighton, Cheshire. 

Bell, Wm., j.p. (1893) Lancashire: 
Hawsbank, Coniston, Lanes. 

Bell, Wm. Heward, f.g.s., eld. s. of 
Wm. H. Bell, of Pelton House, co. Dur- 
ham {d. 1881) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1874, Hannah, 
eld. dau. of late W. Cory, of Devonshire 
Place House, London ; j.p. Wilts : Junior 
Carlton club ; Cleeve House, Seend, Melk- 

Bell, sir Wm. Jas., LL.D., b.a. Cantab, 
F.u.s.Edin., only s. of dr. Jas. Bell, 
C.B., F.R.S., of Ewell, Surrey ; b. 1859 ; 
m. 1882, Bertha Diana, only survg. child 
of late G. Torr, of Garbrand Hall, Surrey ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1882 ; D.L., j.p. cos. 
London, Ross and Cromarty, late vice- 
chm. of Ross-shire C.C., knighted 1892 : 
7 Victoria mansion, Grand Avenue, Hove, 
Brighton ; Reform club ; Scatwell, Muir 
of Ord, KB. 

Bell, maj. Wm. Morrison, 2 s. of W. 
Bell, j.p. {d. 1856) ; b. 1834 ; maj. late 3 
King's Own Hussars : 40 Pall Mall, S.W.; 
Carlton, Arthur's, Army and Navy and 
United Service clubs ; The Lilies, Bou- 
church, Isle of Wight; Thor, Birching- 
ton, Isle of Thanet. 

Bell, miss, eld. dau. of Alfred Bell, of 
S. Marston, Wilts {d. 1884) ; lady of the 
manor of S. Marston : Manor House, 
South Marston, Swindon, Wilts. 

Bell, lady. dau. of Wm. Pattison, 
Edinburgh ; m. sir Sydney Smith Bell 
{d. 1879), C.J. at Cape 1868-74 : 6 Osborne 
terr. Windsor. 

Bell, lady. Margaret Miller, eld.dau. 
of Wm. McTaggart D'Orsey, M.D., of 
Grantham, Ipswich, Queensland ; w.1861, 
hon. sir Joshua Peter Bell, K.C.M.G., of 
Jimbour, Darling Downs, Queensland 
(d. 1881). 

Bellairs, col. Geo. Clarke, v.d., 2 s. of 
Geo.Bellairs,of Stockerston and TheNew- 
arke,co.Leicester ; 6.1826; m.l875,Eleanor 
C, 2 dau. of rev. G. E. Bruxner, of The 
Holt, Thurlaston, co. Leicester ; It. -col. 
(ret. hon. col. 1886) 1 vol. battn. Leices- 
tershire regt. 1882-6, j.p. co. Leicester : 
The Newarke, Leicester. 

Bellairs, rev. canon Henry Walfoidj 
m.a. Oxon, eld. s. of rev. Hy. Bellairs, of 
Deeping Een, co. Lincoln, hon. canon 
of Wore, R.D. and rect. of Bedworth, 
co. Warwick, J.P. (d. 1872), by dau. and 
co-heir of P. Mackenzie, of Grove House, 
Middlx. ; b. 1812 ; m. 1839, Mary H. A. 
dau. of G. Watkin Kenrick, of Woore 
Hall, Salop, and of Mertyn, co. Flint ; 
J.P. co. Oxford, hon. canon of Worce;-ter 
from 1881, R.D. and vicar of Nuneaton 
1872-91 : Apsley Paddox, Oxford. 

Bellairs, It. -gen. tsir Wm., k.c.m.g., 
C.B.,s.of sir Wm.Bellairs (d. 1863) ; 6.1828 ; 
m.l, dau. of W.B.Gibbons,j.p. ; 2,Blanche 
St. John (author of " Gossips with Girls," 
etc.), dau. of F. A. Moschzisker, Ph.D. ; 
throughout Crimean campaign 1854-6, 
with 49 foot, and as a.q.m.G. of 2 
divn. ; at Alma, Inkerman and Sebas- 
topol ; knt. leg. hon. and 5 class Med- 
jidie ; throughout Kaffir campaigns 
1877-8, commd. combined forces on E. 
frontier during Gaika rebellion ; Zulu 
campaign 1879, at Ulundi; d.a. and 
Q.m.g. South Africa 1877-80, col. on 
staff Natal and Transvaal 1880 ; Trans- 
vaal campaign as brig-gen. 1880- l,defence 
of Pretoria ; administr.of Transvaal 1881: 
ret. p. 1887 ; author of "The Tiansvaal 
War" and "The Military Career": 
National Liberal club ; Clevedon. 




Bellamy, rev. Jas.,D.D. Oxon, s. of late 
rev. J. W. Bellamy, head master of Mer- 
chant Taylors' School ; b. 1819 ; J.P. Oxon, 
Pres. of St. John's coll. Oxford: St. John's 
coll. Oxford ; Manor House, Ingoldi?- 
thorpe, Kings Lynn. 

Bellasis, Edward, 2 s. of late mr- 
serjt. Edwd. Bellasis, J.P. {d. 1873) ; b. 
1852; barr. Lincoln's inn 1873, blue, 
mantle pursuivant 1873-82, dep. regist. 
of coll. of arms 1879-80, regist. from 

1894, librarian of printed books 1887, sec. 
to garter missions to Spain 1881 and 
Saxony 1882, Lancaster Herald from 
1882 : College of Arms, E.C. ; 22 Prince 
of Wales ter. W. 

Belleau, lady. Marie R. J., dau. of 
late L. Gavreau ; to. 1835, sir Narcisse F. 
Belleau. K.C.M.G., lt.-gov. of Quebec 1869- 
73 (d. 1894) : St. Lewis st. Quebec. 

Bellerby, John, s. of John Bellerby, 
of York; b. 1832; to. 1860, Margaret, 
younger dau. of Alexr. Falconer Taylor 
Graham, of Selby, Yorks ; 2, 1875, Mary, 
2 dau. of Thomas Burton, of Selby ; J.P. 
X.R. Yorks and York : 7 Wenlock ter. 

Bellers, lt.-col. Robert Bridges, s. of 
Robt. H. Bellers, late 86 regt. and Hill- 
field, Gloucester ; b. 1824 ; served in 50 
regt. and R. Wilts mil., J.P. Worcester- 
shire and Herefordshire, lord of the 
manor of Bacton, co. Hereford : Bacton 
Manor, Pontrilas, Herefordshire. 

Bellew, vide Grattan-Bellew. 

Bellew. lord(3 baron 1848,ir.). Charles 
Bertram Bellew, eld. survg. s. of 2 
baron {d. 1895); b. 1855; to. 1883, 
Mildred Mary Josephine, eld. dau. of 
late sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2bart.; 
capt. 6 battn. (mil.) R. Irish rifles 
1882-6 : Barmeath Castle, Dunleer, co. 

Bellow, Harry Bajvden, s. of Henry 
Bellew, of Oakhampton House, Somerset 
(ci. 1894) ; b. 1854; to. 1885, Ada, dau. of 
late Wm. Llewellin, of Glanwern, Ponty- 
pool : Oakhampton House, Wiveliscombe 
B.S.O., Somerset. 

Bellew, hon. Richd. Eustace, 4 s. of 2 
baron Bellew; b. 1858; to. 1, 1887, Ada, 
younger dau. (d. 1893) of late H. P. 
Gilbey, of Stanstead, Essex, j.p. ; 2, 

1895, Gwendoline, eld. dau. of W. R. J. 
F. Herbert, of Clytha, Mon., d.l., j.p. : 
Marlborough club ; Jenkinstown Park, 

Bellew (rt. hon.), lady. Augusta M. 
G., only dau. of late col. G. Bryan, of 
Jenkinstown, Kilkenny ; m. 1853, 2 baron 
Bellew (d. 1895) : Barmeath, Dunleer, 
co. Louth. 

BeUingham, sir Henry, 4 bart. 
(2nd cr. 1796), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 
1889) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1874, lady Con- 
stance, dau. (d. 1891) of 2 earl of Gains- 
borough ; 2, 1895, hon. Lelgarde H. F., 
dau. of 23 baroness Grey de Ruthyn, 6. 
1870 ; M. A. Oxon,barr. Lincoln's Inn. 1875 ; 
commr. Natl. educ. Ireland ; capt. 6 
battn. (mil.) R. Irish rif. 1872-84, priv. 
chamberlain to Leo XIII. ; DL., j.p. co. 
Louth, m.p. (c.h.r.) co. Louth 1880-5 : 
United University, and Jun. Travellers' 
and United Service (Dublin) clubs ; 
Castle Bellingham, co. Louth. 

Bellingham, Fras.. only survg. s. of 
John Bellingham. of Rye, Sussex ; b. 
1833 ; j.p. (1895) Sussex": Lamb House, 
Rye. Sussex. 

Bellis, Edwin, 4 s. of Chas. Bellis,of 
Holt, Denbighshire ; b. 1855 ; J.P. (1896) 
Denbighshire : Holt, nr. Wrexham. 

Bellyse, Edwin Reginald, m.a. Oxon, 
s. of E. S. Bellyse, M.D., F.R.C.S., L.8.A., 
of Stapeley, nr. Nantwich ; b. 1856 ; to. 
1889, l'uphemia H., eld. dau. of Jas. 
Mackenzie, of South Kensington, S.W. ; 
j.p. Che^ire : Raven's Oak, Stapeley, nr. 

Belmore, 4 earl of (1797 : Ir. rep. 
peer). Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry, 
P.C. (Irel.), G.c.M.G., eld. s. of 3 earl. (d. 
1845) ; b. 1835 ; to. 1861, A. E. Honoria, 

2 dau. of late capt. John N. Gladstone, 
BJf. and m.p., and niece of rt. hon. W. 
E. Gladstone ; 2nd tit. vise. Corry ; 
j.p. cos. Tyrone (lord lieut. from 1892), 
Fermanagh and Kent, und. sec. home 
dept. 1866-7, gov. N. S. Wales 1868-72, 
a lord justice of Ireland 1885, 1890, 1891, 
1895 and 1896 : Carlton, Athenaeum. Con- 
stitutional.Sackville St. (Dublin) and Fer- 
managh clubs; Castle Coole, Enniskillen. 

Belmore. Emily, countess of, dau. of 
Wm. Shepherd, Bradburn, Kent ; to. 1834, 

3 earl of Belmore (d. 1845) : 95 Eaton 
pi. S.W. 

Belper, lord (2 baron 1856,u.K.). Henry 
Strutt, P.C, eld. s. of 1 baron, D.C.L., P.c. 
{d. 1880); b. 1840; to.(1874) lady Margaret, 
dau. of 2 earl of Leicester, b. 1852 ; ll.m. 
Cantab, m.p. (l.) E. Derbyshire 1868-74, 
Berwick in 1880 ; D.L., J.P. Notts (chm. 
quart, sess.) and Derbyshire; J.P. 
Leicestershire ; lt.-col. commdg. (hon. 
col. 1886) S. Notts yeom. 1879-96 ; 
col. and a.d.C. to the Queen, yeom. 
1894-6 ; capt. H. M.'s hon. corps of 
gentlemen-at-arms from 1895: Brooks', 
Travellers' and Athenaeum clubs ; Kings- 
ton Hall, Kegworth, Derby. 

Belsey, Fras. Flint, eld. s. of Isaac 
Belsey, of Rochester, Kent ; 6. 1837 ; J.P. 



Kent : Victoria st. Rochester ; National 
Liberal club. 

Belshaw, Ed wd. , chief clerk of science 
and art dept. S. Kensington from 1896 : 
Science and Art Dept. S.Kensington, S.W. 

Belton, Samuel Geo., s. of Samuel 
Belton, of Amcotts,co. Lincoln ; b. 1830 ; 
to. 1865, Sarah Jane, dau. of John Ross, 
of Haldenby Park, Yorks ; J. P. Parts of 
Lindsey, Lines. : Manor House, Amcotts, 

Bembridgre. Wm. Bell, s. of Wm. Bern- 
bridge, of Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffs ; b. 
1830 ; m. 1852, dau. of Wm. Jackson, of 
Quorndon, Leicester, and niece of Thos. 
Ward, Grosvenor House, Ripley ; J.P. 
(1894) Derbyshire : Scarsdale House, Rip- 
ley, Derby. 

Bemrose, Henry Howe, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Bemrose, of Derby ; b. 1827 ; m. 
1855, Charlotte, dau. of Wm. Brindley ; 
is j.p. Derbyshire, J.P. and aldm. of 
Derby from 1878 (mayor 1877), late 
capt. 1 Derbyshire R.V., chm. Bemrose 
and Sons ltd., printers, London and 
Derby, a dir. of Derby and Derbyshire 
Bank &c, m.p. (c.) Derby from 1895 : 
Queen Anne's mansions, S.W. ; Carlton 
and Constitutional clubs ; Lonsdale 
Hill, Derby. 

Bence, Edwd. Starkie, eld. s. of 
Edwd. Robt. Starkie Bence, of Kentwell 
Hall, Suffolk, d.l., j.p. (d. 1889) ; b. 
1862 ; D.L., j.p. Suffolk, capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Suffolk regt. 1885-7. 

Bence-Jones, Hy. R., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of Dr. Bence-Jones, F.R.S., of Brook 
st. Grosvenor sq. W. ; b. 1844 ; a sen. 
clerk in board of trade, asst. sec. comm. 
for Trade and Treaties from 1890: 7 
Whitehall gdns. S.W. ; New University 

Bence-Jones, Reginald Bence, only 
survg. s. of Wm. Bence-Jones, of Lisselan, 
co. Cork, J.P. {d 1882) ; 6 1865 ; m. 1890, 
Ethel A., youngest dau. of late D. C. Da 
Costa, of 47 Warrington cres. W. ; D.L., 
J.P. co. Cork (sheriff 1894) : Lisselan, 
Clonakilty, co. Cork. 

Bence-Liambert, lt.-col. Guy-Leuox, 
8. of late A. C. Lambert, of Brook Hill, 
Claremoriis, D.L., j.p. ; 6.1856 ; m. 1884, 
Ida, dau. of late H. A. S. Bence, of 
Thorington Hall, Suffolk, D.L., J.P. ; 
assumed by royal licence addtl. name of 
Bence, 1884 ; D.L., J.p. Suffolk and co. 
Galway, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1894) 5 battn. 
(mil.) R. Dublin fus. 1887-95, maj. 
and hon. lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) Connaught 
Rangers from 1895 : Windham club ; 
Thorington Hall, Darsham, Suffolk ; 
Dernasliggan, Leenane, co. Galway. 

Bendyshe,rev. Richard, m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of J. Bendyshe, of Barrington Hall, 
J.P. (d. 1855) ; b. 1822 : Barrington 
Hall, Cambridge. 

Benedict, lady. vide Frank Lawson. 

Benet-Stanford, mrs. Ellen, only 
dau. and heir of late Wm. Stanford, of 
Preston Place, Sussex ; m. 1867, Vere 
Benet-Stanford, of Pyt House, Wilts, 
d.l., J.P., M.P. (c.) Shaftesbury 1873-80 
(d. 1894) : 3 Ennismore gdns. S.W. ; Pyt 
House, Tisbury ; Preston Manor, Sussex. 

Benett Stanford, John Montague, 
only 8. of Vere Benet-Stanford, of Pyt 
House, Wilts, M.P., D.L., J.p. {d. 1894), by 
only dau. and heir of late Wm. Stanford, 
of Preston Place, Sussex ; b. 1870 ; m. 
1893, Evelyn, only child of late capt. 
Burchall Helme, of Broadfield Court, 
Herefordshire ; j.p. Dorset and Wilts ; It. 
1st R. drags. 1891-2, of R. Wilts yeom. 
from 1892 : White's, Bachelors' and 
Cavalry clubs ; Pyt House, Tisbury. 

Bengrougrh,maj.-gen. Harconrt Morti- 
mer, c.B., 3 s. of G. Bengough, of The 
Ridge, co. Gloucester {d. 1856) ; b. 1837 ; 
?7i. 1876, Christina, dau. of H. Maybery, 
of Brecon, Wales ; in Zulu war 1879, at 
Ulundi ; with Burmah expdn. 1885-6 ; 
lt.-col. (col. 1883) Middlx. regt. 1879-82, 
a.a.G. Madras 1882-7, brig.-gen. commdg. 
2 class dist. Madras army 1887-91, 
commdg. troops in Jamaica in 1894, an 
inf. brig, at Aldershot from 1894 : United 
Service Club. 

Bengough, John Alan Geo., m.a. 
Oxon, eld. 8. of John Chas. Bengough, 
of The Ridge, Glo'stershire, d.l. J.p. ; 
b. 1859; m. 1887, Rosa, 2 dau. of col. 
Crosbie,of Ballyheigue Castle, co. Kerry : 
J.P.Glo'stershire, It. 2 vol. battn. Glo'ster 
shire regt. 1882-9 : The Ridings, Wotton- 
under-Edge, Glo'ster. 

Bengough. John Chas., eld. surviving 
s. of G. Bengough, of The Ridge, co. 
Gloucester (d. 1856); b. 1829; m. 1857, 
Caroline A., dau. of rev. A. G. Cornwall, 
of Ashcroft, Glo'stershire ; J. P., D.L. 
Glo'stershire (sheriff 1877), capt. 2 vol. 
battn. Gloucestershire regt. 1866-85, capt. 
Gloucestershire yt-om. 1870-7 : Upton 
House, Poole, Dorset ; The Ridge, Wot- 
ton-under-Edge, Gloucester. 

Benjamin, sir Benjamin, eld. s. of M. 
Benjamin, of Melbourne, J.P. (d. 1885) ; 
6. 1834 ; m. 1857, Fanny,dau. of A.Cohen, 
of Sydney, N. S. Wales : mayor of Mel- 
bourne 1887-8-9, memb. legisl. council, 
J.P. ; knighted 1889: Canally, George 
street, East Melbourne, Victoria, Au> 


Benn, rev. Anthony, m.a. Cantab, s. of 
capt. Benn, n.s., of Green Bank, Cum- 
berland : b. 1836 : m. 1866, Mary, dau. of 
C. Grenville Mansel, H.E.r.c.R., of Cleve- 
land sq. London ; rector of Woolfardis- 
worthy, De von. 1 866-72, lord of the m anor 
and patron of Puddleston and of Wool- 
fardisworthy. J.P.Herefordshire: Puddle- 
ston Court, Leominster. 

Benn, John Willhms, s. of rev. Julius 
Benn, Congreeational min., London ; b. 
1850 ; m. 1874, Lily. dau. of John Pick- 
stone, of Silver Hill. Hyde. Cheshire : 
partner in firm of John Williams Benn 
and Bros, printers and publishers, 11 
Finsbury sq. K.C., propr. and editor of 
The Cabinet Maker and Art Furnisher 
Journal, L.C.C., M.P. (L.) Tower Hamlets 
(St. George divn.) 1892-5 : Westminster 
Palace Hotel. S.W. 

Benn. Wm. Lucas, j.p. Cumberland : 
Bankfield, Chapel Lucken, Salecroft, 
Cam forth. 

Bennet. lord. George Montagu 
Bennet. eld. s. of earl of Tankerville ; b. 
1852: lieut. rifle brigade 1872-80 : Clive- 
den chambers. 1046. Mount st. W. 

Bennet. lt.-col. Edwd. Gully, eld. s. of 
Richd. Gully Bennet, of Tresillian House. 
Cornwall, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1849 ; ret. 1893 
Northamptonshire re^t.. j.p. Cornwall: 
Army and Navy Club ; Tresillian House, 
St. Columb Minor, Cornwall. 

Bennet, Geoffrey F. P., s. of Philip j 
Bennet, of Rougham Hall, Suffolk, d.l.. 
J.p. (d. 1875) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1888, Beatrice 
G., dau. of hon. H. Harbord, of Elderton 
Lodge, Gunton ; is j.p. Suffolk : East 
Barton Farm, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Bennet. Rd. Gully b.a. Cantab; b. 
1820; m. 1846, Mary J., dau. of R. Hosken ; 
D.L., j.p. Cornwall : Tresillian House, St. 
Columb Minor, Cornwall. 

Bennet, Robert Ottiwell Gifford, m.d. 
Edin., 4 s. of late Wm. Bennet. of Chapel- 
en-le-Frith, Derbyshire ; b. 1832 ; m. 1860, 
Marin, dau. of "late Wm. Kipping, of 
Kippings Cross and Golden Green, Kent ; 
is j.p. Derbyshire : Tankerville House 
and Park pi. Buxton ; Jun. Constitutional 

Bennet, Thos. Gill, s. of Wm. Ford 

Bennet, of Bath. Somerset ; b. 1841 ; m. 

1869, Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of Richd. 

Genge, of Limington, Somerset ; is J.p. 

Staffs : Kdncumbe Tower, Bournemouth. 

Bennet. lady Corisande Olivia, b. 1855. 

dau. of 8 carl of Tankerville. 

Bennett, ride Leigh-Bennett. 

Bennett, rev. Barwell Ewins Worth- 

niL'ton, m.a. Oxon, eld. 8. of Barwell 

Ewins Beunett, of Marston Trussell, 

Northants (d. 1890) ; b. 1830 ; lord of the 
manor of Marston Trussell ; rect. from 
1873 of Corby, Kettering. 

Bennett. Chas. Vaughan Symmonds, 
M.R.C.s.Entr. : J.P. Pembrokeshire and 
Haverfordwest : Kensington House, 

Bennett, Frederic Philip, s. of late 
Valentine Bennett, of Thomaston. King's 
co., D.L., J.P. ; b. 18; D.I... J.P. King's 
co. : Thomaston Park, Parsonstown, 
King's co. 

Bennett.Frederick James Wentworth, 
F.R.A.8. ; m. 1884, Eleanor C, youngest 
dau. of rev. Jas. Senior, rect. of Compton 
Pauncefote - cum - Blackford, Somerset: 
J.P. Somerset, late 29 and 36 regts., capt. 
N. Somerset yeom. 1886-90 : Naval and 
Military club. 

Bennett, Henry Curtis, 2 s. of late rev. 
Geo. Peter Bennett, rect. of Kelvedon, 
E*sex ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Emily J., dau. 
of F. Hughes-Hallett ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1870, J.p. London and Home 
Counties, Metropol. police magist. 
(Hammersmith and Wandsworth) 1886-7, 
(West London) 1888-95, (Clerkemvell) 
m 1887 and (Marylebone) from 1895 : 
118 Lexham gdus. W. ; Carlton club. 

Bennett. Hy. Edw., b.a. Cantab, eld. 
s. of rev. H.Bennett, of Sparkford. Som- 
erset (d. 1874) ; b. 1822; m. 1857, Louisa 
B., youngest dan. (d. 1892). and co-heir of 
sir J. B. Macaulay, C.B.. c.J. of Toronto ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1848, J.P. Somerset : 
Sparkford Hall, Bath. 

Bennett, sir John, f.r.a.s.. s. of J. 
Bennett, watch maker, Greenwich, and 
bro. of W. C. Bennett ll.d., the well- 
known song-writer; b. 1814; m. 1843, 
Agnes, dau. (d. 1889) of John Willson, 
Deptford: memb.of London school board 
1870-3, and 1876-88, sheriff of London 
1871-2, one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for th 
City of London, knt. leg. hon. 1878 ; 
knighted in 1872. 

Bennett, maj. John, only s. of late 
E. Bennett, of Bedstone : b. 1832 ; 
m. 1859, Caroline M.. 2 dau. of J. Tarratt, 
of Ludf ord Park, Salop ; late 80 foot, 
served with 21 fus. in Crimea, maj. Salop 
mil. 1881-2 : Army and Navy club; Sand- 
hills, Salcombe, nr. Kingsbridge. 

Bennett, John Ryan, s. of Henry 
Bennett, of Bedminster, Bristol, j.p. : b. 
1846 ; m. 1879. Florence R. dau. of 
Smith, of Highbury. N. : is j.p. (1894) 
Somerset : 3 Upper Belgrave id. Clifton, 

Bennett, Joseph, s. of late Wm. Ben- 
nett, of Grimsby, j.p.: b. 1829 ; a mer- 
chant and steamship owner ;J.P. parts of 


Lindsey, Lines. M.r. (l.) Lincolnshire 
(Gainsborough divn.) 1885-6 and 1892-5: 
Reform club ; The Cedars. Louth, Lines. 

Sennett, Joseph Richd., eld. a. of 
Joseph Bennett, of Cbax Hill House, 
Gloucestershire (d. 1865), and grands, of 
maj.-gen. Richd. Legge, r.i.a. (d. 1834) ; 
b. 1831 ; to. 1858, Annie, dau. of Wm. 
Hartland, of Bury Court, Gloucester- 
shire ; J. P. (1894) Gloucestershire : Chax 
Hill House. Westbury-on-Severn, nr. 
Newnham, Gloucestershire. 

Bennett, Nicholas, s. of Nicholas 
Bennett, of Glanyrafon ; b. 1823 ; J. p. 
Montgomeryshire : Glanyrafon, Tre- 
feglwys, via Caersws R.S.O. Mont. 

Bennett, Rowland N., j.p. (1896) 
Berks : Hidden Cottage, Newtown, 

Bennett,Thos.. s. of John Bennett, of 
Birch Vale, Derbyshire ; b. 1838 ; m. 
1872, dau. of John Hadfield, of Cowbrook, 
Glossop ; J.P. Derbyshire : Birch Vale 
House, nr. Stockport. 

Bennett, Thos. Hy. a. of late Thos. 
Bennett, of Cobham, Surrey ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1877, Florence Julia, only dau. 
of It.- gen. Percy Hill, C.B., of Prtes Hall, 
Shropshire ; J.P. Surrey, M. F. H. : 
Boodle's club ; Cobham Court, Cobham, 

Bennett, Wm., eld. s. of sir Hy. Ben- 
nett, knt., of Grimsby, Lines., D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1854 ; to. 1887, only dau. of 
H. J. Farmer-Atkinson, of Ore, Hastings, 
D.L., j.p. ; j.p. Lincolnshire, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1893) 1vol. battn. Lincolnshire regt. 
1889-94: Bank House, Grimsby. 

Bennett, miss, dau. of late Luke 
Bennett, of Dimsdale Hall, Staffs. : Dims- 
dale Hall, Newcastle, Staffs. 

Bennett, lady. Ellen, dau. of rev. Hy. 
Page, M.A., of Rosehill, Worcester ; to. 
1841, sir Jas. Risdon Bennett, knt., M.D., 

LL.D., F.R.S. {d. 1891). 

Bennett, mrs. Daniel. Mary E., eld. 
dau. of Uvedale Corbett, of Aston Hall, 
Salop ; m. 1847, Daniel Bennett, of 
Faringdon House, Berks, j.p. (d. 1887) : 
Faringdon House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Bennett, tun. Mary B., dau. of late 
sir E. Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lanes. ; 
to. 1847, John Marsland Bennett, of 
Buile Hill, Lanes, and Shrewbridge Hall, 
Cheshire (d. 1889) : Buile Hill, Pendleton, 
nr. Manchester. 

Benningr, Chas. Stock dale, J.P. (1895) 
Beds : Jun. Constitutional club ; The 
Limes, Dunstable, Beds. 

Bennion, Geo., Blyth House, Blyth 
Marsh, Stoke, Staffs, 

Bennion John Rowe, only s. of late 
J. Bennion ; b. 1836 ; m. 1872, Harriet, 
dau. of W. Tophain, of The Limes, 
Cheshire : Nursted House, nr. Petersfield. 

Bennitt, Saml., s. of Joseph Bennitt, 
of Dudley. Worcs. J.p., d.L. ; b. 1832 ; to. 
1860, Harriet, dau.of Wm. Robinson, D.L., 
of Summerhill, Staffs. ; j.p. Worcester- 
shire : Clent House, Harborne, Birming- 

Bennitt, col. Wm. Ward, 2 s. of capo. 
Wm. Bennitt, of Stourton Hall, Worces- 
tershire, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1839 ; to. Augusta 
J. D'A. dau. of late J. D'A. Samuda, of 
Loudwater, Herts, M.P., D.L. ; served with 
Inniskilling drag, in Boer war 1881, 
commd. an escort with sir Evelyn Wood 
to Zululand ; served in Bechuanaland 
expdn. 1884, selected to commd. 5 Lancers 
in 1885, h. p. from 1889, J.P: Bucks : 
Army and Navy club ; Stoke Green 
House, Slough. 

Benson, Cecil Foster, 2 s. of Wm. 
Benson, of Langtons, Hants ; b. 1857 ; m. 
1881, Constance M.. dau. of G. B. O'Neill, 
of 16 Young at. Kensington, W. ; j.p. 
Liberty of Peterborough: Jun.Athenasum 
club ; Ufford Hall, nr. Stamford. 

Benson, gen. Chas. Annesley, 2 a. 
of Wm. Hy. Benson, B.C.S. : b. 1831 ; 
to. 1, 1861, Grace J., dau. of Mathew 
Sankey, of Bawnmore, co. Cork : 2. 1883, 
Frances A., dau. of John Vizard, of 
Ferney Hill, Gloucestershire ; Madras 
inf., gen. on U.S. list 1896 

Benson, Christopher, 4 s. of late rev. 
Christopher Benson, of Brisco Hill, Cum- 
berland, formerly vicar of Brampton ; 
b. 1846 ; to. 1878, dau. of late rev. Isaac 
Dodgson, vicar of Lanercost, Cumber- 
land ; J.P. Cumberland : Brampton, 

Benson, Godfrey Rathbone, M.A. 
Oxon., s. of late Wm. Benson, of Lang- 
tons, Hants, J.P.; b. 1864 ; M.P. (L.), Mid 
Oxfordshire 1892-5 : Norfolk House, 
Norfolk st.W.C. ; Oxford and Cambridge 
and Brooks"a clubs ; Balliol College, 

Benson, Lyde Ernest Geo., 4 s. of M. 
G. Benson, of Lutwyche Hall, Salop, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1845 ; barr. Inner 
Temi le 1872 ; J.P. Salop : 1 Pump court, 
Temple, E.C. 

Benson, rev. John Peter, M.A. Oxon, 
s. of rev. J. P. Benson, of Witheridge, 
Devon (d. 1875); b. 1855; lord of the 
manor of Bradford Tracey, vicar from 
1893 of Witheridge, Morchard Bishop 
R.S.O., Devon. 

Benson, Ralph Beaumont, eld. s. of 
Ralpti Augustus Beuson, of Lutwycle 


Hall, Salop, J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 1862 ; m. 
1886, C. Essex, dau. of rev. R. H. Chol- 
mondeley, rect. of Hodnet ; is J.P. Salop, 
patron of the living and lord of the manor 
of Easthope : Carlton club ; Lutwyche 
Hall, Easthope, Much "Wenlock E.S.O. 

Benson, (hon.) Ealph Sillery, M.A., 
ll.b. Trin. coll. Dub., I.C.S. from 1873, 
a judge of high court of judicature in 
Madias from 1896 : Madras. 

Benson, rev. Eiou Geo. J.P. (1868) 
Salop : rector from 1860 of Hope 
Bowdler, Church Stretton, Salop. 

Benson, Wm. Denman. b.a. Oxon, 2 
e. of gen. Hy. Eoxby Benson, C.B., of 
Fairy Hill, Swansea ; b. 1848 ; m. 1876, 
Jane, 2 dau. of Thomas Penrice, of Kil- 
rough, Swansea; barr. Inner Temple 
1874, j.p. (1880) Glamorganshire: 55 
Courtfield gdns. S.W. ; 3 King's Bench 
walk, Temple, E.C. 

Bent, Baldwin Harry, J.P. Lancashire 
and W. R. Yorks : Stowe hill. Buiy St. 
E lmunds. 

Bent, Buckley, j.p. W. R. Yorks: 
Dobcross, via. Oldham. 

Bent, lt.-gen. George, R.E., C.B., s. of 
col. Bent, r.a. ; m. cousin, dau. of maj. 
J. Bent, of Wexham Lodge, Bucks, D.L., 
J.P. ; in Crimea 1854-5, a.d.C. to the 
Queen 1859-60, kt. leg. hon. andMedjidie, 
ret. f. p. 1873 as ma].-gen. : 54 Longton 
grove, Sydenham, S.E. 

Bent, Jas.Theodore, F.s. A., s. of J.Bent, 
of Baildon, Yorks, J.P. {d. 1876) ; b. 1852 ; 
77i. 1877, Mabel V. A., dau. of late R. W. 
Hall-Dare,D.L.of Wex- 
ford : 13 Gt. Cumberland pi. W.; Sutton 
Hall, near Macclesfield. 

Bentall, Edward Hammond, s. of late 
W. Bentall, of Heybridge, Essex ; b. 
1814 ; m. 1846, Susannah J., dau. of G. 
Wood gats ; m.p. Maldon 1868-74,an iron- 
founder and implement maker: The 
Towers, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex. 

Benthall, Ernest, eld. survg. s. of late 
Edwd. Benthall, of Sherborne, Dorset, 
J.P. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1876, Jane Rogers, eld. 
dau. of late Wm. Price, M.R.c.s., of Glan 
Twreii, Brecknockshire, j.p. : j.p. Breck- 
nockshire : Glan Twrch, Ystalyfera, 
Swansea Valley, Glam. ; Primrose club. 

Bentinck, lord Charles Cavendish, 
3 bro. of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 1868 ; 
2 It. 3 battn. (mil.) Lothian regt. 1887-9, 
of 9 lancers from 1889, extra a.d.c. to 
lord Houghton (viceroy of Ireland) 1894- 
5, to earl Cadogan from 1895 : 13 Gros- 
venor pi. S.W. 

Bentinck, Fredk. Cavendish, M.A. 
Cantab, 2 s. of rt. hon. Q. A. F. 


Cavendish Bentinck, of Brownsea 
Island, Dorset, p.c, m.p., j.p. (d. 1S91) ; 
b. 1856 ; m. 1887, Rath St. Maur ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inu 1879, J.P. Dorset : 16 
Mansfield st. Cavendish sq. W. ; 4 Paper 
bldgs. Temple. E.C. 

Bentinck, Henry Aldenburg, b.a. 
Oxon, only s. of C. A. Bentinck, of 
Indio, Devon, J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1890, Alma, eld. dau. of adml. lord 
Clarence Paget ; Larr. Lincoln's Inn 
1877, d.L. Norfolk : 12 Lennox gdns. 
S.W. ; Arthur's and United University 
clubs ; Terrington St. Clement, King's 

Bentinck, lord Henry Cavendish, eld. 
bro. of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 1863 ; m. 
1892, lady Olivia C. A., only survg. child 
and heiress of Thomas, late earl of 
Bective, b. 1869 ; D.L., j.p. Westmorland, 
It. 3 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire regt. 1881-6, 
It. Derbyshire yeom. from 1886, hon. col. 
2 (Westmorland) vol. battn. Bord. regt. 
from 1893 ; M.P. (C.) N.W. Norfolk 1886- 
92, S. Nottingham from 1895 : 13 Gros- 
venor pi. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Underley 
Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale. 

Bentinck, capt. lord Wm. Augustus 
Cavendish, 2 bro. of 6 duke of Portland ; 
b. 1865 ; It. 3 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire 
regt. 1886-7, capt. 10 huss.from 1893 : 13 
Grosvenor pi. S.W. 

Bentinck, Wm. Geo. Cavendish, eld. 
s. of rt. hon. G. A. F.Cavendish Bentinck, 
of Brownsea Island, Dorset, M.P., p.c, 
J.P. {d. 1891) ; b. 1854 : m. 1880, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Maturin Livingston, of Staals- 
burg, New York : capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Dors- 1 regt. 1882-4, a trustee of the 
British Museum from 1891, j.p. (1896) 
Hants, m.p. (c.) Penryn and Falmouth 
1886-95 : 5 Richmond terr. Whitehall, 
S.W.: Carlton and White's clubs ; High- 
cliffe, Christchurch, Hants 

Bentinck, mrs. Frances, 2 dau. of 
Martin Williams, of Bryn-Gwyn, Mont. ; 
m. 1858, as his 2 wife. Chas. Aldenburg 
Bentinck, of Indio, Devon, J.P. {d. 1891) ; 
lady of the manor of Bovey Tracey : 
Ii.dio, Bovey Tracey, Devon. 

Bentinck, lady Ottoline Violet Anne 
Cavendish, sis. of 6 duke of Portland : b. 
1873 : 13 Grosvenor pi. S.W. 

Bentinck, lady Victoria Alexandrina 
Violet, only dau. of 6 duke of Portland ; 
b. 1890. 

Bentley, Jas. Wm., 3 s. of late John 
Skiuwith Bentley, of Knottingley, Yorks ; 
b. 1850 ; m. 1832, Helena, only dau. of 
late Mark Stainsby, of Knottingley ; J.P. 
(1393) W.R. Yorks: Bridge Houses, 
Knottingley, Yorks. 



Bentley, Joseph, s. of John Bentley, 
of Stand, nr. Radcliffe ; b. 1843; m. 
1865, Sarah, dau. of Peter Scholes, of 
Stand la. Kadcliffe ; J.p. (1893) Lanca- 
shire : The Hawthorns, Stand, White- 
field, Manchester. 

Benyon, Richard, m.a. Cantab, 2 
survg. s. of late W. H. Fellowes, of 
Ramsey Abbey, Hunts, by Emma, 4 dau. 
of R. Benyon, of Englefield House, 
Berks ; b. 1811 ; to. 1858, Elizabeth M., 
2 dau. of R. Clutterbuck, of Watford 
House, Herts ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1837 ; 
M.p. (c.) Berks 1860-76 ; J.P., d.l. Berks 
(sheriff 1857) (chm. of quart, sess. 
1864-84); High Steward of Reading; 
assumed by royal licence in 1854 name 
of Benyon in lieu of Eellowes : 
18 Grosvenor sq. W. ; Carlton and 
Conservative clubs ; Englefield House, 

Benyon, Thos. Yate, eld. s. of Thos. 
Benyon, of Gledhow Hall, Yorks, J. P., 
D.L. (d. 1886); b. 18; m. 1890, hon. 
Christina P. A., youngest dau. of 1 1 baron 
North, b. 1869 ; late capt. 4 huss. : 
Neithrop House, Banbury. 

Benyon, Wm. Hy., f.r.g.s. ; m. dau. 
of A. Allan, of Montreal, Canada ; late 
23 foot, J.p Liberty of Ripon : Army and 
Navy club. 

Berens. Alex. Aug., s. of 0. A. Berens; 
b. 1842 ; to. 1866, Louisa W., dau. of rev. 
Edwd. Stewart, of Sparsholt, nr. Win- 
chester ; J.p. Northants, capt. (hon. maj. 
1886) 3 and 4 battns. (mil.) Northants 
regt. 1874-88 ; ret. as maj. : Queen 
Anne's mansions, S. W.; White's and New 
University clubs ; Castlemead, Windsor. 

Berens, rev.RandolphHumphrey,M.A. 
Dublin, s. of late rev. Hubert McLaugh- 
lin, rect. of first portion, Burford, Salop, 
and preb. of Hereford ; b. 1844 ; to. 1877, 
Ellin. >r Fiances, only child and heir of 
lateHy. Hulse Berens, of Sidcup Place, 
Kent, j.p. ; assumed name of Berens in 
lieu of McLaughlin on his marriage : 
14 Princes gdns. S.W. 

Berens, Richd. Benyon, M.A.Oxon,eld. 
s. of R. B. Berens, of Kevington, Kent 
(d. 1859) ; b. 1834 ; m. 1860, Fanny G., 
dau. of A. Atherton Park, master of 
common pleas ; D.L., J.P. Kent (sheriff 
1893; : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Kevington, St. Mary Cray, Kent. 

Beresford, vide Horsley -Beresford, or 
Massy-Beresford, or Pack-Beresford. 

Beresford. (his honor, Judge), Cecil 
Hugh Wriothesley, b.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
Wm. Beresford, late judge of county 
courts ; b. 18 ; barr. Middle Temple 
1875, j.p. (1894) Somerset, Barnstaple 

and Gt. Torrington, county court judge 
(circuit No. 28) Mid Wales 1891-3, 
(circuit No. 57) Devon and Somerset 
from 1893 : The Hall, Wear Gifford, nr. 
Bidef ord, Devon. 

Beresford, capt. lord Charles Wm. de 
la Poer, C.B., R.N., 2 s. of 4 marq.of Water- 
ford ; b. 1846 ; to. 1878, Mina, eld. dau. of 
Rd. Gardner, m.p. ; officer of Greek order 
of the Saviour, served at attack on forts 
at Alexandria, 1882, 3 class Medjidie, 
naval a.d.c. to gen. lord Wolseley (com- 
manding forces ia Egypt) 1884-5, in 
Soudan expdn. 1885 : M.P. (c.) co. Water- 
ford 1874-80, E. Marylebone 1885-9, a 
naval lord of the admiralty 1886-8, apptd. 
to commd. of H.M.S. " Undaunted," Nov. 
1889 : Carlton, United Service and Marl- 
borough clubs ; Park Gate House, Ham, 
Richmond, Surrey. 

Beresford, lord Delaval James de la 
Poer, 5 s. of 4 marq.of Waterford; b. 1862. 

Beresford, George de la Poer, 8. of 
archbp. of Armagh, D.D., D.C.L. (d. 1885), 
by sis. of sir G. Burdett L'Estrange ; 
b. 1831 ; to. sis. of sir W. Vemon- 
Harcourt, Q.C., M.P., grdau. of archbp. 
(Vernon-Harcourt) of York ; J.P., d.l. 
co. Cavan, sheriff 1867, M.P. (c.) Armagh 
city 1875-85 : Carlton and Kildare Street 
(Dublin) clubs ; Awnbawn, Killeshandra, 

Beresford, maj. -gen. Geo. de la Poer, 
8. of rev. Geo. de la Poer Beresford, of 
Fenagh, co. Leitrim ; b. 1830 ; to. 1865, 
Hester Beatrice, dau. of rev. Robt. Bury, 
of Carrigrenane, co. Cork, and widow of 
capt. Fras. Fox ; late a.a.G. of Madras, 
ret. f. p. 1881 as lt.-col., M.S.C : Naval 
and Military club ; Eamont, Bayshill, 

Beresford, maj .-gen. John Beresford; 
b. 1828 ; to. dau. of B. Savile, m.a., Shil- 
lingford, Devon : in Punjaub campaign 
1848-9, ret. f.p. as lt.-col. B.S.C. 1877, J.P. 
co. Londonderry, assumed by deed poll 
name of Beresford in lieu of Smyly 1888: 
Craig Dhu Varren and Glena Moyle 
Lodge, co. Londonderry. 

Beresford, rev. John Geo., m.a. 
Cantab, youngest a. of adm. sir John 
P. Beresford, 1 bart., K.C.B., G.C.H., 
K.T.S. ; b. 1821 ; to. 1846, hon. Caroline 
Amelia, youngest dau. of 1 baron Den- 
man ; b. 1823 ; rect. from 1861 of Bedale, 

Beresford, lord Marcus Talbot de la 
Poer, 4 s. of 4 marq. of Waterford ; b. 
1848 ; to. 1895, Louisa K, eld. dau. of 
maj -gen. Chas. Ridley ; late 7 huss. : 
Bishopsgate, Staines. 


Beresford, lt.-gen.Mostyn de la Poer, 
b. of late rt. hon. Wm. Beresford ; b. 1835 ; 
served with 72 Highrs. in Crimea and 
Indian mutiny ; It. - col. 72 Highrs. 
1872-7 ret. p. 1887 : 7(5 Jermyn st. S. W. ; 
United Service and Army & Navy clubs. 

Beresford, col. lord Wm. Leslie de la 
Poer,v.c. k.C.i.e., 3 s. of 4marq. of Water- 
ford; b. 1847 ; to. 1895. Lilian W., 2 dau. 
of late commodore Price, of New York 
and widow of Louis Hammersley, of 
New York and of 8 duke of Marlborough ; 
a.d.C. to viceroy of India (lordLytton). 
1876-80 ; lt.-col. 9 lancers 1890-4. h.p.1894; 
mily. sec. (with rank of col. 1891) to 
viceroys of India (marq. of Ripon, 
marq. of Dufferin and marq. of Lans- 
downe), 1882-94 : 3 Carlton House terr. 
S.W. ; Deepdf-ne, Dorking. Surrey. 

Beresford, hon. mrs. Caroline Amelia, 
vide rev. Jolm Geo. Beresford. 

Beresford, mrs. Eleanor, eld. dau. of 
Wm. Richardson, of Micklegate, York : 
to. 1. John St. Barbe (d. 1869) ; 2, 1881. 
as his 2 wife, col. F. Marcus Beresford. 
j.p., Ji.p. (C.) Southwark 1870-80 (d. 
1890) : 29 Ladbroke gdns. W. 

Beresford, lady. Elizabeth, dau. of 
David Lucas, Clontibret ; to. 1846, sir 
George de la Poer Beresford, 2 bart., 
M.P. {d. 1873). 

Beresford. lady Susan de la Poer. b. 
1877 ; lady Clodagh de la Poer, b. 1879 ; 
daus. of 5 marq. of "Waterford. 

Beresford-Hope, Philip Beresford, 
eld. s. of rt. hon. A. J. Beresford-Hope. 
of Bedgebury Park, Keut, m.p., D.t,., j.p! 
(d. 1887), bv dau. of 2 marq.of Salisbury ; 
b 1851 ; to. 1883, Evelyn, dau. of gen. 
Frost, of St. Louis. Missouri. U.S. ; j.p. 
Kent.lord of the manor of Beresford Hall. 
Staffs, capt. (hon. maj. 1895) W. Kent 
yeom. from 1891 : 3 Carlos pi. Grosvenor 
sq. W. ; Carlton and Turf clubs ; Bedge- 
bury Park, Hawkhurst. 

Beresford-Peirse. sir Henry Mor.son 
de la Poer, 3 bart. (1814), nephew of 2 
bart. {d. 1873) ; b. 1850 ; to. dau. (d. 1884) 
of 5 earl of Bandon ; j.p., dl. N. R. 
Yorks ; It. 1 vol. battn. Yorks regt. 
1878-85 : Carlton club ; The Hall, Bedale, 

Berger, maj.-gen. Ernest Archibald, 
s. of L. Berger, of Lower Clapton, 
Middlx. ; b. 1839 ; to. 1867, Margaret C 
dau. (d. 1893) of Thos. Brereton, r.m.. of 
Rathurless. Nenagh. co. Tipperary ; lt.- 
col. commdg. (col. 1885) 2 battn. Lincoln- 
shire regt. 1881-6, ret. p. 1886 : 17 Ash- 
burton rd. Sonthsea. 

Berger, Samuel Sharp, only s. of 
Henry Berger, of 30 Cleveland sq. W. ; 


b. 1850 ; m. 1876, Emma, dau. of Richd. 
Wheen. of 104 Lancaster gate, W. : is 
J.P. Herts : 27 Gloucester sq. W. ; 
Constitutional club ; Bragbury, Kneb- 
worth. Herts. 

Bergne, sir John Hy. G.,k.c.M.g., s. of 
late J. B. Bergne. of the Foreign Office; b. 
1842 : to. 1878, Mary aCourt, dau. of late 
rev. S. B. Bergne : supertdt. of treaty 
dept. of Foreign Office 1881-93, chief of 
the commercial dept. from 1894, H.M.'s 
Pleny. for signature of the International 
copyright convention 1886, and emplyd. 
on several special missions abroad, actg. 
sec. of leg. in H.M.'s diplomatic serv. 
1887 : 13 Pembroke rd. W. ; St. James' 
and Alpine clubs. 

Bergrne-Coupland. Alex. Hugh. s. of 
Rd. Coupland Bergne-Coupland, of Skel- 
lingthorpeHall. Lines.. D.L.. j.p. (<1. lX'Jo); 
b. 1871 : Skellingthorpe Hall, Lincoln. 

Beridge, rev. Basil Jas. Harold, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Basil Sparrow, d.l., 
j.p. (d. 1880) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1882, Margaret 
L., dau. of Hy. Capel Elliot ; assumed 
by royal licence name of Beridge in lieu 
of Sparrow 1895 : Gosfield Place, nr. 
Halstead. Essex ; Algarkirk Hall, nr. 
Boston, Lines. 

Berington. Chas. Michael, s. of Wm. 
Berington, of Little Malvern; b. 1830; 
m. 1, 1858, Ellen, dau. of Jas. Balfe, of 
Runnymote, co. Roscommon ; 2, 1869, 
Mary, eld. dau. of late Michael Agnew 
Coxon, judge of high court of judica- 
ture, Bombay ; J.P. Herefordshire, n.r,., 
j.p. Worcestershire : Little Malvern 
Court, Malvern Wells. 

Berkeley, vide Hardtman-Berkeley. 

Berkeley, 8 earl of (1679.Eng.).Randal 
Thos. Mowbrav Berkeley, only child of 7 
earl (d. 1888) ; b. 1865 ; m. 1887, Kate, 
widow of Arthur Jackson ; 2nd tit. vise. 
Dun-ley, It. B.H. ret. 1887 : Army and 
Navy club ; Foxcombe, Boar's Hill, 
Wool ton. Berks. 

Berkeley, lt-coL Edmund Hy., 4 s. of 
late ("has. Berkeley, youngest bro. of 
late Wm. Berkeley, of Cotheridge Court, 
Worcestershire; b. 1844; to. 1881. Lucy 
Sophia, 3 dau. of Late Geo. Churchill, of 
Alderholt Park, Dorset; is j.p. (1895) 
Somerset, maj. Dorset regt. ret. p. 1883 
with hon. rank of lt-col. : Army and 
Navy,-md Roy.Dorset Yacht (Weymouth) 
clubs ; West Coker House, nr. Yeovil, 

Berkeley, maj.-gen. Emeric Streat- 
field. s. of rev. M. J. Berkt-lev. F.K.s. ; b. 
1834; m. 1894, Beatrice M. eld. dau. of 
rev. A. Smith, of School House. Sutton 
Coldiield ; at attack on the Residency of 



Hyderabad 1857, ret. f. p. 1887 as col. 
M.S.C. : Spetchley House, Bitterne Park, 

Berkeley. Ernest Jas. Lennox, consul 
at Zanzibar 18 95, H.M.'s commr. and 
consul-gen. for the Protectorate of 
Uganda and the adjoining territories 
from 1895. 

Berkeley, sir George, k.c.m.G. ; s. of 
late gen. S. H. Berkeley ; b. 1819 ; col. sec. 
an Honduras 1845, lt.-gov. of St. Vincent 
1864-72. ad minist. of Lagos 1872; gov. 
West African Settlements 1873, of Lee- 
ward islands, 1874-81 : 10 Hyde Park 
mansions, Marylebone rd. N.W". 

Berkeley, lion, sir Hy. Spencer, 3 s. 
of late hon. T. B. Hardtman B rkelev, 
O.M.G.,of Shadwell, St. Kitts; b. 1851; 
barr. Inner Temple 1873, c.J. of Fiji and 
chief judicial commr. for W. Pacific 
from 1889, knighted 1896 : Suva, Viti 
Levu, Fiji. 

Berkeley, maj.-gen. Jas. Cavan, C.I.E., 
s. of gen. S. H. Berkeley ; b. 1839 ; m. 1, 
1860, Anna Sophia, dau. (d. 1886) of capt. 
Middlecoat, Madras artill. ; 2, lS92,Maud, 
youngest dau. of W. Tomlinson, f.r.a.s., 
of York and Sandown. I. of W. ; resident 
Gwalior 1883, Kashmir 1884, Nepal 1885. 
agent to the gov.-gen. Baroda 1886-7 : 
4 Linden gdns. W. ; United Service club. 
Berkeley, Robert, eld. s. of R. Berke- 
ley, of Spetchley Park, Worcestershire, 
D.L., J.i>. (rf. 1874) ; b. 1823 ; to. 1851, lady 
Mary C, dau. of 3 earl of Kenmare, b. 
1829 ; D.L., J. p. Worcestershire : Spetch- 
ley Park, Worcester. 

Berkeley, Robt. Valentine, eld. s. of 
Robt. Berkeley, of Spetchley Park, 
Wore, by dau. of 3 earl of Kenmare ; 
b. 1853 ; to. 1891, Rose, younger dau. of 
Fredk.Willmott, of Warley Place, Essex ; 
D.L., j. p. Worcestershire, late maj. 4 
battn. (mil.) Worcs. regt. : Windham 
and Jun. Carlton clubs ; Gt. Warley, 

Berkeley, Rowland Comyns, s. of 
rev. Wm. Comyns Berkeley, of Cothe- 
ridge Court, Worcs. (d. 1885) ; b. 1845 ; 
to. 1880, Mildred C. P., adopted child of 
rev. C. J. Sale, rect. of Holt, Worcs. 
and 3 dau. of late rev. A. Paris, rect. 
of Ludgvan, Cornwall ; patron of Cothe- 
ridge : Cotheridge Court, Cotheridge, 

Berkeley, Cecile, countess of, dau. of 
count Edouard de Melfort ; to. 1, 1851, 
as his 2 wife, adml. hon. sir Fleetwood 
B. R. Pellew, g.o.h., C.b. (d ; v. 1859) 2, 
1860, 7 earl of Berkeley (d. 1888). 

Berkeley, lady (baroness 1421, Eng.), 
sue. her uncle Thos., 6 earl and 14 baron 

Berkeley, in the barony 1882, and con- 
firmed by letters patent 1893, co.-heiress 
to barony of Braosc of Gower and heir 
gen. to earldom of Ormonde (Irel. ), vide 
maj.-sren. G. H. L. Milman. 

Berkeley, hon. mrs. Craven Fitz- 
hardinge, dau.of late gen.Denzil Onslow ; 
to. 1, Geo. Newton, of Croxton Park, 
Cambridge ; 2, 1845, as his 2 wife, hon. 
Craven F. Berkeley (d. 1855), s. of 5 earl 
of Berkeley. 

Berks, archdn. of (Oxf.); vide ven. A. 

Bemal, Frederic, c.m.g., youngest s. 
of Ralph Bernal, many years chair- 
man or committees of House of Com- 
mons ; b. 1828 ; to. 1850, Charlotte 
Augusta, dau. of J. Brewster Cozens, 
of Woodham Mortimer Lodge, Maldon, 
Essex ; H.M.'s consul-general at Havre 

Bernard, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Bernard, Arthur Fras., s. of late W. 
H. Bernard, of Combe Raleigh, Devon ; 
b. 1850; to. 1877, Mary L., only dau. of 
maj.-gen. sir C. D'Oyiy, 9 bart.; late 23 
foot, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1891) VV. Somerset 
yeom. 1886-92, lord of the manors of 
Combe Raleigh and Luppitt, J.P.Devon : 
Naval and Military club ; CombeRaleigh, 

Bernard, Arthur Mountague, b.a. 
Oxon, younger s. of rev. Thos. Dehany 
Bernard, of High Hall, Wimbome, Dor- 
set ; b. 1851 ; barr. Inner Temple 1878, 
J. P. Suffolk : Rookwood, Copdock, Ips- 

Bernard, sir Chas. Edwd. K.C.S.T., s. of 
J. F. Bernard, M.D., of Clifton, Bristol ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1862, Susan Capel, dau. of 
late rev. Richd. Tawney, of Willoughby, 
Warwickshire; B.C.S. 1858-88, rneinb. 
of Bengal leg. council, 18 74, commr. 
Central Provinces, 1874-7 ; addtl. sec. to 
Indian govt, public works dept. 1877 ; 
home sec. there 1878-80 ; chief commr. 
B. Burma 1880-7, sec. in revenue, statis- 
tics, and commerce dept. of India office 
from 1888 : 44 Bramham gdns. S.W. ; 
National Liberal Club. 

Bernard, Edmund Bowen, s. of late 
Wm. Dallas Bernard, dep. commiss -gen. 
Ceylon ; b. 1854 ; m. 1883, Arabella M.,eld. 
dau. of late Benjn. Piercy, of Marchwiel 
Hall, Denbighshire, j.p. : Snakemoor, 
Botley, Hants. 

Bernard, Percy Brodrick, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of rt. tev. the hon. Charles Brodrick 
Bernard, d.d. (d. 1890), bp. of Tuam, 
uncle of the earl of Bandon), by only 


eurvivg. dau. of late Percy Evans-Freke, 
and sis. of 7 baron Carbery ; b. 1844 ; m. 1, 
dau. of late J. N. Lane, King's Bromley, 
Staffs ; 2, 1880, Mary Lissey, only dau. 
of late Denis Kir wan, of Castle Backet, 
co. Galway ; J P. co. Cork, J.P., d.l. co. 
Galway; late capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R. 
Munster fus.; M.P. (c.) Bandon in 1880 : 
Carlton club ; Castle Hacket, Tuam. 

Bernard, maj. Thos. Scroope Welles- 
ley, s. of maj. John Scroope Bernard 
(d. 1857) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1880, Monica 
Gertrude, 6 dau. of late W. H. Darby, of 
Leap Castle, Roscrea ; J.p. King's co., 
capt. 1 battn. Essex regt. 1880-3, capt. 
and hon. maj. 3 battn. Prince of Wales' 
vol. (S. Lanes.) regt. 1890-4 : Army and 
Navy, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Weston House, Thames Ditton, Surrey. 

Bernard, lady Louisa, b. 1841 ; lady 
Emily, b. 1843 ; lady Emma, b. 1844 ; 
daus. of 3 earl of Bandon. 

Beraays, Lewis Adolphus, C.m.g. 
f.l.S., f.r.g.s., clerk of legisl. assembly, 
Queensland, from 1859 : Brisbane. 

Berners, (rt. hon.) lady (7 baroness, 
1455, Eng.). Emma Harriet, dau. of late 
rev. the hon. Robt. Wilson, and niece of 
6 baron (d. 1871); m. 1853, sir Henry 
Thos. Tyrwhitt, 3 bart. {d. 1894) : Ash- 
well Thorpe, Wymondham, Norfolk. 

Berners, Charles Hugh, only s. of 
capt. Hugh Bemers, R.N., of Woolver- 
stone Park, Suffolk (d. 1891) b. 1842 ; m. 
1867, Mary, youngest dau. of sir Ralph 
Anstruther, 4 bart. ; D.L., j.p. Suffolk 
(sheriff 1895), knt. of grace of order of 
St. John of Jerusalem : 42 Lennox 
gdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Travellers' 
clubs ; Woolverstone park, Ipswich. 

Berney, Augustus, 4 but only survg.s. 
of Thos. Trench Berney, of Morton Hall, 
Norfolk (d. 1869); b. 1831; m. 1858, 
Matilda L., dau of cod Geo. Gibbes; lord 
of the manor of Bracon Ash : Bracon 
Hall, Norwich. 

Berney, sir Henry Hanson, ll.b. Can- 
tab, 9 bart. (1620), only child of 8 bart. 
{d. l7u) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1866, Jane D., dau. 
of late rev. A. Bloxam, of Harbro' Magna, 

Berney, mrs. Catherine M., dau. of 
late rev. H. Lombe, of Bylaugh Park ; 
m. 1864, Geo. Duckett Berney, of Mortou 
Hall, Norfolk, D.L., j.p. (d. 1887): The 
Hall, Morton-on-the-Hill, Norwich ; 
Easton Lodge, Norwich. 

Berriedale, lord (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any, of earl of Caith- 

Berring-ton, Arthur Davies, s. of J. 
D. Berrington, of Woodland Castle, co. 

Glamorgan ; b. 1833 ; m. 1, 1853, Frances, 
dau. of rev. Chas.Lane,of Wrotham,Kent ; 
2, 1861, Ada B., dau.of John Lane, of Ley- 
ton Grange, Essex ; d.l., j.p. cos. Mon- 
mouth (chm. quart, sess. 1883-90) and 
Glamorgan, chief insp. of Fisheries 
for England and Wales from 1885, 
asst. sec. committee of p.c. for Trade, 
Fisheries dept.from 1890 : Pant-y-Goitre, 
Abergavenny ; Board of Trade, White- 
hall gdns. S.W. 

Berrington, Arthur Tewdyr Davies, 
b.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., eld. s. of A. D. Ber- 
rington, of Pant-y-Goitre, Mon., j.p., 
d.l. ; b. 1854 ; barr. Inner Temple 1879 ; 
J. p., D.L. Monmouthshire ; chief magist. 
Selangor from 1890 : Union club. 

Berry, Fras. John, sheriff of Rutland 
1893 : Wing, Oakham. 

Berry, hon. sir Graham, K.C.M.G., s. of 
B. Berry, of Chelsea, S.W. ; b. 1822 ; m. 
1869, Madge, dau. of J. B. Evans, of Vic- 
toria ; memb. legisl. assembly, "Victoria, 
1860-5 and 1868, premier, chief sec. and 
treas. 1875 and 1877, chief sec. and post- 
master-gen. 1884-5, executive commr. at 
Colonial and Indian exhib. 1886, agent- 
gen, in London for Victoria 1886-91 : 
Melbourne, Victoria. 

Berry, Robt., ll.d., m.a. s. of Wm. 
Berry, of Tayfield, Fifeshire ; b. 1825 ; 
m. 1864, Mary, dau. of John Miller, of 
Stewartfield, Roxburghshire, and grand- 
dau. of sir Wm. Miller, 2 bart., of Glen- 
lee ; advocate 1863, prof, of civil law in 
Glasgow uni v. 1867-87,sheriff of Lanark- 
shire from 1886, d.l. Glasgow : 5 
University gdns., Billhead, Glasgow 

Berry, Simeon, j.p. (1894) Devon : 
Waverley Hall, Ashburton. 

Berthon, maj. -gen. Thos. Porter, it. a. 
(Bombay), served in Persian campaign 
1856-7, commd. a mountain train in action 
with insurgent Bheels at Shumsherpore, 
ret. on pens. 1890 : Westmont, Ryde, 
I. of W. 

Bertie, ride Towneley-Bertie. 

Bertie, lord. Montagu Peregrine Albe- 
marle Bertie.only s.of 1 1 earl of Lindsey ; 
b. 1861 ; m. 1890, Millicent, eld. dau. of 
J. C. Cox, of Craig Cruich, Sydney, 
N.S.Wales ; D.L., J.P. Lincolnshire (and 
C.C.), capt. 4 battn. (mil.) North mts 
regt. 1881-91, extra a.d.C. to gov. of N.S. 
Wales (lord Carrington) 1885-8 : Carlton 
club ; Ulfington, Stamford. 

Bertie, rev. the hon. Alberic Edward, 
s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1881, lady Caroline E., eld. dau. of 5 
earl of Antrim, b. 1853 ; M.a. Oxon. 
rector from 1887 of Gedling, Nottingham. 



Bertie, hoh. Arthur Michael, 3 s. of 
7 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1886. 

Bertie, hon. Chas. Claude, 5 s. of 6 
earl of Abingdon, b. 1851 ; m. 1890, 
Adelaide, youngest dau. of late rev. 
Jeremiah Burroughes, of Lingwood 
Lodge, Norfolk ; late It. 47 foot. 

Bertie, Chas. Hy., j.p. Lincolnshire. 

Bertie, hon. Francis Leveson, s. of 6 
earl of Abingdon ; b. 1844 ; m. lady F&o- 
dorowna, dau. of 1 earl Cowley ; b. 1840 ; 
a sen. clerk in For. Office 1889-94, pri. 
sec. to pari, under sec. of state (hon. R. 
Bourke) 1874-80, acting sec. of legation in 
diplom. service abroad 1881, assistant 
under secretary of state for foreign affairs 
from 1894 : Foreign Office, S.W. ; 
Brooks', Travellers', Turf and St. James' 

Bertie, lt.-col. hon. Geo. Aubrey Vere, 
s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1850 ; m. 
1885, Harriet B. E., dau. of sir Walter 
Farquhar, 3bart.; maj. and lt.-col. Coldst. 
gds. in 1885 : 93 Cadogan gdns., S.W. ; 
Guards' club ; Wytham Abbey, Oxon. 

Bertie, maj. hon. Reginald Hy., 6 s. 
of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1856 ; m. 1892, 
hon. Amy Evelyn, eld. dau. of lord 
Courtenay, 6. 1865 ; maj. 2 battn. 
R. Welsh fus. from 1891, adjt. 3 
battn. 1885-91 : Naval and Military club; 
Wrexbam, Denbigh. 

Bertie, lady Gwendeline Theresa, 6. 
1885 ; lady Elizabeth Constance Mary, 
b. 1895 ; daus. of 7 earl of Abingdon. 

Bertie, lady Elizabeth ; lady Mary ; 
lady Evelyn ; daus. of 1 1 earl of Lindsey. 

Bertie, lady Elizabeth Emily, eld. 
dau. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1838. 

Bertie, lady Evelyn Frances, 3 dau. of 
6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1848 ; a nun : 
Convent of the Visitation, Harrow-on- 

Bertie, hon. Muriel Vere dau. of lord 
Bertie ; b. 1893. 

Bertie, mrs. Rose E., younger dau. of 
late Montmorency,of Castle Morres; 
m. 1873, capt. Freda A. Bertie, of 
Weston-on-Green Manor House, Oxford- 
shire (d. 1885) : Manor House, Weston- 
on-Green, Bicester. 

Bertram, sir Geo. Clement, m.a. 
Cantab, only s. of Geo. Bertram, of 
St. Martin, Jersey; 6. 1841; m. 1866, 
Anna M eld. dau. of gen. E. Lawder, 
M.S.C. ; barr. Inner Temple, 1865, A. G. 
of Jersey, 1880-84, bailiff of the Island 
from 1884, knighted 1885 : New Univer- 
sity club ; Rockmount, Jersey. 

Berwick, lord (7 baron 1784,Gt.B.).Hy. 
Richd. Noel-Hill ; nephew of 6 baron (d. 
1882) : b. 1847: m. 1869, Ellen, eld. dau. 

of Bruckspatron Nystrom, of Sweden ; 
D.L., J.P. Salop : Carlton, Army and Navy 
and Naval and Military clubs ; Atting- 
ham House, Shrewsbury. 

Besaut, sir Walter, m.a., p.s.a., 3 s.of 
Wm. Besant, of Southsea, HaDts ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1874, Mary Garratt, dau. of 
Eustace Foster-Barham, of Bridgwater, 
Somerset; author of "All in a Garden 
Fair," "All Sorts and Conditions of Men," 
&c, knighted 1895 : Frognal End, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; Athenaeum, Authors', Savile 
and United University clubs. 

Besley, Edwd. Thos. Edmonds, Q.c, 
only s. of Thos. Besley, formerly propr. 
of the Devonshire Chronicle and 
Exeter News ; b. 1828 ; m. 1857, Julia, 
2 dau. of J. H. Hughes ; barr. middle 
Temple 1859, Q.C. 1894, rec. of Bury St. 
Edmunds from 1892 : 65 Sydenham hill, 
S.E. ; 4 Brick court, Temple, E.C. 

Bessboroug-h, 7 earl of (1739, ir.). rev. 
WalterWilliam Ponsonby, M.A. Cantab., 
bro. of 6 earl {d. 1895) ; 6. 1825 ; m. 1850, 
lady Louisa EL dau. of 3 earl St. Ger- 
mans, b. 1825 ; 2nd tit. vise. Duncannon ; 
sits as baron Ponsonby (1794, Gt. B.) ; 
rect. of Marston Bigot. Frome, 1875-80, 
of Stutton, Ipswich, 1880-94 : 38 Eccles- 
ton sq., S.W. ; Bessborough, Pilltown, 

Bessemer, sir Henry, F.R.S., s. of late 
Anthony Bessemer, of Charlton, Herts ; 
b. 1813; m. 1833, Ann, dau. of Richd. 
Allen, of Amersham ; is well known for 
his inventions in arts and manufrs., as 
inventor of " Bessemer Steel ; " and in 
acknowledgment of its value was pre- 
sented with freedom of City of London 
in a gold casket, of the Turners' and 
Cutlers' Cos., and of City of Hamburgh, 
a special gold medal by King of Wur- 
temberg, the Albert gold medal, and 
a large gold medal by Napoleon III., 
and was offered G.C. cf Legion of 
Honour ; and cr. a Kt. commdr. of 
Order of Francis Joseph, Austria, 
memb. of iron-board of Sweden ; Pres. 
of Iron and Steel Inst. 1871 and 1872, 
reed, from Inst, of C.e. the Telford 
gold medal and the Howard Quin- 
quennial prize gold cup ; a memb. of 
Univ. Coll. Lond., of the Soc. for en- 
couragement of Natl. Indsty. of Paris, 
hon. memb. of R.S.b.a. and of Engrs. 
and Shipbldrs. of Scotland and Mecbnl. 
Engrs. of America, knighted 1879 : 165 
Denmark Hill, S.E. 

Best, vide Haden-Best. 

Best, lt.-col. George, late R.A., eld. s. 
of rev. the hon. Samuel Best, rect. of 
Abbotts Ann, Hants (d. 1873) ; b. 1838 ; 


m. 1870, Edith Ann, dan. of M. H. 
Marsh, of Ramridge, Hants ; J.i\ Wilts 
and Dorset : Jnn. Carlton club ; Charl- 
ton House, Ludwell, Salisbury. 

Best, hon. Henry Molyneux, 3 s. of 2 
baron Wynford ; b. 1829 (heir his 
bro.) : 7Connaughtsq.W. ; Junr.Carlton. 

Best, Jas.. s. of Jas. Best, of GrovehiU, 
Worcestershire; b. 183-1; J.P. (1894) 
Worcestershire : Holt Castle, Worcester. 

Best, Jas. Wm., b.a. Cantab., eld. 
s. of rev. Jas. Kershaw Best, of Lane 
End, Bucks ; b. 1840 ; M. C. 8. 1862, barr. 
Inner Temple 1880. a judge of high court 
of judicature at Madras. 1893-95. 

Best, John Chas., 2 s. of hon. 
and rev. Samuel Best, rect. of Abbotts 
Ann, Hants (d. 1873) ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1873. Mary, dau. of Wm. Wagstaff, Plas- 
yn-Vivod; J.P. Denbighshire (sheriff 
1888) and Merionethshire, capt. r.n. ret. : 
Plas-yn-Vivod, Llangollen. 

Best, Marmaduke Head, eld. s. of H. 
P. Best, of Donnington Castle, Berks, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1887); b. 1847; m. 1877, 
Mary Leigh, only dau. of rev. H. Leigh- 
Bennett, Thorpe Place, Surrey ; is J.P. 
(1871) Berks: Donnington Grove, nr. 
Newbury, Berks. 

Best, maj. Mawdistly G-aussen, 2 s. of 
late Jas. Best, of Park House, Boxley, 
Kent, J.P. ; b. 1826 ; m. 1864, Katharine 
Annabella, 2 survg. dau. (d. 1896) of late 
rev. Tatton Brockman, of Beachborough 
and Gore Court, Kent ; served with 34 
regt. in Crimea and fall of Sebastopol, 
Indian mutiny and siege of Lueknow ; 
afterwards maj. 25 foot ; J.P. Kent 
(sheriff 1881) : United Service club ; 
Park House, Boxley, Maidstone. 

Best, Palemon, M.B.Lond.. s. of P.Best, 
of Helston, Cornwall ; b. 1839 ; m. 1865, 
Caroline, dau. of J. T. Young, of St. 
Mary-at-Hill, E.C. ; Ts J.P. (1895) parts 
of Lindsey, Lines. : 10 TJpgate, Louth, 

Best, capt. hon. Bobert Rainy, 5 s. of 
2 baron Wynford ; b. 1834 ; m. 1, dau. (d. 
1881) of T. A. Swaysland, Crawley, 
Sussex ; 2, 1882, Meynella Katherine 
Hilda, eld. dau. of late capt. Fredk. A. 
P. Wood, u.m.l.i. ; capt. late gren. gds. : 
Constitutional club ; The Rowdens, 
Torre Park, Torquay. 

Best, Thomas Geo., s. of Thos. Best, of 
Red Rice, Hants, D.L., J.P. (d. 1886), by 
dan. of rev. sir G. Shiffner, 3 bart. ; b. 
1861 ; m. 1889, Annie L., dau. of late Wm. 
Tod, of Ayton, Perthshire ; J.P. Hants, 
late capt. r.a., capt. Hants yeom. from 
1892 : Naval and Military and Jun. ' 

Carlton clubs: Deane House, nr. Whit- 
church R.S.O., Hants. 

Best, maj. Thos. Wm., 3 s. of rev. the 
hon. Samuel Best, rect. of Abbotts Ann, 
Andover (d. 1873) ; b. 1844 ; m. 1879, 
Harriet R., 3 survg. dau. of H. A. Grey, 
of Meole Brace, Shrewsbury ; maj. late 
76 regt., chief constable of Merioneth- 
shire from 1883 : Lingfield, Barmouth, 

Bestel, sir Nicholas Gustave, only s. 
of 1 ite Anthony Bestel, of Mauritius ; b. 
1812 ; m. 1864, Marie R. D., dau. of 
Francois Bestel-Belmaison, of Mauritius; 
barr. Middle Temple 1841; puisne judge of 
supreme court of Mauritius 1855-79 ; 
knighted 1880: Belmaison, Cure pipe, 

Beswicke-Royds, Clement Robert 
Nuttall. eld. s. of A. H. Rovds, of Falinge, 
Lanes. J. P., D.L. (d. 1890") ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1867, Mary Alice Gibson, only child of 
late John Halliwell Beswicke, of Pyke 
House : (assumed the surname of Bes- 
wicke by sign manual 1868), late 4 drag, 
gds. ; capt. 3 battn. (mil.) E. Lancashire 
regt. 1879-84 : Pyke House, Little- 
borough, Manchester. 

Betham. John, s. of Matthew Betham, 
of Towcett, Westmorland ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1872, dau of Daniel Fairer, of Rosgill, 
Westmorland ; is J.P. Westmorland : 
Towcett, Shap R.S.O. Westmorland ; 
Martindale Lodge, Southport. 

Bethell, hon. Albert Victor, 4 s. of 
2 baron Westbury ; b. 1864. 

BetheU, Alfred Jas., youngest s. of W. 
F. B-thell, of Rise Park, York*, D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1879) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1887, Maud, dau. 
of R. Bower, of Welham, Yorks ; served 
in 82 regt. on sir C. Warren's staff in 
Bechuanaland expdn. and subsequently 
with s : r F. Carrington raised the Bechu- 
analand border police, J.P. (1892) W. R. 
Yorks : Naval and Military club ; Middle- 
thorpe Lodge, York. 

Bethell, hon. Arthur John, 3 s. of 2 
baron Westbury ; b. 1860. 

BetheU, hon. Edward Alex, commdr. 
R.N. fr jm 1892, 2 s. of 2 baron Westbury ; 
b. 1855 ; in. 1890, Hilda M., youngest dau. 
of B. Huntsman, of West Retford Hall, 

s. of Wm. Frogatt Betuell, of Rise Park, 
Hull, D.L., J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1849 ; It. of 
"Challenger" during her surveying 
expdn. 1872-6, of Minotaur " during 
Egyptian war 1882, commdr. R.N. 1884- 
94 ;" M.p. (c.) E. R. Yorks. (Holderness 
divn.) from 1885 : Carlton and Naval 
and Military clubs ; Sigglesthorne, Hull.. 


Bethell, lion. Richard, only son of 3 
baron Westbury ; b. 1883. 

Bethell. lion. Walter John, 4 s. of 1 
baron Westbury; b. 1812; b.a. Oxon 
barr. Middle Temple 1868: Travellers' 

Bethell. William, eld. s. of late Wm. 
Frogatt Bethell, D.L., J.P. (d. 1879); b. 
1*47 : m. 1880, hon. Marie Myrtle, dau. 
of 8 baron Middleton, b. 1859 ; D.L., j.p. 
E. R. and j.p. N.R. Yorks : Carlton and 
Yorkshire clubs ; Rise Park,Hull ; Wat- 
ton Abbev, Beverley. 

Bethell, hon. Florence Ellinor, b. 1853 ; 
hon. Ada Natalie, b. 1858, daus. of 2 
baron Westbury. 

Bethell, hon. mrs. Slingsby, Laura B., 
eld. dau. of rev. F. W. Maunsell, rect. of 
Svmoudsburv, Dorset ; in. 1888, as his 2 
wife, hon. Slingsby Bethell, c.B. (d. 185*6) : 
18 Montpelier cres., Brighton. 

Bethune, vide Patton-Bethune. 

Bethune, rev. Angus, m.a. Aberdeen. 
b. of late rev. Hector Bethune, of Ding- 
wall, KB. ; b. 1811 ; J.p. co. Durham : 
vicar from 1859 of Seaham, Sunderland. 

Bett, maj.-gen. Henry Imlach ; served 
in Raichore Doab 1858 ; ret. f. p. 1875 as 
col. Madras S.C.: Pilston House, Llan- 
dogo, Chepstow, Mon. 

Betterton, Henry Inman, j.p. (1894) 
Leicestershire : Thomdale House, Black- 
fordby, Burton-on-Trent. 

Betton, Richard ; b. 1808 ; m. 1, dau. 
of late R. Salwey, of Moor Park, Salop ; 
2, eld. dau. {d. 1893) of late J. Walton, 
of Esher, Surrey ; j.p. Herefordsh. and 
Salop : Overton House, Ludlow, Salop. 

Betts, Samuel, 3 s. of J. Betts, of 
King's Langley, Herts (d. 1871) ; b. 1827 ; 
m. 1855, Elizabeth A., only child {d. 1893) 
of late S. Scott, of Little Hadham ; is j.p. 
Herts : Hadham Hall, Little Hadham, 

Betts, miss Katherine H., youngest 
and only survg. child of rev. T. D. Betts, 
of Wortham, Suffolk, j.p. (d. 1859) : Wor- 
tham Hall, Diss. 

Bevan, David Augustus, 4 a. of 
Richd. Lee Bevan, of Brixworth Hall 
Northants, j.p. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, hon. 
Maud E., 5 dau. of 1 vise. Hampden, 
G.c.B. ; b. 1856 : 4 Lower Berkeley st. 
Portman sq. "W. 

Bevan, Edmund Henry, j.p. (1895) 
Kent : Beesfield House, Farningham, 

Bsvan, Edwyn Robt., 7 s. of R. C. L. 
Bevan, of Fosbury, "Wilts, and Trent 
Park, Herts, j.p. (d. 1890) ; b. 1870 ; m. 
1896, hon. Mary, youngest dau. of 3 baron 
Radstock, b. 1871. 

Bevan, Ernest George, m.a. Cantab., 3 
s. of late Geo. Innes Bevan, of Farm 
Hall, Godmanchestf-r, Hunts; b. 1848; 
w. 1877, Florence, dau. of late Philip Til- 
lard, of St.ukeley Hall, Hunts, D.L., j.p. ; 
j.p. Hunts : Hemingford Grey, St. Ives, 

Bevan, Francis Augustus, 2 s. of 
R. C. Lee Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts, and 
Trent Park, Herts, J.P. (d. 1890), by sis. 
of 4 earl of Hardwicke ; b. 1840 ; m.1,3 
dau. of lord Chas. Jas. F. Russell ; 2, 
youngest dau. of rt. hon. sir Jas. W. 
Hogg, 1 bart. ; 3, 1875, Maria, dau. of 
John Trotter, of Dyrham Park, Herts ; 
one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City 
of London, knt. of grace of order of St 
John of Jerusalem': 59 and 60 Princes 
gate, S.W. ; Trent Park, nr. New Barnet, 
Herts ; Fosbury Manor, Hungerf ord. 

Bevan, maj.-gen. Geo. Buchanan, eld. 
s. of Geo. Innes Bevan, of Godman- 
chester, Hunts, j.p. (d. 1884) ; b. 1842 ; 
lt.-col. commdg. (col. 1885) 2 battn. L.N. 
Lancashire regt., ret. p. 1886 : Naval and 
Military club ; Farm Hall, Godmanches- 
ter, Huntingdon. 

Bevan, rev. Henry Edward James, 
m.a. Cantab. ; s. of late Hy. Bevan, of 
Shrewsbury; b. 1854; m. 1883, hon. 
Charlotte J. E., 2 dau. of 8 vise. Moles- 
worth, b. 1864 ; rect. of Upper Chelsea 
from 1895; Gresham prof, of Divinity 
from 1888 ; examining chaplain to bp. of 
London from 1894 : Upper Chelsea 
Rectory, 141 Sloane st. S.W. ; Quatford 
Castle, Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Bevan, James Johnstone, 3 s. of Chas. 
Bevan, of Devonshire pi. W. (d. 1833) ; 
b. 1818; m. 1, 1846. dau. (d. 1870) of Robt. 
Hedley, of Long Benton, Northumb. and 
Sidbrook House, Somerset ; 2, 1894, hon. 
Alice M. eld. dau. of 3 vise. Sidmouth, b. 
1849 ; j.p. Suffolk : United University 
club ; Northgate House, Bury St. 

Bevan, Richd. Alexander, s. of late 
Richd. Bevan, of Brighton : b. 1834 ; m. 
1861, Laura M., dau. of late Edwd.Polhill, 
of Brighton ; j.p. Sussex : Horsgate, 
Cuckfield, Sussex. 

Bevan, Rd. Lee, 2 s. of D. Bevan, of 
Fosbury, "Wilts (d. 1846) ; b. 1811 ; m. 
eld. dau. (d. 1885) of rev. L. Loraine- 
Smith, of Enderby Hall, co. Leicester ; 
j.p. Northants : Brixworth Hall, North- 

Bevan, Roland Yorke, 4 s. of R. C. Lee 
Bevan, of Fosbury, "Wilts, and Trent 
Park, Herts, J.P. (d. 1890) by sis. of 4 
earl of Hardwicke j b. 1848 j m. 1874, 


hon. Agneta 0. 4 dau. of 10 baron Kin- 
naird ; b. 1850. 

Sevan, Samuel. J. p. Carmarthenshire : 
Welfield, Llanelly. 

Bevan,Thos.,eld. s.of late Thos.Bevan, 
M.D. ; b. 1829; to. 1852, Emma, dau. of 
Thos. Bayes, Kimberley, Norfolk ; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of Lon- 
don, sheriff of London and Middlx. 
1878-9 ; cement manufacturer at North- 
fleet ; m.p. (L.) Gravesend in 1880 
(unseated on petition) ; D.L., J. p. (sheriff 
1895) Kent: Stone Park, Greenhithe 
S.O. Kent. 

Bevan, ven.Wm. Latham, m.a. Oxr.n., 
s.of Wm. Hibbs Bevan, of Crickhowell, 
co. Brecon : b. 1821 ; m. 1849, Louisa, 
dau. of T. Dew, cf Whitney, Hereford- 
shire ; canon res. of St. Davids 1879-93, 
archdn. of Brecon from 1895, vicar from 
1845, of Hay R.S.O., Bieconshire. 

Bevan, hits. Henry, widow of late 
Henry Bevan, of Shrewsbury : Quatford 
Castle, Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Beverley, bp. of. rt. rev. Robt. Jarratt 
Crosthwaite, d.d. Cantab, s. of rev. Benj. 
Crosthwaite, M.A., vicar of Knares- 
borough, and hon. canon of Ripon ; b. 
1837 ; to. 1, 1867, Eleanor F., dau. of rev. 
Philip Simpson, m.a., of Metham Hall, 
E. Yorks : 2, 1887, Anne E., eld. dau. of 
late rev. Wm. Moore Crosthwaite. .m.a.. 
preb. of Cork and rect. of Drimo- 
league, co. Cork ; archd. of York from 
1884, vicar of St. Lawrence, York. 1883- 
85, rector of Bolton Percy, W. Yorks, 
from 1885, bp. suffragan of Beverlevfrom 
1889: Rectory, Bolton Percy R.S.O. 

Beverley (hon.),Henry,M.A.,in B.C.S. 
from 1861, dist. judge in Bengal 1878-85, 
a puisne judge of high court of judica- 
ture at Calcutta from 1885 : 42 Chow- 
ringhee rd. Calcutta. * 

Beville,lt.-gen. Geo. Fras. c.b., served 
at assault and capture of Kotah, in pur- 
suit of Tantia Topee, Oude campaign, 
1858 ; Abyssinian campaign 1867-8 ; Af- 
ghan war 1879-80, lt.-gen. 1895 I.S.C., 
commdg. 2 class dist. in Bombayl889-94. 

Beville, ma j. -gen. Henry, c.B., eld. s. 
of late H. E. Beville, capt. 5 drag, gds.; 
late commg. 1 Belooch regt. L.I., ret. f. 
p. as col. 1880: Burfield, Sydenham 
avenue, S.E. 

Beving-ton, col. Samuel Bourne, s. of 
Jas. Buckingham Bevington, of Merle 
Wood, Kent, J.P. (d. 1892) ; 6. 1832 ; to. 
1859, Sarah Anne. dau. of Benj. Edging- 
ton, of Lavender Hill, Wandsworth ; j.p. 
Surrey and London, It. -col. (hon. col 
1886) 3 vol. battn. R. W. Surrey regt. 

from 1884 : Merle Wood, Sevenoaks, 
Kent ; 42 St. Thomas's st. Southwark, 
S.E. ; Reform club. 

Bewes. Cecil Edward, 3 s. of T. Bewes, 
of Beaumont House, M.p. (d. 1857) ; b. 
1816 ; to. 1, 1847, Fanny, dau. (d. 1888) of 
G. W. Soltau, of Little Efford, Devon ; 
2, 1893, Altha, dau. of late Jas. Barlow 
Smythe ; capt. late 69 foot and 85 foot; 
T.P.Devon: 8 Leigham terr. Citadel rd. 
Plymouth ; Hillside, Ridgeway, nr. 
Plympton St. Mary, Devon. 

Bewicke, mrs. Eleanor Evelyn, dau. 
of late rev. E. H. Quicke, Newton St. 
Cyres,Devon ; to. 1880,Calverley Bewicke, 
of Close House, Northumb. J.p". (d. 1896) : 
Close House, Wylam-on-Tyne. 

Bewicke-Copley, maj. Robert Cal- 
verly Alington, eld. s. of R. C.B. Bewicke, 
of Coulby Manor,York,J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 
1855; to 1886, Selina F., eld. dau. and co- 
heiress of late sir Charles Watson-Copley, 
3 bart.; d.l. N. R. Yorks, maj. 1 battn. K. 
R. Rif. C. from 1894, d.A.a.G. (Ireland) 
from 1892, assumed by royal licence of Copley 1892: Sprotborough 
Hall, Doncaster. 

Bewley, (hon.) Edmund Thos., m.a., 
ll.d. Dublin, s. of late Edwd. Bewley, 
M.D., of Moate, co. Westmeath ; b. 1837 ; 
to. 1866, Anna Sophia, dau. of Henry Cope 
Colles, barr. at law ; Irish bar. 1862. Q.C. 
1882, j.p. cos. Dublin and Wicklow, reg. 
prof, of Feudal and English law in Univ. 
of Dublin 1884-90. judge of Supreme court 
of judicature.Ireland.and judicial commr. 
of Irish Land commn. from 1890 : Athen- 
aeum and University (Dublin) clubs ; 40 
Fitzwilliam pi. Dublin. 

Beynon, John. s. of late J. T. Bevnon; 
h. 1829; m. 1863, Elizabeth, 2 dau. of 
Chas. Prust, of Haverfordwest, J. P.; 
j.p. Pembrokeshire, P.L., J.P.Carmarthen- 
shire (sheriff 1878) : Trewern, Whitland, 
S. Wales. 

Beynon,Richd., J.P. (1894)Glamorgan: 
Gower, Swai.sea. 

Beynon, Theophilus, j.p. Monmouth- 
shire : Stow Park, Newport. Mon. 

Beynon, maj. -gen. Wm. Howell, s. of 
rev. W. Beynon ; b. 1826 ; to. 1859, Char- 
lotte B., 3 dau. of lt.-gen. sir Geo. St. 
Patrick Lawrence, K.C.S.I., C.B. ; Indian 
mutiny, siege of Kotah and pursuit of 
Tanta Topea, action at Koshana, polit. 
dept. 1857-81, and resident at Jeypore 
1864-81, ret. f. p. 1881 as lt.-col. Bo.S.C. : 
25 Ashburnpl. Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Uni- 
ted Service and Constitutional clubs ; 
Culverlands, Farnham, Surrey. 

Beyts, Hy. Nicholas Duverger, c.m.g., 
memb. exec, council Mauritius 1873-S9, 


receiver-gen. 1877-89, acted on several 
occasions as col. sec. and twice for a 
short time administ. the govt., ret. 1889. 

Bhowiiaprgree. Mancherjee Mer- 
wanjee, C.I.E., barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1885, 
J. P. Bombay, commr. for Bhownuggarat 
the Colonial and Indian Exhib. 1886, 
author of "The Constitution of the East 
India Co." and of a translation into 
Gujarati of H.M. the Queen-Empress's 
" Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in 
the Highlands," m.p. (c.) N. E. Bethnal 
Green from 1895 : Jasmine Lodge, Grove 
Park, Chiswick, Middlx. ; Carlton and 
Constitutional clubs. 

Bibby, Frank, s. of J. J. Bibby, of 
Hardwicke Grange, Salop, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1897) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1890, Edith M. eld. 
dau. of maj.-gen. Stanley de A. C. 
Clarke, C.M.G., equerry to the prince of 
Wales ; is J.P. Salop : 25 Hill st., May- 
fair, W. ; Sansaw, Clive, Shrewsbury ; 
Hardwicke Grange, Hadnall, Shrews- 

Bickerstaff.Wm. Martin, f.r.g.s., j.p., 
D.L. Middlx., j.p. London : 1 Avenue rd. 
Regent's Park, N.W. 

Bickersteth, bp. vide Exeter,or Japan 

Bickersteth, John Joseph, b.a. Ch. 
Ch. Oxon., 3 s. of late rt. rev. bp. (Bickers- 
teth) of Ripon ; b. 1850 ; m. 1882, lady 
Margaret, 2 dau. of 4 earl of Ashburn- 
ham, b. 1851 ; barr. Inner Temple, 1875, 
clerk of the peace for E.R. of York from 
1882 : Brooks' club ; Beechwood House, 
Driffield, Torks. 

Bickersteth, Robr., eld. s. of late bp. 
(Bickersteth) of Ripon ; b. 1847 ; to. 
1883, lady Lavinin, 2 dau. of 6 earl of 
Abingdon ; one of H.M. Insp. of Fac- 
tories 1873-80, pri. sec. to sec. of state 
(earl of Kimberley) for the Colonies 
1880-2, for India 1882-5, capt. Sherwood 
Rangers 1878-82, lt.-col. commdg. Middlx. 
yeom. 1891-2, m.p. (l.) N. Shropshire 
1885-6 : 70 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Brooks' 
and Windham clubs. 

Bickford, capt. Andrew Kennedy, 
C.M.G., R.X., s. of late capt. Wm. Bick- 
ford ; b. 1844 ; to. 1868, Kathleen L., dau. 
of late P. E. Dove, m.d. ; at Simonoseki, 
186-, at action with Peruvian rebel iron- 
clad " Huascar " 1877, in charge of naval 
transport arrangements at Alexandria 
during Egyptian war 1882, 3 class Med- 
jidie : negotiated release of captive crew 
of " Nisero" who were in hands of rajah 
of Tenour, a.d.c. to the Queen from 1896. 

Bickford-Smith,Wm., eld. s. of Geo. 
Smith, ll.d., of Trevu, Cornwall, j.p. (d. 
1868).by dau. of W. Bickford, of Tucking- 
mill, Cornwall ; b. 1827 ; m. 1, dau. of W. 
Veuning, of Broadhempstone, Devon ; 
2, 1870, Anna M., 2 dau. of G. H. Bond, 
of Radfoid, Notts.; j.p. Cornwall; 
assumed addtl. name of Bickford 1868, 
M.P. (l.) Cornwall (Truro divn.) 1885-6 
and(L.u.) 1886-92 : Trevarno, Helston, 

Bickham, Spencer Henry, eld. s. of 
Spencer H. Bickham, of Bowdon, Che- 
shire ; b. 1840 ; m. 1865, Emmeline, dau. of 
Wm. Horsfall, of Altrincham, Cheshire ; 
J.P. Herefordshire : Underdown, Ledbury. 

Biddell, Wm. 3 s. of A. Biddell,of Play- 
ford, Suffolk ; b. 1825 ; to. 1, dau. of A. 
Blencowe; 2, 1868, Mary A. dau. of B. 
Howard, of Lavenham Hall, Suffolk ; 
land agent and head of firm of Biddell 
and Blencowe, auctioneers, j.p. and 
county aldm. for Suffolk, M.P. (L.c.) foi 
West Suffolk 1880-5: The Hall, 
Lavenham R.S.O. Suffolk. 

Bidder, Mrs. Anna,dau. of late John R. 
McClean. c.E., F.u.s., M.p. ; m. 1860, G. P. 
Bidder, Q.c, of Ravensbury Park, 
Mitcham (d. 1896) : Queen Anne's 
mansions, S.W.; Ravensbury Park, 
Mitcham, Surrey. 

Biddulph, vide Wright-Biddulph. 

Biddulph, Algernon Hugh Myddle- 
ton-, 2 s. of Richd. Myddelton-Bidduli h, 
of Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, j.p. ; b. 
1872 ; D.L. Denbighshire : Bachelors' 
club ; Chirk Castle, Chirk, Denbighshire. 

Biddulph, Geo. Tournay, 5 p. of 
Robt. Biddulph, of Ledbury, co. Hereford. 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1864) ; b. 1844 ; to. 1883, lad; 
Sarah Wilfreda, youngest dau. of 1 earl 
Selborne. b. 1854 : knt. of grace of order 
of St. John of Jerusalem : 33 Grosvenor 
rd. S.W. ; 43 Charing cross, S.W. ; 
Douglas House, Petersham, Surrey. 

Biddulph, John Michael Gordon, eld. 
s. of Michael Biddulph, of Ledbury, co. 
Hereford, m.p., d.l., j.p. ; b. 1869 ; j.p. 
(1896) Herefordshire: Ledbury House, 
Ledbury, Herefordshire. 

Biddulph, Michael, eld. s. of Robt. 
Biddulph of Ledbury, co. Hereford, j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1864); b. 1834; to. 1, dau. 
of rt. hon. gen. Jonathan and lady Alice 
Peel ; 2, lady Elizabeth P., dau. of 4 earl 
of Hardwicke, and widow of Hy. John 
Adeane, m.p. ; D.L., j.p. Herefordshire, 
J.p. Gloucestershire, partner in Cocks, 
Biddulph and Co., bankers, M.P. (l.) 
Herefordshire 1865-85, Southern divn. 




1885-6 and (l.C.) from 1886 : 19 Enms- 
more gdns. S.W. ; Reform and Brooks 
clubs : Ledbury House. Ledbury, Here- 
fordshire ; Manor House, Kemble, nr. 
Cirencester. .,,.,. , . 

Biddulph, gen. sir Michael Anthony 
BhrapnelL R.a., g.c.b., s. of rev T S. 
Biddulph, of Amroth Castle ; b. 182.3 ; 
m. 1857. Katherine. dau. of capt. Stephen 
Stamati, comdt. of Balaklava ; served in 
Turkey and in Crimea, present at the 
Alma," Balaklava and Inkerman, and 
siege of Sebastopol ; knt. leg. hon. and 
5 class Medjidie ; d.a.g. Bengal 1866-73, 
brig.-gen. commd. Rohilchund dist. 
1876-8 ; commd. Quetta field force in 
Afghan campaign 1878-9, groom in wait- 
ing to the Queen 1879-95, extra from 
1895. gentleman usher of the black rod j 
from 1896 ; commd. Rawlpindi divn. 
1880-6, col.-commdt. of R.A. from 1885 : 1 
pres. of Ordnance Committee 1886-9, ret. , 
ist. 1890. keeper of the Regalia at the j 
Tower 1891-6 : Jun. United Service club. 

Biddulph, lt.-col.Middleton WVstenra. i 
eld. survg. s. of Fras. Marsh W. Biddulph, 
of Rathrobin, King's CO., J.P. <d. 1868) : 
b. 1849 : m. 1891, Vera Josephine, 2 dau. 
of sir Wm. Hy. Flower, K.C.B., F.R.6. ; , 
serv d in Afghan war 1880, maj. 1 battn. 
(5) Northumberland fus. 1885-95, lt.-col. ! 
ret. p. 1895 : Naval and Military club ; 
R ith'obin, Tullamore, King's co. 

Biddulph. Richard Myddelton-, eld. s. 
of col. R. Mvddelton-Biddulph, of Chirk 
Castle, m.p. \d. 1872); b. 1837: m. 1862,] 
Catharine A. 3 dau. of E. G. Howard 
(cousin of 15 duke of Norfolk); J.P. ' 
Denbighshire (sheriff 1879): Carlton J 
and Arthur's clubs ; Chirk Castle, Chirk, j 

Biddulph, gen. sir Robt. G.C.M.G., I 
K.C.B., R.A. ; 2 s. of Rt. Biddulph of Led- ) 
bury, co. Hereford, .L., J.P. (d. 1864); b. I 
1835; m. 1864, Sophia, dau. of rev. A.! 
L. Lambert, rect of Chilbolton, Hants, 
and widow of R. S. Palmer ; in Crimea, 
at Alma, Balaklava, Sebastopol and 
Kertch ; in Indian Mutiny at Lucknow ; 
mil. sec. with China expedn. 1860, at 
capture of Taku forts and fall of Pekin ; 
a.-st. boundary commr. under Reform act, j 
1867 ; priv. sec. to sec. of state for war 
1871-3; A. A. a. Horse Guards. 1873-8; 
on special service in Cyprus 1878 ; high 
commr. and commr. -in -chief in Cyprus 
1 879-46 ; insp. gen. of recruiting at head 
quartern 1886-7, and 1887-8, q.m.g. to the 
force* in 1*7 and in 1893. director-gen. I 
of mily. educn. 1888-93; col.-coramdt. , 
k.a. from 1!5 ; gov. of Gibraltar from' 
1893 : Gibralt r. 

Biddulph, Robt. Edwd. Myddelton- 
eld. s. of Richd. Mvddelton-Biddulph, of 
Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh, J.P. ; b. 1866 : 
D.L., J.P. Denbighshire: Bachelors' and 
White's clubs ; Chirk Castle, Chirk, Den- 

Biddulph, sir Theophilus George, 8 
bart. (1664), t>. of 7 bart. (d. 1883). by dau. 
of 17 baron Somerville (ext.) ; b. 1874. 

Biddulph. lady. Mary F. dau. of lat e 
Fred. C. W. Sevmour (cousin of 5 marq- 
of Hertford) ; b. 1824; m. 1857, gen. sir 
T. Myddelton Biddulph, K.C.B. (d. 1878), 
hon. woman of the bedchamber to the 
Queen, lady in waiting to H.R.H. Prin- 
cess Beatrice (princess Hy. of Batten- 
berg) 1875-96, extra lady" from 1896 : 
Henry III. Tower, Windsor Castle, 

Biddulph, misses Jane and Lucy 
daus. of late rev.J. Biddulph of Frankton 
co. Warwick: patrons of the living of 
Frankton : Frankton Hall. nr. Rugby. 

Biddulpb-Colclougrh, Franc Digby 
youngest s. of F. W. M. Biddulph. of 
Rathrobin, Tullamore; b. 18 : m. 
1885, Louisa M. S. eld. dau. and heir, of 
mrs. M. G. W. Rossborough-Colclough, 
of Tintern Abbey, co. Wexford (d. 1884), 
by J. T. Rossborough, of Mullinagood, 
co. Longford, J. p., D.L. (d. 1869) : as- 
sumed by roy il licence additl. name of 
Colclough, 1886 : Tintern Abbey, nr. 
Fethard, co. Wexford. 

Bidie, surg.-^en. Geo..M.B.. c.i.e..f.z -.. 
s. of late W. Bidie, Backies, Banffshire ; 
6.1830 ; m. 1854, Isabella, dau. of A. Wise- 
man, Banchory, Aberdeenshire ; Ind. 
mut. medal ; cliev. Crown of Italy ; snrg.- 
pen. Madras med. est. 1886. hon. surg. 
viceroy 1888. ret. 1890 : Bridge of Allan, 

Bidwell, Charles, m.a. Cauteb.. . of 
Chas. Muriel Bidwell. of El v ; b. 1845; 
m. 1869, dau. of H. R. Eva'ns, of Elv ; 
J.P. Isle of Elv: St. Marv's st. Ely; 
Whitehall club." 

BidwiU, col. Peter Silvester, J.P. 
Lancashire and co. Dublin ; hon. col. 5 
(Irish) vol. battn. Liverpool regt. from 
1887 : Bella Vista. Kingstown, Ireland. 

Bigg, Edwd. Fras. 2 s. of S. H. Big?, 
of Swallowfield, Horsham. Sussex ; b. 
1837 ; m. 1865, Fanny, eld. dau. of late 
W. Everington. of Heme Hill : admitted 
a solicitor 1860, barr. Inner Temple,. 
1885 : 3 Temple gdns. E.C. ; Jun. Carlton 
club ; The Hyde, Handcross, Crawley, 

Big-ge, lt.-col. sir Arthur John, R.A., 
K.C.B. , c.m.g., 3 s. of rev. J. F. Bigge, 


vicar of Stamfordham, Northumb. ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1881, Constance, 2 dau. of late 
rev. W. F. Neville, vicar of Butleigh, 
Somerset; late a.d.c. to maj.-gen. sir 
H. Evelyn Wood, k.c.b.; lt.-col. u.A.h.p. 
1893, priv. sec. to Queen from 1895, 
and equerry from 1881 : Colour Court, 
St James' Palace, S.W. ; Winchester 
Tower, Windsor Castle. 

Bigrgre, Edwd. Ellison, eld. survg. s. of 
late rev. John Fredc. Bigge, vicar of 
Stamfordham, Northumb., and nephew 
of lt.-col. Wm. Bigge, of Ovinghum, 
Northumb., D.L. (d. 1889) ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1887, Annie, 3 dau. of late John Straker, 
of Stagsbaw, Northumb : is J.P. (1896) 
Herts : Oriental and Wellington clubs ; 
Gun Lodge, Knebworth, Herts ; Oving- 
ham, Northumb. 

Bigrgre, Matthew Eobert, 8 s. of Chas. 
W. Bigge, of Linden House, Northumb., 
D.L. {d. 1849); 6.1822; m. 18-, Eliza- 
beth J., dau. (d. 1896) of; J.P. North- 
ants : Laundimer House, Oundle, North- 

Bigrgre, maj.-gen. Thos. Scovell, s. of 
Chas. Bigge ; b. 1837 ; m. 1866, Ellen, 
dau. of rev. John Lees by dau. of 11 earl 
of Huntingdon ; in Crimea 1854-6. at 
assaults of the Redan, Indim mutiny 
campaign 1857-9, at relief, siege and cap- 
ture of Lucknow, and in Oude campaign : 
lite 5 foot ; j.p. Hert* : United Service 
club ; Lye House, St. Stephen's, St. 
Bigrgrs, vide Yeatman-Biggs. 
Bigrgrs, rsv. George Hesketh, m.a. 
Oxon., s. of Rev. Geo. Biggs, rect. of 
Upton Warren, Worcestershire : b. 1823 ; 
m. 1,1854, dau. of Jas. Moilliet, of Abber- 
ley Hall : 2, 1873, Helen, dau. of J. Far- 
quhar Fraser : j.p. Worcestershire : vicar 
from 1866 of Ettington, nr. Stratford-on- 

Bigrgrs, Thos. Henry, j.p. (1892) Lan- 
cashire : Breeze Hill, Albert rd. Heaton, 
nr. Bolton, Lanes. 

Bigrham. John Chas., Q.c. 2 s. of late 
J. Bigham. Liverpool : b. 1842: in. 1871, 
Georgina, dau. of John Rogers, of Liver- 
pool ; barr. Middle Temple 1870, Q.C. 
1883, m.p. (l.U.) Liverpool (Exchange 
divn.) from 1895 : 19 Palace Gate, Ken- 
sington, W. ; Goldsmith bldg. Temple, 

Bigmold, Chas. Arthur Bathurst, eld. 
e. of lt.-col. Chas. Edwd. Bignold, of Har- 
ford Lodge, Norfolk, D.L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1857 ; m. 1, 1880, Louisa, dau. (d. 1881) 
of maj.-gen. Jas. Cockburn, of Bracon- 
dale, Norwich; 2, 1891, Henrietta C. 
younger dau. of R. B. Longe, of Spix- 


worth Park, Norfolk, J.P.; is D.L., j.p. 
Norfolk, j.p. Norwich : Reymerston 
Lodge, Norwich. 

Bigrwood, Ernest Jas., s. of Jas. John 
Bigwood, of Bath, Somerset ; b. 1858 ; m. 
1880, Emily, youngest dau. of Wm. Part- 
ridge, of Bromsgrove Lickey, Worcester- 
shire ; is J.P. (1896) Worcestershire and 
C.C. from 1892, chm. N. Bromsgrove 
urban dist. council 1895-6 : The Berrow, 
Barnt Green S.O. Worcs ; 17 Colmore 
row, Birmingham. 

Bigrwood, James, m.a. Cantab., s. of 
late Jas. Bigwood, of Clifton, Glo's- 
tershire; b. 1839; m. 1862, Marian, 
only dau. of late Edwd. Webb, of 
Totnes and Torquay : partner in firm of 
Champion and Co., j.p. (ami co. aldm.) 
Middlsx. and London, m.p. (c.) E. Fins- 
bury 1885-6, Middlesex (Brentford divn.) 
from 1886 : 115 City rd. E.C. ; The 
Lawn, Twickenham ; Carlton club. 

Bigrwood, Jas. Edwd. Cecil, eld. s. of 
Jas. Bigwood, of Twickenham, Middlx., 
M.p., j.p. ; b. 1863; j.p. London: 115 
City rd. E.C. ; The Lawn, Twickenham ; 
Conservative club. 

Biliotti. sir Alfred, K.C.M.G., C.B., s. of 
late Chns. Biliotti, vi e-consul at Mauri 
&c. ; 6.1833; H.M.'s consul for Crete from 
1885 : British Consulate, Crete. 

Bill, Charles, m.a. Oxon, only s. of J. 
Bill, of Farley Hall, Staffs., j.p. (d. 1853) ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Ellen M. H. 2 dau. of 
lt.-col. R. H. Fitz-Herbert, of Somersal 
Herbeit, co. Derby: barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1868 ; j.p. Staffordshire ; lord of the 
manor of Cheadle Grange; lt.-col. 4 
battn. (mil.) N. Staffs, regt from 1893, 
M.P. (c.) Staffordshire (Leek divn.) from 
1892 : Carlton and University clubs ; 
Farley Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. 

Bill, Chas. Horsfall, s. of laie Chas. 
Horsfall Bill, of Storthes Hall, Yorks. ; 
b. 1818 ; m. 1841, Ann i M., dau. of utn. 
Midaleton ; j.p. cos. Glo'ster and Wilts, 
late 15 hnss. : Army and Navy and 
Boodle's clubs. 

Bill, Robt. Wm., s. of Charles Horsfall 
Bill, of Storthes Hall, Yorks. and Priory, 
Tetbury, Glo'stershire, J.P. ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1884, Annie Cecilia, dau. of rev. R. W. 
Bulmer, rect. of Belleau, co. Lincoln, j.p. 
paits of Lindsey, Lines, capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Lincolnshire regt. 1883-92 : Jun. 
Carlton club. 
Billingr, bp., vide Bedford. 
Billingrton, capt. John Wyndham, 
s. of late rev, J. Billington, of Kenning- 
ton and vicar of Boughton Alup, Kent ; 
b. 1830 : J.p. Kent, capt. late R.H.G. : 
Kennington. Ashford, Kent. 



Billiter, John, s. of fm. Billiter, of 
Dulwich. S.E. ; b. 1810 : m. 1834. dau. of 
Philip Wm. Urlwin. of Walworth : Dur- 
fold, Dunsfold, nr. Godalming. 

Billson. Alfred, s. of Wm. Billson, of 
Leicester ; b. 1839 ; m. 1862, Lilla, dau. 
of late John Baines, of Leicester, j.p. ; 
almitted a solicitor 1860, partner in firm 
of Oliver Jones and Co. solicitors, Liver- 
pool, J.p. Liverpool, m.p. (L.) N. W. 
Devon 1892-5 : Reform and National 
Liberal clubs ; Ulverscroft, Oxton, 
Bilsborough, bp., vide Salford. 
Bingrham. lord. Geo. Chas. Bingham, 
eld. s. of enrl of Lucan ; b. 1860 ; m. 1896, 
Violet, only dau.of late J.Spender Clay, of 
Ford Manor, Surrey ; served in Rif . brig. 
1881-96. Bechuanaland expdn.1884-5. and 
adjt. 1889-93, a.d.C. to Duke of Con- 
n-Might (commdg. Aldershotdist.) 1893-6 : 
Turf and Naval and Military clubs. 

Bingham, hon. Albert Edward, 5 s. of 
4 e irl of Lucan ; b. 1866 ; 3 Mansfield 
st. W. 

Bingham, hon. Albert Yelverton. 5 s. 
of 3 baron Clanmorris ; 6. 1840 ; in. l,dau. 
of late James Begbie, m.d. ; 2, 1883. Jean 
CraforH,o- ly child of late T. Service, of 
S'onebyres House. Lanarkshire : Carlton 

Bingham, hon. Alexander Frederic, 
4 s. of 4 e irl of Lucan ; b. 1864. 

Bingham, hon. Arthur Maurice Robt. 
eld. s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1879. 

Bingham, hon. Burton Percy, 2 s. of 
4 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1853 : Averard, 
Gal vay. 

Bingham, capt. hon. Cecil Edward, 2 
8. cf 4 pari of Lucan ; b. 1861 ; to. 1884, 
Rose Ellinor, dau. of late Jas. Guthrie, 
of Craigie, Forfarshire ; It. 3huss. 1882-6, 
aljt. 1883-6, It. 2 life gds. 1886-92 and 
adjt. 1888-92, capt. Vlife gds. from 1892 : 
25 Charles st. Berkeley sq. W. 

Bingham, Denis, eld. s. of late Robt. 
Aug. Bingham, of Bingham Castle, co. 
Mayo ; b. 1818 ; m. 1846, Elizabeth E., 
dau. of late Arthur Nash, of Cam House, 
co. Mayo ; J.P. co. Mayo : Bingham 
Castle, Belmullet, co. Mayo. 

Bingham, hon. Denis Arthur, 2 s. of 3 
baron Clanmorris ; b. 1829 ; m. 1864, 
Eugenie Gabrielle de Lacretelle, of Bur- 
gundy : 16 Rue de Tilsitt, Paris. 

Bingham, hon. Edward Barry Ste- 
wart, 3 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1881. 
Bingham, capt. hon. Francis Richard, 
3 s. of 4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1863 ; m. 1896, 
Kathleen, younger dau. of It. -gen. sir C. 
Mansfield Clarke, K.C.B. ; capt. r.a. from 
1892, a.d.c. to lt.-gen. sir C. M. Clarke, 

k.c.b. fcommdr.-in-chief of Madras army) 
from 1893. 

Bingham, hon. Geo. Roderick Ben- 
tinck, 6 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; 6.1894. 
Bingham, gen. Geo. Wm. Powlett, 
C.B. ; s. of capt. A. Batt Bingham. R.x. ; m. 
1. cousin, dau. {d. 1881) of col. Chas. Cox 
Bingham, r.a. ; 2, 1887, Ada E., widow 
of lt.-col. Stevens, B.S.C.: inPersia 1856-7, 
and Indian mutiny, hon. col. E. Kent 
mil. 1873, ret. list 1881 ; col. Liverpool 
regt. from 1891 ; D.L., J.P. Kent : United 
Service and Wellington clubs : The 
Vines, Rochester. 

Bingham, hon. Henry Derrick Thos., 
5 s. of 5 baron Clanmonis ; b. 1887. 

Bingham, hon. Hugh Terence De 
Burgh, 4 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; i.1885. 

Bingham, John, j.p. Lancashire : 
Elmhurst, Wavertree, nr. Liverpool. 

Bingham, hon. JohnDenis Yelverton, 
2 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris : b. 1880. 

Bingham, hon. Lionel Ernest, 6 s. of 
4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1876. 

Bingham, capt. hon. Richard, RJI., 
s. of 3 earl of Lucan ; b. 1847 ; to. 1877, 
Mary E. dau. of late Edwd. Cole, of 
Stoke Lyne, Oxon, and lady Henry 
Moore, widow of 2 8 of 1 marqu. of 
Drogheda ; capt. R.x. from 1891 : 8 
Denmark terr. Brighton. 

Bingham. Richd. Chas. Wm., eld. s. 
of col. Chas. Bingham, r.a. (d. 1864), and 
cousin of col. R. H. Bingham, of Bing- 
ham's Melcombe, Dor-et, D.L., J.p. (d. 
1891) ; b. 1845; m.l888.Georgina.younger 
dau. of late Wm. S. Wood. 7 drag. gds.. of 
Charlton Musgrove,Somerset ; maj. fhon. 
lt.-col.) 3 battn. (mil.) Dorset regt. from 
1881, j.p. Dorset. 

Bingham, hon. Richd. Gerald Ava, 
7 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b 1896. 

Bingham. Wm.. j.p.. Cheshire : Ling- 
dale House, Tollemache rd. Birkenhead. 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Barry John 
Pauline, dau. of rev. B. C. Yelverton ; to. 
1, R. A. G. Davies, of Trednick, Corn- 
wall ; 2, 1866, hon. B. J. Bingham (d. 
1868), s. of 3 baron Clanmorris. 

Bingham, hon.Harriette Ierne Maude, 
b. 1882 ; hon. Emily Ina Florence, b. 
1884 ; hon. Eleanor Clare Alice, b. 1892 ; 
dans, of 5 baron Clanmorris. 

Bingham, hon. Isabella, dau. of 3 
baron Clanmorris ; b. 1843 : 2 Maze Hill 
terr. St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Bingley, rev. Robt. Mildred, m.a. 
Cantab, eld. s. of Henry Bingley of 
Woodford, Essex, j.p. ; b. 1829 ; m. 1861, 
Alice Glanville, dau. of rev. J. W. Camp- 
bell, vicar of Eye, Suffolk ; rect. of 
Brayesworth from 1853, j.p. Suffolk; 


author of " Border Lands : " Brayes- 
worth Rectory, Eye, Suffolk. 

Binloss. Jas. Backhouse, J. p. Lanca- 
shire : Elm Bank, Eccles, Manchester. 

Binney, Chas. Hibbert, s. of col. C. R. 
Binney, r.e., of E. Finchlev, Middlx. ; 
6.1846 ; m. 1881, E. A. dau. of T. Green, 
of Spring Grove, Middlx. ; j.p. Essex. 

Binney, Jas., s. of late E. W. Binney, 
F.R.S., of Ravenscliffe. Isle of Man, and 
Worksop, Notts; 6 1868: m. 1894, 
Cecilia de Anyers, dau. of H. R. d'Anyers 
Willis, of Halsnead, Lanes, D.L., J.P. ; 
is j.p. (1896) Cambridgeshire, capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) Liverpool regt. from 1892: 
Isthmian club ; Pampisford Hall, nr. 

Binningr, lt.-col. lord. Geo. Baillie- 
Hamilton, eld. s. of earl of Haddington ; 
b. 1856 ; m. 1892, Katharine, only child 
of W. Severin Salting, of Heath End, 
Ascot ; D.L., J.P. Haddingtonshire and 
Berwickshire, a.d.c. to viceroy of India 
(marq. of Dufferin) in 1888, to gov. of 
Madras (lord Connemara) in 1889, maj. 
and brevet lt.-col. R.H.G. from 1895 : 
Carlton club ; Exton Park, nr. Oakham, 
Rutland ; Mellerstein, Kelso, N.B. 

Binny, maj .-gen. Wm. Hy., eld. s. of 
late Wm. Scot Binny ; b. 1825 ; m. 1857, 
Catherine S. dau. of late capt. Jas. Mur- 
ray, Bengal army ; served against hill 
tribes in Peshawur district 1 855 ; against 
rebels inBanda and adjoing.districtsl858; 
ret. f. p. as col. B.S.C. : Crespigny, 
Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

Birch, vide Wyrley-Birch. 

Birch, sir Arthur Konus, K.C.M.G., 
f.r.g.s., youngest s. of rev. W. H. R. 
Birch, of Southwold, Suffolk (d. 1854) ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1873, Josephine, eld. dau. 
frf. 1893) of late J. D. Watts- 
Russell, of Biggin Hall, Northants, 
m.p. ; col. sec. of B. Columbia, 1864-6, 
actg. lt.-gov. Penang 1871-2, col. sec. 
Ceylon 1873-6, lt.-gov. 1876-8; J.P. 
Northants, agent to Bank of England, 
western branch, Burlington gdns. W. : 
1 Old Burlington st. W. ; St. James' club. 

Birch, Charles, b.a. Cantab., only s. of 
late Chas. Birch, j.p., of Litherland, Lan- 
cashire ; b. 1838 ; m. 1864, Emma Edith 
Malet, dau. of late Jas. Grant Lumsden, 
Bo. C.S. by lady Mary, sis. of 8 earl of 
Stamford : j.p. Devon,barr. Inner Temple 
1864 ; late lt.-col. (hon. col. 1892) 4 batcn. 
(mil.) L. N. Lancashire regt. 1892-5 : 
Oxford and Cambridge, Constitutional 
and R. Y. S. (Cowes) clubs ; Lympstone 
Grange, S. Devon. 

Birch, Edward Robt., eld. s. of J. S. 
Birch, b.a. Dublin, of Birch Grove, co. 

Tipperary, j.p. (d. 1881) ; b. 1858 ; m. 
1887, Mary C. R. only child of Robt. 
Thompson, M.D., of Melross, Johnstown, 
co. Kilkenny ; j.p. co. Tipperary : Birch 
Grove, Corbally, nr. Roscrea, co. Tip- 

Birch, Ernest Geo. s. of rev. W. H. R. 
Birch, of Southwold, Suffolk (d. 1854) ; 
b. 1829 ; m. 1869, Emily H., eld. dau. of 
late John T. D'Arcy Hutton, of Marske 
Hall, Yorks : judge of high court of Cal- 
cutta 1873-79: E. I. United Service 
club ; Villa Negri, Florence, Italy. 

Birch, maj .-gen. Fredk. Macdonald, 
s. of It.-gen. sir R. J. H. Birch, K.C.B., 
Indian army ; b. 1836 ; m. 1858, Emily, 
dau. of J. T. Mellis, I.C.S. ; served in 
Indian Mutiny 1857, N.W. Frontier of 
India 1863-4, maj.-gen. 1894, I.S.C., on 
U.S. list 1894, j.p. London : 28 Connaught 
sq. W. 

Birch, lt.-col. Geo. Fras. only s. of maj. 
G. Birch, of Clare Park, Hants (d. 1855 ); 
b. 1834 : m. 1861, Katherine G., dau. (d. 
1886) of H. Montgomery Campbell, of 
The Hollies, Staffs ; D.L., j.p. Hants, j.p. 
Surrey,maj.( late 3battn.(mil.) 
Hampshire regt. 1875-82: Clare Park, 
Crondall, Hants. 

Birch, Henry Wm., 2 s. of J.W. Birch, 
J. P., by eld. dau. of late J. Arden, of 
Rickmanswonh Park, Herts ; b. 1854 : 
Garrick club ; The Grove, Old Windsor ; 
Loudwater, Rickmansworth. 

Birch, John William, f.r.g.s., 2 s. of 
rev. Hy. W. R. Birch, of Southwold, 
Suffolk (d. 1854) ; b. 1825 ; m. 1852, 
Julia, eld. dau. of late J. Arden, of Rick- 
mansworth Park, Herts ; one of H.M.'s 
Lieutenants for the City of London, dir. 
of Bank of England (gov. 1879-80), J.P. 
Herts : Rickmansworth Park, Rickmans- 
worth R.S.O. Herts. 

Birch, Lightwood Thos., only s. of 
Thos. J. Birch, of Armitage Lodge, Staffs, 
j.p. {d. 1895) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1877, Mary 
Cox, dau. of late Thos. Berry Horsfall, of 
Bellamour Hall, Staffs, m.p. ; is j.p. 
(1895) Staffs : Quarry Lodge, Lichfield. 

Birch, Richard Frederick,B.A. Cantab., 
3 s. of John Birch, of Lees Hall, Werneth, 
Lanes. ; maj. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Welsh 
Fus., 1876-80 ; J.P. (1864) Denbighshire 
and (1872) Flintshire : Jun. Carlton 
club; Maes Elwy, St. Asaph R.S.O. 

Birch, lady. Mary, dau. of capt. Geo. 
Burden ; m. 1868, as his 2 wife, lt.-gen. 
sir James Holwell Birch, K.C.B. (d. 1875). 

Birch-Reynardson, col. Chas. only 
s. of C. T. S. Birch-Reynardson, D.L., of 
Holywell Hall, Lines, {d. 1889) ; b. 1845 ; 


to. 1875, Emma M.. eld. dau. of rev. W. 
Btracey, of Buxton, Norfolk : J.p. Lin- 
colnshire, sheriff of Rutland 1805. lt.- 
col. (col. 1886) gren. gds. in 1889 : Holy- 
well Hall, Stamford. 

Birch - Reynardson, Vere Henry, 
s. of col. Edwd. Birch-Reynardson, C.B., 
of Rushington Manor, Hants, late gren. 
gds., J.P. (d. 1896); b. 1864; m. 1892, 
Eva A. J., 2 dau. of late H. M. E. 
Crofton, of Inchinappa, co. Wicklow; 
late capt. 3 hattn. (mil.) Hants regt. : 
Rushington Manor, Totton, South- 

Birch-Reynardson, Wm. John, b.a. 
Oxon, eld. s. of Hy. Birch-Reynardson, 
of Adwell House, Oxon. J.P. (d. 1881) ; 
b. 1849 ; m. 1889, Violet, 2 dau. of Thos. 
Maxwell, of West Hill House, Guild- 
ford ; barr. Inner Temple, 1875, J.P. Ox- 
fordshire : United Universities club ; 
Prebendal House, Aylesbury. 

Birch-Reynardson, mrs. Henry 
Eleanor D., youngest dau. of Henry 8. 
Partridge,of Hock ham Hall, Norfolk ; m. 
1*47. Henry Birch-Reynardson of Adwell 
House, Oxon, J.P. (J. 1884) : Adwell 
House. Tetsworth. 

Birch-Wolfe, mrs.Marianne,youngest 
dau. of Robt. Hewetson Richards, county 
court judge of Wexford : w. 1862, as his 
2 wife, rev. W. Birch-Wolfe, M.A., of 
Wool Hall, Essex {d. 1864) ; lady of the 
manors of Menduis,Rockells, Wiggpitts, 
Coggeshall, Arkesden (and patron of the 
living), and Wood Hall: Wood Hall, 
Arkesden. Newport S.O. Essex. 

BLrchall. John, 2s. of John Birchall, 
of Sutton, Lanes, {d. 1861) ; to. 1868, 
Julia S. youngest dau. of rev. Thos. 
Hosking, b.d. rect. of Rempstone, Notts. 
J.P. ; U j.p. Lancashire : Oaklands, Rain- 
hill. Prescot, Lanes. 

Birchall. John Dearman, 2 s. of late 
R.J. Birchall, of SpringfieldHouse.Leeds; 
b. 1828 ; to. 1, 1861, dau. {d. 1863) of W. 
Leigh Brook, of Meltham Hall, Yorks : 
2. 1873, dau. (d. 1884) of John Juwitt, 
of Harehi'ls, Leeds : is j.p. Glo'stershire 
(sheriff 1894) : Bowden Hall,nr. Glo'ster ; 
Jun. Carlton club. 

Birchall, mrs., dau. of Ralph Both- 
well, of Ribbleton House ; to. 1833, Thos. 
Birchall, of Ribbleton Hall, Lanes, (d. 
1878) : Ribbletou Hall, Preston, Lanes. 

Bircham, Samuel, s. of F. T. Bircham, 
of Burhill. Walton - on - Thames ; b 
1888j m. 1863, Caroline E., dau. of H 
R. W. Halsey, of Henley Park, Surrev ; 
is j.p. Norfolk : 46 Parliament st. 8.W.: 
Moor House, Reepham, Norfolk ; Beech 
Hill, Woking. 

Birchenough, Harrv. j.p. (189o) 
Cheshire : Elms. Macclesfield. 

Birchenough, Henry. M.A.. 2 s. of late 
John Birchenough, of Macclesfield ; b. 
1853 : m. 1886, Mabel, 3 dau. of very rev. 
G. G .Bradley, D.D.,dean of Westminster ; 
is J.P. Cheshire : Reform and City of 
London clubs : Elm*, Manclesfield. 

Birchenough. Wm. Taylor, eld. s. of 
late John Birchenough, of The Elms, 
Macclesfield, Cheshire ; b. 1850 ; m. 1881, 
Jane, dau. of late R. Peacock, of Gorton 
Hall, Lanes., m.p. : J.P. Cheshire and 
Macclesfield. It. Cheshire yeom. from 
1890 : Gawsworth Hall, near Maccles- 

Bird, Chas. Hy. m.a. Oxon. s. of late 
W. S. Bird, of Aigburth, Liverpool ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1887, Isobel, 5 dau. of late John 
Eveleigh Wyndham, of Clearwell Court, 
Coleford, Glo'ster; d.l., j.p. Lancashire 
(sheriff 1890), maj. and hon. lt.-col. 3 
and 4 battns. (mil.) L. N. Lancashire 
regt. 1892-4 : Crookhey Hall, Cocker- 
ham, Garstang, Lanes. 

Bird, maj.-gen. Geo. Corrie,C.B.,served 
in N. Canara campaign 1858, Afghan war 
1878-80, a.a.h. Madras e>t. 1892-4, com- 
mdg. "2 class di<t. in India 1894-5, maj.- 
gen. 1895. I.S.C. 

Bird, John, C.M.G., formerly treas. of 

Bird. Wm. s. of late Wm. Bird, of 
Bute House, Hammersmith, j.p., d.l. 
Miidlx. ; b. 1832 ; to. 1857, eld. dau. {d. 
1887) of late Orlando Stone, of Rich- 
mond, Surrey : J.p., D.L. Middlesex, j.p. 
London and Westminster, d.l. Tower 
Hamlets : Bute House, Brook Green, 
Hammersmith, W. ; Conservative club. 

Birdwood, sir George C. M., m.d. 
Edinburgh; K.c.i.e. (1887), C.S.I., hon. 
LL.D. Cantab. ; Officer leg. hon. ; Officer 
of Instruction. French Academy, eld. s. 
of late gen. Christ. Birdwood ; b. 1832 ; 
to. Frances Anne, eld. dau. of late E. 
Tolcher, B.N., of Harewood House, 
Plympton St. Mary's, Devon ; late Bom- 
bay med. staff, sheriff of Bombay 1864, 
commiss. govt. Bombay, Paris Exhib. 
1868 ; special assist, in the revenue, stat- 
istics, and commerce dept., India Office ; 
Royal commr. and memb. of Finance 
committee, Colonial and Indian Exhib. 
1886, chm. of committee of Indian sec- 
tion, Paris exhibn. of 1889, and of the 
organizing committee of the 9th*inter- 
natl. congress of Orientalists, London, 
1892, memb. of Royal commn. for 
Chicago Exhib. of 1893; of Mansion 
House com. Antwerp Exhib. 1894 ; chm. 
committee H.E.I.C.'s Relics and Remains 



Exhib. London 1895; knt. of grace of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem ; 
knighted 1881. 

Bird. wood, hon. Herbert Mills, C.8.I., 
M.A., ll.d. Cantab, s. of late gen. Chris- 
topher Birdwood, Bombay army ; 6.1837 ; 
m. 1861, Edith M. S. dnu. of late surg.- 

pore, merchants, M.P. (L.) Ayr Burghs 
1892-5 : Keform club ; Victoria Lodge, 
Innellan, N.B. 

Birley, Charles Addison, s. of Charles 
Birley, of Bartle Hall, Lanes (d. 1891); 
b. 1844 : m. 1886 Gertrude Emily, eld. 
dau. of Thomas Fair, of Lytbam, Lanes.; 

maj. Elijah Impey, postmaster-gen. Bom- J J. P. Lancashire, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 189- j 

bay ; Bo. C.S. 1858 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 

1889 ; judicial commr. of Sind 1881-5 ; 

P'li.sne judge of high court at Bombay 

1885-92, vice-chanc. Bombay univ. 1890, 

meoib. of council of gov. of Bombay from 

1892 : Malabar Hill, Bombay. 

Birkbeck, sir Edward, 1 bart. (1886) 

4 s. of Hy. Birkbeck, Keswick Hall, Nor- 
folk {d. 1848) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1865, hon. 

Mary A., dau. of 1 baron Hylton ; b. 

1838 ; D.L., J. P. Norfolk ; a public works 

loan commr., chm. R. National Lifeboat 

Inst., originator of International Fisheries 

Exhib. 1883 ; knt. of grace of order of 

St. John of Jerusalem ; M.P. (c.) N. 

Norfolk 1879-85, Eastern dim. 1885-92 : 

10 Charles Ft. Berkeley sq, W. : Carlton, 

Marlborough, and R.Y.S. clubs ; Hor- 

stead Hall, Norwich. 
Birkbeck, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. 

Birkbeck, of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk. 
J.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1853 ; m. 1881, Ysabel 

C, 4 dau. of late R. Ehves, of Congham, 
Norfolk : Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich. 

Birkbeck, John, eld. s. of J. Birkbeck 
of Anley, Yorks, J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1867, Rachel W., d:iu. of late G. 
Stansfeld ; j.p. W. R. Yorks : Anley. 

Birkbeck, Wm., 3 s. of Hy. Birkbeck, 
of Keswick, Norfolk {d. 1848) ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 1, 1858, dau. of Albemarle Cator, of 
Woodbastwick Hall, Norfolk; 2, 1862, 
Susan M., dau. of Anthony Hamond, of 
Westacie, Norfolk ; j.p. Norfolk : Thorpe 
High House.Xorwich ; Jun. Carlton club. 
Birkin, Tko->. Isaac, s. of late Richard 
Birkin, of Aspley Hall, Notts., j.p. ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1856, Harriet, dau. of M. 
Tebbutt. of Bluntisham ; is D.L., J.p. 
Notts, (sheriff 1892) : Reform club; The 
Granue. Ruldington, Notts. 

Birkin, Thos. Stanley, eld. s. of Thos. 
Isaac Birkin, of Rudding'on Grange, 
Notts, D.L., J.P.; b. 1857; m. 1894, 
Margaret D. H., youngest dau. of capt. 
hon. Henry W. Chetwynd, U.K.; is j.p. 
(189G) Notts : Marchington House, 
Magdala rd. Nottiugham. 

Birkmyrs, Wm., s. of Wm. Birkmyre, 
of Port Glasgow ; b. 1838 ; m. 1862, 
Fanny, 2 dau. of late Wm. Marshall, of 
Ladyburn, Greenock ; partner in firm of 
Birkmyre Bros, of Calcutta and Seram- 

5 Lancashire vol. artill. 1891-5 : Bartle 
Hall, Preston, Lanes. 

Birley, Edmund Wm., s. of Edmund 
Birley, of Clifton Hall, Lanes., j.p. (d. 
1895); b. 1854: Clifton Hall, Preston, 

Birley, Fras. Hornby, eld. survg. s. of 
Thos. Hornby Birley, of Hart Hill, 
Lanes. ; b. 1850 ; m. 1676, Margaret, dau. 
of Rev. J. Kenrick, of Reigate, Surrey ; 
J.P. Surrey : Claridges, Lingtield, Surrey. 
Birley, Fredk. Hornby, s. of Hugh 
Hornby Birley, of Broom House, Eccles ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1865, Josephine, dau. of 
Richd. Birley, of Pendleton; is J.P. 
Lanes. : 20 St. Michael's rd. Bedford. 

Birley, Hy. Langton, eld. s. of T. L. 
Birley, of Carr Hill, Lanes. J.P. id. 1874) ; 
b. 1837 : Carr Hill, nr. Kirkham, Preston, 

Birley, Hugh Arthur, eld. s. of Hugh 
Birley, of Moorland,Lancs., M.P., J. p., d.l. 
(d. 1883) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1874, Amy, eld. 
dau. of W. H. Chichester, of Grenofen, 
Devon; j.p. Cheshire, capt. and hon. 
maj. Cheshire yeom. from 1888 : Wood- 
side, Knutsford. 

Birley, Hugh Fras., eld. s. of Joseph 
Hornby Birley, of Newton-le-Willows, 
Lanes., j.p. ; b. 1855 ; m. 1879, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of G. McCorquodale. of Glad- 
lys, Anglesey; is J.P. (1892) Flintshire : 
Sports club ; The Mount, St. Asaph, 

Birley, Hutton, 2 s. of T. L. Birley, of 
Carr Hill, Lines. J.P. (d. 1874) ; b. 1843 ; 
m. 1865, Alice M. dau. (d. 1875) of J. Hy. 
Howard; j.p. Lancashire: Hill Side, 
Kirkham, near Preston, Lanes. 

Birley, John Ley land, s. of Arthur 
Leyland Birley, of Milbanke, Lanes, (d. 
1884) ; b. 1857 : Milbanke, Ki-kliam, nr. 
Preton, Lanes. ; 5 Hastings pi. Lytham. 
Birley, mrs. Eliza, dau. of late John 
Hastings, of Downpatrick, co. Down, 
J.P. ; m. 1854, Wm. Birley, of The 
Larches, Lanes, D.L., J.P. (d. 1894) : The 
Larches, Ashton-upon-Ribble, Preston, 

Birmingham, archdn. of (Wore), 
vide bp. suffragan of Coventry. 

Birmingham, 2 bp. (cath.) of (1850), 
rt. rev. Edwd. Ilsley, s. of Chas. Ilsley ; 
b. 1838 ; titular bp. of Fesse and auxiliary 



for Birmingham 1879-88, bp. of Birming- 
ham from 1888 : Bishop's House, Bir- 

Birrell, Augustine, q.c, ll.d., b.a. 
Cantab, youngest s. of rev. Chas. M. 
Birrell, of Liverpool ; b. 1850 ; m. 1, 1878, 
Margaret, dau. of late A. Mirrielees, of 
St. Petersburg {d. 1879); 2. J888, 
Eleanor, dau. of Fredk. Locker, by dau. 
of 7 earl of Elgin, and widow of hon. 
Lionel Tennyson (d. 1886) ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1875, J.P. (1895) Norfolk, m.p. 
(l.) W. Fifeshire from 1889: 30 Lower 
Sloane st. S.W. ; 3 New sq. "W.C. ; The 
Pightle, Sheringham, Norfolk. 

Birrell, Hy. Anthony, j. p. Monmouth- 
shire : Brooklanda House, Maes-y. 
cwmmer, Cardiff. 

Birt, col. Geo. Raymond, v.D., a. of 
John Birt. London; b. 1829; m. 1859, 
dau. of J. R. Hogarth, of Heston Hall, 
Honnslow ; j.p. Essex. It. -col. (hon. col. 
1885) 3 Essex R.V. 1872-92 : 20 Belsize 
grove, Hampstead, N.W. ; Clacton. 

Birt, sir Wm., gen. man. of G.E.R., 
knighted 1897: Liverpool st. E.C. 

Birtwistle. Albert, j.p. Lancashire : 
Springfield House, Preston New rd. 
Blackburn. Lanes. 

Bischoffsheim, Henry Louis, f.r.g.s., 
s. of L. R. Bischoffsheim, of Paris ; 6. 
1829 ; m. 1856, Clarisse E., dau. of J. 
Biedermann, of Vienna ; d.l. Tower 
Hamlets : 75 South Audley st. W. ; Carl- 
ton and Garrick clubs ; The Severals, 
Newmarket: Yilla Henrietta, Mon^e 

Biscoe, Henry Stafford Tvndale, eld. 
b. of W. E. Biscoe.of Holton Park. Oxon. 
D.L., J.p. (d. 1895) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884. 
Frances E., only child of late F. N. 
Primrose, of Bixley Hall, Norfolk ; is 
J.P. Oxon : Holton Park. Oxford. 

Biscoe, maj. Robt., s. of rev. Robt. 
Biscoe, late of Whitbourne, co. Here- 
ford ; b. 1838 ; m. 1872, Alice, dau. of 
late Alex. Cotton, of Land wade. co. 
Cambridge, and w idow of rev. C. Har- 
ington ; j.p. Essex, ret. maj. late 19 
P.W.O. regt. : Army and Navy club ; 
Quendon Court, Newport S.O. Essex. 

Biscoe, Thos. Ramsay, eld. s. of T. 
P. B. Biscoe, of Newton, co. Inverness, 
J. p.. d.l. (d. 1881) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1879, 
Cecilia L., youngest dau. (d. 1892) of late 
A.Meetkerke of Julians,Herts,and widow 
of rev. A. Ewing, j.p., d.l. Inverness- 
shire : Kingillie, Inverness, N.B. 

Biscoe, maj.-gen. Wm. Walters, C.B., 
served in Afghan war 1879-80 ; with 

Mirahzai expdn. 1891, Bengal cav. maj.- 
gen. 1895. 

Bisdee. Alfred H., s. of Thos. Bisdee, 
of Manor House, Oldmixon : b. 1819 ; m. 
Sarah, eld. dau. (</. 1888) of G. Butler, of 
Stowell, Hobart, Tasmania : The Court, 
Hutton, Weston-super-Mare. 

Bishop. Chas. Thos. J.P. (1896) 
Warwickshire : 8 Carpenter rd. Edg- 
baston. Birmingham. 

Bishop, Fredc. Sillery, 3 s. of Fredc. 
Bishop, of Cannes,andlateof The Mount, 
Penkhull,Stoke-on-Trent J.P.(d. 1891) ; *. 
1848 ; m. 1876, Amy, 6 dau. of late capt. 
John Trotter, of Dyrham Park, Herts ; 
J.P. Glamorganshire : National club ; 
Glanrafon, Sketty, Swansea. 

Bishop, gen. Geo. Wm.. s. of col. S. P. 
Bishop, Indi:in army; 6. 1810; m. 1838, 
dau. of col. J. Meadows, 15 foot; gen. 
Bengal N.I. 1877, on U.S. list 1881 : 
Esthonia House, 9 TJxbridge rd. Ealing, 

Bishop, maj.-gen. Hy. Parlett, R.A. 
(Bengal), s. of W. Bishop, of Greys- 
wood House, Surrey ; b. 1829 ; in Pun- 
jaub campaign 1848-9, at Mooltan and 
Goojerat ; Indian mutiny campaign at 
Delhi, Bareilly and Lucknow : ret. 1879 
f. p. as lt.-col. : 19 Queen's mansions, 
Victoria st. S.W. ; United Service and 
Vaval and Military clubs ; Greys wood 
House, Surrey. 

Bishop, Jas. Watson, 2 s. of Fredc. 
Bishop, of Cannes, and late of The 
Mount. Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent, j.p. 
(d.1891) ; 6.1847 ; m. 1876. Adelaide Mary, 
eld. dau. of Harry Coghill, of Coghurst 
Hall, Hastings, and Brampton Tree 
House, Newcastle - under - Lyme, j.p. ; 
is J.P. (1884) Staffordshire: J:tn. Con- 
stitutional club ; Oulton House, Stone, 

Bishop (his honor, Judge), John, B.A. 
Cantab, eld. s. of Chas. Bishop, of 
Doly-garreg {d. 1886) ; b. 1830 ; m. 
1884, Caroline, dau. of capt. Lloyd, of 
Glansevin, Carmarthenshire ; barr.Inner 
Temple 1853. stipend, magist. at Merthyr 
Tvdfil 1876-86, county court judge (cir- 
cuit No. 28) Mid Wales 1886-91, (circuit 
No. 31) from 1891, J.P.Carmarthenshire, 
Glamorganshire and Brecknockshire : 
Doly-garreg, Llandovery ; United Uni- 
versity club. 

Bishop. Joseph, j.p. (1895) Mon- 
mouthshire : The Knoll, Abergavenny. 

Bisset, ride Femvick-Bisset. 

Bisset. col. Wm. Sinclair Smith, 
CI.E..R.K., s. of late rev. Jas. Bisset, D.D.; 
b. 1843 : m. 1888, Henrietta M.. eld. dau. 
of col. Wm. P. La Touche, Bo.S.C. ; 


served in Afghan war 1878-80, dep. con- 
sulting engr. for railways 1872-5, mana- 
ger of Rajputana Malwa state railways 
1875-84, is agent for Bombay,Baroda and 
Central India railway system, and lt.-col. 
commdt. and hon. col. of its vol. rif. 
corps : Old Couit, Malabar Hill, Bom- 
bay ; Jun. United Service and United 
Service clubs. 

Bisshopp. lady. Mary, only dau. of 
rear-adml. Taylor, Brazilian navy ; to. 
1847, sir Edward Cecil Bisshopp, 1 1 bart. 
(extinct, d. 1870) ; 2, 1880, count Quarto. 

Bittleston. lady. Rebecca A., eld. 
dau. of G. H. Heppel : to. 1844, sir Adam 
Bittleston, judge of supreme court Mad- 
ras 1858-62, of high court 1862-70, J.P, 
\d. 1892) : 18 Hope Park, Bromley, 

Blaauw. Henry Thos. Gillman, eld. 
s. of Thos. St. Leger Blaauw, of Beech- 
land, Sussex, J.P. (d. 1893), and great 
grands, of late sir J. S. Gillman, bart. 
(ext.) ; b. 1874 : Beechland, Newick, 

Blachford, lady. Geoigiana M. sis. 
of late rt. hon. sir James Wm. Colvile, 
knt., P.C. of Craigflower and Ochiltree, 
Fifeshire ; to. 1847, 1 and last baron 
Blachford, p.c, g.O.m.g. (d. 1889) : 
Blachford, Ivybridge, Devon. 

Black, maj.-gen. Jas. ; in S. Mahratta 
campaign 1844-5, pol. agt. Mahee Kaant 
1859-74, ret. f. p. 1874, as col. Bo. S.C.: 
Id Campden Hill rd. Kensington, W. ; 
East India United Service and United 
Service clubs. 

Black, Jas. Richardson, J.P. (1894) 
Northumberland : Cheswick, BealR.S.O. 

Black,Thos.Fraser, J.P.( l894)Middlx. : 
14 Mount View rd. Crouch Hill, N. 

Black, maj.-gen. Wilsone, O.B.; served 
with 42 Highlanders in Crimea at siege 
of Sebastopol 1855, in Zulu war 1879, 
a.a.g. on 8'aff of army 1887-91, commdg. 
troops in Jamaica 1891-3, in Belfast dist. 
1893-4, in China and Hong Kong from 

Blackburn, archd. of (Manchester), 
vide ven. Robt. A. Rawstorne. 

Blackburn, Arthur, s. of Edwd.Black- 
burn, of Stowford, Devon (d. 1887) ; b. 
1 849 ; lord of the manor of Stowford : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Haine, Stowford, 
Lew Down R.S.O. Devon. 

Blackburn, Josh. John Blades, s. of 
Joshua Blackburn, of Brockwell, Surrey, 
J.P. (d. 1889) ; b. 18 ; to. 1889, Ellen L., 
dau. of Wm. Hall, of Hastings ; is J.P. 
Kent : Brockwell House, Brockwell 
Park, S.E. 

Blackburn, R. L., s. of late Robt. 
Blackburn ; b. 18 ; to. 1893, lady Con- 
stance, dan. of 13 earl of Strathmore, b. 

Blackburne, rear-adml. Fras. Richd. 
s. of rev. Thos. Blackburne ; b. 1835 ; 
served in Black sea during Crimean war, 
1855-6, ret. as capt. 1890: United Service 
club ; Weald Manor House, Bampton, 

Blackburne, Henry Clegg, s. of late 
J. G. Blackburne, C.E., of Oldham, Lanes. 
J.P. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1874, Kate, dau. of 
John Riley, of Oldham, J.P. ; J.P. Lan- 

Blackburne,Robert Ireland, only s. of 
col. John Ireland Blackburne, of Hale 
Hall, Lanes, M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1893) ; b. 
1850 ; to. 1885, Georgina V., youngest 
dau. of lt.-col. sir Guatavus Hume ; 
is D.L., J.P. (1893) Lancashire, lt.- 
col. 3 battn. (mil.) S. Lancashire regt. 
from 1896 : Carlton, United Service and 
St. James' clubs ; Hale Hall, nr. Liver- 

Blackburne-Maze, Wm. Peter, only 
8. of Wm. Ireland Blackburue-Maze, of 
Boundes Park, Kent, J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 
1865 ; m. 1888, Evelyn A. M., only dau. 
of late Wm. R. Duncan, of Liverpool : 
Shaw House, Newbury. 

Blacker, commiss.-gen. Latham Wm.; 
served in Kaffir war 1850-2, ret. p. 1886 : 
144 Holland rd. W. 

Blacker, Wm. eld. s. of late Thos. S. 
Blacker, Castle Martin ; b. 1853 ; to. 1, 
Mary, 4 dau. (d. 1885) of 3 baron Clon- 
curry ; 2, 1892, Eva Harriet Cator, 
youngest dau. of late El. Beauman, of 
Furness, co. Kildare ; J.P. co. Kildare 
(sheriff 1878), late maj. Kildare mil. : 
Castle Martin, Newbridge, co. Kildare. 

Blackett, col. Christopher Edward, 
eld. s. of W. F. Blackett {d. 1868) ; b. 
1826 ; to. 1861, Georgian-! F., dau. of sir 
Andrew Corbet, 2 bart. ; late coldst. 
gds., col. in the army, unattached ; J.P. 
Kirkcudbrightshire : Carlton, United 
Service, Travellers' and Guards' clubs ; 
Arbigla-id, Kirkbean, Dumfries, N.B. 

Blackett maj.-gen. sir Edward Wm., 7 
bart. (1673), eld. s. of sir E. Blackett, 6 
bart. (d. 1885) ; b. 1831 ; to. 1871, hon. 
Julia, dau. of 17 baron Somerville ; b. 
1844 ; in Crimea with rifle brigade 1854 ; 
knt. leg. hon., J.P. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1889) : Matfen Hall, Newcastle- 

Blackett, lady. Alethea R. A., vide 
H. F. G. Holt. 

Blackett-Ord, Andrew John, 2 s. of 
late rev. J. A. Blackett-Ord ; b. 1848 ; 


m. 1879, Amy Louisa, youngest dau. of 
C. W. Jebb, late GO foot, of Rodney pi. 
Clifton,Bristol : maj. 1 vol. battn. North- 
nniberland fus. 18S0-7 ; capt. (bon. tnaj. 
1890) 4 battn. Argyll and Sutherland 
Highlanders 1883-93 ; J.P. Northumber- 
land and Cumberland: Carlton, and 
Northumberland and Northern Counties 
clubs ; Whitfield Hall, Langley-on-Tyne 
R.S.O. Northurab. 

Blaoklock Joseph Herbert, eld. s. of 
Win. Tnos. Blackkck, of Hopetield, 
Pendleton. Lancashire, J. P. ; b. 1855 ; m. 
1876, Julia, dau. of Chas. Corser, of 
Wolverhampton, Stafford shire ; is J. p. 
Northants : New University club ; Over- 
thorpe House, Banbury. 

Blackwall.John,eld. s. of J. Blackwall, 
of Hendre House, Denbigh, j.p. (d. 1881); 
b. 1837 ; m. 18(50, Margaret S., dau. of R. 
0. Moulsdale, of Bryndyffryn, co. Den- 
bigh. J.P. cos. Denbigh and Carnarvon : 
Hendre Hou-e, Llanrwst. 

Blackwall. John Blackwall Evans-, 
b. 1837 ; m. 1871, Lucy, dau. of R. Eaton ; 
J.P. Derbyshire : Blackwall, nr. Wirks- 

Blackwell. maj.-gen. Jas. Edwd., R.A.. 
lt.-col. (col. 1885) r.a. 1881-6, ret. p. 1886. 

Blackwell. Thos. Fras., 8. of Thos. 
Blackwell, of Harrow Weald, Middlx. ; 
b 1838 ; in. 1883, Annie, dau. of W. 
Footman, of Lutterworth ; J.P. Middlx. 
(sheriff 1*94) and London : The Cedars, 
Harrow Weald, Middlx. 

Blackwood, capt. sir Francis. 4 bart. 
(1814), R.N., bro. of 3 bart, {d. 1854) ; b. 
1838; m. l.dau. of R. S. Palmer ; 2, 1871, 
Dorothy F., dau. of late rev. E. H. Quicke, 
Newton St. Cyres, Devon ; capt. R.N. . ret. 
1886 :9 BoydYorkcres. Clifton, Bris- j 
tol ; United Service club. 

Blackwood, lord Fclk. Temple Ham- 
ilton-Temple-, s. of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; 
b. 1875; It. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish 
Rif. from 1895. 

Blackwood, lord Ian Basil Hamilton- 
Temple-, s.of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; 6.1870. 

Blackwood,maj.t J riceFredk.,late r.a., 
3 s. of re*, the lion. Win. Stear Black- 
wood, vicar of Ballinderry, co. Antrim 
(<i. 1874) ; b. 1841; in. 1880, Henrietta, 
only child of late Albemarle Bertie Cator ; 
ret. capt. and boa. maj. k.a. 1880. j.p. 
Berks and Noithants: Naval and Military 
club ; Tun Lodg'-, Tovvcester, Northants. 

Blackwood, lord Terence John Ham- 
ilton-Temple-, s. of 1 marq. of j 
b. 1866 ; in. 1893, Flora C, only dau. of 
senator John H. Davis, of 21 Wa-hing- 
ton sq. north, New York ; 2 sec. in 
H.M.'s diplomatic service from 1896. 

Blackwood, lady Alicia, sis. of 8 earl 
of Cavan : b. 1818 ; ??;. 1849, rev. James 
Stevenson Blackwood, D.D., l.,r,.D. (d. 
1882} : Boxmoor House, Boxmoor, Herts. 

Blackwood, lady Hermione, b. 1869, 
dau. of 1 marq. of Dufferin. 

Blades, John Hon on, s. of late 
Brownlow W. Blades, West Bromwich ; 
b. 1841 ; in. 1865, Sarah, ell. dau. of 
Edmund Collumbell, Derby ; J.P. and 
aldm. of W. Bromwich, pre*, of several 
temperance soc.M. P. (L.) W. Bromwich 
1885-6 : Oak hurst, West Bromwich. 

Bladworth, John, s. of John Blad- 
worth. of Westhall, Stainforth ; b. 1817 ; 
in. 1855, Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. Brown, 
of Thorne ; is j.p. W. R. Yorks : Percy 
Lodge, Goole. 

Blagrave, Hy. Barry, eld. s. of 
John Hy. Blagrave, of Calcot Park, 
Berks., D.L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1848: 
Calcot Park, Tilehurst, Reading. 

Blain.sirWilliam Arbuthnot. knighted 
1897: 17 Cavendish cres. soutb,The Park, 

Blaine, sir Chas. Fredk., eld. s. of 
Benj. Blaine. M.D., of Natal; b. 18 ; 
knighted 1889 : Jetty st. Port Elizabeth, 
Cape of Good Hope. 

Blaine, sir Robt. Stickney, s. of late 
Benjn. Blaine of Hull ; m. 1, dau. of Geo. 
Moger. B.itta ; 2, 1881, Letitia P. 5 dau. 
of sir Timothy Vansittart Stonhouse, 14 
bart. : mayor of Bath 1872-3, M.P. (c.) 
Bath 1885-G, knighted 1890 : Carlton and 
Conservative clubs ; Summerhill, Bath. 

Blair, vide Stopford-Blair. 

Blair, gen. Chas. Renny, Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, gen. 1894 Bombay inf., 
on u.*. list 1889 : 37 Green Park, Barb. 

Blair, rev. sir David Hunter-, 5 bart. 
(1786), m.a. Oxon. eld. s. of 4 bart. (d. 
1896) ; b. 1857 ; in holy orders of Church 
of Rome, a monk of the Benedictine 
order : Blairquhan Castle, Maybole, Ayr- 
shire ; Milton, Maybole, N.B. 

Blair, Frtdk. Gordon, ouly s. of 
capt. Win. Fordyce Blair, R.N., D.L., J. P., 
of Blair, Ayrshire {d. 1888) ; 6. J 852 ; m. 
1880, Mary E.. dau. of Win. Baird,of Klie 
and Rosemount ; D.U, J.P. Ayrshire; 
J.P. Rutland (sheriff 1886) ; late capt. Hi 
lancers, lt.-col. cotnm Ig. and hon. col. 
Leicestershire yeom. from 1895 : Turf 
club ; Ashwell Hall, Oakham ; Blair, 
Dairy. Ayrshire. 

Blair (hon.), Harrison Falkner, B.A. 
Oxon., eld. s. of Harrison Blair, of Man- 
chester ; b. 1839; barr. Inner Temple 18G4, 
puisne judge of high court of N.W. Pro- 
vinces of India from 1892 : Allahabad, 


Blair, gen. Jas. v.c, c.b., s. of E. M. 
Blair, capt. Bengal army; b. 1828; in 
Indian mutiny campaign 1857-59, late 
political resident and bng.-gen. at Aden, 
1882-5, gen. 1894, Bombay cav., on U.S. 
list 1890, J.P. N.R. Yorks : Thorpe Hall, 
Wycliife, Darlington. 

Blair, Patrick, 2 s. of Hugh Blair, of 
Auchenreoch, Kirkcudbrightshire ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1873, hon. Eleonora Jane Ross, 
dau. (d. l89o) of 1 baron MoncreifE ; b. 
1835 ; partner in firm of Blair and Finlay : 
11 Ainslie pi. Edinburgh ; Jun. Carlton, 
and New (Edinburgh) clubs. 

Blair, Robert,M.D.Edin., youngest s. of 
Alex. Blair, of Borrowstounness, Lin- 
lithgowshire ; b. 1847 ; to. 1878, Emma, 
dau. of Henry Pritt, of Preston, Lanes : 
j.p. W. R. Yorks : Anglesey House, 
Goole, Yorks. 

Blair, lady Hunter-, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Geo. Wauchope ; to. 1850, sir Edwd. 
Hunter-Blair, 4 bart. {d. 1896): Blair- 
quhan Castle, Maybole, Ayrshire. 

Blake, vide Jex-Blake. 

Blake, Arthur Maurice, s. of late 
col. F. R. Blake, c.b., and nephew of late 
W. J. Blake, Danesbury, Welwyn ; b. 
1852; in. 1881, Isabel, 2 dau. of J. S. 
Crawley, of Stockwood,Beds. ; capt. late 
gren. gds., lt.-col. (hon. col. 1891) 1 vol. 
battn. Bedfordshire regt. from 1880 ; D.L., 
J.P. Herts, sheriff of Rutland 1887 : 
Danesbury, nr. Welwyn, Herts. 

Blake, col. Benjn. Watson, s. of W. 
Blake, of Wraxhall House, Wilts {d. 
1879) ; 6.1846 ; m. 1874, Edith G., dau. 
of late S. Pitman, of Oulton Hall, 
Norfolk; J.p. Devon; commd. 20 huss. 
1885-9, ret. p. : Naval and Military club ; 
Bellair, Heavitree, Exeter. 

Blake. Cuas. Joseph, b.a. Dublin, 2 s. 
of V. O'C. Blake of Towerhill, co. Mayo, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1840 ; Irish barr. 
1862, J.P. Queen's co. (sheriff 1895) and 
co. Gal way : Raleigh and Stephen's 
Green clubs ; Heath House, Mary- 
borough, Queen's co.; Bunowen Castle, 
Clifden R.S.O. co. Galway. 

Blake, hon. Chas. Wm. Joseph Hy., 
eld. 8. of 4 baron Wallscourt ; b. 1875. 

Blake hon. Edward, q.c, p.C. 
(Canada), ll.d., m.a. Toronto Univ.; 
eld. s. of late (hon.) Wm. Hume Blake, 
Ontario, chancellor of Upper Canada ; b. 
1833 ; in. 1858, Margaret, dau. of late bp. 
(Cronyn) of Huron ; barr. Up. Canada 
1856, Q.c. 1864, m.p. (l.) Canadian 
Parliament 1867-91, P.C. 1873, treas. Law 
Soc. Ont. 1878-93, chanc. oi University 
of Toronto from 1876, M.P. (L.) Ont. 
parlt. 1867-72, prime min. of Ont. 1871-2, 

min. of Justice Canada 1875-7, pres. of 
council 1877-8. m.p. (n.) S. Longford 
from 1892: National Liberal club; 
Toronto, Ontario ; Murray Bay, Quebec. 

Blake, Ernest Edwd., 8. of rev. Edmund 
Blake, of Bramerton Norfolk ; b. 1845 ; 
Crown Agent for the Colonies from 1881 : 
Downing st. S.W. ; Hawksbill, Leather- 
head, Surrey. 

Blake, hon.Errol Wyndham, Lincoln, 
2 s. of 4 baron Wallscourt : b. 1875. 

Blake, Fras. Douglas, B.A. Oxon. 
eld. s. of F. Blake, of Tillmouth, 
Northumb. (d. 1861) ; b. 1856 ; to. 1886, 
Selina C, eld. dau. of Jas. Cleland 
Burns, of Glenlee, Hamilton, N.B. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1881, capt. (hon. maj. 
1892) Northumb. artill. mil. W. divn. of 
R.a. from 1880 : 60 Ladbroke grove, W. ; 
United University club ; Tillmouth,Corn- 

Blake, maj. -gen. Geo. Freda r.m.l.i., 
only s. of J. Blake, of Bath, h.p. R.A. ; b. 
1836 ; to. 1857, Eliza G. dau. of late capt. 
Granville Sharpe, 1 Royal ; served with 
Baltic expdn. 1854, barr. Middle Temple 
1867, actg. dep. judge-adv. 1868-85, ret. 
f. p. 1886 as col. 2 commdt. : Naval and 
Military and United Service clubs. 

Blake, col. Geo. Pilkington, only s. of 
J. B. Blake, of Thurston House, Suffolk, 
J.P. (d. 1874), by 4 dau. of late sir Thos. 
Pilkington, 7 bart.; b. 1835; m. 1860, 
Adeline, 3 dau. of Jas. King King, of 
Staunton Park, Leominster ; in Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, It. col. comdg. (hon. col.) 
Suffolk yeom. 1876-87, J.P. Suffolk. 

Blake, Henry, M.A.Cantab., s. of John 
Joseph Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Nor- 
folk {d. 1881) : b. 1883 : Tne Hall, Bra- 
merton, Norwich. 

Blake, sir Henry Arthur, K.C.M.G. 
(1887), F.R.G.8., eld. s. of Peter Blake, 
of Corbally Castle, co. Galway (d. 1851); 
b. 1840 ; to. 1, 1862, eld. dau. (d. 1866) of 
A. Irwin of Ballymore, Boyle ; 2, 1874, 
Edith, eld. dau. of Ralph Bernal-Osborne, 
of Newtown Anner, co. Tipperary ; entd. 
R. Irish Constably. 1859, res. magist. 
1876, 1 of the 5 sped. res. magist. selected 
by govt, in 1882 ; knt. of grace of order 
of St. John of Jerusalem, gov. of the 
Bahamas 1884-7,of Newfoundland 1887-8, 
of Jamaica from 1888 : King's House, 
Kingston, Jamaica ; Marlborough club. 

Blake, gen. Hy. Wm.; to. 1, Harriette 
Louisa, dau. (d. 1864) of Fras. Diggens, 
of Chichester ; 2, Maiy Ann (d. 1880), 
dau. of W. Crake ; 3, Mary Jane, dau. of 
Thos. Hayter ; held chief commd. in Bur- 
mah 1871-2 ; of Hyderabad subsidy 
force 1873-6 ; Madras infy. : Elgin Lodge, 


85 Ladbroke grove, W. ; E. I. United 
Service club. 

Blake, Henry Wollaston, M.A., F.R.8., 
F.r.g.s., M.inst.C.E., s. of late Win. Blake, 
of Danesbury, Herts ; b. 1815 ; m. 1. I860, 
Charlotte A.", dau. of late John Walbanke 
Childers, of Oantley, Doncaster, M.p. ; 
2, Edith F., dau. of rev. preby. E. B. 
Hawkshaw, rect. of Weston-under-Pen- 
yard, co. Hereford ; one of H.M.'s lieu- 
tenants for the City of London : 8 Devon- 
shire pi. Portland pl.W.; Athenaeum club. 

Slake, Malachi Locke, s. of Wm. 
Blake, of Bridge, llminster ; b. 1848 : J.P. 
and c.c. Somerset, lt.-col. commdg. (hon. 
col. 1897) 2 vol. battn. Somerset L. I. 
from 1895 : Bridge, South Petherton, 

Blake, col. Martin Pierce, eld. 8. of 
Peter Blake, of Holly Park, co. Galwav, 
J.P. (d. 1885) ; b. 1838 ; J.P. co. Galwav. 
lt.-col. (col. 1884) 6 drag. gds. 1881-7, col. 
commdg. 101 regtl. dist. 1889-91, the 88 
regtl. dist. from 1891 : Army and Navy 
and Sackville Street (Dublin) clubs; 
Holly Park, Athenry, co. Galwav. 

Blake, col. Maurice Chas. Joseph, eld. 
s. of V. O'C. Blake, of Towerhill, j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1879) ; b. 1838 j m. 1863, Jean- 
nette, only dau. of R F. O'Reilly, of 
Sans-Souci, co. Dublin : j.p. co. G dway, 
J.P., D.L. co. Mayo (sheriff 1864), lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1886) commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Connauht rangers from 1885 : United 
Service (Dublin) club ; Towerhill, Bally- 
glass, co. Mayo. 

Blake, sir Patrick James Graham, 5 
bart. (1772), only s. of late rev. H.B.Blake, 
by only dau. of H. J. Oakes of Nowton 
Court, Bury St. Edmunds, and grrands. of 
4 bart. {d. 1880) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1883, Emma 
Gertrude, only dau. of Jate Tims. Pilk- 
ington Dawson.of Groton House.Suffolk, 
lord of the manor of Bardwell,J.P.Suffolk : 
It. 3 batr.n. (mil.) Suffolk regt. 1880-4 ; 
Orleans club; Bardwell Manor. Ixworth, 

Blake, Thomas, s. of late Wm. Blake, 
Ross ; b. 1825 ; chm. of Ross school board 
1873-95, m.p. (l.) Leominster 1876-80; 
Glo'stershire (Forest of Dean divn.) 
1885-7, J.P. and aldm. for co. Hereford : 
National Liberal and Cobden clubs ; 
Lebanon, Ross, Hereford. 

Blake, major sir Valentine, 14 bart. 
(1622), b. 1836; m. 1864, dau. of Harvey 
Combe, M.C.S. : j.p. co. Galway : Men- 
lough Castle, Galway. 

Blake, rev. Warrenne Jas., s. of John 
Joseph Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Nor- 
wich (d. 1881); b. 1850: m. 1878, Alice 

E., only dau. of gen. T. E. Knox, C.B. ; 
vicar from 1882 of Easton, Norwich. 

Blake, Wm., s. of late rev. Wm.Blake, 
of Crewkerne ; b. 1815 ; m. 1844, Fanny, 
dau. of Wm. Browne, of Bridgwater, 
Somerset : D.L., j.p. Somerset (sheriff 
1869) : Bridge, S. Petherton, llminster. 

Blake, Wm. Greaves ; J.P. Derby and 
W.R. Yorks, late It. 9 lancers : Con- 
servative club ; Mylnhurst, Ecclesall, 

Blake, mrs. Jas.Bunbury. Catherine, 
4 dau. and co-heir of sir Thos. Pilking- 
ton, 7 bart. (d. 1811) ; m. 1831, Jas. Bun- 
bury Blake, of Thurston House, Suffolk, 
J.P. (d. 1874) : Thurston House, nr. Bury 
St. Edmunds. 

Blake, hon. Elizabeth Lucy Eily, b. 
1877 ; hon. Margaret Phyllis, b. 1883 ; 
daus. of 4 baron Wallscourt. 

Blake, hon. mrs. Marv Josephine, dan. 
of 3 baron deFrevne; b. 1860 ; m. 1880, 
Valentine J. Blake, 3 s. of V. 0"C. Bl ike, 
of Towerhill, co. Mayo, J.P., D.J.. {d. 1879). 

Blakeley, Wm., j.p. (1874), W. R. 
Yorks : Rokeby, Birkby, Huddersfield. 

Blakelock, Percy, 2 e. of Albert 
Smith, of Bents Green Lodge, nr. Shef- 
field : b. 1829: J.P. W.R. Yorss : as- 
sumed name of Blakelock 1882 : Kelly 
Castle, nr. Arbroath, N.B. 

Blakeney, maj. Robert, 2 s. of J. H. 
Blakeney, of Castle Blakeney, Galway ; 
b. 1828 ; m. 1860, hon. Mary Sophia, dau. 
{d. 1886) of 5 vise. Ashbrook ; late 48 
foot, in Crimea and Indian Mutiny cam- 
paigns, a.d.C. and mil. sec. to sir E. 
Blakeney in Ireland 1849-55, a queen's 
messenger 1862-5: 5 Westbourne gdns. 

Blakesley, Geo. Holmes, M.A.Cantab., 
eld. s. of late very rev. J. W. Blakesley, 
dean of Lincoln ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Alice 
A., youngest dau. of late rev. canon Wm. 
S. Gilly, vicar of Norham; barr.Lincolu's 
Inn 1872, chancellor of the diocese of 
Peterborough from 1891 : 14 Nevern rd. 
S.W. : 13 Old sq. W.C. 

Blakiston, sir Horace Nevile, 5 bart. 
(1763), nephew of 4 bart. {d. 1883) ; 
b. 1861. 

Blakiston, Matthew Folliott, 4 s. of 
rev. Peyton Blnkiston, M.D., f.r.S. ; b. 
1835; m. 1, 1858, youngest dau. of J. 
Mason, of Lymington ; 2, 1885,Charlotte 
A. (d. 1896), widow of I. Spooner ; clerk 
of the peace and of C.c. for Staffordshire : 
Rowley - Park, Stafford. 

Blakis ton-Houston, John, eld. s. of 
R. B. Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield, 
co. Down (d. 1857) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1859, 
Marian, dau. (rf. 1893) of R. S. Streatfeild, 


of The Rocks, Sussex ; J.P., D.L. and H.M. 
vice-lieut. of the co. Down (sheriff 1860) : 
Carlton and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Orangefield and Roddens-, Belfast. 

Blaksley. maj.-gen. John, lt.-col. 
commdg. (col. 1885) The Buffs, 1882-6, 
re*, p. 1887 : Jun. United Service club. 

Blanckley, maj.-gen. Horatio Chas. 
Nelson, served in White Sea blockading 
Russian ports 1855, col. commdt. 1882-5 
of r.M.L.i. ; ret. p. 1885 : Army and 
Navy club. 

Bland, vide Davison-Bland. 

Bland, maj.-gen. Edwd. Loftus, R.E., 
s. of rev. R. W. Bland, of Abbeyville, 
Whiteabbey ; b. 1829 ; to. 1859, Emma F. 
duu. of R. F. Franks, of Jerpoint, co. 
Kilkenny ; ret. p. 1887 : Woodbank, 
Whiteabbey, co. Antrim. 

Bland, Eras. Maltby, eld. s. of Fras. 
Lawrence Bland, of Snaresbrook, Essex ; 
b. 1845; m. 1872, Edith Richenda, eld. 
dau. of late Hy. Ford Barclay, of Monk- 
hams, Essex, d.l.,j.p. ; is j.p. Norfolk 
and Bury St. Edmunds: Inglethorpe 
Manor, Emneth, Wisbech ; Royal United 
Service Institution, S.W. 

Bland, Tho?. Elsey, J.P. Essex : The 
Friary, Maldon. 

Bland-Hunt, maj.-gen. Robt. Wm 
R.M.L.I., s. of col. Arthur Hunt, R.A., of 
Ratbfarren, Ireland ; b. 1831 ; m. 1858, 
Margaret, dau. of John Lewis, of St. 
Michaels, Lewes, Sussex ; served wit'i 
R.M. battn. at Bomarsund 1854, in Black 
sea and Crimea 1855-6, in Jamaica 1864-7 
as A.n.c. and mily. sec. for militia to 
capt. gen. and commdr. -in-chief, and 
commd. militia and vols, during negro 
rebellion 1865, B. Honduras 1867 as A.n.c. 
to gov., commd. r.m. in S. Africa 1879 
during Zulu war, a.d.c. to the Queen 
1880-5, col. commdt. r.m.l.i. 1882-5, ret. 
list 1885 : Chudleigh, Doods rd. Reigate. 

Blandford, marq. of (title which 
would be borne by eld. s., if any living, 
of duke of Marlborough). 

Blandford, marchioness of, lady Al- 
berta F. dau. of 1 duke of Abercorn, 
K.G. ; m. 1869, marq. of Blandford (after- 
wards 8 duke of Marlborough, d. 1892) 
(she obtained a divorce 1883) : 18 
Lowndes sq. S.W. 

Blandy, col. Adam ; m. 18 , 
Anne, dau. (d. 1896) of ; chief con- 
stable of Berks from 1863 : Army and 
Navy club; Earley House, Earley, 

Blandy, Adam Fettiplace, s. of John 
Blandy, of Kingston Bagpuize, Berks ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1868, Elizabeth Mary, dau. 
*>f J. W. Nicholl Carne, d.c.l,, of St, 

Donats Castle, Glam., D.L., J.P. ; is j.p. 
(1892) Berks : Jun. Carlton club; Mar- 
cham Park, Abingdon. 

Blandy. Frederick ; b. 1824 ; j.p. Glo's- 
tershire and Devon : Birchamp House, 
Newland, Coleford, Gloucestershire. 

Blandy, Henry Bilson, 2 s. of Wm. 
Blandy,of Westwood,Berks,J.P. (d.1873); 
b. 1828 ; to. 1854, Jane, only dau. of late 
Griffiths Williams Morris, of Barnet, 
Herts and Clynsaithman, Cardiganshire ; 
J.p. Berks: Jun. Constitutional, Primrose 
and Berkshire clubs ; Mertonford, Wo- 

Blandy- Jenkins, col. John, eld. s. 
of late J. Blandy, of Kingston Bagpuize, 
Berks ; b. 1839; to. 1861, Alice M., 3 dau. of 
late C. W. Faber, of Northaw, Herts ; j.p. 
Glamorgan, D.L., j.p. Berks (sheriff 1866); 
assumed, by royal licence, name of Jen- 
kins, 18; lt.-col. (hon. col. 18 = 7) 3 battn. 
(mil.) Berks regt. 1886-8: Kingston 
House, Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon ; 
Llanharan House, Pontyclun R.S.O. 

Blandy-Jenkins, John, jun., s. of col. 
John Blandy-Jenkins, of Kingston Bag- 
puize, Berks, D.L., J.P.; 6. '1865; J.P. 
Berks : Kingston House, Kingston Bag- 
puize, Abingdon. 

cf G.J. Blane (d. 1881) and nephew of T. 
L. Blane, of Foiiejon Park, Berks (d. 
1885) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1888, Mabel A. 8 dau. 
of late adml. hon. Keith Stewart, c.B. ; 
lnte capt. Scots gds., j.p. (1886) Berks : 
Foiiejon Park, Winkfield, Windsor. 

Blane, It.-gen. sir Seymour Jno. C.B., 
3 bart. (1812),6. 1833 : late of Scots gds.,52 
foot and rifle brig. ; in Crimean and Indian 
mutiny campaigns, knt. Medjidie, mil. 
sec. and a.d.c. to gov.-gens. of India 
(Canning, Elgin. Lawrence and Mayo) 
1860-9,ret.l881 :White's andGuards'clubs. 

Blaney, Thos., c.i.e., pres. municipal 
corporation, Bombay. 

Blanford. Wm. Thos., ll.d., f.R.S. ; 
6. 1832 ; pres.G.B. 1888-90, V.P.R.S. 1892-3, 
v.p.r.g.S. 1893-6, v.p.z.8. : 72 Bedford 
gdns. W. ; Athenaeum and Arts clubs. 

Blantyre, lord (12 baron, 1606 : Sco.) 
Chas. Stuart, b. 1818; to. dau. (d.) of 2 
duke of Sutherland : D.L. Renfrew and 
Lanark : 41 Berkeley sq. W. ; Travellers' 
club ; Erskine House, Glasgow. 

Blathwayt, Geo. Wm. eld. s. of lt.-col. 
G.W. Blathwayt (d. 1871), J.P., of Dyr- 
ham Park, Glo'stershire ; b. 1824 ; to. 
1856, Charlotte A., dau. of maj. T. R. 
Baker : J.P., D.L. Glo'stershire (sheriff 
1881), and Somerset, late 1 drag. gds. : 



Army and Navy club ; Dyrham Park ) 

Blaydes, Fredk. Aug., s. of rev. F. H. 
M. Blaydes. t.l.d., late of Harringwortn 
Vicarage, Northants ; b. 1845 ; m. 1874, 
Alice C., youngest dau. of late W. Dyer, 
phvs.-gen'l. and col. h.e.i.C.s. Bengal 
pres. ; J.P.Beds., mayor of Bedford 1892 
and 1895; Constitutional club ; Shenstone 
Lodge. Bedford. 

Blaydes, Thos. John, J. p. (1894) parts 
of Lindsey, Lines : Rose Villa, Ep worto, 

Bleckly, John Jas., 2 s. of Hy. 
Blecklv, of Birch House. Altrincham, 
Cheshire ; b. 1842 ; m. 187L Emma. dau. 
of Join Rylands, of Thelwall, Cheshire ; 
J.P. Lancashire : Daresbury Lodge, 

Bleckly, Wm. Hy., eld. s. of Hy. 
Blecklv of Altrincham, Cheshire, J.P. 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1869, Lillie, dau. 
of John Johnson, of Ea*ingwold, Yorks ; 
J.P. Lancashire : Thelwall Lea, nr. War- 

Blencowe. Hy. Prescott Geo.; b. 1858 ; 
J.P. Essex; late maj. 3 battn. (rail.) 
Bord. regt. : New Oxfoid and Cam- 
bridge club. 

Blencowe, Jn. Alex., eld. survg. s. of 
J. J. Blencowe, of Marston, St. Law- 
rence. Northants (d. 1857) : b. 1846 ; m. 
1869, Katherine A. C. F.,eld. dan. of rev. 
J. E. A. Fenwick, of Thirlestane House, 
Glo'stershire; lord of the manor of Mars- 
ton St. Lawrence : Marston St. Law- 
rence Manor House, nr. Banbury. 

Blencowe, John Geo. ; b. 1817 ; d.l., 
J.P. Sussex: Bineham, Chailey S.O., 

Bl9nkinsop, Benjn., youngest s. of 
late Robe. Blenkinsp. of Penryn ; 
J.P. Surrey, sec. and man. Hand-in-Hand 
Ins. Soc. : Shordhill, Kenley S.O. Surrey. 
Blenkinsop. Wm. Edmund Braud- 
ford, s. of Hy. Blenkinsop, of Warwick ; 
b. 1856 ; m. 1879, Eliza A., dau. of Eyare 
King, of Barbadoes.W.L; j.p. Surrey and 
London: 29 Earlsfield rd. Wandsworth 
Blenkinsopp, vide Leaton-Blenkin- 

Blennerhassett, Arthur, only s. of 
C. J. A. W. Blennerhassett, of Ballyseedy 
co. Kerry, j.p. (d. 1859) ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1882, Clara Nesta R., only dau. of the 
Knight of Glin, of Glin Castle, co. 
Limerick, d.l.; D.L., j.p. co. Kerry (sheriff 
1878) : Ballyseedy House, nr. Tralee, co. 

Blennerhassett, brig.-surg.-lt.-col. 
Bleonerhasseit Montgomery, c.m.r., 
l.R.c.p.i., served in Ashanti expdn. 1895. 
Blennerhassett. sir Rowland. 4 bait. 
(1809), only s. of 3 bart. (d. L849) : b. 
1839 ; m. 1870. countess Charlotte, only 
dau. of count de Leyden ; j.p., d.l. co. 
Kerry (sheriff 1866), M.p. (l.) Galway 
1865-74, (L.) Kerry 1880-5 : Brooks' and 
A.thena3um clubs. 

Blennerhassett, Rowland Ponsonby, 
Q.c, s. of late R. F. Blennerhassett, of 
Kells (grands, of sir Rowland Blenner- 
hassett, 1 bart.) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1876, Mary 
Beatrice. 3 dau. of late Walter Armstrong, 
of Ennismore gdns. S.W. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, Q.C. 1894. j.p. co. Kerry, 
M.P. (l.) Kerry 1872-85: 52 Hans pi. 
S.W. ; Brooks' and St. James's clubs ; 
Kells, co. Kerry. 

Blewitt, maj. -gen. Cha*., s. of W. 
Blewitt. of Brights, Rainham, Essex ; b. 
1825 : m. 1870. dau. of John A. Beaver, 
of Didsbury Grange,. Didsbury, Lane. ; 
served with 65 regt. in N. Zealand war 
1868-5, ret. p. 1883 as col. : 20 Court- 
field gins. S. Kensington, S.W. ; Army 
an \ Xavy club. 

Blezard, Geo. only s. of Robt.Blezard, 
Pool Park, Ruthin, J.P.; b. 1855; m. 
1889, hon. Katharine Frances, 2 dau. of 
7 vise. Cuetwynd. b. I860 ; capt. (hon. 
maj. 1895) lite Denbighshire hus*. yeoin., 
J.P. Denbighshire : Jun. Carlton club ; 
Pool Park, Ruthin, N. Wales. 

Blezard. Robert, j.p. Denbighshire : 
Pool Park, Ruthin, X. Wales. 

Blig-h, hon. Arthur Frederick. 3 s. of 6 
earl of Darnley ; b. 1865 : 26 St. Ermin's 
mansions, Westminster, S.W. 

Bligrh, hon. Edward Vesey, s. of 5 
earl of Darnley ; b. 1 829 ; m. lad}' Isabel, 
dau. of 4 earl of Abei'gavenny, b. 1831 : 
attache at Hanover. Florence and Berlin 
I850-53,rector of Rotherfield 1856-65. vicar 
of Birling, Kent, 1865-75, J.P. Kent : 6 
Portman sq. W. ; Constitutional club ; 
Fartherwell, West Mailing, Kent. 

Bligrh, rev. the hon. Henry, s. of 5 earl 
of Darnley ; b. 1834 ; m. 1. Emma, dau. id. 
1881) of col. Hy. Armvtage, Broomhill 
Bank, Kent : 2. 1883, Anne E. D.. 3 dau. 
of latelt.-col. Butler, 36 foot: j.p. Sussex, 
vicar and r.d. of Nettlebed 1866-74, 
vicar of Abingdon 1874-8, of Hampton 
Hill, Middlesex, 1881-93. and from 1893 
of Holy Trinity. Fareham. EtB 

Bligrh., hon.'lvo Francis, b.a. Cantab, 
2 s. of 6 earl of Darnley ; b. 1859 ; m. 
1884, Florence Rose, dau. of John 
Stephen Morphy. of Beechworth, 


Victoria, Australia: South fields Grange, 
Wandsworth, S.W. ; Dnion club. 

Bligh, Lodovick Edwd., a. of hon. 
Edwd. Ve*ey Bligh, of Fartherwell, 
Kent; b. 1854 ; m. 1886, Marion, dau. of 
rev. F. A. Stewart-Savile, of Kilmorie, 
Devon ; J. P. Kent, capt. (hon. maj 
1887) 3 battn. (mil.) The Buffs (E. Kent 
regt.) 1877-89: Constitutional and Nim- 
rod clubs ; Maydeken, Denton, Canter- 
bur v. 

Bligh, lady Kathleen, b. 1851; lady 
Alice, b. 1860 ; daus. of 6 earl of Darnley. 

Blinkhorn. Wm.,.i . p.Lancashi re : J un. 
Carlton club; Sutton Grange, St. Helens, 

Bliss, Hy. Wm., c.i.rc., b.a. Oxon., in 
M.C.S. from 1863, memb. of board of rev. 
and commr.of s;ilt and Abkari and separ- 
ate rev. 1886-91, land rev. commr. from 
1891, memb. of council of gov.of Madras 
from 1893. 

Bliss, Jas., patron of the living and 
lord of the manor of Little Rollright : 
Little R llright Hou*e, nr. Chipping 
Norton, Oxon. 

Blissett, Henry Frederick, C.M.U., 
clerk in war dept. 1867-9, trans. to African 
Commissariat as assist, commiss. 1869, 
commiss. 1876, ret. 1882, priv. sec. and 
clerk of council, Gold Coast 1870-1, 
clerk of council, actg.-treas. and actg.- 
col. sec. 1871-2, control off. with capt. sir 
J. H. Glover's force in Ashanti war 1873-4, 
auditor - gen. W. African Settlements 
1875-81, J. p. Sierra Leone 1880, commr. 
for accounts Falkland Islands 1882-3, 
Gold Coast. 1884-5: Edgecombe, Alex- 
andra rd. Norwood, S.E. 

Block, Adam Samuel Jas., C.M.G., chief 
dragoman to embassy at Constantinople 
from 1894. 

Bloemfontein, 4bp. of (1863). rt. rev. 
John Wale Hicks, D.D. Cantab., M.D.. 
f.r.c.p. L"nd., s. of Samuel Hicks, of 
Leworthy House, Clawton, Devon ; b. 
1840 ; fell. Sid. Suss. Coll. Cambridge 
from 1874, dean of Sid. Suss. coll. 
1878-92, lecturer in Theol. Cambridge 
1883-92, vicar of St. Mary the Le-s, 
Cambridge 1887-92, bp. of Bloemfon- 
tein, Orange Free State, S.A. from 1892 : 
Bishop's Lodge, Bloemfontein, S. Africa. 

Blofeld, rev. Robert Singleton, M.A. 
Cantab, 2 s. of rev. T. J. Blofeld, of 
Hoveton, Norfolk, D.L., J.P. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1839; m. 1867, Fanny L., dau. of rev. 
Wm. Boycott, rect. of Burgh St. Peter, 
Norfolk : j.p. Norfolk : rect. fiom 1894 
of Sparham, Norwich. 

Blofeld, Thomas Calthorpe, M.A. 
Cantab, eld. s. of rev. T. J. Blofeld, of 

Hoveton, Norfolk, j.p., d.L. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1868. Fanny E. 4 dau. of late 
rev. J. A. Partridge, rect. of Beacons- 
rhorpe.Norfolk : barr.Lincoln's Inn, 1862; 
J P. Norfolk, recorder of Ipswich from 
1876, chancellor of dioc. of Norwich from 
1881 : Hoveton House, Norwich. 

Blois, sir Ralph Barrett Macnaghten, 
9 bart. (1686), eld. s. of 8 bart. (d. 1888) ; 
b. 1866; j.p. Suffolk, It. Scots gds. 
1886-96 : 8 Ennismore gdns. S.W.; Cock- 
field Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Blois, lady. Eliza E.,dau. of capt. A. 
Chapman, r.n. ; m. 1865, sir John R. Blois, 
8 bart. (d. 1888) : 8 Ennismore gdns. 
S.W. ; Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Blomefield. sir Thomas Wilmot 
Peregrine. 4 bart. (1807), eld. s. of 3 
bart. ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874, Lilias, dau. of 
maj. hon. Chas. Napier : priv. sec. to 
pres. of board of trade 1878-80 : 6 
The Grange, Wimbledon, Surrey. 

Blomefield. lady. Fanny, eld. dau. of 
rev. J. D'Arcy Preston, Askam Bryan 
hall, Yorks. ; m. 1853, rev. sir T. E. W. 
Blomefield, 3 bart. (d. 1878) : 4 St.John's 
north, Wakefield. 

Blomfield, sir Arthur Wm., A.R.A., 
(1888), M.A., K.8.A., s. of late bp. (Blom- 
field) of London : b. 1829 ;m.l, dau.of C. 
C. Smith ; 2, 1887, Sara L. dau. of M. J. 
Ryan ; knighted 1889 : 28 Montagu sq. 
W. : 6 Montagu pi. W. 

Blomfield, adml. Henry John, s. of 
late rt. rev. bp. (C. J. Blomfield) of 
London : b. 1825 ; ret. list 1870 : 42 Pall 
Mall, S.W. 

Blomfield, rear-adml. Richd. Massie, 
s. of late rev. G. B. Blomfield, of Mol- 
lington Hall, Chester ; b. 1835 ; m. 1877, 
Rosamund Selina, dau. of rt.. rev. Chas. 
Graves, D D , bp. of Limerick ; serv> d 
throughout Crimean campaign 1854-6, 
Azoff expdn. 1855, served in Egyptian 
war 18*2, 3 class Medjidie, rear-adml. ret. 
list 1889, dep. controller-gen. of Egyp- 
tian ports and lighthouses and controller 
Port of Alexandria from 1878, 3 class 
Osmanieh : Alexandria, Egypt ; United 
Service club. 

Blomfield, mrs. Elizabeth Ellen, dau. 
and co-heir of late JohnFeilden, of Mol- 
lington Hall, Cheshire ; m. 1854, as his 
3 wife, rev. canon Geo. Becher Blomfield, 
J.P. {d 1885) : Mollington Hall, Chester. 

Blood, brig.-gen. sir Bindon,K.c.B.,R.E., 
eld. s. of Wm. Bindon Blood, of Crana- 
srher, co. Clare J. P.; b. 1842 ; served in 
Jowaki Afreedee expdn. 1877-8 ; Zulu 
war 1879; Afghan war 1878-80: Egyptian 
war 1882, 4 class Osmanieh ; chief staff! 
officer, Chitral relief force 1895, brig.- 


gen. commdg. 2 class dist. in India 
from 1896. 

Blood. Neptune Wm., b.a. Cantab ; 
b. 1853 ; m. 1877, Constance K., only dau. 
of Edwd. Mathew Curre, of Itton Court, 
co. Monmouth : 50 Elm Park rd. S.W. ; 
Brickhill, Cratloe K.S.O. co. Clare. 

Bloomfield. col. Alfred, 3 s. of late 
capt. Edwin Bloomfield. of Gt. Glemham, 
Suffolk ; b. 1837 ; m. 1877, Amy C, dau. 
of Gordon Forloag, of New Zealand ; 
B.S.C., served 8 yrs. in Royal Scots, 
and 27 yrs. in B.S.C., 25 yrs. dist. 
magistrate and J. p. Cent. Provinces, 
iDdia ; J.P. Suffolk and c.c. E. Suffolk : 
Glemham Grove, nr. Saxmundham. 

Bloomfield, maj. Fredk. Wm., late 6 
drag., s. of Bloomfield ; b. 18 ; m. 
1886, hon. Ethel L., 2 dau. of 1 baron 
Playfair, p.C. K.C.B. 

Bloomfield, John Caldwell, eld. 8. of 
J. C. Bloomfield, of Reedwood, co. Tip- 
perary (d. 1881) ; b. 1823 ; m. 1. dau. of 
late W. D'Arcy, of Necarn Castle, co. 
Fermanagh ; 2, 1875. Adelaide H. F., eld. 
dau. of sir J. W. Hort, 2 bart. : J.P., D.L. 
co. Fermanagh (sheriff 1874) : Castle 
Caldwell, Enniskillen. 

Bloomfield, (rt. hon.) lady. Geor- 
gians, dau. of 2 baron Ravens worth ; b. 
1822 ; to. 1845, 2 and last baron Bloom- 
field, g.c.b., p.c, ambassador to Austria 
1860-71 (d. 1879) : 21 Queen's Gate 
gdns. S.W. ; Bramfield House, Biam- 
field, Hertford. 

Blosse, sir Henry Lynch-, 11 bart. 
(1622), eld. s. of 10 bart. (d. 1893) by 
dau. of 2 marq. of Sligo ; b. 1857 : Atha- 
vallie, Balla, co. Mayo. 

Blosse, lady Harriet Lynch-, dau. of 
2 marq. of Sligo ; b. 1827 ; to. 185:i. sir 
Robt. Lynch-Blosse, 10 bart. (d. 1893) : 
38 Ranelagh rd. Ealing, W. 

Blount, vide Darell-Blount. 

Blount, sir Edwd. Chas. K.C.B., 2 s. of 
Edwd. Blount, of Bellamore,Staffs,M.P.(d. 
1843 s b. 1809 : to. 1834, Gertrude F.,dau. 
of Wm. Jerningham, bro. of 8 baron 
Stafford ; consul at Paris from January 
to March, 1871 ; commdr. leg. hon. and 
of order of Pius IX. Ac. : Imberhorne 
Manor, E. Grinstead, Sussex ; 59 Rue de 
Courcelles, Paris. 

Blount. Henry Edmund, only survgs. 
of sir Edwd. Chas. Blount, k.c.b., of Im- 
berhorne, Sussex ; b. 1844 ; to. 1869, Mar- 
guerite M. H. de la R., dau. of Chas. P. 
M. Moreau, baron de la Rochette ; D.L. 
Sussex, Chev. leg. hon. : Imberhorne 
Manor, E. Grinstead, Sussex; Jockey 
club, Pari.-. 

Blount, Stephen, 3 s. of sir Edward 
Blount, 8 bart. {d. 1881); b. 1840; to. 
1874, Elizabeth, dau. of W. Worswick. of 
Birstall, co. Leicester ; J.P. Stafford- 
shire : Loxley Hall, Uttoxeter. 

Blount, sir Walter de Sodington, 9 
bart. (1642), eld. s. of 8 bart. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1833 : m. 1870, Bessie, dau. of J. Z. 
Williams : D.L., j.p. Worcestershire : 
Brooks' club. 

Blowers, maj. -gen. Charles Edward ; 
served on board the "Berenice"' in Persian 
Gulf 1856-7 ; with 10 Bombay N.I. at 
capture of Kotah ; Abyssinian campaign 
1868, at Magdala ; Afghan war 1879-80 ; 
ret. p. 1887. Bo.S.C. : 10 Hanover terr. 
Notting Hill. W. 

Bluett, col. Chas. Edwd. Lane, 3 s. 
of late P. F. Bluett, formerly of Hol- 
combe Court, Holcombe Bogus, Devon : 
b. 1836 ; to. 1857, Anna, dau. of late J. 
Cooke, of Clifton, Gloucestershire ; co'. 
ret. 1886, late Cheshire regt., J.P. Devon ; 
Holcombe, Moretonhampstead, Devon. 

Bluett, Edmonds Jas., only s. of late 
Jas. Bluett, of St. Mary's, Isles of Sciliy, 
Cornwall ; j.p. Cornwall : Bank, St. 
Marv's, Isles of Sciliy. 

Biundell, vide Weld-Blundell. 

Blundell, Henry, 3 s. of Joseph King 
Biundell, of Luton, Beds ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1860, Sarah W., dau. of W. Staples, of 
Moulton Hall, Suffolk ; j.p. B^ds : Moul- 
ton Lodge, Luton. 

Blundell, John Hight, 2 s. of Joseph 
K. Blundell. of Luton, Beds (d. 1857) ; b. 
1829 : to. 1860, Marianne, only dau. of 
lite John Ciaven, of Keighley, J.P. ; J.p. 
W. R. Yorks : Winfield House, Crouch, 
Seveuoak*. Kent. 

Blundell. Wm. Joseph, eld. s. of col. 
Nicholas Blundell, of Crosby Hall, 
Lanes, D.L., j.p. (d. 1894), by dau. of sir 
E. J. Smyth, 7 bart. ; b. 1851 ; to. 1885, 
Cicelv A. 4 dau. (marriage annulled 
1888)' of sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2 
bart. : Crosby Hall, Blundell Sands, 

Blundell - Hollinsnead - Blundell, 
col. Hv., c.B., late gren. gds.. eld. s. of 
late R.'B. Blundoll-Hollinshead-Blundell 
of Deysbrook ; /;. 1831 ; to. 1863, the hon. 
Beatrice (formerly maid of honour to 
the Queen), young, dau. (d. 1884) of 
late vice-adm. hon. Henry D. Byng : 
D.L. Lancashire ; in Crimea after fall 
of Sebastopol, also Nile expdn., ret. p. 
1889, commdg. Manchester Iuf. vol. brig. 
1888-90, M.p. (c.) S.W. Lancashire (luce 
divn.) 1885-92 and from 1895 : 10 Strat- 
ton st. W. ; Carlton, Guards', United 
Service and Army and Navy clubs ; 


Ashurst Lodge, Sunning Hill, Berks ; 
Deysbrook, nr. Liverpool. 

Blundell - Hollinshead - Blundell, 
maj.-gen. Richard, 4 s. of late R. Blun- 
dell-Hollinshead-Blundell ; b. 1835; m. 
18G5, Henrietta F., young, dan. of R.A.H. 
Kirwan, Bawnmore, co. Galway : lt.-col. 
commdg. (col. 1879) 3huss. 1874-80, insp. 
of auxiliary cav. 1880-3, d.a.q.M.u. at 
Malta 1886-9 : commdg. 1 class dist. in 
India 1891-6: 40 Lennox gdns. S.W. ; 
Army and Navy club. 

Blunden, sir Wm., 4 bart. (1776); 
b.m. Dub., L.R.C.S. Irel., L.M.K.andQ.C.P. 
Irel., eld. s. of 3 bart. {d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; 
to. 1879, Florence C.,dau.of Hy. Shuttle- 
worth, of N. Zealand : Temuka, S. Can- 
terbury, N. Zealand. 

Blunden. Elizabeth, lady. 3 dau. of 
late maj. John Knox, of Dublin ; to. 1839, 
sir John Blunden, 3 bart. (d. 1890) : 
Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. 

Blunt, bp., vide Hull. 

Blunt .rev. canon Alex. Colvin, M.A. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon, s. of late E. W. Blunt, 
Kempshott Park, Hants, b. 1831 ; to. 
1865, lady Susanna, dau. of 2 earl Nelson, 
b. 1829 : rect. of Millbrook 1865-89, R.D. 
of Southampton 1877-89, of Kingsclere, 
from 1889, hon. canon of Winchester 
from 1889, rect. from 1889 of Burghclere, 

Blunt, maj.-gen. Chas. Harris, r.a. 
(Bengal), C.B., s. of late E. W. Blunt, 
Kempshott Park, Hants ; b. 1825 ; to. 
Mary A. dau. {d. 1892) of col. Jas. Tod ; 
in Sutlej and Indian mutiny campaigns, 
ret. f. p. 1867 as lt.-col. : E. I. United 
Service club ; The Manor, Adderbury, 

Blunt, maj.-gen. Grant, R.E. ; ret. p. 
1887 as col. 

Blunt, John Elijah, C.B., s. of Chas. 
Blunt : b. 1831 : m. 1858, Fanny, dau. of 
D. Sandison : served in Crimea as chief 
interpreter to cav. divn. ; vice-consul at 
Volo 1855 ; at Uscup 1857-62 ; at Philip- 
popolis 1862 ; at Adrianople 1862-72 ; 
consul at Monastir 1872 ; at Salonica 
1872-7 ; at Adrianople 1877-8 ; consul- 

fen. for Vilayets of Salonica, Monastir, 
anina and Cossova and the Mutes- 
sarylik of Serfidje, from 1879 : Salonica, 

Blunt, capt. John Harvey, 5 (but 2 
survg.) s. of Wm. Blunt, B.C.S. {d. 1859), 
and bro. of sir Wm. Blunt, 7 bart.; b. 
1839 ; to. 1869, Susan, dau. of P. Hoad ; 
ret. capt. 1 battn. R. Dublin Fus. and 
late 4 battn. (mil.) L.N. Lancashire regt. ; 
heir pre?, to baronetcy : Higher Hop- 
cott House, Minehead, Somerset. 

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, s. of F. S. 
Blunt, of Crabbet Park, Sussex ; b. 1840 ; 
w. 1869, lady Anne, dau. of 1 earl of 
Lovelace; 6.1837: attache at the Hague, 
Athens, Frankfort, and Madrid 1859-62, 
third sec. at Paris, Lisbon, and Frankfort 
1864-65, 2 sec. at Buenos Ayres 1867, 
Berne, 1869-70: Crabbet Park, Worth, 
Crawley, Sussex. 

Blunt, sir Wm., 7 bart. (1720), eld. 
suvvg.s. of Wm. Blunt, B.C.S. {d. 1859), 
and cousin of 6 bart. (d. 1890) ; b. 1826 ; 
to. 1857, Henrietta G-. J., dau. (d. 1892) 
of late rev. R. G. Jeston, rect. of Avon 
Dasset, co. Warwick ; in Bengal C.S. 

Blunt, lady Florence, dau. of 5 mar- 
quis of Hertford ; b. 1845 ; to. 1872, rev. 
Jas. St. John Blunt, M.A., master of St. 
Katherine's hosp., Regent's pk. N.W. 
1878-89 {d. 1889) ; maid of honour to the 
Queen 1864-70 : Hill House, Westcott, 

Blyth, bp., vide Jerusalem. 

Blyth, vide Burn-Blyth. 

Blyth, Henry Arthur : 45 Portland 
pi., W. ; Stansted House, Essex. 

Blyth, sir Jas., 1 bart. (1895), eld. s. 
of Jas. Blyth, of Chelmsford (d. 1852), 
by Caroline, dau. of Hy. Gilbey, of 
Bishop Stortford ; 6. 1841 ; to. 1865, 
Eliza, younger dau. (d. 1894) of Wm. 
Mooney, of Clontarf, co. Dublin ; is a 
dir. of W. and A. Gilbey Ltd. the Pan- 
theon, W., a distinguished agriculturist, 
is a gov. or v. P. of many Agricultural 
and other Socs., a visitor of the Roy. 
Instn., pres. Brit. Dairy Farmers' Assoc, 
an original memb. of council of Eng 
JerseyCattle Soc, v.p. Southdown Sheep- 
breeders' Assoc, Knt. Medjidie, J. p. 
Essex : 33 Portland pi. W. ; Devonshire 
club ; Blythwood, Stansted, Essex. 

Blythe, Joseph Henry, s. of Benjn. 
Blythe, of Cound, Salop ; b. 1819 ; to. 
1853, Mary, dau. of Robt. Wilkinson, 
of Shrewsbury ; j.p. Montgomeryshire : 
St. Mark's Lodge, Newnham, Cambridge ; 
Bron Hafron, Garthmyl, Mont. 

Blythswood, lord (1 baron, 1892, 
U.K.), sir Archibald Campbell Campbell, 
1 bart. (1880), of Blythswood, V.D., eld. 
s. of Archibald Campbell, of Blyths- 
wood, D.L., J.P. (d. 1868) ; 6. 1835 ; to. 
1864, hon. Augusta, dau. of 2 baron Car- 
rington, 6. 1841 ; D.L., J.P. convener and 
vice-It. Renfrewshire, D.L. Glasgow, 
M.P. (c.) Renfrewshire 1873-4, Western 
divn. 1885-92 ; late capt. and lt.- 
col. Scots gds., capt. Lanark yeom. 
1866-85, lt.-col. (hon. col. 1883) 4 
battn. (mil.) Argyle and Sutherland 




higrhlanders from 1878, lt.-col. comrndt. 
3 (Blythswood) vol. battn.Highland L.T. 
1867-9(5, col. and a.d.C. to the Queen, 
vol. force, from 1894, raised to the 
peerage 1892 : 2 Seamore pi., May fair, 
W. ; Carlton club ; Blythswood House, 

Boaden, John, . of John Boaden, of 
Trease Cury ; b. 1828 ; m. 1856, dau. of 
Win. Orchard, of Adelaide. S. Australia ; 
is j.p. (1895) Cornwall : Helston, Corn- 

Board, Jn. v.D.,B.A.Ch.Ch.Oxon, eld. s. 
of late rev. R. Board, vicar of Wester- 
ham ; maj. late 1 battn. Kent R.V., 
D.L., j.p. Kent : United University club ; 
Parley, Westerham S.O., Kent. 

Boardman, capt. Fredk. Ross, C.B., 
R.N., s. of Fredk. Boardman, of Liver- 
pool ; b. 1843 ; m. 1881, Sophia A., dau. 
of Jas. Cogswell, of Halifax, N.S. ; 
commd. " Salamis," during Egyptian 
war, 1882, in commd. of naval flotilla, 
Nile expdn. for relief of Khartoum 
1884-5 ; capt. R.N. from 1882 : United 
Service club. 

Boazman,Henry, s. of John Boazman, 
of Acom Bank, Westmorland ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1874, Hannah, dau. of R. Imeson, of 
Sutton Grange, Masham ; j.p. Westmor- 
land : Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby, 

Booking, dean of (office, 23 Knight- 
rider street, E.C.) ; vide very rev. H. 
Carrington, or very rev. E. Spooner. 

Bocquet, Roscoe, c.i.e. 

Boddam, gen. Hungerford Meyer, 
served in Burmese war 1852-3, gen. 
1894, I.S.C. ; on U.S. list 1889. 

Boddam, (hon ) Hungerford Tudor, 2 
b. of lt.-gen. Hungerford Meyer Boddam, 
I.S.C. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1880, Alice M., dau. 
of J. O. Griffiths, v q.c. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1872, rec. of Newcastle-und<-r- 
Lyme 1889-96, a judge of high court of 
judicature at Madras from 1896 : Madras. 

Boddam, maj.-gen. Welby Wrough- 
ton ; I.S.C. on u.s. list 1892. 

Boddam- Whetham, John Whetham, 
s. of col. Alex. Boddam (d. 1872), by 
only child (d. 1895) and heir of late maj.- 
gen. John Whetham, of Kirklington Hall, 
Notts ; b. 1843 ; m. 1882, Harriet, 2 dau. 
of J. Manning, of Brisbane House, 
Sydney, N.S.W. ; late 73 foot, assumed 
additl. name of Whetham 1870, and con- 
firmed by royal licence 1884, lord of the 
manors of Kirklington and Hockerton : 
Kirklington Hall, Southwell, Notts. 

Boddington, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. 
Boddington, of Silverdale, Carnforth (d. 
1886) ; b. 1849; m. 1878, Emilv, dau. of 

D. Butterworth, of Eccles, Lanes ; is 
J.P. (1891) Cheshire and Manchester : 
Strangeways Brewery, Manchester. 

Boden. Henry, s. of Hy. Boden, of 
Ednaston. Derbyshire ; b. 1836 ; m. 1866, 
Mary S., dau. ofEdwd. Holden, of Aston 
Hall, co. Derby ; D.L., j.p. Derbyshire : 
Jim. Carlton and Cavalry clubs ; The 
Friary, Derby. 

Boden, Henry Shuttleworth, s. of 
Henry Boden, of the Friary, Derby ; 
b. 1867 ; m. 1892, Madge Helen, dau. of 
J. Blyth, of Ray Cottage, Maidenhead ; 
J.p. (1894) Somerset: Jun. Carlton and 
Pratt's clubs ; The Red House, Sher- 
borne, Dorset. 


Bodkin. Matthias M'Donnell, s. of 
Thos. Bodkin, M.D., F.R.c.s., of Eastland 
House, Tuam, co. Galway ; b. 18 ; m. 
18 , Arabella, dau. of Fras. Norman, of 
Dublin ; Irish barr. 18 , and journalist, 
m.p. (n.). N. Roscommon 1892-5. 

Bodkin, Wm. Peter, only s. of sir Wm. 
Hy. Bodkin, m.p., d.l., j.p., assist. Judge 
for Middlx. (d. 1874); b. 1814; m. 1842, 
Elizabeth, dau. of S. dowser, of Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; D.L., J.p. Middlesex, j.p. 
London : West Hill Place, Highgate, N. 

Bodkin, lady, vide S. W. Silver. 

Bodley, Geo. Fredk., a.r.a., f.s.a., s. 
of W. H. Bodley, M.d. : 41 Gloucester pi. 
Portman sq. W. ; 7 Gray's Inn sq. W.C. ; 
Athenaeum club ; Bridgefoot, Iver.Bvicks. 

Bodmin, archd. of (Truro), vide ven. 
Hy. Houssemayne Du Boulay. 

Bodvel-Roberts, John Hugh, clerk 
of the peace for Carnarvonshire : Cef n-y- 
coed, nr. Carnarvon. 

Body, John, j.p. (1896) Kent: The 
College, Wittersham S.O. Kent. 

Boehm, sir Edgar Collins, 2 bart- 
(1889), only s. of 1 bart., R.A., sculptor 
in ordinary to Her Majesty (d. 1890) : b. 
1869 ; 2 It. Cardigan artill. mil., W. 
divn. r.a. 1889-91: 11 Pont st. S.W.; 
Wellington club ; Bentsbrook, nr. Dor- 
king, Surrey. 

Boevey, vide Crawley-Boevey. 

Bogrer, Walter Deeble, M.A. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Deeble Boger, of Wolsdon, 
Cornwall, J.P., D.L. (d. 1875) ; b. 1832; 
m. 1863, Amelia H., dau. (d. 1887) of Thos. 
Bosworth, of Westerham, Kent ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1857 ; j.p., d.l. Cornwall 
(sheriff 1882): 56 Upper Berkeley st. W.; 
United University club ; Wolsdon, 
Antony, Devonport. 

Bogrgis-Rolfe, Edwd. Fras., eld. s. of 
Fras. Douglass Boggis-Rolfe, of Worm- 
ingford, Essex, j.p. (d. 1895) ; b. 1873 : 



69 St. George's sq. S.W. ; The Grange, 
Worminsrford R.S.O. Essex. 

Bogle, maj.-Ken. Andrew Hugh, in 
Crimea 1855, Indian Mutiny campaign 
1857-8. and Abyssinian ; ret. on pension 
as lt.-col. r.a. (late Bengal). 

Bog'le, rear-adml. Archibald G-eo. 
served in Baltic expdn. 1854-5, China 
1857 and 1862, rear-adml. ret. list 1889. 

Boileau. sir Fras. Geo. Manningham,2 
bart. (1838), V.D., B.a. Cb. Ch. Oxon.. 
F.8.A.; b. 1830 ; to. 1860, Lucy H.eld.dau! 
of sir Geo.Nugent,2 bart. :barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1855, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 3 vol. 
battn. Norfolk regt. 1867-88. D.L., j.p. and 
C.A. for Norfolk, knt. of justice order 
of St. John of Jerusalem : Travellers' 
club ; Ketteringham Park and Tacolne- 
stone Hall and Hethel Hall, Wymond- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Boileau, col. Fras. Vm., c.b. ; served 
as adjt. of rajah Jawahir Singh's contin- 
gent with force under gen. Van Court- 
landt, 1857 ; in 2 Sikh cav. with brig. 
Troup's column, 1858 ; with 12 Bengal 
cav. in Abvssinian campaign 1868 ; 
Afghan war 1878-9 ; 1893, I.S.C. 

Boileau, col. Geo. Wilson, v.d.,f.u.g.s., 
f.r.z.s. ; b. 1822; to. 1850, Fanny E.,dau. 
(d. 1895) of gen.W. Knyvett : lt.-col. ret.f . 
p.Bengnl inf. l861,inIndianMutiny 1857-9, 
lt.-col. commd. 1 vol. battn. Norfolk regt. 
1869-83, hon. col. from 1883, D.L., J.p. 
Norfolk : United Service club ; Catton, 

Boileau. Maurice Colborne, m.a. Oxon, 
eld. survg. s. of sir Fras. Geo. Manning- 
ham Boileau, 2 bart.; 6. 1865 ; D.L., J.P. 
Norfolk : Ketteringham Park, Wymond- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Bolckow, Carl Ferdinand Henry, 
nephew of late H. W. F. Bolckow, M.P. ; 
b. 1835 ; m. 1863, Margaret, dau. of Wm. 
Chambers, of Doncaster ; is D.L., j.p. 
N.R. York, knt. of grace of order of St. 
John of Jerusalem : Marton Hall R.S.O. 

Bolckow, Henry Wm. Ferdinand, eld. 
s. of Carl F. H. Bolckow, of Marton 
Hall, Yorks, d.l., j.p.; b. 1865; m. 1890, 
Bessie M., 3 dau. of sir Raylton Dixon ; 
J.P. N.R. Yorks : West Moor, Marton 
R.S.O. Yorks. 

Bold, mrs. Theresa G. dau. of N. Hart- 
land, of The Oaklands, Charlton King's. 
Glo'stershire : to. 1850,rev.Hugh Bold,of 
Boughrood Castle, Radnorshire, d.l.,j.p. 
(d. 1883) : Boughrood Castle, nr. Llyswen 
R.S.O. Breconshire. 

BoldeuJohnLeonard, M.A.(Trin.colL) 
Cantab, s.'of W. B. Bolden, of Hyning,j 
Carnforth, D.L., J.p. (d.1895) ; 6. 1841 ; to. 

1874, Caroline E., eld. dau. of rev. P. G. 
McDouall, m.a., rect. of Cosgrove, 
Northants; barr. Inner Temple, 1867; 
J.P. Cornwall ; surveyor-gen. and dep.- 
receiver-gen. of the Duchy of Lancaster, 
steward of the honor of Tickhill, of the 
honor and boro' of Clare and of the 
manors of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Ded- 
ham, High Easter and Pleshey : 47 
Arundel gdns. Notting Hill,W. ; Hyning, 

Boldero, lt.-gen. Geo. Neeld, s. of late 
col. Hy. Geo. Boldero, of Hurst Grove, 
Berks, M.P. ; b. 1829 ; to. 1862, Anna M., 
dau. of W. Steuart Trench ; with 21 fus. 
in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma.Inkerman, and 
Sebastopol ; 5 class Medjidie, Sardinian 
military order ; ret. p. 1885 : 20 We>t- 
bourne gdns. Folkestone; United Service 

Boldero, rev. John Simon, M.a. Can- 
tab, eld. 8. of John Boldero, of White 
House Farm, Rattlesdon, Suffolk (d. 
1885) ; b. 1830 ; to. 1859, Emma, dau. of 
J. B. Burrell, of Arthur Seat, Victoria, 
Australia ; vicar from 1866 of Amble- 
cote, Stourbridge. 

Boles. Fras. Jas. Coleridge, 2 s. of 
late rev. J. T. Boles, of Ryll Court, Ex- 
mouth, Devon and Moyge, co. Cork ; 6 
1853 ; to. 1884, Charlotte Annie, 2 dau 
of late W. C. Jones, of The Elms, War 
rington ; j.p. Glamorganshire : Baraset 
House, Alveston, Stratford-on-Avon. 

Bolingrbroke, 5 vise. (1712, fit. B.). 
Henry St. John ; eld. s. of 4 visc.(d.l851) ; 
6.1820; to. 1869, Ellen, dau. {d. 1885) of 
G. Medex, of Brussels : d.l. Wilts : 
White's club ; Lydiard Park,nr.Swindon. 

Bolitho, Thomas Bedford, only a. of 
E. Bolitho, of Trewidden. Cornwall, j.p. 
(d. 1890): b. 1834; to. 1893. Frances J. 
3 dau of Edwd. S. Carus- Wilson, of 
Penmount, Truro ; d.l., j.p. Cornwall 
(sheriff 1884) and Devon ; M.P. (l.U.) W. 
Cornwall from 1887 ; a banker at Pen- 
zance : Union club ; Trewidden, Pen- 
zance ; Green way House, Brixham, S. 
Devon ; Haldon House, Kenn, Exeter. 

Bolitho, Thomas Robins, b.a. Oxon, eld. 
8. of T. S. Bolitho, of Trengwainton, j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1887), by dau. and co-heir of T. 
Robins, t.f Liskeard; b. 1840; to. 1870, 
Augusta J., 3 dau. of late R. B. Wilson, 
of Cliffe Hall, Yorks; J.P., D.L. Corn- 
wall (sheriff 1890) : Athenaeum club ; 
Trengwainton,Heamoor R S.O.Cornwall. 
Bolitho, Wm. Edwd. Thos., eld. s. of 
Wm. Bolitho, of Polwithen, Cornwall 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1862 ; to. 1888, Ethel G. 
dau. of late R. B. M. Macleod, of Cad- 
boll, N.B. ; j.p. Cornwall, capt. Roy. I 


Devon yeom. from 1895 : Carlton club ; 
Prendrea, Penzance. 

Bolland. rev. Hv. m.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
rev.Wm.Bolland, of Swineshead.Lincoln- 
shire and Cheshunt, Herts.; 6. 1829 ; m. 
1863 Maria, dau.of lt.-col. Purton, C.B., of 
Bridgnorth, Salop : J.P. Parts of Lindsey, 
Lines. ; B.D. of Wraggoe Deanery, vicar 
from 1882 of Wragby (with Pantou Rec- 
tory). Lines. 

Bolton. lord (4 baron. 1797,Gt.B.).Wm. 
Thos. Orde-Powlett, eld. s. of 3 baron 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1845 : m. 1868, lady Algitha 
Frederica Mary, dau. of 9 earl of Scar- 
brough ; b. 1847 ; D.L., J.P. and C.C. 
N.R. Yorks, J.P. Hants, maj.(hon. lt.-col. 
1886) Yorks hussars yeomy. from 1881 : 
Carlton, Junior Carlton and Yorkshire 
(York) clubs ; Wensley Hall, Leyburn 
R.S.O. Yorks ; Bolton Hall, Wensley, 
Leyburn R.S.O. Yorkshire ; Hackwood 
Park. Basingstoke. 

Bolton, Alfred Sohier, s. of Thos. 
Bolton, of Edgbaston, Birmingham ; b. 
1827 ; m. 1854, Rebecca Dickenson, dau. 
of Rice Harris, of Edgbaston ; J.P. 
Staffordshire, and c.C, lord of manor of 
Cheadle, Staffs : National Liberal club ; 
Moor Court, nr. Oakamoor, Stoke, Staffs. 

Bolton. Fras. Seddon ; b. 1828 : J.P. 
Warwickshire : 14 Ampton rd. Edgbas- 
ton, Birmingham. 

Bolton. Geo., J. P. (1895) Surrey : 
Thurlaston House, Palace road,Kingston- 

Bolton. H. Hargreaves, 2 s. of late 
Harry Bolton, Colne, Lanes. ; J.P. Lan- 
cashire : Constitutional club ; New- 
church-in-RoPsendale, Lanes. 

Bolton. Hv. Hargreaves. jun., s. of Hy. 
Hargreaves Bolton, of Newchurcb-in- 
Rossendale, Lanes. .J.P. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, 
Florence E., dau.of Thos. Allen, of Thur- 
maston Manor House, Leicestershire ; is 
J.P. (1895) Lancashire : High Brake. 
Huncoat, Accrington, Lanes. 

Bolton, Joseph Cheney; b. 1819 : m. 
1850 ; D.L. Glasgow, d.l., j.p. Stirling- 
shire, J.P. Lanarkshire, M.p. (l.) Stirling- 
shire 1880-92 : Reform and Devonshire 
clubs ; Carbrook, Larbert, Stirlingshire. 

Bolton, maj.-gen. Rt. Hy. ; in Indian 
Mutiny on field service 1857-8, ret. f.p 
1880 as lt.-col. M.S.C. 

Bolton. Thos. eld. s. of Alfred Sohier 
Bolton, if Moor Court, Staffs ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1880, Nina, 3 dau. of Benson Rath- 
bone. Liverpool ; j.p. Staffs : Lightoaks, 
Oakamoor. North Staffs. 

Bolton, Thos. Dolling, s. of James 
Thomas Bolton, of Solihull, Warwick- 
shire ; b. 1841 ; admitted a solicitor 

1866, j.p. (1894) Herefordshire, m.p. 
(l.) N. E. Derbyshire from 1886 : 
3 Temple gardens, E.C., Windham club ; 
Glen Aray. Osborne road, Windsor ; 
Frogmore, Weston-under-Penyard, Ross, 

Bolton, Thos. Hy., only s. of late Thos. 
Bolton, of Canonbury, N. ; b. 1841 ; 
m. 1861, Elizabeth A., dau. of late 
Wm. Wegg ; admitted a solicitor 1869, 
m.p. (l.) N. St. Pancras 1885-6 and 
(L.U.) 1890-5, taxing master, high court 
of justice, from 1896 : 1 Verulam bldgs. 
Gray's Inn, W.C. ; South Binns, Heath- 
field, Sussex. 

Bolton,Walter Hv.. youngest s.of John 

5. Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk (d. 
1889) ; b. 1854 ; J.P. Norfolk : Oulton 
Hall, nr. Aylsham, Norfolk. 

Bolton, lady. Julia, vide Wm. A. 

Bombay, 4 bp. of (1836), rt. rev. 
Louis Geo. Mylne, D.D.. m.a. Oxon ; m. 
1879, Amy F., dau. of G. W. Moultrie, 
of Bombay ; asst. cur. of Moreton, 
Berks, 1867-70, tutor of Keble coll.Oxford, 
1870-76, bp. of Bombay from 1876 : 

Bomford. HenryButler, J.P.Warwick- 
shire : Exhall Court, Alcester, Warwick- 

Bompas, bp., vide Selkirk. 

Bompas, (his honor, judge) Henry 
Mason, q.c., m.a. Cantab, and Lon., 
youngest s. of late C. C. Bompas, serjt.- 
at-law : b. 1836 : m. 1867, Rachel H., eld. 
dau. of rev. Edwd.White, of Tufnell Park, 
N. ; ban-. Inner Temple 1863, Q.c. 1877 : 
rec. of Poole 1882-5. of Plymouth and 
Devonport from 1885, county court 
judge, Bradford (circuit No. 11 and part 
No. 14) from 1896 : 3 Harcourt bldgs. 
E.C. ; Abingdon House, Greenhill rd. 
Hampstead, N.W. 

Bonaparte-Wyse. Lucien Wm.. eld. 
s.of Wm.Chas.Bonaparte-Wyse.of Manor 
of St. John,J.P.(d.'1892) ; 

6. 1868 ; lord of the manor of St. John"s, 
j.p. co. Waterford, capt. Waterford artill. 
mil. (S. divn. r.a.) from 1892 : Piccadilly 
club ; The Manor of St. John's, Water- 

Boncambi. lady Maria, dau. of 9 coun- 
tess of Newburgh ; b. 1825; m. 1851, 
count Frederico Pucci Boncambi of 
Perugia : Rome. 

Bond, bp., vide Montreal. 

Bond, Arthur, J.P. (1877) Wilts. 

Bond, Edwd., M.a. Oxon., eld. s. of 
late Edwd. Bond, of Hampstead, N.W. ; 
b. 1844; fell. Queens coll. Ox. 1869; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, asst. charity 



commr. 1884-91, one of the founders and 
chm. of the East End Dwellings Co., 
M.p. (C.) E. Nottingham from 1895 : Elm 
Bank, Hampstead, N.W. ; Albemarle, 
Athenaeum and Carlton clubs. 

Bond, Edwd. Augustus, C.B., LL.D., 
f.s.a., s. of late rev. John Bond, D.D., of 
Han well, Middlesex; 6.1815; to. 1847, 
Caroline F., dau. of late rev. Richd. 
Harris Barham, rect. of Re. Faith's, 
London, author of the " Ingoldsby 
Legends ; " officer of order of crown of 
Italy, pres. Palaeographical Soc. 1873, 
principal librarian of the British Museum 
1878-88 : 64 Prince's sq. W. ; Athenaeum 

Bond, Frank Walters, J.p. Berks : 
Wargrave Manor, Henley-on-Thames. 

Bond, ma j. -gen. Fredc. Wm., ret. f. p. 
1878 as col. lt.A. (Madras), s. of late col. 
F. Bond, lt.A. (Madras), by Anne, dau. of 
late J. Ross, B.C.3., of Castle Skelbo, 
N.B. ; b. 1820 ; to. 1, 1844, Anne, dau. 
(d. 1893) of late R. Monk ; 2, 1896, A. G. 
Gertrude Tt mperley, youngest dau. of 
late Chas. Maclean Bannerman : 12 Tudor 
road, Upper Norwood, S.E. ; United 
Service club. 

Bond, Geo., j.p. (1895) Derbyshire: 
Barrow Hill, Staveley, Chesterfield. 

Bond, Geo. Morton, eld. s. of Morton 
Bond, of Ashborne, co. Derby ; 6.1845; 
m. 1872, fJara, dau. of Richd. Warner, J.P. 
of Muchall Hall, Staffs ; J.P. Djiby- 
shire : Alrewas House, Ashborne. 

Bond, Gerald Denis, 3 s. of Nathaniel 
Boud, of Creech Grange, Dorset, J. p., 
by 5 dau. of 2 earl of Eldon ; 6. 1869 ; 
J.P. Dorset ; capt. 1 vol. battn. Dorset 
regt. from 1892 : Creeoh Grange, Ware- 

Bond, maj.-gen. Henry, R.A., ret. p. 
1887 as lt.-col. 

Bond, Hy. Coulson, eld. s. of Frank 
Walters Bond, of Wargrave Manor, 
Berks, J. p.; b. 1864 ; to. 1891, Frances E. 
dau. of maj. Bulkeley, of Linden Hill, 
Berks; is j.p. (1896) Carmarthenshire: 
Cefn Bryn, Pembrey R.S.O. Carmarthen- 

Bond, Jas. Willoughby, only survg. s. 
of W. Bond, of Farragh, j.p., d.L. (d. 
1875) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1864, Emma G. C.,dau. 
of W. H. Little, of Llanfair Grange, co. 
Monmouth ; j.p., d.L. co. Longford 
(sheriff 1870) : E'arragh, Longford, Ireland. 

Bond, rev. John, m.a. Oxon, eld. 
survg. s. of late rev. Wm. Bond, canon res. 
of Bristol; b. 1801; vicar of Weston, Bath, 
1825-81, preb. of Wells, 1844-82 ; R.D. of 
Bath, 1864-73 : Tyneham, Wareham, 
Dorset. I 

i Bond, rev. preb. John, M.A. Cantah ; b. 
1841, J.P. Lincolnshire, preb. of Lincoln 
1884, rector of Anderbv, Lincolnshire, 
1865-89 ; vicar from 1889 of Steeple 
ABhton, Trowbridge. 

Bond, rev. John Edwd. Gordon, only 
s. of late col. Edwd. Bond, late 53 and 
39 regts., of Heavitree, Devon ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1878, Helen Mary, dau. of late Henry 
Green, of Bhckwall ; sub-lieut. R.N. ret. 
1873, j.p. Wilts, vicar of Savenake, Wilts, 
1879-89, rect. of Ashmore, Wilts, 1889- 
94, vicar from 1894 of South Newton, 

Bond, John Gregory, eld. survg. s. of 
John Bond, of Pennyburn, Londonderry, 
Irel. (d. 1849), by Sophia, youngest dau. 
of late John Gregory Crump ; of Allan 
Bank, Westmorland ; b. 1839 ; to. 1875, 
Emilia Louisa, dau. and co-heir of late 
Alfred Pett, and widow of C. E. Stanger- 
Leathes : Great wood, Penryn. Cornwall ; 
L'Olivetta, Porto Fino, Ligure, Italy 
Jun. Constitutional and R.T.Y. clubs. 

Bond, John Wentworth Ga'neys, eld. 
s. of Nathaniel Bond, by lady Selina, 
dau. of 2 earl of Eldon; b. 1865; bair. 
Inner Temple 1893, D.L., j.p. Dorset : 
156 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; Wellington and 
Wnite's clubs ; Creech Grange, Ware- 

Bond, Joshua Walter MacGeough, 
eld. s. of late Walter MacGeough Bond, 
of Drumsill and The Argory, co. Armagh; 
b. 1831 ; to. 1856, Albertine L., dau. of 
late F. Shanahan, barr. at law : j.p., d.l. 
co. Armagh (sheriff 1872), M.P. (c.) 
Armagh 1855-7, 1859-65 ; late 49 foot : 
Carlton, Army and Navy, and Kildare St. 
(Dublin) clubs; Drumsill House,Armagh. 

Bond, Nathaniel, eld. s. of rev. canon 
N. Bond, of Creech Grange, Wareham, 
j.p. {d. 1889) ; b. 1840 ; to. 1864, lady 
Selina, dau. {d. 1891) of 2 earl of Eldon ; 
D.L., J.P. Dorset : Carlton club ; Creech 
Grange, Wareham. 

Bond, col. Robt. John, 2 s. of late 
Robt. Bond, of Glenview, co. Tyrone, 
J.P. ; b. 1838 ; to. 1881, Florence Annie, 
dau. of W. B. Eastwood, of Kingswood, 
Surrey ; served in Egyptian war, 1882, 
commdg. R.E. the Curragh 188J-91 ; ret. 
1891 : Naval and Military club ; Moore- 
field, Newbridge, co. Kildare. 

Bond, Wm., only s. of Thos. Bond, of 
Cambridge; b. 1818; to. 1845, Anne, 
dau. of Thos. Hallack, of Cambridge ; 
J.p. and C.A. Cambridgeshire : 3 Brook- 
side, Cambridge ; National Liberal club. 

Bond, Wm., j.p. Essex. 

Bond, maj.-gen.Wm. Dunn, C.B., eld. s. 
of late R. Bond, of Dullerton House and 


Glen view, co.Tyrone, J.P.; b. 1836 ; served 
in Zulu war 1879, Boer war 1881, col. on 
staff at Natal 1884-6, ret. p. 1893 : United 
(service and Army and Navy clubs ; 
Dullerton, Londonderry. 

Bond. Wm. Henry, eld. s. of late 
rev. H. Bond, vicar of South Petherton, 
Somerset; 6.185-2; in. 1878, Mary C. 2 
dau. of late sir H. S. Meysey- 1 hompson. 
1 bart. ; is J.p. (1895) Dorset aud (1896) 
Hants, late It. 1 battn. R. Scots regt. : 
Army and Navy club : Fryern Court, 
Fordingbridge, Hants. 

Bond. Wiiloughby Jas., eld. s. of Jas. 
W. Bond, of tarragh. co. Longford, D.L.. 
J.P. ; b. 1867 ; to. 1892, Mary Rosa K.. 
eld. dau. of capt. Wm. Bond, of Newtown 
Bond, Edgeworthstown ; is J.P. co. 
Longford : Ballygarive, Longford, Irel. 

Bond-Cabbeil, mrs. Evelyn B., nau. 
of late Michael Phillips Grazebrook, of 
Holly Grove, Woicestershire ; . 1883, 
Benjn. Bond Bond-Cabbell, of Cromer 
Hall, Norfolk, D.L., j.p. (d. 1892) : Cromer 
Hall, Norfolk. 

Bond-Cabbell, mrs. Margaret, dau. of 
late Robt. Dewar, Muirbank. Scotland, 
and island of Jamaica ; to. 1837, J. Bond- 
Cabbell (d. 1878) : 14 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; 
Cromer Hall, Cromer, Norfolk. 

Bonham, adml. Chas. Wright, s. of 
Hy. Bonham, m.p., of 45 Portland pi. 
W. (d. 1830); b. 1817; to. 1874, dau. 
of Mashiter Holme, of Lewes cres. 
Brighton ; commd. boat at destruction 
of piratical settlement of Malloodoo, 
Borneo, 1845, present at capture of Lagos, 
ret. capt. 1868 : Montagu Hou^e, Hyde, 
1. of W. ; Army and Navy club. 

Bonham. sir Geo. Frans., 2 bart. 
(1852) ; b. 1847 ; to. 1871, Louisa, dau. of 
rt. hon. sir A. Buchanan, 1 bait., g.c.b.. 
P.c. ; m.a. Oxon, sec.* to embassy at 
Madrid from 1893, j.p. Surrey : British 
Embassy, Madrid : Travellers'. Jun. Carl- 
ton and St. James's clubs ; Knowle Park. 

Bonham, It. -col. Harry Walter Mus- 
grave, eld. s. of col. Hy. Bonham. of 
Carlton Hall, Suffolk; " b. 1852; J.P. 
Herts and Suffolk, late lt.-col. gren. gds. : 
Arthur's club ; Henham Ha 11, Wa no-ford 

Bonham. col. John. 2 s. of rev. John 
Bonhum.of Ballintaggart , co. Kildare, J.P. 
[i. 1876): to. 1870, Mary, 2 dau. (d. 
1891) of Philip Wroughton, of Woolley 
Park, Berks ; j.p. cos. Kildare and Wick- 
low, col. r.a. ret. : United Service and 
Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Ballin- 
taggart, nr. Colbinstown, co. Kildare. 

Bonham-Carter, Alfred, 2 s. of late 
John Bonham-Carter, of Buriton, Hants, 
M.P.. D.L. ; b. 1825 ; to. 1879, Maty H. dau. 
(d. 1893) of late Geo. Warde Norman, of 
Bromley Common, Kent. D.L.: barr. Inner 
Temple, 1858 ; ret. maj. Hants yeorn. 
cav. ; referee of private bills House of 
Commons from 1866 : 3 Courtrield rd. S. 
Kensington, S.W.; Brooks' and Athe- 
naeum clubs. 

Bonham-Carter. John, m.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of J. Bonham-Carter, of Adhurst 
St.Mary, Hants, M.p., D.L., J.P. (d. 1884) ; 
b. 1852; rn.18yi.Maiv Withers, dau. of late 
Thos. Atkinson, of Baltimore, U.S.A.: 
and widow of Algernon Tillard, Clover 
Hill, Maryland. U.S.A.; is D.L.,J. P.Hants : 
Adhurst St. Mary, Petersfield ; Athen- 
aeum aud Oxford and Cambridge clubs. 

Bonham-Carter, Wm., j.p. Hants. 

Bonham-Carter. lion. mrs. Mary.dau. 
of 1 baron Northbrook, b. 1827 ; m. 1864 
as his 2 wife, John Bonham-Carter, of 
Adhurst St. Mary, Hants, m.p., j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1884) : 17 Chesham st. Belgrave 
sq. S.W. 

Bonney, Frederic, s. of late rev.Thos. 
Bonney,of Rugeley ; J.P. Staffs : Colton 
House, Rugeley. 

Bonney, rev. Thos.Geo., Cantab., 
LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.S.A., eld. s. of late 
rev. Thos. Bonney, m.a. of Rugeley, 
Staffs. ; b. 1833 : Prea. G.8. 1884-6, prof, of 
geology, univ. coll. London from 1877, 
hon. canon of Manchester from 1887 : 23 
Denning rd. N.W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Bonnor, col. Richard Maurice-, Bo. 
S.C., eld. s. of very rev. R. B. Maurice- 
Bonnor, dean of St. Asaph 1859-86 (d. 
1889) ; b. 1838 ; J.P. Denbighshire, ret. 
pay as lt.-col. Bo. S.C. : Bryn-y-Gwalia, 
Oswestry ; E. I. United Service club. 

Bonnor-Manrice, Edwd. Arthur, b.a. 
Oxon, 5 s. of late R. M. Bonnor-Maurice, 
of Bodynfoel ; b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Edith 
Jessie, 2 dau. of rev. F. F. Fawkes, of 
Upton park. Bucks ; J.P. Montgomery- 
shire (sheriff 1894) : 28 Upper Hamilton 
terr. NW.; 46 Parliament st.S. W. ; United 
University club ; Bodynfoel, Oswestry. 

Bonsall, vide Hughes-Bonsall. 

Bonsall, Hugh Edwd., 2 s. of John 
Geo. Wm. Bonsall, of Fronfraith, co. 
Cardigan, J.P. ; b. 1863 ; j.p. Cardigan- 
shire, capt. (hon. maj. 1896) Cardigan 
artill. (mil.) W. divn. of r.a. from 1887, 
mstr. of artalL1888-93 : National Conser- 
vative club ; Fronfraith, Aberystwith. 

BonsaU, John Geo. Wm. : b. 1817; m . 
1853, Frances, dau. (d. 1896) of late J. 
Davies, of Galltyllan, Mont. ; j.p. C og. 


Cardigan and Montgomery : Fronfraith, 

Bonsall, mij. John Joseph, eld. s. of 
J. G. W. Bonsall, j.p. ; b. 1854 : m. 1879, 
Emily F., only surviving dau. of late rev. 
J. Hughes, M.A. ; D.L., j.p. Cardigan and 
Montgomery, maj. Cardigan artill. (mil.) 
W. divn. of R. A. 1887-95 : Galltyllan, 
Machynlleth, Mont. 

Bonsall, Thos. Wm, eld. s. of Thos. 
Bonsall, Glan RheidoL j.p.,d.L. (d. 1875) ; 
b. 1851 ; in. 1884, Eleanor I. 2 dau. of 
David Howell, of Craigydon, Aberdovey; 
J.p. cos. Cardigan, Merioneth and Mont- 
gomery : Morben, Machynlleth, Mont. 

Bonser, sir John Winfield, M.A. Can- 
tab., only s. of rev. John Bonser, of Bath ; 
b. 1848 ; m. 18, Bertha M. L. 2 dau. 
{d. 1894) of late John Nanson, of Car- 
lisle ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1872, c.J. of 
the Straits Settlements in 1893, of Cey- 
lon from 1893, knighted 1894 : Colombo. 

Bonsor. Henry Cosmo Orme, s. of late 
Joseph Bonsor, of Polesden, Surrey ; b. 
1848 ; m. 1, 1872, Emily G., dau. (d. 1882) 
of late Jas. Fellowes,of Kingston, Dorset; 
2, 1886, Mabel G, dau. of Jas. Brand, of 
Sanderstead Court, Croydon, j.p. ; one of 
H.M.'sLieutenants for theCity of London, 
a commr. of income tax for the City, a 
co. aldm. for Surrey, a director of Combe 
and Co. Lim. brewers, and of the Bank 
of England; D.L., J.P. Suirey, M.P. (c.) 
N.E. Surrey from 1885 : 38 Belgrave sq. 
S.W.; Carlton, Arthur's, Turf and St. 
Stephen"s clubs ; Kingswood Warren, 
Epsom, Surrey. 

Bontine. hou. mrs. Anne, sis. of 14 
baron Elpuinstone ; b. 1828 ; m. 1851, Wm. 
Cunninghame Bontine, of Gartmore, co. 
Perth, J. p., D.L. {d. 1883) : 39 Chester sq. 

Bonus, maj. -gen. Joseph, R.e. (Bom- 
bay) ; 8. of John B.nus ; 6. 1836 ; m. 1, 
dau. of Wm. Hart, I.C.S. ; 2, 1891 
Marion S., eld. dau. of Prof. R. Stuart 
Poole, ll.d., of the British Museum ; in 
Indian mutinv 1857-8 ; Afghan war 1878- 
9, ret. on pens" 1888 : The Cedars, Walde- 
grave rd. Strawberry Hill, Twicken- 

Boodle. John, eld. s. of John Boodle, 
of Watford, Herts. ; b. 1806 ; m. 1, 1835, 
Margaretta, dau. of J. A. Young, of Gt. 
Ormond st.W.C; 2, 1840, Frances A.,dau. 
of John Griffiths, of Grosvenor st., W. ; 3, 
1876, Catherine S., dau. of Root. Raynes ; 
4, Amelia E., dau. of Jas. McDonald, of 
Hornsey, Middlx. ; J.p. Middlx. : Stan- 
hope House, 21 Hamilton rd. Ealing. 

Booker, Josias Anthony Nussey, D.L., 
J.P. Herefordshire, It. Montgomeryshire 

yeom. 1888-96 : Wessington Court, Wool- 
hope, Hereford. 

Booker, sir Wm. Lane, c.m.g., f.r.g.s., 
s. of late Thos. Booker, London ; b. 1824 ; 
m. 1861, Elizabeth F., dau. of late Gil- 
bert Page, of Moorestown, New Jersey, 
U.S. ; H.M.'s consul at San Francisco, 
1857-83, consul-gen. at New York, 1883- 
94, knighted 1894. 

Booker, mrs. Caroline E., youngest 
dau. of late Robt. Lindsay, of Glanafon, 
Glam. ; m. 1861, Thos. Wm. Booker, of 
Velindra House, Glam., J.P., D.L. (d. 
1887) : Velindra House, Cardiff. 

Boord, sir [Thos.] Wm., 1 bart. (1896) 
v.d., F.S.A., s. of late Joseph Boord, 
Harefield Grove, Uxbridge ; b. 1838 ; m. 
1861, Margaret, dau. of late Thomas 
Mackinlay, F.S.A. ; partner in Boord and 
Son, distillers, capt. 1 Middlx. R.V. 
ret., j.p. Sussex, m.p. (c.) Greenwich 
1873-95 : 14 Berkeley sq. W. ; Carlton 
club ; Wakehurst Place, Hay ward's 

Booth, vide Ha worth-Booth orSclater- 

Booth, adml. Aug. Sinclair ; b. 1820: 
at Acre 1840, in Baltic during Russian 
war of 1854 : ret. 1856. 

Booth, Benjn. Brodie, j.p. Suffolk : 
Plash wood Park, Haughley, Stowmarket, 

Booth, Charles, M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of 
lt.-col. Hy. Booth, k.h.,43 L.I. ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1, 1860, dau. of dr. H. Ebner, of Frank, 
f urt; 2, 1867,Elizabeth,dau. of J.Staveley- 
Shirt,late4K.O.R.,of Wales,Rotherham; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1858 ; j.p.W. R.York : 
United University club. 

Booth, Francis Herbert, eld. s. of rev. 
Herbert Edwd. Booth (d. 1874) ; b. 18: 
m. 1888 ; Dora K., eld. dau. of rev. H. 
Ben well, rect. of Langton, Lines. : Manor 
House, West Ashby, nr. Horncastle. 

Booth, Henry, j.p.(1894) W.R. Yorks : 
Moorfield House, Gildersome, Leeds. 

Booth, sir Henry William Gore-,5 bart. 
(1760) ; 6. 1843 ; m. 1867, Georgina Mary, 
only dau. of late col.Cnas.John Hill,Tick- 
hill Castle ; D.L., j.p. co. Sligo: Carlton 
and Windham clubs ; Lissadel, Carney, 
co. Sligo, Irel. 

Booth, Jas., s. of John Booth, of 
Blackburn; b. 1831; m. 1856, dau. of 
John Shaw, of Accrington ; is J.P. Lan- 
cashire : Jun. Constitutional club ; 
Hazelhurst, Turton, Lanes. 

Booth, Jas., J.P.Warwickshire : Row- 
ington Hall, Warwick. 

Booth, Jas., 3 s. of Jas. Booth, of 
Shipley, Yorks ; b. 1829 ; m.1857, Hannah 
C. dau. of L. Reynolds, of Womersley 



Yorks; J.P. (1894) W.R. Yorks : Spring! 
Hall, Halifax. 

Booth. John Billington ; b. 1820 ; J.P. 
Lancashire : Preston. 

Booth, John Firth, 4 s. of late John 
Booth, of Lees, Lanes. ; b. 1837 ; to. 1872, 
Sarah L. dau. of late Samuel Hollin- 
worth. of Hyde, Cheshire ; J.P. (1894) 
W.R. Yorks: Manor House, Lees.Oldham. 
Booth, Nathan, J.P. (1896) Norfolk: 
Nordelph. Downham. 

Booth, Richard, eld. s. of Jn. Booth, of 
Glendon Hall, Northants, J. P., D.L. (d. 
1848) ; b. 1836 ; to. 1860, Margaret H., 
dau. of J. G. Reeves, of Moseley, Worcs. ; 
j.p.Northants,lord of the manors of Glen- 
don and Barford, and patron of Glendon : 
1 St. Aubyns, Brighton. 

Booth, Thos., J.P. (1895) Derbyshire: 
Learn Hall. Grind leford Bridge, Shef- 

Booth, lt.-col. Tbos. Geo., 4 s. of John 
Booth, of Glendon Hall, Northants, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1848) ; b. 1843 ; to. 1879, Frances 
Jane W., dau. of late Henry Christopher 
Metcalfe, of Hawstead House, Suffolk: 
served in Perak expdn. 1875, Egyptian 
war 1882 ; late (10) N. Lincolnshire regt., 
in army pay dept. from 1878 : Hawstead 
House, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Booth, maj.-gen. Wm., R.A., served in 
Crimea, 1855; ret. p. 1887: Army and 
Navy club. 

Booth, Wm. Charge, v.d.. j.p. and 
c.C. N. R. Yorks, capt. (hon. maj. 18 ) 1 
vol. battn. Yorkshire regt. from 1873 : 
Oran, Catterick R.S.O. Yorks. 

Boothby, sir Brooke, 11 bart. (1660), 
eld. s. of 10 bart. (d. 1865) ; b. 1856 : 2 
sec. in diplomatic service from 1889. 

Boothby, Chas. Edw., grands, of 
sir W. Boothby, 8 bart.. b. 1821 ; m. 1855, 
hon. Georgiana M., dau. of 3 baron Suf- 
field, widow of Geo. Ed. Anson ; J.P. 
Staffordshire : 1 Palmeira sq. Brighton. 
Boothby, Josiah, c.m.g., 6 s. of late 
hon. mr. justice Boothbv, of Adelaide : 6. 
1837 ; m. 1861, Susannah H, dau. of late 
W.J.Lawrence, of Adelaide ; perm. under- 
sec, for S. Australia, l68-80, commr. at 
Paris exhibn. 1878, knt. leg. hon. : Ade- 
laide, S. Australia. 

Boothby, Wm. Robinson, C.M.G., b.a. 
Lond. univ., sheriff of S. Australia from 
1854 : Adelaide. 

Boothby, lady. Martha Serena, dau. 
of rev. Charles Boothby, vicar of Sutter- 
ton, Lincoln ; to. rev. sir Brooke W. R. 
Boothby, 10 bait. (d. 1865) : 5 Stanhope 
pi. Connaught sq. W. 

Boreel, sir Jacob Wm. Gustavus, 10 
bart. (1644), only s. of 9 bart. (d. 1883) ; 

b. 1852 ; to. 1878, Maria C, dau. of baron 
Schimmelpennick Yan der Oye : Meer- 
vliet, Velsen, Holland. 

Boreel. dow.ladv. Margaret J. M. P., 
dau. of lt.-gen. Wm. F. Boreel ; m. 1833, 
cousin sir Wm. Boreel, 9 bart. (d. 1883) : 
Waterland, Yelsen, Holland, and The 

Borg, Raphael, C.M.G., H. M.'s consul 
at Cairo from 1884. 

Boring-don. vise. Edmund Robert 
Parker, eld. s. of 3 earl of Morley ; b. 1877. 
Borlase. misses Lydia Harris and 
Caroline Anne, daus. and co-heirs of 
John Borlase, of Castle Horneck, Corn- 
wall, j.p. (d. 1889) : Castle Homeck, 

Borough, John, only s. of late Wm. 
Borough, of Derby, solicitor; b. 1831; 
m. 1, 1862, dau. (d, 1863) of rev. J. Max- 
well Dunn, of Stapenhill, Derbyshire ; 
2, 1867, dau. of J. Curgenven, of Ply- 
mouth ; is J.P. Derbyshire ; capt. late 
5 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire regt. (Sher- 
wood Foresters) 1866-81 ; registrar of 
dioc. of Southwell : The Cedars, Belper ; 
Diocesan Registry, Derby. 

Borough, John Sidney Burton, eld. 
s. of J. C. B. Borough, of Chetwvnd 
Park, Salop, D.L., J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1852 ; 
to. 1889, Edith F. M. youngest dau. of 
rev. Hy. Gladwyn Jebb, of Kirbeck Hall, 
Yorks ; is J.P. Salop : Carlton club ; 
Chetwynd Park, Newport, Salop. 

Borradaile, rev. Ernest, s. of Geo. 
Borradaile, of Bruges ; 6.1846; to. 1872, 
dau. of Ch. Jas. Gilmour, of Glasgow ; 
is J.P. Wilts : Castle House, Mere, Bath. 
Borradaile, col. Geo. Wm., c.b., r.a. 
(late Bombay); b. 1838 ; served in Egypt 
1882, 3 class Medjidie, a.A.g. Bombay 
1884-9, ret. 1894 on pens. 

Borrer, rev. canon Carey Hampton, 
51. a. Oxon, only s. of late Nathl. Borrer, 
of Pakvns Manor.Sussex, j.p. ; b. 1814 ; m. 
1837, Elizabeth, dau. (d, 1887) of Jas. 
Orr, of Holy wood House,co.Down: treasr. 
from 1879 of Chichester, R D. from 1851, 
preb. from 1869, and rect. from 1841, of 
Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks R.S.O. Sussex. 
Borrer, major Cary Hampton, eld. s. 
of rev. canon C. H. Borrer, M.A., rect. of 
Hurstpierpoint : b. 1838 ; to. 1871, Alice, 
only survg. child of late J. E. Downe ; 
late capt. King's R. rifles; adjt. of 
volunteers 1869-84 ; D.L., J.P. Sussex : 
Navai and Military and St. Stephen's 
clubs ; Hurstpierpoint Grange, Hassocks 
R.S.O. Sussex. 

Borrer, John Hamlyn, only s. of J. 
H. Borrer, of Sunte, nr. Lindfield, Sussex 
(d. 1851): b. 1849 : to. 1883, Kathleen M. 


eld. dau. of lt.-col.Crosbie. of Ballyheigue 
Castle, co. Kerry : j.p. Gloucestershire : 
Angeston Grange, nr. Dursley. 

Borrer, Wm., m.a. Cantab, eld. s. of 
W. Borrer, of Henfield, j.p. (d. 1862): 
b. 1814 ; m. 1840, Margaret, dau. of J. 
H. Borrer, of Brighton ; D.L., j.p. Sussex : 
Brook hill, Cowfold, Horsham. 

Borrer.Wm., jun.,eld. s. of Wm. Borrer, 
Of Cowfold, Sussex, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1846 ; 
to. 1883, Frances Elizabeth, eld. dau. of 
late Wm. Piers Thomas, of Newfound- 
land, and of Michaelstown, Glam. ; J.P. 
Sussex : Athenaeum club ; Pakyns Manor, 
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

Borrett, John, s. of John Borrett, of 
Hickling Hall ; b. 1850 : Ingham Old 
Hall, Norwich. 

Borrett, Thos. Percy, 2 s. of Thos. 
Borrett, of Cransford, Suffolk ; b. 1841 ; 
to. 1889, Jane E., 3 dau. of Robert Ry- 
gate, m.d. of Wellington. N. S. Wales ; 
J.P. Suffolk : 12 Oxford sq. Hyde Park, 
W. ; Jun. Carlton and St. Stephen's 
clubs ; Cupola, Leiston, Saxmundham. 

Borrett, mrs. Ellen, 2 dau. of G. 
Holmes, of Brooke Hall, Norfolk ; m. 
1867, G-eo. Tuthill Borrett, of Crans- 
ford Hall, Suffolk (d. 1892) : Cransford 
Hall, Wickham Market. 

Borrowes, sir Erasmus Dixon, 9 bart. 
(1646) ; b. 1831 ; to. 1, 1851, eld. dau. 
{d. 1886) of brig.-gen. G-. Hutchison ; 
2, 1887, Florence E., dau. of Wm. Rnxton, 
of ArdeeHouse, Ardee,Ireland,vice-lieut. ; 
maj . late 1 3 foot, in Burmese war and 
Indian mutiny, D.L., j.p. co. Kildare, 
sheriff 1873, sheriff Queen's co. 1880 : 
Kildare St. club, Dublin ; Barretstown 
Castle, Ballymore, Eustace, Naas. 

Borrowes, lt.-col. Kildare, eld. s. of sir 
E. D. Borrowes, 9 bart. ; b. 1852 ; m. 1886, 
Julia Aline, youngest dau. of late Wm. 
Holden, of Palace House, Lanes. ; maj. 
11 huss. 1886-95, lt.-col. h.p. 1895, late 
a.d.c. to lord lieut. of Ireland : The 
Seasons, Ballymore Eustace, Naas. 

Borrowes, Robert Higginson, only 8. 
of R. Borrowes, of Gilltown (d. 1850) : b. 
1826 ; to. hon. Louisa (d. 1877), dau. of 3 
baron Kilmaine ; capt. late 13 drag., late 
maj. Kildare mil. ; d.l., j.p. co. Kildare 
(sheriff 1853): Arthur's, Orleans and 
Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs; Gilltown, 
Newbridge, co. Kildare. 

Borthwick, lord (12 baron, 1452, sco.). 
Archibald Patrick Thos. Borthwick, only 
s. of 11 baron (d. 1885); b. 1867 : 2 The 
Albany, W. ; Ravenstone, Whithorn, 
Wigtownsh. N.B. 

Borthwick, John, eld. s. of J. Borth- 
wick, of Crookstone, Midlothian (d. 

1845); b. 1825; to. 1854, Elizabeth M- 
eld. dau. of adm. J. Pringle, Torwoodlee, 
co. Selkirk ; j.p. cos. Midlothian and 
Berwick : Jun. Carlton club ; Crookstone 
House, Heriot, Gorebridge R.S.O. Midlo- 

Borthwick, hon. Oliver Andrew, only 
s. of 1 baron Glenesk ; b. 1873 : 139 
Piccadilly, W. ; Bachelors' club. 

Borthwick, hon. Gabrielle Margaret, 
b. 1866 ; hon. Violet, b. 1871 ; hon. Mary 
Frances, b. 1876, daus. of 11 baron 

Borthwick, (rt. hon.) Harriet A. 
lady, dau. of T. Hermitage Day, of 
Rochester; to. 1865, 11 baron Borth- 
wick (d. 1885) : Ravenstone, Whithorn 
Wigtown, N.B. 

Borton, lady. Caroline, dau. of rev. 
J. F. Close, rector of Morne, co. Down ; 
to. 1850, gen. sir Arthur Borton, g.c.b., 
G.C.m G. ; gov. of Malta 1878-84 {d. 
1893) : 105 Eaton pi. S.W. 

Bosanquet, vide Smith-Bosanquet. 

Bosanquet, lt.-col.Bernard Tindal.eld. 
s. of Jas. W. Bosanquet, of Claysmore, 
Middlx., D.L., J.P. (d. 1877) ; b. 1842; to. 
1874, Eva M., dau. of sir W. J. Rich- 
mond Cotton, city chamberlain ; D.L., 
J.p. Middlx., maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 7 
battn. (mil.) Rifle brig. 1877-95: Con- 
servative club. 

Bosanquet, Chas. Bertie Pulleine,M.A. 
Oxon, eld. s. of rev. R. W. Bosanquet, 
M.A., of Rock Hall, Northumb., j.p. {d. 
1880) : b. 1834 ; to. 1862, Eliza Isabella, 
dau. of late R. Carr-Ellison, of Dunston 
Hill, co. Durham, and Hedgeley, North- 
umb. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1861, J.P. 
Northumberland : Rock Hali, Alnwick. 

Bosanquet, capt. Day Hort, R.N., 3 
s. of rev. Robt.Wm. Bosanquet, of Rock, 
Alnwick, j.p. {d. 1880); b. 1843; to. 
1881, Mary, 3 dau. of col. Thos. Brom- 
head Butt ; j.p. Herefordshire, capt. R.N. 
from 1883 : United Service club 

Bosanquet, Eustace Fulcrand, J.P 
(1896) Wilts. 

Bosanquet, Fredk. Albert, q.c, m.a. 
Cantab., 4 a. of S. R. Bosanquet, of Din- 
gestow Court, co. Monmouth, D.L., j.p. 
{d. 1882) ; b. 1837 ; to. 1, 1871, eld. dau. 
of late J. Curtis Hay ward, of Quedgeley 
House, co. Glo'ster ; 2, 1885, Philippa, 
youngest dau. of late Wm. Bence-Jones, 
of Lisselan, co. Cork ; barr. Inner Temple 
1863 ; bencher 1889 ; Q.c. 1882 ; recorder 
of Worcester 1879-91, of Wolverhampton 
from 1891 ; j.p. co. Monmouth : 12 
Grenville place, S.W. 

Bosanquet, vice-adml. Geo. Stanley, 
3 s. of Saml. R. Bosanquet, of Dingestow 


Court, co. Monmouth ; b. 1835 ; m. 186-1 , 
cousin Caroline S., only dau. (d. 1896) of 
rev. Win. Courthope ; t-erved in Black Sea 
1854, 5 class Medj idie ; at capture of Peiho 
forts 1858-60, and in operations against 
Tae-pings 1862, for which he received a 
gold medal from govt, of China : capt. of 
tne " Northumberland" during Egyptian 
war 1882. 3 class Osmanieh, a.d.C. to the 
Queen 1881-7, on ret. list 1894 : United 
Service club ; Bitchet Wood, Sevenoaks. 

Bosanquet, Henry Anstey, M.A.Ch. 
Ch.Oxon. only s. of Hy.Bosanquet, barr.- 
at-law ; b. 1828 ; m. 1861, Mary Anne, 
youngest dau. of col. Luttrell, of Kilve 
Court, Somerset ; J. P. Somerset : Clan- 
vill'j, Minchead R.S.O., Somerset. 

Bosanquet, Percival, 2 s. of A. H. 
Bosanquet, of Osidge, E. Barnet (d. 
1877] ; b. 1831 ; m. Charlotte Louisa, 3 
dau.. of R. Bevan, of Brighton; is d.l..j.p. 
Herts, j. p. Middlx. : Ponfield, Little 
Berkhampstead. near Hertford. 

Bosanquet, Samuel Courthope, eld. s. 
of S. R. Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court, 
Mon. D.L., j.p. (d. 1882); b. 1832; 
vi. 1862, Mary, 2 dan. of late J. Ark- 
wright, of Hampton Court, Hereford- 
shire : barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1857, D.L., 
J.p. Monmouthshire (chm. quart, sess.): 
National club ; Dingestow Court, Mon- 

Bosanquet, Samuel Ronald Court- 
hope, LL.B. Cantab, eld. s. of Saml. 
Courthope Bosanquet, of Dingestow 
Court, Mon., D.L., j.p. ; 6. 1868 ; j.p. 
Monmouthshire : 3 Harcourt bldg->. 
Temple, E.C. ; National club ; Dingestow 
Court. Monmouth. 

Bosanquet, Theodore, s. of Augus- 
tus Hy. Bosarjquet, of Osidge, East 
Barnet, Herts; b. 1833; . 1867,Merelina 
Laetitia Mary, dau. of Jas. Whatman 
Bosanquet, of Claysraore, Enfield ; in 
Bo.C.S. 1854-80, j.p. Devon : West Down 
House, Bradworthy, Holsworthy. 

Boscawen, vide Griflkh-Boscawen. 

Boscawen, hon. Evelyn Hugh John, 
eld. s. of 7 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1887. 

Boscawen, hon. Geo. Edwd., 2 s. of 7 
vise. Falmouth ; b. 1888. 

Boscawen, hon. Hugh Le Despencer, 
2 s. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1849 ; m. 1872, 
lady Mary, dau. of 6 earl Fitzwilliam. b. 
1844 : j.p. Middlx., D.r,., j.p. co. Wicklow, 
late 1 life gds., It. 1 W. Yorks yeom. 
1883-8 : 20 South st. Park lane', \Y. ; 
Bachelors' club ; Lakeen, Shillelagh. 
co. Wicklow. 

Boscawen, hon. John Richard de 
Clare, 3 s. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; 6. 1860 ; 
m. 1890, lady Margaret F. L., dau. of 2 

earl of Strafford, b. 1860 ; J.P. Cornwall 
(and C.a.) and Kent, capt. (hon. maj. 
1893) 4 battn. (mil.) Oxfordshire L. I. 
1889-95 : 6 Queen Anne st. W. ; Bachelors' 
club ; Tregye, Perranwell R.S.O. Corn- 

Boscawen. hon. Mildmay Thos., 4 s. 
of 7 vise. Falmouthj b. 1892. 

Boscawen, hon. Vere Douglas, 3 s. of 
7 vise. Falmouth; b. 1890. 

Boscawen, hon. Florence, b. 1822 ; 
hon. Gertrude, b. 1825, sisters of 6 vise. 
Falmouth : Flaneswood, Sevenoaks. 

Boscawen. hon. Edith, b. 1851 ; dau. 
of 6 vise. Falmouth : 2 St. James' sq. 
S.W. ; Mereworth Castle. Maidstone. 

Bosisto Joseph. c.M.G. memb. legis- 
assembly, Victoria, pres. of R. commissn. 
for Victoria at the Colonial and Indian 
exhibition, 1886 : Melbourne, Victoria. 

Boston, lord (6 baron 1761, Gt. B.). 
George Florance Irby, eld. s. of 5 baron 
(d. 1877); b. 1860; m. 1890, Cecilia C, 
dau. of late hon. Augustus A. F. Irby, of 
Hillingdon Grove, Uxbridge ; d.l. Angle- 
sey, a lord-in-waiting to the Queen 
1885-6 : Carlton and Travellers' clubs ; 
Hedsor, Maidenhead ; Lligwy, Moelfra, 

Boston, Joseph, eld. s. of Thos. Bos- 
ton, of Yardley, Worcs ; b. 1843 ; m. 
1868, Fanny C. dau. of Wm. Hipkiss, of 
Acock's Green, Worcs ; J.P. Worcester- 
shire : Hamstead Hall, Birmingham. 

Boston (rt. hon.),dow.-lady. Caroline. 
Amelia, eld. dau. of 3 baron de Saumarez ; 
6.1839; m. 1861, as his second wife. 4 
baron Boston (d. 1869) : Villa St. 
Raphael, Tankerton, Whitstable. 

Bosvile, Thos. Bolle. s. of Thos. Bos- 
vile Bosvile, of Ravenfield Park, York, 
D.L. (d. 1877) ; 6. 1859 ; in. 1.1882. Eliza- 
beth M.. only dau. (div. 1885) of lt.-gen. 
Fredc. A. Willis. C.B. ; 2, 1891, Blanche 
H., only dau. of Jas. Bevan Bowen, of 
Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire ; patron of 
1 livng, J.P. W. R. Yorks : Jnn. Carlton 
and Yorkshire (York) clubs : Ravenfield 
Park, nr. Rotherham. 

Bosville, Alex.WentworthMacdonald, 
only child of G. W. B. Bosville, of Thorpe 
and Gunthwaite, Yorks (d. 1865), bv bib. 
of 8 baron Middleton ; b. 1865 ; m. 1886, 
Alice E., 3 dau. of iate John Middleton ; 
J.P. E. R. Y'orks : Boodle's and Picca- 
dilly clubs ; Thorpe Hall, Bridlington. 

Bosville. hon. mrs. Harriet, sis. of 8 
baron Middleton ; b. 1825 ; m. G. W. B. 
Bosville {d. 1865) : Mount St. John, 
Thirsk, Yorks. 



Bosville-Macdonald,hon. Archibald 
Ronald Armidale, 3 s. of 6 baron Mac- 
donald ; b. 1880. 

Bosville-Macdonald, hon. Godfrey 
Evan Hugh, 2 s. of 6 baron Macdonald ; 
b. 1879. 

Bosville-Macdonald, lion. Roland 
Ian, 4 s. of 6 baron Macdonald ; b. 1884. 

Bosville-Macdonald, hon. Soinerled 
Godfrey Jas., eld. s. of 6 baron Mac- 
donald ; b. 1876. 

Bosville-Macdonald,hon. Iona Marie 
Adelaide Hope, dau. of 6 baron Macdon- 
ald ; b. 1886. 

Boswall, vide Houstoun-Boswall, or 
Houstotm-Bos wall-Preston. 

Boswell, John Irvine, m.d Lond., 8. 
of John Alex. Corrie Boswell, I.C.S. ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1884, Ellen E., dau. of Edgar 
Home, of 76 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; is j.p. 
Kent and Bucks : Crawley Grange, 
Newport Pagnell, Bucks. 

Boswell, maj.-gen. John Jas. C.B., in 
Indian mutiny 1857, in Eusofzie expd. 
1858, Hazara 1868, comrnd. 2 Sikh inf. in 

5. Afghanistan 1879, ret. f.p. as lt.-col., 
1885, B.S.C. 

Bosworth. Edwd., j.p. (1895) War- 
wickshire : The Firs, Castle Bromwich, 

Botfleld, vide Garnett-Botlield. 

Bothamley, ven. Hilton, m.a. Can- 
tab., s. of late Tlios. Hilton Bothamlev, 
of Chrvmoion Hill, S.E. ; b. 1837; m. 
1867, Mary, dau. (d. 1895) of late rev. C. 
W. Lawrence, inc. of St. Luke's, Liver- 
pool ; vicar of St. Stephen, Lausdown. 
Bath, from 1881, preb. of Combe, 12th 
in Wells Cath. from 1892, archdn. of 
Bath from 1895 : Richmond Lodge, 
Richmond rd. Bath. 

Bott, Wm. Gibson, l.r.c.P. Edin., 3 s. 
of Joseph Gibson Bott, of Warrington, 
Lanes ; b. 1844 ; m. 1883, Camilla, dau. 
(d. 195) of Wm. Hickinbotham, of 
Kingsland, Middlx ; in J.P. (1894) Lon- 
don: 61 Kennington Park rd. S.U. ; 
National Liberal club. 

Bottomley, Geo., s. of John Bottom- 
ley, of Bradford and Cleckheaton, Yorks ; 

6. 1827 ; m. 1872, Millioent, dau. of Wm. 
Thompson, of Derby; is j.p. (1895) 
Derbyshire and (1890) Derby : 140 
Uttoxeter New rd. Derby. 

Bottomley, Joseph, j.p. (1894) W.R. 
Yorks : 11 Ash grove, Horton, Brad- 
ford, Yorks. 

Boucaut (hon.), Jas. Penn, s. of late 
capt. Boucaut; b. 1831 ; m. 1864, Janet, 
dau. of Alex. McCulloch, of Yongala, 
Princess Royal, Glenelg ; barr. S. Aus- 
tralia 1855, a.g. 1865-6-7, 1872, premier 

1875-6, and 1878, judge of supreme court 
from 1878 : Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Bouch, lady. Margt., dau. of late T. 
Nelson ; m. 1853, sir Thos. Bouch, C.E., 
engineer of bridge over the Tay (d. 1880) : 
24 Norfolk St. Park In. W. 

Boucher, Alfred Rchd. 4 s. of Jas. Geo. 
Boucher, of Sheffield, Hants ; b. 1812; 
m. 1864, Elizabeth S. du. of rev. John 
Hawkins Hext, vicar of King's Teignton, 
Devon; J.P..D.L. Cornwall : Trenean, St. 
Germtns R. S.O.Cornwall. 

Bougrhey, col. Geo. Fletcher Ottley, 
R.E., c.s I., eld. s. of lt.-col. Geo. Fenton 
Fletcher LJoughey (d. 1855) ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1872, Harriet R. M., dau. of col. Wm. 
Stuart Menteth ; served in Bhootan 
expdn. 1865-6, Afghan war 1878-80, late 


Bougrhey, sir Thomas Fletcher, 4 bart. 
(1798). eld. s. of 3 bart. {d. 1880); b. 
1836 ; m. 1864, Sarah Annabella, only 
dau. of H. Littledale, Liscard Hall. 
Cheshire ; J.P. Salop : Carlton club ; 
Willaston Cottage, Nantwich, Cheshire ; 
Aqualate, Newport, Salop. 

Boug-hton, sir Charles Henry Rouse-, 
11 bart. (1641 and 1791), eld. s. of 10 
bart. {d. 1856) ; b. 1825; m. 1852, Mary 
C, dau. (d. 1892) of J. M. Severne, 
Wallop Hall, Salop : ex-lieut. 52 foot, 
D.L., j.p. Salop (sheriff 1860), J.P. cos. 
Worcester and Hereford : J un. United 
Service club ; Downton Hall, Ludlow, 

Boug-hton, Geo. Henry, R.A. (1896), 
a.r.a. (1879): West House, Campden 
Hill road, W. 

Boug-hton, Wm. St. Andrew Rouse-, 
eld. s. of sir C. H. Rouse-Boughton, 11 
bart. ; 6. 1853 ; m. 1878, Eleanor Frances, 
eld. dau. of rev. F. H. Hotham, rector of 
Rushbury, Salop ; J.P. Salop : Fishmore, 
Ludlow, Salop ; Oxford and Cambridge 

Boulnois, Edmd. m.a. Cantab., 5 s. of 
late Wm. Boulnois, of Baker st. W. ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1862, Catherine, eld. dau. of 
late T. J. Bennett, of Marlow, Bucks ; 
D.L., J.p. Middlx., j.p. London : M.p. (C.) 
K Marylebone from 1889 : 39 Grosvenor 
rd. S.W. ; Carlton and New University 

Boultbee. capt. Hy. Townshend, 
s. of J.M. Boultbee, of Springfield,D.L.,j.p. 
(d. I860), by dau. of 2 marq. Townshend ; 
b. 1827; m. 1856, 2 dau. (d. 1885) of late 
sir Willoughby Dixie, 7 bart., and widow 
of C. Goring. M.P. ; 2, 1887, Catharine, 2 
dau. of late Thos. Cradock and widow of 
J. H. Paget : is D.L., J.p. Warwickshire : 
Park House, Warwick. 


Boultbee, miss Susannah, only survg. 
dau. of Thos. Bonltbee. of Gt. Chatwell 
House. Salop. J.P. {d. 1883) : Great Chat- 
well House. Newport. Salop. 

Boulton^ Alfred Ramsden, b. 1808; 
J.P. Lancashire : Harrock Hall. Wigan. 

Boulton. Matthew Ernest, eld. s. of 
M. P. W. Boulton, of Tew Park and 
Haseley Court. Oxon {d. 1894) ; b. 1870 : 
Tew Park, Enstone, Oxon. 

Boulton, Samuel Bagster, Assoc. Inst. 
C.E., s. of rev. Thos. Boulton ; b. 1830 ; 
to. 1855, Sophia L., dau. of Thos. Cooper ; 
D.L.,J.P.Herts,J.p.Middlx.and WestHam ; 
lord of the manor of Totteridge ; v.p. of 
London chamber of commerce ; chm. of 
London Conciliation Board : 64 Cannon 
st. E.C. ; Whitehall and Royal Societies 
clubs ; Copped Hall, Totteridge, Herts. 

Boulton, Wm., j.P. Staffs : Grange 
Cottage, Burslem. 

Boundy. John Edw n, only s. of Aaron 
Boundy, of Heathfield, Glamorgan ; b. 
1845 ;m. 1881, Sarah, d*u. of Cuas. 
Toomer, of Glastonburv. Somerset ; J.P. 
(1894) Glamorgan : Stout Hall, Gower, 

Bourchier, Cecil Edwd., only s. of 
maj. J. J. Bourchier, of Felthorpe Hall. 
Norfolk, J.P. (d. 1886), by dau. of bom 
E. C. Curzon ; b. 1866 ; to. 1891. Kmmeline 
G.. 3 dau. of W. Wyrley Birch ; capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. 1890-3 : 
Bachelors' club ; The Hall, Gt. Plum- 
stead, nr. Norwich. 

Bourchier, lt.-gen. Eustace Fane, 
R.E., c.B., s. of capt. Wm. Bourchier, 
R.N. ; m. 1. dau. of C. S. Pillans, Cape 
Town; 2.widow(d.l882)of Wilmot Seton; 
Kaffir war 1846, brig. maj. and a.a.u. 
of r.e. at Sebastopol, knt. leg. hon., 5 
class Medjidie ; ret. f. p. 1873 as lt.-gen. : 
3 Arlington villas, Brighton. 

Bourohier, maj.-gen. sir Geo. K.C.B., 
R.A.Bengal, s.of late rev. Edw. Bourchier, 
Bramtield, Herts ; b. 1821 ; to. 1. dau. 
of J. G. Lough; 2. dau. (d. 1881) of 
col. Bartleman: in Gwalior campaign 
1843 ; in Indian mutiny 1857 at siege of 
Delhi, relief of Lucknow ; with Bhootan 
field force 1865-6, commd. Loosaie expdn. 
1871-3 ; ret. f. p. of col.: Bramfield Lodge, 
St. Margaret's, Twickenham. 

Bourchier. Henry Jas., eld. s. of J. 
Bourchier. of Baggotstown, co. Limerick. 
J.P. (d. 1885) ; b. 1842; to. 1867, Nina D. 
dau. of rev. J. Leech, D.D., of Mitchels- 
town, co. Cork : Eversleigh. Bandon, 
co. Cork ; Baggotstown, Bruff, coj 

BourdiUon, Edmund D. ; to. 1. 1843, 
Mary, dau. of rev. Joseph Cotterill, 

rector of Blakeney, Norfolk; 2. Maria 
Bolton, widow of Chas.F. Neville- Rolfe 
of Heacham Hall, Norfolk : DinderHouse, 
Dinder. Wells, Somerset. 

Bourinot, John Geo., c.m.g., ll.d., 
d.c.l., lit.d.. s. of late hon. J. Bourinot, 
memb. of senate of Canada, of Jersey, 
Channel Islands ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, 1858.Delia 
Hawke (d. 1860) ; 2. 1866, Emily Alden, 
dau. (tf.1887) of Albert Pilsbury : 3, 1889, 
Isabel, dau. of John Cameron, of Regina, 
N.W. Territories, Canada ; hon. d.c.l. 
Trin. coll., Toronto, of King's Univ.. X. 
Scotia and of Bishop's Univ.. Quebec, 
hon. ll.d. Queen's L'niv., Kingston, 
Canada, Ac, entd. service Canadian Par- 
liament 1870, clerk of the House of 
Commons of Dominion of Canada from 
1880 ; hon. sec. R. Soc. Can. 1882-91. and 
in 1894, v.p. 1892, pres. 1893 ; author of 
" Parliamentary Practice in Canada " 
&c, &c. : Ottawa. 

Bourke. hon.Algernon Henry, 3 s. of 6 
earl of Mayo ; b. 1854: m. 1887, Gwen- 
dolen I. E., dau. of Hans Sloane-Stanley, 
of Paultons, Southampton : 39a. St. 
James' st. S.W. ; Carlton and White's 
clubs : Knebworth Cottage, Knebworth. 

Bourke, ven. Cecil Fredk. Jos., M.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Sackville G. 
Bourke, rect. of Hatherop, Glos (d. 1860); 
b. 1841; rect. and hoD. canon of Truro 
1889-5, archd. of Buckingham from 1895 : 
Hill House, Tar low, Maidenhead. 

Bourke. hon. Charles Fowler, c.B., s. of 
5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1832 : m. 1895. lady 
Albreda M., dau. of 6 earl Fitzwilliam, b. 
1855 ; chm. of general prisons board 
1878-95 : Carlton and Pratt's and Kildare 
St. clubs (Dublin) ; Roseborough, 
Straffan, Kildare. 

Bourke, maj. hon. Edw. Roden, s. of 
5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1835 ; to. dau. of 
maj.-gen. Cliffe Hatch, c.s.1. : mil. sec. to 
gov.-gen. of India (his bro.) 1869-72, 
maj. late 6 drag. ; postmaster-gen. at 
Madras 1872-6 : 25 Gt. Cumberland pi. 
W. ; Carlton, Pratt's, City and Portland 

Bourke, rev. the hon. George Wing- 
field,M. A. Durham, s.of 5 earl of Mayo ; b. 
1829 ; m.l858,MaryH.,eld.dau.of archbp. 
Longley of Canterbury ; chpln. in ordy. 
to the Queen from 1886 ; rect. from 1878 
of Pulborough, Sussex. 

Bourke. hon. Henry Lorton, s. of 5 
earl of Mayo ; 6. 1840 ; D.L. Middx., J.P. 
Surrey, partner in Brunton, Bourke and 
Co., stockbrokers: Carlton, Marlboro' and 
Boodle's clubs ; Milbourne House, Mil- 
bourne lane, Esher, Surrey ; Hayes Beau 
Pare, Ireland. 



Bourke, Isidore McWm. M.A., M.D. 
(Dub.), 3 s. of Isidore Bourke, of Cur- 
mghleagh, co. Mayo (d. 1866) ; b. 1842 ; 
to. 1. eld. dan. (d. 1877) of H. Holland, 
of Hanover House, Middlx. : 2, 18 , 
Marianna, dau. of G. Caruzzi : late 
durg.-maj. ; lord of manors of Rahas- 
saue and Curraghleagh : 40 Redcliffe sq. 
S.W. ; Jun. Army and Navy club ; 
Curraghleagh, Claremorris, co. Mayo ; 
Rahassane Park, Craughwell, Galway. 

Bourke, lt.-gen. hon. John Jocelyn, 
s. of 5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1 823 : in Crimea, 
1854-55 ; knt. of Medjidie, and in Indian 
mutiny, 1857-58, ret. p. 1882 ; D.L., J.P. 
co. Meath : United Service and Carlton 

Bourke, capt. hon. Maurice Archi- 
bald, R.N.. 2 s. of 6 earl of Mayo ; 
b. 1853 : heir pres. to his bro. ; capt. E.N. 
from 1889, extra equerry to duke of 
Saxe Coburg-Gotlia from 1887, asst. 
director of Naval intelligence dept. 
of admiralty, 1890-91 and of torpedoes 
at the admiralty from 1895 : 20 Eaton 
sq. S.W. ; Carlton, White's and Marl- 
borough clubs. 

Bourke, capt. Paget John, served 
with Cape Mounted Rif. in Kaffir war 
1850-1, and 1852-3 in Orange River 
Territory, one of H.M.'s hon. corps of 
gentlemen-at-arms from 1864 : 7 St. 
Edmund's ter. Regent's Park, N.W. 

Bourke, hon. Terence Theobald, 4 s. 
of 6 earl of Mayo; b. 1865; to. 1896, 
Eveline C, dau. of late col. Thos. Wm. 
Haines, of Hasketon Manor, Suffolk, late 
commdg. 4 battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. 

Bourke. lady Florence, b. 1861, dau. 
of 6 earl of Mayo. 

Bourne, vide May-Bourne. 

Bourne, rev. Geo. Drinkwater, m.a. 
Oxon, F.S.A. ; b. 1821 : D.L., J.P. Glo'ster- 
shire and Worcestershire : hon. canon 
of Glo'ster, R.d. Chipping Campden, rect. 
from 1846 of Weston Subedge,Broadway, 
Worcs. : Oxford and Cambridge club. 

Bourne, Gilbert Chas., M.A.Oxon. eld. 
8. of lt.-col. Robt. Bourne, of Cowarne 
Court, Herefordshire, D.L. ; b. 1861 ; to. 
1887, Constance M. G., eld. dau. of sir 
John E. Croft, 2 bart. ; fellow of New 
Coll. Oxford, D.L. Herefordshire, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1896) 4 battn. (mil.) Salop 
L. I. from 1886 : Savile club ; Cowarne 
Court, Ledbury ; Savile House, Oxford. 

Bourne, Henry, s. of Henry T. Bourne, 
of Alford, Lines ; b. 1852 ; w. 1880, 2 
dau. of Wm. O.-tler, of Hull, Yorks ; J.P. 
(1894) parts of Lindsey, Lines : 12 West- 
gate, Louth, Lines. 

Bourne, Jas. Samuel, eld. s. of late J. 
G. Bourne, of Dudley House, Worcs. 
D.L. ; b. 1824 ; m. 1852, Ellen G.,3 dau. 
of late Thos. Yates, Welchpool, co. Mont- 
gomery : Breach Oak, Coventry. 

Bourne, John ; b. 1815 ; to. 1847, 
Ethel, dau. of J. Mason, of Lymington, 
Hants : is D.L., j.p. Staffordshire : Hilder- 
stone Hall, Stone, Staffordshire. 

Bourne, John,jun.eld.s.of Jn. Bourne, 
of Hilderstone Hall, Staffs., D.L., J.P.: 
b. 1850 ; ?. 1881, Helen Margaretta, dau. 
of late C. W. Eaber, D.L., J.P. ; is J.P. 
Staffordshire : The Manor House, 
Hilderstone. Stone, Staffordshire. 

Bourne, John, eld. grands, of John 
Bourne, of Walker Hall, co. Durham, 
D.L. ; b. 1837 ; to. 1873, Sarah M., dau. of 
rev. John Wright, of Sunderland, co. 
Durham ; J.P. Somerset : Eglesfleld, 
Yatton R.S.O. Somerset. 

Bourne, lt.-col. Robert, eld. s. of rev. 
Robert Burr Bourne, late of Donhead St. 
Andrew, Wilts ; to. Anna, youngest dau. 
of late Saml. Baker,ofLypiatt Park,Glou- 
cestershire ; late capt. 54 foot, maj. (hon . 
lt.-col.) 2 Worcestershire vol. 1873-82 ; 
D.L., J.P. Worcestershire, J.P. Here- 
fordshire (sheriff 1890) : Cowarne Court, 
I Ledbury. 

Bourne. Samuel, 3 s. of Thos. Bourne, 
of Mucclestone, Staffs ; b. 1834 ; m. 1867, 
Mary, dau. of A. Tolley,of Nottingham ; 
J.P. (1894) Nottinghamshire ana Not- 
tingham : Brightlands, Clumber rd. east, 
The Park, Nottingham. 

Bourne, Wm. Temple, s. of late Wm. 
Temple Bourne, of Staindrop, co. Dur- 
ham ; b. 1844; to. 1, 1881, Minnie, dau. 
of late Josiah Williams, of Clifton, 
Bristol, J.P. ; 2, 1886, Mary, dau. of late 
Wm. FLsher James, of Kempsey, Wor- 
cestershire ; J.P. Worcestershire : Se- 
bright Lawn, Worcester. 

Bousfield, bp. vide Pretoria. 

Bousfield, Wm., m.a. Oxon. s. of W. 
Bousfield, of Streatham, Surrey ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1870, Blanche Isabel, dau. of lt.- 
col. A. W. Onslow, of Cranley Lodge, 
Cheltenham ; barr. Middle Temple,1868 ; 
J.P. Middlx. and London ; memb. of 
London School board 1882-8 : 20 Hyde 
Park gate. S.W. ; Athenaeum and Bur- 
lington Fine Arts clubs: Great Book- 
ham, Surrey. 

Bousfield, Wm. Robt., q.c, m.a. 
Cantab, Assoc, inst. C.E., eld. s. of Edwd. 
Tenney Bousfield, of Bedford ; b. 1854 ; 
to. 1879, Florence, dau. of Geo. Kelly, of 
Shanklin, I. of W. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1880, Q.C. 1891, m.p. (c.) N. Hackney from 
1892 : St. Swithins, Hendon, Middlx. ; 2 


Crown Office row, Temple, E.C. ; Carlton 

Boustead, John, F.R.G.S., J.P. Cumber- 
land : 15 Princes gate, S.W. ; 31 Craven 
st. W.C. 

Boustead, Warwick Pearson, m.a. 
Cantab, only s. of late J. Boustead. of 
Settlebeck ; b. 1833 : J.P. W. R. Yorks : 
Settlebeck, Sedbergh, Yorks. 

Bouth, 'Fredk. Wm. D. ; 6. 1835 : J.P. 
Lancashire : Woodfields Leigh, Lanes. 

Bouverie, vide Pleydell-Bouverie. 

Bouveriej Henry Hales Pleydell, eld. 
8. of P. Plevdell Bouverie, of Brymore. 
Somerset. D.'l., J.P. (d. 1890); b. 1848; 
D.L.. J.P. Somerset ; capt. (hon. maj. 1886] 
W. Somerset yeom. 1876-86 : 1 Pall Mall 
east, S.W. ; 32 Hill st. W. ; Brymore, 
Cannington, Bridgwater. 

Bouverie-Pusey, Sidney Edwd. s. of 
P. Pusey of Pusey, M.p. (d. 1855). by dan. 
of 2 earl of Carnarvon ;b. 1839; m. 1.18/ 1, 
Wilhelmina It, dau. {d. 1885) of lord 
Wm. Hervey c.B. ; 2, 1890, Helen H., 
dau. of late Patrick Grant, and widow of 
rt. hon. W. N. Massey, M.P. : 18 Bryanston 
st. W. ; Athenaeum and National Liberal 
clubs ; Pusey House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Bouwens, It. -col. Lambart Hy., eld. 
survg. s. of late rev. Theodore Bouwens, 
rect. of Stoke Hamond, Bucks, and preb. 
of Lincoln (d. 1869), by Lady Julia, bib. 
of 8 earl of Cavan ; b. 1843: m. 1882, 
Charlotte, dau. of late Wm. F. Bethell, 
of Rise Park, Yorks ; J.P. Bucks : Naval 
and Military club ; Fingest Grove. High 

Bouwens, lady Julia, sis. of 8 earl of 
Cavan ; m. 1841, rev. Theo. Bouwens 
rect of Stoke Hamond. Bucks, and preb. 
of Lincoln (d. 1869) : The White House, 
Littleton, Staines. 

Bovill, Chas. A.,s. of B. S. Bovill ; b. 
1853 ; m. 1886, hon. Pe*nelope Magdalen, 
3 dau. of 1 baron Basing : Hoddington, 
Winchfield, Hants. 

Bovill, lady. Anna, younger dau. of 
rev. J. Tahourdin White, D.o.. rector of 
St. Martin's, Ludgate, B.C. ; m. 1876, 
sir Elliot Chas. Bovill. c.J. of supreme 
court of Cvprus 1883-92, of Straits 
Settlements, 1892-3 (d. 1893) : 19 Abing- 
don mansions, Abingdon rd. Kensington, 

Bovill, lady. Maria, eld. dau. of late 
J. H. Bolton, Lee Park, Blackheath ; m. 
1844, rt. hon. sir Wm. Bovill {d. 1873), 
L.C.J. of common pleas 1866-73 : 65 On- 
slow gdns., S.W. 

Boville, Edw. Clarke, J.P. co. Durham 
and Middlx. : Grove Park Lodge, Bolton 
rd. Chiswick, Middlx. 

Bowden, ride Cornish-Bowden. 

Bowden-Smith, Henry, s. of late 
Nathaniel Bowden-Smith, of Brocken- 
hursr, j.p.; b. 1834; J.P.Hants: Black 
Knoll, Brockeuhurst, Hants. 

Bowden-Smith. vice-adml. Nathaniel, 
f.r.g.s., s. of Nathl. Bowden-Smith, of 
Brockenhurst, Hants; b. 1838 ; m. 1873, 
Emily Cecilia, dan. of Geo. G. Sandeman, 
or We-tfield. H ayling ; served in Bur- 
mese war, 1852-3, Baltic, 1854-5, China 
war, 1858-9, at attack on Taku forts ; 
one of the British delegates at maritime 
conference at Washington, commdr.-in- 
chief on Australian station 1892-4 : 16 
Queen's Gate ter. S.W. ; United Service 
and Wellington clubs. 

Bowdon. vide Butler-Bowdon. 

Bowell, hon. sir Mackenzie. K.C.M.G., 
F.R.C.I., 8. of John Bowell; b. 1823; m. 
1*47. Harriett L., dau. of J. G. Moore, of 
Belleville, Ont. Canada ; p.c. Canada 
1878, and min. of customs, min. of mil. 
and defence 1892, of trade and commerce 
1892. prim. min. 1894-6 : Ottawa, Canada. 

Bowen. rev.Arthur Jas. B.A.Cantab ; b, 
1839 ; I. P. Pembrokeshire : Troedyraur, 
Newcastle Emlyn. 

Bowen. rev. Chas. Jas.. M.a. Cantab, 
J.P. Lincolnshire, rect. from 1881 of 
Wroot, Doncaster : Tyddyn, nr. Llanid- 
loes, Montgomeryshire. 

Bowen, Eynon Geo. Rice, eld. s. of 
rev. An hur Jas. Bowen, of Troedyraur, 
co. Cardigan, j.p. ; b. 1864 ; j.p. Cardigan- 
shire : Troedyraur, Newcastle Emlyn. 

Bowen. Geo., s. of John Bowen, of 
Cefn Mawr. co. Denbigh; b. 1838; m. 
1860, Amy. dau. of Mathew Gerrard, 
of Warrington, Lanes ; is j.p. (1896) 
Cheshire : George st. Altrincham, 

Bowen, Geo. Be van, only survg. 8. of 
J. Bevan Bowen, of Llwyngwair, co. 
Pembroke, J.P. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1882, 
Florence E., only survg. dau. of late 
dep.-surg.-gen. Fredk. Corbyn, H. M.'s 
Indian service ; J.P. Pembrokeshire and 
Cardiganshire ; It. Pembroke yeom. 
1880-5 : Stradmore, Llandyssil, co. Car- 

Bowen, maj. -gen. Geo. Bligh, commd. 
detachment against rebel Karens in Bur- 
mah 1857 : ret. f. p. 1879 as lt.-col. M.S.C. 

Bowen, rt. hon. sir Geo. Ferguson 
p.c, g.c.m.g., hon. d.c.l. Oxon., hon. ll.d. 
Cantab, s. of rev. Edwd. Bowen, Taugh- 
boyne, Donegal; b. 1821; m. 1, 1856, 
Diamantina, only dau. {d. 1893) of count 
Candiano Roma, g.c.m.g.. formerly pres. 
of Ionian senate : 2, 1896, dau. of late rev. 
Thos.Luby, D.p., and widow of rev. Henry 


White, M.A. Oxon., fell, of Brasenose; 
chief sec. to govt, of Ionian islands 
1854-9, gov. of Queensland 1859-68, N. 
Zealand 1868-73, Victoria 1873-9, Mauri- 
tius 1879-83, Hong Kong 1883-7, Roy. 
commr. to arrange about the new con- 
stitution of Malta 1888, author of 
" Ithaca in 1850," "Mt. Athos, Thessaly 
and Epirus," " Thirty Years of Colonial 
Govt.," &c. : 16 Lowndes st. Belgrave sq. 
S.W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Bowen, Geo. Wm. Howard, only s. of 
rt. hon. sir Geo. F. Bowen, g.C.m.g., P.C. ; 
b. 1864 ; m. 1896, Gertrude, younger dau. 
of Richd. Chamberlain; is J. P. (1896) 
Cambridgeshire: Travellers' andWelling- 
ton clubs ; Ickleton, Gt. Chesterford, 

Bowen, Hy. Chas. Cole, m.a. Dublin, 
eld. s. of Root. St. John Cole Bowen, of 
Bowen's Court, co. Cork, J.P. {d. 1888) : 
b. 1862; to. 1890, Florence I. dau. of 
late Hy. Fitz George Colley, of Mount 
Temple, co. Dublin ; Irish barr. 1887, 
J.P. co. Cork : Bowen's Court, Mallow, 
co. Cork. 

Bowen, Jas. Benjn., 2 s. of Benjn. 
Bowen, of Chipping Norton, Oxon ; b. 
1836 ; to. 1868, 3 dau. of Jas. Swiney, of 
Ratnsgate, Kent ; J. p. Oxon : High st. 
Chipping Norton, Oxon. 

Bowen, Jas. Bevan, M.A. Oxon, s. of 
late Geo. Bowen, of Llwyngwair (d. 1856); 
b. 1828; to. 1857, Harriette, dau. of 
late rev. J. Standly, Southoe, Hunts : 
barr. Inner Temple 1856 ; J. P., D.L. cos. 
Carmarthen and Pembroke (sheriff 1862 
and county aldm. 1888-94), J.P. co. Cardi- 
gan ; M.p. (c.) Pembrokeshire 1866-8, 
1876-80 : Llwyngwair, Newport, Pem- 

Bowen, John, j.p. "Worcestershire : 
Rochford, Strencham rd. Moseley, 

Bowen, Thomas Edward, s. of J. W. 
Bowen, Q.c.,of Plas-y-Bridell, Pembroke- 
shire, D.L., J.P. {d. 1888) : b. 1860 ; J.P. 

Bowen, Wm. Chas., J.P. (1894) Car- 

Bowen, maj.-gen.Wm. Thos., served 
in S. Mahratta country 1844-5, and with 
Persian expdy. field force, ret. f. p. 1879 
as lt.-col. B.S.C. 

Bowen, (rt. hon.) lady. Emily F. dau. 
Of late J. M. Rendel, f.r.s. ; to. 1862, 
baron Bowen, P C. (life peer), a lord of 
appeal 1893-4 {d. 1894) : 13 Prince's 
gdns. Kensington, S.W. 

Bowen-Jones, John, s. of John Jones, 
of Eaton House, Tottenham ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1863, Elizabeth M., dau. of Evan Bowen, 

of Ensdon House, Salop ; is j.p. Salop 
and chm. C.C. : National Conservative 
club ; Ensdon House, Montford Bridge, 

Bower, Edmund Ernest Nott, 3 a. of 
late John Bower, D.C.L. Oxon., barr.-at- 
law, of York ; b 1853 ; to. 1886, Louisa, 
dau. of late capt. Jas. Chas. Yorke, 5 
drag, gds., of Gwernant, co. Cardigan ; 
asst. sec. to board of iuland revenue from 
1895 : 5 Dynevor gdns. Richmond, 
Surrey ; Somerset House, W.C. 

Bower, capt. Edmund Thos. drivers, 
eld. s. of Edwd. Chivers Bower, of Brox- 
holme,Yorks, D.L.. J.P. (tf.1896) ; b. 1859 ; 
to. 1892, Elizabeth W. M., only dau. of 
late gen. sir Chas. Trollope, K.C.B. ; capt. 
Oxfordshire L. I. 1886-95, asst. insp. of 
signalling 1889-94, ret. 1895 : Carlton, and 
Naval and Military clubs ; Broxholme, 
Scarborough, Yorks. 

Bower, Frederick, j.p. Sussex: b. 1827: 
9 Kensington Palace gdns. W. 

Bower,capt.sir Graham John,K.c.M.O., 
R.N., s. of adml. James Paterson Bower 
(d. 1889) and grands, of Graham Bower, 
of Kincaldrum, Angus ; b. 1848 ; to. 1882, 
Maude, dau. of J. F. Mitchell, of Ethara, 
Sydney, New South Wales ; ret. commdr. 
R.N. 1884, corresp. memb. R. United Ser- 
vice Inst., sec. to H.M.'s high commissr 
for S. Africa from 1880: Cape Town; 
Constitutional and White's clubs. 

Bower, Henry Syndercombe, b. 1839 ; 
j.p. Dorset : Fontmell Parva, Blandford 

Bower, Herbert M., j.p. (1890) W. R. 
Yorks and Liberty of Ripon, capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) York and Lancaster regt. from 
1894 : United University club; Elmcrofts, 

Bower, col. John, 3 s. of late Graham 
Bower, of Kincaldrum, co. Forfar ; b. 
1809 ; to. 1856, Mary, dau. of late Richd. 
Heaviside, King's drag. gd g . : j.p. Hants : 
Studwell Lodge,D rox f ord,Bishop's Walt- 

Bower, ca pt . j hn Wm. Nott, p. of late 
John Bowe r> D .c.L., of York ; b. 1849 ; 
to. 1889, Florence, dau. of Reginald Har- 
rison, v.p. r.cs., 6 Lower Berkeley st. 
W. ; chief constable of Liverpool from 
1881 : Gamblesby, Sefton Park, and 
office, Dale st. Liverpool. 

Bower, capt. Robt. Lister, C.M.G., 
served in Egyptian war 1882, Soudan 
expdn. 1884, "Nile expdn. 1884-5, capt. 
K. R. Rif. C, ret. p. 1891, capt. 7 battn. 
(mil). K. R. R. C. from 1891, resident at 
Ibadan, Lagos, from 1892. 

Bower, capt. Thos. Bowyer, eld. s. of 
Thos. Bowyer Bower, of Iwerne, Dorset, 
J.P. (d. 1868) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1861, Bessie A. 



dau. of W. Russell, of Eavensworth, 
Australia; J.P. Dorset, late 73 foot: 
21 Collingham rd. S.W. ; Naval and 
Military, Cavalry, and Raleigh clubs. 

Bowers. Win. Eli, only s. of late Wm. 
Bowers, of Hare wood Park, Cheadle, 
Staffs; 6. 18G1 ; to. 1885. Alice, dau. of 
Chas. J. Blagg, of Cheadle, Staffs ; J.P. 
Staffs : Caverswall Castle, nr. Stoke-on- 

Bowes, baron, vide Strathmore. 

Bowes, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. Bowes, of 
Workington, Cumberland ; b. 1824 ; J.P. 
Cumberland : Workington. 

Bowes, Richard, s. of late Geo. Bowes, 
of Darlington ; b. 1859 : to. 1892. Blanche, 
eld. dau. of Ernst Bunge, of Havre, 
France : Monkend Hall, Croft, Yorks. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Alexander Fras., 
3 s. of lord Glamis ; b. 1887. 

Bowes-Lyon. hon. Fergus, 4 s. of 
lord Glamis ; b. 1889. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Francis, 2 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1856 ; to. 1883, 
lady Anne Katharine Sybil, dau. of 25 
earl of Crawford and Balearres ; b. 1859: 
col. commdt. 2 vol. battn. R. Highrs. 
1877-92 ; d.L. Forfar, J.P. Northumber- 
land : Carlton and Bachelors' clubs ; Rid- 
ley Hall, Bardon Mill, Carlisle. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Herbert, 4 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1860 ; D.L. For- 
farshire : Members Mansions, Victoria 
at. S.W. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. John Herbert. 2 
s. of lord Glamis : b. 1886. 

Bowes-Lyon. hon. Kenneth, 6 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1867. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Malcolm, 7 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1874 ; 2 It. 2 life 
gds. from 1895. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Michael Claude 
Hamilton, 5 s. of lord, Glamis ; b. 1893. 

Bowes - Lyon, hon. Patrick, b.a. 
Cantab., 5 s. of 13 earl of Strathmore ; b. 
1863 ; to. 1893, Miss Wilshire, ward of 
late capt. and Mrs. Arthur Lister Kaye ; 
served in r.n. 1877-80, barr. Inner Tem- 
ple 1889. d.l. co. Forfar : 52 Onslow 
gdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Wellington 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Patrick (master 
of Glamis), eld. s. of lord Glamis : b 

Bowes-Lyon, lady Maud Agnes, b. 
1870 ; dau. of 13 earl of Strathmore. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. mrs. Ernest. 
Issobel Hester, 3 dau. of late Harvey 
Drummond, of Iping, Kent: m. 1882, 
hon. Ernest Bowes-Lyon (d. 1891), 3 s. of 
13 earl of Strathmore": 12 Eaton ter. S.W. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Mary Frances, b. 
1883; hon. Rose Constance, b. 1890; 
daus. of lord Glamis. 

Bowie, maj.-gen. Chas. Vincent, r.a. 
(Bengal), a.d.c. to gov. gen. of India 
(marquis of Dalhousie, K.T.) 1849-56, 
a.d.c. and mily. sec. to viceroy of India 
1856-62, earl Canning, K.G., throughout 
Sutlej and Punjab campaigns 1845-6-8 ; 
at Moodkee, Ferozeshah and Sobraon ; 
in Punjab campaign 1848, at Peshawur, 
prisoner of war to Afghans and Sikhs, 
1848-9 ; ret f. p. as lt.-col. ; J.P. : 19 Ben- 
nett st. Bath. 

Bowker, John, eld. s. of Ellis Bowker, 
of Radcliffe, Lanes ; 6. 1837 ; m. 1861, 
dau. of Roger Taylor, of Outwood,Lancs ; 
J.P. (1892) Lancashire : Derby rd. Black- 
pool ; The Park, Eecles, Lanes. 

Bowlby, Edward Salvin, m.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of late E. Bowlby, 4th King's Own 
regt.;6. 1830; to. 1, 1861, youngest dau. 
of J. Rimington, of Broomhead Hall, co. 
York; 2, 1880, Elisabeth, eld. dau. of 
R. Vans-Agnew, of Barnbarrock and 
Sheuchan, co. Wigtown ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1857, sue. his uncle, the late W. 
Hodgson, of Gilston Park, Herts, in 
1886, d.l., J.P. Herts (sheriff 1895) : 56 
Lowndes sq. S.W.; Gilston Park, Har- 
low, Herts : Knoydart, Inverness-shire. 

Bowler, Wm. Anthony, eld. s. of 
Win. Bowler, of Colchester ; b. 1819 ; to. 
1854, Martha (d. 1887), widow of Edwd. 
Byles, and dau. of Saml. Syred, of Hoo, 
Wickham Market ; J.P. Brecknockshire. 

Bowles, Chas. Eyre Bradshaw, m.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Chas. Bradshaw 
Bowles, of Abney Manor, co. Derby, 
vicar of Woking, Surrey (d. 1885), by 
Mary, dau. of adml. sir Geo. Eyre, k.c.b., 
k.c.m.g. ; 6. 1848; m. 1878. Chirl>tte, 
sole dau. of Burton Borough, of Chet- 
wynd Park, Salop, d.l., J.P. ; is j.p. 
Derbyshire : Abney Manor, via Sheffield ; 
Northwood, Buxton. 

Bowles, Chas. John, 2 s. of late Wm. 
Bowles, of Ashby-de-la-Zouc', Leicester- 
shire ; b. 1848 ; to. 1877, 2 dau. of W. 
Moulds, of Leicester; is j.p. (1895) 
Leicestershire : Loughborough rd. Lei- 

Bowles. Henry Carington Bowles, 
D.L., j.p. Middlx. : Myddelton House, 
Waltham Cross, Herts. 

Bowles, ma]. Henrv Ferrvman, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of H. C. B. Bowles, of 
Myddekou House. Middlx., J.l'. ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1889, Dolly, dau. of J. L. Broughton, 
of Tunstal, Salop ; barr. Inner Temple 
1883, maj. 7 battn. (mil.) Rif. brig, from 
1894, j.p. Middlx., m.p. (c.) Middlesex 


(Enfield dim.) from 1889 : 27 Chester sq. 
S.W.: Myddelton House, Waltuam Cross. 

Bowles, Robt. Leamon, M.D. St. 
Andrews, f.r.c.P. Lon. : j.p. Kent: 16 
Upper Brook st. W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Bowles. Thos. Gibson ; 6. 1842 ; m. 
1876. J ssic.i. dau. (d. 1887) of gen. Evans 
Gordon, of Kenmure ; clerk in Inland 
Revenue dept. 1860-8, founded Vanity 
Fair 1868 ; unpaid correspondent of 
Morning Post throughout siege of Paris 
1870-1 ; in Turkey 1878 with late duke 
of Sutherland, concerned in est. of 
Stafford House com. for relieving suffer- 
ing Turks. 2 class Medjidie ; hon. It. 
naval reserve ; M.P. (c.) King's Lynn 
from 1892 : 25 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; Carl- 
ton club. 

Bowles, Thos. John, eld. s. of John 
Samuel Bowles of Milton Hill, Berks, 
D.L.. J.P. (d. 1884) ; b. 1852 ; J.P. Berus, 
lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Berks regt. from 
1894 : United University club. 

Bowles, lt.-gen. Vere Hunt, with 63 
foot in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma,Balaklava, 
Sebastopol, Kertch and Kinbourn, ret. p. 

Bowly, Christopher, s. of Wm. Crotch 
Bowly, of Cirencester ; b. 1837 ; to. 1, 
dau. of Algernon Peckover. Sibalds 
Holme, Wisbech ; 2, 1874, Sarah Aldam, 
dau. of late Wm. Backhouse, St. John's 
Wolsingham, Durham ; j.p. Glo'ster- 
shire : Siddington House, Cirencester. 

Bowly, Frank, only s. of late Wm. 
Bowly, of Birmingham ; b. 1838 ; m. 
1877, "Eliza L. dau. of late Geo. Gibbins, 
of Birmingham ; j.p. (1894) Oxfordshire : 
Charlbury S.O. Oxon. 

Bowman, John, j.p. (1896) co. Dur- 
ham : Westoe, South Shields, co.Durham. 

Bowman, Robt. Moore, only survg. s. 
of late Jas. M. Bowman, of Ripon, Yorks ; 
to. 1852, Sarah Jane, dau. of late rev. 
canon Sutton, of Fulford, York ; is J.P. 
(18'.6) W. R. Yorks.: 8 Park st. Ripon. 

Bowman, sir Wm. Paget, 2 bart. 
(1884), m.a.. Oxon., eld. s. of 1 bart., 

M.D., LL.D., F.U.8., F.L.8. (d. 1892) ; 6. 

1845 ; to. 1870, Emily F., dau. of capt. 
W. Swabey, late R.H.a. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1870, registrar,Corporation of the 
Soiib of the Clergy, and treas. Cholmon- 
deley charities : 2 Bloomsbury pi. W.C. 

Bowman, dow. lady. Harriet, dau. 
of Tho*. Paget, of Leicester ; to. 1842, sir 
Wm. Bowman, 1 bart., LL.D., M.D., f.r.s. 
{d. 1892) : Joldwynds, Dorking. 

Bowmont, marq.of (title which would 
be borne by eld. 8., if any living, of duke 
Of Roxburjbe). 

Bo wring: , Edgar Alfred, C.B., s. of sir 
John Bowring, LL.D. ; b. 1826 ; w. 1, dau. 
of T. Cubitt, Denbies ; 2, dau. of L. 
Cubitt, Brighton : M.P. (L.) Exeter 
1868-74 : 30 Eaton pi. S.W. ; 5 Lewes 
cres. Brighton. 

Bowring:, Lewin Bentham, c.S.L, 3 s. 
of sir John Bowring, ll.d. (d. 1872) ; 
b. 1824 ; m. 1, dau. of adm. hon. sir John 
Talbot, g.c.b. ; 2, Katharine, dau. of late 
mr. serjeant Bellasis : B.C.S. 1843-70; for- 
merly pri v. sec. to viceroy (earl Canning), 
and chief commr. of Mysore and Coorg ; 
J.P. Devon : E. I. United Service club. 

Bowring:, lady. dau. of Thomas 
Castle, Clifton ; to. 1860, as his 2 wife, sir 
John Bowring, ll.d., f.ii.r., j.p. (d. 1872), 
env. and min. plen. to China : 7 Baring 
cresct. Exeter. 

BowTing", mrs. Mary, eld. dau. of late 
Chas. J. Furlonger ; to. 1866, as his 2 
wife, John Chas. Bowring, of Forest 
Farm, Berks, j.p. (d. 1893) : Forest Farm, 
Cranbourne, Windsor 

Bowyear, vice-adml. Geo. Le Geyt 
O.B. ; b. 1817 : in Black Sea 1854-5 ; knt. 
leg. hon. and 5 class Medjidie ; ret. 1870 : 
United Service club. 

Bowyer, Edwd. Went worth. 2 a. of 
ree.W. H.Wentworth Bowyer {d. 1872); 
b. 1862 ; to. 1895, hon. Georgiana H., 
dau. of 1 vise. Cross, g.c.b., g.c.s.i., p.c. 

Bowyer, sir Geo. Hy. 9 bart. (1st cr. 
1660, of Denham Court, Bucks, and 5 
bart., 2nd cr. 1791, of Radley, Berks), 
nephew of 8 bart. (d. 1893) ; b. 1870 ; 
It. 4 battn. (mil.) Cheshire regt. from 
1891 : 1 Clarendon cres. Leamington. 

Bowyer, lady. Ellen S., dau. of Shir- 
ley F. Woolmer, barr.-at-law, of Gros- 
venor pi. S.W. ; to. 1857, sir Wm. 
Bowyer, 8 bart. of Denham and 4 of 
Radley (d. 1893) : 25 Park cres. Brighton. 

Boxer, maj .-gen. Edwd. Mounier, R.A., 
f.r.s.; to. 1843, Eleanor, youngest dau. 
(d. 1885) of col. Payne, B.A.; ret. f. p. 
1869 as col. : Upton, nr. Ryde, I. of W.; 
Athenaeum club. 

Boyce, Geo., s. of John Pierce Boyce, 
of Chertsey, Surrey ; 6. 1832 ; to. 1862, 
Anne Ogden, dau. of Wm. Brown, of N. 
Shields ; j.p. and c.a. Surrey : Chertsey. 

Boycott, vide Wight-Boycott. 

Boyd, Alex. Chas., ll.b. Cantab, only 
s. of Alex. Fielding Boyd, C.M.G., late 
treas. gen. of Ionian Islands ; b. 1852 ; 
to. Francis Elphinstone, dau. of Thom- 
son Boyd, of Edinburgh ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1875, j.p. Cheshire : 28 Lowndes 
sq. S.W. ; New University club ; The 
Lakes, Dukinfield, Cheshire. 


J 78 

Boyd, gen. Brooke ; perved against 
the Bheels in Malwa 1836, in Sutlej 
campaign 1846. Burmese war 1852-3, 
Bundlecund 1858, gen. Bengal inf. from 

Boyd, lt-col. Chas. Purvis, youngest 
and only survg. s. of Archibald Boyd, 
of 115 Westbourne terr. W. ; b. 1854; 
to. 1876, RosinaGeraldineCoinpton, dau. 
of E. B. Eastwick, C.B., of Hogarth rd. W.; 
j. p. Hant*, maj. commdg. (hon. It. -col. 
1896) Thames mil. divn. (submarine 
miners) b.e. from 1889 : Jun. Constitu- 
tional club ; Emsworth House,Emsworth, 

Boyd, gen. Daniel, s. of gen. Mossom 
Boyd, Bengal army ; b. 1819 ; to. 1867, 
dau. of col. John Forbes, Bombay army ; 
gen. Bo. 8. C, on U.S. list 1889 : Broom- 
wood, Surrey rd. Bournemouth. 

Boyd, Geo. Fenwick, b.a. Oxon., 4 
but eld. survg. 8. of Edwd. Fenwick 
Boyd, of Moor House, co. Durham, J. p. 
(d. 1889) ; 6.1849 ; m. 1874, Janet A., 
<iau. of Geo. A. Haig, of Peu Ithon, co. 
Radnor, J. P. ; is J. P. co. Durham : Whit- 
ley, nr. Tynemouth, Northumb. ; Moor 
House, Leamside, co. Durham. 

Boyd, maj. -gen. Hugh : ret. on f. p. 
1861 as col. Bengal inf. 

Boyd, Hugh Fenwick, Q.C., 6 but 2 
survg. s. of Edwd. Fenwick Boyd, of 
Moor House, co. Durham, J. P. (d. 1889) ; 
b. 1852; to. 1888, Elizabeth, dau. of late 
David Gibson Fleming, of Oak Bank, 
Whalley Range, Lanes ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1880, Q.C. 1896 : 13 Evelyn gdns. 
S. W.; 11 King's Bench walk, Temple, 
E. C; Markesdene, West Clandon, Guild- 

Boyd, maj.-gen. Julius Middleton, 
served in Abyssinian war 1868, Afghan 
war 1880. mai-gen. 1894, U.S. list, 1896, 

Boyd, maj.-gen. Mossom, ret. f. p. 
1881 as lt.-col. Bo.S.C. : Rock Hill, 
Cloudesley road, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Boyd, sir Tnomas J., Edin., s. of 
late J. Boyd, of Edinburgh; to. 1844, 
Mary A., only dau. of late dr. J. Ferguson, 
master of Merchant Co. Edin. 1869- 
72, lord lieut.and lord provost,Edinburgh, 
1877-82,knighted in 1881, d.l., J.P.Edin- 
burgh ; chm. of Fishery board for Scot- 
land 1882-92, a Roy.corntnr. under Eductl. 
Endowments Act, 1882 : 41 Moray pi. 
and University club, Edinburgh. 

Boyd (hon.), Walter, s. of Walter 
Boyd ; b. 1833 ; to. 1862, Annie C. dau. 
of Matthew Anderson of Dublin : Irish 
barr. 1856, Q.C. 1877, J. p. co. Dublin, a 
judge of Irish court of bankruptcy from 


1885 : 66 Merrion sq. south, and Kildai'e 
St. club, Dublin ; Howth House, Howth, 
co. Dublin. 

Boyd, Wm., eld. s. of late ven. Wm. 
Boyd, archdn. of Craven, vicar of Arnr 
cliffe, Yorks; 6.1839; to. 1865, Diana, 
dun. of Edwd. Hiwks. of Douglas, I. of 
Man ; J. p. (1894) Northumberland : Con- 
stitutional club ; North House, Long 
Benton. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Boyd, capt. Wm. Arthur Edwd. late 
2 life gds. ; m. 1893, lady Lilian A. K. M., 
eld. dau. of 2 earl of Munster, b. 1873. 

Boyd.lady. Isabella, dau. of late John 
Lawson, of Cairnmuir, Peeblesshire ; m. 
1853, sir John Boyd, of Maxpoffle, 
Roxburghshire D.L., J. p., lord provost of 
Edinburgh 1888-91 (d. 1893): 11 Aber- 
cromby place, Edinburgh ; Maxpoffle, 
St. Boswells, N.B. 

Boyd-Rochfort, mrs. Florence L., 
2 dau. of late R. Hemming, of Bentley 
Manor, Worcestershire, J.P. ; to. 1875, 
maj. R. H. Boyd-Rochfort, of Middleton 
Park, co. Westnieath. J.P. (d. 1891), 
grands, of Jane, relict of Geo. Rochfort, 
earl of Belvedere: 15 Grosvenor pi.. 
S.W. : Middleton Park, Castletown, co. 

Boyle, baron ; vide Cork. 

Boyle, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl of 

Boyle, hon. Alan Reginald, 5 s. of 7 > 
earl of Glasgow ; b. 1886. 

Boyle, lion. Alex. Jas. bro. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow, G.C.M.G. ; b. 1842 ; to. 1892, 
Clare, dau. of John Banning and widow 
of Sydney Jones, of Sydney, N. S. Wales ; 
late 30 regt. : 168 Bircombe avenue, 
Streatham hill, S.W. 

Boyle, hon. Algernon Douglas, 6 s. of 5 
earl of Shannon ; b. 1871 : It. it.N. from 

Boyle, Charles Cavendish. C.M.G., 2 s. 
of capt. C. S. Boyle {d. 1868) ; b. 1849 ; 
col. sec. and registrar-gen. Bermuda 
1882-8, col. *ec. of Gibraltar 1888-94, 
govt. sec. and sec. to court of Policy and 
Combined court of B. Guiana from 1894: 
Georgetown, B. Guiana. 

Boyle, sir Courtenay Edmund, K.C.B., 
m.a. Oxon, e:d. 8. of late S. Cavendish 
Boyle; b. 1845; to. 1876, lady Muriel 
Sarah,dau.of 2 earl Cawdor, b. 1845 ; local 
govt.board insp.l873-85,assist. sec.1885-6, 
assist, sec. to board of trade (railway 
dept.) 1886-93, perm. sec. to board of 
trade from 1893, priv. sec. to lord-lieut. 
of Ireland (earl Spencer) 1832-5: 11 
Granville pi. Portman sq. W.. ; office, 



Board of Trade, 7 Whitehall gdns. S.W. 
Brooks' and Travellers' cluhs. 

Boyle, maj. hon. Edmund John, bro 
of 9 earl of Cork ; b. 1831 ; to. 1866, Ida 
dan. of late It. -gen. Archibald Money 
C.B.,of Crown Point, Norfolk, by eld. dau 
of 6 earl Waldegrave ; maj. late 85 
foot, gentl. usher to viceroy of Ireland 
(earl Spencer) 1869-74,D.r,.,J.P. Somerset : 
Army and Navy club ; Chewton House. 

Boyle, hon. Edwd. Geo., 2 s. of 7 earl 
of Glasgow; b. 1875 ; 2 It. 3 battn. (mil.) 
R. Scots Fus. from 1894. 

Boyle, hon. Edward Spencer, 5 s. of b 
earl of Shannon ; b. 1870 : sub.-lt. 
R. isd. M. 1892. 

Boyle, very rev. Geo.David, M. A.Oxon, 
6 s. of late rt. hon. D. Boyle, lord justice- 
gen, and pres. of Court of Session in 
Scotland ; b. 1828 ; to. 1861, Mary C, eld. 
dau. of late Wm. Robins, of Hagfey, Wor- 
cestershire ; vicar of Kidderminster 1867- 
80 ; hon. canon of Worcester 1872-80 ; 
dean of Salisbury from 1880 : Athenaeum 
club ; The Deanery, Salisbury. 

Boyle,col.GeraldEdmund,s.of latehon. 
John Boyle, by dau. of baroness de Ros ; 
m. 1864, lady Elizabeth T. dau. of 1 earl of 
Cottenham ; b. 1840 ; lt.-col. commdg. 4 
battn. rifle brig. 1888-91, col. in the army 
ret. p. 1891. lt.-col. commdt. 3 
iondon R.V. 1892-5, brig.-gen. commdg. 
Western Counties vol. inf. brig, from 
1895 : 48 Queen's gate terr. S.W. ; 
Army and Navy club. 

Boyle, hon. Henry Geo., 2 s. of 5 earl 
of Shannon ; b. 1862. 

Boyle, hon. James, 3 s. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow ; b. 1880. 

Boyle, hon. John David,4 s. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow ; b. 1884. 

Boyle, col. Patrick David, s. of late 
adml. Alex. Boyle ; b. 1848 ; to. 1872, 
Kathleen, dau. of late J.H. Blagrave, of 
Calcot Park, Reading ; late Gren. gds., 
J. P. Berks: 17 Prince's gdns. S.W. ; 
Guards' club. 

Boyle, Richard Vicars, C.s.l. (1869), 
s. of Vicars Armstrong Boyle, of Dublin ; 
6. 1822 ; to. 1853, Eleonore Anne, dau. of 
Wm. Hack, of Dieppe : formerly in E. I. 
Service, was chief defender of the Arral 
House, in Bengal mutiny 1857-58. 

Boyle,maj.-een.Robt.,R.M.,c.B.(1867) : 
to. 1861, Lucy Margaret, eld. dau. of Robt. 
Bower, of Welham Hall, Yorks, J.P., 
D.L. : comm. r.m. in central American 
expedition of 1848, and inChina war,1856- 
7-8-9, and capture of Canton and at Fat- 
shan Creek, Taku forts, Peiho, in 
commnd. at signing treaty of Tientsin : 

ret. f. p. 1877 as lt.-col. : United Service 
club ; North Rock House, Kingsand, 

Boyle, col. hon. Robt. Elphinslone, 
bro. of 7 earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G. ; b. 
1837 ; served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, 
Afghan war 1878-9, 1.S.C., on U.S. list 
1894 : 6 Sumner terr. S.W. ; United 
Service and Oriental clubs. 

Boyle. hon.Robert Fras.,3 s.of 5 earl of 
Shannon : b. 1863 ; mid. of " Minotaur" 
during Egyptian war 1882, expdn. 
against Fodi Silah 1894, It. R.N. from 
1886, It. Royal Yacht from 1895. 

Boyle, hon. Robert John Lascelles, 
2 s. of 9 earl of Cork ; b. 1864 ; to. 1890, 
Josephine, only dau. of Joseph P. Hale, 
of San Francisco. California. 

Boyle, hon. Walter John, 4 8. of 5 earl 
of Shannon ; b. 1869. 

Boyle, col. hon. William George, bro. 
of 9 earl of Cork ; o. 1830 : A.n.C. to sir 
de Lacy Evans in Crimea, knt. of Med- 
jidie, late capt. coldstr. gds., M.p. Frome 
1856-57, J. p. Somerset. 

Boyle, lady Augusta Helen Elizabeth, 
b. 1876 ; lady Alice Mary, b. 1877 ; lady 
Dorothy Montagu, b. 1879 ; daus. of 7 
earl of Glasgow. 

Boyle, lady Elizabeth Magdalene 
Grseme, 6. 1 8 ; lady Mary Helen, b. 
18 ; lady Helen Jane, 6. 18 ; sis. of 7 
earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G.: 6 Sumner 
pi. S.W. 

Boyle, lady Muriel, b. 1873, dau. of 
6 earl of Glasgow : 62 Palmerston pi. 

Boyle, hon. mrs.Richard C.T. Eleanor, 
dau. of Alex. Gordon, of Ellon, Aber- 
deenshire ; to. 1845, hon. and rev. Richard- 
Cavendish T. Boyle {d. 1886) : Hunter- 
combe Manor, Burnham, Bucks. 

Boyle, hon. mrs. Robert. Georgiana, 
dau. of A. Wildey Robarts ; to. 1844, 
lt.-col. hon. Robert Edward Boyle (d. 
1854), s. of 8 earl of Cork : 6 Cornwallis 
gdns. Hastings. 

Boyne, 8 vise. (1717, ir.). Gustavus. 
Russell Hamilton-Russell, only s. of 7 
vise. {d. 1872) ; b. 1830 ; to. 1858, lady 
Katherine Frances (lady of grace of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem), dau. of 
2 earl of Eldon, b. 1837 ; sits as baron 
Brancepeth (1866, U.K.) ; J.P., D.L. Salop 
and co. Durham : 16 Grosvenor gdns. ' 
S.W. ; Carlton club ; Burwarton, Bridg- 
north, Salop ; Brancepeth Castle, Dur- 

Boynton. rev. Chas. Ingram Wm., M.A. 

Dublin, 2 8. of rev. G. Boynton, rect. of 

Barmston, Yorks ; b. 1853"; m. 1886, hon. 

Mary Cunliffe, 2 dau. (d. 1896) of 1 baron 




Masham ; vicar from 1887 of Carlton, j 
Selby, Yorks. 

Boynton, sir Henry Somerville, 11 
bart. (1618), onlv s. of 10 bart. (d. 1869) ; 
i.1844; m. 1876, Mildred A., dau. of rev. 
canon Paget, m.a. Oxon, j.p. E. R. Yorks: 
Carlton, Yorkshire County (York) and 
Galway County (Galway) clubs; Bur- 
ton-Agnes Hall, Hull. 

Boys, adml. Henry, f.r.g.s., s. of late 
capt. Edward Boys, R.N. ; wounded at St. 
Jean d' Acre 1840, commd. "Excellent" 
1869-74, director of Naval ordnance 
1874-8, 2 in commd. of channel fleet 
1878-9, on committee on ordnance and 
machine guns 1879-81, ret. list 1885 : 
United Service club ; East Dean, Kid- 
brooke Park rd. Blackheath, S.E. 

Boys, rear-adml.Hy. Harvey, b. 1839 ; 
in Baltic 1854, China war i864, rear- 
adml. ret. list 1895. 

Boyse, Henry Arthur Hunt-, eld. 
8. of capt. H. S. Hunt-Boyse, R.N., of 
Bannow House, co. Wexford, J. P.. D.L. 
{d. 1880) : b. 18 : m. 1872 Emily Clare, 
dau. of rev. Thos. Harvey, of Cowden, 
Kent: J.P. co. Wexford, maj. 3 battn. 
(mil.) R. Irish regt. from 1884 : Bannow 
House, Wexford, co. Wexford. 

Brabant, Edw. Yewd, c.m.g., s. of J. 
T. Brabant, of Kinderton Hall, Cheshire ; 
6. 1839 ; m. Mary B., dau. of rev. canon 
Robertson, Canterburv : late Cape 
Mntd. Rif., col. Cape Vol. from 1878, 
memb.legisl.assemblyCapeColony : King 
Williams Town, Cape of Good Hope. 

Brabazon. lord, vide earl of Meath. 

Brabazon, hon. Arthur- Lauderdale le 
Normand,2 s. of 12 earl of Meath ; b. 1872: 
It. 5 battn. K. Dublin Fus. from 1893. 

Brabazon. hon. Claude Maitland Pa- 
trick, 3 s. of 12 earl of Meath ; b. 1874; 
2 It. 7 Lancashire V. A. (Manchester 
artill.) from 1895. 

Brabazon, hon. Ernest Win. Mait- 
land M.,4 s. of 12 earl of Meath; b. 1884. 

Brabazon, Hercules Brabazon, M.a- 
Cantab, younger s. of H. Sharp, of Oak- 
lands, Sussex (d.1855), by eld. dau. of late 
sir A. Brabazon, bart. (ext.) ; b. 1822: 
assumed by royal licence name of 
Brabazon inl8 ; j.p. Sussex : 2 Morpeth 
terr. Victoria st. S.W. ; Oaklands, West- 
field, Battle S.O. Sussex. 

Brabazon, col. John Palmer, c.B., for- 
merly It. and capt. gren. gds., served as a 
voir, in Ashanti war 1874 ; with 10 huss. 
in Afghan war 1878-80 ; Soudan expdn. 
1884 ; Nile expdn. 1884-5, a.d.C. to the 
Queen from 1889, commd. 4 huss. 1891-6, 
h.p. 1696. 

Brabazon, Wm. Philip, M.D., s. of 
Philip Brabazon, of Stroke?town, co. 
Roscommon ; b. 1838; m. 1871, Eleanor, 
dau. of B. Pierpoint, j.p., of St. Austin's, 
Warrington, Lancashire : J.P. Cheshire ; 
Brook House, Lymin, Warrington. 

Brabazon, lady Kathleen, dau. of 11 
earl of Meath ; b. 1851. 

Brabazon, lady Mary Florence, b. 
1877 ; lady Violet Constance, b. 1886 ; 
daus. of 12 earl of Meath. 

Brabourne, lord (2 baron 1880, U.K.). 
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, eld. s. of 
1 baron, p.c. (d. 1893) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1880, 
Amy Virginia, 2 dau. of W. B. Beau- 
mont, of Bretton Park, Yorks, m.p. ; late 
coldstm. gds., barr. Inner Temple 1885, 
D.L., J.P. Kent, m.p. (l.) Rochester 
1889-92 : Brooks' and Reform clubs. 

Brabonrne, (rt. hon.) Ethel M., lady, 
3 dau. of col. sir. G. G. Walker, k.C.b , of 
Crawfordton, Dumfriesshire ; m. 1890, as 
his 2 wife, 1 baron Brabourne, P.C. 
(d. 1893) : Bedwell Lodge, Essendon, 

2s.of late Edwd. Brabrook ; b. 1839 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn, 1866, assist, registrar of 
friendly societies 1869-91, chief registrar 
from 1891. pres. of Anthropological Inst. 
1895-6 : 28 Abingdon st. S.W. ; Athen- 
aeum and Authors' clubs. 

Braby, Jas.. F.S.S.,only s. of J. Braby, 
of Maybanks, Surrey (d. 1865) ; b. 1826 ; 
m. 1851, Emma, dau. of T. W. Glover, of 
Harrington sq.N.W. ; d.l. .j.p. Surrey,J.P. 
London : Maybanks,Rudgwick,Horsham. 

Brace, Frank Addison, s. of Henry 
Brace, of Mayfield, Wals.ill ; b. 1859 ; 
m. 1887, Annie Isobel, dau. of Hickson 
Fergusson, of The Knowe, Ayr; j.p. 
Staffs, It. Staffs yeom. 1890-6 : Doveridge, 
nr. Derby. 

Bracken, maj .-gen. Richard D'Oyly 
Compton ; in Punjab campaign 1848-9 
(medal and clasps), at Mooltan and 
Goojerat ; commd. a wing of 2nd Sikh 
inf. at repulse of attack on Murree by 
the Suttees and Judoons in 1857 (men- 
tioned in dispatches by sir Sidney 
Cotton), and operations at Sittana 1858 
(medal) ; Afghan campaign 1879 - 80 
(medal) ; ret. f. p. 1880 as col. B.S.C. : 
Dolgelly, N. Wales. 

Brackenbnry, lt.-gen. sir Henry, 
K.C.B., K.C.S.I., R.A., s. of Wm. Bracken- 
bury, of Aswardby, Lines ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1861, Emilia, dau. of Edmund Storr 
Halswell, of 26 Kensington gate, 
D.L.. J.P. and widow of Reginald 
Morley, of Thurloe sq. S.W. ; served 
in Indian mutiny campaign 1857-8, 



Ashanti 1873-4, S. African 1879, priv. 
sec. to viceroy of India (lord Lytton) 
1880; mil. attache, Paris 1881-2 : assist. 
und. sec. Ireland 1882 : d.a.G. Egypt 
188J, brig.-gen. Soudan expdn. 1885, 
director of mily. Intelligence at head 
quarters 1886-91, memb. of council of 
gov.-gen. of India 1891-6, pres. of ord- 
nance committee from 1896 : 8 John st. 
Berkeley sq. W. ; United Service and 
"Wellington clubs. 

Brackenbury, maj. Henry, served 
with 61 regt. in Punjab campaign, 1848- 
9 ; Crimea 1855-6, one of H.M.'s hon. 
corps of gentlemen-at-arms from 1877. 

Brackenbury, rear-adml. John Wm., 
C.B., c.M.G., eld. s. of late W. Congreve 
C. Brackenbury ; m. 1880, Frances Mary, 
dau. of col. Francklyn, late 17 foot ; 
in Zulu war 1879 ; Egypt 1882, 3 class 
Medjidie, rear-adml. 1896 : Speenhill 
Lodge, Newbury. 

Brackley, vise. John Francis Granville 
Scrope Egerton, eld. s. of earl of Elles- 
mere ; b. 1872 ; capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R. 
Scots from 1894. 

Bradburne, Frederick Ashe, eld. s. of 
F. A. Bradburne, of Lyburn, Wilts (d. 
1869) ; b. 1840 ; to. 1862, Mary, dau. of 
capt. W. H. Trollope ; is j.p. Wilts : 
Lyburn Park, Bramshaw, Lyndhurst 
R.S.O. Hants. 

Bradbury, Chas. Timothy, eld. s. of 
Timothy Bradbury, of Saddleworth, 
York ; b. 1827 ; to. 1853, dau. of S. B. 
Tomlms, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lanes ; 
is j.p. Lancashire : Riversvale Hall, Ash- 
ton-under-Lyne, Lanes. 

Bradbury, Ralph Thomas, j.p. W.R. 
Yorks : Kinders,Greenfield,Saddleworth. 

Bradbury, Thos. Haigh, s. of Uriah 
Bradbury, of Mirfield, Yorks ; b. 1834 ; 
J.p. W.R. Yorks. : Bradley, Huddersfield. 

Braddon, Chas. Hitchman, M.D., eld. 
s. of Chas. Braddon, of Upton-on-Severn, 
Worcestershire ; b. 1837 ; to. 1866, Maria, 
dau. of J. Vaudrey, of Bredbury, 
Cheshire : j.p. Lancashire : Cheetham 
Hill, Manchester. 

Braddon, hon. sir Edwd. Nicholas 
Coventry, K.C.M.G., eld. s. of Hy. Brad- 
don, of Skisdon, Cornwall ; b. 1829 ; to. 1, 
1857, dau. of Wm. Palmer, of Purneah 
India; 2, 1876, dau. of W. H. Smith, 
London ; agent-gen. in London for Tas- 
mania 1888-93 : prime min. of Tasmania 
in 1887 and from 1894: Hobart, Tas- 
mania ; Grosvenor club. 

Braddon, John Kingdon, s. of Roger 
Kingdon Braddon, of Treglith, Corn- 
wall (d. 1895) ; b, 1871 ; lord of the 

manor of Downeokney : Treglith, Trene- 
glos, Launceston. 

Braddon, Wm. Clode, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Braddon, of Skisdon, Cornwall ; b. 
1814 ; to. 1838, Margaret S. dau. {d. 
1895) of capt. J. W. Patton, E.I.C.S. ; 
J.P. (1860) Cornwall : Park st. Bath. 

Braddon, maj. Wm. Clode, eld. s. of 
Wm. Clode Braddon, J.P. ; b. 1841 ; to. 
1866, Barbara E. M., dau. of late Wm. 
H. Little, of Llanvair Grange, Mon. ; late 
75 regt. adj. (hon. maj.) 1 Brecknock- 
shire R.V. 1867-84, j.p. Brecknockshire 
and (1887) Cornwall : Hartnolls, Tiver- 
ton, Devon. 

Bradford, 3 earl of (1815, U.K.). Or- 
lando Geo. Chas. Bridgeman. P.O., eld. s. 
of 2 earl {d. 1865) ; b. 1819 ; to. 1844, 
hon. Selina L., dau. {d. 1894) of 1 baron 
Forester; 2nd tit. visc.Newport ; d.l.,j.p. 
cos. Warwick and Stafford, M.p. S. Salop 
1842-65, vice-chamb. of household in 
1852, 1858-59, Id. chamberlain 1866-68, lt.- 
col. 1 Shropshire vols, from 1862, lord- 
lieut. of Salop 1875-96, master of the 
horse 1874-80 and 1885-6 : 44 Lowndes 
sq. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Castle Bromwich, 
Birmingham ; Weston Hall, Shifnal 
Salop ; St. Catherine's, Windermere. 

Bradford, col. sir Edward Ridley Col- 
borne, K.C.B., K.C.8.I., s. of late rev. W. M. 
K. Bradford, rect. of West Meon, Hants ; 
b. 1836 ; to. 1866, Elizabeth A., dau. (d. 
1896)oflateE.Knight,of Chawton House, 
Hants ; in Persian campaign 1857, and 
N.W. Provinces, India, 1858-9, agent to 
gov. gen. for Rajpootana, and chief 
commr. for Ajmere, 1878-87, sec. in 
political and secret dept. of India office 
1887-90, A.D.C. to the Queen 1889-93, on 
U.S. list 1893, I.S.C., J.P. London, chief 
commr. of metropol. police from 1890 : 
58 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; office, New Scot- 
land yd. S.W. 

Bradford, major-gen. Evelyn, served 
in Central India campaign 1858, and 
Oude campaign ; with Eusofzie field 
force 1863-4 ; ret.f.p.1873 as lt.-col.B.S.C. 

Bradford, gen. Wilmot Hy. s. of rev. 
Wm. Bradford, of Storrington, Sussex ; 
in Crimea 1854-5 with 2 batt. Kifle brig., 
5 class Medjidie, col. R. Irish rif. from 
1886 : Ridgemount, Bournemouth ; 
United Service and Jun. United Service 

Bradford,Win. Theophilus, b.a. Lon., 
4 s. of late Job Bradford, of Ttorney, 
Somerset ; b. 1836 ; to. 1869, Mary J., 
dau. of Richd. Rosewarne, of Coswin- 
sawsin, Cornwall ; J.P. Somerset : The 
Moorlands, Martocfe R.S.Q- Somerset, 



Bradley, very rev. Geo. Granville, 
d.d. Oxon, LL.D., St. Andrew's, s. of 
rev. Charles Bradley, of St. James', Clap- 
ham, and vicar of Glasbury ; b. 1821 ; m. 
1849,Marian,dau.of ven. archdn.Philpot ; 
fellow of Univ. coll. Oxon. 1844-9, asst. 
master at Rugby 1846-58, head master at 
Marlborough coll. 1858-1870,masterUniv. 
coll. Oxon. 1870-81, select preacher Oxon 
1874-5, hon. chap, to the Queen 1874-6, ord. 1876-81, canon of Worcester 
1881, dean of Westminster from 1881 ; 
dean of the order of the Bath from 1881 : 
The Deanery,Dean's yd., Westmnstr.,S.W. 

Bradley, rev. Henry Waldron, K.JL 
Cantab, s. of rev. Edwd.Bradley (" Cuth- 
bert Bede "), vicar of Lenton. Lines, (d. 
1889) ; 6. 1863 ; m. 1890, hon. Alice 
Maud, sis. of 2 baron St. Leonards ; vicar 
from 1892 of Birtles, Chelford, Cheshire. 

Bradley. John Lade, s. of Wm. 
Bradley, of Woodnesboro', Kent ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1852, Mary H. dau. of Thos. 
Clark, of Eastry, Kent ; J.P. ( 1894) Kent 
and (1879) Dover : Cowper Villa, Harold 
st. Dover ; National Liberal club. 

Bradley, rev. Wm. Henry, M.a. Oxon, 
2 s. of W. H. Bradley, of Alderley Edge, 
Cheshire ; b. 1848 ; "m. 1880, Lucy Ash- 
ton, dau. of Wm. Barlow, of Ashford. 
Wilmslow, Cheshire ; J.P. (1890) North- 
umberland, rect. of Elsdon from 1884 : 
Elsdon Tower, Otterburn R.S.O. North- 

Bradney, John, only s. of late rev. 
J. H. Bradney, of Leigh House, Brad- 
ford-on- A. von, Wilts, J.P. ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1, 
Mary Frances, dau. of rev. J. W. Routh. 
rect. of Tilehurst, Berks ; 2, 1870, Maud 
B irbara, dau. of late Edgar Disney, of 
The Hyde, Ingatestone, D.L., j.p. 
formerly It. 14 hussars, j.p. Somerset- 
shire : Carlton and Naval and Military 
clubs ; Bayford Lodge, Wincanton. 

Bradney, Joseph Alfred, B.A. Can- 
tab., only s. of rev. Joseph Christr. Brad- 
ney, rect. of Greete, Salop (d. 1868) ; 
b. 1859 ; m. 1883, Rosa, only child of 
Edwd. Jenkins, of The Grove. Radnor- 
shire. D.L., j.p. ; d.l., j.p. co Monmouth 
(sheriff 1889), j.p. co. Radnor ; capt. R. 
Monmouthshire engineer mil. 1882-92, 
lt.-col. commdg. 3 vol. battn. S. Wales 
Bord.f rom 1892 : Boodle's club ; Talvcoed 
Com t, Llanvihangel - Ystern - Llewern, 

Bradney, mrs. Sarah Decima, dau. of 
r v. 1). Jones, rect. of Hope Bagot, Salop 
('/. 1868); m. 1858, rev. Joseph Christr. 
Bradney, rect. of Greete, Salop (d. 1868) : 
Wnarton Lodge, Weston-under-Penyard, 
Ross, Herefordshire. 

Bradney-Marsh, miss, Lloyd House, 
Lower Penn, nr. Wolverhampton. 

C.B., m.r.c.p., m.r.C.s., served with 2 batt. 
Rif. brig, in Indian mutiny : Zhob Yal- 
lev expdn. 1884, and Black Mountain 
(Hazara) expedn. 1891, as principal med. 
officer, ret. p. 1895. 

Bradshaw, Frank, only survg. s. of 
late capt.J. Bradshaw, EJf., M.P.; b. 1821 ; 
m. 1858, Emmeline, 2 dau. of late rev. R. 
Buller, rector of Lanreath ; j.p. Devon 
and Hants : Conservative club ; Lifton 
Park, Lifton R.S.O. Devon ; Gt. Abshot, 
Hook, Fareham, Hants. 

Bradshaw, Jas.Buller, eld. s. of Frank 
Bradshaw, of Lifton Park, Devon, j.p. ; 
b. 1863 ; j.p. Devon ; It. 1 battn. Scots 
gds. from 1883 : Guards' club ; Lifton 
Park, Lifton R.S.O. Devon. 

Bradshaw, Octavius, s. of late Wm. 
Bradshaw, barr.-at-law, by Mary Anne, 
dau. of Joseph Horsley ; b. 1845 : m. 1871, 
Emily Sarah, dau. of late Thos. Ferguson, 
of Greenville, co. Down, and widow of 
hon. Fleetwood J. Pellew, of Canonteign, 
Devon, and mother of the present vise. 
Exmouth ; d.l., j.p. Devon (sheriff 
1884), maj. 1 R. Devon yeom. : Jun. 
Carlton and Wellington clubs ; Powder- 
ham Castle. Exeter. 

Bradshaw, vice-adml.Richard,c.B., s. 
of J. H. Bradshaw; 6. 1829; m. 1862, 
Emma Loveday, dau. of J. Walker, 
Arno's Grove, Southgate ; served on Pa- 
cific, E. India, W. Indies, N. American, 
Australian and African stations, in Abys- 
sinian war 1868, Ashantee war 1873-4, 
Congo expedn. 1875, commd. " Shah" in 
Zulu war 1879, "Impregnable" 1880-3, 
as capt. supt. of boys' training ships 
ret. list 1883, J.p. and c.a. Oxfordshire : 
St. George's club ; The Grange, Steeple 
Aston, Oxford. 

Bradshaw, Wm., younger s. of late 
Jas. E. Bradshaw, of Darcey Lever Hall, 
Lanes, and Fair Oak Park, Hants : b. 
1844 ; m. 1. 1869, Floretta, only child (d. 
1889) of J. Chandless: 2, 1892, Maud, 2 
dau. of Chas. Geo. Barclay, of Dura, 
Cupar. Fife; j.p. Hants: Jun. Carlton 
and R.Y.S. (Cowes) clubs ; Andleys 
Wood, Clidde den. Basingstoke; Chalet 
Yiolette. Biarritz, France. 

Bradstreet, sir Edmund Simon, 6 
bart. (1759), bro. of 5 bart. (d. 1889) : b. 
1820 ; m. 1846, Emily M. S.,dau. (d. 1883) 
of gen. de Gaja of Pau, France : St. Jean 
de Luz, France ; Castilla, Clontarf, co. 

Bradwell, Chas. Dennis, s. of Dennis 
Bradwell, j.p. ; is j.p. (1896) Cheshire : 


Higher Daisy Bank, Hulmewalfield, 

Brad well, Dennis, J. p. (1877) 
Cheshire : Higher Daisy Bank, Hulme- 
walfield, Congleton. 

Brady, Andrew Newton, eld. s. of sir 
Thos. Fras. Brady, knt., J. P.; b. 1849; 
in. 1. Anna M. 2 dau. of Robt. Mecredy, 
of Lissoughter Lodge, co. Galway ; 2, 
1887, Julie, 3 dau. of late Arthur Hy. 
D*Esterre, M.D. Limerick ; barr.-at-law, 
res. magist. co. G-alway 1882-94, co. Clare 
from 1891 : Clare County (Ennis), and 
Jun. Conservative clubs ; Maryville, 
Ennis, co. Clare. 

Brady, Chas., e. of Edwd. Brady, of 
B irnsley ; b. 1832 ; to. 1862, Hannah, 
dau. of John Chipchase, of Cotherstone : 
J.P. W.R. Yorks : The Limes, Barnsley. 

Brady, sir Eras. Wni., Q.C., 2 bart. 
(1869), s. of rt. hon. sir Maziere Brad}', 
1 bart., p.c, lord-chanc. of Ireland (d. 
1871) ; b. 1824 ; m. 1, Emily {d. 1891), dau. 
of late bp. (Kyle) of Cork; 2, 1892, 
Gerald ine. dau. "of late G. W. Hatchell, 
m.d. : b.a. London, Irish barr. 1846, Q.C. 
1860, d.l. city Dublin, chmu. of quart. 
sess. Roscommon 1863-72, Tyrone from 
1872 : 26 Up. Pembroke st. Dublin ; 
Garrick club. 

Brady, sir Thos. Fra<., 2 s. of P. W. 
Brady, of Cavan (d. 1885) ; b. 1824 ; to. 
1, dau. of late T. Bridgford : 2, 1884, 
Annie, dau. (d. 188H) of late J. Lipsett, 
of Manor House, Ballyshannon ; J.P. co. 
Dublin; knighted 1886: 11 Percy pi. 

Brady, Walter, 4 s. of Edwd. Bridy, 
of The Limes, Barnsley, Yorks ; b. 1849; 
to. 1882, Maria, dau. of Wm. Bowman, of 
Middleton, Derbyshire; is J. p. (1895) 
W. R. Yorks: Oakfield, Pogmoor, 

Brady, lady. Maria, dau. of George 
Kilner, Ipswich ; m. 1837, sir Antonio 
Brady (d. 1881) : The College, Ely. 

Braggre, capt. Jno. A., late 4 drag, 
gds., eld. s.o f late col. Wm. Bragge,of Sad- 
borow, Dorset (d. 1863); b. 1835; to. 1894, 
Florence, dau. of J. W. Hawkesworth 
and widow of capt. Brooke, ; is J.P. 
Dorset, patron of the living and lord of 
the manor of Thorncombe : Army and 
Navy club ; Sadborow, Chard. 

Braikenridge, Wm. Jerdone. s. of G. 
W. Braikenridge, Brislington (d. 1856) ; 
h. 1817 ; j.p. Somerset: 16 Royal cres. 
Bath ; Claremont, Clevedon ; Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Brain. Richd. Fredk. eld. s. of Richd. 
Brain, of DeptforJ, Kent ; b. 1837 ; m. I 
1865, Elizabeth E., dau. of Wm. Alford, I 

of Deptford, Kent ; j.p. and c.c. Kent : 
13 Paddock terr. Chatham. 

Brain, Thomas Bennett, j.p. Glou- 
cestersnire and Herefordshire : Eurocly- 
don, Hope Mansell, Ross, Herefordshire. 

Braithwaite, Basil, only survg. s. of 
Isaac Braithwaite. of Hookfield,Surrey(d. 
1890) ; b. 1845 ; to. 1872. Rosamond 
Augusta, dau. of A. W. Gadesden, of 
Ewell Cas'le, Surrey; is j.p. (1896) 
Surrey : Conservative and National 
clubs ; Hookfield, Epsom. 

Braithwaite, Chas. Lloyd, eld. s. of 
Chas. Lloyd Braithwaite. of Ghyll Close, 
Kendal ; 6. 1840 ; to. 1875, Eleanor H., 
dau. of Samuel Davis, of Cincinnati, 
Ohio, U.S.A. ; J.p. Westmorland : Kent 
terr. Kendal. 

Braithwaite, Garnett, m.a. Cantab, 
2 survg. s. of G. Braithwaite (d. 1845) ; 
b. 1845 ; J.P. Westmorland : Jun. Carlton 

Braithwaite, Geo. Foster, eld. s. of 
Geo. Foster Braithwaite, of Hawesmead, 
Westmorland, J.P. (d. 1888) ; b. 1847 ; 
to. 1896, Emma J. P., 2 dau. of late rev. 
Jas. Hollins, vicar of St. Clement's, 
Bristol : Hawesmead, Kendal. 

Braithwaite, Philip, s. of John 
Braithwaite, of Stokesley, Yorks ; b. 
1829 ; m. 1869, dau. of Jonathan Simp- 
son, of Broughton ; is J.P. N. R. Yorks : 
Stokesley R.S.O. Yorks. 

Braithwaite, mrs. Emily, 2 dau. of 
late rev. Richd. Stephens, of Belgrave, 
Leicestershire ; m. 1842, George Vere 
Braithwaite, of Edith Weston Hall, Rut- 
land, J.P. (d. 1895) : Edith WestOn Hall, 

Braithwaite-Wilson, maj. Christo- 
pher Wilson, eld. survg. s. of G. Braith- 
waite, of Plumtree, Westmoreland (d. 
1845) ; b. 1843 ; to. 1869, Elizabeth, eld. 
dau. of Rd. Atkinson,of Temple Soworby, 
Westmoreland : barr.Inner Temple 1867, 
assumed additl. name of Wilson 1871 ; 
j.p. Westmoreland, maj. 4 battn. (mil ) 
Border regt. 1883-1 : Jun. Carlton club 
Plumtree Hall, Milnthorpe, Westmore- 

Brake, surg.-gen. John, s. of commdr. 
Wm. Lenthal Brake, r.n. ; b. 1827 ; in. 
1852, dau. of J. Miles Bull, of Broughton ; 
served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, at siege 
of Delhi; Bengal med. dept., ret. 1886 ; 
Castledeue, 16 Carlton rd. Ealing, W. 

Brakspear, Archibald, j.p. (1895) 
Oxfordshire : Belle Hatch, Harpsden, 

Bramah, mrs. Emma M., dau. and 
heir of late T. Willement, of Davington 
Priory, Kent ; m. 1862, rev. Joseph W. 



Bramah, M.A., incumbent of Davington 
1861-84 (d. 1884) : lady of the manor and 
patron of Davington : Davington Priory, 

Bramble, lt.-col. Jas. Roger, f.s.a., 
A.r.i.b.a. (hon.). only s. of J. R. Bramble, 
of West Parley.Dorset (d. 1855) : b. 1841 ; 
m. 1, 2 dan. of rev. J. Langworthy.M.A. ; 
2, 1873, Marv, E. eld. dau. of C. 
Thatcher, of Clifton ; lt.-cnl. ret. late 
Glo'stershire Eng. : Jun. Constitutional 
club : Seafield, Weston - super - Mare. 

Brameld. Henry Edwd., J. P. N. R. 
Yorks : Saltburn-by-t he-Sea, Yorks. 

Bramley, John Curtois, s. of John 
Bramley, of Langrick, Lincolnshire ; b. 
1841 ; m. 1866, Ellen G., dau. of Isaac 
Burkill, of Winteringham : J.P. Lincoln- 
shire, lord of the manor of Armtree : 
The Grange, Langriville, Boston. 

Brainstem, John,C.B.,2 s.of T.W.Bram- 
ston,of SkreensPark,M.p.(<U871);6.1832; 
m. 1872, Eliza Isabella, dau. of late rev. 
Harry Vane Russell ; barr. Middle Tem- 
ple, 1857 ; D.C.L. Oxon, late fellow of All 
Souls ; A.G. of Queensland 1870-3, of 
Hong Kong 1873, actg. judge of supreme 
court there in 1874 ; an asst. under-sec. 
of state for colonies from 1876, registrar 
of the Order of St. Michael and St. 
George from 1892 : CVonial Office, S.W.; 
Travellers' club. 

Bramston, lt.-col. Thomas Harvey, 
eld. 8. of T. W. Bramston, of Skreens 
Park, Essex, M.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1831 ; m. 
1864, HonoriaL.,dau.of T. Thornhill, of 
Eixby Hall, co. York ; D.L., J.P. Essex ; 
lt.-col. late gren. gda. : 20 Old Burlington 
8t. W. ; Travellers' club. 

Bramston-Smith, mrs. Elizabeth 
Charlotte, only dau. of sir Rd. John 
Griffith, 1 bart. ; m. 1839, lt.-col. Robert 
Bramston-Smith, J.P., d.L. (d. 1890) : 31 
Upper Fitz william st. Dublin; Pencraig, 
Llangefni, Anglesey. 

Bramwell,sir Frederick Joseph,l bart. 
(1889), D.c.L. Oxon .and Dur., LL.D.(hon.) 
Cantab., p.r.s., m. Inst. C.E., 3 s. of 
late Geo. Bramwell, banker, and bro. 
of 1 and last baron Bramwell ; b. 1818 ; 
m. 1847, Leonora, youngest dau. of late J. 
Frith; hon. sec. Rov. inst. : knighted 
1881 : Ia, Hyde Park gate, S.W. ; 5 Gt. 
George st. S.W. ; Athenaeum and Carlton 
clubs ; Holmwood, Four Elms, Kent. 

Bramwell, Hy., eld. s. of C. Bramwell, 
of Hendon. co. Durham, j.p., n.L. (d.lS66); 
b. 1828 ; j.i>. co. Durham and Worcester- 
shire (sheriff 1884) : Crown East Court, 
St. John's, Worcester ; Windham club. 
Branch, bp. vide Antigua. 

Brancepeth, baron, vide Boyne. 

Brancker. Wm. Hill. eld. s. of sir 
Thos. Brancker {d. 1856); b. 1815: m. 
1846, Helen G., dau. of late D. Stewart, 
of Luskyntire, co. Inverness ; j.p. Lanca- 
shire : 33 Weymouth st. W. 

Brand, hon. Arthur Geo., 3 s. of 1 
vise. Hampden ; b. 1853 ; m. 1886, 
Edith, youngest dau. of late J. Ingram, 
oi Brooklands, Cheshire, J.P. ; is D.L., 
J.P. Sussex, treasurer of H.M.'s house- 
hold 1894-5, M.P. (l.) N. Cambridge- 
shire 1891-5 : 6 Evelyn mansion, Carlisle 
pi. Victoria st. S.W. ; Reform, Bachelors' 
and Garrick clubs ; Pelham House, 

Brand. hon.Chas..4 s. of lvisc. Hamp- 
den ; b. 1855 ; m. 1878. Alice, dau. of late 
baron Van de Weyer ; late coldstm. gds.; 
J.P. Sussex : 1 10 Park st. W. ; Littledene, 
Lewes. Sussex. 

Brand, hon. Geoffrey, 5 s. of 2 vise. 
Hampden ; b. 1885. 

Brand, hon. Hubert Geo.. It. R.x.. 2 
s. of 2 vise. Hampden ; b. 187' 1 . 

Brand. David, dr. rTRi. jur. Heidel- 
berg, eld. s. of late Robert Brand, Glas- 
gow, by dau. of late Robr.Thomson.Edin- 
Imrgh; b. 137 : m.1877. Elizabeth Find- 
lay, dau. of Robt. Findlay Dalziel, of 
Paislev : Scotch barr. 1861, advocate 
depute 188 -85, sheriff of Ayr 1885, chm. 
Crofters comm. from 1886, of Roy. 
comm. (Highlands and Islands 1892-5): 
13 Royal terr. Edinburgh ; New 
(Glasgow), Scottish Liberal (Edinburgh) 
and National Liberal (London) clubs. 

Brand, hon. Robt.,3 s. of 2 vise. Hamp- 
den ; 6. 1878. 

Brand, hon. Roger, 4 s. of 2 vise. 
Hampden ; 6. 1880. 

Brand, capt. hon. Thomas Seymour, 
it.x. 2 s. of 1 vise. Hampden ; 6. 1847; 
i. 1879, Annie B. youngest dau. of H. L. 
Gaskell. of Kiddington Hall, Oxon ; j.p. 
Sussex, at bombardment of Alexandria 
1882, capt. r.n. from 1883: 12 Lennox 
gdns. Pont st. S.W. ; Travellers' and 
United Service clubs. 

Brand, hon. Thos. Walter, eld. s. of 2 
vise. Hampden ; b. 1869 ; It, 10 huss. 
from 1891 and adjt. from 1894. 

Brand, hon. Margaret. 6. 1873 ; hon. 
Alice, b. 1875 ; hon. Dorothy, 6. 1*77 ; 
daus. of 2 vise. Hampden. 

Brander, pen. Mangles Jas., s. of dr. 
Jas. Mainwaring Brander, h.e.i.c.s. ; b. 
1827 ; m. 184S, Ellen, dau. of rev. R. Ete- 
son. h.e.i.c.s. ; served in Burmese war 
1852-3, Indian mutiny 1857-8, Afghan 
war 1878-9, gen. 1894, 1.S.C., on U.S. list 


1890 : Pitgaveny, Molyneux park, Tun- 
bridge Wells. 

Brandis. sir Dietrich, K.C.I.E., Ph.D., 
F.R.S., s. of C. A. Brandis, Ph.D. prof, of 
philosophy, Bonn univ. ; 6. 1824 ; to. 1, 
dau. of rev. Joshua Marshman, d.d., of 
Serampore and widow of J. Voigt ; 2, 
1867, Katherine, dau. of Rudolph Hasse, 
prof, of theology, Bonn univ.: inspector- 
general of Fore3ts in India 1864-83, 
director of the practical course of forestry 
on the continent in connection with 
Cooper's Hill college, from 1888 : Bonn, 

Brandon, duke of, vide Hamilton. 

Brandreth, Henry Chernocke Gibbs, 
only s. of Humphrey Brandreth (d. 
1864) ; 6. 1856 ; m. 1879, Evelyn Francis 
Christable, 3 dau. of late John Lawton, 
of Lawton Hall. Cheshire; is j.p. (1880) 
Bedfordshire : Houghton Hall,Houghton 
Regis, nr. Dunstable, Bedfordshire. 

Brandreth, Joseph Edward Lyall. 
3 s. of Joseph P.Brandreth,M.D. ; 6.1823 ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1863 ; J.p. Middle- 
sex and London : 32 Elvasron place, 
South Kensington, S.W. ; Athenseum 

Brandreth, lady. Madeline, dan. of 
Alexander Colvin ; to. 1866, adml. sir 
Thomas Brandreth, K.c.B. (d 1891): The 
Rookery, Frensham, Farnham, Surrey. 

Brandt, Francis, M.A., younger s. of 
Robt. Brandt, of Manchester, barr.-at- 
law ; b. 1840 ; m. 1871, L. S., dau. of late 
rev. Wm. Dobson, of K'rkella, and Chel- 
tenham ; I.C.S. 1862-87 ; a judge of high 
court of Judicature, at Madras 1884-7 : 
Berkeley Hall, Pittville, Cheltenham. 

Branfi.ll. maj.-gen. Brydges Robinson, 
5 s. of Champion Edwd. Branfill, of Up- 
minster Hall, Essex {d. 1844) ; 6. 1833 ; 
to. 1870, Amy, dau. of gen. G. B. Shake- 
spear ; j.p. Essex and c.c. : Billericay. 

Branson, Jas. Hy. Spring, eld. s. of 
late Jas. Wm. Branson, of Middle Tem- 
ple ; b. 18 ; barr. Middle Temple 1862 ; 
adv.-gen. for Madras presidency from 
1889 : Madras. 

Branton-Day, Ralph, s. of Thos. Day 
Branton-Day, of Micklefield Green ; 6. 
1848 ; j.p. Herts : Oriental club ; Gt. 

Branwell, John Richards, J.P. 
(1894) Cornwall : Penlee, Tre *ithen rd. 

Brassey, lord (1 baron, U.K. 1886), sir 
Thos. Brassey K.c.B.,eld. s. of late Thos. 
Brassey ; 6.1836 ; to. 1, 1861,Anna,dau.(d 
1887) of John Allnutt ; 2, 1890,lady Sybil 
de Vere, youngest dau. of late vise. Mai- 
den and granddau. of 6 earl of Essex (6. 

1858 : d.C.l. (hon.), and M.A. Oxon, barr. 
Lincoln's inn, 1866, M.P. (L.) Devonport 
1865, Hastings 1 868-86, knt. of justice of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem, lt.-com- 
mdg. r.n. arty. vol. 1873-80, hon. commdr. 
1880-92, hon. col. 2 Cinque artill. vol. (E. 
divn. r.a.) from 1891, D.L., J.P. Sussex, a 
civil lord of the admiralty 1880-4, sec. to 
admiralty 1884-5, prf-s. Statistical Soc. 
1879-80, commdr. leg. hon. 1889, chm. 
Roy. commn. on opium 1894-5, a lord 
in waiting to the Queen 1893-5, gov. of 
"Victoria from 1895, raised to the peerage 
1886 : Governmenc House, Melbourne, 
Victoria ; 24 Park lane, W. ; Reform, 
United University, Athenseum, Brooks', 
St. George's and City Liberal clubs ; 
Normanhurat Court, Battle, Sussex. 

Brassey, Albert, b.a. Oxon, s. of late 
Thos. Brassey, an eminent railway con- 
tractor ; 6. 1844 ; to. 1871, hon. Matilda, 
M., dau. of 4 baron Clanmorris ; 6. 1850 ; 
late 14huss. It.-col. (hon. col. 1893) Oxon 
yeom. 1892-4, j.p. Oxon. (sheriff 1878), 
M.P. (c.) N. Oxfordshire from 1895 : 
29 Berkeley sq. W.; Carlton, Naval and 
Military, Oxford and Cambridge, and 
Army and Navy clubs ; Heyturop Park, 
Chipping Norton. 

Brassey, (Henry) Leonard Campbell, 
eld. s. of Hy. Arthur Brassey. of Preston 
Hall, Kent, M.P., d.l., J.p. (d. 1891) ; 6. 
1870 ; to. 1894, lady Violet M. 2 dau. of 
earl of March, 6. 1874; J.P. Kent, It. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Sussex regt. 1892-3, It. W. 
Kent yeom. from 1893 : Preston Hall, 
Aylesford, Kent. 

Brassey, hon. Thos. Allnutt, b.a., 
F.R.G.S., only s. of 1 baron Brassey, 
K.C.B. ; 6. 1863 ; to. 1889, lady Idina M., 
3 dau. of 1 marq. of Abergavenny ; 6. 
1865 ; J.P. Sussex ; hon. It. R. N. A. V. 
Lond. brig. 1888-92, It. W. Kent yeom. 
from 1891 : 23 Park la. W. ; Park Gate, 
Battle, Sussex. 

Brassey, mrs. Henry. Anna H., dau. 
of maj. G. R. Stevenson, of Tongswood, 
Kent ; to. 1866, Hy. Arthur Brassey, of 
Preston Hall, Kent, d.l., J. p., m.p. (l.) 
Sandwich, 1868-85 (d. 1891): 24 Gros- 
venor sq. W. ; Copse Hill, Bourton-on- 
the- Water, Glo's. 

Brassey, hon. Helen de Vere, dau. of 
1 baron Brassey ; b. 1892. 

Brasyer, col. Jeremiah, v.c, c.b. , 
late Bengal cavalry, Affghan and Sikh 
campaigns, and Indian mutiny. 

Bratt, Henry, j.p. (1894) Cheshire: 
The Poplars, WinningtonHill,Northwich. 

Brawn, Geo., 3 s. of John Brawn, of 
Sandhills, Staffordshire; b. 1843; to. 
1885, Caroline C. G. dau. of maj. G. G. 



Norris, 2nd Warwickshire mil. ; J. P. 
Staffordshire (and C.C.) : Sandhills, 
nr. Walsall. 

Bray, Cecil, only s. of Cecil Nicholas 
Bray, of Langford Hill, Cornwall, J. P. 
(d. 1873); b. 1835 : admitted a solicitor 
1856 : Holsworthy, Devonshire ; Lang- 
ford Hill, Marhamchurch, Stratton, 

Bray. Hubert, J.P. (1895) Hereford- 
shire : Homend st. Ledbury, Hereford- 

Bray, Nicholas, J.P. Cardiganshire : 
Goginan, Aberystwyth. 

Bray, Reginald More, m.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Reginald Brav, of Shere, 
Surrey, J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1842 ; to. 1868, 
Emily O., 4 dau. of Arthur K. Barclay, of 
Bury Hill, Surrey ; barr. Inner Temple 
1868, bencher 1891, lord of the manor of 
Shere, Connyhurst, &c, rec. of Guild- 
ford froml891: 4 Crown Office row,E.C. : 
Manor House, Shere, Guildford. 

Braybrooke, lord (5 baron 1788 Gt.B.). 
Chas. Corn wallis Neville, bro. of 4 baron 
(d. 1861) ; b. 1823; m. 1849, hon. Florence 
P., dau. of 3 vise. Hawarden ; hered. 
visitor of Magdalene coll. Cambridge, 
M.A.Cantab, J. P., d.l. Essex, vice-lieut. 
from 1861 : Carlton and Travellers* 
clubs ; Audley End, Saffron Walden. 

Braye, lord (5 baron 1529, Eng.). Alfd. 
Thos. Townshend Verney-Cave, only 
survg. s. of HenriettadatebaronessBraye 
(<U879)and the lateEdgell Wyatt-Edgell, 
{d. 1888); b. 1849; m. 1873, Cecilia H. 
dau. of late Wm. G. Walmesley ; 
D.L., j.p. Leicestershire, J.P. Northants 
and Warwickshire; maj. 3 bittn. mil. 
Leicestershire regt. from 1895. (this 
barouy was in abeyance from 1557 until 
1839, in which year it was terminated in 
favour of the mother of the late baroness, 
on whose death in 1862, it was again 
in abeyance between her daughters 
until 1879, it then lapsed to the last 
survivor of them, the mother of the 
present peer) : 2 Buckingham gate, S.W.; 
Stanford Hall, Market Harborough. 

Breach. Wm. Powell, s. of Edwin 
Breach, of Steyning ; b. 1853 ; to. 1, 1875. 
Mary, only dau. of Mark Michell, of 
Steyning; 2, 1889, Mary, eld. dau. of 
Chas. Tighe, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex ; 
J.P. Sussex : National Liberal club ; New- 
ham House, Steyning R.S.O. Sussex. 

Breadalbane, 1 marq. of (1885, U.K.), 
Gavin Campbell, K G., p.c. (1880), eld. si 
of 6 earl (d. 1871) ; 6. 1851 ; to. 1872, lady 
Alma, dau. of 4 duke of Monti o3e; b. 
1851; 2nd tit. earl of Ormelie : a lord 
in waiting to the Queen 1873-4, treasurer 

of H.M.'s household 1880-5, lord steward 
1892-5, H.M.'s. high commr. to gen. 
assembly of church of Scotland 1893-94 
and '95, J.P. Perthshire, d.l., J.P. Argyll- 
shire, late lieut. 4 battn. (mil.) Arg.and 
Sutbd. highrs.. lient. (hon. capt.) Salop 
yeo. 1882-7, maj 5 (Perthshire) vol.battn. 
Black Watch from 1893,brig.-gen. Royal 
Company of Archers : 19 Cavendish 
sq. W. ; Marlboro' and Reform clubs ; 
The Cottage, Winterbourne EirK nr. 
Salisbury ; Taymouth Castle, Aberfeldy, 
Perthshire ; Auchmore, Killin ; Ard- 
mddy Castle, Oban ; Blackmount, 
Bridge of Orchy, N.B. 

Breakey, insp.-geo. John, M.D.,assist.- 
surg. of ' Penelope " during Russian war 
in B dtic,1854,at bombardment of Bomar- 
sund.China war 1857-8.insp.-gea. of hosp. 
and fleets 1887-9, ret. list, 1889. 

Brechin, bp. of. most rev. HughWil- 
loughby Jermyn, d.d. Cantab., s. of late 
rev. G. Bitton Jermyn, ll.d. ; b. 1820 ; 
to. 1, dau. of Edward Scudamore, M.D. ; 2, 
Sophia H., dau. of late rev. E. Challoner 
Ogle, Kirkley Hall, Northumb. ; dean of 
Moray and Ross 1852, rect. of St. Geo., 
Basseterre, archd.of St. Christopher's. W. 
1. 1851-8, rect.of Nettlecombe, Som.,1858- 
70, R.D.of Dunster 1860, vicar of Barking, 
Essex, 1870-1, bp. of Colombo 1871-6, 
of Brechin from 1875, Primus of E;>iscpl. 
Ch. of Scotland from 1886 : Forbes Court, 
Broughty Ferry, N.B. 

Brecknock, earl of (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of marq. 

Brecon, archleacon of (St. David's), 
vide ven. Wm. Latham Bevan. 

Bree, bp., vide B.irbidos. 

Bree, ven. Wm., d.o. Oxon., s. of rev. 
W. T. Bree, rect. of Allesley ; b. 1822 ; to. 
1, 1853, Mary, dau. of rev. E. Duke, of 
Lake House, Wilts. ; 2, 1889, Sophy A., 
dau. of rev. G. H. Biggs, vicar of Etting- 
ton, co. Warwick : hon. canon of Wor- 
cester 1882-7, archd. of Coventry from 
1887, rect. from 1863 of Allesley, Coven- 
try : New club. 

Breen, insp.-gen. Thos. John, s. of 
John Breen. of Dublin; b. 1826; to. 1, 1873, 
Julia, dau. of A. Geraghty. J. p.. of Dun- 
gannon ; 2, Mary. dau. of W. Penne- 
father, j.p. ; served in Baltic expdn., 
surgeon of " Urgent" during China war 
1857-62. iusp.-gen. of hosp. and fleets in 
1884, ret. 1884 : 15 Wa-erloo rd., Dublin. 

Breese, Geo. Juhn Eldred, s. of John 
Breese, of Cromer ; is j.p. ( 1894) Norfolk : 
Cromer, Norfolk. 

Brenan, Byron, t.M.i;.. s. of Col. 
Edwd. Fitz Gerald Brenan, of King's co. 


Ireland ; b. 1847 ; m. 1882, Matilda S. 
dan. of maj.-gen. T. Conyngham Kelly, 
C.B. of Dublin ; H.M.'s consul at Canton 
from 1893. 

Brendon. maj.-gen. Algernon, r.a., 
eld. s. of John Brendon. of Treoiffle, 
Cornwall ; 6. 1829 ; m. 1857, Elizabeth, 
dau. {d. 1894) of M. Atkinson, of Keni- 
nal, Kent ; served in Crimean war 
1854-5, at battles of Alma and Inker- 
man and siege of Sebastopol ; 5 class 
Medjidie, ret. f. p. 1881 as col. R.A. : 
Army and Navy club ; Crawford House, 
Spetisbury, Blandford, Dorset. 

Brennan, Louis, c.B., s. of Thos. 
Brennan, of Castlebar, Ireland ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1891, Anna, dau. of Michael Quinn, 
of Castlebar ; superintendent of the 
Brennan torpedo factory from 1887 : 
Woodlands, Gillingham, Chatham. 

Brent, vice-adml. Harry Woodfall, 
s. of Henry Brent, of Worthing, Sussex ; 
b. 1834 ; to. 1866, Elizabeth, youngest dau. 
of late Wm. Menzies, sen. puisne judge, 
Cape of Good Hope ; served in Kaffir 
war 1851-2 ; Baltic expdn. 1854 ; Azoff. 
expdn., Sebastopol and atKinburn 1855, 
5 class Medjidie; China war 1857-8: 
director of Indian marine 1882-3 ; di- 
rector of transports, Admiralty 1888 ; 
rear-adml. ret. list 1890, vice-adml. 1896 : 
67 St. George's sq. S.W. ; United Ser- 
vice club. 

Brereton, maj.-gen. John Alfred, s. of 
late rev. CD. Brereton, of Little Massing- 
ham, Norfolk ; b. 1827 ; to. 1874, Marion, 
dau. (d. 1894) of late Thomas Gillespie, of 
Ardachy, Inverness-shire ; r. f. p. as lt.- 
col. B.S.C., J.P. Isle of Man : Riversdale, 
Ramsey, I. of Man. 

Brereton, ShovellHenry, b.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of rev. Shovell Brereton,of Brining- 
ham House, Norfolk (d. 1886) ; b. 1833 ; 
to. 1859, Emma, youngest dau. of rev. 
John Neville White ; late capt. Norfolk 
artill. mil. ; patron and lay rector of 
Briningham : Briningham House, nr. 
East Dereham, Norfolk. 

Bretherton,vufeStapleton- Bretherton. 

Bretherton, rev. Humphrey Wm., 
M.a. Cantab., eld. s. of Wm. Bretherton, 
of Runshaw Hall, Lancashire, J.P. (d. 
1890) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1887, Edith B., only 
dau. of John Carden, late capt. 20 regt. ; 
patron of 3 livings and rect. from 1883 of 
Eccleston, Chorley, Lanes. 

Bretherton, Norris, 2 s. of Wm. 
Bretuerton, of Runshaw Hall, Lanca- 
shire. J. P. (d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1883, Ann 
E., only child of late Wm. Bashall, of 
Nate by, Lancashire; j.p. Lancashire: 
Moss House, Farington, Preston, Lanes. 

Brett, capt. Edward, s. of E. Brett, of 
Wakes Colne, J.p. (d. 1873); b. 1837; 
late 28th foot, J.p. Essex : Army and 
Navy ; Watch House, Wakes Colne, 
Halstead, Essex. 

Brett, maj.-gen. Harry Armstrong, 
served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, N. Zea- 
land war 1864-5, lt.-col. (col. 1881) Ox- 
fordshire L.I. 1881-5, ret. f. p. 1885 : 
7 Queensborough terr. W. ; Naval and 
Military club. 

Brett, John, A.R.A.,Daisyfield, Putney 
Heath la. S.W. 

Brett, hon. Reginald Baliol, M.A. 
Cantab, eld. s. of 1 baron Esher, M.R. ; 
6. 1862 ; to. 1879, Eleanor, youngest dau. 
of late M. Sylvain Van de Weyer, of 
New Lodge, Berks, formerly Belgian 
Minister at St.James's : marq. 
of Hartington 1876-85 ; J.p. Berks ; M.p. 
(l.) Penrynand Falmouth 1880-5; sec. to 
office of works and public bldgs, from 
1895 : 2 Tilney st. W.; Brooks', National 
Liberal and Turf clubs ; Orchard Lea, 
Winkfield, Windsor. 

Brett, col. sir Wilford, k.c.m.g., bro. 
of 1 baron Esher, M.R. ; b. 1824 ; m. 
1859, dau. (d. 1892) of Thos. Stephen ; 
late 76 foot, mil. sec. at N. Scotia 1856-8, 
at Malta 1858-64, Madras 1865-8. 

Brewer, Edmund Williams Tom Llew- 
elyn, M.A. Oxon., only s. of late Tom 
Llewelyn Brewer, of Dan-y-Graig, Mon., 
D.L., j.p. ; 6. 1865 ; J.P. Monmouthshire : 
Grosvenor club ; Dan-y-Graig, Christ- 
church, Newport, Mon. 

Brewer,Geo.Ponting,eld.s.of late Geo. 
Brewer, of Stapleton, Bristol, co. Glou- 
cester ; b. 1837 ; m. 1870, Letitia, youngest 
dan. of late John Lewis, of Greenway 
House, co. Pembroke ; J.P. Pembroke- 
shire, c.a. and chm. Pembrokeshire C.C. : 
St. James st. Narberth. 

Brewer, John Edwin, eld. survg. s. 
of J. Brewer, of Stow Hill, Newport, 
Mon. ; b. 1840 ; to. 1866, Janet, youngest 
dau. of late Jas. Rennie, of Maindee 
Park, Mon. ; j.p. Monmouthshire : Gort- 
lands, Caerleon, Mon. 

Brewis, Geo. Wm., 2 s. of late S. 
Brewis, of Langley House, Lancashire ; 
b. 1849 ; to. 1870, Elizabeth Salisbury, 
2 dau. of late C.W. TJnthank, of Intwood 
Hall, Norfolk, d.l., j.p. ; j.p. Essex : 
Conservative club ; Silverdale Lodge, 

Brewis, Samuel R., eld. s. of S. Brewis, 
Langley House, Lancashire ; b. 1843 ; in. 
1872, Fanny Caroline,dau.of H.B. Watkin 
Williams Wynn, Howbery Park, Oxon; 
J.P. Bucks (sheriff 1884) and Oxon : 


Junior Carlton club ; Ibstone House, 

Brewster, vide French-Brewster. 
Brewster, Chas. Edwd., 2 s. of Jas. 
Brewster, of Ashford Lodge, Essex, J. P. 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; to. 1875, Elizabeth S. 
dau. of rev. W. T. Beckett, rect. of 
Ingoldesthorpe, Norfolk; J. P. Essex: 
Maplestead Hall, Halstead. 

Brewster, maj.-gen. Hy. Craigie ; s. of 
late sir David Brewster: ret. f.p. 1872 as 
lt.-col. 76 foot : New ( Edinburgh) club. 

Brewster, rev. Herbert Charles, b.a. 
Oxon, 8. of John Brewster, of Notting- 
ham ; b. 1832 ; m. 1867, Augusta M., dau. 
of Clement Tabor, of Rayne, Essex ; 
J. p. Lincolnshire : rector from 1865 of 
S. Kelsey, Caistor, Lines. 

Brewster, rev. James Geo., m.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of Jas. Brewster, of Ash- 
ford Lodge, Halstead, Essex, j.p. (d. 
1890) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1871, Alice, dau. of 
Wm. Rivington, of Hampstead ; rect. 
from 1880 of Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk. 
Brewster,lady. Jane,dau.of Thomas 
Purnell ; to. sir David Brewster, K.H., 
LL.D. (d.), principal of Edinburgh Univ! 
1859-68 : Allerly, Melrose, Roxburgh, 

Brice, maj.-gen. G-eo. Tito, p. of G-. T. 
Brice, of Packham House, Hants, j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1862) ; b. 1831 ; served with 17 
foot in Crimea 1855, at Sebastopol, 5 
class Medjidie ; commd. brig, of Bombay 
army 1879-84, ret. p. 1889 : United Service 
club ; Groveley, Feltham. 

Brice, Seward, Q.c, m.a., ll.d. London 
Univ., s. of late Wm. Brice, of Strat- 
ton-on-the-Fosse, Somerset ; b, 1846 ; 
m. 1888, Gertrude, dau. of late Hy. Berens, 
of Edgbaston ; barr. Inner Temple 1871, 
bencher 1894 ; Q.c. 1886 : 24 Palace court, 
Bayswater rd. W.; 5 Ne\v court, Lincoln's 
Inn, W.C. 

Bridge, rear-ad ml. Cyprian Arthur 
Geo., s. of late ven. archdn. Bridge ; 6. 
1839 ; served in White Sea 1854, present 
in " Pelorus," in Bay of Bengal, during 
Indian mutiny, director of Naval Intelli- 
gence 1889-92, commdr-in-chief on Aus- 
tralian station from 1894 : 50 Gt. Cum- 
berland pi. W. 

Bridge, Franklin Sealy ; capt. 1 
Somerset mil. 1867-81 ; j.p. Somerset : 
Cranford, Exmouth, Devon. 

Bridge, sir John, m.a. Oxon, only s. of 
J. H. Bridge, of Dover ; b. 1824 ; m. 1857, 
Ada L., eld. dau. of G. Bridge; barr. Inner 
Temple 1850, J.P. Berks, London and 
Home counties, metropol. police magist., 
Southwark 1872-86, Bow st. 1886-90, 
chief police magist. there from 1890, 


knighted 1890 : 50 Inverness terr. W. ; 
Athenaeum club ; Headley Grove, 

Bridge, rev. John Moore, s. of Robert 
Bridge, of Broadway, Dorset ; b. 1821 ; 
to. 1849, Emma, dau. of Thos. Bridge, of 
Monte Video House, Weymouth : Lorton 
House, Broadway, Dorchester. 

Bridge, mrs. Ellen E., eld. dau. of 
Edwd. Palmer, of Wyke Regis; to. 1852, 
John Edwd. Bridge, of Pydel-Trenthide, 
Dorset, J.P. (d. 1888) : Manor House, 
Pydel-Trenthide, Dorchester. 

Bridgeman, col. hon. Fras. Chas., 

2 s. of 3 earl of Bradford ; b. 1846 ; to. 
1883, Gertrude C. dau. of Geo. Hanbury, 
of Blythewood. Maidenhead ; maj. and 
lt.-col. (col. 1887) Scots gds. 1883-9, 
regtl. adj. 1884-7, in Suakin expdn. 1885 ; 
ret. p. 1894 ; commdg. Staffs Inf. vol. 
brig, from 1892 ; J.P. Salop and Staffs, 
M.P. (c.) Bolton 1885-95 : 59 Ennismore 
gdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Wellington 
clubs ; Neachley, Shifnal. 

Bridgeman, Geo. Arthur Bridgeman, 

3 son of rev. Wm. Bridgeman-Simpson, 
rect. of Babwoith, Notts (d. 1895), by 
dau. of 5 earl Fitzwilliam ; 6. 1846; to. 
1896, lady Mary Eleanor, 2 dau. of 3 
earl Forte'scue, b. 1849. 

Bridgeman, hon. Henry Geo. Orlando 1 
3 s. of lord Newport : b. 1882. 

Bridgeman, rev. the hon. John 
Robert Orlando, m.a. Cantab, 3 s. of 2 earl 
of Bradford ; b. 1831 ; to. 1862, Marianne 
C, only dau. and heir of archdn. Wm. 
Clive ; J.P. Staffordshire and Salop, R.D. 
of Brewood 1869-85, rect. from 1859 of 
Weston-under-Lyziard, Shifnal : Frog- 
nei, Torquay; 89 Harley st. W. ; Carlton 

Bridgeman, hon. Orlando, eld. s. of 
lord Newport; b. 1873; 2 It. 3 battn. 
(mil.) R. Scots from 1896. 

Bridgeman, hon. Richard Orlando 
Beaconsfield, 2 s. of lord Newport; 6.1879. 

Bridgeman, hon. Helena Mary, b. 
1875 ; hon. Florence Sibell, b. 1877, daus. 
of vise. Newport. 

Bridgeman-Simpson.misses Isabella 
Grace and Emily, daus. of hon. John 
Bridgeman-Simpson, of Babworth Hall, 
Notts, and Bilton Hall, Warwickshire 
{d. 1850) : Bilton Hall, nr. Rugby. 

Bridger, Harry, eld. s. of H. C. 
Bridger, of Buckingham House, Sussex, 
J.P. (d. 1872) ; b. 1828 ; to. 1, 1850, Eliza 
A., dau. (d. 1889) of G. Orme, of Merton, 
Surrey ; 2, 1890, Elizabeth, eld. dau. of 
Anthony Hockley, of Little Buckingham, 
Sussex ; j.p. Sussex : Adur Lodge, Old 
Shoreham, Sussex. 



Bridges, sir Geo. Talbot, 8 bart. 
(1718) cousin of 7 bart (d. 1895) ; b. 

Bridges, John Affleck, eld. s. of John 
Thos. Bridges, of St. Nicholas Court, 
Isle of Thanet, J.P. ; b. 1832 ; m. 1861, 
Henrietta, dau. of F. T. Philippi, of Bel- 
field Hall, Lanes ; is J.P. and C.C. Wor- 
cestershire : Summer Hill, Bewdley. 

Bridges, John Hy., 8. of late rev. 
canon Alex. Hy. Bridges, rect. of Bed- 
dington, Surrey and grands, of late sir 
H. Bridges, of Beddington, D.L., J.P. ; 
b. 1852 : m. 1879, Edith I., youngest dau. 
of late Hy. Tritton, of Beddington ; 
is J.P. (1896) Surrey : United University 
and Constitutional clubs ; Ewell Court, 
nr. Epsom. 

Bridges, capt. John Strachan, late 
E.A., 2 s. of late H. Bridges, of Camp 
House, Clifton, Glo's. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1878, 
lady Grace Harriet, 4 dau. of earl of 
Courtown, b. 1854 : Arthur's and Naval 
and Military clubs. 

Bridgford, col. Robert, C.B., V.D., 
eld. s. of late J. R. Bridgford, of Man- 
chester ; b. 1836 ; D.L., j.p. Herefordshire, 
J.P. Lancashire, lt.-col. comnidt. (hon. 
col. 1885) 2 vol. battn. Manchester regt. 
from 1867 : Isthmian and Conservative 
clubs ; Upper Newton, Kinnersley, co. 
Hereford ; Whalley Range, Manchester. 

Bridgwater, Thos., ll.d., m.b., j.p. 
Middlx. : Highlands, High st. Harrow. 

Bridport, 1 vise. (1868, U.K.). gen.Alex. 
Nelson Hood, g.c.b. ; 6. 1814 ; m. dau. (d. 
1884) of 3 marq. of Downshire ; b. 1817 ; 
duke of Bronte in Sicily, D.L., j.p. Somer- 
set, j.p. Dorset and Devon, groom in 
waiting to the Queen 1841-53, clerk- 
marshal to late Prince Consort 1853-58, 
equerry in ordy. to the Queen 1858-84, 
extra equerry from 1884, lord-in-waiting 
1884-5 and from 1887 ; ret. list 1881 : 
Carlton club; Fords Abbev, Chard; 
Castello di Maniace, Bronte, Sicily. 

Bridson, Arthur Paul, j.p. (1892) 
Lancashire : Water Park, Ulverston, 

Bridson, Joseph Ridgway, s. of T. R. 
Bridson, of Southport, j.p. {d. 1863) ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1857, dau. of John Woodhouse, 
of Bolton-le-Moors ; j.p. Lanes, and 
Westmorland : Bryerswood, Windermere: 
Bridge House, Bolton-le-Moors ; Junior 
Carlton club. 

Bridson, Thos. Ridgway, eld. s. of T. 
R. Bridson, of Southport, j.p. (d. 1863) ; 
*b. 1823 ; j.p. Lancashire and Bolton, late 
jnaj. Lancashire mil.: Rock End,Torquay; 
Windham club. 

Brierley, Abraham, s. of John P. 
Brierley, of Rochdale ; b. 1845 ; m. 1867, 
Mary T. dau. of Henry Howorth, of Lis- 
bon, Portugal ; J.P. ( 1893) Lancashire : 
Lauriston, Rochdale, Lanes. 

Brierley, John; b. 1828; m. 1852, 
Ellen, dau. of Wm. Walker, of Radcliffe, 
Lancashire ; J.P. Lancashire : National 
Liberal club ; The Clough, Wbitefield, 

Brigg, Benjn. Septimus, 8. of late 
John Brigg, of Guard House, Keighley, 
J.P. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1873, Harriette, dau. of 
Geo. Drewry, of Holier, Lanes. ; is J.P. 
(1890) W. R. Yorks : Burlington House, 
Keighley, Yorks ; National Liberal club 

Brigg, John, 2 s. of J. Brigg, of Guard 
House, Keighley ; {d. 1867) ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1860, Mary, dau. {d. 1896) of Wm. Ander- 
ton, of Bingley, Yorks ; J.P. W.R. 
York, m.p. (L.) W. R. Yorks, Northern 
part (Keighley divn.) from 1895 : Kild- 
wick Hall, Keighley, Yorks. 

Brigg, John F., s. of Benjamin Brigg, 
of Huddersfield; 6.1824; m. 1, 1858, 
M. A. Adelaide, dau. (d. 1891) of 
David Lockwood, of Huddersfield ; 2, 
1894, Grace, widow of Wm. Marsden, of 
Kentville, Nova Scotia : J.P. Hudders- 
field and three times mayor; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks : Greenhead Hall, Greenhead rd. 

Briggs, Asa, J.P. (1894) W.R. Yorks : 
Greenbide House, Clayton, Bradford, 

Briggs, col. Chas. Jas. 2 survg. 8. of 
Wm. Briggs, of Hvlton Castle, co. Dur- 
ham, J.P. {d. 1871); b. 1834; m. 1859, 
Sarah A., only child of J. W. Douglas, 
London; lt.-col. and hon. col. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Durham L.I. 1888-93, D.L., j.p. co. 
Durham, patron of one living : Hylton 
Castle, Sunderland. 

Briggs, maj.-gen. David, eld. s. of col. 
J. F. Briggs, of Strathairly (d. 1850) ; b. 
1824 ; m. 1860, Constance I., only dau. of 
late Jas. Rocheid, of Inverleith, Mid- 
Lothian ; lateB.S.C. Indian mutiny cam- 
paign at Delhi ; Bhootan 1865 ; D.L., J.P. 
co. Fife : New club, Edinburgh ; Strath- 
airly House, nr. Largo, Fife. 

Briggs, Henry, m.d., j.p. Lanes. : 47 
Leyland rd., Southport, Lanes. 

Briggs, maj.-gen. James, s. of late 
col. Briggs, of Strathairly, Fife ; b. 
1833 ; lc.-col. (col. 1881) Manchester 
regt. 1878-82, ret. p. 1887 : 29 Saxe 
Coburg pi. Edinburgh ; Naval and 
Military club. 

Briggs, lt.-col. John Archer Julian, 
2 s. of Thos. Briggs, of Fursdon, Devon ; 
6. 1837 ; m. 1872, Emily, dau. of John 


W. Stephens, of Whitsun. Dovon ; is j.p. 
(1895) Devon: Fursdon, Egg Buckland, 

Brigrgrs. sir John Hy., eld. s. of sir John 
Thos. Briggs. accountant-gen. BJT. id. 
1865) ; b. 1808 ; to. 1. 1841. Amelia, eld. 
dau. (d.> 1888) of L. Hopkinson ; 2, 1889, 
Elizabeth C. dau. of Jas. Gruar ; reader 
to board of Admiralty 1810-65. chief 
clerk 1865-70, knighted 1870 : 6 Elm 
Park rd. ELW. 

Brigrgrs, Robt. Scott, eld. s. of W. 
Briggs, of Moorlands, co. Durham, J.P. 
(d. 1871) ; b. 1828 ; to. 1855, Elizabeth, 
dau. of late A. Leonard ; j.p. co. Durham: 
Moorlands. Sunderland. 

Brigrgrs, Thos. Boyson, J.P. co. Dur- 
ham : East Boldon Lodge. Newcastle-on- 

Brigrgrs, Wm., s. of Robt. Briggs. of 
Castle Donington; b. 1845: m. 1868. 
Emily L.. dau. of Chas. Wm. Thacker. of 
Elford Park, Staffs ; is J.P. Derbyshire : 
Bleak House. Melbourne, Derbyshire. 

Brigrgrs. Wm. 2 s. of Isaac Briggs. of 
Sandal Cliff, Yorks ; b. 1841; to. 1877, 
Ellen, 2 dau. of late Daniel Hague, of 
Oldham, Lanes. ; J.P. W. R. Yorks : 4 
South parade, Wakefield. 

Brigrgrs, lady. Mary J., eld. dau. of 
Benjamin Carlton Howell, Barbadoes; to. 
1857, sir Thos. Graham Briggs, 1 and last 
bart. (d. 1887) : Drayton Rectory, Nor- 

Brigrht, Alfd.Chas., j.p.Gloucestersh.; 
Rheola, Cinderford, Newnham, Glos. 

Brigrht, Charles Edward, c.M.ft., s. of 
R. Bright ; to. 1868, hon. Anna Maria 
Georgiana, dau. of 3 vise. Canterbury, b. 

Brigrht, George, s. of Robert Bright, 
of Abbots Leigh, nr. Bristol ; to. 1, 1851J 
Eleanor, dau. (d. 1*52) of Marcus 
McCausland, of Drenagh, Limavadv. co. 
Deny; 2, 1857, Tempe, dau. of H. T. 
Raikes, judge, high court, Calcutta ; is 
J.P. Somerset: 25 Victoria sq. Clifton, 
nr. Bristol. 

Brigrht, Henry, 3 s. of Isaac Bright, of 
Leamington, Warwickshire ; b. 1817 ; to. 
1845, Maria, dau. of Philip Bright, of 
Doncaster, Yorks; is j.p. (1896) War- 
wickshire : Winton House. Leamington. 

Bright, Heywood, 2 s. of S. Bright, of 
Sandheys, Liverpool, j.p. (d. 1870) : b. 
1836 : to. 1884, Dorothea, eld. dau. of 
col. John Ireland Blackburne, of Hale 
Hall, Lanes.; j.p. Lancashire: Reform 
club ; Sandheys, West Derby, Liverpool. 

Brigrht, rt. non. Jacob, P.c., s. of late 
Jacob Bright, of Greenbank, nr. Roch- 
dale : i. 1821; to. 1855, Ursula, dau. of 

late Joseph Mellor, of Liverpool : cotton 
spinner and carpet manufactr. at Roch- 
dale, j.p. Lancashire, m.p. (l.) Manches- 
ter 1867-74 and 1876-85, S. W. Man- 
chester 1886-95 : 31 St. James' pL S.W. ; 
Reform club. 

Brigrht, rev. Jas. Franck, D.D. Oxon. 
eld. survg. s. of Richd. Bright, M.D., f.h.s. 
(d. 1858); b. 1832; to. dau. (d. 1871) of 
rev. E. D. Wickham ; lord of the manor 
of Brockbury, co. Hereford, master from 
1881 of University College, Oxford. 

Brigrht, John Albert, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
John Bright, of One Ash, Rochdale, m.p. 
(d. 1889) ; 6. 1848 ; to. 1883, Edith 
Eckersley, dau. of late Wm. Tuer Shaw- 
cross, of Foxholes, Rochdale ; J.P. Lan- 
cashire andboro' of Rochdale, m.p. ( 
Birmingham (Central divn.) 1889-95 : 
Reform club ; One Ash, Rochdale. 

Brigrht. Wm. Leatham, 2 8. of rt. hon. 
John Bright, M.P. {d. 1889) ; b. 1851 : 
m. 1. 1883, Isabella, 3 dau. (d. 1892) of late 
Alfred Tylor of Shepley House, Car- 
shalton. Surrey ; 2, 1894. Mary B. dau. 
of E. B. Durham, of The Fryerors, Basil- 
don, Essex ; is J.P. (1896) London, m.p. 
(l.) Stoke - upon - Trent 1885-90 : 70 
Evelyn gdns. S.W. ; 44 Leadenhall st. 
E.C. : Reform club. 

Brigrht, lady. Catherine, dau. of sir 
Wm. Miles, bart. ; to. 1856, gen. sir 
Robt. 0. Bright, g.c.b., col. Yorkshire 
regt. {d. 1896) : Normandy Park, nr. 

Bright, lady. Hannah Barrick. dau. 
of late John Taylor, of Belle rue, King- 
ston-on-Hull ; m. 1853. sir Chas. Tilston 
Bright, C.E., M.p. (d. 1888), who laid the 
first Atlintic cable, <tc. : 53 West Crom- 
well rd. S.W. 

Brigrhtwell, John Rumbleton, J.P. 
(1896) Essex : 15 Royal terr. Southend, 

Brigrhfrwen, mr3. Eliza, niece and 
adopted dau. of Alexander Elder, of 
Thornbury Park, Middlx. ; to. 1855. Geo. 
Brightwen, lord of the manor of Run- 
ham, Norfolk (d. 1883) : The Grove, Gt. 
Stanmore, Middlx. 

Brigrstocke, Wm. Owen, b.a. Oxon, 
only s. of late rev. Augustus Brigstocke, 
of Gellidy wyu, co. Carmarthen ; b. 1831 ; 
to. 1, youngest dau. of late 0. Lloyd ; 2, 
1869, Annie, eld. dau. of late Wm. For- 
syth Grant, of Ecclesgreig, Kincardine- 
shire; barr. Inner Temple 1856; chmn. 
Carmarthenshire c.c. 1889-92 ; d.l. 
J.P. co. Cardigan, J.P. cos. Carmarthen 
and Pembroke : Parc-y-Gorse, Boncath 
R.S.O. S.Wales ; University and National 
Liberal clubs. 


Brinckman, mij. Theodore Fras., eld. 
s.of" sir Theodore Hy. Brinckman, 2 bart., 
by dau. of 2 marq. Conyngham, K.P. ; 
b. 1863 ; m. 1, 1883, Lucy, 4 dau. (who ob- 
tained a div. 1894) of Tho*. Radmall, of 
St. Margaret's, Twickenham ; 2, 1895, 
Mamie, dau. of late capt. J. H. Linton, 
of Hemingford Abbots, Hunts, and step- 
dau. of 8 earl of Aylesf ord ; maj. 3 battn. 
(md.) E Kent regt. fron 1893. 

Brinckman, sir Theodore Henry, 2 
bart. (1830), eld. s. of 1 bart. (d. 1880), 
by dau. of 1 baron G-odolphin ; b. 1830 ; 
m. lady Cecilia [d. 1877), dau. of 2 marq. 
of Conyngham, capt. late 17 foot, d.l. 
Tower Hamlets, m.p. (l.) Canterbury 
1868-74 : 34 Grosvenor st. W. ; Army 
and Navy club ; St. Leonard's, Clewer, 

Brind, lady. Eleanor E. L.dau. of late 
rev. H. T. Burne, of Grittleton,Wilts and 
of Bath ; m. 1873, as his 5 wife, g?n. sir 
Jas. Brind G.C.B. (d. 1888). 

Brine, col. Bruce, late R.E., s. of maj. 
Jas.Brine, 7 R. Fus. and 39 regt. {d. 1859), 
and grands, of Jas. Brine, of Blandford, 
adml. of the White {d. 1814) ; b. 1839 ; m. 
1863, Henrietta L., dau. of R. F. Franks 
and granddau. of late L. C. Justice Bushe; 
adjt. r.e. 1868-73. assist, commdt. School 
of mily. engineering, Chatham, 1885-8, 
col. on staff and commdg. r.e. at Alder- 
shot 1888-91 : Army and Navy club ; 
Normanton, Farnboro' Road, Hants. 

Brine, vice-ad ml. Lindesay, f.r.g.s., 
s. of maj. Brine, 39th regt. ; b. 1834 ; m. 
Emily, dau. of rev. A. J. Knapton, of 
Boldre, Lymington, J.P. ; comm I. a 
battery at Eupatoria in Crimea 1854, in 
" Retribution " iu the Baltic 1855, in 
command of " Opossum " at capture of 
Taku forts I860, asst. to adml.-suptd. of 
naval reserve at Admiralty 1883-6, vice- 
adml. 1891, ret. list 1894, one of the naval 
assessors to House of Lords, a younger 
bro. of Trinity House : Athenaeum and 
United Service clubs. 

Brinkley, John Lloyd, eld. s. of Richd. 
Graves Briukley, of Fortland, co. Sligo, 
J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1852; m. 1880, Annie 
C. I. W., youngest dau. of late R. E. 
Cooper ; d.l., J.P. co. Sligo (sheriff 
1885) : Fortland, Easky, co. Sligo. 

Brinton, John, 3 s. of late Henry 
Brinton, Kidderminster, by dau. of J. 
Gardiner, Dublin ; b. 1827 ; m. 1 , dau. of S. 
Oldham, Rathmines, co. Dublin ; 2, 1865, 
dau. (d. 1887) of col. J. Chaytor, r.e. ; 
3, 1891, Mary, widow of Wm. Simmons 
Allen, of Moorfield, Staffs : chm. of the 
firm of John Brinton and Co. Ltd., 
carpet manufacturers at Kidderminster, 

D.L., J.P. Worcestershire (sheriff 1889 
and itldm. 1890), knt. leg. hon. 1878 ; 
m.p. (l.) Kidderminster 1880-6 : Wind- 
ham club ; Moor Hall, Stourport. 

Brisbane, 3 bp. of (1859), rt. rev. Wm. 
Thos. Thornhill Webber, d.d. Oxon ; s. 
of Webber ; 6. 1837 ; vicar of St. 
John Evansr. Holborn, Lon. 1865-85, 
memo. London school board 1882-5, 
bp. from 1885 of Brisbane, Queensland : 
Bishopsbourne, Milton rd. Brisbane. 

Brisbane, Ohas. Tnos., only s. of late 
maj. C. B. Brisbane, 34 foot ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1869, Florence F. H., younger dau. of M. 
J. Tatham ; j.p. co. Ayr : Junior Carlton 
and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Brisbane, 
Largs, N.B. 

Brisco. Hylton Ralph, only 8. of sir 
Musgrave Horton Brisco, 4 bart. ; b. 1871; 
J.P. Cumberland : Crofton Hall, Wigton, 

Brisco. sir Musgrave Horton, 4 bart. 
(1782), eld. s. .of 3 bait. (d. 1884) ; b. 1833 ; 
m. 1867, Mary Elizabeth, eld dau. of sir 
W. H. Feilden, 2 bart. and widow of 
capt. R. Newsham Pedder, 10 hus*. : J. P., 
d.l. Cumberland : Crofton Hall, Wigton, 

Brisco, misses Eliza and Sarah, daus. 
of Wastell Brisco (d. 1878), D.L., J.P. : 
79 Portland pi. W. ; Bohemia House, 

Briscoe, Gustavus Villiers, s. of rev. 
Fras. Briscoe, rect. of Kilmessan, co. 
Meath ; b. 1857 ; m. 1881, Amina Con- 
stance, dau. of late capt. Wm. Smith, 
75 regt., of Besborough, co. Meath ; is 
j.p. co. Meath : Bellinter, Navan, co. 

Briscoe, John, j.p. Denbighshire : 
Wigfair. St. Asaph R.S.O. Flintshire. 

Briscoe, John Jas. eld. s. of J.Briscoe, 
of RedbrooK, Cheshire {d. 1876) ; b. 1835 ; 
m. 1863, Ellen, only dau. of A. Charlton, 
of Altrincham ; j.p., D.L. Cambridge- 
shire, sheriff of Carabs. and Hunts. 1888 : 
National club, S.W. ; Bourn Hall, Cam- 
bridgeshire ; Thornton Hall, Childer 
Thornton, nr Chester. 

Briscoe, Rd. Holt, s. of G. Briscoe, of 
Elmhurst, Staffs, D.L., J.P. {d. 1866) ; b. 
1823 ; m. 1855, Agnes S., elder dau. of rev. 
T. A. Rickards, of Cosby, Leicestershire ; 
d.l., j.p. Staffs (sheriff 1876) : Cnillington 
Hall, Wolverhampton. 

Brise. vide Ruggles-Brise. 

Bristol, 3 marq. of (1826, u.K.).Fredk. 
Wm. John Hervey, eld. s. of 2 marq. 
(d. 1864); b. 1834; m. 1862, Geraldine, 
youngest dau. of late gen. hon. Geo. 
Anson, m.p. ; 2nd tit. earl Jermyn : 
heredit. steward of the Liberty of St. 



Edmund, M.A. Cantab, lord lieut. of 
Suffolk from 1886, M.r. West Suffolk 
1859-64, hon. col. W. Suffolk mil. from 
1865 : 6 St. James' sq. S.W. ; Carlton 
and White's clubs ; 19 Sussex sq. Kemp 
town. Brighton. 

Bristol, archdn.of ; vide ven. H. Robe 

Bristol,dean of ; vide very rev. Francis 

Bristow, vide Collyer-Bristow. 

Bristow, Hy. Joseph, s. of H. E. Bris- 
tow, of Greenwich, Kent ; b. 183*2 ; m. 

1871, Fanny C, dau. of Jas. Sheppard, of 
Bath, Somerset ; .1 P. and c.C. Kent : 29 
Cornhill, E.C. ; The Mount, Upton, Bex- 
ley Heath, Kent. 

Bristowe, (his honor, Judge) Samuel 
Boteler, eld. s. of late S. E. Bristowe, of 
Beesthorpe Hall, Notts, (d. 1855) ; b. 
1822 ; m. 1856, Albertine, dau. of mons. 
J. Lavit, Paris : M.A. Cantab, barr. 
Inner Temple 1848, Q.C. 1872, bencher 

1872, rec. of Newark 1869-70, M.P. (l.) 
Newark 1870-80 ; judge of county courts 
(circuit No. 18) 1881-91, (circuit No. 47) 
Lambeth <fec. from 1891 : 84 Onslow gdns. 
S.W. ; 2 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; 
Oxford and Cambridge club. 

British Guiana, bp. of, vide Guiana. 

British Honduras, bp. of, vide Hon- 

Britten, Forrester, eld. s. of Dmiel 
Britten, of Kens wick. Worcs. J.p.(d.l891 ); 
J. P. Sussex and (1875) co. Worcester : 
The Grange, Shermanbury, Henfield 
R.S.O., Susstx. 

Britten, rear-adml. Richd. Fredk.. 2 s. 
of Daniel Britten, of Kenswick, Worcs.. 
J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1843; to. 1890, hon! 
Blanche C, only dau. of 11 baron Col- 
ville of Culross, k.t,; b. 1857 ; served as 
mid. of the " Retribution " during China 
war 1858, at bombardment of Nankin ; 
rear-adml. ret. list 1896 ; j.p. Worces- 
tershire : 2 Hyde Park pi. W. ; United 
Service club ; Kenswick, Worcester. 

Broad, rear-adml. Geo. Dohertv, ret 
list 1887. 

Broad, Harrington Evans, s. of late 
rev. John Broad, Hitchin. Herts ; 6. 1844; 
to. 1872, dau. of late Peter Broad, of 
Reigate ; sen. partner in Broads, Pater- 
son & Co. accountants, 1 Walbrook, 
E.C. ; j.p. Kent, m.p. (l.) S. Derbyshire 
1892-5 : Stonewall Park, Edenbridge, 
Kent ; Quarry House, Biechingley, 

Broadbent, Chas. Harold, eld. s. of 
Chas. Broadbent, of Latchford, Cheshire 
J.P. [d. 1887) ; b. 1867 ; is J.p. (1895) 

Cheshire: The Hollies, Latchford, War- 

Broadbent, John, s. of Benjn. Broad- 
bent, of Bingley ; b. 1824; j.p. Notts: 
South Collingham, Newark. 

Broadbent, John Fras. Harpin, M.A. 
and m.d. Oxon., eld. s. of sir Win. Hy. 
Broadbent, 1 bart.. M.D. ; b. 1865 ; in. 
1895, Margaret E., dau. of Geo. P. Field, 
of Normans wood, Farnham, and Wim- 
pole st. W. 

Broadbent, Lees, j.p. (1894) Lanca- 
shire : Stockport rd. Denton, Manchester. 

Broadbent, sir Wm. Henry, 1 bart. 
(1893), m.d. Lond., f.r P. Lond., eld s. 
of John Broadbent, of Longwood,Yorks ; 
6. 1835 ; in. 1863, Eliza, dau. of John H lr- 
pin, of Holmfirth, Yorks : 84 Brook st. 
Grosvenor sq. W. 

Broadfoot, col. Archibald, c. a., 
R.A., served with Bhootan expdn. 1865, 
Abyssinian campaign 1868, Afghan war 
1879-80, Mahsood Wuzeeree expdn. 1881, 
Burmese expdn. 1885-6, commdg. r.a. 
Kirkee, India. 

Broadhurst, Hy., s. of late T. Broad- 
hurst, a journeyman stone mason, of Lit- 
tlemore, Oxon ; b. 1840; to. 1860, Eliza, 
dau. of Edwd. Olley, of Norwich ; a 
stone mason till 1873, sec. to parly, com- 
mittee to trades union congress 1875-90 ; 
J.P. Norfolk ; und. sec. of state, home 
dept. in 1886 ; M.P. (L.) Stoke-upon-Trent 
1880-5, Birmingham (Bordesley divn.) 
1885-6.W. Nottingham 1886-92, Leicester 
from 1894 : 4 Elm gdns. Brook Green, 
W.; Reform and National Liberal clubs ; 
Trent Cottage, Cromer. 

Broadley, vide Harrison-Broadley. 

Broadmead. Thomas Palfrey, HA. 
Cantab, only s. of Philip Broadmead, D.L., 
J.P. (dl866), of Olands and Enmore Park, 
Somerset; b. 1822 ; m. 1818, Harriet, dau. 
of late Jas. Bucknell, Cork ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1847; d.l.,j.p. Somerset (sheriff 
1882) : Enmore Park, Bridgwater. 

Broadmead, Wm. Bucknell, eld. 
survg. s. of Thos. Palfrey Broadmead, of 
Enmore Park, Somerset, J. P., D.L. ; b. 
1853 ; J.P. Somerset : Enmore Park, 

Broadwood, Jas. Hy. Tschudi, eld. s. 
of Henry Fowler Broadwood, of Lvne, 
Surrey (d. 1893) ; b. 1854 ; to. 1884. Mar- 
garet E. dm. 'd. 1889) of Thos. Fuller 
Maitland, of Garth, Breconshire, j.p. : 
Lyne, Rusper, Horsham ; Pleystowe, 
Capel, Dorking. 

Broadwood, Walter Stewart, b.a. 
Cantab, youngest 8. of Jas. Tschudi 
Broadwood, of Lyne, Horsham ; b. 1819 : 
m. Mariana, dau. (d. 1894) of Wm. 


Turner, Lite min. plenipo. to S. American 
Republics; j.p. cos.Hereford and Radnor : 
3 Queen's Gate gdns., S.W ; Oxford and 
Cambridge Hub; Ferney, Malvern Wells. 

Brock, John, s. of Wm. Brock of Nanl- 
wich : b. 1834: j.p. Lancashire: Gwern- 
Tyno, Colwyn Bay, N. Wales. 

Biock, Thomas, R.A. (1891), A.R.A. 
(1883), s. of Wm. Brock, of Worcester ; 
b. 1847. 

Brockbank, Jas., J.P. (1891) Cumber- 
land: Chappels,Thwaites, Silecroft,Carn- 

Brockbank, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. 
Brockbank, of Kirk Santon, Cumberland ; 
b. 1830 : m. 1872, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of 
John Hodgson, of Whicham, Cumber- 
land ; is j.p. (1895) Cumberland : Garth- 
lands, Kirk Santon, via Silecroft, Carn- 

Brocket, mrs. Mary, 2 dau. but only 
survg. child and heir of Stanes Brocket 
Brocket, of Spains Hall, Essex, d.L.,j.p. 
(d. 1873) ; m. 1866, Chas. P. Meryon, of 
Rye, Sussex (d. 1879) ; lady of the manor 
of Willingale Spain, assumed by royal 
licence name of Brocket in lieu of 
Meryon 1896: Spains Hall, Willingale 
Spain, Chipping Ongar S.O. Essex ; Rye, 

Brockholes, vide Fitzherbert-Brock- 

Brocklebank, Ralph, s. of Ralph 
Brocklebank, D.L., j.p. (d. 1892) ; b. 1840 ; 
J.P. Cheshire (sheriff 1896) : Windham 
club : Haughton Hall, Tarporley, Che- 
shire ; 9 Falkner sq. Liverpool. 

Brocklebank. sir Thos., 1 bart. (1835), 
p. of Wilson Fisher, of Keekle, nr. 
Whitehaven, Cumberland, by Anne, dau. 
of Daniel Brocklebank, of Greenlands, 
Cumb. : b. 1814 : m. 1844, Anne, only dau. 
of Joseph Robinson, of Bolton Hall, 
Cumberland : took the name of Brockle- 
bank under the will of his maternal 
uncle Thomas Brockli bank, in 1845, by 
Royal licence, D.L., j.p. Lancashire, 
sheriff of Cumberland, 1864 : Spring- 
wood, Woolton, Liverpool ; Greenlands, 
Irton, Cumberland. 

Brocklebank, Thos., eld. s. of sir 
Thos. Brocklebank, 1 bart. ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1872. Agnes L., dau. of sir Jas. J. All- 
port, knt. ; j.p. Cumberland and Lan- 
cashire : The Hollies, Woolton, nr. Liver- 
pool ; Bolton Hall, Gosforth, Cumber- 

Brocklebank, Thos., a. of Ralph 
Brocklebank, D.L., j.p. {d. 1892) ; b. 
1841 ; m. 1867, Mary Petrena, dau. of 
late Hy. Royds, j.p. ; J.P. Cheshire : 
The Roscote, Heawall, Chester. 

Brocklehurst, Arthur John PownalL 
2 s. of Wm. Coare Brocklehurst, of 
Butley Hall, Cheshire, j.p. ; 6. 1852 ; 
J.P. Cheshire : Butley Hall, Prestbury, 

Brocklehurst,Edwd.,5 s.of T.Brockle- 
hurst, of The Fence, Cheshire (d. 1870) ; 
b. 1835 : j.p. Surrey : Kinnersley Manor, 
near Reigate. 

Brocklehurst. Fras. Dicken, 6 s. of T. 
Brocklehurst, of The Fence, Cheshire (d. 
1870) ; b. 1837; D.L., J.P. Cheshire (sheriff 
1886): Conservative club; Hare Hill, 

Brocklehurst, Henry Dent. s. of Hy. 
Brocklehurst, of Macclesfield: b. 1856; 
m. 1881, Marion, dau. of hon. Earemont 
Wm. Lascelles, of Middlethorpe Manor, 
York ; j.p. Gloucestershire and W. R. 
Yorks : Middlethorpe Manor, York. 

Brocklehurst, Peter P., 1 Stanhope 
terrace, Hyde park, W. ; Hurdsfield 
House, near Macclesfield. 

Brocklehurst, Philip Lancaster, 4 s. 
of late J. Brocklehurst, of Hurdsfield, 
Cheshire, M.P. (d. 1870) : b. 1827 : m. 
1884, Annie Lee, dau. of late S.Dewhurst. 
Handforth, Cheshire ; J.P. Staffordshire 
and Cheshire ; lord of the manor of 
Heaton Swythamley : Swythamley Park, 
nr. Macclesfield. 

Brocklehurst, Wm. Brocklehurst, B A. 
Oxon, eld. s. of Wm. Coare Brockle- 
hurst, of Butley Hall, Cheshire, J.P. : 
b. 1851 : J.P. Cheshire (and c.c), capt. 
and hon. maj. Cheshire yeom. from 
1891 : Butley Hall, Prestbury, Maccles- 

Brocklehurst, Wm. Coare, s. of J. 
Brocklehurst, of Hurdsfield, Cheshire ; 
M.P. (d. 1870) : b. 1818 ; m. 1849, Mary, 
dau. of Wm.Worthington, of Brockhurst, 
Cheshire: capt. Cheshire yeom.from 1866, 
j.p. Cheshire, M.P. (L.) Macclesfield 1868- 
80 (re-elected in 1880, but unseated on 
petition), Cheshire (Macclesfield divn.) 
1885-6 : Reform, Union and City 
Liberal clubs ; Butley Hall, Prestbury, 

Brockman, Fras. Drake, eld. s. of 
late F. H. Brockman {d. 1857) and nephew 
of F. Brockman,of Beacbborough House, 
Kent (d. 1876) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1881, Mar- 
garetta Louisa, 2 dau. of J. Kirkpatrick, 
of Monk's Horton, Kent ; J.P. Kent : 
Beachborough House, Newmgton, nr. 
Hythe, Kent. 

Broderip, Edmund, eld. s. of E. G. 
Broderip, of Cossington, Somerset, J.P. 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1, eld. dau. of late 
W. Busfeild, of Cottingley Bridge, York ; 
2, 1880, Alice M., dau. of late D. Y. Mills 




of Sudgrote House, Gloucestershire ; late 
57 foot; J.P. Somerset: Cossington 
Manor, Bridgwater; Army and Navy 

Brodhtirst, Alfred, s. of late Wm, 
Brodhurst, of Newark-upon-Trent ; b. 
1823 ; lord of the manor and patron of 
Toller ton : TolJerton Hall. Nottingham. 

Brodhurst, Lucas, 6 s. of Wm. Brod- 
hurst, of The Friary, Newark, Notts ; 
b. 1835 ; to. 1873, 6 dau. of P. R. Falkner, 
of Upton Hall, Notts; is J.P. (1895) 
Notts : Upton, Southwell, Notts. 

Brodie, Alex. s. of Jas. Campbell J. 
Brodie, lord lieut. of co. Nairn, of Lethen 
House, Nairnshire (d. 1880) ; 6. 1870 : 
Lethen House,and Coulmony,Nairn,N.B. 

Brodie, sir Benjamin Vincent Sellon, 
3 bart. (1834), m.a. Oxon, only s. of 2 
bart. (d. 1880) ; b. 1862; to. 1887, Caro- 
line E., youngest dau. (d. 1895) of late 
capt. J. R. Woodriff, R.N.. serjt.-at-arms 
to the Queen ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1889 : 
5 Stone bldgs. W.C. ; Brockham Warren, 
Betch worth, Surrey. 

Brodie, capt. Edgar Waldegrave, 2 s. 
of rev. Wm. Brodie, vicar of East Meon, 
Hants {d. 1882), by 3 dau. of 8 earl 
Waldegrave ; b. 1857 ; to. 1886, Nora K., 
only survg. child of capt. C. G-. O'Calla- 
ghan, late 1 drag. gds. of Ballinahinch, 
co. Clare, D.L.. j.p. ; late capt. 60 Rif.: 
Ballinahinch, Tulla, co. Clare. 

Brodie. Geo. Gordon, s. of rev. P. B. 
Brodie, of Rowington Vicarage, War- 
wick ; 6.1848 ; ?.1879, Louisa Mary, dau. 
of rev. C. F. Baker, of Tellisford Rectory, 
Somerset ; J.p. Warwickshire : Lea Hall, 
Handsworth, Birmingham. 

Brodie, Ian Ashley Moreton, eld. s. of 
H. F. A. Brodie, of Brodie, Morayshire, 
J.p., lord It. co. Nairn (<*.1889), by 3 dau. 
of 2 earl of Ducie ;6. 1868; D.L. co. 
Nairn, 2 It. Scots gds. 1890-3 : Brodie 
Castle, Forres, Morayshire. 

Brodie, lady. Anne, eld. dau. of W. 
Dawson, of Gairdoch and Powfoulis, co. 
Stirling ; m. 1876, as his .2 wife, Sir Thos. 
Dawson Brodie, 1 and last bart. of Idvies, 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1896) : Idvies, Forfar, N.B. 

Brodie, mrs. Ada B., dau. of late sir 
Robt. W. Carden, 1 bart., m.p. ; to. 1858, 
as his 2 wife, Fredk. Brodie, of Fernhill 
Park, I. of W., J.p. (d 1896) : Fernhill 
Park, Wootton Bridge, I. of W. 

Brodie, lady Eleanor, 3 dau. of 2 earl 
of Ducie; b. 1844; to. 1868, H. F. A. 
Brodie, of Brodie, Morayshire, lord lieut. 
of Nairnshire, J.p. (d. 188&, Brodie 
Castle, Forres, Moray. 

Brodie, lady Maria, dau. of 8 earl 
Waldegrave, b. 1824 ; m. 1844, rev. Wm. 

Brodie, m.a. (d. 1882), s\ of sir Benj. 
Brodie, 1 ba> t. : 32 Victoria rd. Kensing- 
ton. W. 

Brodrick, baron ; vide Midleton. 

Brodrick, rev. canon the hon. Alan, 
M.A. Oxon.5s. of 7 vise. Midleton; b. 1840; 
to. dau. of late Philip Melvill. B.C.S. and 
gindau. of late sir J. Melvill. k.c.n. : hon. 
canon of Winchester from 1882,R.. 1888, 
rect. from 1887 of Alverstoke, Gosport. 

Brodrick, hon. Arthur Grenville, 3 s. 
of 8 vise. Midleton ; b. 1868 ; capt. 2 vol. 
battn. R. W. Surrey regt. from 1896 : 
18 Eaton sq.S.W. ; White's and Welling- 
ton clubs ; Peper Harovv, Godalming. 

Brodrick,hon. George Charles, f.r.g.s., 
2 s. of 7 vise. Midleton ; b. 1831 : D.C.L. 
Oxon, barr. Lincoln's Inn 1859, J.P. Ox- 
fordshire, memb. of London (Westmin- 
ster) School Board 1877-9, Warden of 
Merton College, Oxon. from 1881 : Merton 
College, Oxford ; 16 New Burlington st. 
W. : Athenaeum and National clubs. 

Brodrick, hon. Laurence Alan, 2 s. of 
8 vise. Midleton: b. 1864: m. 1896, Gwen- 
dolyn, youngest dau. of H. R. Hughes, 
of Kinmel, D.L., J.p., by eld. dau. of 1 
earl of Ravensworth, and widow of maj.- 
gen. E. W. Lloyd Wynne, of Coed Coeh. 
Denbighshire :' 7 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Coed 
Coch, Abergele, N. Wales. 

Brodrick, rt. hon. Wm. St. John Fre- 
mantle, p.c, m.a. Oxon, eld. s. of 8 vise. 
Midleton ; b. 1856 ; m. 1880, lady Hilda, 3 
dau. of 9 earl of Wemyss and March: b. 
1854 ; D.L., j.p. Surrey ; M.P. (c.) W 
Surrey 1880-5, S. Western divn. from 
1885, finl. sec. to War office 1886-92, 
und. sec. of State war dept. from 1895 : 
34 Portland pl.,W. ; Carlton and Atuen- 
ajum clubs ; Peper Harow, Godalming. 

Brodrick, hon. Albinia, dau. of 8 
vise. Midleton : b. 1861. 

Brodrick, hon. Harriett, dau. of 7 
vise. Midleton ; b. 1834 : Ely House, 
Mount Ararat rd. Richmond, Surrey. 

Brogrden, Jas., F.G.S., 4 s. of J. Brog- 
den, of Raglan House, Cheshire (d. 1869); 
b. 1832 ; m. 1, dau. of capt. Milne ; 2, 
1874, Mary C, dau. of maj. J. Picton 
Beete (who assumed the name of Picton), 
of Iscoed, Carmarthenshire ; J.P. Gla- 
morganshire : St. George's club ; Iscoed, 
Ferryside R.S.O. Carmarthenshire ; 
Portb-Cawl, Bridgend. 

Broke, Horace, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 
only s. of maj.-gen. H. G. Broke, of 
Abbots' Langley, Herts ; b. 1827 ; to. 1, 
1860, eld. dau. of late Brampton Gurdon. 
of Letton Hall, Norfolk, m.p. ; 2. 1870, 
GeorginaM., eld. dau. of late sir Richd. 


Mayne, K.C.B. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1853, 
j.p. Essex : Gladwyns, Harlow, Essex. 

Broke-Middleton. lady. Albinia, 2 
dan. of Thomas Evans,Lyminster, Sussex, 
j. p. ; to. 1853, adml. sir Geo. N. Broke- 
Middleton, c.B.,3 and last bart. (d. 1887) : 
10 Stanhope gdns. S.W. 

Bromby, rt. rev. bp. C'has. Hy., D.D. 
Cantab, s. of late rev. J. H. Bromby,vicar 
of Hull; b. 1814: wi. dau. (d. 1885) of 
W. H. Bodley, m.d. of Brighton ; bp. of 
Tasmania, 1864-82 : assist, bp. in dioc. of 
Bith and Wells, 1891, warden of St. 
John's Hospital, Lichfield, 1887-92: 
Clifton, Bristol. 

Bromehead, Joseph Crawford, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of rev. A. C. Bromehead, 
of Eckington, Derbyshire : b. 1811; to. 
1843,Georgiana M. J., dau. of J. Johnson, 
m.d. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1838, J.P. 
Middlx. : 9 Stone bldgs. W.C. ; Oxford 
and Cambridge club ; Newbold House, 
Newbold, Chesterfield ; Burroughs 
Lodge, Hendon, Middlesex. 

Bromhead. col. sir Benj. Parnell, 4 
bart. (1806), C.B., eld. survg. s. of 3 bart. 
(d. 1870) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1866, Hannah, dau. 
of rev. J. Smith ; served in Afghan war 
1878-80, E. Soudan 1885, col. l.S.C. from 
1889, gov. of Aitchison coll. Lahore, from 

Bromhead, col. Clias. Jas., C.B., 2 
survg. s. of maj. sir Edmd. de Gonville 
Bromhead, 3 bart. {d. 1870) ; 6. 1840 ; to. 
1876,Alice M., only dau. of Thos.Freckle- 
ton ; served in Ashanti war 1873-4, Zulu 
war 1879, Burmese war 1887-9, commdg. 
24 regtl. dist. from 1892 : Brecon ; United 
Service club. 

Bromilow, David, b. 1809, J.P. Beds 
and Lancashire, D.L., j.p. Leicestershire 
(sheriff 1886-7) : Bitteswell Hall, Lutter- 

Bromley, Edward,B. A. Oxon, youngest 
8. of adml. sir Robt. H. Bromley, 3 bart.; 
b. 1831 ; w. 1, 1868, Emma G., 4 dau. (d. 
1891) of W. Hanmer, of Bodnod, Den- 
bighshire ; 2, 1895, Edith, dau. of late 
Thos. B. Thoroton Hildyard, of Flintham 
Hall, Notts, m.p. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1866 ; clerk of assize N. E. circuit from 
1876 ; j.p. Middlesex and London : 12 
Eccleston sq. S.W. 

Bromley, sir Hy., 5 bart. (1757), only 
child of 4 bart. (d. 1895); b. 1849; to. 
1873,Adela Augusta,only child of Westley 
Richards, late 27 foot, J.p. Notts and 
Rutland : Ashwell, Oakham ; Stoke Hall, 
Newark, Notts. 

Bromley, Nathaniel Warner-, eld. s. 
of N. Warner Bromley, of Badmondis- 
field, Suffolk, j.p. (d. 1896) ; b. 1869, lord 


of the manor of Badtnondisfield : Bad- 
mondisfield Hall, Wickhambrook, New- 

Bromley, dow.-lady. Georgiana E., 
dau. of Vere Fane, of Little Ponton 
Hall, Lincoln: to. 1856, as his 2 wife, sir 
Henry Bromley, 4 bart.,capt. late 48 foot, 
D.L., j.p. {d. 1895) : Stoke Hall, Newark, 

Bromley-Davenport, Wm., eld. s. of 
col. W. Bromley-Davenport, of Bagin- 
ton, Warwickshire, M.P..D.L.,j.P.(dl884) ; 
b. 1863: j.p. Cheshire, M.p. (c.) Cheshire 
(Macclesfield divn.) from 1886 : 1 Bel- 
grave pi. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Capes- 
thorne Hall, Chelford, Cheshire. 

Bromley-Wilson, Maurice, 2 s. of sir 
Henry Bromley, 5 bart. ; b. 1875 ; 
assumed by royal licence addtl. name of 
Wilson 1895 : Dallam Tower, Milnthorpe 
R.S.O. Westmorland. 

Brook, maj. -gen. Richard Crundel, s. 
of late R. I. Brook, formerly of Shrop- 
shire ; b ; to. 1, Valentine, dau. of 
late maj.-gen.Bateman; 2, Marie, dau. of 
T. J. Stewart, late 22 regt. and widow of 
Oswald Hibbert ; served with 40 regt. in 
New Zealand war 1863-4 : United Service 
club : Madeley Court, Hemingf ord Grey, 

Brooke, znc/eLangford-Brooke. 

Brooke, lord. Leopold Guy Fras. 
Maynard Greville, eld. and only survg. s. 
of earl of Warwick ; b. 1882. 

Brooke, Arthur, J.P.Surrey : 31 Eve- 
lyn gdns. SoutM Kensington, S. W.; Ley- 
lands, Wotton, Dorking. 

Brooke, sir (Arthur) Douglas, 4 bart. 
(1822) of Colebrooke, eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 
1891) ; b. 1865 ; to. 1887, Gertrude I.dau. 
of Stanlake Batson, of Horseheath, Cam- 
bridgeshire ; D.L., j.p. co. Fermanagh : 
Carlton, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Colebrooke, Brookeboro', co. Fermanagh. 

Brooke, sir Arthur Richard de Capell-, 
5 bart. (1803) of Oakley, eld. s. of 4 bart. 
(d. 1892) ; b. 1869; J.P. Northants, capt.; 
3 battn. (mil.) Northamptonshire regt. 
from 1895 : Gt. Oakley Hall, Kettering ; 
Aghadoe, Killeagh, co. Cork. 

Brooke, Arthur Fras. Forester de 
Capell-, s. of Arthur Watson de Capell- 
Erooke, of Loddington Hall, Northants, 
J.P., capt. late 4 huss. (d. 1896) ; b. 1873 : 
Loddington Hall, Kettering. 

Brooke, Edward, 2 s. of Fras. Capper 
Brooke, of Ufford Place, Suffolk (d. 
1886) ; b. 1856 ; J.P. Suffolk, late It. 
gren. gds. : 42 Lower Belgrave st. S.W. ; 
Ufford Place, nr. WoodbTige. 

Brooke, maj. -gen. Edwd. Thos., r.e., 
8. of rev. R. S. Brooke, of Kingstown; b. 



1836 ; served in N. Zealand war 1863-4, 
ret. p. 1886 : 65 Wynnstay gdns. W. ; 
United Service club. 

Brooke, Geo., youngest s. of late Geo. 
Brooke, of Spring wood, Huddersfield, 
j.p. ; b. 1850 ; to. 1879, Fanny, youDgest 
dau. {d. 1895) of late Edwd. Day. j.p., 
of Knowle Houe, Mirfield, Yorks : 
Christ Church Vicarage, Mirfield. 

Brooke, Geo. Fredk., eld. s. of Fras. 
R. Brooke, of Summerton, co. Dublin, 
and of Coolgreany, co.Wexford (d. 1867), 
by dau. of 3 vise. Monck ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1, younger dau. of G. J.Shakei ley, of Bel- 
mont Hall, Cheshire ; 2, 1881, Emily A., 
eld. dau. of late A. H. Barton, of Roches- 
town, co. Tipperary ; J.P. cos. Dublin 
and Wexford (sheriff 1882), D.L. city of 
Dublin : 1 Gardiner's row, Dublin ; 
Summerton, Castleknock, Dublin ; Carl- 
ton. S.W. ; and Kildare Street and Sack - 
ville Street (Dublin) clubs. 

Brooke, capt. Harry Yesey, 2 s. of 
sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke, 2 bart. M.P. 
of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh (d. 1854) ; 
b. 1845 ; m. 1879, Patricia, dau. of late J. 
Moir-Byri s, of Tonley, Aberdeenshire, 
J.p. ; capt. late 92 Gordon Highrs., D.L., 
J. P., Aberdeenshire : Naval and Military 
and Roy. Northern (Aberdeen) clubs ; 
Fairley, Countesswells, Aberdeenshire. 

Brooke, rev. Jas. Mark Saurin, M.A. 
Dab., F.R.G.S., 2 s. of rev. canon E. P. 
Brooke, of Coolmain House, co. Mona- 
ghan, by dau. of late bp. (Saurin) of 
Dromore ; b. 1842 ; to. 1873, Amy, only 
child of late John Stanford, of Bading- 
ham, Suffolk ; rect. of St. Mary Wool- 
noth and St. Mary Woolctmrch Haw, 
City, E.C. from 1883, late H.M. 17 iegt., 
patron of Mickfield, Suffolk, lord of the 
manors of Badingaajn Hall, Southholt, 
Peasenhall, Woodbridge and Colston 
Hall, Suffolk,Bressingham, Norfolk, &c. : 
14 Furnival's Inn, E.C. ; Gresham club ; 
Shantock Hall, Herts. 

Brooke, John Arthur, s. of Thomas 
Brooke, of Northgate House, Honley. 
York* ; b. 1844 ; to. 1873, Blanche, dau. 
of maj. Weston, of Morvich, Sutherland ; 
J.P. W. R. Yorks : Fenay Hall, Hudders- 
field ; Fearn Lodge, Ardgay, co. Ross. 

Brooke, gen. John C, s. of late col. 
C. W. Brooke ; b. 1818 ; m. 1849, Emma 
C.,dau.of late col.L.H.Smith,Bengal cav.; 
J.p. Montgomeryshire, late offg. agent to 
gov. gen. of India for states of Raj poo- 
tana, gen. I.S.C., on U.S. list 1889 : 20 
Porchester terr., Hyde park, W. ; E. I. 
United Service club. 

Brooke, John Chas. Evelyn Hope, 
8. of John Brooke Brooke, some years 

rajah muda of Sarawak, Borneo ; b 
1858 ; m. 1892, Violet Mary, 2 dau. of 
hon. Walter Bulkeley Barrington, of 
Beckett, Berks : is j.p. Northants : 
Windham club ; Hinton House, Hinton- 
in-the-Hedges, Brackley, Northants. 

Brooke, John Kendall, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. 8. of J. W. Brooke, of Sibton Park, 
Suffolk, J.P., D.L. (d. 1881); b. 1856; 
to. 1882, Helen Beatrice, only child of 
capt. Acton, of Gatacre Park,Shropshire ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1880, J.P. Suffolk : 
Sibton Park, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Brooke, John Townshend, s. of rev. 
J. Brooke, Haughton Hall, Shifnal, Salop 
{d. 1881), by dau. of John Cotes, Wood- 
cote, M.P. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1874, lady Wil- 
helmina, dau. of 4 earl of Dartmouth, 
b. 1849 ; b.a. Oxon, J.P. Salop ; Haughton 
Hall,Shifnal,Salop : Junior Carlton club. 

Brooke, ven. Joshua Ingham, M.A. 
Oxon, s. of Thos. Brooke, of Honley ; b. 
1836 ; to. 1859, Grace C, dau. of late 
gen. C. Godby, C.B.,of Batheaston, Bath ; 
archd. from 1888, and vicar from 1889 of 

Brooke, Reginald, eld. s. of F. C. 
Brooke, of Ufford Place. Suffolk (d. 
1886) ; b- 1854 ; in. 1893. Ruth 0., widow 
of W. E. Blackwell and dau. of S. W. 
Holliday, of San Francisco, California ; 
late It. 1 life gds., J.P. Suffolk : Naval and 
Military club. 

Brooke, sir Richd. Marcus, 8 bart. of 
Norton Priory (1662), eld. s. of 7 bart. 
(d. 1888), by sis. of 4 earl of Fife ; b. 1850; 
to. 1883, Alice, riau. of J. S. Crawley, of 
Stockwood, Beds.: j.p. Cheshire : Norton 
Priory, Halton, Runcorn. 

Brooke,Thos.,F.s.A.,eld. s.of T.Brooke, 
of Armitage Bridge {d. 1859) ; b. 1830 ; 
to. 1860, Amelia, dau. of D. Dewar, of 
Dunfermline ; J.p. W.R. Yorks (dep. 
chm. quart, sess.) : Carlton and Con- 
stitutional clubs ; Armitage Bridge, 

Brooke, Thos. Walker, eld. s. of late 
Geo. Brooke, Springwood, Huddersfield, 
J.P. ; b. 1840; to. 1874, Clara Elizabeth, 
eld. dau. of late Edwd. Day, of Knowle 
House, Mirfield, Yorks, J.P. ; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks. : Field Head, Mirfield, via Nor- 

Brooke, Wm., s. of T. Brooke, of 
Northgate House, Honley (d. 1859) ; b. 
1834 : J.p. W. R. Yorks : Carlton club ; 
Northgate Mount, Honley, Huddersfield. 

Brooke, sir Wm. Robt., k.c.i.e.. s. of 
Thos. Brooke ; b. 1842 ; to. 1870, Evelyn, 
dau. of late John Simons; director-gen. 
of telegraphs in India 189 i-95 : 62 Albert 
Gate mansions, S.W. ; Oriental club. 


Brooke, dow.-lady. Alice S., 2 dau. 
of sir Alan Bellingham, 3 bart. : to. 1864, 
sir Victor Alex. Brooke, 3 bart. of Cole 
Brooke (d. 1891) : Villa Jousence, Pau. 

Brooke, mrs. Amyand, 3 dau. of rev. 
canon Henry Walford Bellairs, vicar of 
Nuneaton, and of Apsley, Oxford, J. p. ; 
m. LS77, as his 2 wife, Edwd. Brooke, of 
Pa bo Hall, Carnarvonshire, j.p. (high- 
sheiiff 1891) {d. 1892) : Borneo, Torquay. 

Brooke, lady Arabella G-., dau. of 1 1 
earl of Huntingdon ; b. 1811 ; to. 1833, G. 
F. Brooke, of Ashbrooke, co. Fermanagh, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1874), s. of sir H. Brooke, 

1 bart. : Ashbrooke, Brookeboro', co. 

Brooke, hon. mrs. Henrietta, dau. of 3 
visc.Monck ; b. 1826 ; m. 1848, Fras. Rd. 
Brooke (d. 1867) : Summerton, Castle- 
knock, co. Dublin ; 1 Gardiner's row, 

Brooke, dow.-lady. Henrietta E., 2 
dau. of sir Harry Mainwaring, 2 bart. ; 
m. 1871, as his 2 wife, sir Richd. Brooke, 
7 bart. of Norton Priory (d. 1888) : 
73 Eccleston sq. S.W. 

Brooke, lady de Capell-, Mary G-., 
eld. dau. of rt. rev. E. Trollope, bp. suffn. 
of Nottingham ; m. 1867, sir Richard 
Lewis de Capell-Brooke, 4 bart.(d. 1892): 
Woodford, Thrapston. 

Brooke, lady Wilhelmina ; vide John 
Townshend Brooke. 

Brookes, Clifford Jas., 3 s. of Fredk. 
John Brookes, of Birmingham ; b. 1843 ; 
to. 1868, Sarah Adeline, dau. of John 
Remfry, J. P., of Calcutta, India; J.P. 
London : Glenbrook, Nightingale lane, 
Balham, S.W.; Constitutional and City 
Carlton clubs; The Hall, Cliffs End, 

Brookes, Wm., b.a. Oxon, eld. s. of 
late J. Brookes, of Croft Hall, Leicester- 
shire {d. 1837) ; b. 1822 ; to. 1845, Anne, 
dau. of rev. W. H. Leech, rect. Egre- 
mont, Cumb.; J.P. Leicestershire : Croft, 
nr. Leicester. 

Brookes, Wm. Hy., 3 s. of Wm. Hy. 
Brookes, of Walsall, Staffs ; b. 1839 ; to. 
1871, Marion, dau. of Re v. John Meridyth, 
of Kirklington, Yorks ; capt. (ret. rank) 

2 vol. battn. S. Staffs regt., j.p. Staffs 
and Walsall : Fem Leigh, Walsall. 

Brookfield, Arthur Montagu, eld. s. of 
rev. W. H. Brookfield, chapln. to H. M., 
the Queen (d. 1874), by dau. of sir C. 
Elton, 6 bart. of Clevedon Court, Somer- 
set ; b. 1853 ; to. 1877, Olive Harriet, 
only child of Jas. Murray Hamilton, 
of New Abbey, N.B. and of Buffalo, 
U.S.A. ; j.p. Sussex, It. 13 huss. 1873-80, 
lt.-col. 1 Cinque Ports R.V. from 1884, | 

m.p. (c.) E. Sussex from 1885 : Carlton 
club ; Leasam House, Rye. 

Brookfield, John Storrs, m.d. Edin., 
s. of John Brookfield, C.E., of Halifax, 
Nova Scotia ; b. 1845 ; to. 1871, Sara A., 
dau. of A. Peace, of Clayton West, 
Yorks ; is j.p. (1895) Middlx. : 2 Devon- 
shire villas, High rd. Brondesbury, N.W. 

Brooks, Edmund Wright, 2 s. of 
late Edmund Brooks, of Grays, Essex ; 
b. 1834 ; to. 1858, Lucy A., dau. of Richd. 
Marsh, of Kingston, Surrey ; j.p. (1894) 
Essex : Duvals .Grays, Essex. 

Brooks, Herbert, s. of Robt. Brooks, 
of Woodcote Park, Surrey ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1874, Alice, dau. of rev. Richd. Buller, of 
Lanreath, Cornwall ; one of H.M's. 
Lieutenants for the City of London, j.p. 
Surrey, a director of the Bank of Eng- 
land : 9 Hyde Park sq. W. ; Conservative 
club ; Woodcote Park, Epsom. 

Brooks, maj. John Hatfield, eld. s. of 
J. T. Brooks, of Flitwick Manor, Beds., 
J.P., d.l. {d. 1858) ; to. 1850, Sophia Mt., 
dau. of late Hy. Cloete, Westerford, C. 
of Good Hope : served in India 1843-63, 
in the Gwalior, Sikh and Punjab wars 
and Indian mutiny : J.P., D.L. Beds, 
(sheriff 1880), late 19 huss. : Flitwick 
Manor, Ampthill. 

Brooks, hon. Marshall Jones, 2 s. of 1 
baron Crawshaw ; b. 1856 ; to. 1889, 
Florence, eld. dau. of Fredk. Freeman 
Thomas, of Ratton, Sussex, by dau. of 1 
vise. Hampden, P.C., G.C.B. : Sunny side, 
Rawtenstall, Lanes. 

Brooks, Maurice, s. of late Thos. 
Brooks, Abbey st., Dublin ; b. 1823 ; 
m. 1 , dau. of Jas. Rose, Burf ord ; 2, dau. of 
late Rt. McDowell, Belfast : D.L., J.p. co. 
Dublin, lord mayor in 1874, M.P. (l.) 
Dublin city 1874-85 : Oaklawn, Bird 
avenue, Millto-vn, Dublin. 

Brooks, Robt., j.p. parts of Lindsey, 
Lines : Melton Ross, Brigg. 

Brooks, hon. Wm. eld. s. of 1 baron 
Crawshaw; b. 1853; to. 1882, Mary E., 
dau. of late sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8 
bart.; J.p. Lancashire : New University 
and Brooks' clubs ; Crawshaw Hall, 
Rawtenstall, Lanes. 

Brooks, sir. Wm. Cunliffe, 1 bart. 
(1886), F.S.A., m.a. Cantab. 12th senior 
optime, eld. s. of late S. Brooks ; b. 1819 ; 
m. l,dau. of R.Orrell ; 2, 1879, Jane. dau. 
of col. Davidson, H.B.I.C.S. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1847, J.P. Cheshire, D.L., J.P. 
Lancashire, banker in London, Man- 
chester, Altrincham and Blackburn, M.P. 
(c.) Cheshire east 1869-85, Altrincham 
divn. 1886-92 : 5 Grosvenor sq., W. ; 
Carlton club ; Barlow Hall, Manchester ; 


Forest of Glen Tana, Aboyne, Aberdeen- 

Brooksbank. col. Arthur, 3 s. of rev. 
E. H. Brooksbank, of Healaugh, Yorks, 
J.P. (d. 1883) ; b. 1831 : m. 1855, Anne 
ML, dau. of rev. H. G. Fon-dale, recc. of 
Bolron, Yorks : J.r. E. R. Yorks, lt.-col. 
and hon. col. Yorkshire artill. mil. 1879- 
89, hon.-col. of the regt. f-om 1889 : 
Tne Hall. Middleton-on-the- Wolds S.O., 
E.R. Yorks. 

Brooksbank, capt. Arthur Hey wood, 
eld. s. of col. Arthur Brooksbank, of 
Middleton Hall, Yorks; J.P. ; b. 1856 ; 
J.P. E. R. Yorks ; capt. 19 hu-s. 1887-91 : 
The Hall, Middleton-on-the- Wolds S.O., 
E.R. Yorks. 

Brooksbank. Benjn. Heywood, 2 s.of 
rev. E. H. Brooksbank, of Healaugh, 
Yorks, J.P. (d. 1883) ; b. 1828 : J.P. W.B, 
York- : Sandrock, Tickhill, Rotherham. 
Brooksbank. Edw.,LL.B. Cantab, eld. 
s. of rev. E. H. Brooksbank, of Healausrh, 
Yorks, J.P. {d. 1883) ; b. 1826 : m. 1, 1857, 
Lucy M.. dan. (d. 1893) of E. York, of 
Wighill P.u-k, Yorks ; 2. 1894, Ethel M.. 
eld. dau. of ILirmaduke Constable ; barr. 
Lit. coins Iun 1852, J.P. W.R. Yorks: 
Oxford and Cambridge club ; Healaugh 
Manor, Tadcaster. 

Brooksbank, Edwd. Clitherow, eld. 
survg. s. of Edwd. Brooksbank, of Hea- 
laugh, Yorks, J.P. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1885, 
Katharine Graham, 2 dau. of H. M. 
Lang, of Broadmea lows, Selkirk, N.B. : 
J.P. W.R. Yorks, capt. Yorkshire artilL 
(mil.) W. divn. r.a. 1882-93, hon. maj. 
1893 : Healaugh Old Hall, Tadcaster. 

Brooksbank, "Walter Lamplugh, s. of 
late J. Brooksbank. barr.-at-law; b. 1850; 
m. 1877, Mary A. M., 2 dau. of F. Green- 
well, Durham : J.P. Cumberland : Jun. 
Carlton club : Barco Hill, Penrith,Cumb. 
Broome, Edwd. Alfred, f.r.g.s., s. of 
late Edwd. R. Broome ; 6. 1846 ; m. 1872, 
Charlotte M., dau. of John W. Sparrow, 
of Beckminster, Wolverhampton ; J.P. 
Worcestershire, It. Worcestershire hus- 
sars 1886-95 : Reform, Nimrod and 
Alpine clubs ; Areley Court, nr. Stour- 

Broome. Joseph, b. 1825 ; J.P. Man- 
chester, sheriff for Carnarvonshire 1892, 
partner in Broome and Foster, of 6 St. 
Peter's sq. Manchester, director of the 
Manchester Royal Exchange : Sunny 
Hill. Llandudno. vonshire. 

Broome, lady .Mary, dau. of Walter 
G. Stewart, Island sec. of Jamaica; m. 
1, col. sir Geo. R. Barker, k.c.b. ; 2, 
1865, sir Fredk. Napier Broome, k.c.m.g 
gov. of Trinidad [d. 1896) ; author of 

' ; Station Life in N. Zealand," etc. : 6 
Elm Park gdns. S.W. 

Bros, Jas. Reader White, b.a. Cantab, 
3 s. of Thos. Bros, of London, barr.-at- 
law ; b. 1841 : m. 1871, Emily S.. younger 
dau. of lat; A. Wilkinson, of Coxhoe, co. 
Durham ; barr. Inner Temple 1866, J.P. 
Lond> n and Home Counties, metropol. 
police magist. (Clerkenwell) from 1888 : 
31 Elm Park gdn<. S.W. 

Brough., Edwin, s. of John Brough, of 
Leek, Staffs. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1882, Helen, 
dau. of John Graham. Royal Mint ; J.P. 
(1894) N.R. Y..rks: Wyndyate, Scarboro'. 
Brough, Wm. Spooner, s. of late 
Joshua Brough, of Leek, Staffs. J.P. ; 
b. 1802 ; m. 1837, Harriet, dau. of W. S. 
Littlehale-, of Erdington, Warwickshire ; 
J.P. Staffs. : Leek, Staffs. 

Brougham, hon. Henry, only s. of 3 
baron Brougham and Vaux ; b. 1887. 

Brougham, Jas Rigg, 4 s. of J. W. 
Brougham, of Edinburgh; b. 1826; m. 
1854, Isabella Eliza, dau. of late J. 
Cropper, of Dingle Bank, Liverpool ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1850 ; registrar in 
bankruptcy, high court of justice, 1848- 
91, sen. regis rar from 1891 : Bridge 
House, Carshalt'm, Surrey. 

Brougham, hon. Reginald Dudley, 3 
s. of 2 baron Brougham; b. 1853: m. 
1884, Augusta L., dau of Arthur Welles- 
ley Ward, of C ilverly Manor, Kent : 
61a. South Audley st. W. 

Brougham, hon. Wilfrid, 2 s. of 2 
baron Brougham ; b. 1842 ; m. 1863, 
Francesca, dau. of Gaetana Vignati ; 
lieut. late 17 lancers. 

Brougham, hon. Eleonor Mabel, b. 
1883, dau. of 3 baron Brougham. 

Brougham and Vaux, lord (.'? baron, 
1830, U.K.). Hemy Charles Brougham, 
M.A. Cantab, eld.s.of 2baron(i.l885), and 
nephew of lord-chancellor Brougham ; 
6. 1836 ;m. 1882, Adora Frances O., only 
dau. of Peter Wells, of Forest Farm, 
Windsor, and widow of sir Richard 
Courtney Musgrave, llbart., m.p. : d.l.. 
j.p. Westmorland, J.P. Cumberland : 36 
Chesham place, S.W. ; Brooks' and 
Arthur's clubs ; Brougham Hall.Penrith : 
Chateau Eleonore, Cannes, France. 

Broughton, Delves Louis, eld. s. of 
sir Henry Delves Broughton, 9 hart. ; 
/;. 1858 ; m. 1. 1881, Rosamond, eld. dau. 
(</. 1885) of John Lambeit Broughton, of 
Almington,S r :iil- ; 2, 1887, Miry Evelyn, 
da a. ot late Rowland Cotton, of Etwall 
Hall, Derby ; j.p. Ctieshiie : Doddingtou 
Park, Nantwich. 

Broughton, sir Henry Delves, 9 bait. 
(1660) ; b. 1808 ; m. dau. (d. 1882) of 


Louis Rosenzweig: sheriff of Staffs. 1859 : 
Doddington Park, Nantwich. 
Broun, vide Swinfen-Broun. 
Broun, sir William, 10 bart. (1680) ; 
eld. survg. s. of 9 bart. (d. 1882) ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1871, Alice J., 2 dau. of late Wm. 
Peters, of Petersville, Sydney, N. S. 
Wales': Tarula, Barraba, N. S. Wales. 

Broun, lady Susan Georgiana, c.l. 
(1878), dau of " 1 and last marq. of Dal- 
housie ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, 1863, 1 baron 
Connemara. from whom she obtained a 
divorce 1890 ; 2, 1894. Wm. Hamilton 
Broun (formerly W. H. Briggs), surg. 
It. -col., who had previously assumed her 
surname of Broun : Coalstoun, Hadding- 
ton. N.B. 

Broun, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, dau. of 
J. Smith, Drongan, Ayr : m. 1843, sir 
Wm. Broun, 9 bart. (d. 1882). 

Broun- Morison, Guy Edwd., eld. s. 
of J. B. Broiin-Morison, of Finderlie and 
Murie. D.L., .r.p. ; b. 1867 ; J. p. cos. Perth 
and Kinross: Harrow-on-Hill, Middlx. ; 
5 West Hampstead studios, N.W. ; The 
Cottage, Murie, Errol, N.B. 

Broun-Morison, John Broun, F.s.A- 
(Sco.), only s. of rev. J. Brown, of 
Finderlie, Kinross-shire (d. 1846) ; b. 
1840 ; m. 1864, Eve M., dau. (d. 1896) of 
G. Waugh ; D.L., J.P. Perthshire, J.P. Kin- 
ross-shire, resumed original spelling of 
Broiin 1885: Sans Souci, South Hill 
avenue, Harrow-on -t he-Hill. Middlx. ; 
Brooks's and Reform clubs ; MurieHouse, 
Errol, N.B. ; The Cottage, Murie, N.B. 

Browell, Edmd. J. Jasper, eld. s. of 
late J. J. Browell, of E. Boldon ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1858, Isabella, dau. of P. Palmer ; j.p. 
co. Durham: Constitutional club; E. Bol- 
don House, nr. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Browell, Edward Mash, b. 1808 ; J.P. 
Middlx. ; was sec. to board of green cloth 
(1851-82) : Feltham, Middx. 

Browell, Wm. Faulknor, youngest s. 
of late Hy. Browell, of Kentish Town, 
N.W. ; b. 1816 ; barr. Middle Temple 
1840, J.P. Sussex, D.L., J.P. Kent : 
Claytons, Tunbridge Wells. 

Browett, Chas., Ryton House, Ryton- 
on-Dunsmore, Coventry. 

Brown, vide Dixon-Brown, or Gilpin 

Brown, col. Alex. Hargreaves, v.d., 3 
8. of late A. Brown. Beilby Grange, Yorks; 
b. 144 ; m. 1876, Henrietta, 5 dau. of 
Chas. R. Blandy ; late 5 drag, gds., lt.- 
col. (hon. col. 1886) 1 Lancashire arty, 
voire. 1869-88, hon. col. of the corps 
from 1888, j.p. Lancashire, M.P. (L.) 
Wenlock 1868-85, Mid Shropshire 1885-6 

and (l.u.) from 1886 : 12 Grosvenor 
gdns. S.W. ; Reform and Brooks' clubs ; 
Broome Hall, Holmwood, Surrey. 

Brown, Alfred, j.p (1894) Gloucester- 
shire : Oak Bank, Tuffley, Gloucester. 

Brown, Bateman, s. of Potto Brown, 
of Houghton, Huntingdon ; b. 1823 ; m. 
1848, dau. of John Longland Ekins, of 
Woodhurst, Huntingdon ; J.P. Hunts : 
Bridge House, Huntingdon. 

Brown, Benjn., 6 s. of Wm. Brown, of 
Haigh, Wigan, Lanes ; b. 1835 ; m. 1857, 
Harriett, dau. of Thos. Rawson, of 
Wigan, Lanes; is J.p. (1896) Lanca- 
shire : Brookfield, Ditton, Widnes, 

Brown, Chas.eld. s. of late Isaac Brown, 
of Kendal, Westmorland ; b. 1835 ; m. 
1865, Mary, dau. of late Wm. Eddington, 
of Congresbury, Somerset ; J.P. (1894; 
Somerset : Leycroft House, Clarence 
Park, Weston-super-Mare. 

Brown, Chas. Gage, C.M.G., M.u., s. of 
late Chas. Brown, commdr.R.N. ; 6. 1826 ; 
OT.1855,MaryAnne,dau.of Wm.McP.Rice ; 
med. adviser to Colonial office and Crown 
agents from 1874 : 88 Sloane st. S.W. '' 

Brown, maj.-gen. Chas. Langford, in 
Punjab campaign 1848-9, at Mooltan and 
Goojerat : ret. f. p. 1881 as lt.-col. B.8.C. 

Brown, gen. David, m. 1879, Eleanor 
F., eld. dau. of T. H. Williams 
Sowdon, Lvmpstone, S. Devon : in Bur- 
mese war 1852-3, Madras inf.: The Firs, 
Murtle, nr. Aberdeen. 

Brown, col. Edwd. served in Sutlej 
campaign 1845-6, Burmese war 1852-3, 
Indian mutiny 1857-9, N. W. frontier 
1863, ret. f. p. 101 foot, one of H.M.'s hon. 
corps of gentlemen-at-arms from 1877. 

Brown, Frank, s. of Jas. Brown, of 
Stockton, co. Durham : b. 1857 ; J.P. 
(1894) co. Durham: Norton, Stockton- 

Brown. Geo. Arthur, J.P. Monmouth- 
shire : The Willows, Tredegar, Mon. 

Brown, prof. Geo. Thos., C.B., s. of 
Thos. Brown, of 28 NottingHill ter. W. ; 
b. 1827 ; m. 1860, dau. of Jas. Smith, New 
House, Stroud ; principal gov. of R. Yet. 
coll. from 1888, professional officer and 
director board of agriculture 1865-94, 
consulting vet. adviser from 1894 : 4 
Whitehall pi. S.W. ; Bryn Hyfryd, Har- 

Brown, Geo. Thos., j.p. Lancashire : 
East Yiew, Chorlev, Lanes. 

Brown, Hy., s." of late Geo. Brown, 
of Wood Green, Hailey, Oxon ; b. 1818 ; 
m. 1842, Anne, dau. of John Hitchco'-k, 
of All Cannings, Wilts : J.P. Wilts; lord 


of the manor of Blackland : Blackland 
Park, Calne. 

Brown. Hy., eld. s. of Hv. Brown of 
L'lton (<U880) : b. 1823: J.P.Beds: High- 
fidld, Luton. 

Brown, Hy. Clerke, eld. s. of Arthur 
Hv. Clerke Brown, of Kingston Blount, 
Oxon., J.P., D.L. (A 1889) ; b. 1852 : m. 
1883, Mary L. H., eld. dau. of late J. S. 
Bowles, of Milton Hill, Berks; is j.p. 
Oxon. : United University club ; Kings- 
ton Blount, Tetsworth, Oxon. 

Brown, Hercules Ed\vin,eld. surviving 
s. of Hy. Langf ord Brown,of Barton Hall. 
Devon (d. 1857) ; b. 1833 ; to. 1863, Edith 
C. dau. of rev. T. G. P. Atwood, late It. 
72 highrs.; J.p. Devon : Army and Navy 
club ; Barton Hall, Kingskerswell, New- 
ton Abbot. 

Brown, Jas., J.P. (1895) Derbyshire: 
Chisworth House, Charlesworth, Man- 

Brown, col. James Clifton, bro. of sir 
W. R. Brown, 2 bart. ; 6. 1841 ; to. 1866, 
Amelia, dau. of C. Rowe, Elm House, 
Liverpool ; m.a. Cantab., D.L., J.P. Sussex 
(sheriff 1888), lt.-col. (hon. col.) 2 brig, 
(mil.) Lancashire divn. R.a. 1881-8, hon. 
c >L of the brig, from 1888, M.p. (L.) Hors- 
ham 1876-80 : 32 Ennismore gdns. S.W. : 
Holmbush, Lower Beding, Horsham ; 
Reform and United University clubs. 

Brown, John, s. of John Brown, of 
Wa leford ; b. 1824 ; j.p. Somerset : 
Wadeford, Chard, Somerset. 

Brown, John, j.p. (1860) Warwickshire 
and (1864) Worcestershire : Melincourt, 
Old Bath rd. Cheltenham. 

Brown. John Allen, F.R.G.S., F.G.s. 
dec. s. of John Brown, f.r.g.S., late of 
Scalebv Lodge, Camden rd. N.W. ; b. 
1831 ; "to. 1871, Lucy, dau. of Thos. S. 
Parry, late of Ewelanrl Hall, Essex ; j.p. 
(H94) Middlx. : 7 Kent gdns. Ealing, W. 

Brown, maj.-gen. John Henry, R.A. ; 
in Crimea 1854, at siege of Sebastopol ; 
ret. f. p. 1880 as lt.-col. 

Brown, Joseph, c.b., q.c., f.g.s., 2 s.of 
la e J. Brown, of Camberwell, S.E. ; b. 
1809; to. Mary, dau. (d. 1891) of ; 
ban-. Middle Temple 1845, Q.c. 1865, 
beacher 1865, chm. of incorporated coun- 
cil of law-reporting, England and Wales : 
51 Avenue rd., N.W. ; 2 Essex court, 
Temple, E.C. 

Brown, Joseph, s. of Isaac Brown, of 
Cockermouth ; b. 1814 ; m. 1840, Anne, 
dau. of John Hewetson, of Marvport ; is 
J.P. (1895) Cumberland: Holmehurst, 
Goschen rd. Carlisle. 

Brown, Joseph Charters, only s. of 
Joseph Brown, of Clifton, Cumberland ; 

b. 1830 ; m. 1873, Sarah J. dau. of J. B. 
Steward, of Whitehaven, Cumberland ; 
J.P. (1894) Cumberland: Hazel Holme, 
Kenniside, Carnforth. 

Brown, rev. Joseph Hy., m.a. Oxon, 
eld. survg. s. of rev. J. R. Brown, m.a.. 
rect. of Hopesay, Salop, D.L.. J.p. ; b. 
1843; j.p. (1895) Salop, rect. (and 
patron) from 1878 of Bedstone, Buck- 
nell R.S.O. Salop. 

Brown, Laurence Morton, ll.m. Can- 
tab, only s. of late rev. Andrew Morton 
Brown, ll.d. of Cheltenham; b. 1854; 
barr. Inner Temple 1877, rec. of Tewkes- 
bury from 1885 : 16 Rockley rd.. West 
Kensington. W. ; 1 Temple gdns. E.C. 

Brown, Matthias Gilbertson, J.P. 
Devon : Sranmore Hou-e. Dawlisk. 

Brown, Michael Lewis, onlv survg. s. 
of late R. Brown. Cliffville. 'Staffs {d. 
1859) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1870. Edith S., widow 
of W. Newman, Tower House, Richmond, 
and youngest dau. of late W. N. Allford, 
of Castleton House, Sherborne, J.p. 
Somerset and Dorset ; J.P. Devon : Jun. 
Constitutional club ; Keittos, Bishops- 
teignton, S. Devon. 

Brown. Montagu Yeats. C.M.G., H.M's 
consul at Genoa 1858-93, at Boston 
U S.A. from 1893. 

Brown, rear-aiml. Ralph Abercromby 
Oth o, rear-adml. on ret. list 1886. 

Brown, Stewart Henry, s. of late 
Stewart Brown, of New York, U.S.A. ; b. 
1831 ; to. 1860. Emily Frances Sarah, dau. 
of late Jas. Birkett, of Liverpool ; j.p. 
Lancashire: Quarry Bank, Allerton, 

Brown. Taos., s. of Richd. Guest 
Br <wn, of Guy Lodge. Leamington ; b. 
1853; to. 1879, Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. 
Wheildon, of Gaydon. Warwick: j.p.. 
(1894)Lancashire : Shelley House.Oxford 
rd. Birkdale, nr. Southport ; Worsley 
Mesnes Mill. nr. Wigan, Lanes. 

Brown, brig.-surg. Thos. Edwin Bur- 
ton. c.i.E., M.D., s. of T. Brown, of 16 
Finsburv circus. E.C. : b. 1833 ; m. 1862, 
Miry. dau. of C. J. Hewlett, of Kid- 
brooke. Brixton. S.W. : late principal 
and prof, of medicine and botany, Lahore 
med. coll. : Beechwood, Hills rd. Cam- 
b idge ; Primrose club. 

Brown, Thos. Viney. 8. of late 
E Imund Brown, j.p. of Deal ; is j.p. 
K^nt (andc.c.) : 5 Godwyne rd. Dover. 

Brown. Walter Thos., s. of J. E. Brown, 
of Tostock Place, Suffolk {d. 1857) : b. 
1855 ; J.P., D.L. Suffolk (sheriff 1884) : 
Brent Eleigh Hall, Lavenham, Suffolk ; 
Tostock Place, Bury St. Edmunds. 



Brown, Win., eld s. of Benjn. Brown, 
of Quatford, Falou : b. 1839; m. 1868, 
dan. of W. H. Cooper, of Welling- 
borough, Northants. : J. P. (1894) North- 
nuts ; v.p. of the Fowler Phrenological 
Inst. Lndgate circus, E.C. : National 
Liberal club ; Hazlewood, Welling- 

Brown, Wm., B.A. Cantab, eld. s. of 
Douglas Brown, Q.C., D.L., J.P. (d. 1892), 
by dau. and co-heir of Wm. Mauleverer, 
of Arneliffe, Yorks ; b. 1854; to. 1884, 
May G-., dau. of Martyn J. Roberts, of 
Upper East Hayes, Bath ; barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn, 1879 ; J.P. N.R. Yorks : Tren- 
holme, Northallerton. 

Brown, rev. Wm., M.A. Cantab., J.P. 
Herts ; rect. of Little Hormead, Herts, 
1852-86 : 20 Devonshire pi. Eastbourne. 

Brown, Wm. Hy., only survg. s. of late 
Wm. Rro*n, of Grovesend, Gloucester- 
shire (d. 1864) ; b. 1827 ; to. 1866, Emma 
J., dau. of Win, Butler, of Erchfont, 
Wilts ; admitted a solicitor 1851, J.P. 
(1894) Gloucestershire : Grovesend. 
Thornbury R.S.O. Gloucestershire. 

Brown, Wm. Jas., eld. s. of Saml.Jas. 
Brown, of Lofftuss Hill, Yorks, D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1891), by eld. dau. of late sir J. Rad- 
cliffe, 2 bart. ; 6. 1842 ; to. 1872, Julia E., 
dau. of late Geo. Cooke- Yarborough, of 
Campsmount, Yorks : Burghwallis Hall, 
Doncaster ; Durness by Lairg, Suther- 

Brown, Wm. Palgrave, s. of W. P. 
Brown, of Gt. Yarmouth ; b. 1827 ; m. 
1850, Emma, dau. of S. Cox. of Wren- 
tham ; is J.P. (1894) Suffolk : The Elms, 
Soutitown, Gt. Yarmouth. 

Brown, sir Wm. Richmond, 2 bart. 
(1863), grandson of 1 bart., M.P. {d. 1864) ; 
b. 1840 ; in. 1862, Emily, 2 dau. of maj.- 
gen. W. Mountsteven : d.l . J.P. North- 
ants (sheriff 1873), hon.col. 1 Lancashire 
artil. vols. 1866-88 : 34 Che>ham pi. 
S.W. ; Union club; Astrop Park, King's 
Sutton, Banbury. 

Brown, sir Wm. Roger, only survg. s. 
of Jas. Brown, of Hiirhfield, Hilperton, 
Wilts (d. 1854) ; b. 1831 ; to. 1857, Sarah 
E., dau. of late Samuel Elms Brown, of 
Trowbridge ; J.P. Wilts, lord of the 
manor of Beckington,Somerset; knighted 
1893 : Highfield, Hilperton, Trowbridge. 

Brown, lady. Anue,d+u.of late Tuos. 
Nelson, of Abden House, Edinburgh; to. 
1862, sir Geo. Brown, k.c.m.g., memb. of 
senate of dominion of Canada (d. 188-) : 
Bow Park, nr.Brantford,Ontario,Canada. 

Brown, miss Elizabeth C. dau. of 
late C. E. Brown, of Ormesby, NR. 
Yorks : Red House, 3 Bayswater Hill, 

W. ; The Larches, East Grinstead, 
Sussex : Ormesby House, Ormesby, nr. 

Brown, lady Frances C. younger 
dau. of C. Baker, of Adelaide, S. Aus- 
tralia ; to. 1, Russell Jeffrey ; 2, 1883, 
surg.-gen. sir John Campbell Brown, 
K.c.B. {d. 1890). 

Brown, mrs. Jacobina M. S., eld. dan. 
of sir Joseph Radcliffe, 2 bart. ; to. 1841, 
Saml. Jas. Brown, of Loftus Hill, 
York*, D.l.,J.p. (d. 1891) : Loftus Hill, 
Knaresborough, Yorks. 

Brown, miss Martha, only surviving 
dau. of T. Brown,of Waterhaughs, J.P. (d. 
1853) :Lanfine House, Kilmarnock, N.B. 

Brown, hon. mrs. Mary, dau. of 2 
baron Abercromby ; b. 1811; w. 1857, 
col. Nicholas R. Brown (d. 1870), 34 foot: 
4 Cleveland row, St. James's, S.W. 

Brown -Greaves, mrs. Emma S., 
widow of capt. Richd. Edwd. Brown- 
Greaves, of Woodthorpe Hall, Yorks, 
J.P. (d. 1887) : 4 The Mansions, Earls 
Court, S.W.; Woodthorpe Hall, Intake, 
nr. Sheffield. 

Brown- Westhead, Geo.MarionYork, 
s. of T. C. Brown- Westhead, of Cauldon 
House, Staffs, J.P. (d. 1882) : b. 1861 : 
m. 1884, Alice M., eld. dau. of Taylor 
Ashworth, of Stoke-on-Trent, J.P. : 
Reform club ; Shelton. Stoke-on-Trent ; 
Villa St. Laurent, Cannes, France. 

Brown-Westnead, Marcus, only 
survg. s. of J. P.Brown-Westhead, of Lea 
Castle, Worcs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1877) ; b. 
1834 ; m. 1855, eldest dau. of late J. 
Caton Thompson, of Bazil Grange, nr. 
Liverpool : Lea Castle, n -.Kidderminster. 

Brownbill, Edmond, s. of Jas. Brown- 
bill, of Mellng, Lanes ; b. 1832 ; to. 1866, 
Annie, dau. of Humphrey Hulme, of 
Melling, Lanes; J.P. (1893) Lancashire : 
Moorrield House, Melling, nr. Liverpool ; 
Fore-t Side, Grasmere, Westmorland. 

Browne, bp., vide Stepney. 

Browne, vide Cave- Browne, or Crich- 
ton-Biowne, or Gore-Browne, or Knox- 
Browne, or Staples-Browne. 

Browne, hon. , 3 s. of vise. Castle- 
rosse ; b. 1896. 

Browne, maj.-gen. Alex. Anthony 
Preston ; served in Rajpootana, during 
rebellion 1857-8 : commd. 27 regtl. dist. 
1877-82 : ret. on pens, as lt.-col. 1882. 

Browne, maj. Alex. Hy., eld. s. of maj. 
Alex. Browne, Doxford, Northumberland, 
d.l., J.P. ( d. 1894) ; b. 1844 ; to. 1872, Mary, 
eld. dau. of C. Hodgson-Cadogan,of Brink- 
burne Priory, Northumberland ; capt. 
(hon. maj. 1886) 3 battn. (mil.) Northum- 
berland fus. 1873-86; J.P. Northum- 



berland: Callaly Castle, Whittingham 
R.S.O. Northumb. (Telegraph station, 

Browne,maj.-gen.Andrew Smythe M.; 
served with Scots Greys in Crimea 1855, 
ma j .-gen. 1893. 

Browne, hon. Arthur Henry, 3 s. of 3 
baron Kilmaine ; b. 1850. 

Browne, Arthur Scott, 4 s. of late Wm. 
Jas. Browne, of Buckland Filleigh. 
Devon, J. p. ; b. 1866 ; m. 1894. Mary 
Francis, dau. of hon. Mark Rolle, of 
Stevenstone, Devon; is j.p. (1896) 
Devon : Cavalry and Naval and Military 
clubs ; Buckland Filleigh, Highampton 
B.S.O. Devon. 

Browns, sir Benj. Chapman, D.C.L. 
Memb. lnst. C.E. 3 s. of col. Benj. Browne, 
9 lancers, of Stouts Hill. Glo'stershire 
(d. 1853) : b. 1839 : m. 1861, Annie, dau. 
of late R. T. Atkinson, of High Cross 
House, Newcastle-on-Tyne : J.P.Glo'ster- 
shire, Northumberland and City of New- 
castle-on-Tyne, mavor of Newcastle-on- 
Tyne 1885-6 and 1886-7, chm. of R. and 
W. Hawthorn, Leslie and Co. (Lim.), 
engineers and ship builders, knighted 
1887 : Westacres, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Browne, Geo. Eakins, eld. s. of J. 
Browne, of Brownestown, co. Mayo, J.P. 
(d. 1844) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, 1858, dau. 
(d. 1876) of M. Blake, of BaUinafod, co. 
Mayo, J.P. ; 2, 1879, dau. of late Jas. 
Lynch, of Windfield, co. Gal way, J.P. ; 3, 
1883, Honoria E., dau. of late F. Murphy, 
of Kilcairn Park, co. Meath, J.P. ; j.p., 
D.L. Mayo, M.p. (h.R.) Mayo 1870-80 : 
Reform club. 

Browne, Geo. Henry, j.p. Brecknock- 
shire : The Hermitage, Brynmawr, 

Browne, Harold*Carlyon Gore, m.a. 
Cantab, eld. s. of rt. rev. Edward Harold 
Browne, formerly bp. of Winchester (d. 
1891) ; b. 1844 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, 
chanc. of dioc. of Winchester from 1885: 
15 Kingsgate st., Winchester ; Athe- 
naeum and Savile clubs. 

Browne, rev. Hy., b.a. Oxon, nephew 
of 1 baron Kilmaine ; b. 1824; m. 1. dau. 
of T. Evans, Moreton Court, Hereford: 
2, dau. of T. Price, of Eastham Court, 
Worcester ; D.L., j.p. Herefordshire ; lord 
of the manor of Hanley Child ; surrogate 
1854, rect. frum 1853 of Eastham with 
Hanley Child and Orleton and Hanley 
William : Eastham Grange, Tenbury J 
Neen Sollers House.Shropsaire: Svmonds 
Hotel, Brook st. W. 

Browne, col. Henrv Donald, served in 
Boer war 1881, lt.-cof. King's R. Rif. C. 

from 1890, groom-in-waiting to the 
Queen from 1895. 

Browne, Hy. Doughtv, j.p. Sussex: 
10 Hyde Park terr. W. ;"Tilgate Forest 
Lodge, Crawley, Sussex. 

Browne, col. Henry Geo., v.C, eld. 
survg. s. of late A. Browne, of Newtown, 
Roscommon (grands, of 1 earl of Alta- 
mont); b. 1830 : served with 32 light inf. 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8, at defence of 
Lucknow, and in summer campaign 1858 
(twice wounded), ret. 1881 as maj. 100 
foot, J.P. Hants : Pitt Place House, 
Brighstone, I. of W. ; Monteagle, Shank- 
lin. I. of W. 

Browne, gen. Henry Ralph, s. of late 
It.-gen. sir. Thos. H. Browne, k.c.h.. of 
Bronwylfa, Flints ; b. 1829 ; m. 1852 
Frances M. A., only dau. of late adm. R. 
W. Parsons; brig.-gen. in India 1875-80, 
commdg. troops in W. Indies 1883-5, ret. 
p. 1885, col. Dorset regt. from 1894 ; j.p. 
Flints : United Service club. 

Browne, lord (Henry) TJlick, 5 s. of 2 
marq. of Sligo; b. 1831 : m. 1855, Catharine 
H., dau. of late AY. S. Dicken, dep. 
insp.-gen. India med. service : B.C.S. 
1851-86, commr. of Rajshahye andCooch 
Behar 1876-86, heir pres. to his bro. : 
41 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Travellers' club. 

Browne, gen. Horace Albert, in Bur- 
mese war 1852-3, gen. 1894, Bengal inf., 
on U.S. list, 1884. 

Browne, maj. -gen. James, served in 
Zulu war 1879, operations against 
Sekukuni, Boer war 1881, maj.-gen. 1896. 

Browne, gen. sir James Frankfort 
Manners, K.C. B. .late col. R.E.. eld. s.of very 
rev. the hon. Hy. M. Browne (2 son of 2 
baron Kilmaine), dean of Lismore, by 
dau. of 1 vise. Frankfort deMontmorency ; 
b. 1823 ; m. 1850, dau. (d. 1888) of late J. 
Hunt, Quebec ; in Crimea, knt. leg. hon. 
and 5 class Medjidie, a.a.g. of R.E. 
1866-70, d.a.g.. B.E. 1*71-5, col. on staff 
commd. R.E. in S.E. dist. 1876-7 ; gov. of 
R. Military Academy, Woolwich, 1880-7, 
gen. 1888, ret. same year. col. commdt. 
R.E. 1890 : 19 Roland gdns. S.W. 

Browne, lt.-col. Jas. Hy. Granville, 
R.A., s. of T. M. Brown?, of Almonds- 
bury, Glo's. ; 6. 1842; m. 1868. Fanny M 
dau. of Edmund Gabbett, of Corbally 
Limerick : is j.p. Gloucestershire : Wick- 
Belme, Berkeley. Gloucestershire. 

Browne, hon. John Edward I' 
only child of 4 baron Kilmaine ; b. 1*7*. 

Browne, rev. John George Cotton, m.a. 
Cantab, s. of late rev. J. C. Browne, 
vicar of Dudley, D.L. ; b. 183*.) ; m. 1872, 
Louisa M.. only child of M. Pryor, of 
Walkern Hall, Herts, j.p. (d. 1871) ; D.L., 



J.P. Herts : Walkem Hall, nr. Stevenage, 

Browne, John Hutton Balfour, Q.c, 
2 s.of late W.A. F. Browne,of Crindau, co. 
Dumfries, acommr. in lunacy for Scotld.; 
b. 1845 ; to. 1874, Caroline, 4 dau. of late 
rt. hon. sir Robt. Lush, lord justice of ap- 
peal ; barr.Middle Temple 1870 ; Q.C.1885, 
bencher, 189 L ; sec. and registrar to railway 
comn. 1874-82, d.l., j.p. stewartry of 
Kirkcudbright: 41 Parliament st. S.W.; 
Athenaeum and Jun. Athenaeum clubs ; 
Goldielea, Dumfries, N.B. 

Browne, maj. John Michael, only s. of 
J. Browne, of Hall Court, Herefordshire, 
j.p. (d. 1875) : b. 1834 ; to. 1865, Adelaide 
O, dau. of capt. Cleaveland, R.N. ; is D.L., 
J.p. Herefordshire : Hall Court, Bishops 
Frome, Bromyard. 

Browne, hou. Maurice Hy. Dermot, 
2 s. of vise. Castlerosse ; b. 1894. 

Browne, Percy John, 3 s. of late 
W. J. Browne, of Buckland Filleigh, 
NorthDevon ; b. 1862; m. 1892, eld. dau. 
of T. E. Lees, of Woodfiehi, Oldham, 
Lines.; is J.p. (1895)Wilts. : Arthur's and 
Naval and Military clubs ; Zeals House, 

Browne, lord Richard Howe, s. of 2 
marq. of Sligo ; b. 1834 ; to. dau. (d. 1885) 
of Joseph Amesbury, Brighton ; knt. 
Medjidie, late major 96 foot : Jun. United 
Service club ; Leith villa, London rd. 

Browne, rev.Robt. Melvill Gore, M.A. 
Cantab, youngest s. of rt. rev. Edward 
Harold Browne, formerly bp. of Winches- 
ter (d. 1891) : b. 1852 ; to. 1883, hon.Agnes 
Catharine, eld. dau. of 10 baron Rollo, 
b. 1858 ; domestic chap, to bp. of Win- 
chester 1881-8, rect. of Westmeon, nr. 
Petersfield,Hants, 1888-91 and from 1891 
of East Woodhay, nr. Newbury. 

Browne, Samuel, only s. of Samuel 
Browne, <>f Clifton, co. Gloucester (d. 
1865), by Elizabeth Bombonus, dau. of 
Barrow Simonds, of Abbotts Barton, 
Hants ; b. 1862 : Jun. Athenaeum, Royal 
Victoria Yacht,and Clifton clubs; Venn, 
Morchard Bishop, N. Devon. 

Browne, surg.-lt.-col. Samuel Haslett, 
CLE., m.d., Q.TJ.L, Ind. Med. Service. 

Browne, gen. sir Samuel Jas., v.c., 
p.C.B., k.o.s.i., s. of late J. Browne, 
H.B.I.C.8. : b. 1824 ; to. I860, Lucy. dau. of 
W. Sherwood, M.D., H.E.l.c.S. ; in Punjab 
campaign 1 b-4-5-9, at Chillian wallah and 
Goojerat; comm.2 Punjab cav. in mutiny, 
at Lucknow and in Oude and Rohilcund, 
brigade at Peshawur 1869-70, Lahore 
divn, 1878-9, Khyber column in Afghan 

war 1878-9, gen. I.S.C. 1888, on U.S. list 
1884 : United Service club. 

Browne, maj. -gen. Swinton John, C.B., 
served with 6 Punjab inf. during Oude 
campaign 1858-9, with 6 Punjab inf. 
throughout Umbeyla campaign 1863 ; 
expdn. against the Jowaki Afreedees 
1877-8, commd. 6 Punjab inf . in Mahsood 
Wuzeeree expdn. 1881 ; maj. -gen. 1894, 

Browne, Thos. Lloyd Murray, M.A. 
Oxon, eld. s. of rev.Thos. Murray Browne, 
vicar of Standish, Glo's.; b. 1838 ; to. 1866, 
Isabella J., 2 dau. of late capt. Fredk. 
Franks, r.n. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1862, 
J.P. Flints, local govt, board insp. from 
1876 : Leamington. 

Browne, hon. Valentine Edwd. Chas. 
s. of vise. Castlerosse ; b. 1891. 

Browne, col. Wm. Lloyd, eld. s. of 
col. Beuj. Browne, 9 lancers, of Stouts 
Hill, Glo'stershire (d 1853) ; b. 1835; 
m. 1863, Charlotte E., eld. dau. of late 
gen. Jas. Otde by 2 dau. of 6 duke of 
Beaufort : j.p. Glo'stershire, It. - col. 
commdg. 5 lancers 1879-8 1, ret. p. 1 889. 

Browne, lady. Alice, dau. of C. Pier- 
son ; to. 1864, maj. -gen. sir Jas. Browne, 
r.e. (Bengal), K.c.S.i., C.B. (d. 1896). 

Browne, lady Augusta, dau. of 2 
marq. of Sligo ; b. 1838 : Westport, Mayo. 

Browne, hon. Dorothy Margaret, b. 
1888 ; hon. Cicely Kathleen, b. 1888 ; 
daus. of vise. Castlerosse. 

Browne, lady Emily, b. 1829, dan. of 

2 marq. of Sligo : 34 Montagu sq. W. 
Browne, lady Ellen, dau. of 3 earl of 

Kenmare ; b. 1826. 

Browne, hon. mrs. George Augustus, 
Frances M., eld. dau. of Chas. Prideaux 
Brune, Prideaux Place, Cornwall ; to. 
1853, as his 2 wife, hon. Geo. Aug. Browne 
(d. 1878), s. of 2 baron Kilmaine. 

Browne, hon. mrs. Howe. Elise, dau. 
of late col. H. S. Watkin, Bombay army : 
m. 1, E. Hutchinson Little, Bo.C.S. ; 2, 

1880, a? his 2 wife, hon. Richd. Howe 
Browne (d. 1888) : 26 Brunswick pi., 
Hove, Brighton. 

Browne, hon. Julia, b. 1842, dau. of 

3 baron Kilmaine. 

Browne, lady Mary Isabel Peyronnet, 
b. 1881 ; lady Isabel Mary Peyronnet, b. 

1881, twin daus. of 3 marq. of Sligo. 
Browne-Clayton, Wm. Clayton, eld. 

s. of Robt. Clayton Browne, of Browne's 
Hill, co. Carlow, j.p., d.l. {d. 1888) ; b. 
1835 ; m. 1867, Caroline, dau. of J. W. 
Barton, of Stapleton Park, Torks ; is J. P., 
D.L. co. Carlow (sheriff 1859) ; assumed 
addtl. name of Clayton 1889 : Carlton 
club ; Browne's Hill, Carlow. 


Browning 1 , Colin Arrott Robertson. 
C.I.E., .M.A., s. of dep.-insp.-gen. C.A. 
Browning, M.D., R.X. ; b. 1833 : m. 1857, 
Elizabeth, 3 dau. of rev. Jas. Gibson, rect. 
of Worlington.Suffolk; insp.-gen.of educ. 
Central provinces of India 1873 - 89 ; 
memb. of Indian educ. commsn. 1882-3, 
delegate Intl. conf. Orientalists 1892 ( 
Irene, Dawlish. 

Browning, capt. Hugh Edmond, 
youngest s. of late Henry Browning, of 
73 Grosvenor st. W. ; b. 1838 ; m. 1870, 
May, dau. of late R. Brooks, of Wood- 
cote Park, Surrey, M.P. ; capt. late 2 
drags. ; D.L., J.P." Beds (sheriff 1895) : 
Army and Navy club ; Clapham Park, 

Browning, col. Montague Chas., 3 s. 
of late Hy. Browning, of 73 Grosvenor 
st. W. ; b. 1837 ; m. 18G2, Fanny Allen, 
dau. of rev. E. Hogg, of Fornham St. 
Martin, Suffolk ; J.P. Suffolk : 73 Gros- 
venor st. W.j Brantham Court, Manning- 

Browning, Thos., c.B. s. of J. F. 
Browning, of Grange Park, E-iling, 
Middlx. ; 6. 1844 ; Irish office, priv. sec. 
to chief sec. for Ireland, 1887-91 and 
first lord of treasury (Balfour) 1891-2. 
commr. of inland revenue from 1892 : 22 
Ryder st. S.W. ; Union and Oriental 

Brownlee, Charles, C.M.G., commr. 
to the Gaikas in 1846. native min. at 
Cape in 1873, chief magist. at Griqua- 
land East, 1873-85, ret. on pens. 1885. 

Brownless, sir Anthony Colling, 

K.C.M.G., M.D., LL.D.. F.R.C.S.Eng., S.of late 

A. Brownless, of Paynett's House and 
Bockingfold Manor, Kent ; b. 1817 : m. 
1, 1842, Ellen, dau. [d. 1846) of W. 
Hawker, M.D., of Charing, Kent ; 2, 1852, 
Anne J., dau. of late capt. Wm.Hamilton, 
Rif. brig., of Eden, co. Donegal; J. p. 
Yictoria ; vice-chancellor 29 years and 
chancellor of the univ. of Melbourne from 
1887 ; sen. consltg. physcn. (late physcn.) 
to Melbourne hosp., knt. of Sr. Gregory 
the Gt. 1870, knt. commdr. of Pius 1883 ; 
has been a memb. of several important 
govt, commsns. &c. : The University of 
Melbourne, Victoria. 

Brownlow, bp. (cath.) vide Clifton. 

Brownlow, 3 earl (1815, U.K.), col. 
Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Cust,p.c, 
v.D.. bro. of 2 earl(d 1867) ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1868, lady Adelaide, dau. of 18 earl of 
Shrewsbury, b. 1844 ; 2nd tit. vise. Alford : 
lategren. gds., M.P. N. Salop 1866-7, hon. 
col. S. Lincoln mil. from 1868, lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1892) 2 vol. battn. Beds regt. 
from 1883, col. commndg. Home Coun- 

ties inf. vol. brig, from 1895, J.P. Lincoln- 
shire (lord-lieut.from 1867), Herts, Salop 
and Bucks, an ecclesiastl. commissr. for 
England from 1872, parly, sec. to local 
govt, board 1885-6, pay mast er-gen. 1887- 
9, nn.-sec. of state for war 1889-92 : 8 
Carlton House ter. S W. ; Guards', St. 
Stephen's and Carlton clubs ; Belton 
House, Grantham ; Ashridge Park, 

Brownlow, gen. sir Chas. Hy. G.C.B., 
s. of late col. Geo. A. Brownlow (bro. 
of 1 baron Lurgan) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1890, 
Georgiana, eld. dau. of late W. C. King, 
of Warfield Hall, Berks : in Punjab 
war 1848-9, Hazara 1851-2, Momund 
Tribes 1854, Bozdarexpdn. 1857,Eusofzai 
1858, China war 1860, Umbeyla cam- 
paign 1863, Hazara expdn. 1868 ; expdy. 
column in Looshai 1871-2, commd. 
Rawul Pindee brigade 1872-7, a.d.c. 
to the Queen 1869-81, asst. milty. sec. 
(for Indian affairs) at Horse Guards 
1879-89, on U.S. list 1894 : United Ser- 
vice and Arthur's clubs ; Warfield Hall, 
Bracknell, Berks. 

Brownlow, col. hon. Edwd., s. of 1 
baron Lurgan ; b. 1836 ; m. 1861, Helene 
C, 2 dau. of John Hardy, formerly consul 
at Cuba : capt. late Scots gds., in Crimea, 
hon. col. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish fus. 
from 1867 : 18 Elvaston pi. S.W. 

Brownlow, hon. Francis Cecil. 3 s. of 
2 baron Lurgan ; b. 1870 : 47 Princes 
gdns. S.W. 

Brownlow, It. -gen. Henry Alexander, 
R.E. (Bengal), t. of Henry Brownlow, 
B.C.S. ; b. 1831 ; m. 1859, dau. of late sir 
J. Brind, g.c.b., p.. .v. ; served in Indian 
mutiny 1857-8 ; insp.-general of Irriga- 
tion, and dep. sec. to govt, of India 
1877-86, ret. on pens. 1886 : 87 Gipsy 
Hill. Norwood, S.E. 

Brownlow, hon. John Roderick, 2 s. 
of 2 baron Lurgan ; b. 1865 ; capt. 3 
K. R. Rif. C. from 1895 and adjt. 7 battn. 
(mil.) K.R.R.C. from 1896. 

Brownlow, col. Wm.Vesey, c.B., only 
surrg. Si of Wm. Brownlow, of Knapton 
House, Queen's co., D.L., J.P. (d. 1881) ; 
b. 1841 ; m. 1881, lady Anne Henrietta. 3 
dau. of 10 earl of Stair ; b. 1855 ; with 
1 drag. gds. in Zulu war 1879, in com- 
mand of a mounted force in Boer war 
1880, assist, commdt. cav. depot 1882-8, 
col. commdg. 22 regtl. dist. 1889-94, h. p. 
1894 : Army and Navy club. 

Brownlow, hon. Mary, b. 1854 ; hon. 
Emmeline, b. 1874, daus. of 2 baron 

Brownrigg,Douglas Egremont Robt., 
It. n.s., only survg. s. of sir Hy. Moore, 


Brownrigg, 3 bart., by dau. of sir J. H. 
Lethbridge, 3 bart. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1896, 
Beatrice, eld. dau. of sir Cecil Clementi- 
Sinith, G.C.M.G.Jate gov. of Straits Settle- 
ments ; served during naval and mily. 
operations in Soudan 1884. 

Brownrigg, commiss.-gen. Henry 
John, c.B., 2 s. of sir H. J. Brownrige, 
C.B., insp.-gen. R. Irish constabulary (d. 
1873) ; b. 1827 ; to. 1863, dau. of Holland 
Macdonald, judge of supreme court of 
Canada ; in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma, 
Inkerman and Sebastopol, Zulu war 
1879, in charge of commisst. in Sekukuni 
and Boer wars 1881, ret. p. 1887. 

Brownrigg, sir Henry Moore, 3 bart. 
(1816), bro. of 2 bart. (d 1882) ; b. 1819 ; 
m. 1862, Ada C. G., dau. of sir J. Hes- 
keth Lethbridge, 3 bart. ; J. P. Berks : 
White Waltham, Maidenhead. 

Bruce, vide Brudenell - Bruce, or 

Bruce, lord, Edward James Bruce, 
eld. s. of 9 earl of Elgin ; b. 1881. 

Bruce, hon. Alexander, 3 s. of 9 ear) 
of Elgin ; b. 1884. 

Bruce, maj.-gen. Alex. Andrew ; in 
Punjaub campaign 1848-9, ret. f. p. 1882 
as lt.-col. B.S.C. 

Bruce, Alex. Carmichael, 4 s. of rev. 
canon D. Bruce ; b. 1850 ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1875 ; J. P. London : asst. commiss. 
metrop. police from 1884 : 82 Lexham 
gdns. W. ; office, New Scotland yard, 

Bruce, maj.-gen. AlexanderJames, ret. 
f. p. 1875 as lt.-col. M.S.C. 

Bruce, sir Charles, k.c.m.g., s. of T. 
Bruce, of Arnot, co. Kinro.-s, D.L., J.P. ; b. 
1837 ; m. 1868, Clara, dau. of J. Lucas ; 
director of public instruction in Ceylon 
1878-82, col. sec. Manritius 1882-5, lt.- 
gov. and govt. sec. of B. Guiana 1885-93, 
gov. of Windward Islands 1893-7, of 
Mauritius from 1897, D.L. co. Kinross : 
Government House, Port Louis, Mauri- 
tins ; Carlton, and New (Edinburgh) 

ming-, 2 s. of 5 baron Thurlow ; b. 1869. 

Bruce, hon. Charles Granville, 3 s. of 

1 baron Aberdare ; b. 1866 ; to. 1894, 
Finetta M. J., 3 dau. of late lt.-col. sir 
Edwd. Fitzgerald Campbell, 2 bart. 60 
Rif. ; It. 3 battn. (mil.) W. Riding regt. 
1885-7, 2 It. 1 battn. Oxfordshire L. I. 
1887-8, I.S.C. 1 battn. 5 Goorkha from 

Bruce, hon. Clarence Napier, 2 s. of 

2 baron Aberdare ; b. 1885. 

Bruce, lt.-col. Courtenay William, s. 
of late W. A. Bruce, Ashley, Box, Wilts, 

b. 1836 ; to. 1865, Maryann Bird, young- 
est dau. of late Henry Merceron, D.I., J.P.; 
served with the Carabiniers through- 
out Indian mutiny ; at capture of 
Mitowlee, Allygunge, Biswar, and pursuit 
of rebels through Rajpootana and 
Central India, late lt.-coL commdg. 
Carabiniers, J.P. Hants : United Service 
club ; Brooke House, Fleet, Hants. 

Bruce, hon. David, 4 s. of 9 earl of 
Elgin ; b. 1888. 

Bruce, hon. Edmund Sigurd Thurlow 
Gumming-, 4 s. of 5 bar. Thurlow ; 6.1878. 

Bruce, hon. Frederick John, s. of 8 
earl of Elgin ; b. 1854 ; to. Katherine, dau. 
of late E. W. Fernie, Gt. Berkhampstead, 
Herts, and widow of Logan W. Rae- 
burn, Charlesfield, Midlothian ; a page of 
honour to the Queen 1869-71 : Seaton 
House, Arbroath. 

Bruce, (hon.) sir Gainsford, Q.C , 
d.c.l., eld. s. of J. C. Bruce, ll.d., of 
New castle - upon -Tyne (d. 1892); b. 
1834 ; to. 1868, Sophia, dau. of F. Jack- 
son, of Chertsey ; barr. Middle Temple, 
1859 ; Q.C. 1883 ; bencher, 1887 ; rec. of 
Bradford 1877-92 ; J.P. co. Durham : &. 
of county palatine of Durham 1879-8fi 
and a.g. 1886-7 ; temporal chancellor 
1887-92.M.P. (c.)Finsbury(H..lborn divn.) 
1888-92, a justice of the high court of 
justice (queen's bench divn.) from 1892, 
knighted 1892 : Room 642, Royal Courts 
of Justice, Strand, W.C. ; Carlton and 
Athenaeum clubs ; Yewhurst, Bromley, 
Kent ; Gainslaw House, Berwick-upon- 

Bruce, sir Geo. Barclay, c.e., s. of late 
John Bruce, of Newcvstle-on-Tvne ; b 
1821; to. 1847, Helen Norah, dau. o 
Alexr. H. Simpson, of Paisley, Pres. inst 
C.E., 1887-8-9, officer leg. hon. 1889 
knighted 1888 : 64 Boundary id. N.W. ; 
Park End, Wark-on-Tyne, Northumb. 

Bruce, hon. Geo. John Gordon, 2 s. of 
6 baron Balfour of Burleigh ; b. 1883. 

Bruce, rt. hon. sir Henry Hervey, 3 
bart. (1804) of Downhill, p.c. (Irel. 1889): 
b. 1820 ; to. 1842, Mary Anne, dau. (d. 
1891) of sir J. G. Juckes-Clifton, 9 
bart. m.p. (ext.) ; late 1 life guards, 
lord lieut. of Londonderry from 1877, 
sheriff 1845, hon. col. Londonderry mil. 
from 1878, M.P. (c.) Coleraine 1862-74 
and 1880-5: Carlton club; Downhill, 

Bruce, lt.-gen. Henry le Geyt, c.B., 
r.a. (Bengal) : in Gwalior, Sutlej and 
Punjab campaigns, at Buddiwal, Aliwal 
and Sobraon, and Chillianwallah ; brig.- 
maj. of r.h.a. in Mutiny 1857-8 : E. I. 
United Service club : 1 East Cliff, Dover. 



Bruce, hon. Henry Lyndhurst, eld. s. 
of 2 bir..n Aberdare; b. 1881. 

Bruce, hon. Henry Nigel Thurlow- 
Cumming, 3 s. of 5 baron Tmirlow ; 6.1875. 

Bruce, It. -col. Hervey Juckes Lloyd. 
eld. 9. of. rt. hon. sir H. Hervey Bruce, 3 
bart., P.C., of Downhill, co. Londonderry. 
b. 1813; m. 1872. Ellen Maud, dau. of 
Percy Ricardo, of Bramley Park, Surrey; 
capt. and It.-col. Coldst. gds, re r . p.. .uv. 
(1890) Notts, D.L., J. P. co. Londonderry : 
Turf and Guards' clubs ; Clifton Hall. 

Bruce, hon. Jas. Fredk. Thurlow-Cum- 
ming-, eld. s. of 5 baron Thurlow ; b. 1867 ; 
to. l91,Cecily, 2 dau. of late T. H.Clifton, 
of Lvtham Hall, Lanes. : d.l. co. Nairn, 
It. 2 battn. Black Watch from 1885. 

Bruce, rear-adml. James Minchin, 3 s. 
of adml. sir. Hy. Wm. Bruce, K.C.B., of 
Ballyscullion,co. Londonderry ; b. 1833 ; 
to. 1856, Elizabeth, dau. of John Hill, of 
Bellaghy, co. Londonderry ; ret. capt. 
1873 : Lalla Rookh. Oxford rd. Worthing. 

Bruce hon. John Bernard, 5 s. of 9 
earl of Elgin ; b. 1892. 

Bruce, hon. John Hamilton, 3 s. of 2 
baron Aberdare ; 6. 18^9. 

Bruce, surg.-gen. Louis Stanhope, 
s. of late col. Louis Bruce, Bengal army; 
served with Persian expedy. force 1856-7, 
Indian mutiny 1858, Afghan wa r 1880 ; 
ret. p. 1887, Bombay med. estabt. : 16 
Tne Common, Ealing, W. ; E.I. United 
Service club. 

Bruce, Richd. Isaac, c.i.e., s. of J. 
Bruce, of Miltown Castle, co. Cork ; b. 
1810 ; m. 1871, Lilla, dau. of rev. J. B. 
Webb Dunderron, of Kinsale, co. Cork ; 
politic tl agent at Thai Cuotiali, Balu- 
chistan, India 1882-8, commr. and supdt. 
Derajat, D. I. Khan, Punjab from 1888. 

Bruce, hon. Robert, eld. s. of 6 baron 
Balfour of Burleigh, b. 1880. 

Bruce, hon. Robert, 2 s. of 9 earl of 
Elgin ; b. 1882. 

Bruce, col. Robert, c.B., 3 s. of sir 
Jas. R. Bruce, 2 bart. ; b. 1825 ; m. 
1859, Mary C, only dau. {d. 1893) of sir 
John Montagu Burgoyne,9 bart.; with 23 
foot in Crimean and Indian mutiny cam- 
paigns, dep. insp.-gen. and insp.-gen. R. 
Irish constaby. 1877-85, J.p. Middlx. 
and London : 6 Warwick sq. S.W. ; Army 
and Navy, and R. St. Geo. Y. (Kings- 
town) clubs. 

Bruce, Samuel, 3 s. of late Samuel 
Bruce of Thon.dale, co. Antrim ; b. 1838 ; 
m. 1878, Julia, dau. of sir Geo. Colthurst, 
bart. of Blarney Castle, co. Cork, Ireland ; 
j.p. Gloucestershire: Carlton tnd Union 

clubs ; Norton Hall, Campden, Glouces- 

Bruce. Wm. Arthur, eld. s. of Robert 
Bruce, of Symbister, I. of Shetland {d. 
1873) ; b. 1863 ; commr. of supply and 
J.P., d.l. co. OrKneyand Shetland : Sym- 
bister, Whalsay, Shetland. 

Bruce, ven. Wm. Conybeare, m.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Wm. Bruce, of 
Brynderweu, Mon. J.P. (d. 1894), bro. of 
1 baron Aberdare ; b. 1844 ; to. 1872, 
Autonia, dau. of late rev. John M. 
Cholmeley ; vicar of St. Woollos, Mon. 
from 1882, archd. of Monmouth and 
cinonof Llandafffrom 1885: St. Woollos 
Vicarage, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon. ; 
Canonry, LlandafE. 

Bruce, sir Wm. Cunningham, 9 bart. 
(1629) of Stenhouse ; b. 1825 ; to. dau. (d.) 
of hon. Waller O'Grady, Q.c. ; capt. late 
74 foot, D.L., j.p. co. Stirling. 

Bruce, hon. William Napier, 2 s. of 1 
baron Aberdare ; b. 1858 ; m. 1882, Emily, 
dau. of late gen. sir Montagu Macmurdo, 
G.C.B. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1883 : Charity 
Commission, Whitehall, S.W. ; Lotus, 

Bruce, lady Elizabeth Mary ; b. 1877 ; 
lady Christian Augusta ; b. 1879 ; lady 
Constance Veronica : b. 1880 ; lady Mar- 
jorie ; b. 1885 ; lady Rachel Catherine, 6. 
1890 ; daus. of 9 earl of Elgin. 

Bruce, hon. Caroline Louisa, b. 1855 ; 
hon. Pamela Georgina, b. 1862 ; hon. 
Alice Moore, 6. 1867, daus. of 1 baron 

Bruce, lady Louisa Elizabeth, dau. of 
8 earl of Elgin ; b. 1856 : 22 Eaton sq. 

Bruce, hon. Margaret Cecilia, b. 1882 ; 
hon. Eva Isabel Marian, 6. 1892 ; hon. 
Const mce Pamela Alice, 6. 1895; daus. 
of 2 baron Aberdare. 

Bruce, hon. Mary ; b. 1877 ; hon. Jane 
Hamilton ; b. 1879 : daus. of 6 baron Bal- 
four of Burleigh. 

Bruce, hon. Alice Margaret Thurlow- 
Cumming, 6. 1873, dau. of 5 baron 

Bruce, hon. mrs. Thomas. SarahC.eld. 
dau. of Thos. Thornhill, of Riddlesworth 
Hall, Norfolk ; to. 1863, hon. Thos. Chas. 
Bruce, M.P., D.r,. (d. 1890), 4 s. of 7 earl of 
Elgin: 42 Hill st. W. 

Bruce-Pryce.Alan Cameron, eld. s. of 
J.W. Bruce, and grands, of late J. Bruce- 
Pryce, of Duffryn ; b. 1836 ; to. 1, 1858, 
dau. (d. 1868) and heir of late col. J. H. 
Slade ; 2 (1873), Anna M. S., eld. dau. 
of G. W. Maunsell ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1862 ; j.p. Glamorgan : Athenaeum club j 



Abbeyholme, Cheltenham ; Blaen-y- 
cwm, Monknash, Bridgend, Giant. 

Brudenell-Bruce, lord Chas. Fredk., 
5 s. of 3 marq. of Ailesbury ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1873, Margaret, dau. of late J. Renshaw, 
Brougbton : J.P. Wilts and Berks ; capt. 
inaj. 1891) Wilts, yeoro. from 1882 : 
Walsingham House, Piccadilly, W. : St. 
James' and Athenaeum clubs ; Wolfhall 
Manor House, Marlborough. 

Brudenell - Bruce, rt. hon. lord 
Charles Wm. P.O., s. of 1 marq. of Ailes- 
bury ; b. 1834 ; to. 1860, Augusta G. S., 3 
dau. of F. C. Seymour (cous. of 5 marq. 
of Hertford) : capt. late 1 life guards, 
capt. (hon. maj.) Wilts yeom. 1861-82. j.p. 
Middx. and Wilts, M.P. (l.) N. Wilts 
1865-74, Marlborough 1878-85; vice- 
chambln.of H.M.'s household 1880-5 : 24 
Carlton House terrace, S.W. ; Travellers' 

Brudenell-Bruce, lordRobertThomas, 
4 s. of 3 marq. of Ailesbury ; 6. 1845 ; 
m. 1878, Emma, dau. of late Capel Han- 
bury Leigh, of Pontypool Park, Mon- 
mouth; ret. commr. R.N.; J.P. Hants: 
45 Cadogan pi. S.W. ; Carltou club; 
Stamforl Lodge, Hayling Island, Hants. 

Alma Georgiana, b. 1871 ; lady Violet 
Louisa Marjory, b. 1880 ; daus. of 5 marq. 
of Ailesbury. 

Bruen, rt. hon.Henry,p.c.,s.of late col. 
Henry Bruen, M.P. ; b. 1828 ; m. 1854, dau. 
(d. 1894) of late col. E. M.Conolly, M.P. : 
D.L., j.p. Carlow (sheriff 1855), j.p. Wex- 
ford (sheriff 1883), M.P. (n.) Carlow co. 
1857-80 ; Carlton club (London) ; Kil- 
dare St. club (Dublin) ; Oak Park, Car- 
low ; Coolbawn, Enniscorthy, Wexford. 

Bruen, Henry, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
Henry Bruen, of Oak Park, co. Carlow, 
J.P.; 6.1856 ; to. 1886, Agnes M., youngest 
dau. of rt. hon. Arthur McMorrough 
Kavanagh, of Borris House, co. Carlow ; 
is a P..M. for co. Tipperary : Carlton and 
Naval and Military clubs ; Barnane, 
Templemore, co. Tipperary. 

Bruges, vide Ludlow-Bruges. 

Brune, vide Prideaux-Brune. 

Brunner, sir John Tomlinson, 1 bart- 
<1895) ; b. 1842 ; to. 1, 1864, Salome, dau- 
of late Jas. Davies, Liverpool ; 2, 1875, 
Jane, dau. of late W. S. Wyman, M.D., of 
Kettering ; j.p. Cheshire, propr. of large 
alkali works at Northwich, M.P. (l.) 
Cheshire (Northwich divn.) 1885-6, and 
from 1887 : 9 Ennismore gdns. S.W. ; 
Reform and National Liberal clubs ; 
Druids Cross, Wavertree, Liverpool ; 
Winnington Old Hall, Northwich. 

Brunsdon, Benj., J.p. (1896) Here- 
fordshire : Albany House, Ashfield, Ross, 

Brunskill, Hubert Fawcett, eld. s. of 
Wm. Fawcett Brunskill, of Buckland- 
tout-Sunts, Devon {d. 1875); b. 1872; 
m. 1896, Hilda, 2 dau. of Wm. Barrow 
Turner, of Ponsonby Hall, Cumberland, 
D.L., j.p. : Buck land- tout-Saints, Mount 
R.S.O. South Devon. 

Brunwin, Henry Tweed, b.a. Can- 
tab, only survg. s. of rev. M. J. Brunwin, 
of Bradwell, Essex (d. 1839) ; b. 1822 ; 
lord of the manor and patron of Brad- 
well : Park House, Bradwell, Braintree. 

Bryan, prof. G. H., Cantab, 
fell, of Peterhouse, f.r.s., prof, of pure 
and applied mathematics at the Univer- 
sity coll. of N. Wales, Bangor, from 1896. 

Bryan, maj. hon. George Leopold, 2 
survg. s. of 2 baron Bellew ; b. 1857 ; heir 
pres. to his bro. ; J. P., D.L. co. Kilkenny, 
maj. 10 hussars from 1896 ; assumed 
name of Bryan in lieu of Bellew 1881 : 
Jenkinstown Park, Kilkenny. 

Bryan, Loftus Anthony, only s. of L. 
A. Bryan, of Highfield, co. Dublin (d. 
1871) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1886, Annie, youngest 
dau. of M. R. Ryan, of Temple Mungret, 
co. Limerick, j.p. ; capt.Waterfordartill. 
mil. (S. divn. r.a.) from 1891 ; D.L., j.p. 
co. Wexford (sheriff 1892) : Borrmount 
Manor, Enniscorthy. 

Bryan, Richd. Stawell, J.P. (1896) 
Devon : Grilston Cottage, South Molton, 

Bryant, Hy. Algernon, The Folly, 
Carleton Rode, nr. Attleborough. 

Bryant, Theodore Henry, J.P. (1894) 
Surrey: JuniperHill,Mickleham, Dorking. 

Bryant, Wilberforce, eld. s. of Wm. 
Bryant, of Piymouth, Devon ; b. 1837 ; 
to. 1876, Margaret, 2 dau. of Wm. Low 
son, of Balthayock, Perthshire. D.L., J.P. ; 
j.p. Bucks (sheriff 1892) : Wellington 
and Brooks' clubs ; Stoke Park, Stoke . 
Poges R.S.O., Bucks. 

Bryce, rt. hon. James, p.c.d.c.l. Oxon, 
LL.D.(hon.) Edin., eld. s. of James Bryce, 
LL.D., of Boweshill, Blantyre, Glasgow ; 
b. 1838 ; m. 1889, Elizabeth Marion, 2 
dau. of Thos. Ashton, of Ford Bank, 
Lanes, D.L., J.P.; asst. commr. in Schools 
inquiry comm. 1865, barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1867, fell. Oriel coll., regius professor . 
of civil law at Oxford 1870-93, fell. Univ. 
coll. Lond., und.-sec. of state for foreign 
affairs in 1886, chanc. of Duchy of Lan- 
caster 1892-94, pres. of Board of Trade 
1894-5, m.p. (L.) Tower Hamlets 1880-5, 
S. Aberdeen from 1885 : 54 Portland pi. 



W. ; Athenaeum, National Liberal and 
Savile clubs. 

Bryce. John, j.p. (18'J5) Westmor- 
land : Burnside, Kendal. 

Bryce. John Paul. s. of John Bryce, 
of Marley Lodge, nr. Exmouth {d. 1888); 
b. 1846 ; to. 1871, Mercedes, dau. of dou 
Pedro G. de Candamo, of Oviedo, Spain ; 
is d.l., j.p. Devon (sheriff 189(3) : Bystock 
House, Withecombe Raleigh, nr. Ex- 
mouth, Devon. 

Brydges, lady Jones-, Mary S., dau. 
of late cape. John Moberly, B.H. ; m. 
1850, sir Harford Jas. Jones-Brydges, 
2 and last bart. (d. 1891) : Boultibrooke, 
Presteign R.S.O., Radnorshire. 

Bryham, Wm., J.p. Lancashire : Ro6e 
Bridge, Wigan. 

Brymer, Wm. Ernest, m.a. Cantab, s. 
of J. Brymer, of Usington, j.p. (d. 1870) ; 
b. 1840: capt. (hon. maj. 1886) Dorset yeo. 
from 1879, M.P. (c.) Dorchester 1874-85. 
S. Dorset from 1891, J.p. Dorset (sheriff 
1887): 8 St. James's st. S.W.; Carlton 
club ; Usington House, Puddletown, 

Bryning;, Edwd., s. of late John 
Bryning, of Highgate House, nr. Kirk- 
ham. Lancashire, J.P. (d. 1883) ; b. 1848 ; 
J.P. (1893) Lancashire : Highgate House, 
nr. Kirkham, Lanes. 

Bubb. Henrv, 2 s. of Anthony Bubb, 
of Witcombe Court, Gloucestershire ; b. 
1843 ; to. 1. 1880, Zoe, dau. of late David 
Lloyd, of Shanklin, I. of W. ; 2, 1884, 
Sarah W., dau. of late Win. Hall, of 
Seven Springs, nr. Cheltenham, and 
widow of John Hampson, of Ullenwood, 
nr. Cheltenham ; is j.f. (1896) Glouces- 
tershire : Ullenwood, Cubberley, Chel- 

Buccleuch, 6 duke of (1663 sco.), and 
8 duke of Queensbe^rry (1684, sco.). Wm. 
Hy. Walter Montagu-Dousclas-Scott, K.T., 
eld. s.of 5 duke, K.G. (d. 1884) ; b. 1831 ; 
to. 1869, lady Louisa Jane (mistress of the 
robes to the Queen 1885-6 and 1886-92, 
and from 1895), dau. of 1 duke of Aber- 
corn, b. 1836 ; sits as earl of Doncaster 
(1662. Eng.) ; 2nd tit. earl of Dalkeith 
D.L. Selkirk and Roxburghshire, lt.-col 
Midlothian yeom. 1856-72. lord-lieut. of 
Dumfries from 1858, lt.-gen. of royal 
body-guard of archers in Scotland. 
M.P. (c.) Midlothian 1853-68, and 1874- 
80 : Montagu House, Whitehall, S.W. ; 
Carlton and St. Stephen's clubs ; Dal- 
keith Palace, Dalkeith, N.B. ; Eildon 
Hall, St. Boswells, N.B. ; Boughton 
House, Kettering ; Bow-hill, Selkirk ; 
Drumlanrig Castle, Thornhill, N.B.; and 
Langholm Lodge, Langholm, N.B. 

Buchan. 13 earl of (1469, sco.). 
David Stuart Erskine, s. of 12 earl (J. 
1857) ; b. 1815 ; m. 1. dau. of late James 
Smith. Craigend Castle. Stirlingshire ; 
2. 1876. Maria, widow of Jervoise Colias, 
Maison de St. Martin and Clermont, 
Jersey; 2nd title, lord Cardross ; d.l. 
Linlithgowshire, capt. late 35 foot. 

Buchanan, vide Carrick-Buchanan or 

Buchanan, David William Ramsay, 
eld. s. of A. Buchanan, of Greenfield, co. 
Lanark, j.p.. d.l. {d. 1879) ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1863, lady Kathrine, dau. (d. 1892) of 3 
earl of Donoughmore : Jun. Carlton 
(London) and New (Edinburgh) clubs; 
Broomhills, Honiton. 

Buchanan (hon.), Ebenezer John, 
2 s. of E. Buchanan, of Burnside, Pieter- 
maritzburg, Natal; b. 1844; to. 1878, 
Mary H., only dau. of D. Mudie, of Tay- 
Bank, Cape Town ; barr. Inner Temple 
1873 ; puisne Judge of Supreme Court 
at Cape from 1880 ; memb. of council of 
nniv. of Cape of Good Hope 1888 : 
Clareinch, Claremont, Cape Town. Cape 

Buchanan, Geo. Wm., 4 s. of rt. hon. 
sir Andrew Buchanan, 1 barr.. <;.c.B., 
P.C. {d. 1882): b. 1854: m. 1885, lady 
Georgina M., dau. of 6 eai-1 Bathurst ; b. 
1854 ; 2 sec. at Vienna 1882-8. at Berne 
1889-93. charge d'affaires at Darmstadt 
from 1893 : St. James's club. 

Buchanan, Hy. Bar we II Maxey. b.a. 
Cantab, eld. s. of late capt. Jas. Maxey 
Buchanan, 70 regt., and nephew of 
Phillips Buchanan, late 6 drag, gds., of 
Hales Hall._ Staffs, J.p. (d. 1895) ; b. 
1852 ; to. 1878. Sabrina K., eld. dau. of 
late col. MacHutchin ; formerly iu R.N.. 
patron of 1 living : Hales Hall, Market 

Buchanan, lt.-gen. Hy. Jas., c.B. ; to. 
1884, Ma. y L..eld. dau. of Rev. F. Otway 
Mayne.of Cromwell rd.. Brighton ; served 
in Crimea, at Alma, Inkerman and Sebas- 
topol, commd. a column in the Jowaki 
expdn. N.W. frontier, 1877-8. a.a.u., S.E. 
dist. 1879-84, d.q.m.g., Ireland 1884-6, 
commd. inf. brig. Aldershot 1887-8,troops 
in Eastern dist. 1888-91 : United Service 

Buchanan, gen. Jas., s. of maj. Jas. 
Buchanan, Madras army ; b. 1827 ; m. 
1854, Helen K., dau. of John Harris ; 
Indian mutiny 1857-9, een. Madras cav. 
from 1888 : 5 Grange gdns. Blackwater 
rd. Eastbourne. 

Buchanan, sir Jas., 2 bart. (1878), 
eld. s. of 1 bart. G.C.B., P.C. {d. 1882) ; b. 
1840 ; to. 1873, Arabella C, youngesc 



dau. of late G. C. Colquitt-Craven, of 
Brockhampton Park,Glo'stershire ; d.t,., 
j. p. Stirlingshire ret. cotnmdr. R.N. : 
Cra gend Castle, Milngavie,nr. Glasgow. 

Buchanan, John Hamilton, m.d. St. 
And., s. of Alex. Buchanan, of Balfron ; 
h. 1833 ; to. 1862, Margaret, dau. of Hugh 
Dryden, of Redpath ; is J. P. N.R. Yorks : 
Thirsk, Torks. 

Buchanan, ven. Thos. Boughton, 
M.A. Oxon., late chapln. to lord Herbert 
of Lea and bp. of Salisbury ; archdn. of 
Wilts from 1874, canon res. of Salis- 
bury from 1895, rect. of Wishford 
Magna 1863-71, vicar of Potterne, 
Devizes, 1871-91, rector from 1891 of 
Poulshot, Devizes. 

Buchanan, Thomas Ryburn, M.A. 
Oxon., 3 s. of late J. Buchanan, of 
Glasgow : b. 1846 ; to. 1888, Emily 0., 
youngest dau. of late Thos. S. Bolitho, 
D.L., J. p. of Trengwainton, Cornwall ; 
barr. Inner Temple, 1873; D.L. Edin- 
burgh, m.p. (l.) Edinburgh city 1881-5, 
West divn. 1885-6 and (L.U.) 1886-8 and 
(L.) 1888-92, E. Aberdeenshire from 1892 : 
12 South st. Park la. W. ; 10 Moray pi. 
Edinburgh ; Reform club. 

Buchanan, lady. Alice M. A., dau. 
of Edwd. C. Seaton, M.D., of London ; to. 
1865, sir Geo. Buchanan, knt., M.D. 
(d. 1895). 

Buchanan, hon. lady. Georiiiana E., 
dau. 11 baron Blantyre : to. 1857, as his 
2 wife, rt. hon. sir Andre v Buchanan. 
G.C.B., p.c, 1 bart. (d. 1882) : 19 Man- 
chester sq. W. 

Buchanan-Baillie-Hamilton, John. 
2 s. of G. Baillie-Hamilton, b. 1837 ; to'. 
1869,Catherine E. G., dau. and heir of late 
A. Buchanan, of Arnprior, co. Perth : 
J.P., D.L. co. Perth ; assumed on mar- 
riage name of Buchanan : Junior 
Carlton club ; Cambusmore, Callander, 
N.B. ; Strathyre, Perthshire, KB. 

Buck, sir Edwd. Chas., K.C.8.I., ll.d. 
Cantab., s. of Z. Buck, mus. doc of Nor- 
wich : b. 1839 ; in B.C.S. from 1861, sec. 
to govt, of India in rev. and agriculture 
dept. from 1881, commr. for govt, of 
India at Colonial and Indian exhib. 1886, 
knighted 1886 : Bengal United Service 
club, 30 Chowringhee rd. Calcutta. 

Buck, gen. Lewis Wm. ; in China 
expedn. 1857-8 ; commdg. brig, in Madras 
1882-4, divn. at Hyderabad 1884-6, 
comnid. B. Burma divn. in Upper Burma 
1886, gen. 1894, on U.S. list, I.S.C : The 
Hollies, Burghfield, Reading. 

Buck, Wm. Hy. Gifford : Wiveton 
Hall, Wiveton, Dereham, Norfolk. 

Buckby, Richard Henry, s. of late 
rev. R. Buckby, rect. of Begelly ; b. 
1836 ; to. 1873, Elizabeth, eld. dau. of 
Chas. Bateman, of Spratton, Northamp- 
ton ; J. P. Pembrokeshire : The Grove, 

Buckhurst, baron, vide De La Warr. 

Buckingham, archdeacon of (Oxf.), 
vide ven. Cecil Fredk. J Bourke. 

Buckingham. Aaron, J.P. (1895) 
Devon : Lake Farm, Kingsnympton, 
Chulmleigh, Devon. 

Buckingham. Arthur Wm., eld. s. of 
Wm. Buckingham, of Northcote Manor, 
Devon, j.p. (d. 1895) ; b. 1854; lord of 
the manor of Northcote and patron of 
1 living : 12 Southernhay, Exeter ; 
Northcote Manor, Burrington, N. Devon. 

Buckingham, (hon.) Jas., c.i.e., s. of 
late rev. J.Buckingham,of Doddiscombs- 
leigh, Devon ; b. 1843 ; to. 1880, Laura 
Amelia, dau. of late surg.-maj.J. C.Collins, 
of Stainbridge House, Gloucester ; mnj. 
commdg. Assnm Valley ad. bat. rif. from 
1884, lt.-col. 1891, hon. magistrate Sib- 
saugur dist., addtl. memb. viceroy's 
council 1893, hon. a.d.c. to viceroy (earl 
of Elgin) from 1895 : Amgoorie, Sibsau- 
gur, Assam. 

Buckingham, mrs. Mary Robertson , 
eld. dau. of rev. dr. Fletcher, vicar of 
Quethiock, Cornwall ; to. 1839, rev. J. 
Buckingham, b.c.l., rect. and patron of 
Doddiscombsleigh (d. 1883) ; lady of the 
manor of Stoodieigh. Devon : Doddis- 
combsleigh, Exeter ; Stoodieigh Manor, 
West Buckland, S. Molton. 

Buckingham and Chandos, duchess 
of, vide lord Egerton of Tatton. 

Buckinghamshire, 7 earl of (1746, 
Gt.B.).SidneyCarr Hobart-Hampden, eld. 
survg. s. of Frederic, lord Hobart (d. 
1875), and grands, of 6 earl (d. 1885) : b. 
1860 : to. 1888, Georgiana W., only child 
of hon. H. H. D. Haldane-Duncan and 
mrs. Mercer-Henderson, of Fordell, co. 
Fife ; 2nd tit. baron Hobart, and a bart., 
D.L., j.p. Bucks, a lord in waiting to the 
Queen in 1895 : 1 Wilton terr. Belgrave 
sq. S.W. ; Grosvenor club ; Hampden 
House, Gt. Missenden, Bucks. 

Buckland, Chas. Edwd., c.i.e., b.a. 
Oxon.. s. of Buckland ; b. 18 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1885, entd. B.C.S. 1868, 
sec. to govt, of Bengal, gen. rev. and 
statistical depts. from 1891. 

Buckle, vice-adml. Chas. Matthew, 
s. of rev. Wm. L. Buckle, of Ban- 
stead, Surrey; 6.1828 : Chiua war 1842, 
defence of Monte Video 1845-6, in Black 
Sea during Russian war 1854; vice-adm 




ret. list 1889 : 3 Lowndes st. S.W. ; 
United Service andArmy and Navy clubs. 

Buckle, rnaj.-gen. Chas. Randolph, 
it. a. | Madra*), ret. on pen. 1886. 

Buckle. Christopher Reginald, eld. s. 
of C. R. Buckle, of Norton House. 
Sussex (d. 1890) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1886, Elisa- 
beth B., dau. of C. C. Turner, of Bide- 
ford. Devon : Norton House, Alding- 
bourne, Chichester. 

Buckle, rear-adml. Claude Edwd.. s. 
of rev. M. H. G. Buckle ; b. 1839 ; served 
in Black sea during Russian war 1854-6 : 
China war 1857-9 : a.D.c. to the Queen 
1889-92 : The Red House, Raithby, Spils- 
bury. Lines. 

Buckle, rev. John. s. of Richd. Buckle ; 
b. 181a : m. 1. 1819, Ellen R, dau. of rev. 
John Hopton, of Canon Frome Court ; 
2. 1870. Hester E., dau. of rev. Robt. 
Wade-Gery : is J. p. Herefordshire ; vicar 
of Stretton Grandison with Ashperton, 
Ledbury, 1859-92 : Ashperton, Ledbury. 

Buckler, Chas. Alban, s. of John 
Chessell Buckler, of Melbury, Cowley St. 
John, Oxford, and Esther his wife, dau. 
of Tho-. Fair, descended from Robt. 
Phaire, of Rostillon, co. Cork, by Eliza- 
beth his wife, dau. of sir Thos. Herbert, 
of Tintern, bart., groom of tbe chamber 
to King Charles I. ; b. 1821 ; Surrey 
Herald of Arms Extraordinary, 1880 : 6 
Heieford sq. S.W. 

Buckler, John Rus-ell. 3 s. of Henry 
Peach Buckler, of Warminster, Wilts : 
b. 1831 ; m. 1862, Annie V., dau. {J. 1895) 
of J. G-. Strachan, of Stroud. Glo's.. d.i.., 
J.r. ; chm. of Strachan and Co. Lim.; J. P. 
Gloucestershire : 2 Collingham gdns. 
Sou'h Kensington, S.W. ; Reform club ; 
Stroud, Glo's. 

Buckley. Abels. of Abel Buckley, of 
Ashton ; b. 1835 ; m. Hannah, dau.of late 
John Summers, of Sunnyside, Ashton- 
under-Lyne : a cotton manf r. at Ashton- 
under-Lyne, chm. of Mane iester and 
Liverpool Di*t. B inking Co. Lim. ; .i.i'. 
Lancashire and Cheshire ; M.P. (L.) S.E. 
Lancashire (Prestwich divn.) 1885-6 : 
11 Mount st. Grosvenor sq. W. : 
Reform club ; Ryecrof t Hall, Auden- 
Bhaw, nr. Manchester ; Galtee Castle. 
Michelstown, co. Cork. 

Buckley, Alfred, eld. s. of gen. E. P. 
Buckley, of New Hall, m.p. (d. 1873), 
by dau. of 3 earl of Radnor ; b. 1829 ; m. 
1858. dau. of late capt. G. St. John 
Mildmay, R.S. ; D.L., j.p. Wilts: 13 St. 
George's sq.S.W. ; New Hall, Bodenham, 

Buckley, sir Edmund, 1 bart. (1868); 

1834 ; m. 1, 1860, Sarah, dau. of Wm. 

Rees, Tonn. Llandovery : 2, 1885, Sara 
Mysie, widow of A. Jackson Burton, 
of Chicago, U.S.A. : D.L.. J.P.Merioneth- 
shire, m.p. (c.) Newcastle-under-Lvme 
1865-78 : 108 Higher Ardwick, Man- 
chester ; Dinas Mawddwy, Merioneth; 
Conservative club. 

Buckley, Edmund, eld. s. of sir Edm '. 
Buckley, 1 bart. ; b. 1861 : . 1885, 
Harriott O. L. only dau. of late rer. 
Maurice Lloyd, rect. of Montgomery ; 
J.P. cos. Montgomery and Merioneth : 
2 Bellevue, Barmouth ; New Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Buckley, maj.-gen. Fredk. Augustus, 
Bengal Inf.. on U.S. list 1887. 

Buckley, George Fiedk..i.p.W.R.York : 
Linfitts House, Delph, Saddleworth. 

Buckley, Henry, j.p. (1892) Lanca- 
shire : Stanley villas. Lyt'iam rd. Black- 

Buckley, Henry Burton, Q.C., m.a. 
Cantab, 3 s. of late rev. J. Wall Buckley, 
vicar of St. Mary's, Paddingi on ; b. 1845; 
m. 1887, Bertha Margaretta. 3 dau. 
of Chas. Edwd. Jones, of Russ-11 Farm, 
Watford, Herts: btrr. Lincoln's Inn 
1869, bencher 1891, Q.c. 1886 : 7 Melbury 
rd. Kensington, W. ; 18 Old sq. Lincoln's 
Inn, W.C. ; Oxford and Cambridge club. 

Buckley, Henry Child, M.D. Aberd., 
M.R.c.s. Eng., h. of Jas. Buckley, of 
Penyfai, LI welly ; b. 1843 ; m. 1871, 
Maria I., dau.of Jas. Wilson, of Glen 
Avon, Bath ; J.P. Carmarthenshire : 
Bradbury Hall, Llanelly. 

Buckley. Jas. Fras.. eld. and only 
survg. s. of Jas. Buckley, of Bryncaerau 
Castle and Ca.-tle Gorfod. co. Carmar- 
then, J.P. {d 1895) ; b. 1869 : m. 1896, 
Edith, eld. dau. of Andrew F. Crosse, of 
Johannesburg. S. Africa : barr. Inner 
Temple 1894 ; Bryncaerau Castle, 
Llanellv, Carmarthenshire. 

Buckley, Jas. Fredc. ; b. 1838, J.P. 
Lancashire and W. R. Yorks, chm. of 
Cambrian Railways Co. : The Nook, 
Greenfield, via Oldham. 

Buckley, John Arthur, a taxing- 
master in Chancery : Denbigh House, 
Hampton Wick. 

Buckley. R. Shaw. j.p. (1871) W.R. 
Yorks: Westholnie.Mossley, Manchester. 

Buckley, Samuel, youngest s. of John 
Lees Buckley, of Bankfield House, 
Woodlev. Cheshire ; b. l53 ; m. 1^0 ; 
J.P. (1894) Cheshire: B.nkfiell House. 
Woodley. nr. Stockport. 

Buckley, Thos. Hartley Wilson, elder 
s. of late Jsph. Wilson Buckley </. 1874), 
Merrow Grange, Guildford ; b. 1853 ; m. 
J879, Jane Edith, 2 dau. of late R. D^ 


Butts Powell, Riversdale, co. Sligo : 
National Liberal club ; Oaklawn, Craw- 
ley Down, Sussex. 

Buckley, Win., eld. s. of Joseph Buck- 
ley, of Saddlewbrth. Yorks.; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1874, Sirah,dau. of Jonathan Chamb- 
ley. of Saddleworth, Yorks. ; J. p. (1894) 
and cr. W. R. Yorks. : Gatehead House, 
Delph. Oldhara. 

Buckley, Wm. Joseph, s. of Buck- 
ley : b. 18 : m. 1895, Muriel, 5 dau. of 
lt-col. Howell, of Penrheol, Carmarthen- 
shire ; J. p. Carmarthenshire : Penyfai 
House. Llanellj', Carmarthenshire. 

Buckley, lady. Alice, dau. of hon. sir 
Wm. Fitzherbert, K.C.M.G. ; to. 18, hon. 
sir Patrick Alphonsus Buckley, K.C.M.G., 
a judge of supreme court of N. Zealand 
1895-6 (d. 1896) : Wellington, N.Z. 

Buckley- Williames. mrs. Gertrude 
S., dau. of late C. J. Humphreys, of 
Dolarddyn Hall. Mont. ; to. 1884,' Rhys 
Buckley-Williames, of Pennant, Mont. : 
J.P. (f/. 1887) : Plas Meredydd, Garthmyl, 

Buckmaster, John Chas., M.A., s. of 
Th'. Buckmaster, of Slapton, Bucks ; 
b. 1820 ; to. 1852, dau. of Geo. Goodliffe, 
of Cambridge ; is J.P. Middlx. : Ashleigh, 
Hampton Wick, Middlx. 

Bucknill, sir Johu Chas., M.D., f.r.s., 
8. of late J. Bucknill ; b. 1817 ; to. 1842, 
MarjMnne (d. 1889), only child of late 
Thos. Tounsend, of Hillmorton Hall, co. 
Warwick ; j.p. Warwickshire, one of the 
originators of the volunteer movement 
in 1852, knighted 1894 : East Cliff House, 
Grove rd. Bournemouth; Athenaeum club. 

Bucknill, Thos. Townsend.Q.C, 2 s. of 
sir J.C. Bucknill, M.D., F.R.S., J.P. of East 
Cliff House, Bournemouth; b. 1845 ; to. 
18. Annie B. 2 dau. of late H. B. Ford, 
of Clifton, Gloucestershire : barr. Inner 
Temple, 1868, bencher 1891, Q.C. 1885, rec. 
of Exeter from 1885, co. aldm. for Sur- 
rey 1889-92, M.P. (c.) Mid Surrey from 
1892 : 10 King's Bench walk, E.C. ; Carl- 
ton club ; H) lands House, Epsom. 

Buckston, rev. Rowland. German, m.a. 
Oxon., only s. of rev. German Buckston, 
of Bradborne,vicar of Sutton-on-the-Hill, 
co. Derby {d. 1861) ; b. 1828 ; to. 1856, 
Ada L. dau. (d. 1892) of rev. Henry 
White ; patron of 2 livings : Sutton-on- 
the-Hill, Derby. 

Budd, Fras. Nonus, j.p. Devon : Bat- 
worthy, Gidleigh, Newton Abbot ; North 
Tawion, Devon. 

Budd, Harry Bentinck, s. of Edwd. 
Budd, of Lingfield Grange, Surrey (d. 
1890) ; b. 185- : to. 1896, Nellie, eld. dau. 
of P. J. Rumney, of Preston Park, 


Brighton ; c.c. for Surrey : Boodle's 
club ; East Park, East Grinstead. 

Budd, maj.-gen. Richd. Carruthers, 
M.S.C. ret. 1887. 

Budden, Austen Freda, 2 s. of Jas. 
Budden, of Chatham ; b. 1850 ; m. 1875, 
Caroline S., eld. dau. of John Pound, of 
Grove Park, S.E. ; J.P. Kent ; late maj. 
1 Kent artill. vol., capt. (hon. maj.) 
Limerick city artill. (mil.) S. divn. of 
R.A. from 1890 : Castleleigh, Rochester. 
Buddicom, Harry Wm., s. of W. B. 
Buddicom, of Penbedw, Flints, j.p. (d. 
1887) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1892, Sophia, 4 survg. 
dau. of late C. W. Digby, of Studland 
Manor, Dorset ; j.p. Monmouthshire and 
Flints (sheriff 1896) ; capt. Denbigh- 
shire yeom. from 1892 : Jun. Carlton 
club ; Penbedw, Nannerch. 

Buddicom, Wm. Squire, s. of rev. 
Robt. J. Buddicom, m.a. (d. 1895) ; b. 
1840 ; w. 1866, Elizabeth Haughton, dau. 
of late rev. Robt. Hornby, m.a., j.p., by 
dau. of late sir Wm. Feilden, 1 bart. 
M.P.; is j.p. Salop : Constitutional club : 
Ticklerton Court, Church Strettonj 

Budgrett, Jas. Smith, eld. s. of S. 
Budgett, of Bristol (d. 1851) ; b. 1823 ; 
to. 1849, Mary B., dau. of T. Farmer, of 
Gunnersbury House, Middlx. : Conserva- 
tive club ; Stoke Park, nr. Guildford. 

Bugeja, Vincenzo, C.M.G., s. of late C. 
Bugeja, of Malta ; b. 1821 ; m. Anna, 
dau. of Darbois; founder of the orphan- 
age for girls in Malta : 10 Bastione 
Strada, Barbara, Malta. 
Buhler, Johann Geo., c.i.b. 
Buist, maj -gen. David Simson, served 
in Indian mutiny, 1857-8 ; Cossiah and 
Jynteah Hills, 1862-3 ; Bhootan expdn. 
1865, maj.-gen. I.S.C. on U.S. list, 1890. 
Bulkeley, vide Williams-Bulkeley. 
Bulkeley, col. Chas. Rivers, s. of capt. 
Thos. Bulkeley, 1 life gds., of Ciewer 
Lodge, Berks, J.P. (d. 1882) ; b. 1840 ; to. 
1874, dau. of W. Davenport, of Maer, 
Staffs ; lt.-col. commdg. and hon. col. 
4battn. (mil.) Oxfordsh. L. I. from 1891 : 
Jun. Carlton and Pratt's clubs ; Oak 
Cottage, Whitchurch, Salop ; Ciewer 
Lodge, Windsor. 

Bulkeley- Owen, rev. Thos. Main- 
waring Bulkeley, B.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 
only survng. s. of T. B. Bulkeley-Owen, of 
Tedsmore (d. 1867) ; b. 1826 ; to. 1880, hon. 
Fanny M. K., only child of 1 baron 
Harlech and widow of hon. L. Kenyon, 
father of 4 baron Kenyon ; J.P. Salop : 
Tedsmore Hall, West Felton, Oswestry, 



Bull, Hv. Edwd., J.p. Bucks : 59 
Grosveuor st. S.W. ; The Lodge, Buck- 

Bull, James, s. of Joseph Bull, of 
Didsbnry Lodge, Manchester ; 6. 1841 ; 
m. 1865, dau. of John Ashworth, of 
Newton Heath, Manchester ; is j.p. 
S art's : Birch Hall, Ingestre, Stafford. 

Bull, James Burrington, clerk of the 
journals, House of Commons : Worple 
Lod^e, 97 Worple rd.Wimbledon, Surrey. 
Bull, miss Maria, dau. of late J. A. 
Bull, of Gt. Oakley Hall, Essex ; lady 
of the manor of Gt. Oakley : Gt. 
Oakley Hall, Gt. Oakley, nr. Harwich. 

Builard, sir Harry, eld. survg. 8. oi 
late Richd. Builard, brewer, Norwich ; 6. 
1811 ; m. 1867. Sarah J. dau. of T. Ringer, 
of Rougham, Norfolk ; comp. Royal 
ord r of Queen Kapiolani, d.l. Norfolk, 
j.p. Norwich (sheriff 1877) ; mayor, 1878, 
1S79, 1880 and 1886-7 ; sen. partner in 
Builard and Sons, Anchor brewery : M.P. 
(C.) Norwich 1885-6, and from 1895, 
kuighted 1887 : Carlton, Jun. Carlton 
and Constitutional clubs ; Hellesdon 
House, Norwich. 

Bullen, Edwd. Uttermare. eld. s. of 
late Edwd. Bullen, Middle Temple, 
E.C. : 6. 18 : barr. Middle Temple 1860 : 
rec. of Southampton from 188- : 1 Lam- 
bo'.le rd. tSelsizi park, N.W. ; 3 Brick 
court. Temple, E.C. 

Bullen. lt.-col. John Bullen Symes, s. 
of late Wyatt Symes, of Poundsford, 
!-> >-nerset. by dau. of late "Win. Fitz- 
herbsrt Bullen ; 6.1817 ; m.l, 1884,Blanche 
M. T. \ ounger dau. of late Wm. Hall, of 
Syndale Park, Kent, j.p. ; 2, 1891, Frances 
Mary, eld. dau. of Samuel Perry, of 
Woodiooff, co Tipperary, D.L., J.p. ; 
patron of one living, j.p. Dorset, assumed 
by royal licence addtl. name of Bullen 
1868, lt.-col. commdg. 15 huss. from 
1893 : Army and Navy, Arthur's and 
Wellington clubs ; Catherston, Char- 
mouth, Dorset. 

Bullen, vide Tatchell-Bullen. 

Buller, vide Dunbar-Buller, or Yarde- 

Buller, Alban Gardner, J.p. (1896) 
Worcestershire : Kingsfield, King's 
Heath, Birmingham. 

Buller, vice-adml. sirAlexander, K.C.B., 
s.of rev.Richard Buller,Lanreath; 6.1834; 
m. 1870, Emily Mary, dau. of late H. 
Tritton ; in Crimea and at fall of Kin- 
burn, 1857, commd. naval brig, in Malay 
Peninsular 1875-6, a.d.c. to the Queen, 
1884-7, adml. superintendent of Malta 
dockyard, 1889-92, commdr.-in-chief on 
China station from 1895, j.p. Devon : 

United Service club ; Erie Hall, 
Plympton, Devon : Belmore, Queen's 
rd. Cowes, I. of W. 

Buller, mij.-gen. Ed.M.Manningham-. 
2 s. of sir Edwd. Manninghain-Buller. 1 
birt. (</. 1882), by dau. and heir of late 
maj.-gen. C. Manningham ; 6.1828; m. 
dau. (d. 1876) of 2 earl of Leicester : 
col. lace 1 battn. Rifle brig., ret. p. 1889, 
hon. col. 2 vol. battn. S. Staffs, regt. from 
1886 ; J.P. Staffs. : Army and Navy and 
United Service clubs ; Brocton Lodge, 
Brocton, Stafford. 

Buller.Geo.F.,s. and heir of sir Antony 
Buller, of Pound, Devon, C.J. of Calcutta 
(d. 1866) : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Pound, Yelverton, South Devon. 

B.A. Oxon, 2 bart. (1866), eld. s.of sirE. 
Manningham-Buller, 1 bart. (d. 1882); 
6. 1825 ; m. 1863, Mary, eld. dau. of W. 
Davenport, of Maer Hall, Staffordshire ; 
D.L., j.p. Staffordshire, lt.-col. (hon. col. 
18) 3 battn. (mil.) N. Staffs, regt. 
1879-87, hon. col. of the battn. from 
1888 : Uni'ed University club ; Dilhorne 
Hall, Stoke-upon-Trent. 

Buller, gen. rt. hon. sir Redvera 
Hy.. v.c. g.c.b., k.c.m.g.. P.c. (Irel.), 
s. of late Jas. Wentworth Buller, D.C.L., 
M.P. Downes, Crediton, by 3 dau. of 
lord Henry Howard and niece of 12 
duke of Norfolk ; 6. 1839; m. 1882, lady 
Audrey Jane O, dau. of 4 marq. Towns- 
hend, and widow of hon. Greville T. 
Howard, 6. 1844 : in China 1860, on Red 
River expedn. 1870. and Ashanti 1874, 
Caffre war 1878 : Zulu war 1879 : D.A.G. 
in S. Africa 1881, with extedy. force at 
head quarters (intell. dept.) in Egypt 
1882, 3 class Osmanieh ; late 60 foot, 
a.d.c to the Queen 1879-84, a.a.g. at 
head quarters 1883-4, chief of staff in 
Egypt, 1884-5, in operations on Upper 
Nile 1885, D.A.G. to the forces 1885-6, 
special commr. to Kerry in 1886, und. sec. 
to lord lieut. of Ireland 1886-7 ; q.m.g. 
to the forces 1887-90 ; A.G. to the forces 
from 1890; col. commdt. K. R. Rif. C. 
from 1895 ; gen. 1896 ; hon. col. 1 vol. 
battn. Devon regt. from 1892 ; J.P. 
Devon : 29 Bruton st. W. ; Adjutant- 
General's office, Pall Mall, S.W. ; 
Brooks's, Naval and Military. Army 
and Navy and Athenasum clubs; Downes, 

Buller. sir Walter Lawry, k.c.m.g., 
F.R.S.,, f.l.s.,f.<;.s., k.r.g'.s., eld. s. of 
rev. Jas. Buller, of Auckland. N.Z. ; 6. 
1838 ; m.1862, Charlotte, 3 dau.(j. 1891) of 
G. Mair, j.p. ; res. magist. N.Z. 1862-72; 
barr. Inner Temple 1874 ; author of the 


" Birds of NewZealand," and of numerous 
scientific papers and memoirs, mem. N. 
Zealand comm. in London, Colonial and 
Indian exhib. 1886 : The Terrace, Well- 
ington, New Zealand. 

Buller, lady. Maria, dau. of Fras. 
Jas. Templer, treas. of Ceylon; m. 1842, 
sir Arthur Wm. Buller, M.P. {d. 1869), 
judge in Calcutta 1848-59. 

Bulley, Fredc. Pocock, m.a. Oxon., 
onlv s. of rev. F. Bulley, D.D., late pres. of 
Magdalen coll. Ox. ;" b. 1857 ; m. 1887, 
Annie C. dau. of sir T. S. Bazley, 2 bart. ; 
is J. P. Wilts. : Barton Lodge, Steeple 
Aston, Oxon ; Marston Hill, Marston 
Maisev, Fairford S.O. Gloucestershire. 

Bulley, Thos. Raffles, s. of S. Marshall 
Bulley, of The Gables, New Brighton ; 
6. 1848 ; m. 1876, Louise, dau. of R. 
Hattersley Ellis, of Dewsbury ; is J.P. 
Cheshire : Bre^k Hey, Mount Pleasant 
rd. Liscard, Cheshire. 

Bullock, rear-adml. Chas. Jas. F.R.G.S., 
s. of adml. Fredk. Bullock, of the English 
Nautical Surrey ; b. 1827 ; m. 1871, Mary 
Louisa, youngest dau. of capt. Geo. Alex. 
Frazer, r.n , of the Irish Nautical Survey ; 
rear-adml. ret. list 1887 : Yoroshi, Brom- 
ley Common, Kent. 

Bullock, Edwd., eld. s. of late Edwd. 
Bullock, common Serjeant of London ; 
b. 1836 ; m. 1859, Adelaide E., 2 dau. of 
John Hy. Yates, of Preston-on-the-Hill, 
Chester ; barr. Inner Temple 1858, rec 
of Buckingham from 1884 : 4 Porchester 
sq. W. ; 5 Pump court, Temple, B.C. 

Bullock, Thos., only s. of late Thos. 
Bullock, of Newcastle - under - Lyme, 
Staffs ; b. 1842 ; J.P. ( 1896) Cheshire and 
(1896) Staffs: Nation .1 Liberal club; 
Hillesden, Congleton, Cheshire. 

Bulpett, William Whitear, D.L., J.P. 
Hants : Old Alresford House, Alre.-ford, 

Bulteel, John, only survg. s. of J. 
Croker Bulteel, of Flete,M.P. (d. 1843); 
b. 1827 ; m. 1854, EuphemiaE., dau. of late 
lt.-col. Parsons : J.P. Devon : Brooks' and 
Pratt's clubs; Pamflete, Holbeton, Ivy- 
bridge, Devon. 

Bulteel. Thos., s. of late T. H. Bulteel, 
of Plymouth ; b. 1837 ; m. 1859, Mar- 
garet, dau. of late rev. J. D. Cork, vicur of 
Bickleigh, Devon ; J.P. Devon ; a banker 
at Plymouth : Radford, nr. Plymouth. 

Bulteel, miss Elisabeth, lady in wait- 
ing io H.R.H. princess Beatrice (pi incess 
Hy. of Battenberg) from 1896. 

Bulwer, gen. sir Edward Earle Gas- 
coigne, k.c.b., 2 s. of W. E. Lytton 
Bulwer, Heydon, Norfolk, and nephew 
of 1 baron Lytton and of the late baron 

Dalling and Bulwer ; i.1829 ; m.l8G3,dau. 
(d. 1883) of sirJohn Jacob Buxton, 2 bart. 
(ext.),M.p.,of Shad well Court.Norlolk ; in 
Crimea and Indian mutiny, emplyd. on 
special service at Constantinople 1856-7, 
commd.Chatham district 1879-80,inspect. 
gen. of recruiting at head quarters 1880-6, 
D.a.g. to the forces 1886-7 ; on commn. 
to inquire into the Belfast riots, 1886, lt.- 
gov. of Guernsey 1889-94, ret.p. 1896, hon. 
col. 3 battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. from 
1896 : United Service club ; The Grange, 
Heydon, Norfolk. 

Bulwer, sir Henry Ernest Gascoyne, 
G.C.M.G., 3 s. of late Wm. Lytton-Bulwer 
of Heydon and Wood Dalling, Norfolk : 
nephew of 1 baron lytton ; b. 1836 : B.A. 
Cantab, rec.-gen. of Trinidad 1866-70, 
gov. of Labuan and consul-gen. in Borneo 
1871-5, lieut.-gov. of Natal 1875-80, gov. 
Windward islands 1880-l,of Natal 1881-5, 
high commiss. of Cyprus 1885-92 : United 
University and Athenaeum clubs. 

Bulwer, James Redfoord, q.c, v.D., 
eld. s. of late rev. J. Bulwer, rect. Hun- 
worth with Stody, Norfolk; b. 1820; 
M.A. Cantab, barr. Inner Temple 1847, 
treasurer 1880, Q.C. 1865, rec. of Ipswich 
1861-6, Cambridge from 1866, lieut.-col. 
inns of court vol. 1873-84, j.p. Norfolk 
(chm. quart. Bess.), M.P. (c.) Ipswich 
1874-80, Cambridgeshire 1881-5, a master 
in Lunacy from 1886 : 2 Temple gdns. 
E.C. ; Carlton and United University 

Bulwer, brig.gen.Wm.Earle Gascoyne 
Lytton, v.D., eld. s. of W. E. Lytton- 
Bulwer, of Heydon, D.L., J.P. (d. 1877); b. 
1829 ; m. 1855, Marian Dering, dau. and 
heir of W.Wilson Lee-Warner, of Quebec 
House, Norfolk ; late capt. Scots gds., col. 
cuinmdg. 3 vol. battn. Norfolk regt. 1879- 
94, brig.-gen. commdg. Norfolk vol. Inf. 
brig, from 1888, J.P. Norfolk (high 
sheriff. 1883) : Quebec House, E. Dere- 
ham ; Heydon Hall, Norwich. 

Bumpus, Alfred Adolphus, 4 s. of 
Thos. Bumpus, of Daventry, Northants ; 
b. 1851 ;m. Clara E., dau. of E. Stevenson, 
of Loughboroujh, co. Leicester ; J.P. 
Leicestershire : Park rd. Loughborough. 

Bumsted, Fras. Dixon, j.p. Staffs.: 
Rokholt, Cannock, Staffs. 

Bunbury, vide McClintock. 

Bunbury, gen. Abraham Chas. ; 
in Sutlej campaign 1845-6 ; gen. 1894, 
I.S.C., on U.S. list 1889 : Hajowden, 
Eastern Villas rd. Southsea. 

Bunbury, col. Chas. Thos., s. of late 
H. M. Bunbury, of West Hill, Wands- 
worth ; b. 1836 ; m. 1875, lady Harriot 
Emily, sis. of 3 earl and 1 marq. of Zet- 


land, b. 1848 : lt.-col. 1 battn. rifle brig. | Burdett, lady ,dau. of Grant ; m. 
1881-2. ret. p. 188:2 : Army and Navy ! 1874, sir Chas. Wentworth Burdett, 7 
club; Cotswold House, Winchester. bart. {d. 1890). 

Bunbury, sir Henry Chas. John, 
10 bart. (1681), eld. s. of col. H.W. St. 
P. Bunbury, C.B. (d. 1875), and nephew 
of sir Edwd. H. Bunt.ury, 9 bart. (d. 
1895) ; b. 1855 ; m. 1884, Laura, 3 dau. of 
gen. Thos. Wood, of Littleton, Middlx. 
and Gwernyfed, Brecon ; D.L., J.P.Suffolk, 
late R.N.: Barton Hall, Bury St.Edmuuds; 
Manor House, Mildenhall. 

Bunbury. rev. sir John Richardson-, 
3 bart. (1787) ; 6.1813; m. 1838, Maria, 
dau. {d. 1888) of W. Anketell, An ke tell 
Grove, Monaghan ; M.A. Oxon. : 10 
Catherine pi. Bath. 

Bund, vide Willis-Bund. 

Bunt, Francis Ede ; j.p. (1894) Corn- 
wall : Trewithin, Tintagel, Camelford, 

Bunten, Jas. Clark, s. of late Robt. 
Bunten, of Glasgow ; b. 1838 ; m. 1865, 
Jessie, dau. of Andrew Maclure, of Lon- 
don : d.i,. Perthshire : Jun. Carlton and 

Burdett-Coutts, Win. Leliman Aflh- 
mead Bartlett-, M.A. Oxon., s. of late 
Ellis Bartlett, of Plymouth, Massa- 
chusetts; b. 1851; m. 1881, Angela 
Georgina, 5 dau. of sir Fras. Bur- 
dett, 5 bart., M.P., by Sophia, 3 dau. 
and co-heir of Thos. Coutts, LondoD, 
banker, 1 barones-* Burdett-Coutts in her 
own right ; lady of grace of the order of 
St. John of Jerusalem ; b. 1814; M.P. (c.) 
Westminster from 1885: 1 Stratton st. 
W. : Holly Lodge, Highgate, X. ; 
Carlton club. 

Burdett-Coutts, (rt. hon.) lady (1 
baroness 1871, U.K.), vide Wm. Lehman 
Ashmead Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts. 

Burdon, bp. ; vide Victoria. 

Burdon, Aug. Ed.,s. of col. A. de Butts, 
Madras engineers (d. 18G6) ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1875, Alice G., 3 dau. of maj. T. P. Van- 
deleur, of Bellefield, Limerick : late 17 
lancers ; assumed name of Burdon by 

Conservative clubs; Monzie Ca3tle,Crieff ; ; royal licence 1870 ; J.p. Northumberland, 
Dun Alastair, Perth, N.B. j capt. (hon. maj. 1887) Northumb. yeom. 

Burbidge, Thos. Hy., 2 s. of John from 1882 : Hartford House, Bedlington 

Burbidge, of King's Heath, Worcs 
b. 1856; to. 1887, Ellen L., eld. dau. of 
Walter H. Epps, of Chipping Norton 
Manor House, Oxon. ; j.p. Oxon. : The 
Old Bank House, Chipping Norton, Oxon. 

BurcheU - Heme. rev. Humphrey 
Frederick Heme; b. 1843; m. 1865. Mary 
Anne Elizabeth, dau. of late Samuel Hall 
Egginton. of N. Ferriby, Yorkshire ; J.P. 
Herts: New University club; Bushey 
Grange, Watford, Herts. 

Burder, Walter Chapman, eldest s. of 
rev. Alfred Burder, of Oakley, Essex ; 
b. 1848 : m. 1876, Elizabeth j". G., dau. 
of rev. F. G. Nash, bf Clavering, Essex : 
is J.P. (1896) Leicestershire : Field House, 
Loughborough, Leicestershire. 

Burdett, sir Chas. Grant, 8 bart. 
(1665), only a. of 7 bart. (d. 1890) ; b. 

Burdett, sir Fras.. 8 bart. (1618), of 
Foremark, only s. of 7 bart. (d. 1892) : b. 
1869; J.P. Derbyshire, It. 17 lancers 
1895-6, It. Reserve of officers from 
1896 : 4, Maddock st. W. ; Ramsbury 
Manor, Ramsbury, Wilts ; Foremark 
Hall, Burton-on-Trent. 

Burdett, lady. Mary Dorothy, 
youngest dau. of late J. Smyth, Cleat- 
lam, co. Durham : m. 1867. as his 2 wife, 
ool. sir Francis, 7 bart. of Foremark <d. 
1892) : Ramsbury Manor, Ramsbury, 
Wilts.; Foremark Hall, Burton-on-Trent. 

R.S.O. Northumberland. 

Burdon, Cotsford, b.a. Oxon., 4 s. of 
R. Burdon, of Castle Eden, co. Durham ; 
b. 1815 ; m. 1852, Eleanor M. J., youngest 
dau. of T. Thompson, of Bishopwear- 
tuouth ; barr. Middle Temple 1842, and 
of Lincoln's Inn 1842 ; j.p. co. Durham : 
Parkhurst House, Haslemere, Surrey. 

Burdon. Geo., eld. s. of Geo. Burdon, 
of Heddon House, Northumberland ; b. 
1823 ; m. 1869. Frances Jane, dau. and 
heir of la'e maj. R. J. Griffiths, of New 
Court, Herefordshire ; mrs. Burdon is 
lady of the manor of Lugwardine : 
New Court. Lugwardine, Hereford. 

Burdon, rev. Richd.. m.a. Cantab, 
4 s. of G. Burdon. of Heddon House, 
Northumb., D.L., J.P. (d. 1884) ; b. 1830; 
j.p. Northumberland, rect. of Haselbury 
Bryan, Dorset, 1859-86 : Manor House, 
Haselbury Bryan, Blandford, Dorset ; 
Heddon House, Heddon-on-the-Wall, 
Wylam R.S.O. Northumberland. 

Burdon, Rowland, eld. s. of rev. J. 
Burdon, of Castle Eden, co. Durham, j.p. 
{d. 1893) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1887, Mary A., dau. 
of Wyndham Slade, of Montys Court, 
Taunton ; J.P. co. Durham : Castle 
Eden R.S.O. c >. Durham. 

Burdon-Sanderson, Richard M.A. 
Cantab., eld. s. of R. Burdon-Sanderson, 
of Otterburn Dene, Northumb., J.p. 
[d. 1876); b. 1851; m. 1893, Katharine 
E., youngest dau. of Robt. Hy. Mitford, 



of Weston Lodge, Hampstead, N.W. ; 
burr. Inner Temple 1876, J.i\ Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1892) : 1 Brick courr,, 
E.C. ; Otterburn Dene, Otterburn R.S.U., 
Nbrthumoerlan i. 

Burford.earlof. CharlesYictorAlbert 
Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, eld. s. of 
duke of St. Albans ; b. 1870 ; is J. P. 
(1896) Notts, 2 It. 1 life in 1893, 
It. S. Nottinghamshire yeom. from 189(i. 

Burford-Hancockjlady . Aly sMaiK 1. 
diu. of late rev. John Nankivell, chap- 
lain of Crediton, Devon ; m. 1895, as his 
2 wife, sir Henry Jas. Burford Burford- 
Hancosk, Kent., c.m.g., c.j. of Jamaica 
[d. 1895). 

Burge. Geo., s. of Geo. Burge, of Heme 
Bay : b. 1832 : J.P. Kent : Northwood, 
Heme, Canterbury. 

Burgres, col. Ynyr Henry, only s. of 
J. Ynyr Burges, of Parkanaur, co. Ty- 
rone, D.L., J.P. (d. 1889), by dan. of 2 earl 
of Leitrim : b. 1834 : m. 1859, hon. Edith, 
sis. (d. 1894) of 1 earl of Lathom ; b. 
1840 ; M.a. Oxon ., d.l., J.P. Tyrone, hon. 
col. formerly commdg. Mid Ulster artill. 
mil. S. divn. it. a. : Carlton club ; Park- 
anaur, Castle Caulfeild, co. Tyrone. 

Burgess, Geo. Douglas, c.S.i., s. of 
John Burgess, of the English civil ser- 
vice ; b. 1847 ; in. 1881, Agnes, dau. of 
col. J. R. S. Henderson, M.S.C. ; en'ii. 
B. C. S. 1870, judicial commr. Upper 
Burma from 1892 : M.tndalay. 

Burgess, Henry, only s. of John 
Burgess, of Illston, Leicestershire ; b. 
1852 ; m. 1877, Kate >., dau. of Thos. 
West, of Langton, Leicestershire ; is J.P. 
(1895) Northants and (1896) Leicester- 
shire : Middleton, Cottingham,Northants. 

Burgess, James, C.I.E., LL.D., f.h.s.k., 
F.r.g.s. Ac; b. 1832 ; archaeological sur- 
veyor of W. India 1873-86 and of S. India 
1881-6, director-gen. of archaeological 
survey of India 1886-89 : 22 Set on pi. 

Burgess, John Bagnold, R.A., s. of 
Hy. W. Burgess, of Sloane st. S.W. ; b. 
1830 : m. 1863, Sophia, dau. of Robert 
Turner, of Grantham : 60 Finchley rd. 

Burghclere, lord (1 baron, 1895, U.K.). 
Herbert Coulstoun Gardner, p.c., m.a. 
Cantab. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1890, ladv Wini- 
fred A. rJ. C, eld. dau. of 4 earl "of Car- 
narvon and widow of capt. hon. Alfred 
J. G. Byng, 7 huss. {d. 1887), 6. 1864; 
D.u Middlx., pres. of board of agricul- 
ture 1892-5, m.p. (l.) N. Essex 1885-95, 
riised to the peerage 1895 : 48 Charles 
st. Berkeley sq. W. ; Brooks' and St. 
James' clubs ; Beech House, Ringwood. 

Burghersh, lord. Vere Anthony 
Fra*. St. Clair Fane, eld. s. of earl of 
Westmorland ; b. 1893. 

Burghley, lord. William Thomas 
Brownlow Cecil, only child of marq. of 
Exeter, P.c. ; 6. 1876 ; It. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Northants regt. from 1895. 

Burgoyne, col. sir John Montagu, 
10 bait. (1641), only s. of 9 bart. {d. 
1858); b 1832 ; m. 1856. Amy, only dau. 
{d. 1895) of late capt. H. N. Smith, U.K. : 
capt. and It. -col. late gren. gds., in Crimea 
at Alma, d.l., j.P. Beds, J.P. Cambridge- 
shire, lt.-col. commdg. 3 battn. (hon. 
col. 1886) (md.) Beds. regt. 1882-93, 
hon. col. of the battn. fiom 1894 : Carlton 
and Travellers' club*. 

Burke, Chas. Granby, 2 son of col. 
sir John Burke, of Marble Hill, co. Gal- 
way, 2 bart.; b. 1814 ; m. 1, 1843, youngest 
dau. of late Ralph Creyke, of Marton, 
Yorks ; 2, 1871, Anna Eve ilda, 2 dau. 
of G. Legard, of EasthorpeHall, Yorks : 
Irish barr. 1838, j.p. cos. Dublin, Middlx. 
London and Westminster ; master of 
court of common pleas, Ireland, 1851-83: 
68 Holland rd. W. ; St. Stephen's club. 

Burke.Fras.Eustace, s. of late St. Geo. 
Burke, y.c, of Auberies. Essex ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1884, Mary Alice, dau. of late C. 
Greenstreet Addison, of the Inner 
Temple, E.C; j.p. Bucks: Terriers, 
High Wycombe. 

Burke, Henry Farnham, F.S.A., eld. s. 
of sir Bernard Burke, C.B., Ulster King 
of Arms (d. 1892) ; 6. 1859 ; m. 1885 
Helena, only dau. of H. P. Palmer, of 
Oaklands, Eccles, Lanes ; Rouge Croix 
Pursuivant of Arms 1880-7, Somerset 
Herald of Arms from 1887, genealogist 
of the Order of S. Patrick from 1889, 
dep. Ulster Kintr of Arms 1889-93: 
92 Portland pi., W. ; Heralds' College, 
Queen Victoria st. E.C. ; Garrick club. 

Burke, sir Hy. Geo., 5 bart.(1797), b.a. 
Dublin, bro. of 4 bart. {d. 1880) ; b. 1859 ; 
d.l., J.P. co. Galway (sheriff, 1883), It. 
4 battn. (mil.) Connaught rangers 1881-5: 
Kildare St. and co. Galway clubs ; 
Marble Hill, Loughrea, Galway. 

Burke, John Ed wd., 6 s. of sir Bernard 
Burke, C.B.,Ulster King of Arms (d.1892); 
b. 1868 ; Athlone pursuivant of Arms 
from 18 : Office of Arms, The Castle, 

Burke, lt.-col. sir Theobald Hubert, 13 
bart. (1628) of Glinsk, eld. survg. s. of 
Wm. Burke, of Knocknagur, co. Galway 
(d. 1877) and kinsman of 12 bart. (d.1884); 
b. 1833; served in Crimea 1855, Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, lt.-col. (ret.) late 18 foot : 
Armv and Navv club. 



Burke,Ulick John, b.a. Ch.Ch. Oxon., 
4 s. of J. St. George Burke, Q.C., of 
Auberies, Sudbury. Suffolk (d. 1881) ; b. 
1843 ; m. 1869, Editli C. youngest dau. of 
late N. C. Barnardiston, of The Eyes, 
Essex, d.l.,J.p.: barr. Inner Temple 1867, 
J. p. Essex and Hants : White's club ; 
Broxhead Warren, Alton, Hants. 

Burke. It. -col. Walter St. Geo., 3 s. of 
Jas. St. Geo. Burke, Q.C. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1842 ; m.M.A.Ainy M.,dau. of G.F. Cock- 
burn, I.C.S.: J.P. Suffolk and Essex, lt.- 
col. ret. R.E. 1882 : Auberies, nr. Sudbury, 

Burkitt, Samuel, J. p. Derbyshire : 
Stubbing Court, Chesterfield. 

Burkitt (hon.). Wm. Robt., eld. s. of 
Wm. Robt. Burkitt, of Dublin ; 6. 18 ; 
birr. Middle Temple 1879, a judge of 
high court of judicature N. W. Provinces 
India from 1895. 

Burlton, maj.-gcn. Newton Robt., 
ssrvei inSonthal campaign 1855-6, Indian 
mutiny campaign 1857-8, Bhootan cam- 
paign 1865, Abyssinian war 1868. Afghan 
war 1878-80, ret.f.p.1885 as lr..-col.B.S.C. : 
98Piccadilly,W.;E.I.United Service club. 

Burls, Edwin Grant, eld. s. of late 
Chas. Burls, of Peckham Rye Common, 
S.E. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1875, Edith L., only dau. 
of late Jas. Williams, of Montague st. 
W.C. ; director-gen. of stores for India 
from 1896 : 17 Shortlands grove, Short- 
lands, Bromley, Kent ; India office, 
Whitehall, S.W. ; St. Stephen's and Con- 
stitutional clubs. 

Burlton, Thos. Davies, onlv 8, of 
Thos. Burlton, of Eaton Hill, Hereford- 
shire, J.P. (d. 1892) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1884, 
J. A. Westmorland, dau. of rev. John 
Price-Jones, vicar of Ivington. Here- 
fordshire ; J.P. Herefordshire : Piccadilly 
club ; Eaton Hill, nr. Leominster. 

Burn, maj.-gen. Joun Macvicar, R.A., 
s. of late gen. Robt. Burn, col.-com. R.a. 
{d. 1879) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1863, Jemima, dau. 
of Jas. Syme, F.R.c.s.,D.c.L.,of Millbank, 
nr. Edinburgh ; served in Indian mutiny 
1857-8 ; expdtn. to China 1860 ; ret. p. 
1887 : Jun. United Service club ; 
Mount House, Alderley, nr. Wotton- 
under-Edge, Glos. 

Burn. Richard, only s. of J. Burn, of 
Orton Hall (d. 1817) ; b. 1811 ; m. 1836, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Cuthbert. Beau- 
front Castle, Northumberland ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1840 ; ret. lt.-col. West- 
morland and Cumberland yeo. ; d.l., j.p. 
Westmorland : Orton Hall,Tebay R.S.O. 

Burn-Blyth, mrs. Isabella, eld. dau. 
of late Jas. Blyth, of Woolhampton 
House, Berks ; to. 1859, Robt. Burn- 

Blyth, J. P., who assumed by royal licence 
addtl. name of Blyth, 1873 (d. 1890) : 
5 Clifton pi. Sussex sq. W. ; Woolhamp- 
ton House, near Reading. 

Burnaby, Algernon Edwyn, s. of 
maj.-gen. Edwyn Sherard Burnaby, of 
Baggrave Hall, Leicestershire, M.P., J.P. 
(d. 1883) ; b. 1868 ; m. 1896, hon. Sybil, 
only dau. of 2 baron Delamere, b. 1871 ; 
is j.p. (1896) Leicestershire, It. R. H. G. 
1888-92 : Turf club ; Baggrave Hall, 

C.B., s. of late lt.-gen. R. B. Burnaby, 
R.A. ; b. 1837 ; served with 51 Light Inf. 
in Umbeyla expdn. 1863 ; Jowaki cam- 
paign 1877 ; Afghan war 1878-80 ; Burma 
campaign 1886-7 ; lt.-col. (col. 1885) S. 
Yorkshire regt. 1881-7, ret. p. 1887 : 
Naval and Military club. 

Burnaby, rev. Evelyn Hy. Villebois, 
M.A.,8.C.I-. Oxon, younger and only survg. 
s. of late rev. G. A. Burnaby, of Somerby 
Hall, Leicestershire; b. 1848 ; m. 1, 1871, 
Winifred C, elder dau.(d. 1873) of Vande- 
leur Crake, of Highlands, St. Leonards- 
on-Sea, j.p.; 2, 1878, hon. Margaret 
C, younger and only survg. dau. (whom 
he div. 1886) of 4 baron Erskine : Carl- 
ton, Maison Doree and County (Vent- 
nor) clubs ; Seacliffe House. Ventnor, 
I. of Wight. 

Burnaby, sir Henry, 5 bart. (1767), 
bro. of 4 bart. {d. 1881) : b. 1829; to. 
1853, Maria, dau. of Mariano Torrento, 
Madrid ; late It. r.n\ 

Burnaby, rev. Henry Fowke, M.A. 
Cantab, eld. s. of Thos. Fowke Andrew 
Burnaby, of Brampton Manor House, 
Hunts, J.P. (d. 1893) ; 6. 1834 ; to. 1871, 
Louisa J. dau., of Thos. Davy, of Colston 
Basset, Notts. ; rect. of Buckland, Herts, 
1872-95 : Grosvenor club ; Brampton 
Manor House, Huntingdon. 

Burnaby-Atkins, Thos. Fredk.,M.A. 
Cantab., 2 s. of T. F. A. Burnaby, of 
Brampton Manor, Hunts, J.P. (d. 1893) ; 
b. 1836 ; to. 1868, Elizabeth, dau. of late 
J. Francklin, of Gonalston Hall, Notts ; 
assumed name of Atkins by royal licence 
1872, J. p., D.L. Kent: Halstead Place, 
Sevenoaks ; Carlton club. 

Burne, capt. Geo. Chas., s. of late rev. 
H. T. Burne, m.a., of Grittleton, Wilts ; 
b. 1827 ; to. 1857, Mary Anne, dau. of late 
col. sir Geo. Hy. Hewett, 2 bart. ; elder 
brother in the Trinity House from 1879: 
17 Randolph rd. Maida Hill, W. ; Trinity 
House. E.C. 

Burne, gen. Henry Knightley, C.B. ; 
b. 1825; w. Frances, dau. of T. Spens; 
Sutlej campaign, 1845-6, at Moodkee and 


Ferozeshah ; in Burmese war 1852-3, at 
Prome and Pegu, gen. I.S.C. on U.S. list 
from 1889 : United Service club. 

Burne, Newdigate H. K.,3 s. of rev. 
Hy. T. Burne, of Bath ; b. 1830 to. 1853, 
hon.Caroline, dau. of 2 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 
18- ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1860 : Hare- 
dene, Albury, Guildford. 

Burne, maj.-gen. sir Owen Tudor, 
G.C.I.E., K.C.s.i., s. of late rev. H. T. Burne, 
M.A. Grittleton, Wilts ; b. 1837 ; m. 1, hon. 
Evelyne (d. 1878), dau. of 3 baron Kil- 
maine ; 2. 1883, lady Agnes Charlotte 
Douglas (lady of grace of order of St. 
John of Jerusalem), dau. of 19 earl of 
Morton, b. 1842 : in Crimea and Indian 
mutiny campaigns ; priv. sec. to go v. -gen. 
of India (earl of Mayo) 1869-72, sec. in 
political and secret dept. of India Office, 
1871, placed on speci il duty as priv. sec. 
to gov.-gen. of India (lord Lytton) 1876-8, 
raemb. of council of India 1887-96, knt. of 
grace of order of St. John of Jerusalem, 
chm. of council of Soc. of Arts, 1896 : 
132 Sutherland avenue, W. ; United 
Service club ; Addiston, Christchurch. 

Burne, Sambrooke Thos. Higgins. eld. 
s. of late T. S. Higgins Burne (d. 1861). of 
Loynton Hall, Staffs. ; b. 1853 ; to. 1877, 
Julia S., dau. of late V. Vickers, of Offley 
Grove, Staffs. ; J. P. Staffs and Salop : 
Loynton Hall, nr. Newport, Salop. 

Burne-Jones, sir Edward, 1 bart. 
(18911, s. of Edvvd. Richard Jones, of 
Birmingham; 6. 1833; to. 1860, Georgiana, 
dau. of rev. Geo. Browne Macdonald ; 
49 North End rd. West Kensington, W.; 
North End House, Rottingdean, Sussex. 

Burnell, vide Pegge-Burnell. 

Burnett, maj.-gen. Chas. John, C.B. 
(cr. 1893), s. of John Alew Burnett, of 
St. Kilda, Melbourne ; b. 1843 ; m. 1885, 
Margaret E., dau. of David Watson, of 
Alderley, Cheshire ; served in Ashanti 
war 1873, Afghan war 1879-80 ; a.a.G. 
Bombay 1880-6, at Aldershot 1890-3, 
a.q.m.g. at War office 1893-5, commdg. 
Eastern dist. from 1896 : Scarlett >, 

Burnett, Jno. Rt^Fassett, j.p. Surrey 
and London : 2 College Villas rd., S 
Hampstead, N.W. 

Burnett, capt. Joseph John, eld. 
survg. s. of maj.-gen. Fras. Claud 
Burnett, it.A. (Bengal), of Gadgirth, 
Ayrshire {d. 1888) ; b. 1847 ; to. 1881, 
Mary C. dau. of late maj.-gen. W. H. 
Miller, c.B., Madras Army : served in 
Zulu war, 1878, with 99 regt., paymaster 
with hon. rank of capt. from 1886 : Gad- 
girth, Tarbolton, N.B. 

Burnett. It.-col. sir Thos., 12 bait. 
(1626), half bro.of 11 bart. {d. 1894) ; b. 
1840 ; m, 1875, Mary E. eld. dau. of Jas. 
Cumine, of Rattray, co. Aberdeen : It.- 
col. lateR.H.A., D.L., J.P. co. Kincardine, 
D.L., j.p. co.Aberdeen : Crathe-t, Aberdeen. 

Burnett, insp.-gen. Thos. Smith, 
f.r.o.S.I., insp.-gen. of hosp. and fleets, 

Burnett -Ramsay, capt. Thomas, 
f.r.g.S., only s. of col. Wm. Burnett- 
Ramsay, Rif. brig., of Banchory and 
Arbeadie (d. 1865); 6.1862; D.L.Kin- 
cardineshire ; capt. Rif. brig, from 1892 : 
32 St. James' pi. S.W. ; Naval and 
Military, White's, and Royal Northern 
(Aberdeen) clubs ; Ri version, and 
Banchory Lodge, Kincardineshire. 

Burnett-Stuart, Eustace Robertson, 
eld. s. of rev. T. Burnett-Stuart, b.d., 
preb. of Well-s {d. 1868); b. 1846 ; to. 1874, 
Carlotta, dau. of J. Lambert, of Cotting- 
ham, co. York ; J.P. co. Aberdeen : Naval 
and Military club ; Crichie House, Stuart- 
field, Aberdeenshire. 

Burney, ven. Charles, m.a. Oxon, vicar 
of St. Mark's, Surbiton, from 1870,archd. 
of Kingston-on-Thames from 1879 : St. 
Mark's Vicarage, Victoria rd. Surbiton, 

Burney, Hy. Edwd., only s. of rev. 
Henry Burney, rect. of Wavendon, Bucks 
(d. 1893) ; b. 1845 ; to. 1871, Ortensia, 
elder dau. of count Troili, of Rome ; 
J.P. Bucks, It.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) Oxford 
L.I. : Boodle's and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Wavendon Tower. Bletchley. 

Burnie, Robt. John Dickson, s. of late 
John Dickson Burnie, of Dawiish, S. 
Devon ; 6. 1842 ; to. 1866, Georgeanna, 
dau. of late Nicholas Elliott, of Thur- 
lestone, Devon; J.P. Swansea (mayor, 
1883-4), m.p. (l.) Swansea Town 1892-5 : 
Bryn Coed, Swansea. 

Burnley, Joseph Hume, s. of (hon.) 
Wm. Hardin Burnley, memb. of council 
of Trinidad ; b. 182 L ; to. 1850, Emily A., 
youngest dau. of 1 baron Heath, F.R.8. ; 
entd. diplomatic service 1848, ret. as 
H.M.'s charge d'affaires at Dresden 
1873: 19 Prince of Wales ter.Kensington 
Palace, W. ; Athenaeum, Union and 
Garrick clubs. 

Burns, Geo. Arbuthnut. eld. s. of sir 
John Burns, 2 bart.; b. 1861 ; to. 1886, 
Mary.youngerdan.of HicksonFergusson, 
of The Knowe, Ayr ; j.p. Lanarkshire : 
Westfield, Ayr, N.B. 

Burns, sir John, 2 bart. (1889), eld. s. 
of 1 bart. (d. 1890) ; b. 1829 ; to. 1860, 
Emily, dau. of late G. C. Arbuthnot, of 
Mavisbank House, Midlothian ; D.L., J.P. 


Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Glasgow; 
Travellers' & R. Y. S. clubs; Castle 
Wemyss, Wemyss Bay. N B. ; 1 Park 
gdns., Glasgow. 

Burns, John, 8. of Alex. Burns, en- 
gineer, formerly of Ayr ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1882, Martha C, dau. of John 
Gale, a working shipwright ; commenced 
to work in Price's candle factory at 11 
years of age, and then worked as a boy 
at Wilson's engine works, and at 14 w a s 
apprenticed at Millbank ; worked at his 
trade in various parts of England, and on 
the Niger, Africa; joined the Amalga- 
mated Soc. of Engineers 1874; L.C.C. 
from 1889, M.P. (Labour) Battersea, from 
1892 : 108 Lavender hill, Battersea, S.W. 

Burns, John Wm., b.a. Cantab., only 
s. of Jas. Burns, of Kilmahew, co. Dum- 
barton, D.L. (d. 1871) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1861, 
Helen, dau. of gen. sir. Geo. M. Sherer. 
K. C.s.i. : Scotch burr. 1863, D.L., J. P. co. 
Dumbar on, J. p. co. Lanark : Reform 
club ; Kilmahew, Cardro^s, N.B. 

Burns, Walter H.. s. of Wm. Burns, 
of N. York. U.S.A. ;' b. 1838 ; m. 1867, 
dau. of J. S. Morgan, London : 69 Brook 
st. Grosvenor sq. W. ; Turf, White's 
and St. James' clubs; North My aims 
Park, Hens. 

Burns-Hartopp, capt. Jas. R.H.G. 
eld. s. of John Wm. Bums, of Kilmahew. 
co. Dumbarton, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1862 ; m. 
1894, Florence H. eld. dau. of late capt. 
Wm. Wrey Hartopp, R.H.G. and grand- 
dau. and heiress of Edwd. Bourchier 
Hartopp, of Dalby Hall, co. Leicester, 
M.P., j.p.; capt. R.h.g. 1889-9- , assumed 
by royal licence addtl. name of Hartopp, 
1894 : Scraptoft Hall, nr. Leicester. 

Burns-Liindow, I. Wm.. eld. s. of J. 
L. Burns-Lin'low, of Trton Hall. Cumber- 
land, D.L., J.p. (d. 1893) ; 6. 1868 ; to. 
1896. Madelaine H. M. T., dau. of col. 
Boileau, of Old Catton, Norwich ; It. 8 
huss. from 1893, adjt. from 1896 : Cavalry 
club ; Irton Hall, Holm Rook, Carnforth, 

Burnside, sir Bruce Lockhart, 2 s. 
of (hon.) John Jas. Burnside, late 
surveyor-gen. of the Bahamas ; b. 1833 ; 
m. 1856, Mary, dau. ot Robert Fiancis, 
of Nassau, Bauamas: b*rr. Lincoln's Inn 
1856, q.c. 1874, cj. of Ceylon 1883-93 ; 
knighted 1884 : Junior Athenaeum club. 

Burnside, John Elliott, eld. s. of W. 
S. Burnside of Gedling, Notts, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1870) ; b. 1817 ; to. 1844, Julia G., 2 dau. 
(d. 1887) of late rev. J. Burnside, rect. of 
Plumtree, Notts; sheriff Notts 1876: 
Gedling House, Gedling, Nottingham. 

Burnyeat. Wm.. ?. of Wm. Burnyeat' 
of Whitehaven : b. 1849 ; to. 187% S - 
Frances, dau. of Thos. Dalzell, of Mores- 
by. Whitehaven; is j.p. (1894) Cumber- 
land : Mill Grove, Moresby, Whitehaven. 

Burr, Geo. Fredk., eld. b. of Michael 
Burr, and heir of late Alfred Burr, of 
Highfields Park, Worcestershire ; b. 
1857 ; to. 1885, Caroline, dau. of late John 
Chas. Chantler, of Southborough, Kent : 
Jun. Constitutional club ; Hill Orchard 
Court, Meriden, Warwickshire ; High- 
fields Park, Halesowen. Worcs. 

Burra, Henry Curteis. eld. s. of Henry 
Burra, of Springfield, Sussex, j.p. (a. 
1886) ; b. 1870 : j.p. Sussex : Springfield 
Lodge, Playden, Rye R.S.O. Sussex. 

Burra, James Salkeld, M.A. Oxon, 
youngest s. of Wm. Burra, of Ashford 
{d. 1880) : b. 1838 ; to. 1873, Eleanor M., 
dau. of late rev. N. Toke ; J.P. Kent : 
Bockhanger, Kennington, Ashford.Kent. 

Burra, Robt., eld. s. of Robt. Burra, 
of Carshalton, Surrey, and Gate, Sed- 
bergh ; b. 1840 ; to. 1869, Clara, dau. of 
John Abernethy, Warburton ; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks : Gate, Sedbergh R.S.O. Yorks. 

Burrard, sir Harry Paul. 6 bart. 
(1769). only s. of 5 bart. (A 1871); b. 
1846; m. 1, dau. (d. 1885) of late J. 
Anderson, J.P. of Rothysay and St. 
John's, N. Brunswick ; 2, 1888, Eleanor 
F., eld. dau. of lt.-col. Griffin Beale, of 
Northfield and St. Lawrence-on-Sea : 
late 60 foot, J.P. Hants : Royal Yacht 
Squadron, Castle, Cowes, I. of W. ; 
Brvnynach Castle, B.irmouth, N. Wales. 

Burreli, Chas., jun., J.P. (1896) 
Norfolk : Shrublands. Thetford, Norfolk. 

Burreli, capt. sir Charles Raymond, 
6 bart. (1774), eld. s. of 5 bart. M.P. (rf. 
1886); b. 1848; to. 1872, Etheldreda Mary, 
eld. dau. of sir Robert Loder, 1 bart. : 
D.L., j.p. and C.C. Sussex : Carlton club ; 
Knepp Castle, Shipley, Horsham. 

Burreli. John Stamp, J.P. Lancashire: 
53 Huskisson st. Falkner sq. Liverpool. 

Burreli. Kobt. Anthy. eld. s. of J. 
Burreli (d. 1861): b. 1829 : J.P. Hants and 
co. Durham (sheriff 1882) : Durham ; 
Fairthorne, Cui dridge, Botley S.O.Hants. 

Burreli, Wm. Palfrey, "m.a. Oxon., 
eld. s. of late G. Marras, of Hyde Park 
gate, W. and grands, of late Wm. 
Palfrey Burreli, of Hetton Hall, 
Northurnb. ; to. 1886, Mary E. 3 dau. 
of sir Daniel Cooper, 1 bart., g.C.m.g. ; 
as ujied name of Burreli in compliance 
witii will of 1th gr. grdfather. Wm. 
Palfrey Burreli : barr. Inner Temple 
1865, "assist, judge of H.M.'s supreme 
consular court at Constantinople in 1877, 



on special service in Egypt 1882-3, 
H.B.M.'s consul at Port Said from 1883, 
acting consul and judge Alexandria 
1883-4 and 1886-8, on special service at 
Constantinople 1885: 53 Campden House 
rd. W. ; Conservative club. 

Burrell, lion. Willoughby Merrik 
Campbell, only s. of 4 baron Gwydyr ; b. 
1841 ; to. 1873, Mary, only child of sir 
J. T. Banks, k.c.b. ; capt. late rifle brig., 
maj. 1 Suffolk R.V. 1876-83, d.l., j.p. 
Suffolk : 12 Princjs gdns. S.W. ; 45 
Merrion sq. Dublin ; Kildare St. (Dublin), 
Carlton and Army and Navy clubs. 

Burrell, lion." Cicely, only dau. of 4 
baron Gwydyr ; b. 1858. 

Burrell, mrs. Jane O, 4 dau. of maj. 
Alex. Browne, of Doxford Hall, North- 
umberland ; to. 1874, maj. Bryan Burrell. 
of Broome Park, Northumb., late 15 
huss. (d. 1889) : Bolton Hall, Alnwick. 

Burrill, Chas. Jas., s. of Wm. Burrill, 
of Masham, Yorks ; b. 1846; to. 1873, 
Ann, dau. of Hy. Thos. Robinson, of The 
Cliff, Leyburn; is J.p. N.R. Yorks : Elm 
House, Redmire, Leyburn R.S.O. Yorks. 

Burrill, Thos. Othsr, 2 s. of Wm. 
Burrill, of Masham, Yorks ; 6. 1842 ; to. 
1881, dau. of Jas. Carter, of Masham, 
Yorks ; is J.P. (1895) N.R. Yorks : Belle 
Vue, Masham R.S.O. Yorks. 

Burroughes, Henry Randall, eld. s. of 
rev. R. Burroughes of Burlingham Hall, 
Norfolk, j.p. (d. 1872), by youngerdau. of 
3 baron Suffleld ; b. 1863 ; J.P. Norfolk, 
late capt. 3 battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. : 
Turf, Marlborough and Bachelors' clubs ; 
Burlingham Hall, nr. Norwich. 

Burroughes, Thos. Hy., eld. s. of rev. 
J. Burroughes. of Lingwood Lodge, Nor- 
folk {d. 1872) ; b. 1834 ; to. 1,1858,2 dau. of 
3 baron Lilford ; 2, 1869, Susan H., dau. 
of late J. D. Watts-Russell, of Biggin, 
Northants : 16 Lower Berkeley st., W. ; 
Junior Carlton club ; Lingwood Lodge, 
Norwich ; Ketton Cottage, Stamford. 

Burroughes, hon. mrs. Emily, dau. of 
3 baron Suffield ; b. 1828 ; to. 1852, rev. 
R. Burroughes, of Burlingham Hall, 
Norfolk, j.p. (d. 1872). 

Burroughs, It.-gen. Fredk. Wm. 
Traill-, c.b., s. of gen. F. W. Burroughs ; 
b. 1831 ; to. 1870, dau. of col. Wm. G-eddes, 
C.B., j. p., d.l., of Midlothian : assumed 
name of Traill on succdg. to estates of 
maternal grand-uncle, G. W. Traill, of 
Yiera, Orkney ; served in 93 Sutherland 
highlanders in Crimea, at Alma, Bala- 
klava and Sebastopol, Indian mutiny, 
at relief and capture of Lucknow, and 
Ombeyla campaign 1863, d.l., j.p. Ork- 
ney ; commd. 1 brig. Orkney arty. vol. 

1873-80, ret. list 1881 : United Service, 
and New and Conservative (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Trumland House, Rousay, Ork- 
ney, N.B. 

Burrows, Abraham, J.P. and c.A 
Lancashire : Russell House, Rhyl, N. 

Burrows, sir Frederic Abernethy, 2 
bart. (1874), eld. s. of 1 bart., M.D.,, 
D.c.r,., Lt,.d. (d. 1887) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1883, 
Constance F., dau. of rev. Hy. N. Bur- 
rows, of Shirley House, Hants : 30 
Bryanston sq. W. ; Westgate-on-Sea. 

Burrows, gen. Geo. Reynolds Scott, 
s. of late rev. W. F. Burrows, vicar of 
Christchurch, Hants ; b. 1827 ; to. 1, 1851, 
Emilie, dau. of gen. Goodfellow, r.e. ; 
2, 1871, A. Dorothea, dau. of late J. J. 
Ellis, of Escrick,Yorks ; served in Afghan 
war 1879-80, Bombay inf., on U.S. list 
1890 : Battramsley Lodge, Lymington, 

Burrows, Miles Formby, s. of Abra- 
ham Burrows, of Rhyl, Flints, j.p., c.A. ; 
b. 18*6 : to. 1882, Gertrude, dau. of Robt. 
Dawbarn. of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire ; 
is J.P. (1896) Lancashire : Parkfield, 
Leigh, Lanes. 

Burrows, Wm. J.p. Middlx : Cannon 
Hill, Southgate, N. 

Burstall, col. John Hy., J.P. (1894) 
E. R. Yorks, lt.-col. and hon. col. 3 battn. 
(mil.) E. Yorks regt. from 1896 : Army 
and Navy club ; The Mount, Hessle, Hull. 

Burt, Chas., s. of Geo. Burt, of Lang- 
port, Somerset ; b. 1832 ; to. Christiana 
Ellen, dau. of Jas. N. Lewis, of Castle 
Rising, Norfolk ; is J.P. Surrey and Rich- 
mond, mayor of Richmond 1892-3 : 
Reform and City Liberal clubs; Hillside 
House, Richmond, Surrey. 

Burt, John Mowlem, eld. s. of Geo. 
Burt, of Swanage, Dorset, j.p. (d. 1894) ; 
b. 1845 ; m. 1869, Marion, dau. of R. K. 
Aitchison ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants 
for the City of London, J.P. Dorset, bur- 
gess of Westminster : 3 St. John's gdns. 
Notting hill, W. ; 19 Grosvenor rd.S.W. ; 
Whitehall, R.T.Y. and St. Stephen's 
clubs ; Purbeck House, Swanage, Dorset. 

Burt, Thomas, s. of late Peter Burt ; 
b. 1837 ; to. 1860, Mary, dau. of T. 
Weatherburn, Blyth : sec. to " Northum- 
berland miners' mutual confident assoc." 
from 1865, parly, sec. to board of trade 
1892-5, M.P. (R.) Morpeth from 1874 : 
26 Palace st., Buckingham gate, S.W. ; 
Reform and National Liberal clubs ; 20 
Burdon ter. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Burton, lord (1 baron U.K. 1886), sir 
Michael Arthur Bass, 1 bart. (1882), V.D., 
s. of Michael Thos. Bass, m.p. for Derby 


1848-83 (d. 1884) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1869, 
Harriet G. dau. of E. Thornewill, of 
Dove Cliff, Staffs : m.a. Cantab, D.L.,J.P. 
Staffordshire, J.P. Derbyshire, lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1884) 2 vol. battn. N. Staf- 
ford regt. 1882-92, hon. col. of the 
battn. from 1892. m.p. (l.) Stafford 
1865-68, E. Staffordshire 1868-85, Burton 
divn. 1885-6, raised to the peerage 1886 : 
Chesterfield House, South Audley st. 
Mayfair, W. ; Brooks', Turf, and Marl- 
borough clubs ; Rangemore, Burton-on- 
Trent ; Glen Quoich, Inverness-shire. 

Burton, Arthur Fredk.. m.a. Cantab., 
only s. of Thos. Burton, of TurnhamHall, 
Yorks {d. 1883); b. 1865; hair. Inner 
Temple 1888: 1 Garden ct. Temple, E.C.; 
Turntmm Hall, Selby. 

Burton, sir Chas. Wm. Cuffe, 5 bart. 
(1758) cousin of 4 bart. (d. 1842) ; b. 1823 ; 
m. 1861, Georgina M., dau. of D. H. 
Dallas : late 1 drag., J. P., D.L. Callow, 
sheriff 1851 : Carlton, Army and Navy. 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Pollac- 
ton, Carlow. 

Burton, rev. canon Clarke Watkins, 
M.a. Cantab., 2 s. of E. S. Burton, of 
Churchill, Northauts ; b irr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1851, j.p. Westmorland, u.d. of 
Lowther, hon. canon of Carlisle from 
1892,rector from 1858 of Cliburn, Penrith. 
Burton. David Fowler, eld. s. of D. 
Burton, of Cherry Burton. Yorks, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884. Mary S. 
eld. dau. of late rev. Robt.Whitaker, rect. 
of Scorbro-cum-Lecontield, Yorks : barr. 
Middle Temple 1882, j.p. E.R. Yorks 
(and c.c.) ; patron of the living and lord 
of the manor of Cherry Burton and of 
the Beverley Chapter House : Conser- 
vative, and Yorkshire (York) clubs ; 
Cherry Burton, nr. Beverley. 

Burton, gen. Edwdhd Francis, eld. 
s. of late ix v. C. J. Burton, chanc. of 
Carlisle; 6.1820 ; in. 1857,Georgiana,dau. 
of Edmund S.Burton,of Churchill House, 
Northauts ; coinnid. Malabar and Canara 
1878 ; ceded dists. 1880. offg. Hyderabad 
mbsy. force 1881, offg. B. Burmah divn. 
1882, unemplyd. list 1882,M.S.C, author 
of 'Reminiscences of Sport in India" 
and " An Indian Olio " : Hambrook 
House, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. 

Burton, Edward. 4 s. of J. Burton, of 
Tyldesley, Lanes, (d. 1868) ; b. 1826 : m. 
ISfil, Emily, eld. dau. of late A. Lowe, 
of Ry leys, Cheshire ; J.P. Lancashire and 
W.B. Yorks : Eaves Hall, ur. Clitheroe. 
Burton, gen. Fowler, c.B., s. of late 
DavidBurton,CherryBurton Hall, Yorks, 
D.L., J.P. ; 6. 1822 ; in. 1862, dau. of late 
J. B. Friend, Ripple Vale, Kent ; in 


Crimea, 1854-5, at Sebastopol, 5 class 
Medjidie : in Indian mutiny, 1857-9 at 
Lucknow, a.a.g. W. distr. 1870-5, lt.-gen. 
1880, ret. with rank of gen. 1881 ; col. 
R. W. Kent regt. from 1890 ; j.p. Devon : 
United Service club ; Stoke Damerel, 

Burton, Fredk., j.p. Lancashire : 
Hopefield, Weaste la. Pendleton, Man- 

Burton, sir Fredc. "Wm., R.H.A., f.s.a., 
ll.d. (hon.) Dublin, s. of late Samuel 
Burton, of Mungret, co. L'merick ; b. 
1816 : practised painting ; director of 
National Gallery 1874-94; knighted 1884 : 
43 Argyll rd., W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Burton. (hon.) Geo. Wm. judge of court 
of appeal, Ontario, Canada, from 18 : 
Oak Lodge, Toronto, Canada. 

Burton, lt.-col. Henry, s. of late rev. 
Rt. Burton, m.a., vicar of Willesden, 
Middlx. ; b. 1841 ; m. Sara Streubeu Beu- 
lah, only child of late Wm. Hobson, of 
Auckland, N.Z. ; served in N. Zealand 
1860-6, d.a.q.m.g. 1864-6, barr. Middle 
Temple 1875, j.p. Devon and for colony 
of X. Zealand : Army and Navy and Jun. 
Carlton clubs. 

Burton, Jas. H. j.p. (1896) Anglesey : 
Fryars. Beaumaris R.S.O. Anglesey. 

Burton. John Lingen, eld. s. of R. L. 
Burton, of Longner Hall, Salop, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1880) ; b. 1862 : Longner Hall, Atcham, 

Burton, John Robt., eld. and only 
survg. s. of late rev.Robt. Owen Burton, of 
Minera Hall, Denbighshire ; b. 1850 ; m. 
1882, Ellen, eld. dau. of late Walter Rice 
Howell Barker, of Wantage. Berks ; d.i... 
j.p. and o.a. Denbighshire (sheriff 1891) : 
Minera Hall, nr. Wivxham. 

Burton. Langhorne, eld. s. of late 
rev. L. B Burton, of Somersbv ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1879, Edith G , 2 dau. of late rev T. H . 
Lister, of Seremby Hall, co. Lincoln ; 
lord of the manors of SomTsby and 
Bag Euderby and patron of the living : 
Somersbv, Spilsby, co. Lincoln. 

Burton, rev. Richard, m.a. Oxon. ; b. 
1830 ; J. i'. Leicestershire : vicar from 
1870 of Rothley, Loughborough. 

Burton, Robt. Fras , 5 s. of late E. S. 
Burton, of Churchill, Northamptonshire ; 
b. 1840; m. 1880, F. C.dau. of \V. Anger- 
stein, D.I*, (late m.p. for Greenwich), of 
Weeting, Norfolk ; educ. at Westminster, 
served in Indian mutiny 1857-5;>, in- 
cluding the defence of Alumbagh, siege 
and capture of Lucknow ; occupation of 
t- yzabad, battle of Sultanpore, action at 
Shahpote, and various affairs in Oude 



(medal and clasp), ret. 1867, j.p. Suffolk : 
Brandon Hall, Brandon, Suffolk. 

Burton, col. Wm. Blakeway, youngest 
8. of rev. It. Lingn Burton, of Ford 
Ho-iee, Salop; b. 1841; to. 1894, Eliza- 
beth, dan. of late Henry Robertson, of 
Pale, Merioneth, M.P., D.L., J.P. ; is J.P. 
(1895) Merioneth, col. ret. 1894 late 
Scottish Rif. : Army and Navy club ; 
Eryl Arran, Bala R.S.O. Merioneth. 

Burton, Wm. Conyngham Vandeleur, 
2 s. of H. S. Burton, of Carrigaholt, co. 
Clare (d. 1867) ; b. 1846 ; late 68 Dur- 
ham Light Inf., D.L., j.p. co. Clare 
(sheriff 1886): KildareSt. (Dublin) club ; 
Carrigaholt Castle, co. Clare. 

Burton, Wm. Fitz-William, jun., eld. 
s. of Wm.Fitz-William Burton, of Burton 
Hall, co. Carlow, j.p. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1877, 
Georgiana S., 4 dau. of late hon. Wm. H. 
G. Wellesley ; lord of the manor of 
Goltho, Lines. : Goltho Hall, Wragby. 

Burton, col. Wm. Henry, R.E., 
4 s. of late E. 8. Burton, of Churchill, 
Northants; b. 1835; w. 1868, Blanche 
C, 2 dau. of late lt.-gen. C. C. R. 
Hay, formerly commdr.-in-chief H.M.'s 
forces at Cape of Good Hope ; served 
in Indian mutiny campaign 1857-59, 
at relief, siege and capture of Luck- 
now, and various minor affairs in Oudh, 
ret. f .p. 1 890 : Shirley Holmes, Sway, 

Burton, Wm. Schoolcrof t, s. of J. Bur- 
ton, of Roundbay Grove, Yorks, J.P. 
(d. 1869) ; b. 1829 ; to 1855, Mary J., 
only dau. of J.Shaw, of Stubbing, Yorks ; 
J.P. Beds and Bucks (sheriff 1877) : 
Childrey Manor, Childrey, Berks. 

Burton, lady. Maria Alphonsine, 
dau. of late J. Beatty West, m.p. ; to. 
1849, as his 2 wife, sir Wm. W. Burton, 
knt. ; judge at Cape 1828-33, at N. S. 
Wales 1833-44, at Madras 1844-57, pres. 
council at Sydney 1858-62 (d. 1888). 

Burton-Mackenzie, It. -col. John 
Edward, 2 s. of late J. S. Burton ; b. 
1835 ; to. 1869, Isabella J., eld. dau. and 
heir of sir Evan Mackenzie, 2 bart. 
(ext.), of Kilcoy, Ross-shire, D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1883); late 91 highrs., d.l.,J.p. cos.Ross 
and Cromarty, assumed addtl. name of 
Mackenzie 1887 : United Service club ; 
Kilcoy Castle, Muir-of-Ord; Belmaduthy 
House, Munlochy, Ross-shire. 

Burtt, Edward H., s. of Ed. Burtt, 
of Welbourne ; b. 1849 ; to. 1874, Annie, 
dau. of G-. Pickard, of Mansfield, J.p. ; is 
j.p. (1894) W. R. Yorks : Winney Bank, 
Holmtirth, Huddersfield. 

Bary. v'de Howard-Bury, 

Bury, vise. Walter Egerton Geo.Lucian 
Keppel, eld. s. of earl of Albemarle ; 
b. 1882. 

Bury, Chas. Jas., only s. of J. F. Bury, 
of St. Leonards, Essex (d. 1860); 6.1831; 
to. 1869, Anna Loftus, dau. of late 
Nicholas Loftus Tottenham, Glenfarne 
Hall, co. Leitrim ; j.p., d.L. Essex : St. 
Leonards, Nazing, Essex ; Constitu- 
tional and Grosvenor clubs. 

Busfeild, maj. John, s. of rev. Wm. 
Busfeild ; b. 1839 ; in. 1871, Caroline, dau. 
of J. A. Busfeild, of Upwood, Yorks; is 
J.P. Liberty of Ripon, maj. ret. late 79 
Cameron Highrs.: Laurel Banks, Ripon. 

Busfeild, lt.-col. Wm., eld. s. of rev. 
W.Bnsfeild, of Upwood, Yorks (d. 1878); 
b. 1837 ; to. 1874, Louisa E., youngest 
dau. of late J. A. Busfeild, j.p. ; j.p.W. R. 
Yorks; maj. late 22 foot : Jun. United 
Service club; 20 Carlton rd. Putney, 

Bush, baron de ('if the Duchy of Saxe 
Coburg and Gotha 1889), Wm. Ernest 
Bush ; b. 1860 : granted by royal licence 
1896 permission to use the title in this 
country : 3 Palace gate, S.W. 

Bush, Dudley John Campbell, eld. 
s. of Geo. Bush, M.I.C.E., London ; b. 
1854 ; m. 1881, eld. dau. of late Wm. G. 
Smyth, j. p., of S. Molton, Devon ; is J.p. 
Devon : Fort House, South Molton. 

Bush, Frank Whittaker, Q.C., M.A. 
Oxon, 3 s. of late G. Bush, of Penleigh 
House, Wilts ; b. 1825 ; to. 1846, Eleanor 
C, youngest dau. (d. 1&96) of late rev. 
preb. E. Edgell, of Ea3t Hill, Fro me ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1851, Q.C. 1885, ben- 
cher 1888, J.P. Surrey and London : 8 
New court, Carey st. W.C.; Fairfax, 
Mortlake, Surrey. 

Bush, rev. canon Paul, M.A. Oxon, 2 
s. of late rev. J. Bush, M.A. ; b. 1823; to. 
1849, Avarilla Oliveria Cromwell, dau. 
(d. 1893) of late A. Cromwell Russell, of 
Cheshunt Park, Herts : hon. canon 
Truro cathedral from 1882 ; rector from 
1850 of Duloe R.S.O. Cornwall. 

Bush, Saml. Amos, J.P. (1894) North- 
ants : The Green, Byfield R.S.O. 

Bushby, Hy. Jeffreys,eld.s. of late Hy. 
T. Bushby, Madras C.S., b. 1820; to. 1862, 
lady Frances, 2 dau. of 6 earl of Guil- 
ford ; in B. C. S. 1839-45, late asst. to 
gov.-gen.'s agent for Rajpoot States, 
barr. Inner Temple 1851, record, of Col- 
chester 1863-70, one of H.M.'s Lieuten- 
ants for the City of London; j.p. Herts ; 
police magist. at Worship St. 1870-96 : 
Wormley Bury, Broxbourne, Herts ; 


Lagduff Lodge, Ballina, co. Mayo; 
Carlton club. 

Bushby, Thos., m. 1, 5 dau. (d. 1885), 
and 2, 1886, Mary, youngest dau. of 
Cbas. Boniface, of Moor Hall, Sussex : 
West Preston Manor,Rustington, Worth- 
ing, Sussex. 

Bushe, Erasmus, eld. s. of late Wm. 
Bushe, of 7 The Circus, Bath, j.p. ; b. 
1853 ; m. 1876, Ada, dau. of late rev. W. 
T. H. Eales, b.a , vicar of Yealmpton, 
Devon ; j.p. Wilts : Manor House, Gt. 
Cheverell, Devizes. 

Bushe. maj.-gen. Horace Kendal, 
served with Belgaum Field force 1857- 
8, maj.-gen. 1894, Bombay Inf., on U.S. 
list 1894. 

Bushe, J. Whittaker, j.p. Wilts. 

Bushe, Seymour C. H. s. of rev. Chas. 
Bushe, rect. of Castlehaven, co. Cork : b. 
184- ; m. 1886, lady Kathleen, dau. of 1 
earlde Montalt ; b. 1854 ; Irish barr. 18 . 

Bushell. Charles John, eld. s. of 
Christr. Bushell. of Hinderton, Cheshire, 
J.P. {d. 1887): b. 1839: m. 1871, Katha- 
line Anne, eld. dau. of J. Torr, of Carlett 
Park, Cheshire: J.P. Cheshire : Wood- 
lands, Bromborough, Cheshire. 

Bushell, Chas. Daniel Thompson, s. 
of Chas. Dunham Bushell, of Fakenham, 
Norfolk; b. 1845; m. 1871. Maria Emily, 
dui. of late Jas. Jackson, of Staines, 
Middlx. ; J.p. (1894) Staffs: National 
Liberal club ; Broom Hill, Gt. Barr, Bi - 

Bushell, Jas. Parsons, J.p. (1896) 

Bushell, Reginald, f.r.a.s., 2 s. of 
Christopher Bushell, of Hinderton, 
Cheshire, j.p. (d. 1887) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1883, 
Caroline, dau. of T. A. Hope, of 14 Airlie 
gdns., W. ; j.p. Cheshire*: Royal Societies 
club ; Hind-rton Lodge, Neston,Cheshire. 

Bushman, maj.-gen. Henry Augustus. 
C.B., s. of Bushmau ; b. 1841 ; It. -col. 
(col. 1884) 9 lancers 1880-5, with 9 
lancers on N.W. frontier, India 1863 ; S. 
Africa 1879 ; in Afghan War 1879-80, at 
battle of Candahar, first a.a.g. in Bengal 
1886-90, a.a.g. at Netley 1892-5, maj.- 
gen. 1895. 

Busk, mrs. Marv, dau. of late N. B. 
Acworth, of The Hook, Herts; m. 1885, 
Thos. Teshmaker Busk, of Herrnongers 
Hall, Sussex, j.p. (e/.1894) : Hermongers 
Hall, Rudgwick, Horsham. 

Busteed, brig, surgn. Henry Elmsley, 
C.I.E., M.D., served in Indian mutiny 1857, 
at relief of Lucknow ; late assay master 
of the Calcutta Mint : E. I. United Ser- 
vice club. 

Buszard, Marston Clarke, Q. f \, M.A., 
LL.m. Cantab, eld. s. of late Marston 
Buszard, m.d., of Lutterworth, Leicester- 
shire ; b. 1837 ; m. 1864, Louisa, 2 dau. {d. 
1895) of lata John Mayor Th'relfall, of 
Higher Broughton, Manchester : barr. 
Inner Temple 1862, bencher 180. Q.r. 

1877, m.p. (L.) Stamford 1880-6, re-, of 
Derby from 1890, j.p. Leicestershire: 29 
Porchester ter. W. ; 5 Crown Office ro-, 
E.C. ; Reform and Brooks' clubs; Lutter- 
worth, Leicestershire. 

Butcher. Geo., 4 s. of late Thos. 
Butcher, of Tring, Herts ; J.P. Bucks : 

Butcher, John Geo., M.A. Cantab, 2 
s. of late rt. rev. bp. (Butcher) of 
Meath : b. 1852; barr. Lincoln's inn 

1878, m.p. (c.) York from 1892 : 22 Col- 
lingham pi. S.W. ; 6 Xew sq. Lincoln's 
inn. W.C. ; Carlton, Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Yorkshire clubs. 

Bute, 3 marq. of (1796, Gt.B.). John 
Patrick Crichton-Stuart, k.t., a. of 2 
marq. (</. 1848) ; b. 1847'; m. 1872, hon. 
Gwendoline Mary A., dau. of 1 baron 
Howard of Glossop ; 2nd titles earl of 
Windsor and Dumfries : heredy. sheriff 
of Bute (lord lieut. from 1892), heredy. 
keeper of Rothesay Castle, knight of 
St. Gregory, and of the Holy Sepulchre 
at Jerusalem, mayor of Cardiff 1890-1, 
lord rector of St. Andrew's univ. from 
1892, provost of Rothesay 1896 : St. 
John's Lodge, Regent's Park, X.W. ; 
Carlton, Athenaeum, White's, C'msti- 
tutional and St. Stephen's clubs ; 
Cardiff Castle, Glamorgan ; Mount 
Stuart. Rothesay, Bute; Dumfries House, 
Ayrshire ; House of Falkland, Falkland, 
Fife ; Old Place of Mochrum. Wigtown- 

Butler, vide Fowler-Butler. 

Butler, capt. Antoine Sloet, C.B., 3 s. 
of sir Thos. Butler, 8 bart. (d. 1861 ; ; b. 
1829 : m. 1, eld. dau. of late rev. U-. D. 
Le Poer Beresford : 2, 1S75, Ella. eld. 
dau. of rev. J. Stevenson, rect. of Clon- 
feacle, co. Tyrone, and widow of A. B. 
Cane ; served in Kaffir war 1846-7, capt. 
late 7 drag, gds., a special magist. 1831-3, 
divisional commr. 1883-9, ret. 1889, J.P. 
city of Dublin : 12 St. James's ter. Clons- 
keagh row, Dublin ; United Service club. 

Butler, hon. Brian Danvers, 4 s. of 
6 earl of Lanesborough ; b. 1876. 

Butler, Charles, k.r.g.s. youngest s. of 
late J. L. Butler, of Southgate, Middlx. ; 
6. 1822 ; m. 1849, Sarah S. dau. of late 
Isaac Walker, of Arno's Grove, South- 
gate ; j.p., d.l. Herts (sheriff 187: 



Connaught pi. W. ; Warren Wood, Hat- 
field, Herts. 

Butler, maj. Chas. Henry Somerset, 
only s. of capt. Chas. Geo. Butler, 86 
regt. (d. 1854) and cousin and heir pres. 
to 5 earl of Cirrick : b. 1851 ; m. 1873, 
Kathleen E. H., 3 dau. {d. 1888) of maj. 
Albert E. Boss ; maj. ret. late Welsh 
regt. : Bouverie, Weston-super-Mare. 

Butler, E iward, eld. s. of late Eiwd. 
Butler, of Llangoed Castle, Brecknock- 
shire ; b. 1851 ; m. i887, Emily F., eld. 
dau. of A. Battiscombe, of Woodlands, 
Glasbury; j.p. Brecknockshire. 

Butler, hon. Fras. Almeric, 3 s. of 6 
earl of Lanesborough ; b. 1872. 

Butler, maj. Francis John Paul, eld. 
s. of Paul Butler, WyckHill {d. 1875); b. 
1855 ; m. 1877, hon. Elspeth Fitzhardinge, 
dau. of 2 baron Gifford ; b. 1855 ; J P. 
Glo'stershire, maj. 18 hussars from 1892 : 
Naval and Military club ; Wyck Hill, 
Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. 

Butler, Geo. Grey, m.a. Trin. coll. 
Camb., 8. of late canon Geo. Butler, 
d.d. of Winchester; b. 1852; m. 1893, 
Maria (countess St. Paul), only child 
and heir of sir Horace St. Paul. 2 and 
last bart., a count of the Holy Boman 
empire, who was authorised by royal 
licence, 1812, to assume the title in this 
country, a* also his successors of either 
sex (d. 1891) ; barr. Inner Temple 1883, 
J.p. (1896) Northumberland, late sen. ex- 
aminer civil service commn. : Athenaeum 
club ; Ewart Park, Wooler, Northumber- 

Butler, maj.-gen. Henry, with 57 foot 
in Crimea, at Balaklava, Inkerman and 
Sebastopol and at Kinburn 1857-8, N. 
Zealand war 1861 nd 1863-5, ret. pay as 
maj. 57 foot 1881 : United Service club ; 
Ballycarron, Gelden, Cashel, Ireland. 

Butler, hon. Hy. Cavendish, 2 s. of 
6 earl of Lanesborough ; b. 1868. 

Butler, Hy. Chas., m.a. Oxon, only s. 
of Thos. Butler, of Downland House, 
Hants ; b. 1825 ; m. 1877, Elizabeth A. 
eld. dau. of B. J. Cox, of Bridport ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1852, lord of the manor 
of Hindhead : Adam's Cottage, Bram- 
shott, Liphook S.O., Hants. 

Butler, hon. Hy. Edmund, eld. s. of 13 
vise. Mountgarret ; b. 1844 ; to. 1868, 
Mary Eleanor, youngest dau. of St. J. 
Chiverton Charlton, Apley Castle, Salop : 
It. late 1 life grds. ; D L.,j.p. W. R. Yorks, 
sheriff of Yorkshire J 895 : Brooks', Wind- 
v am and Wellington clubs ; Eaglehall, 
Pateley Bridge, 'via L eeds : Nidd Hall, 
Hipley, Yorka. 

Butler, very rev. Henry Montagu, 
d.d. Cantab. ; youngest s. of late very 
rev. Geo. Butler, d.d., dean of Peter- 
borough {d. 1853) ; b. 1833; m. 1, 1861, 
Georgina, dau. {d. 1883) of Edwd. 
F. Elliot ; 2, 1888, Agnata F. 3 dau. 
of sir Jas. Bamsav, 10 bart. of 
Bamff : head master of Harrow 1859-85, 
select preacher at Oxford, 1877-80, at 
Camb. 1879, 1886, 1887, 1889, 1890, 
1893, 1895, 1896, chapl. in orH. to the 
Queen 1877-85, dean of Gloucester, 
1885-6, master of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, from 1886, Vice-Chancel lor of 
Cambridge univ. 1889 and 1890: The 
Lodge, Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Butler, Isaac, J.p. Monmouthshire : 
Panteg, nr. Newport, Mon. 

Butler, hon. James, s. of 22 baron 
Dunboyne ; b. 1810 ; to. 1836, Amelia M., 
dau. of sir Wm. Fitzgerald, 2 bart. : J.P. 
Queen's co. (sheriff in 1857) : Kildare St. 
(Dublin) club; 10 BoulevardVictorHugo, 

Butler ,lord( James) ArthurWellington 
Foley, s. of 2 marq. of Ormonde ; b. 1849 : 
m. 1887, Ellen, dau. of gen. Anson 
Stager, Am- rican army ; is heir pres. to 
his bro., M.A. Cantab., D L., J.p. co. Kil- 
kenny, late 1 life guards, lieut. Lanark- 
shire yeom. 1879-88 : Sindleford Priory, 
Newbury, Berks. 

Butler, rev. lord (James) Theobald 
Bagot John, M.a. Cantab, s. of 2 marq. 
of Ormonde ; b. 1852 ; to. 1885, Anna- 
bella Brydon, o >ly dau. of rev. C. R. 
Gordon, d.d., rect. of Chetwynd, Salop : 
vicar from 1888 of Croxton Kerrial, 

Butler, hon. John Brinsley D mvers, 
only s. of lord Newtown-Butler; 6. 1893. 

Butler, Philip, s. of R. T. Butler ; to. 
1, 18-49, Matilda, dau. of J. S. Roe, 
commdr. R.N. ; 2, 1863, Margaiet, dau. of 
rev. W. J. Chesshyie, canon of Canter- 
bury ; j.f\ Bucks: 40 Queen's Gate ter. 
S.W. ; Tickford Abbey, Newport Pag- 
nell, Bucks. 

Butler, maj.-gen. Robt. Fowler, served 
in Afghan war 1879-80, commdg. troops 
(with temp, rank of maj.-gen.) in Bar- 
bados from 1895 : Bridgetown. 

Butler, hon. Robert St. John Fitz- 
walter, b.a. Dublin, 3 s. of 23 baron 
Dunboyne ; b. 1844 ; to. 1869, Caroline M. 
B., dau. of late capt. Geo. Proby n : is heir 
pres. to his bro., barr. Inner Temple 
1869, D.L. Middlx., a master of the 
supreme court of judicature from 1874 : 
Ouseley Lodge, Old Windsor, Berks. 

Butler Samuel Evan, M.a. Oxon, only 
s. of S. Butler, of 52 Gt. Cumberland pi. 


W., J.P. (d. 1893) ; b. 1850 ; to. 1884, 
Florence S., 3 dau. of late rev. F. 
Gr. svenor, M.A., rect. of Dunkerton. 
Somerset ; barr. Inner Temple 1876 ; j.p. 
Somerset, capt. (hon. maj. 1886) N. 
Somerset Yeom. 1881 - 93 : Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Butler, capt. Thos. Dacres, eld. s. 
of col. Thos. Butler, Bury Lodge. Ham- 
bledon, Hants (rf. 1885) ; b. 1845 ; m. 
1877, Nina H., dau. of adm. sir Geo. 
Elliot, K.C.B.; barr. Middle Temple 1885 ; 
j.p. Hants, capt. late 2 battn. Oxford- 
shire L. I., a.d.C. to gen. comdg. southern 
dist. 1877-8 : Bury Lodge, Hambledon, 

Butler, sir Thomas Pierce, 10 bart. 
(1628), eld. s. of 9 bart. (tf.1862) ; b. 1836 ; 
to. 1864, Hester E., dau. of sir Alan 
Bellingham, 3 bart.: It. late 56 and 
24 foot, Crimea, Sebastopol, J. p., D.L. Car- 
low,sheriff 1866,maj. Carlow mil. 1864-72, 
hon. col. 8 battn. (mil.) K. R. Rif. C. from 
1889 : Carlton and Kildare St. (Dublin) 
clubs : Ballin Temple, Tullow, Carlow ; 
Garryhundon, Carlow. 

Butler, Wm. Chas., J.p. Cumberland : 
Millbrook, Carlisle ; office, 26 Abbey st. 

Butler, maj.-gen. sir Wm. Fras. k.c.b.; 
to. (1877) Elizh. Thompson, the painter ; 
special commr. to the Indians in Sas- 
katchewan 1870, spec, commr. toW.Akiro 
tribes in Ashantee expn. 1874 ; special 
service Natal 1875 ; a.q.m.G. Natal 1879- 
80 ; A. A. and q.m.G. Western dist. 1880-4. 
Egypt 1884-5 ; with expdy. force in 
Egypt 1882, and brig. -gen. on staff there 
1885, in operations on Upper Nile, 3 
class Osmanieh, extra a.d.C. to the Queen 
from 1882,a.a.g. (for special service) 1889- 
90, commdg. garrison at Alexandria 
1890-3, inf. brig, at ^.ldershot 1893-6. 
troops in S. E. dist: from 1896 : Dover 
Castle, Kent ; Jun. United Service and 
National Liberal clubs ; Monavoe, Del- 
gany, Ireland. 

Butler, Wm. Henry, eld. s. of Wm 
Butler, of Clifton, Bristol, j.p. ; b. 1850 ; 
J.P.Gloucestershire : Summerhill House, 
St. George, Bristol. 

Butler. Wm. Joseph, s. of capt. G. 
Butler, R.N., j.p. (d. 1871) : to. 1882, 
Mary Viner. eld. dau. of Edmund Viner 
Ellis, of Gloucester, j.p.; j.p. Berks : 
Wool~tone Lodge, Faringdon. 

Butler, hon. mrs. Bayford. Sybil, 
dau. of 15 vise. Hereford ; b. 1844 ; to. 
18<57, capt. John Bayford Butler it.s 
(</. 1888) : 21 Alexandra rd. Bedford, 

Butler, hon. mrs. Cavendish. Sara, 3 
dau. of Thos. Armstrong, of Eden Hall, 

co. Armagh; to. 1. 1870. sir Wm. Emer- 
son-Tennent. 2 and la'-t bart. of Tempo 
Manor, co. Fermanagh (d. 1876) ; 2. hon. 
Hy. Cavendish Butler (d. 1891), uncle 
of 6 earl of Lanesborough : Innis Rath 
Lisnaskea, Fermanagh. 

Butler, hon. mrs. Chas. Hy. Danvers. 
Alice, dau. of Geo. Ward, of Redditch ; 
to. 1872, hon. C. H. Danvers Butler (d. 
1879), bro. of 6 earl of Lanesborough. 

Butler, lady Beatrice Frances Elizbth. 
b. 1876 ; lady Constance Mary, b. 1879 ; 
da us. of 3 marq. of Ormonde. 

Butler, hou. mrs. Charles Lennox, 
vide mrs. Peicocke. 

Butler, hon. Eileen Gwladys, only dau. 
of lord Newtown-Butler : b. 1891. 

Butler, hon. mrs. Elspeth Fitzhar- 
dinge, vide maj. Francis J. P. Butler. 

Butler, lady Rachel, dan. of 6 duke 
of Bedford ; to. 1856, lord Jas. Wandes- 
ford Butler, late capt. 7 regt. {d, 1 - 
Cliff House, Dunmore East, Waterford. 

Butler, lady Winifred, dau. of 6 earl 
of Lanesborough ; b. 1879. 

Butler-Bowdon,col. John Erdeswick, 
eld. s.of J.Butler-Bowdon,of Pleasington 
Hall, Lanc-<. and Southgate House, co. 
Derby, D.L., J.P. (d. 1878) : b. 1850 ; m. 1, 
Madeleine, youngest dau. (d. 1877) of E. 
Wright, Richmond, Yorks. : 2 (1879),hon. 
Monica Mary, youngest dau. of 12 baron 
Petre ; late It.-col. 3 A. B. Lancashire art. 
vol. 1878-82, col. 3 battn. (mil.) E. 
Lancashire regt. from 1892. J.P. (1872) 
Lancashire : The Gables, Wimborne rd. 
Bournemouth : Pleasington Hall, Lanes. ; 
Southgate House, Derbyshire. 

Butler-Bowdon, Lancelot Geo., 2 8. 
o r J. Butler-Bowdon, of Pleasington 
Hall. Lancashire, J.P., D.L. (d. 1878) : b. 
1851 : m. 1879, hon. Ella Cecilv, eld. dau. 
of A. W. Clifton, of Warton Hall, Lanca- 
shire, by baroness Grey de Ruthyn ; b. 
1856; capt. (hon. maj. 1886) 3 battn. 
(mil.) N. Staffordshire regt. from 1878, 
J.p. Derbyshire : Barlbro' House, nr. 

Butler-Shawe, gen. Wm. Butler ; m. 
Adine E., dau. (d. 1894) of ; served in 
Indian mutiny 1858, gen. 1894, Bengal 
inf., on c.s. list 1888. 

Butler-Stoney. Walter Chas. eld. s. 
of Thos. Butler-Stoney, of Portland 
Park. co. Tipperarv. J.P. (d. 1893); b. 
1846 : m. 1872, Ellen C..3 dau.of late rev. 
Chas. Kemble. rect. of Bath and preb. of 
Wells ; assumed bv deed poll addtl. name 
of Butler 1893 : 17" Elm Park gdns. S,W, i 
National club ; Portland Park. Port- 
land, co. Tipperary. 


Butt, bp. John ( Cath.),vide South wark. 
Butt, rev. Walter William Arthur, 
M.a. Oxon.,eld. s. of Thos. Packer Walter 
Butt, of Arle Court, nr. Cheltenham ; b. 
1849 ; to. 1891, Ellen M. eld.dau. of John 
Billingsley Looker, of 20 St. Luke's rd. 
W. ; J. P. Wilts. ; vicar of Westbury 
1881-6, from 1886 of Minety, Malmesbury, 

Butt, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Butt, of 
Corney Bury, Herts, d.l. (d. 1878) ; b. 
1826 ; to. eld. survg. dau. of late T. 
Dawson, of Allan Bank, Westmorland, 
J. P. ; lord of the manor of Corney and 
patron of Layston, Herts : 28 Shake- 
speare rd. Bedfoid; United University 

Butt, lady. Anna G., dau. of C. F. 
Rodewald, of 34 Prince's gate, S.W. ; to. 
1878, rt.